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Monday, October 20, 2014


The handsomest man in Europe Ulrich Ziemons has a book presentation and screening this week that if you’re visiting and want to do something that really reflects the city of Berlin this is your chance: I’ll be there along with my young gorgeous protégé’s DeRohan Chabot, Chrome Chastain, Denning Taylor, Gleeson Brevard, Branscombe Richmaldt, and Acme Singt.

MOVES#74 Ulrich Ziemons »George Kuchar's Weather Diaries« Book presentation & Screening 21 October 2014, 8:30pm

George Kuchar (1942–2011) was not only one of the pioneers of camp cinema, but his catalogue of over 350 films and videos also distinguishes him as one of the most prolific American Underground filmmakers. In his WEATHER DIARIES, Kuchar documents his yearly trips to Tornado Alley. Equally hilarious and touchingly personal, the diary videos show George waiting in vain for dangerous storms and spectacular tornadoes in the solitude of a motel room in the American midwest, where – in the absence of raging elements – he confronts his inner demons.

The recently published book »Aufzeichnungen eines Storm Squatters – George Kuchars Weather Diaries« (transcript Verlag) is the first German-language publication devoted to Kuchar's Weather Diaries. Apart from an introduction to the 23-part video series the book contains an in-depth interview with the director, conducted in San Francisco in the summer of 2011, shortly before his death.

The author Ulrich Ziemons will present the newly published book and show the diaries WEATHER DIARY 3 (1988), 500 MILLIBARS TO ECSTASY (1989), and THE INMATE (1997).
With the kind support of transcript Verlag and Video Data Bank, Chicago. All videos in English / Introduction in German  Admission is free.
I really don’t believe in these crowd funding internet schemes like Kickstarter, Indie-a-Go-Go and the like. If someone I know really well and admire is using them I will recommend to my followers to donate money but generally I think that it takes responsiblility away from funding organizations and institutions who need to woman-up and support artists and not make creatives result to begging all their friends for money for each and every project they work on. That said I will spread the word for this particular project because I love the talent of the performer who is and always has been a TRUE underground sister of the clothe.

"Hiya, all - As you can see below I'm doing a PledgeMusic campaign to finance next album - the new economy -go figure! As I need to spread the word as much as possible to make this project a reality, reposting or sharing this with your mailing list (share links above) etc... Very much appreciated
Many Thanks, Love & God Bless Annie
(And this is where I sing brother can you spare a dime…)"


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Friday, October 17, 2014


Trudged all the way to spiessig Mitte in the rain by bicycle to the Dittrich &Schlechtreim Gallery to see the legendaire art figurine Don Bachardy who is celebrating the publication of a new book of his classic signature portraiture called Hollywood. The glorious Mr. Bachardy did a portrait of the Vagimule Doll back in Los Angeles a few years before I moved to Berlin in 2006. I first met Don Bachardy and his late great writer husband Christopher Isherwood in the 1980s through one of my Afro Sisters’ fans Michael Reynolds and his lover Walter who lived next door to the famous pair in Santa Monica Canyon. Michael Reynolds and Walter were also a May/December pairing with Michael being literaly snatched from the cradle at 16. Mr. Bachardy sadly related to me at his book signing that Michael bit the mortal coil. I will miss Michael and his zaniness and gift for barb wire gossip.
It was wonderous seeing Mr. Bachardy after so many years. He looks younger then young, dressed dapper with his trim, muscled physique and gorgeous cherries in the snow hair and goatee--- a true silver fox surrounded by oodles of youthful admires all wrapped up in the supreme talents of the House of Bachardy. Don’t hesisitate in making a pitstop to your local bookseller to purchase your copy of Bachardy’s Hollywood as its a guaranteed best seller. Special thanks to Mr. Barchardy’s publicist Joe Rodota, Ben&Risa my New York gallerists from Invisible Exports for making my reunion with Don Bachardy possible.
Wonderful blog post! Can you make one minor change I am not Don's publicist. A good way to describe me is organiZer of the weeks events. See you soon I hope ! Best Joe Rodota
I just remembered that at the bottom of Santa Monica Canyon near the gay bar The SS Friendship my old boyfriend John Sullivan of the art band The Dispossessed use to live in a rickety old one room shack. I met John when I was in The Afro Sisters and we were a couple for like a minute. Actually more like six months. John’s band The Dispossessed included his sister who seemed to be always pregnant. After John and I became romantically intertwined our bands joined forces and usually performed on the same bill with his group opening up for my band The Afro Sisters who were more popular with fans and critics alike at the time in the early and mid 1980s. John grew up in a small town near Sacramento called Marieville I think, and when I met him he was the manager of a print shop in Marina Del Rey. John use to design and print all of the Afro Sister posters and fliers which gave our advertising and promotional campaigns a much needed professional kick. Later when my Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine started to get distributed internationally through Tower Records John Sullivan handled the printing for me as it became way too difficult to Xerox so many copies on the sly at my dayjob at UCLA’s Placement & Career Planning Center. In the late 1980s John got married to a much older, wealthy woman who lived in insepid Venice California. I remember at the time asking him how much his wife knew of his transexual chasing past (he also had a fling with the late Tired Danielle aka: The Cosmic Danielle and Danielle of the Epiphany, and after me a short romp with actor/performer John "NEA Four" Fleck) and he said, "She knew what she needed to know."
Had a lovely work luncheon at the gorgeoue compound of actress/director Susanne Sachsse in East Berlin. To be invited to the table of La Frau Sachsse is to experience nirvana. She is an amazing cook and her presentation is always filled with style and panache. Susi Su as I love to call her is the fearless leader of Kollectiv CHEAP and the two of us are busy working on a performative installation of Mozart’s The Magic Flute for Fall, 2015 that will premiere in New York City. Susi has so many incredible ideas of how to mount this production where we will be collaborating with Jonathan Berger, Jean Kim, and Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu.
Had a lovely belated birthday luncheon the other day at Café Lind with Nanna Heidenreich of Forum Expanded. It was sweet catching up on everything girlish with Ms. Heidenreich who is one of my favourite Berlin personalities. I will be participating in a congress at the University of Braunsweig where Nanna teaches soon and I can’t wait.
Been going to the Passolini tribute at Kino Arsenal watching films I haven’t seen on the big screen in over 30 years. It was fab seeing The Canturbury Tales, The Decameron, Oedipus Rex, Arabian Nights and Salo again.  Passolini was truly ahead of his time and his predictions abouts Italy and the world in general quite prophetic. Also went to the big Passolini exhibition at the Martin Gropius Bau. Was a bit disappointed in it as its mounted in a cheesy fashion like Disneyland or some other theme park. I guess that’s what the big museums are turning into these days just a regular middle-of-road klutzy tourist attraction. As I was in the Martin Gropius Bau who should I see but that tired Gay Dutch artist Dries Verhoevan who caused such a stir with his lame art project at the HAU. He’s very much a pencil neck, but I was surprised that he’s much taller then I thought he would be as he looks dimunitive in photos.

Monday, October 13, 2014


One of the most intriguing young artists based in Berlin is the lovely Elly Clark, a gorgeous, talented British English Rose. Miss Elly sent me this missive about her new project that will be exhibited in Berlin:

Dear Friends, family, colleagues in Berlin or with connections to it -

I have the pleasure of inviting you to an exhibition in which I am showing some of the new material I have gathered over the past year for my ever-ongoing George Richmond Portrait Project.inheritance / act_out opens next Friday 17th October at GSL Projekt, in Mitte, Berlin. My photos & audio will be shown alongside two other photo-based projects by Lisa Jugert and Kerstin Honeit: two artists whose work I massively admire and with whom I have worked quite often in the past. The show is the second to take place in Suvi Leitinen's newly reopened project room. The exhibition has been developed by myself and Kerstin, in consultation with Suvi. It would be fabulous to see you there! Opening times etc follow - FB invite here. Artist talk on 30th.

Best wishes, inheritance/act_out
Elly Clarke / Kerstin Honeit / Lisa Jugert
Vernissage: 17.10.2014, 19h - 22h Exhibition runs: 18.10. - 01.11.2014Opening hours: Wednesday - Saturday 12h - 18h Artist talk: 30.10. 19h
Elly Clarke, The George Richmond Portrait Project (2008-ongoing)
Elly has been tracing portraits by her great-great-great grandfather George Richmond RA (1809-1896) to private homes across the UK (and occasionally beyond) for more than five years, photographing the portraits and the living descendants of those her ancestor portrayed in situ, and conducting audio interviews about what they know both of their ancestors and the portraits. |

Kerstin Honeit, Becoming 10, (2007-10)
In the photo installation 'Becoming 10' Kerstin Honeit performs her ‘un-met’ 9 half siblings from the former East and West of Berlin. Based only on the information of age, name, address Honeit stages herself in their real environments and apartment blocks in imagined poses, using the gesture of drag.

Lisa Jugert, History Vision Machines, (2010)
History Vision Machines turns the machine that records everything back on itself. Various camera models are presented both as subject and recording device. Matched with a mirror and a location fitting to each model, the series encourages a consideration of the manner in which our personal and political, individual and collective histories have been presented, and the influence of technology upon this.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Went to dinner in Wedding near the Auslander Behoerder at Anthropology scholar Shaka McGlotten’s sublet with his cute Israeli beau who teaches at Cornel. Delighted in a vegan style fantasy feasty of pumpkin, ochre, risotto and tahini sahn that pushed all my baby dyke culinary senses to the limit plus a Welch Rather Crumble for desert----yumsis! Professor McGlotten is working on a book concerning gender issues of some kind, so that’s why he wanted to interview me, and explained in detail, but I am so retarded with only half a brain cell left that it all went in one ear and swiftly out the other. Mr. McG is a young tenured professor at CUNY so he is fortunate to have a job for life. But with most academics these days the academy doesn’t supply them with enough attention other then their captive audiences in the classroom so they all seem to be venturing out into the performative realm. The late Dr. Jose Munoz and I would always have long chittle chats on this subject. Jose appreciated my ghettolosophy about how academia was just a grift like everything else in this world and that he and other academics were seasoned grifters ala the characters in the film that starred Anjelika Huston and Annette Benning. Lordy I miss that sweet precocious Doctora Jose---New York really isn’t New York without him and his mischievous spirit.

I hope I’ll be able to go see Professor McGlotten’s talk at the ICI October 15th at 7:30pm, somehow I got it stuck in my thick skull that his lecture was in the afternoon so I am going to try and re-schedule my recording session with this hot young Berlin music producer. I’ve never been to the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry which is an independent centre for research and culture located on Schonhauser Allee in Prenzlauber. Miss ICI is a private foundation owned by a wealthy youngish German man who is actually a nice curious person and not just a diletante asshole with lots of money and time on his tiny fisting top hands. Its quite the trend that the monied and privileged are all starting their own institutions outside of the tedious oompa pa of University politics.
Since I don’t have internet connection at my flat I take my ancient lap top to the American Bibliotek to use the free wifi where I return emails and do business stuff about twice a week. I’m not one of those people glued to technology and the great thing about Berlin is that things operate here on a much slower pace then in The States. Its rare for me to do web surfing and I’m proud of the fact that I am backwoods when it comes to up-to-the-minute pop culture references and the like. The other day at a colleagues apartment he was showing me on his giant MacIntosh screen some web serials that I believe originate from Los Angeles, my former hometown. One program is in a talk show format called Hey! Qween that quiries drag and gay world celebutantes. My friend showed me a little sampling of Hey! Qween with drag comic Jackie Beat. I’ve known Jackie since she first popped up in the LA underground club scene back in the late 1980s. Jackie isn’t the zaaftig diva she once was, and at first I didn’t recognize her. She is still quite hilarious and quick witted and has staked a claim for herself in the more mainstream comedy world via superstar comedienne Roseanne Barr. Hey!Qween has a nice low budget feel to it with production values that look slightly higher then my old Fertile LaToyah Jackson Video Magazine from the early 1990s. I really was enamored of co-hostess Lady Red Couture who has quite the invigorating screen presence and should really be the star of her own TV show. Miss Lady Red and the show’s shrill host must be part of a new breed of gays who have moved to LA seeking fame since I left for Berlin in 2006. Another episode of the program that I glanced at featured French blue movie director via the Twin Cities- Chi Chi LaRue who is also quite swelte having had a stomach stapling procedure. The last excerpt of the Hey! Qween series that I watched was an interview with transsexual entrepreneur and sexpert T.S. Madison. I was familiar with Ms. Madison who is fascinating,as she has been mentioned many times on the blog of Lady Bunny who always sends me an email to check out the latest happenings on her website It was lovely seeing Ms. Madison in a more subdued setting talking about her outrageous life as the ‘big dick bitch’ and expressing her many and varied views as an internet phenom. I was also shown a program involving a young acerbic Lesbian woman who hosts a bratty cooking show which I found simply hilarious. The slightly butch and grouchy lady and a sweet femme pal also duet in a program called Pillow Talk where the two make sly commentary on issues pertaining to women of their generation. Both girls are engaging and serenely lovesexxy.

Thursday, October 09, 2014


Was invited to a delicious waffle bruncheon Sunday afternoon at the spacious home of Jan Lindmeyer the sexy psychologist friend of hunky film scholar Christian F. Weber. Jan lives in my famed Berlin kiez of Rote Insel in a charming 19th century apartment building with fabulous views and perfect light. The food and drink was overflowing and later we were joined by a young hot lesbian couple who are colleagues of Jan who live in Kreuzberg and were the pure definition of warmth and saaphic charm.
I am the ultimate dinner party girl, attending at least three a week, and Wednesday was invited to a South Asian feast by the delightful Ruth Schonegger the famed film editor and collaborator of Laurie Anderson.  I’ve known Ruth since the CHEAP Jewelry days of 2001 in Berlin and she is the personification of personable and a dynamo of a gourmand. For ages Ruth lived in  East Berlin but two years ago she moved near me and this was the first time I got a chance to see her giant pre-war flat that is like a small palatzo. The apartment has been in the family of one of her best friends since World War I and  is located on Barbarossa Strasse with unbelievable views, a genormous terrace, monstar kitchen and one of the nicest bathrooms I have ever seen in Berlina with ceramic fresco tile straight from Felini's Satyricon.  Ruth and I had a girlish catch-up on our very busy womanly lives giggling and laughing like teenagers until the wee hours. Sometimes life in Berlin can be just so wonderful with its simple glamour and continental poovah!

Saw Gone Girl the style over nonsence David Flincher flicker where brittle blondine Rosamund Pike turns horrorcidal nalga maniaca because of the flagrante de-dickto mad cunnilingus skills of maudlin doll haired blacktor Ben Affleck. It’s the romcom movie of the yeastie yeart!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014


One of my sexiest, smartest, longtime LA pals is the great and glorious Jeffreyland Hilbert who is originally from the white supremacist state of Idaho. Jeffrey was the mastermind behind the infamous Hollywood queer nitespots Sit&Spin, Trade, the original CHEAP club, Eyes of Laura Mars and Hai Karate who is also the owner of the alternative advertising agency Kustom Kreative. Jeff emugged me that one of his good friends Michael Engel a master mixologist from Seattle Washington would be coming to Berlin, Germany for the first time, so of course I had to put on my Julie the activities coordinator from the Loveboat hat and welcome the vivacious Mr. Engel and his powerhouse juicy PacificNorthwest posse to my adopted hometown by providing them with some suggestions of places to go and see. Mr. Engle and his cliqa were renting a beautiful designer penthouse apartment on Erkelenzdamm in Kreuzberg that they were paying a small fortune for. I had just received an invite to the Fantastic Man/Gentlewoman launch at a Kreuzberg boutique called Voo on Oranienstrasse, so I figured that my visitors would enjoy going to a media oriented Berlin shindig that was just around the corner from where they were staying. We arrived at around 8:30pm and the place was jam packed with a morass of attractive young people who looked like they were happy to be anywhere. The store Voo was decorated in that bunker chic style that is becoming quite popular in Berlina proper. There were very few people that I recognized, but since I am pretty much a recluse who hardly ever goes out and especially to these kind of social events ---really what did I expect? I did run into Boris Lauser the raw foods chef and that golden boy beauty of all beauties Karl who use to be the assistant and sometime muse to Wolfgang Tillman. Karl and his young friends were the only ones exuding charm. I particularly was enamored of a tall Swarthy looking pal of Karl’s----maybe of Middle Eastern extraction or what Shari Frilot of the Sundance Film Festival calls a “stranger baby”. This kid had the most expressive eyes and lovesexy lean musculature. Another of Karl’s boyfriends that he introduced me to was a tiny yet compactly built pud of a youth who surprisingly was able to spin me around in an unexpected dance twirl. There were of course a lot of men with awful beards and unflattering facial hair, but not too many of those irritating John Belushi Saturday Night Live Samurai hair buns, ---I really detest the hair buns where its shaved at the sides like a modified mullet. I believe this style is called a top knot, but should be a bonafide hair don’t. I have never been a fan of long hair on men unless their hair is ravishingly gorgeous the ways some hesher rocker boys hair can be. But this man bun trend is just beyond ill, ill, ill. I’ve even seen some Negroes doing a variation of this hairstyle and if it looks horrid with white straight hair it looks worse with black kinky folicles.

Getting back to the Voo/Fantastic Man/Gentlewoman party. I felt that it was a little tacky for them to be selling copies of the magazine. Usually at a launch soiree you comp the magazine in question providing an ambiance of generosity and good will. But I guess these days of corporate branding and danger capitalism the spirit of giving doesn't exist. At the very least there were free drinks in the form of an open bar, but a true party should have more then just free flowing alcohol, there should be a buffet and gift bags with some products and perhaps a t-shirt. Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom the duo behind Fantastic Man/Gentlewoman who also created Butt Magazine, though I don’t believe they have much to do with that magazine anymore which is mainly an online venture that is produced in New York by the affable hunks Michael Bullock and Adam Baran. Jonkers and van Bennekom are Dutch and building their luxury fashion empire seems to be their main concern these days. As the late Dorian Corey of the Jenny Livingston film Paris is Burning would say, "Shoot an arrow in the air, if it goes real far, hooray for you . . ."


On the way to Kreuzberg on my bicycle I passed the container where another Dutchman named Dries Verhoevan has been camped out for several days as part of an insipid art project that is part of the Trefpunkt Festival at HAU. When I first heard about this dubious endeavor it sounded half baked to me, but little did I realize it would cause a public furor which has apparently brought Hebbel am Ufer to its knees and its Belgium Artistic and Managing Director Annemie Vanackere may have to step down if she is to save the reputation of HAU from this debacle. One of my students sent me this open letter which really encapsulates the drama perfectly, and its something that the HAU administrators cannot ignore as its from someone at another revered Berlin art institution providing the harsh criticism and not just shrill fagdom:

I would like to draw critical attention to your project "Wanna Play?", as I believe it is important that you, Hebbel am Ufer, your (unwilling) participants, and the general public understand that your project's proposed position is untenable, due to its moral imperative (considering the phenomenon of Grindr as "tragic" for homosexuals, for example) and its biased rhetoric (in its conflation of the concept "closeted", for example). You have already decided to "prove" what you want to prove in the set-up of your performance principles. This is not only unsound research, bur sloppy artistic practice, showing a deep disrespect and an offensive exploitation for the individuals you manage to entrap in this action. Furthermore, what your narrow-minded focus on Grindr and the homosexual population dangerously ignores is the problematic posed in general by contemporary technologies and practices of social media communications and self-presentation, problematics that belong to a critique of the "society of surveillance" and not of a single application for which you are cultivating a fetishistic fascination. These are problematics that emerge from the instruments of neoliberalism and embodied practices of managing individual expression, desire, and consumption, and can be traced across a variety of platforms - from Facebook to Tindr to Instagram to LinkedIn, and your simplified representational logic that reduces this problem to "tragic" homosexuals advances nothing more than stereotypes and public confusion. Your complete lack of ethics in your ignorance of basic protocols of privacy, consent, and participation is unjustified, and to use the excuse of "art" as a space where "anything is possible" and you are just doing "your work" is hand-in-hand with what Hannah Arendt sensitively described as the "banality of evil". What is "evil" according to Arendt's reading of Eichmann is simply the refusal to think, or even, that no thinking was ever a thought to begin with. Your project lacks thinking: you do not think about the implications this has for individuals' personal feelings, you do not think about the the implications this has for the public imagination in relation to what they know or do not know about homosexuals, you do not think about the deeper and much more complex mechanisms of neoliberalism and identity-performance politics that go beyond simple representational logic, and you do not think of what responsibility an artist - as an agent of imagination - has towards society as a whole. Your work here offers no discursive possibility in its public mockery of live human subjects, so to use the word "discourse", which refers to thought, when you yourself do not think, is a devaluing of the genuine intellectual work being done by the likes of other scholars, artists, and activists who are tackling the same "subject" as you. You offer nothing more than polemics, making your project into a poster-perfect PR campaign for neoliberal selfishness, rather than what could have been, if you had engaged in thought, a genuine conversation about what it means for the soul to live under the sign of technosexually mediated capitalism today.

Ashkan Sepahvand
Curator, Department of Literature and Humanities
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin