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Saturday, November 29, 2003

another cute note from Bruce "Judy" La Bruce, daughter of the late great Ms. GarlandJ
somewhere in Berlin:

hi sweetie: just a note to say high. guess wot. raspberry reich got accepted at sundance. kenya believe it? just a midnight spot, but
still. it's so hardcore, in more ways than one. they must be desperate for material. susanne will be thrilled. just found out today so haven't had a chance to tell her yet. problem is, the movie is far from finished and kind of sags at the end. time is running
out. ouch. xxx blab

An emug from my Italian friend living in London:

Hello Miss Davis,

how are things with me?? Well, to start with, I have a new job since last sepember and I have just been promoted before my probation period was over. Apart from that, I have started a second job to raise some pocket money since last summer, that is being a
dominant master/escort and that is good money! lol
Gotten any good dick?? Not really, I am quite busy and haven't done almost any sex apart from the escort work.
It is highly possible that I will spend my 2 week
holiday in San Francisco at the end of
February/beginning of March so I might pop in LA for a quick visit and a hello...
Finally, life is weird... the same day I wrote you my last e-mail I received the dvd box sets of the first two series of Tales of the City (I saw the first one few years ago) and I casually put on the second dvd of
the first series and.... there was you, introducing
Micheal Mouse Tolliver on stage!!!




Palm Springs Thanksgiving. Ron and I hit the open road Wednesday morning in an effort to beat the holiday traffik. Good idea. It was smooth sailing out to the desert. I hate long car rides and Ron's tiny pick-up truck isn’t very comfortable for a big boned gal like me. We stopped outside of The Springs for a cunty country breakfast at Grandma’s Eat Shack. Yummy doodle. I even bought a boy-zenberry pie for my pie face. Made another pit stop at the Designy Outletteria. I bought a velour Puma jogging suit and trainers. I’m very Missy "Bulldagger" Elliot. I’m so fancy I can’t stand myself. Also went to Calvin of Klein and bought some nice fitting skivvies. I deserve to treat the boy drag me to something nice once in a while, even though I can’t afford it.

Crepe Suzette Matheson’s desert compound is gorgeous. It use to belong to Zsa Zsa Gabor. The house is a prime case study of the 50’s with a circular swimming pool---just stunning and with weather to match. Suzette’s closet next door neighbor is Barry Manilow who lives up the hill. Rumour has it he gets a massage and fist fuck service every week. Rap on Miss Mani!!!!!! Get that Lola nut!
I helped Daddy Athey cook all day on Wednesday, we even had time to visit his friend James who lives in another lovely case study. We also checked out several dull gay bars. A hot leather man in chaps with a giant buttocks was giving dadster the hairy eyeball, but he wanted to be courted and Daddy wasn’t in the mood. Suzette and her filmmaking tyro roommate Beautiful Brian Hacker arrived around 2am.

Suzette is looking really pretty and BB is one hot bubble butt jewish god. I think i make him nervous with my gacy glare always mentally undressing the poor fellow. Oh welp, what can i say----I'm a dastardly horn pig, who can't resist a good looking piece of kosher meat.

Thanksgiving morning we cook the damn bird and feast by 1pm. Cyril and Karene join us and after stuffing our faces we go into the hills for a sweet honey in the rock hike. I hitch a ride back to LA with Cyril and Karene in their comfy Volvo stationwagon. Absolutely no traffic and we get back in less then 2 hours. Ron and Suzette are staying until Monday I think, but I’m not that much of a nature girl, plus i don't want to be exhausted for Bricktops.

Bricktops Friday is very intimate. Not that many celebs, but surprisingly Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Go’s came by. I guess she was visiting her family in Thousand Oaks. She looks good. We had a nice girlish chat in the bathroom right before I went on stage. My bathtub gin baby Michael, had this friend with a big fat ass. I sure wanted to eat this young boy out. He was just beyond gorgeau. Dan Weinstein, trumpet/violin virtuoso was our special guest and the theme was Coleen Moore, who is the other bob’d actress from the 1920’s. We showed her movie Twinkletoes.

Lisa Cohen the SouthAfrican poet/painter who now lives in New Orleans paid me a surprise visit. I’ve known her for over 20 years and she looks amazing. She has a 13 year old daughter. Last time I saw her was when I was in New Orleans on tour with Margaret Cho and she hung out with me the entire evening. She also knows Sean Carrillo from when they were both students at Parsons. She hit it off with Bibbe Hansen as well.
Oh don’t let me forget to tell you that the German Actress Diane Kruger who I met when I was living in Berlin came by Bricktops with her sexylean french husband Guillaume Canet. Diane is in two high profile films that will be released soon, Troy and Wicker Park.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Went with my lady girlfriend Glen Meadmore to the Loew’s Hotel in Aunt Monica to attend this exclusive presentation of Indian Arts and also introducing Canadian Indian Nations economic development and collaboration efforts with United States Indian Nations. The event was organized by Glen’s mother Marian Ironquill. Yes Glen’s mom is a full blooded Cree Indian who grew up on a reservation in the Manitoba province of la Canada. I think the reason why me and Glen have always connected as best girlfriends is our native American roots. My Grandmother Mama Sarah was a full blooded Choctaw Indian.

It was wonderfull getting down with my Indian brethren. Talk about a wise and imposing people---the ballroom was filled with quiet dignity and repose. Lots of celebs on hand as well, like drug adled actor Gary Busey who also has an Indian grandmother, and the guest of honor Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman of the Dakota tribe whose prolific career includes films such as Dances with Wolves and touring with Sting and Chief Raoni of the Kayapo Indian Nation of the Amazon in support of the Rain Forest Foundation Project.

The older Ms. Meadmore gets the more Indian she looks. Her father is British. Thats where she gets her strikingly pretty blue eyes and pale skin. But she is definitely an Indian woman at the core. I wish she would tap more into the wisdom and comfort of her people and organic spirituality. That part of her culture is so rich, deserving and fascinating. Something tells me she will eventually grow tired of her worldly and secular pursuits and take a path that embodies her Indian grace.

Another person who comes from a background that is incredibly bejeweled
is Lenny, the young elder of the Parlour Club. Lenny is Andrew of Gould’s male husband. Lenny is a gypsy. He has these beautiful slanted eyes and dark coloring that is very unique. In his house there is a picture of him wearing glasses when he was a lot younger that exudes a sexy exotic charm. Lenny should really lather in the mystery and rebelliousness of Gypsy mysticism.