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Monday, August 14, 2017


Thank Jehovah of Armies for my new Berlin gallerist Dan Gunn of the Dan Gunn Gallery. Dan has been such a devilishly sweet and sexy exterminating angel in helping me get all my paintings packed and ready for shipment to New York for my two woman show Chemira. Yes Chemira opens Sept 8th at Invisible-Exports Gallery with the late great Louise Nevelson sculptures and my make-up paintings. Dan also arranged a buttery promotional photo shoot with Brit art photog Nicky of Monumental Strasse where I am in Louise doo rag drag.

The CHEAP kollektiv did a special taped version of their popular CHEAP Funk radio show for Reboot FM 88.4. For this edition of ReBooty FM the playful CHEAPies called the evening CHEAP Norway and Queer International Camels. The show includes Ms. Davis reciting the 15 Commandments according to Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin and a camel Penelope Pitstop Top 5 of summer music listening, plus lots of other oddities and attrocities from DJ Nancy, Fearless Leader and Marcuse Siegelstein.

The Vagimule Doll, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson got together last week for some long range planning and have decided that after 10 fabulous years Rising Stars, Falling Stars will come to an end at the close of 2017.  Its sad, but hey, all good things must end. 

For the last year, the latest itteration of Rising Stars, Falling Stars has been under the subtitle: Sweet 16mm-Never Been Kissed. Our next screening will take place Sungay, Sept 3rd 8pm at silent green Kulturquartier in Berlin Wedding. The film shown will be the musical comedy Lets Make Love 1960, starring Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand, Tony Randall and Frankie Vaughan directed by the all time great faggot film director George Cukor. This version of Rising Stars will also celebrate the 22nd birthday of Susanne Sachsse the Fearless Leader of CHEAP Kollektiv, and will be presented in association with Arsenal Institut fur Film und VideoKunst and Goldsmith University London as part of their Summer School.

The last Rising Stars will be around Christmas time but don’t despair as from the ashes of Rising Stars will emerge a new concept that will premiere in the Spring of 2018 called Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome. Be on the lookout for CVS as everyones mothers brothers auntie's cousin will be talking about it the world over.

Monday, August 07, 2017


Hektik ist beim Aktienkauf ein schlechter Berater
I always listen to the divine advice of Glenn Belverio. When Glenn issues forth an utterance entire mountain ranges are moved in one swell swoop. Glenn or Glennda from his sister of the clothe days in Man!hattan, is one of my dearest friends from the last century.
That is why CHEAP Kollektiv had to be at the Berlin premiera screening of Rebecca Goyette’s Lobsta Porn Party at Spektrum in KruezKolln. What a delightful scene it was with the vivacious Ms. Goyette and her delectable crew (Marie Beckmann & Julie Gaspard curators of EVBG)introducing Berliners to the new vocabulary of hot buttery Crustacean sexuality.

What Berlin and the world needs more of is working class feminist sex perspectives, and with Ms. Goyette this includes a rich history that goes back to the Salem Witch Trials and beyond. I loved the audacious low tech revelry of it all.

I am officially all wrapped up in the House of Rebecca Goyette. Her work knocks the block off Ryan Trecartin. New England whimsy, shanty humour, and sea faring radical queering elements all mesh spectacularly. I was gagging on the lovely extravaganza of our frisky Lobster heroine giving birth Fertile La Toyah Jackson style with the help of an incestous mother/daughter doula pair.

More is more, and then some with double dicking, spicy beef curtains, pussy galore, and close encounters of the Octophallus eighth kind. Just because its all a loopy messticle doesn’t mean there is no room for serious reflection. Ms. Goyette handles that with devastating bengenueffect.

As an extra added treat Goyette and Company will be filming a Berlina edition of Lobsta Porn. If you are interested in joining the movement contact them at:

The other day during the ultra warm humid weather I noticed that more Berlin men are adopting the who wears short shorts look. I heartily approve as the long hip hop enfluenced board shorts are beyond tired. I just wish that the young men would finally quit the god awful yoga hair buns and beards. This is a trend that benefits no one. If you are not swarthy or Arab its probably not a good idea to grow a beard and forcing the issue on a face that really isn’t very hirsute is ridiculous. I feel I need to teach a class for trendy people that just because everyone is doing something you shouldn’t feel like you have to jump on the Fred Astaire bandwagon. One must consider if a certain style compliments them, and if it doesn’t avoid it at all cost.

I really do love seeing how Muslim young girls in Berlin add variety and style to their headresses with their flawless make-up and dazzling accessories.


So many great new elements in the Vaginal Davis art cosmos. The handsome British gallerist Dan Gunn whose Berlin gallery at Schlesische Strasse 29 will be the new European home of Ms. Davis art work. Dan will be working in close association with Ms. Davis’ west coast clan headed by Amy Adams at Adams & Ollmann and NYC gallerists Ben & Risa of Invisible-Exports. The Vagimule doll is so excited to be working with lovesexy Mr. Dan Gunn.

In the Fall Ms. Davis will be part of the Trigger show at the New Museum which opens to the public on Sept 27th and a Two Woman Exhibition called Cinema Chimera at Invisible-Exports that features Vaginal Davis and the late legendary sculptress Louise Nevelson that opens Sept 8th.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Behaart & geil!
My handsome K-pop producer pal came into town and whisked me away with his crew for a few days of pampered luxury in a villa near Wannsee. We had worked together a few months ago and I had a great time as they are a fun loving, young and very sexxxy with a capital W gang of nutty muscleheaded Korean hooligans.
Part two of working on this ill music project was an equal hoot, as they recorded me just talking nonsense in my usual Finnegan’s Wake style. The Korean rapper Beenzino was also on hand, but he preferred being petulant and moody for most of our time together. One day he got all flirty and touchyfeely, but I think he was on some kind of mood alterting psychotropic medication as that didn’t seem to be his true cauthentic hippydippy self.
Back in 2015 when I was in New York working on the first American CHEAP kollektiv production of The Magic Flute, An Opera in Six Steps with Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu doing the music I recorded a poem of Jamie’s for his new album. Well that tract has suddenly gotten me a lot of attention from people in the music world who want my speaking voice as a cameo on their records. Well its nice to be in demand, somewhat.

Coming back to Berlin for a mini stopover was glad I was able to meet with the famous Dr. Professor Joseph R. Hawkins of USC who is also the director of the One National Gay&Lesbian Institute and One Archives Foundation. Dr. Hawkins is also a distinguished professor of anthropology and gender studies and is the boss of my dear old pal and fellow Afro Sister Clitoris Turner aka: Bud Thomas.

The wonderous Dr. Hawkins was on a working holiday with his handsome young, juicy Japanese husband Toshi. The cute couple treated me to a sumpteous bruncheon at Ta’Cabron Taqueria at Skalitzer Strasse 60 in Kreuzberg.

Ta’Cabron is one of my favorite Berlin eateries, and one of the few places to get Mexican food actually made by Mexicans. We had a divine time gossiping about a myriad of subjects and people from Maurice’s Snack n Chat to Billy Dee Williams. Dr. Hawkins who has lived in Los Angeles since 1975 is one of the few people I can discuss the old days with who really gets it. Also he has seen LA through so many changes, not all for the better. 

The vivacious American scholar came baring gifts that included some fascinating and beautiful One Institute publications, and an antique bejeweled headdress that looks like it was designed by Aubrey Beardsley and Erte as they were fudgepacking each other in an art nouveau boydello during an amateur adaptation of Ronald Firbank's The Prancing Nigger. 
Thank you my darling Dr. H. You are the best!

Still waiting to see if I get my plane tickets for this art congress in Beirut, Lebanon, which will also include a function in nearby Jordan. A little scared about venturing into the Middle East, but if I get kidnapped by some big peniled Arab Jihadists, and wind up as an Isis Bride there are worse things that can happen to a girl like me.

Monday, July 17, 2017



The Vaginal Davis dollface came back to Berlin for a short spell for CHEAP Funk on Rebooty FM the regular monthly radio program hosted by the CHEAP gang on 88.4. The theme this month was loosely related to all things Fredrich Engels as our fearless leader Susanne Sachsse has been on lockdown in Manchester, England performing in a piece on Engels by the Mancunian international artist Phil Collins aka: RePhil Collins.

Ms. Davis was treated to nice brunch at the Schwartzer Cafe on Kant Strasse in Wilmersdorf by journalista Phillip Meinert who is doing a book on queer punk rock. Phillip is quite the sweet, freshly scrubbed youthful looking writer.

He is 34 years old but could easily pass for 24. Part of the reason he looks so young is he doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol, and he isn’t straight edge either.

Love it!!!!

A lot of people in Berlin could take heed in avoiding embibing and nicotine which does contribute to a large portion of the population resembling Nosferatu the Vampyre a symphony of Horror. The Max Schreck version not the Klaus Kinski one.

Just saying . . .

Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muzlim and I accompanied tiny TNT Turkish stud muffin Dr. Zuelfukar Cetin to The Gorky Theater where he was the expert facilitator of a discusion after the premiere of Studio 9 play Kunst Der Flucht by Persian author and director Pedro Kadivar. The piece was part of The Gorky Theater’s Pugs in Love Queer Weekend Festival.

I love how The Gorky has cultivated an exciting young, diverse audience that is different from any of the other theater crowds in Berlin at the moment. Are you listening HAU?

It was really exciting being in the audience and experiencing first hand the ambiance at play at The Gorky. The play also had a young migrant cast of trans and gay Persian refugees who were quite spirited and electric.

Was invited to a very sweet breakfast meeting thanx to Dr. Eike Wittrock at the Akademie Der Kunste Cafe at Hansaplatz. The personable Dr. Wittrock is bringing me to his university at Hildesheim in The Fall which I am really excited about.

Received a very adoreable note from young Black American artist and scholar Diana Arce on her upcoming activities. Please read and catch Lady Diana in action as she is engaged in some really exciting work:

Upcoming Politaoke Shows in Berlin, Germany

July 14th Fincan Neukölln
July 27th Aquarium bei Südblock
August 24th Aquarium bei Südblock
September 21st Aquarium bei Südblock

Politaoke is back with some upcoming Berlin shows just in time for the German election. We're building an entirely new program of speeches, so if there's a speech you're just dying to deliver, feel free to submit it to the program here.

We're looking for artists, collectives and NGO partners who want to bring Politaoke to their communities. We have a small grant to train 1 lucky partner anywhere in the EU this year! If you're interested, let me know!

Artists Without a Cause

On March 31st, AWAC, Transgender Europe and the Room 4 Resistance crew celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility by adding trans, queer, and PoC artists and activists and their contributions to the ever expanding online lexicon with a second Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon.

AWAC also just finished up three articles for Berlin Art Link feature series #Activism. You can read a bit about what we have been up to, check out our interview with the Berlin Chapter of WHEREISANAMENDIETA and our thoughts about best practices for community art.

White Guilt Clean Up

WGCU has been off to a busy start this year with multiple projects and consultations. Most recently, WGCU we organized 4 events for Black Lives Matter Berlin Month this June. For our final event, we partnered up with Transgender Europe and AWAC and, thanks to everyone's generosity, donated 285 dollars to Miss Major Griffin-Gracy's retirement fund! We completed out consultations with Queer Zinefest Berlin and are writing an assessment for Schwuz.

Ealier this year, I spoke on the panel "What Can a Decolonised Dancefloor Do?" at CTM festival. Be sure to give it a listen! We've got plenty in the works and are excited to share some more upcoming projects soon!

I delivered my first ever keynote speech at OER17: The Politics of Openentitled "Reaching Other Audiences: Art For Social Change. It was an amazing experience and exciting to share with such a great group of educators! Check out the video of my speech.

I will also speak at the DEL (Digitally Engaged Learning) 2017 Conference in London coming up in September. I'll be speaking about my work and AWAC!

Thanks for Reading


Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Zwerg mit Strahlkraft

Lady Ms. Davis housing in Los Angeles was supplied by the historic Biltmore Hotel at Pershing Square, the last place where the Black Dahlia was seen before her brutal murder in 1947. The grand hotel is a little shabby these days, and in much need of a makeover, but it still stands out in the crass sea of boutique hotels with their sleek homomoderne designed to death sensibility.

The Broad gave me five nights in the hotel, then I stayed at the gorgeous guest cottage of Hector San Martine and his lover Erikla Fierce in the Silverlake Hills of Edendale.  The cottage had a beautiful spaceous garden with commanding views.  Hector & Erikla used to own a tiny house on Maltman Avenue but they sold that this year.  Their new house has two cottages located underneath the main house.

Skot Armstrong and James Tallon of the celebrated art kollektiv Science Holiday and The Museum of Fun in Buena Park hosted a High Tea Party at the Biltmore for The Doll with a select guest list that included Ron Athey Jr with Divinity Fudge, Maggie Song of The Fibonaccis, Marnie Weber of The Party Boys, David Evan Frantz of the One Archive Institute and Erikla Fierce and Hector San Martin. Skot Armstrong is one of LA’s most gifted artists and is a contributing editor and columnist with Artillery Magazine, the art periodical published by my former LA Weekly colleage in the art department, the enigmatic Tulsa Kinney.

Ms. Davis’ trip to LA was brief, but jammed pack, including an appearance with curator Bradford Nordeen IV on the Steve Pride National Public Radio Program at KPFK 90.7.

Art photographer Hector San Martine and lifepartner Erikla Fierce surprised Ms. Davis with a welcoming and good riddance soiree at their spacious Silverlake Hills compound. Because it was such a last minute affair the guest list was tiny and included Ron Athey Jr., Jeffrey Hilbert and his hot husband Henry, novelist Lisa Teasley, neophyte performance artist and celestial beauty boy Elliot Reed, Nao Bustamente and companion Marcus Keilland Nazario, Andrew Gould, Dr. Jennifer Doyle, Johnson's Johnson and fiance Marisol, Oscar Pena the 22 year old Mexican/Jewish LA assistant to Vaginal Davis, Shari Frilot of Sundance Film Festival's New Frontiers Section, Glen Meadmore and Sheik Hassen Jameel the 29 year old middle eastern potentate who is not only an avid art collector but also a collector of famous, beautiful black women like Naomi Campbell and Rihanna. No doubt the horny sheik would like to add La Diva Davis to his harem.

Ms.Davis would like to publically thank all the wonderful people who took her out for breakfast, brunch, luncheon and dinner in Los Angeles. She didn’t want to go to any of the new trendy places but preferred dining at old guard establishments like Esmeraldi’s in the Biltmore courtesy of Dr. Prof Leon Hilton, The Pacific Dining Car(Mexican film producer Cesar Vega) Frere Taix French Restaurant in Echo Park(power litigation couple Marlou DeLuna and Hal Marenus)Langer’s Deli\ Bob’s Donuts in Farmers Market(Hector San Martin), AstroFamily(Michele “Meesh” Mills producer of the popular Rupaul Drag Race TV show, The Kitchen(Papa Ron Athey).

The insanely talented Craig Roose of the glam band Billy Wisdom, and TV chat show Decoupage starring Miss Summer Caprice took Ms. D to the infamous Tallyrand Restaurant and Tavern in Burbank where she ate the Huell Howser Special. The only new places she was treated to was Mas Malo Mexican Cantina that is located in a historic downtown LA building and Gus’ Soul Food Shack in Funkytown on Pico and Crenshaw next to the old Catch One Disco. Ms. Davis’ old pal Hector Martinez’ wonderful and gorgeous mother made Ms. Davis a homecooked Mexican feast at her cute house in South Gate an area of LA that seemed totally free of gentrificaciones.

Its funny how spotty the gentrification is in Los Angeles. Where all of Downtown, The Wilshire Corridor, and most of Hollywood has been corraled by it. There were parts of Hollywood on Sunset Blvd east of Vine Street to Vermont Avenue that looked as grimy as ever.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Cascade Perpindicular

After five long years the return of the Vagimule Doll hatchet face to her birth city of Los Angeles was met with joy and rapture by one and all. Well not exactly everyone, as there was some noticeable exceptions of individuals who flung themselves from the top of the 2nd tallest building in Downtown LA, The Library Tower so as not to be anywhere near the 5 feet 2 inch towering maquette seductress.

The salty philanthropist Eli Broad's vanity museo The Broad flew the lady to the spotty gentrification capital of the westboast.

So sad that LA is filled with many unsightly, new cheaply made uppity downscale apartment buildings that after a year will savagely start to fall apart.  Everywhere else the poor are relegated to tent cities.

Curator Bradford Nordeen IV, of the Rock Hannisport Nordeen's and high pitched Truman Capote gay accent, and his rock steady crew delivered Warhol Icon inspired by Nico with performances by Jenny Hval, Tiny Vipers, Geneva Jacuzzi, a temporary contemporary installation by Nao Bustamante, Ms. Davis and goddess Kembra Pfahler and her Girls of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black. A parade of over 2000 visitors wafted through the museum during the evenings festivities.

Absense does make the heart grow fonder as the place was packed to the rafter grafters with a lot of the old guard underground royalty the likesis of: Papa Ron Athey, Sheree Rose, Jeffrey Hilberg, Johanna Went, Craig Roose aka: Billy Wisdom, Carol Cetrone & Debby Spinelli, Mark Simon & his The Boyfriend Barbershop Sextette, Glen Meadmore with Barbara Young, Helen Bed O’Neill of Retail Slut with fellow former Afro Sisters Mark Maxwell, Bud Thomas of the One Archive, Alice Bag and hubby Jailbait Velasquez, Dora from Ventura, Hernan Perez, LA Times scribe Steve Appleford with “It Girl” Pandora Young, Michele “Hell” Carr, Carla Bozulich of The Geraldine Fibbers and her hot young Romanian husb, Howie Pyro of Danzig, Scott Ewalt, Michele “Meesh” Mills, Jane Cantillon with husband Dick and Oscar winning film editor Billy Rich.

Tyro academic Leon Hilton of the famous hotelier clan sent this list of those spotted in the SRO audience: Ethiopian/Irish actress Ruth Negga of the film Loving and AMC romperstomper Preacher, Ivan A. Ramos queer studies dept scholar of University of Maryland,  filmmaker Eliane Lima, Karen Tongson and Zakiyyah Iman Jackson of USC, Sarah Kessler, Joshua Takano Chambers of Northwestern University, ASCO archivist/curator Ondine Chavoya of Williams College,babyface LA artists Matthew Lax and Joshua Raines,Celeste Dupuy-Spencger  of the current Whitney Biennial with Sarah Johnson, Matt Savitsky, Benjamin Boatright, John Polly of World of Wonder, Jimmy Vogel, Nacho Nava, Jess Cuevas, Maya Bookbinder,John Tain of the Getty, Sarah Williams of LA Womens Center for Creative Work, Archie Nguyen of American Idol,Ben Johnson of Los Angeles Dept of Cultural Affairs,Joey Heinen of LACMA,Seth Bogart, Abdi Taslimi, Hannah Grossman, Justine Suzanne, Sam Courmier, Malisa Humphrey, Stacey Allan of East of Borneo, basketball stars Larry Nance Jr & Lonzo Ball and his younger brother LeMelo, Dr. Amelia Jones of USC, pretty Risa Needleman of Invisible-Exports Gallery the New York City commercial gallery that reps Ms. Davis, with a slew of collectors including Pamela Robinson and her hot husband, Dynasty Handbag, Marlou De Luna & Hal Marenus, Darin Kinoshita, Andrew Gould, Dean Litner, Kimberly Kim of North Korea, Rudy Bleu, Cesar Vega, Emi Fontana of West of Rome Public Art, Jefffrey Hilbert of the new hot Flagrant Magazine, Hernan Perez, power couple Erikla Fierce and Hector San Martine and Ms. Davis’ young juicy Jewish Mexican LA assistant Oscar Pena.
Ms. Davis was also the guest of honor for Puce Moment Mt. Washington Hilltop Fundraiser for bi-coastal performative film event Dirty Looks. The beautiful shindig featured a musical performance by Julianna Barwick, MC-ing by Drew Droege as ex Charlie’s Angel Tanya Roberts and Michael Lucid as Latina TV presenter Damiana Garcia. The minimalist catering was provided by Andrew McKenzie and mixology by Kimberly Kim and Squeeky Blonde. Ms. Davis & Mr. Nordeen’s wardrobe was provided by the fine people at Oak Boutique on Beverly Blvd with expert styling by Jess Cuevas.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Auf in den Kampf!

Rising Stars,Falling Stars-Sweet 16mm Never Been Kissed was a triumph Sungay with a lovely crowd of cosmopolitans descending on Wedding to bask in the light of La Vagimule Doll in the Kuppel Halle of silent green Kulturquartier.

Ms. Davis and Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson changed their regular format a bit to chittle chat inbetween screenings of short music films including two episodes of Beat Club from the late 1960s featuring performances by Manfred Mann, PP Arnold, Cat Stevens, The BeeGees, The Who, and Jimmy Hendrix. Also on hand were short music subjects with the likesis of the late great Debbie Reynolds and a bunch of mincing chorus boy faggots, Jane Morgan and legends legende Della Reece, a woman certainly touched by an angel.

The surprise of the evening was the No Controlles music video by Cholita, the Female Menudo with 13 year old Graciela Grejalva & Co.

In the audience joining Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, actress Susanne Sachsse and film historian Marcuse Siegelstein, 18 year Canuckian muscle teen sensation Shawn Mendes with his older beau British actor/comic Jack Whitehall the star of BBC’s hilarious version of Evelyn Waugh’s Decline and Fall, Yale Performance Studies Scholar Tavia N’yonga, the cousin of actress Lupita N’yonga with his gorgeous and vivacious younger sister Isis and handsome business partners Johan & Paul. Was great to see my former student Marc Arthur who is now the right hand man to RoseLee Goldberg of Performa. Marc and his lover will be leaving New York for two years to work in Ann Arbor Michigan, but Marc will still commute to Manhattan occasionally to fullfill his Performa duties.

So lovely seeing Afro German entrepreneur Clarisse Mehring and gal pal, sexy power couple Ruth Schoenegge and Miriam Japp, juicy Christoph Bovermann my former Giessen student who now has a great job with the European Film Academy, my other hot, brilliant former students Lea Schneiderman and her girlfriend Arnitra, vivacious Jasmina Metwaly of the Egyptian Mosireen Film Kollektiv who is in Berlin with a DAAD Fellowship, glamorous Trixie Schonherr the famed prima ballerina who was the focus of CHEAP Funk on Reboot FM the evening before on 88.4, Piero Bellomo, journalista Phillip Meinert who is doing a book on queer punk and wants to interview the diva, projectionist Anselm, Nadine of silent green and guardian of the gate Nadja.

Along with CHEAP kollektiv Fearless leader Susanne Sachsse the Vagimule Dollface was in Hamburg for the Theater of the World Festival at Kampnagel taking part in the DropDeadGorgeous installation that was part of Hannah Hurtzig’s „Die Stillgestellten oder: Salle Des Pas Perdus” in the Mobile Academy. I had a divine time working on Mobile Academy with the lovely and smart Ms. Hurtzig and her team of Herr, Marion, Frau Sarah Lewis, Frau Eva, Frau Dinkle and Frau Zaubel. Was so excited to meet the divine Christina Sharp of Tufts University. What a beautiful and sublime lady. Want to read her book “In the Wake: On Blackness and Being. Didn’t get to see her on stage as I was way to occupied in my section on the day Christina did her thing, but on the last day of Mobile Academy I was able to sneak away from my installation and hear the wonderfully regal Nana Adusei-Poku and punk academe Christiane Voss. Before leaving for Hamburg I had a very busy Saturday doing NYU Berlin Global Press Conference with CHEAP Kollektiv and in the very late evening being part of Saavy Contemporary’s Congress through the German Federation. I love the wonderful people at Saavy Contemporary that includes their fabulous leader Bonaventur Ndikung and Lema Sikod, Beya Othmani, Elena Agudio, Antonia Alampi, hunky Abhihishek Nilamber and Lynhan Balabat.

Those of you on the left coast please check out the latest exhibit by my Portland Oregon gallerist Amy Adams of Adams & Ollman.

JUNE 9–JULY 8, 2017


Adams and Ollman is pleased to present "I Was A Wall, And My Breasts Were Like Fortress Towers," the first of our two-part summer exhibitions that features work by a range of artists that represents or references the body, in parts, as code, sign or symbol.

The exhibitions respond to the metaphors of "blason anatomique," a 16th century poetic device wherein the female body is dissected into fragments. In these anatomical love poems, eyes, breasts, lips, thighs are isolated and glorified; as various parts of a woman's body are desired, the whole is ordered, divided and subsequently, ruled.

Like the "blason anatomique," the artists included in these exhibitions often focus only on a fragment–a head, torso, or finger. However, in so doing, the artists do not objectify or catalogue, but rather construct a new monument or totem, one which reimagines the figure's erotic, surreal, contentious, and formidable potentialities. Using a combination of oppositional, defiant and hybrid forms and employing abstraction, among other devices, these artists approach the subject through the lens of history, language, design, science fiction, craft and architecture to take over the blason tradition and reclaim a space for the body, one that is contemporary, subjective and subversive.