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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Wer der Herde Folgt Sieht Nur Arsche

Ruth Schoenegge the lovely lesbian film editor who has worked with Laurie Anderson and other greats had me over for a wonderous dindin celebrating the birthdate of one of her dearest friends Brad Hampton. Lovesexy Brad is an artist from NYC(one of his beautiful pantings graces Ruth’s drawing room in her spacious Akzienstrasse Kiez compound) Brad and Ruth met when he was Laurie Anderson’s studio manager. Now luscious Brad manages the studio of visual artist Jim Hodges. The menu of Ruth’s feast fit for a magi was as follows:

- Turkish Flatbread with Hummus and Ayurvedic Cashew Parsley Chutney
- Mutton Korma with Basmati Rice and Seasonal Salad
- Lemon Layer Birthday Cake

White wine: Güner Veltliner
Red wine: Coffee Pinotage and Merlot Shottesbrooke
Cocktails: Negroni and Gin Tonic

The other guests at the gathering: Florian Japp, the brother of Ruth’s lover the actress and director Miriam Japp. Florian is a Berlin based artist(sculptures and photography) and also works as a cinematographer, Constantine Achmed Berger who I have known for many years from his days with Susanne Sachsse as a member of the Berliner Ensemble. Achmed brought his friend Britt Beyer who is a film director (Ruth did some work on her documentary about a young man leaving his Jewish orthodox community). And then there was Manou Jacob, a makeup artist from Berlin who is one of the hottest most stylish grandmothers I have ever met.
So sad to announce the sudden deaths of LA scenesters Sean De Lear and J. Lyons. Sean I have known for way over 30 years. Sean had sold his Echo Park house and was living in Vienna Austria. Both Sean D and I had worked with the Austrian art kollective Gelitin. Very sad learning about her death as she was a good natured messy presence on the LA scene and someone I expected to live forever.

J. Lyons use to perform regularly at my Club Sucker at the Garage in Silverlake (1994-1999). I named his band Extinguish Linda after the 20th Century Fox Film siren Linda Darnell. J. was also in The Johnny Depp Clones with porn priestess Chi-Chi LaRue, and performed in my film The White To Be Angry along with Warhol’s youngest superstar Bibbe Hansen.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Das Ende Der Armut

The power art couple of experimental film legend Wilhelm Hein and art fotog extroidinaire Annette Frick are back with a new installment of their successful salon Casabaubou in Berlin-Wedding. If you are in Berlin you must go and see what they are up to. You will be surprised and amazed for sure:

AM 16.9.2017 - AB 18 UHR IM CASABAUBOU



Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson had a little late ladies who luncheon for Adham Hafez the spiritedly lovely Egyptian dancer and choreographer. Everything was major Ms. Gorgeous at the Neu Kolln CHEAP Kollektiv compound. Here is more on the divine Miss Adham:

Since its establishment in 2003, the Adham Hafez Company has produced and toured performances in the Arab World, Europe and the US. Awarded first prize for choreography by the Cairo Opera House for its first performance “High Voltage”, the company creates work that combines choreography, installation, live visuals, music and text. With a strong focus on research, the company created its outreach platform “HaRaKa” that documents, researches and investigates dance and performance history in the Arabic speaking world, with leading projects such as “TransDance Festival”, “Cairography” publication for performance theory and criticism, and the ARC.HIVE of Contemporary Arab Performing arts; a joint project between HaRaKa (Cairo), Lincoln Center’s Performing Arts Library (New York), and The German Dance Archives (Cologne).

The productions centralize around physical chronicles and performative heritage from the region and beyond, with rituals often emerging as material, and a close relation to the ever-changing political context. Over the past years it presented work in reputable venues including Damascus Opera House (Syria), Hebbel Am Ufer (Germany), Impulstanz Festival (Austria), and MoMA PS1 (US).


If you are in New York City, go by Invisible-Exports Gallery on the lower east side to see the two woman show Chemira that features my make-up paintings and the sculpture of the great Louise Nevelson. The reception for the exhibit won’t be till Sept 29th but the show runs from Sept 8th – Oct 22. So go check out the work now, and then party and socialize on Sept 29th. Yowza.

My New Museum opening for the public is Sept 27th. The name of the exhibit is Trigger: Gender Used as a Tool and a Weapon. This show will run for several months and I will do a performance on Sept 28th at 7pm at the New Museum Theater.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017


Auch du bist ein Schamane

Vision, Seelenkraft, Heilung

Such a delight to see a special performance by the beautiful and great starina of starinas Miss Bibbe Hansen at silent green Kulturquartier. The special one night only event was part of Goldsmiths, University of London Berlin Summer School program. Bibbe was in top form sharing lots of juicy kibbles and bits about growing up in New York City in the late 50s and early 60s. Bibbe was a natural born troublemaker running the wet&wild streets with Janet Kerouac the daughter of beat writer Jack Kerouac. Bibbe also collaborated with her father the Fluxus pioneer Al Hansen. Bibbe spent a lot of time in Warhol's first factory, as one of his youngest superstars at age 13. She starred in the film Prison with Edie Sedgewick.

Bibbe showed some rare photos of her with Warhol and other greats of the period. She shared some footage of a Fluxus recreation of her fathers piano drop with her famous sons pop star Beck and artist Channing.

Bibbe and her father crisscrossed so many different scenes including early punk rock in Los Angeles and the Chicano art collective ASCO. Bibbe’s younger husb Sean Carrillo was helping her with this presentation. Sean was part of the second wave of ASCO, which is how they met when she literally stole him from his teenage cradle back in the early 1980s. As an added extra treat Harry Gamboa Jr. one of the founding members of ASCO was in the audience and later at the bar he was buying multiple rounds of drinks for all present so we all got really wasted, and that included Susanne Sachsse & Katya Sander, Vegard Vinge & Ida Mueller, Egyptian choreographer Adham Hafez of the Dancing on the Edge Company, Goldsmiths assistant Richard Gabriel, Marcuse Siegelstein and artist Lukas Reiner the son of 95 year old film director and legendary comedy genius Carl Reiner and brother of film director and actor Rob Reiner.

The Vaginal Davis doll was even shocked and surprised out of her unholy mind when Bibbe screened never before seen footage from the very first gig of their punk rock art band black fag. Bibbe played rhythm guitar in male drag in black fag. The band was formed as a joke on her rock star son Beck.

A Black Flag cover band led by Chris of Pansy Division stole the black fag name years later. The original black fag featured songs written by Bibbe, Ms. Davis and Ruebencito of the Chicano groove outfit Boca De Sandia that featured the cousin of Mazzy Star lead singer Hope Sandoval.


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-Sweet 16mm,Never Been Kissed was way beyond packed as everyone in Berlina seemed to converge on the kupulla of the silent green Kulturquartier to celebrate the birth of fearless leader of CHEAP kollektiv and renown multi talented beauty Susanne Sachsse. Some people confessed to having never been to silent green which is understandable as its Berlin’s newest art institution. This special edition of RSFS not only paid tribute to the great La Sachsse, but was in cooperation with Goldsmiths, University of London Berlin Summer School that was facilitated by Frau Sachsse and artist/filmmaker Katya Sander.

The theme of Goldsmiths’ Berlin Summer School was Stealing Together and no one pilfers better then Ms. Vaginal Davis and her partner in grime Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muzlim for baby Christ Jesus.

The film they stole from the Arsenal Institute fur film und Videokunst’s archive
was a ruddy faded 16mm collector’s copy of openly closeted director George Cukor’s 1960 musical comedy film Let’s Make Love. Color Me Red, abounded with Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand, Tony Randall, Frankie Vaughan with cameos by Milton Berle, Bing Crosby and Gene Kelly. The reels got mixed up and this mainstream movie turned a bit experimental for a New York secunda. Was that by accident or designed? You’ll never know, and I'll never tell.

Caught giving testimonials by radiant Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus:

Nanna Heidenreich, Marc Siegel, journalista Manuel Schubert aka Vicki Baum of Die Taz and Berlin trans legend and Tatort star Zazie De Paris who was mistaken for Romy Haag by writer Phillip Meinert. Maybe Romy was in attendance, there were so many people floating about.

A calvalcade of British visitors flocked the proceedings headed by fashion designers Martine Rose & J.W. Anderson with teutonic young actor Jannis Niewoehner, Oscar nominated black cinematographer Bradford Young, English artist David Birkin who is related to Jane Birkin, actors Ben Hardy, Ben Indra, Tulip Fever actress Holiday Grainger with musician Jake Bugg. The London contingent included Alice Lebow documentary film theorist in Berlin for a few months, charming scholar Nicole Wolf who moved back to Berlin from London town who is now living in Moabit. Film archivist Mojisola Adebayo, performance and theater artist Wanda and her lovely Irene, Macho man artiste extroidinaire Del LaGrace Volcano of Londre via Californication and Sweden who once collaborated with Mojisola on a project in the Artic circle.

Nanoochka Heidenreich reported she ran into filmmaker Shelly Silver, Kerstin Honeit the beautiful young Berlin artist whose work on the German dub movement has been universally acclaimed,Senol Senturk who was also part of the Goldsmiths behind the scenes crew, Brit/Israeli lighting designer Jackie Shemesh, Tito of HAU and his girlfriend. Sweetiepie Tito is one of the few left at HAU from the Mattias Lienthal regime. Also seen by Nanoochka Miss Kallia, the cineaste, projectionista and costume designer originally from Greece.

Ms Davis was too busy holding court to mingle but personally spoke with

Christian Weber of Edition Salzgeber and Sissy Magazine with his psychoanalytic BFF Jan, prima ballerina and one of Berlin’s most stylish and coolest womenTrixie Schoenherr alias Beatrice Cordua, pretty lesbian film editor Ruth Schoenegge, woman of divine mystery Dorothee Wenner resplendid in a red pantsuit, Adham Hafez with his American beau Adam,lovesexy Yusuf Etiman the guru of the most missed Basso Salon, Melissa Dulliux the brilliant Brazilian filmmaker and fashion plate whose new film is Distruktur. Go to www.Distruktur for more info on it. Lady Ms. D also shot the shit with her Creole nephew Kjohnny Blue and his knockout wife the Italian goddess Amelia, Stephen Ahrens the young German queer film programmer at Zueghauskino who just spirited an Opera Films Program, Tavia Nyong’o & Elahe Haschemi and 20 plus of their most talented sexiest students, from Greifswald Queer Summer School German Academic Foundation. These young artists presented me with their Queer Archive,Queer Entanglements zine, high cheekboned Michael Scaturro formerly of Deutche Welle now with Bloomberg, studkin super talent Vegard Vinge and his stage partner designer Ida Mueller plus their gorgeous tech juicemonger Til of the big feetsis and Andy Kaufmanesque actor and director Mad Max Brauer dancing like there is no day after tomorrow to the music of Djane Nancy. Lady D also got to gossip with Bibbe Hansen and her husband Sean Carrillo, Clarisse Mehring, Christophe Derohan Chabot, Acme Singt, The lovelor Goldsmiths London Berlin Summer School tyro artists, Olivier Novitsky and his companion Miso Soup.

Special thankx to Paris makeup and hair designer Akira Kurasawa Knightly who made Ms. Davis look like a true vision wearing her Rick Owens hemoglobulin gown.

Film historian Marcuse Siegelstein who was really circulating during the post screening after party engaged with Yael Bartana, Pola Sieverding, painter Michael Dute’ the King of Wilmerdorf with boyfriend Brian and San Francisco pal Little Mark, the divine Antje Ehmann of the Harun Farocki Institute, hottie Hannah Hurtzig of Mobile Academy, Michael Halves the producer of the Ruth Fischer art band and Super 700 indie rock group, enchanting artist Kerstin Honeit with Pro QM’s Fiona McGovern, art scholar Tom Holert & Claudia Honegger, Salome Gersch, Piero Bellomo, German queer literary academe Bea Michelis, Amy Taubin’s cousin the young writer Isaiah Lorado Wilner winner of Yale’s 57th annual Allan Nevins Prize. (Wilner has become Ms. Davis’ new object of affection replacing Jonathan Safran Foer as the man she wants the most to sit on her open raw face),artist Maha Mahmoun, former Einar Schleef actors Ralf Grawe(who dubs one of the terrorist voices in The Raspberry Reich) and Bettina Scheuritzel, Susanane Sachsse’s glam agent Anke Balzer, Noam Gorbat, Julian Scherer Ms.Davis former assistant when she taught at The Goethe Universitaet now a professor on his own merits, FU queer student union heads Charlotte and stylette Alex, silent green owners Jörg & Tina, and Goldsmiths Head of curatorial studies the famed scholarideon Simon Sheik.

Friday, September 01, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017


Had a delightful time conversing with the great Mr. Plattenspieler-Thomas Meinecke the other night. He was with his gorgeous wife Michaela Melia’n and lovely daughter Julia who is a student at the DFFB. 

This all took place at the 39th birthday celebration of famed art photog Wolfgang Tillmans.
If you’re not familiar with Herr Meinecke he is a noted DJ, musician and author. We were both part of Hannah Hurtzig’s last Mobile Academy installation at the Kampnagel, Hamburg in the Spring. I simply adored hearing Thomas talk about his many projects, as he is quite prolific. He is also a super fan of my best girlfriend Glen Meadmore. Soon Thomas will have his first book translated into English through an Amazon imprint. 

The atmosphere was sumpteous at the Tillmans shindig. You can’t go wrong with a penthouse roofgarden studio in the very heart of Kreuzberg. Goldenen tinsel decorations matched the sultry summer evening. Panorama views engulfed the guests as the alcohol flowed non stop erotic cabaret style. Lots of cute young trendy boys smoking lethal smelling cigerettes. One doesn’t expect any righteous flirting or sexing at these artsy Teutonic affairs. That would be a major naynay Papa.

I hardly ever go to gatherings as I am such a loner, but when i do I come around starting time so i can see the place fill up, and leave early. Another first arrival I chittle chatted with was a sweet Lesbian artist who is represented by a New York gallery, and she told me she liked my Come on Daughter Save Me make-up and clay sculpture exhibition at Invisible-Exports Gallery in 2015.
Speaking of skulptresses the great German artiste Isa Genzken was at the party looking quite 
handsome and stately. There were many celebs afoot as well, but with Ms. Genzken in the haus all others paled in comparison.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Thank Jehovah of Armies for my new Berlin gallerist Dan Gunn of the Dan Gunn Gallery. Dan has been such a devilishly sweet and sexy exterminating angel in helping me get all my paintings packed and ready for shipment to New York for my two woman show Chemira. Yes Chemira opens Sept 8th at Invisible-Exports Gallery with the late great Louise Nevelson sculptures and my make-up paintings. Dan also arranged a buttery promotional photo shoot with Brit art photog Nicky of Monumental Strasse where I am in Louise doo rag drag.

The CHEAP kollektiv did a special taped version of their popular CHEAP Funk radio show for Reboot FM 88.4. For this edition of ReBooty FM the playful CHEAPies called the evening CHEAP Norway and Queer International Camels. The show includes Ms. Davis reciting the 15 Commandments according to Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin and a camel Penelope Pitstop Top 5 of summer music listening, plus lots of other oddities and attrocities from DJ Nancy, Fearless Leader and Marcuse Siegelstein.

The Vagimule Doll, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson got together last week for some long range planning and have decided that after 10 fabulous years Rising Stars, Falling Stars will come to an end at the close of 2017.  Its sad, but hey, all good things must end. 

For the last year, the latest itteration of Rising Stars, Falling Stars has been under the subtitle: Sweet 16mm-Never Been Kissed. Our next screening will take place Sungay, Sept 3rd 8pm at silent green Kulturquartier in Berlin Wedding. The film shown will be the musical comedy Lets Make Love 1960, starring Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand, Tony Randall and Frankie Vaughan directed by the all time great faggot film director George Cukor. This version of Rising Stars will also celebrate the 22nd birthday of Susanne Sachsse the Fearless Leader of CHEAP Kollektiv, and will be presented in association with Arsenal Institut fur Film und VideoKunst and Goldsmith University London as part of their Summer School.

The last Rising Stars will be around Christmas time but don’t despair as from the ashes of Rising Stars will emerge a new concept that will premiere in the Spring of 2018 called Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome. Be on the lookout for CVS as everyones mothers brothers auntie's cousin will be talking about it the world over.

Monday, August 07, 2017


Hektik ist beim Aktienkauf ein schlechter Berater
I always listen to the divine advice of Glenn Belverio. When Glenn issues forth an utterance entire mountain ranges are moved in one swell swoop. Glenn or Glennda from his sister of the clothe days in Man!hattan, is one of my dearest friends from the last century.
That is why CHEAP Kollektiv had to be at the Berlin premiera screening of Rebecca Goyette’s Lobsta Porn Party at Spektrum in KruezKolln. What a delightful scene it was with the vivacious Ms. Goyette and her delectable crew (Marie Beckmann & Julie Gaspard curators of EVBG)introducing Berliners to the new vocabulary of hot buttery Crustacean sexuality.

What Berlin and the world needs more of is working class feminist sex perspectives, and with Ms. Goyette this includes a rich history that goes back to the Salem Witch Trials and beyond. I loved the audacious low tech revelry of it all.

I am officially all wrapped up in the House of Rebecca Goyette. Her work knocks the block off Ryan Trecartin. New England whimsy, shanty humour, and sea faring radical queering elements all mesh spectacularly. I was gagging on the lovely extravaganza of our frisky Lobster heroine giving birth Fertile La Toyah Jackson style with the help of an incestous mother/daughter doula pair.

More is more, and then some with double dicking, spicy beef curtains, pussy galore, and close encounters of the Octophallus eighth kind. Just because its all a loopy messticle doesn’t mean there is no room for serious reflection. Ms. Goyette handles that with devastating bengenueffect.

As an extra added treat Goyette and Company will be filming a Berlina edition of Lobsta Porn. If you are interested in joining the movement contact them at:

The other day during the ultra warm humid weather I noticed that more Berlin men are adopting the who wears short shorts look. I heartily approve as the long hip hop enfluenced board shorts are beyond tired. I just wish that the young men would finally quit the god awful yoga hair buns and beards. This is a trend that benefits no one. If you are not swarthy or Arab its probably not a good idea to grow a beard and forcing the issue on a face that really isn’t very hirsute is ridiculous. I feel I need to teach a class for trendy people that just because everyone is doing something you shouldn’t feel like you have to jump on the Fred Astaire bandwagon. One must consider if a certain style compliments them, and if it doesn’t avoid it at all cost.

I really do love seeing how Muslim young girls in Berlin add variety and style to their headresses with their flawless make-up and dazzling accessories.


So many great new elements in the Vaginal Davis art cosmos. The handsome British gallerist Dan Gunn whose Berlin gallery at Schlesische Strasse 29 will be the new European home of Ms. Davis art work. Dan will be working in close association with Ms. Davis’ west coast clan headed by Amy Adams at Adams & Ollmann and NYC gallerists Ben & Risa of Invisible-Exports. The Vagimule doll is so excited to be working with lovesexy Mr. Dan Gunn.

In the Fall Ms. Davis will be part of the Trigger show at the New Museum which opens to the public on Sept 27th and a Two Woman Exhibition called Cinema Chimera at Invisible-Exports that features Vaginal Davis and the late legendary sculptress Louise Nevelson that opens Sept 8th.