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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was packed Sunday, May 17th with a spirited crowd of multigenerationals eager to experience the glamour of Gena Rowlands and her director husband John Cassavettes in their most rare of rarely screened films Opening Night from 1977 that also features Hollywood golden era star Joan Blondell and cameos by Peter Falk and director Peter Bogdanovich. Of course Ms. Rowlands is radiant as all heck.  I hadn't seen the film in a coons age and had forgotten a lot of the plotline, but it seems that the recent Oscar nominated film Birdman starring Michael Keaton is a complete copycat of Opening Night. Since Opening Night is almost forty years old I guess the Birdman filmmakers were hoping no one would remember  Opening Night, as it wasn't exactly a huge hit at the time of its non release. It reminds me how Beyonce basically stole the beat of one of her hits from the 1930s song 42nd Street. 
Seen schmoozing amoung the throngs during the RSFS after screening vino reception: video artists Renate Lorenz & Pauline Beaudry with the fabulous international scholar and lesbian dreamgirl Antke Engel, Syrian/Turkish academic shtar Zulfuker Cetin,tyro male supermodel Sean O'Pry with American indie director Greg Araki, Norweigan theatre genius Vegard Venge performing helicopters with his giant phallus to the delight of a Latvian accapella group who are big fans of Ms. Davis and even serenaded her and RSFS guests with a folk ditty that sounded like a Gregorian chant. Other notables included Trixie Schonherr aka: Beatrice Cordua with a lovely lady and fellow prima ballerina from her dancing salad years of the 1970s, muscular Markus Ruff gearing up for the Visionary Archive Festival that starts tonight, along with everyones favorite handsome man Uli Ziemons,the lovely Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, gorgeous Susanne Sachsse, film historian Marcuse Siegelstein, costume and stage design great Ida Muller, Ann-Katrin the new Arsenal press intern,and power top Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim jihadist. Next month Sunday June 28th RSFS will present the Mexican film Redes 1936 directed by Emilio Gomez Muriel and Fred Zinneman.
That olde smelly tante Vagimule Davis received quite a lot of good press and attention from The New York Times and other publications for her solo installation Flirtation Walk(The Ho Stroll) that was displayed at the Rod Bianco Gallery of  Oslo Norways booth at the recent Nada Art Fair at Basketball City.  It seems that my having a tiny doorway into the exhibition really put people in a state.  Many thanks to Tim Smith and Company from Rod Bianco and my child of high art Jonathan Berger who took care of every little thing as I couldnt be in New York having been booked by this private art foundation in Amsterdam over a year and a half ago.  It was actually my first time being invited to the Netherlands and I was fortunate to experience near perfect weather conditions.  Amsterdam is a little jewell of a city with a lot of fresh faced, rosy cheeked humpy boys parading around in short-shorts. Was fortunate that my darling dear friend, supporter and webmaster Larry-Bob Roberts of Holy Tit Clamps Fame and his husband The Hot Tommy Netzband were having their 6th honeymoon celebration in Holland and were my constant companions during my free time in the township. I was put in a spacious compound in the old towne section of the city on Egelantiersstraat.  The apartment had a gigantic terrace and five rooms so there was plenty of room for Larry & Tommy who live in San Francisco's Hayes Valley to enjoy their romantic privacy and keep the doll company. Larry has a great job working for the San Francisco Public Defenders office and Tommy provides tech support for non profits as well as being an entrepeneur running his own successful part-time business Haunted Haight as an official ghost hunter and leader in the paranormal community.
Tommy is also a five star vegan gourmand so he was constantly cooking the most delicious brunches and din dins that kept this woman very happy and content.  We also ate at some cute restaurants Kam Wa House a Chinese place that has been charming locals and tourist since 1961, Perla a divine boite with a gracious staff and Cafe Lavinia on Kerstraaet that was extremely charming.  I'd like to give shoutouts to interdisciplinary artist Rachael House who makes Feminist Disco Candies and various Feminist Pinatas where you can smash the patriarchy,the monarchy and hetero normativity---Brava Heroine!!!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Spent a lovely afternoon being treated to luncheon at East London-God Save Brit Food on the Mehringdamm Corridor with two visiting jungen from Los Angeles in the form of 24 year old LACMA Development Department sweetie Lord Henry Woodward of Larchmont Village and his drag queen in training pal from the Palisades Kent of Kent.  The kids are doing their European tour with pitstops in Berlin, Istanbul and the Venice Biennale.  After hanging out with the children I scurried on my bike to enjoy a very lovely sunny spring day.  Was riding past the Jewish Memorial and noticed a group of fetching tourista boys across the street snaping pics in front of the giant austere dull grey cube sculpture created by that Scandinavian artist pair Babbitt&Bromide or are they called Wahlgrens&Elmquest?Doesn’t matter.  Loved oogling the big leggy boys but didn’t understand why they used that thing in the park as their backdrop.
Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music April edition was packed with worshipers of the house of Ms. Jodie Foster for our screening of her 1976 gangster moll film Bugsy Malone directed by Alan Parker and also starring Scott Baio.  It was a hoot seeing the film after so many years. Ms. Foster was in town at the Babelsberg Studio working on her Leni Riefensthal film.  Carolyn Clone the lesbian club mogul and one of Jodie’s ex girlfriends swore to me that Jodie would stop by my film screening but she didn’t.  I think Jodie is probably still upset with me for writing about her relationship with her mother as being quasi incestuous.  Well that was the impression I got when I first met them at the opening of the Famous Amos Cookie Store on Sunset Blvd back in the 1970s.  Seen enjoying the charms of Bugsy:  Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who said Bugsy Malone was the first feature film she ever saw, Skandinavian Muzlim jihadist and clavier expertin Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson, handsome Israeli choreographer Assaf Hochman with the muscular and tat sleeved Michele di Dio of GQ Magazine Germany, Susanne Sachsse and Marcuse Siegelstein, Ce’cile Tollu-Polonowski, Teresa and DoDo Heidenreich, the stylish and sexy Forum curator and artist that is the great Dorothee Wenner and her delightful partner Mickey, best selling young French author Edouard Louis with actor Gaspard Ulliel and dancer Ryan Guzman, American male ingénue Theo James and boyfriend Scott Eastwood the son of actor/director Clint Eastwood, Berlin legend Zazie de Paris who is one of the stars of the popular German television show Scene of the Crime or Tat Ort,  Atlanta Ina Beyer who brought me out to Oldenberg Universitaet for an art congress last year with her hot girl posse, actress Birgit Minichmayr with German TV presenter Andreas Bourani and his beau the humpy athlete/stud Juan Bernat.
Those of you in New York mark in your calenderia:  Participant After Dark, Year 13 Spring Benefit which will take place Tuesday May 19th  6-10pm at the Ukrainian National Home 140 2nd Avenue at 9th Street.  The benefit for the not-for-profit gallery Participant Inc. is conceived under the influence of the 1960s late night TV show Playboy After Dark and iconic 1970s culture magazine After Dark which was one of my inspirations for my literary tabloid Fertile La Toyah Jackson Magazine.  Please support Participant Inc and Lia Gangitano as they are the only ones in New York presenting work that isn’t commercially oriented.  Hosting the event will be Justin Vivian Bond, DJ Scott Ewalt and a performance by Narcissister and others.  There will also be a not so silent auction of limited editions by art shtars, Kembra Pfahler, Antony and Josef Astor.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Vergessliches Ließchen


Went to a new bookstore called Topics at Weser Strasse 166 to see Travis Jeppesen read from All Fall which contains two novellas by the lovehexy power top suprema Mr. Jeppesen and is the sixth book in Publication Studio's Fellow Travelers Series.  Travis read from "Written in the Sky" a harrowing  plane crashing in slow motion tale. It was written on a red-eye flight from Beijing to Vienna in the fall of 2012.  I loved how young Travis created extra tension during his reading by expertly removing himself from the room to a far off secret garden of his own creation.  The boy has mad max alchemic writing skills but few knew of his teleportation abilities. Of course I was at the venue early forgetting that anything involving young people these days never starts on time.  The Topics bookstore has an odd vibe to it but that is probably more to my being a woman of a certain age and not usually in the company of this new Berlin ilk of men with unbecoming facial hair.  Adore Travis but next time I have to hear him read someplace with more comfortable seating.  
Earlier when I was riding around on by bicycleta looking for the bookstore I stopped at a tiny park to see a boy who looked no older then 12 macking with a girl who looked like she was ten.  The boy was being very aggressive with the girl who I was glad slapped him and retreated in a huff.  An elderly couple came by and also witnessed the scene and the older gentleman took the boy aside and gave him a highfive and told him to run after the girl sort of saying, “Squirrel climb up that tree and get your gnut!” Repugnant. 
Spring Aquakening is definitely in the air as I rode by the Skate Anlage Im Parkham Gleisdrieick to joyously oogle a quintet of immaculate shirtless skater rats and under the Ubahn bridge a gaggle of tight bodied male gymnasts attracting a lot of attention with the spectacle that comes with young muscular bodies.  Could barely tear myself away but remembered I was luncheoning with her royal highness Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of  Arsenal Institute fur filmundvideo Kunst at Osteria No. 1 on the Mehringdamn corridor.  Their backyard patio was under construction but its so huge there was still room to sit alfresco and enjoy the warm golden rays and delicious food in the form of lasagne, tortellini, funicello salad, tomata soup all washed down with the most perfect carafe of Rose’ vino.  Was wonderful hearing about La Schulte Strathaus’ travels throughout India with Marcuse Siegelstein and Susanne Sachsse presenting a fab experimental film program.  The other evening I was at the Tiergarten compound of Piero Bellomo the Italio/German husband of Scandinavian Muslim Daniel Hendrickson for an Enchilada Party.  Piero brought back some freshly made corn tortillas from South Florida so when life gives you corn tortillas you have to make enchiladas.  A few nights before the Mexican feast Fearless Leader of kollektiv CHEAP Susanne Sachsse hosted a Spargel Fruhlings dinner for the great scholar  and genius writer Douglas Crimp who is the most serene man on the planet also the best dressed.
Read in a local German newspaper that Frank Castorf the veteran Intendant(artistic director) at the Volksbuehne is getting the boot to be replaced by Belgian curator Chris Dercon from the Tate Modern.  This move seems to be orchestrated by the music laden culture politician Tim Renner, of course I could be mistaken as my reading skills in German are limited, but having an art curator head a theatre doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea to me and not for conservative reasons that I am sure the usual suspects are rattling on about as they tend to do in Berlin. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Felt so lucky I got to play Berlin tour guide for a few hours while on a pitstop back home for the dearly loved New York treasure Lia Gangitano of Participant Inc., Gallery and her new BFF the beautiful Greer Lankton collector (she owns 8 dolls!)Meg Siegel.  We walked through Schoeneberg with stops by Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin Stories residence, and the flats of Marlene Deitrich and Hildegaard Kneff in the Rote Insel kiez, had a Thai luncheon at Papaya on the Hauptstrasse snooped around David Bowie’s old apartment and gossiped about the tired New York art world at Kleistpark.
One of my other favourite New York deities is Alex Jovanovich the NYU student arts professional coordinator and Art Forum godhead writer extroidinaire who sent me this cute little missive.
Dearest All:
I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that the newest installment of TransBorder Art's video series, Tenderness, featuring the work of:
Allan Bailey Maria Bamford Jibz Cameron & Hedia Maron Ben Fain Michelle Grabner & Brad Killam & David Robbins Abbey Montymom Craig Robinson
will premier Friday, April 10 & Saturday April 11at 8:30 p.m., EST (and broadcast randomly afterwards) on:
Time Warner 56 / Cablevision 69 / RCN 84 /
Verizon FiOS 44 / BPN Channel 3 (online:
*BRIC Brooklyn Public Network cablecasts in
all five boroughs exclusively on Verizon FiOS cable
And for those of you not in New York, you may watch the episode on TransBorder Art's Vimeo channel (starting now) at:
I LOVE these artists so very, very much, and am honored they contributed work for the broadcast. They are FABULOUS. Enjoy!
And this from the talented and gorgeous British artist Elly Clark:
Hello all,

It's been a while since I've written but I'm excited to let you know about CAMDEN ENCOUNTERS, a major commission from Camden Council in celebration of the Borough's 50th Anniversary. Lasting until November, this photo / audio & video project involves me having a series of Encounters with Camden residents at the sites of their 'Sticky Memories'. 'Sticky Memories' is the term I'm using to describe those memories which, though created in the past, continue to have a place in the present - and shape the lay of the land as a result...

Starting with people closely connected to the workings of the Borough itself, the net will gradually expand, as people I meet nominate the next to be involved. So far I have had just three Encounters - with Hannah Morris, Youth MP of Camden, Councillor Nasim Ali, and Ruth Ingram, artist, poet and long term resident of Camden. Over the next months, I hope to gather memories from as many as fifty people in various nooks and crannies of Camden.

The official
Camden50 website launched yesterday. My first two Encounters are up, along with info about the three other commissioned projects: from Dmitri Galitzine, Ladies of the Press and Walls on Walls. I was also honoured to take the official portraits of all artists and partners involved (about which Ladies of the Press wrote quite a nice piece:

Various events will be taking place throughout the year in connection with all of these projects, so if you're in London it might be worth keeping an eye open for what's going on at a place not far from you. The Camden 50 arts programme is curated by 
Charlie LevineSERGINA_ The other news regards #Sergina, who has a new video out. Phone Me Don't Write was shot in Patterson, New York in November 2013 but edited in Berlin by Jacob Brosda just this year. Click on the image below to be taken to the vid directly. DIGITAL REMNANTS_ And finally, published shortly after my last mail out, is the collaboratively written article Digital Remnants: Sex Without Bodies? for Canadian feminist magazine GUTS, with (via Skype / Google Hangout / Google Docs / WhatsApp...) Amanda Turner Pohan, Robin Alex McDonald and Michelle Ty.Thanks for reading!
Best wishes,
Elly /