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Monday, November 10, 2003

Bricktops was beyond insane Friday. Puke everywhere, shelves behind the bar breaking, toilets overrunning, a missing bartender. Add legends Tommy Gear (The Screamers) and Mickey Cottrell with a high maitenance, snotty, heiress to a family fortune in the handsome form of Cody Franchetti, shamelessly throwing himself on rugged British actor Daniel Craig who plays poet Ted Hughes in the new movie Sylvia and if that isn't enough a young talkative ginger headed ingenue Tom Guiry(Black Hawk Down/Mystic River) who talked my ear off about his 4 year old son. What is a 23 year doing with a child? He needs to be spending all his time in bed with me.
The Fishnet Floozy’s made a jubilant return to our humble stage and really wowed the crowd, staying very true to the 10 cents a dance theme. Somehow I let myself get talked into having an after party for the movie Venus Boyz, which I did think would be cute, but the movies star Dred also wanted to perform, and I really don’t like having two guest stars in one evening. Its more than I can handle, plus the bar owner doesn’t like the club to be performance centered. My main thing when starting Bricktops was I just wanted to create an environment that didn’t rely on either dancing, or performers----just a cool place to hang and be with friends to drink. I have to remind myself to listen to those red flaggs when they are hoisted, and not do things just to be accomodating, I always wind up regretting it.

Craig Lee’s mother Joanna Lee died. She had once been an actress and was in the movie Plan 9 From Outer Space. She also produced, wrote and directed for TV in the 60-80’s. She was a really nice lady. Her son Craig Lee, died in 1992 of Mrs. AIDS. Craig was the music editor for the LA Weekly, and also was in the famed punk band The Bags, with my best girlfriend Alice Bag.
CZ Guest died the other day. She was the famed New York socialite and mother of my ex-pal Cornelia, who I don’t really talk to anymore. We didn't have a falling out, its just that some people are only in your life for a Man-hattan Minute and then you move on to others.
I love those grand old rich ladies, they are always sweet to artist types like myself. CZ Guest came from that tradition. Rich people these days are boring, but CZ Guest was part of that ilk of rich society dames who supported the arts and had parties for artists and would take you to dinner and lavish you with presents and attention, just because it was what should be done which is the role of the wealthy that these awful movie riche people don’t ahere to. Amen. Can i get a testified witness to the prosecution?
delighted to receive an emug from the sexy and talented Daniela Romana who is living in Berlin as a hot expatriate. Daniela has such a large penis that when he fucks his lovers, it sends them to the emergency ward. Here is his letter so that you can enjoy

My dearest,
I have been so remiss in passing on the good gossip from the Vaterland,
that I hear Marcu has occasionally filled in the gaps (as it were). And
it's a good thing too. It seems that a certain libidinally challenged
hustler chaser (who shall remain nameless) was searching the internet for
his own name (make that an egomaniacal libidinally challenged...etc.) and
came across a reference to himself and his pathetic attempts at die grosse
Kunst on the certain website of a certian Dr. Ms. Vaginal Davis, in the
form of an e-mail from our very own Marcita Pepita. Well, I won't go into
the details (they're too tiresome) but suffice it to say that your web site
got a lot of new readers and Christine will never speak to Marcu again. But
this all happened several weeks ago, so let's move onto something more
current affairs-ish.

Susanne continues to be the terrorist queen of the underground here in
Berlin. A couple of hot lesbolicious friends of ours asked her to do some
performances at a dyke club here in Mitte. So, among other things, Susanne
has decided to have a swing built in the club and ride back and forth on it
in a short flimsy dress while a couple of audience members hold fans aimed
at her pussy. While this is going on, she'll be singing the old Zara
Leander classic "Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzahlt" (The wind told me a
song) accompanied by me, of course. They've also asked her to do a command
repeat performance of her by-now classic "Morning Train", in which she
sings the Shena Easton hit in front of a projected film of her fucking
Marcie up the ass with a big black strap-on. The crowd always eats that one

Bruce is coming next week to finish the cutting of Raspberry Reich. All of
Germany seems to be in a tizzy about the RAF right now, because of a
proposed exhibition about them. This atmosphere of scandal, of course,
couldn't be better publicity for the premiere in February at the Berlin
Flim Festival. They've rounded up a group of German actors to dub the
dialogue because the porn stars sound so stupid when they talk. One of the
dubbers will be our very own Ivan (who has since reclaimed his birth name
of Dragan, which is at any rate much, much sexier). That hot Serbian accent
should be just the trick. They also asked my gorgeous ex-boyfriend Achmed,
but girlfriend has issues. I mean, he's not as fucked up about sex as Rene
is, but you know.

All right, my dear. I simply have to do this more often, because when I
wait so long, there's too much to tell. I have to go now and meet with
Susanne. This swanky art magazine here, seeking to capitalize on her sexy
status, has asked her to contribute something to their 'love' issue.
Susanne, who's terrified of writing, said, "Only if it can be a
collaboration with my boyfriend's boyfriend." So Susanne and I are writing
about love. And we should know.

Speaking of which, love and more love to you.