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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Had a wonderful little get-to-gether with one of my former students the gorgeous blondine Christophe DeRohan Chabot. The patrician Mr. Chabot just turned 26 years old, but I remember him as a mere baby from when I taught a performance studies class in 2007 at the Weissensee Art Akademy here in Berlin. Christophe was one of my most eager beaverette students in the class I called Life as Art- Art or Life where I taught the principles of Availabism as created by Kembra Phahler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. Can’t believe it was so long ago. Christophe and another student of mine Acme Singt are both quite active in Berlin working on very engaging all encompassing projects that straddle the intersection of painting,action, sculpture, surveillance and performance. Christophe is gearing up for a new exhibition and wanted to show me some of the things he was working on and get my feedback. This hot young boy never fails to surprise and invigorate me with his art work and I predict that the name Christophe DeRohan Chabot will cause major havoc in the art cosmos soon.

My wonderful Los Angeles pal the A-List Hollywood Costume Designer Michael Kaplan came through Berlin looking for inspiration and took me out for a fabulous South American dinner at the sizzling newish boite Sudaka in Schoneberg at Goltzstrasse 36. I ate Michael out of house and hearth scarfing down the pumpkin garnellan soup, glorious lamb cutlets plus some sweet potato fries and a spinach banana meld. The desert was a glorious chocolate cake with French Vanilla icecream that literally floated to the table. Joining us was Little Alex of Macedonia who I recommended to Michael to hire as his Berlin assistant and Christophe DeRohan Chabot who was just plain eye candy for us all. Mr. Kaplan will be based in London for the next few years where he is working on the latest installments of the Star Wars film saga, which means he will be working with elderly Star Wars alum Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill who will make guest appearances of some kind. At dinner Michael Kaplan regaled us with hilarious tales of his storied Hollywood past and relationships with the rich and infamous. Some of the secrets he spilled are way too scandalous to repeat, but the names of people like Sandy Gallin, Bryan Singer, Victor Salvo and Roland Emmerich did come up, so you’ll just have to guess what exactly we discussed. Michael is one of those Hollywood celebutants who is just a complete angel and sweetheart and is very loving and genuine something you don’t find too often in LaLaLandia. I didn’t know that Michael’s first involvement in the costume industry was working on the Sonny &Cher show with Ray Agayan and Bob Mackie, and that his first film job was on the Village People starrer Can’t Stop the Music directed by Nancy Walker which featured a young well hung Steve Guttenberg, Bruce Jenner, Barbara Rush, Marilyn Sokol, Valerie Perrine and Altovise Davis the wife of Sammy Davis Jr. The producer of the film was the notorious caftan wearing Allan Carr who of course was madly enamored of the young Micheal Kaplan who still is a muscular gorgeous hunk of Philadelphia Freedom shine the light!!!! Michael went on to design the costumes for Blade Runner, Flashdance, Fight Club, and the recent Star Trek Reboot. What few people know is that Michael also worked with legends like Joan Blondell in a TV movie, Virginia Mayo on a stage variety show, Linda Manz from Days of Heaven fame and Marlon Brando in a Michael Jackson video. I also found out the little known fact that director Michael Bey is the illegitimate son of Manchurian Candidate helmer John Frankenheimer-----yowza!!!!

The next evening was Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music at Arsenal Institute fur film und videokunst where we celebrated a Dorothy Arzner Manifesto nite by screening her 1940 classic DANCE GIRL DANCE that stars Maureen O’Hara,Lucille Ball, Maria Ouspenskaya, Viriginia Field and Miss Louis Hayward from a story by the German writer Vicki Baum. Dorothy Arzner was the only woman in the directors guild during the Golden era of Hollywood from the 1920s to 1950’s. The other two women being Ida Lupino and Vicente Minnelli. Also Dorothy Arzner was openly lesbian. On the personal side Ms. Arzner was my screenwriting teacher at UCLA in the early 1970s when I was still in elementary school taking Upward Bound film coursework. Of course at that time I didn’t know that she had once been a major Hollywood film director. Ms. Arzner along with screenwriter Oscar Saul who adapted Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire to the screen in 1951 also taught at UCLA and both of them volunteered their time teaching at the Watts Towers Community Center in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

Its sad that still in Hollywood there are so few female directors. When movies first began in the late 1890s one of the first action film directors was a woman named Alice Guy Blache who also directed a film called The Cabbage Fairy 1896.

DANCE GIRL DANCE really brought out the Easter Sunday crowds. Kino 2 at the Arsenal was jam packed with lesbian feminists of all ages, plus some cute baby dykes and dag hags with a sprinkling of male lesbians. The crowd was all having a hoot of a time as the film played, and after the screening during the wine reception there was lots of flirting, kissing and sexing going on. Enjoying all the rhubarb stately Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons, Little Alex of Macedonia who styled and did the hair and make-up for the Vagimule doll making her look very Lola Falana, Marcuse Siegel, Susanne Sachsse, Markus Ruff, Dr. Tonya and galpal, Assaf Hochman,Piero Bellomo with husband Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Muzlim whose piano playing warmed many hearts including Hollywood costume designer Michael Kaplan who was turning quite a few heads himself like the young Mexican ballet star Javier Cachiero, artists Julie Pierart,Matthew Corbin Bishop with Latvian art shtar Mara Traumane, Living Archive experimental film educator Stefanie Schlueter with her sexy crop of young grad students, actress Maribel Verdu, male ingénue Logan Lerman from the Darin Aronofsky epic Noah and trendy Berlin hair hopper Charlie Le Mindu. Next month Sunday May 25th at 8pm we will screen the rarely shown Jacque Demy musical UNE CHAMBRE EN VILLE from 1982.

Was invited to a spectacular brunch at the super chic Victoria Louise Platz flat of Gunther Gerdes aka: Papi Choulo the lovesexy husband of Ali Janka of the Vienna Austria art kollectiv Geliten. Handsome Ali has a studio in Berlin, but was mostly here to hang out with his longtime companion and get away from the hustle and bustle of being an international art shtar. The bruncheon was lovely, and it was nice to catch-up on every little thing with Ali and Papi. Was surprised to hear that Ali has suffered through some major trial and tribulation with health problems in the form of a brain tumor. Ali has bounced back stronger then ever, but it certainly puts things in perspective that one must be thankful for every moment they have as nothing is guaranteed in this life or the next.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Was sent screener copies ages ago and finally watched the first season of which I gather is a new HBO series called Looking that focuses on a trio of gay friends sharing a flat in tired San Francisco. Being that I have been living in Berlin since 2006 I am not so well versed on American pop culture references or knowledgeable of the latest TV shows or pop songs. Hellzoppin I don’t even own a TV. My donated lap top is now working again after a crash scare,but I still don’t possess internet access at my flat. So after watching Looking my verdict is that the only believable or fascinating character is  Doris played by an engaging actress with the unfortunate name of Lauren Weedman. The leads:  the cute but dull Jonathan Groff, handsome and buff Murray Bartlett and icky bearded Frankie J. Alvarez don’t do anything for me. Some of the secondary characters played by adoreable British actor Russell Tovey, who I remember from the film The History Boys, the lovesexy latino Raul Castillo, Andrew Law, an underused but always brilliant Ann Magnusen and TV veterano Scott Bakula (harshly photographed to resemble the puppet Madame of Wayland Flowers & Madame fame)seemed a little bit better developed. Looking is connected to the English director Andrew Haigh who directed the film Weekend which a lot of fagula’s seem to love that I saw and didn’t care that much for. Mr.Haigh worked as part of the Oscar winning editing team on the film Black Hawk Down so he must be friends with my A-list Hollywood editor pal Billy Rich who I’ve known since filming Hustler White back in 1995. Maybe thats why they sent me a copy of the show.
Little Alex of Macedonia had a sweet intimate dinner party the other evening at the Bergmann Strasse Mehringdamn flat he is subletting from his Chocolate Grinder colleague Tim Shenkle. The food was delicious and the guests included the handsome choreographer Adam Linder and the delightful and personable young black dancer Justin Kennedy from the Island of St. Croix, who now lives in Berlin and has been performing at the Sophiensale.
My old LA pal from the days of Michelle Lamy's Le Deux Cafe and Cafe Des Artistes the Hollywood costume designer Michael Kaplan will be coming to Berlin from London where he is working on the latest Star Wars film.  Michael is a top notch film wardrobe designer who has worked on such big budget fare as Blade Runner, Flashdance, Fight Club and the Star Trek re-boot.  I recommended that he hire Little Alex as an assistant when he comes to town next week for some costume research and inspiration noodling.
Been loving reading Octavia Butler’s novel Lilith’s Brood that Dr. Jennifer Doyle bought me as a birthday present. The book is actually three novels in one and really kinky featuring an alien race who have a third gender called The Ooloi who work some sexual seduction neural stimulating and consciousness sharing power that I wish I could somehow finagle.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Received a cute little note from the gorgeous young Turkish/Kurdish film programmer and cultural theorist Nazli Kilerci who is so wildly creative and involved in a lot of interesting projects including a new pop up restaurant that will emerge this Saturday April 12th. I recently went to an intimate dinner party as Nazli’s home and the food was beyond ms. gorgeous. See below for info and make sure to check it out before its completely booked :

we are cooking this Saturday in this little restaurant tischlein deck dich! you can confirm directly to the  many kisses,

your naz 

TDD Ristorante 4a - Samstag 12/o4/2o14, 2o Uhr
Platz der Luftbrücke / Tempelhofer Damm 2
121o1 Berlin

Hi TDD Fans, Freunde & Begleitung.

Yüksel und Max servieren. DvB aka Bernie spielt Schallplatten. Claudius unter anderem mit Basil Smash an der Bar.

Naz und Bärbel kochen! Noch Fragen?

Ihr Menu: Vorneweg Oliven Olives ahead Wildkräuter Salat & Spinat Schafskäse Börek
Wild Herbs Salad & Spinach Sheep Cheese Börek Paprika / Zucchini / Tomaten gefüllt mit Reis / Pinienkernen / Rosinen Stuffed Pepper / Zucchini / Tomatos with Rice / Pignolia / Raisin oder / or Paprika / Zucchini / Tomaten gefüllt mit Neumarkter Rinderhack Stuffed Pepper / Zucchini / Tomatos with minced Neumarkter Beef Tahini / Joghurt / Olivenöl
Tahini / Joghurt / Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dattelkuchen / Orangen Karamelsauce
Date Cake / Orange Caramel Sauce
Café Café
20 e

Reservierung mit dem Vermerk vegetarisch - falls erwünscht - bitte unter / Please R.S.V.P. / /

Monday, April 07, 2014


Uli Ziemons one of Europes handsomest men hosted a festive intimate dinner party at his Skalitzer Strasse abode Saturday evening where theorist Nanna Heidenreich did the cooking and baking. Ms. Heidenreich is a gourmand’s gourmand and besides being lovely and super smart is one of Berlin’s sexiest cultural thinkers. Here is her description of the menu she prepared with tender loving care and stylish gusto:

a chestnut-fennel-celeriac soup with pastis (and arctic thyme!) followed by egg noodles, homemade ketjap manis (sweet soy sauce), fried tofu, ginger, two types of mushrooms (kräuterseitling- king oyster mushroom), spring (green)onions, cilantro - bärlauch (bear's garlic, wood garlic, wild garlic). Desert: a bay leaf infused orange tea cake with a cointreau Glaze and a shot of laphroig.

After dinner we had a bit of a plattenspieler from Mr. Ziemons impressive record collection plus wild dancing to Rick James, the Isaac Hayes soundtrack to his American International film Truck Turner and the Shaft in Africa record--Are You Man Enough-Big and Bad Enough? Herr Ziemons’s book on George Kuchar- Aufzeichnungen eines Storm Squatters -The Weather Diaries will be out at the end of June. Here is a link:

The next morning I had a Sunday bruncheon at the famous table of La Susanne Sachsse. The healthy meal consisted of risotto, beat salad and a trauben spritzer. After brunch Marcuse Siegel treated us to Macrobiotic icecream down the street from their eastside compound and then we took a ho stroll to Friedrickshain Park to watch the hunky half naked young beach volleyball players frolic tournament style---what humpy delightful hairy eyeball candy. Its so wonderful having Susi the fearless leader of kollective CHEAP and Marcuse Siegel back in Berlin after they were in New York City working for six long weeks including projects with the famous Douglas Crimp and the marvelous Troyano Sisters-Ela and Carmelita Tropicana. Susi and I will collaborate on our first American CHEAP project for the Performa Biennale in 2015 a performative installation of Mozart’s The Magic Flute which I am really excited about.

Saturday, April 05, 2014


Went to the glorious birthday celebration of the Arsenal’s Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus at the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in Kreuzberg off of the canal between Hallesches Tor and Mockenbrucke. The Empress was looking very lovely and royal wearing a stylish ensemble fitting the most powerful woman in all of Europe. The celebutante guest list included power couple--film historian Marcuse Siegel and Susanne Sachsse of Kollective CHEAP, Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim translator to the shtars, delicious beauty Dorothee Wenner, member of the Berlinale’s Forum section selection committee and filmmaker suprema, Heidi Schluptmann and Carolla Graumann of KinoThek Asta Nielsen Frankfurt am Main, the effervescent Nanna Heidenreich, Stefan Landorf, documentary filmmaker who was a medical docter before he studied film, Monika Rinck the famous German poet, Landgraf Joerg Heitmann, one of Kino Arsenal’s biggest supporters who is a filmmaker/sailing enthusiast and Anne Quirynen video artist, professor in Potsdam and neighbour to Empress Stefanie. I love the food at the Blue Nile which is one of the more unique restaurants in Berlin.
Friday afternoon I was taken to luncheon at a scrumptious Indian boite in Winterfeldt Platz by David Evans Frantz the head curator of Los Angeles’ One Institute National Gay&Lesbian Archive and Patrick Mansfield the collections manager of The Wende Museum and Archive of the Cold War an institution based in Culver City that I had never heard of. It was nice spending time with two handsome young men with large penises who have devoted themselves exclusively to serving the Vagimule Doll and took the pilgrimage to Berlin whiffing up some of the ladies majick. Its an easy rule for kids to follow these days--seek out Ms.Davis for all the answers to the universe and you will find happiness and success in all your worldly endeavors. For more info on One Inst and Wende Museum see links below: