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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Its rainy, cold and dreary back in Berlin. Danny Hendrickson and fearless leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse had me over for a delicious welcome back feast at the CHEAP offices in Neu K├Âlln. Arabic style chicken with potato pancackes and chestnut soup which is my favourite.
Been getting lots of emails from people who enjoyed my performative lecture that was part of the UCLA Queer Arts Conference. I received a sweet romantic note from the number 1 chess player in the world Magnus Carlsen. Who knew chess players are fans of giant black drag queens. Also little missives from singer Robert Francis and his partner Alex Kweskin and music producer Daedalus who i gather wants to work on a music project with me. I am already working with Tenderloin my new project with Felix Knocke, Jan Klesse and Joel Gibb.
Its so strange that suddenly I am getting all these offers to be in movies, museum shows,journalism and what not. I go in and out of vogue every five years or so--the story of my life.
Some offers are a bit insulting, that is why i follow the adage of the great Diane Vreeland,"There is elegance in refusal".
While in Los Angeles i filmed a segment of Damiana Garcia´s program for World of Wonder which she divided into two seperate segments:


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jason El Norte came by to take Love Camel and i to dinner at El Compadre Restaurant on Sunset Blvd at Gardner in Hollywood. We ordered a fit load of food and washed it all down with a river of Margaritas.
Earlier in the day we went to Amoeba Records--i found a DVD copy of the 1954 Rosemary Clooney film Red Garters and soundtrack CDs to Seven Brides For Seven Brothers and Good News. Ran into that charming young man Channing Hansen whose son Aubrey is 16 years of age. Channing still looks like a teenager himself. Also bumped into Freddy Berkovitz of Video Ten and Dragazine fame. I took the Camel for rad smoothies at the Juice Bar on Hollywood Blvd & Ivar and we pranced down the boulevard so i could stockpile false eyelashes at Miss Ellen's Hollywood Wigs. Local celebrity sightings of Francine Dancer, the heterosexual Goddess Bunny, and tranny messtikal Karen Centerfold. Love Camel treated me to a screening of the British filmTamara Drewe which features the humpy UK actor Dominic Cooper--yumsville.
I also checked out some spaces for Moca's Artist Museum project which may bring me back to Los Ang in January. Sunday it was recovery from my performative lecture with a beautiful bruncheon date with the lovesexy German/Jewish/Argentine Jonathan Stofenmacher and his incredibly supersizzling Iranian artist friend Rashad Navidi. These two young men are so sweet, intelligent and vivacious that I am in a whirl spending the afternoon with them and their juicy uber muscular bodies.
Later in the evening Hector Martinez and his lover Ericla Pierce came by and picked us up to meet with Michele Mills and Billy to have dinner at The Apple Pan. A fine time was had by all. Miss "Meesh" had been working all day at her latest reality TV show, and Billy is taking over the editing on the new Matt Damon film The Adjustment Bureau. Meesh is so successful and generous treating me several times to hearty meals and loading me down with lots of yummy presents.
Saturday my performative lecture at Royce Hall was an SRO smash hit with so many luminaries in attendance: Sam Page, Barry Shilts, Douglas Gordon celebrating his birthday with Hilary Bean, Tommy Gear and Janet Klein, Marvina Jones, Gemma Aterton, Sam Rockwell, Rudy Bleu, Matt Johnstone, Marc Blucas, Sasha Fuentas with girlfriend and fellow Sukia bandmates Ross Harris & Craig Borrell,Duchess DeSade,Andrew Gould, Kimberly Kim of North Korea, John Fleck & posse who got there to late to be admitted, Jean Spinosa, Cory Marie Podielski, Jason El Norte, Ernest Hardy, Zachary Drucker, Marlou DeLuna, Susan Stryker, Hal Marinas, Karen Lofgren aka: Kara Hunger with sultry beau Chris, Kashiela Brooks, Craig Roose, David O. Russell & Co., Augusta Avallone aka: Penny Star Jr.,Buttons Sinclair, Jeffrey Hilbert & Frank Rodriguez, Danny Martinez, Glen Meadmore who beat me a magnificent face,Emi Fontana-West of Rome, Nacho Figueras, Jennifer the yoga gura,Daniel Merrriweather, Michele Mills, Michael Sera, Penn Badgley, Jennifer Doyle and Cesar Vega. The department took me to dinner at Appellation d'Origine Controlee on Third Street at Crescent Heights. The scrumpteous menu consisted of prosciutto di parma, local walnuts, soft herbs, heirloom tomatoes, feta, purslane, basil, salmon, potato-tomato gratin, tapenade, duck confit, black rice, figs, walnut hanger, grilled chicken, marinated peppers, rouille farro and black rice with pinenuts and currants, young broccoli, garlic and chili with desert of chocolate peanut butter brownie with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream, butterscotch pot de creme with fleur de sel and salted cashew cookies. Whew.
UCLA put me up at their Guest House, which doesn't look like much from the outside but its very nice and comfy on the inside. Love Camel arrived from San Francisco via train, taking a shuttle from Bakersfield to fraternity row where i met him and we walked across campus to the hotel giving dozens of hunky coeds the hairy eyeball. Dr. Doyle gave me a ride from Hector's house in Silverlake to UCLA on Thursday. We drove by Melrose Hill, my favorite historic neighborhood in LA and grabbed some lunch at The Farmers Market. Westwood Village is a ghost town with so many homeless people and vacant shops. I leave for Berlin tomorrow, and with my family tragedies I am feeling very unsettled.