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Thursday, March 01, 2018


Vertikel Denken
The first major event of the Berlinale season always starts with the beauteous Forum Expanded exhibition at Akademie Der Kuenste at Hansaplatz in the Tiergarten. This year the mood was very mega Maya Deren with the theme “A Mechanism Capable of Changing Itself”.
I saw lots of new, bright sexy faces which of course is the best way for any major eventa to begin, don't you agree?
Forum Expanded founder, Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was beaming during her wonderful, humorous intro and this year her curatorial unit consisted of handsome manchild Ulrich Ziemons,Khaled Abdulwahed, Maha Maamoun. Nicole Wolf(Think Film No. 6), Antonia Alampi, and Pia Chakravert-Wuerthwein (SAVVY Contemporary).
Ute Holl also gave a spirited talk on the Film Theory of Maya Deren. This years title coming from a Deren notes about Marxism from 1947.
In the upstairs exhibition hall the perfect start to the proceedings was Extended Sea by Nesrine Khodr with a 2 channel video installation where the artist endurance swims back and forth in a lap pool. The Mediterranean Sea is the perfect background for 12 hours. 
With Berlin suffering from frigid Arctic temps and a ring of 1918 enfluenza in the air, the lush tranquil Beirut coast was the perfect place to sit and meditate. I spent many joyous hours contemplating my haggy life, and the pitfalls inherent in wintery Berlina.
I also enjoyed Laura Horelli's Namibia Today, Cafe Togo by Musquiqui Chihying & Gregor Kasper and The Otolith Group's The Third Part of the Third Measure featuring music and text by the militant minimalist, avant garde black composer Julius Eastman. In the Forum Expanded Magazine I adored reading Bonaventure Ndikung's “I Love to Love,Oh Pleasant Love-The Marvel of Julius Eastman.

New York artist Shelly Silver's two cute films one black & white and one in color are part of an ongoing vinegar syndrome experiment. Like every year the amazing Angela Anderson heads the exhibition design and technical coordination with her crack crew that includes Masha Nehis, Alexia Apolinario, Catherina Barich, Catalina Fernandez, Josephine Freiberg, Richard Gabriel, Laure Gilquin, Noam Gorbat, Mareike Hornof, Kofi Mahama, Dafne Narvaez, Janna Nehls, Michail Papoutsis, Juliana Piquero, Thais Ribeiro Jibaja, Neda Saeedi,Coral Short, Isabel Spengler, Willem van den Hoek,Ute Waldhausen, Michaela Werner, Katrin Winkler, and Alessandro Zannini. Bravo heros!

Went to see the film Ruekenwind von vorn by Philipp Eichholtz part of Perspective Deutsches Kino a section of the festival I never visit. I take that back I did see a horrid movie starring cute German actor Max Reimelt as a gay policeman in this section a few years ago. The reason I saw this film was because my godchild Richard Gabriel's ex girlfriend Victoria Schultz is the star, and is quite the young actress. Vicky photographs gorgeously, and is a most appealing film ingenue. Her co-star is the attractive, husky actor Daniel Zillmann of theVolksbuhner.

The Competition film Eva directed by Benoit Jacquot I only wanted to see because of its stars Isabelle Huppert and Gaspard Ulliel. Joseph Losey directed a much better version of this story in 1962 starring the late great Jeanne Moreau. The lovely Mr. Ulliel has wonderful cheekbones and a bubble butt to build a dream on, but in person is rather dimunitive, and small boned.  I can't imagine him jumping on top of me and getting me preggers.
Rupert Everett's The Happy Prince was all Oscar but nothing Wilde. I am a sucker for anything OW but can't recommend this opus. The documentary Generation Wealth in Panorama Section had only one amusing bit featuring some wealthy Chinese learning how to eat a banana elegantly.
Had a nice time at the yearly Salzgeber Reception at Prinzessinnenstr where I ran into Wilhelm Hein, and his art photographer girlfriend Annette Frick. So good to see that Wilhelm has gotten his color back after a long illness. At 77 years old he has a very youthful drive and spirit. Annette's career just keeps exploding with a big group exhibition called Mess With Your Values that opens March 2, 7pm at NBK Gallery. Also chittle chatted with lovesexy Christian Weber of Sissy Magazine, “it boy” Jan Kunemond of Universitaet Hildesheim, proper butch Manuela Kay, Tat Ort TV star Zazie De Paris, Susanne Sachsse, Zach Blas and Ruth Schonegger.
My date for the party being that humpy Muzlim jihadist Daniel Hendrickson.
Fearless Leader Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP and Zach Blas who expertly directed the fab La Sachsse as Ayn Rand in the hilarious Forum Expanded short film Contra Internet -Jubilee 2033 screened as part of Program 5. Mr. Blas is one supper smoldering young cineaste you will be hearing a lot more about. He is already quite famous in certain quarters. Zach scored a recent hit at the Transmediale Festival. Zachariah as I like to call him, is a professor in London at Goldsmith College so that makes him a colleague to the wonderful Nicole Wolf. Also part of Program 5 was We Live in Silence, Chapters: 1-7 by Kudzanai Chiurai which featured quite a lively tableaux vivante Last Supper scene.
In Program Four I was quite surprised to see footage of Downtown Los Angeles movie palaces on North Broadway as part of the film In the Ruins of Baalbeck Studios which revolves around the biggest production studio in the Arab world and its archive. Optimism by Deborah Stratman involving darkened winter and gold extraction hit a little too close to home with this Berlinale being the coldest I can remember in over ten years of being a part of the festival. I was constantly fighting getting sick or dealing with gout, and swollen knee and feet tissues. Yes Vaginal Davis turned 457 on Feb 20th. I am one old biatch.  Wikipedia has me listed as being born on Feb 23, 1969 which is wrong, wrong, wrong!  My actual date of birth is Feb 20th and as far as the year of my birth that is incorrect as well and I will just leave it at that.  
Was surprised to find out that Nanette Fabray died age 97.  Her one big film role was in the 1953 Vicente Minnelli musical The Bandwagon that stars Fred Astaire & Cyd Charisse.  Ms. Fabray was incredible in the ensemble number "Thats Entertainment" "Triplets" and her solo "Louisiana Hayride". She also was featured in the TV sitcom One Day at a Time in the late 1970s.  Her niece is actress Shelley Fabares who uses the original spelling of the family last name.  Nanette changed the spelling as it was too confusing to stupid Americans.
Getting back to Former Expanded Jan Peter Hammer's Dug involving the discovery of a 6,500 year old Early Bronze Age settlement in Bulgaria was another highlight of Program Four. I think it was a good idea to have the programs be a little shorter this year. But of course there were some big events like Margaret Honda's 6144 x 1024 which in my estimation encapsulates everything that Forum Expanded is about.
The Forum's Casanova Gene by Luise Donschen had some nice moments especially with an interview with a biologist and the cavorting of finches. I didn't really need to see Hollywood actor John Malkovich, but I did appreciate the goofy ending with a lanky kid doing an ill interpretive dance to Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights.
Had an enjoyable time at the special Forum Expanded concert at silent green Kulturquartier featuring Invisible Hands the Cairo based band of American/Lebanese musician Alan Bishop(Sun City Girls). Mr. Bishop is quite a character on stage and sings in an off kilter Leonard Cohenesque fashion. Favorite moment was the SatanLuciferBeelzebug speaking in tongues section. My only complaint being that Bishop and his bandmates performed on stage wearing sunglasses and street clothing which is one of my alltime pet peeves.
So happy I was able to attend Think Film Congress No. 6 Archival Installations. Empress Stefanie and Nicole Wolf gave a juicy spirited intro and set the mood perfectly. The first panel, Unpacking Histories: Film Archives and Their Consequences which featured the marvelous Christy Best and Esther Jemila Chukwuma(Jos) cutie pie Vinzenz Hediger of the Goethe Univeritaet and Didi Cheeka of Lagos.
The Worker Leaves the Archive...Documents, Material & Commentary But No Film discussing the 1943 censored and lost Egyptian film by Ahmed Kamal Mursi. Because I was Djaning the Forum Party in the evening I had to leave at lunch time to go home and take a disco nap so i missed Tremors, Repairs and Ruptured Naratives: Post Earthquake Film Archives in Mexico and Japan with Viviana Garcia Besne of the Performencia Voluntaria Film Archive, Tepotzlan and Ayumi Hata of 311 Documentary Film Archive, Yamagata.
At the party Daniel Hendrickson who got to witness most of Think Film Congress No. 6 gave me a little recap of what I missed including Qamra: Queer Archive and Visual Jurisprudence featuring T. Jayashree of Bangalore and Siddharth Narrain (Delhi) with everyone's favorite facilitator gorgeous Nanna Heidenreich.
The Forum Party was fun but the icy cold weather made getting to and leaving a little tiresome with all the layering one has to do to avoid frostbite. Let no part of the body be exposed. My former Weissensee student Christophe DeRohan Chabot came escorting her royal highness Prinzessin Gloria von Thurn und Taxis who only stayed for a little while, but it was nutty seeing the Punk Rock Princess who i use to hang with in LA, NYC and in Europe back in the 1980s along with her faggot husband Prince Johan.
Joining me behind the wheels of steel again this year was Djane Olga Damnitz who is always a delight. When i spun the song Cool Places by Sparks that features Jane Wiedlin of The GoGo's, I noticed Quincy Jones and Nastassia Kinski's model daughter Kenya Kinski Jones dancing frantically 80s new wave style with her actor beau Will Peltz. I use to dance the same way with Kenya's mom at The Odyssey and The Mirror-Go-Round in Hollywood in the early 1980s. Brandon Thomas Lee the son of Pamela Anderson & rocker Tommy “Pencil Dick” Lee and his boyfriend Fionn Whitehead dry humped in a corner near the DJ booth as Roberto Rossellini the son of Isabella, snapped photos of the frisky lads. Famed German directress Monica Treut who I heard later won a Teddy Award wanted a selfie with me as I unsuccessfully mixed Laura Nyro into Aaliyah. Well what can I say? The Ms. Davis doll is unequivacally the world's worse Djane. See you next year!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Uma Mulher Vieja
When I first received an invite late last year to come to Porto, Portugal and perform at the World Famous Groove Ball, I was immediately intrigued, but was afraid that with my hyperdrive schedule of visual art exhibitions I would not be able to add another commitment to an otherwise packed calendaria.  
So glad I did some re-arranging and was able to go to Porto, and take part in this marvelous grass roots queer mega event.
First of all the weather was bright and sunny, not balmy, but certainly better then dreary icy cold Berlin in February. Picking me up at the aeroport was Groove Ball architects the major miss gorgeous Inez Pando and debonair Master Igor. I was starving so they took me for local grub where i stuffed myself silly with the tastiest of regional comfort food. You should have seen my baby bump!
My fab accomodations at The Hotel Miradouro on Rue de Alegria, 598 an art deco compound situated high on a hill overlooking the entire city with breathless views. I love old hotels where you get an actual key, and not a key card for your suite. My bedroom was simple and charming with furniture from the 1920s that included an old style radio counsel. Even the TV monitor was deliciously ancient, and not one of those icky flat screen monstrocities. The best part was the bathroom that had the most elegant tile, and a giant tub that was meant to hold enormous women like myself, plus any loo with a bidet gets my extra sensory special Vagimule safeguard seal of approval. I was so content in my regal eagle's nest down in the depths of the 11th floor that I didn't mind the loud generic techno music thumping up from a niteclub across the street.
Since I don't own a television set, and don't have internet access at home, the only time I am able to watch mindless TV is when I stay in hotels, and in Portugal the content is original language with untertitles.
At a mind altering bruncheon of vegan specialties at Mafalda's the restaurant in the Matosinhos Market owned by Ms. Pando and her sister Mafalda, I met the rest of the crew which consists of lovesexxy glamour girl /supermodel/Djane Simone Francisco who along with Master Igor and Lady Inez are the masterminds behind the Groove Ball Collective.
Joining us for brunch was opera singing sensation and diva extroidinaire the enchanting Symone De La' Dragma one of Europa's most divine hostesses, who is also a learned scholar when it comes to classical Hollywood, Broadway showtunes and disco royalty. Special guest host and DJ from London the delightful JayJay Revlon was also on hand. Master Igor took me for a little sightseeing adventure where I got to see their rushing river, and pristine oceanfront, which reminded me in parts of Malibu and Laguna's Porno Beach. Even got a glimpse of a broadshouldered surfer dude version of Sulka.
I was surprised to see lots of tall men in Porto. A few years ago when I was invited to Queer Lisboa I noticed that the majority of Portuguese men in Lisbon were on the dimunitive side, so it was refreshing to see a sprightly gaggle of dark, tall, swarthy types floating about. Didn't get to chow down chupa style on any revenously hugo destados, but a girl can't have everything I guess.
On the night of my performance I was picked up from my hotel and taken to Maus Habitos which is a giant community center that features art galleries, restaurants and the nightclub where Groove Ball takes place. At the restaurant I ate another fantastic meal. I was told that Porto is a food haven, and it lived up to that reputation. I tried to take a disco nap as I wasn't going to hit the stage until 2:30am but I was just too nervous and anxious to get any sleep.
I got my start in clubs in the late 1970s, and early 1980s, but in the last 20 years or so when I perform its more in art galleries, art spaces and museums where showtime is usually late afternoon or no later then 8pm. I miss the spontaneity of a club environment.
My performance was very messy, and halfway through I lost my voice. My Rick Owens couture gown had the photographers in a tizzy, so i looked good for an elderly lady, and that is half the battle.
A statuesque, handsome curator from Lisbon approached me after the performance and asked me about the Horkheimer and Bataille text that I sprinkled within my song “My Pussy is a Cactus”. So i guess someone was paying attention. He also was interested in having me perform at an art event he is curating along with the legendary band The Raincoats.
Groove Ball and their lovely house children have created a scene that other larger cities could learn from. I think Porto is on the forefront of a brand new exciting movement, and soon everyone will be moving there the way people started moving to Berlin in the early aughts.
Just heard that the singer Vic Damone died. I adored him. Back in the 1950s he was married to Italian actress Pier Angeli and in the 80s he was married to black actress Diahann Carroll. He even made a few films at MGM including Young, Rich & Pretty with Jane Powell and Danielle Darrieux, Hit the Deck starring Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, and Ann Miller, Athena with Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds and muscleman Steve Reeves which was way ahead of its time with an original story about health and fitness including veganism.
Getting back to Berlin and the freezing cold weather I went to see a pop-up exhibition in Mitte near the Berliner Ensemble by my Offenbach am Main students. The event was filled with some excellent video work and short format performances which really rockt! So proud of my students from Offenbach. They are superstars!
They will also be part of an exhibit at the MMK Museum in Frankfurt.
One of my other Offenbach students Brenda Lien who had her first film in the Berlinale last year is part of an exhibition that opens Thursday Feb 15th 7pm at CLB Berlin Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz at Prinzenstrasse 84.2 in Kreuzberg. The exhibit runs till Feb 24th.

Monday, February 05, 2018


Volle punktzahl
With having to paint 50 new pieces for exhibition in New York City I completely forgot to report on Original Sin.  Original Sin is the CHEAP Kollektiv collaboration with XiuXiu that premiered in December of last year at silent green KulturQuartier. Every night of the production was sold out and greeted to thunderous universal acclaim. OS is the second time CHEAP has worked with Jamie Stewart of XiuXiu who wrote the music for our 2015 re-interpretation of Mozart's The Magic Flute called MAGIC FLUTE-An Opera in Six Steps. 
With OS the starting off point is Fearless Leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse's famous grandmother Luise Brand.  OS is presented in a non linear fashion as a concert/installation. La Sachsse stars and directs OS. I perform as one of the many manifestations of the grandmother. The piece also features Jamie Stewart and his beautiful and talented wife Angela Seo, along with Marcuse Siegelstein, Richard Gabriel and Senol Senturk who along with Jonathan Berger did the production and set design completely transforming the kupula of the silent green.  Jackie Shemish the lighting designer of Magic Flute also brought his stellar talents to this group effort.
The star studded publicum at the performances included: Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Tom Holert founder of Harum Forocki Inst and writer for Art Forum and Texte Zur Kunst, with Claudia Honegger the children's book editor. Tom and Claudia are one of Berlin's sexiest power couples. Kathrin Tidemann, artistic director of FFT Dusseldorf who has been a longstanding CHEAP admirer. Ruth Schonegger and her actress/director girlfriend Miriam and Noam Gorbat. Ruth & Noam were also part of the OS production team supervising the video portion of the piece. Deutsch It girl Clarissa Mehring who is related to Ms. Davis from the German side of the family, Salome Gersche &Nadja of Arsenal Experimental, dreamy scholar Nanna Heidenreich and her delicious gal pal Fine, Philipp Albers the famed journalist and jury member of the Berlin Arts Funding Body, film ingenue Victoria Schultz, artists A.L. Steiner, Phil Collins, whose Cologne Art Academy students contributed to the video portion of OS. Aykan Safoglu who is on the board of the Schwules Museum, Stephan Genne and Cidem of bbooks, Toby Ashraf, Piero Bellomo of La Collezione, Stefi Albert, Sharon Smith of Gob Squad, Eike Wittrock and Stefanie Wenner.  Coming all the way from London to see OS Martin Hargreaves with cutie pie Francesco, Assaf Hochman, Sophia and Dan of plan b, Michael Dutte the Konig of Wilmersdorf, Ida Mueller and Vegard Venge with company members Robert Faber & Ilaria, Camilo Del Valle Lattanzio aka: Camilo of the Valley, of Columbia who is one of Berlin's hunkiest and smartest sex champions, Mara Mills of NYU, Ashley Hans Scheirl and Tina Jacob Lena Knebel, Mason Leaver Yapp KW curator, art shtar Yael Bartana and her artist girlfriend Saskia, Juliana Rebentisch who just won a prestigious philosophy prize with artist Ely Clark, everyone's favorite sexy smarty the beauteous Ms. Hannah Hurtzig of Mobile Academy with the drummer of the German avant garde ensemble Zeitkratzer, hungthrob Jan Kunemond, artists Mark Tereite, Pola Seiverding, Christophe Gurke, Michael Stipe of REM with his mega hot French photographer lover Thomas Dozel, dashing Dean Sameshima, Berlin trans legend and German TV star Zazie De Paris, Koen Klaerhout, Michel Belague, Jorg & Tina of silent green, Pauline Curnier Jardia, Prima Ballerina Trixie Schonherr aka: Beatrice Cordua, Ulrich Ziemons of the Berlinale's Forum Expanded who is also Europe's most handsome man with his life partner the brainy ginger curator Anja Lueckenkemper. The Frankfurt School Gang: Rembert Hueser, Verena Mund, Kerim Dogruel& Kalani Michell with beau Benno Herz of the band Oktalog, Sophie Bunge of Suhrkamp Press, Gina Doria, Stephen Ahrens of Zeughaus Kino, kJohnny Blue and goddess Emelia, award winning filmmakers Merle Kroeger and Phillip Scheffner, the artist/filmmaker Shelly Silver, and Madeleine Barnstorff of Oberhausen Programming Committee.
After coming back from Offenbach am Main teaching a bevy of super smart young artists the Vagimule doll didn't have time to fart, as she immediately had to jump on stage for a performative conversation No One Leaves Delilah-A (W)rap on Riots with curator Natasha Ginwala at Acud Macht Neu (Studio). This was part of the larger art congress and exhibition Riots: Slow Cancellation of the Future. A last minute addition to the performative conversation at Acud was Josh Kun who is in Berlin as an American Academy Fellow. Josh is one smoldering dorky Jewish boy, that Ms. Davis has lusted after for centuries. Josh use to be a professor at UC Riverside but is now teaching at USC. Josh is the ultimate mover and shaker, was even a guest on NPRs Fresh Air with Terrie Gross a few years back and I believe he is the recipient of a MacArthur Genius Grant. It was a lovely packed audience of a crowd that you normally don't see in Berlin mixed with older and younger people and larger sprinkling of colored folks then is the norm for artsy fartsy events in Berlina proper. I had invited the wonderful young Afro Brazilian student Leo Lina who studies with Hito Steyerl and Ming Wong at UdK and he brought a juicy gaggle of young kids with him. It was great to see in the audience Angela Anderson, Djane Olga Damnitz, Angela Melitoupolous, Susanne Sachsse, Marcuse Siegelstein, Richard Gabriel, patrician curator Beau Rutland and my super hot Berlin gallerist Dan Gunn.
One of my fav 1990s children has to be Scotland Zeif. I first met Scottland when I was hosting the Sunday afternoon punk rock beer bust and olde English T-dance Club Sucker at the Garage in Silverlake. Scottland at the time was a mere weenage troubador and FIT who approached me for a gig at my club. I booked him and he was an immediate singing sensation with his joyous ode to film star Sigourney Weaver. A few years later when Scottland was a college freshman he fronted a performance group with two other young beauties that performed at my Bricktops at the Parlourclub. The Parlour's owner Lenny Young was so smitten with the boys, that he flirted with them all night pouring them stiff drinks even though they were a few years shy of the legal age limit to embibe. Lenny usually was quite the stickler when it came to following rules as he was a closet conservative but his one weakness was young attractive caucasoids.
I hadn't seen or heard from Scottland in a few years.  He now lives in New York City with a look-a-like husband.  But out of the blue he sends me a copy of a book he co-wrote called The Joey Boots Chronicles. I didn't know anything about Joey Boots, so i just started reading and couldn't stop. Its only about 200 pages. Mr. Boots was one of the gonzo contributors to the popular Howard Stern cosmos. Talk about a world I wasn't familiar with. The life of Joey Boots is quite startling. The best part is his life as a teenage hustler/petty criminal and his stint in the army during the Balkan Wars. Certainly a fascinating read that I can honestly recommend.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Aktionshose: Genitalpanik

Hallowed apology for not writing on this very blogina for what seems like an eternity, but my ancient PC laptop finally went kaput and because I am under a severe deadline of painting 50 new works for my upcoming exhibition in NewYorika I haven't had anytime to breath, let alone write.

Yestickle! Through my juicy Berlin and west coast gallerists Dan Gunn and Amy Adams of Adams & Ollmann I will be creating major lesbiana representation at the next Nada Art Fair in New York City.

The Vagimule doll also has to finally take care of her dental woes, get a flu shot, prep for teaching a block seminar at the Kunst Universitaet Offenbach am Main and performance in Porto, Portugal. No rest for the perpetually Debbie Allen swayback in Alan Parker's 1980 film Fame, featuring the late great Gene Anthony Ray and his wickedly munchable bubble buttkin.

Friday evening it was SRO at silent green Kulturquartier in Berlin, Wedding with the last Rising Stars, Falling Stars. After a decade the series comes to an end. What better ending then with the first mixed raced trans supershtar Miss Mae West in her last Paramount Picture Every Day's a Holiday. This film was fitting as Mae plays an unapologetic criminal outsider and suffragette city whose favorite pastime is making fools of fugly men in power.

Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus brilliantly previewed our new upcoming series Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome by passing around and letting the publicum get a poppers whiff of a film cannister infected with Vinegar Syndrome. The new series will take place probably in May and will happen at site specific locations as well as Kino Arsenal and silent green on occasion. Everyone is talking about Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome and wondering just what we mean by it. Well you just have to be patient motherfuckers is all I have to say on the subject.

The cream de la crema of Berlin society were in attendance Friday evening paying their respects. Here is just a partial list of who was seen and heard:

Volker Bruch the very dimunitive, but pretty eyed German actor who stars in the Tom Tykwer mini series Babylon Berlin with fellow thespians Harris Dickinson, the nubile male ingenue of the indie film Beach Rats with his mufa beau Kofe Siriboe the flawless model and actor in the Oprah Winfrey/Ava DuVernay Black soap opera project Queen Sugar,adoreable Yannick Spiess, handsome and hunky Ulrich Ziemons of Forum Expanded with his ladylove supercurator Anja Lückenkemper, the wonderful children of the night: Salome Gersch, Toby Ashraf, Katrin Lang, and pretty boy David Schoeler,Mojisola Adebayo, playwright, director, actor, and producer with girlfriend the divine scholar Nichole Wolf, amazing NYC experimental filmmaker Shelly Silver, Johanna Schaffer, Professor for visual communication in Kassel, gorgeous and talented baby dyke artist Angela Anderson with Djane extroidinaire Olga Damnitz, Empress Stefanie's sister Connie with her soccer star daughter Ada,
Curator Emma Haugh, Sword of Ali Zülfukar Cetin and friend / colleague Jule ülfu/ (smart film scholar working on race in mainstream film) stylish artist Meggie Schneider, Markus Ruff the Arsenal archive expert,avante garde theater director and design star Ida Müller with her glam production manager Pamela,artiste Michael Dute, König von Wilmersdorf with cute San Fran friend Little Marc,Ema Kelso, Mara Mills and Heather Love's smart beautiful daughter, Sarah (student from Uni Weimar) with Matt (young artist from LA, living in Berlin) Gallerist Dan Gunn who represents Ms. Davis in Berlin, plus sexy curator Natasha Ginwala, everyone's living dream Nanna Heidenreich and gal pal Fine Freiberg,Stefan Ehrans of Zeughaus Kino,Charlotte (energetic young FU student who's a new regular at CHEAP events)Clarisse Mehring one of Ms. Davis' German relatives, humpy lovers JP and Christoph Bovermann of the European Film Academy, Jörg/Tina/ Hannah from silent green, Clarissa Thieme renowned CHEAP Klub beauty formerly of Podewil. Visual artist Jaro Straub, installation artist Chris Felix Hahn,  fearless leader of CHEAP Kollektiv Susanne Sachsse with film scholar Marcuse Siegelstein, Peruvian curator on DAAD scholarship Florencia Portocarrero, and Maria Matzke (co-curator of Light Movement experimental film series).

Saturday, November 25, 2017


Scherben bringen Glueck

Yes my darling darlings the year of 2017 is almost at a close and for the past two weeks I have been singing over and over again the Tin Pan Alley song “Meloncholy Baby”.

Its grey and bleaker then usual in Berlina as I have been in rehearsal with the new CHEAP Kollektiv project Original Sin that premieres Dec 8th at silent green Kulturquartier in Wedding.

I like to dwell only on positivity like famed cult star The Goddess Bunny, who never lets anything get her down. Its been difficult though with one of my dear friends the sweet and talented Ms. Lauren Pine in the hospital after getting run over by a trash truck on her bicycle in Manhattan. Lauren is the ultimate perenial teen angel and such a giving and lovely lady. After years working in the fashion industry as a model, muse and stylist with the likesis of Thierry Mugler, and being the right hand gal of Patricia Field. She gave up the world of glamour and went back to school in the 1990s and became a dedicated registered nurse. Her pals kidded her with the moniker Nurse Pain. I feel so fortunate to having known this beautiful lady since the mid 1980s. During my recent pit stop in New York I had a fab time with Miss Lauren, Glenn Belverio and The Lobster Lady, Rebecca Goyette hanging out for hours at the East Village diner Remedy on Houston Street. I want to send Miss Lauren all my love and kissyz and I know she will make a speedy recovery returning to care for all her patients, plus New York and international familia of devoted friends.

I still can’t get over the recent passing of David Pendleton. David was a much beloved film scholar and film programmer who worked for ten years at the Harvard Film Archive. Before that he was with UCLA’s Melnitz Film and Television Archive. He also performed internationally in the two singing sensations created by actor, director, impressario-- and bon vivante Mark Simon --The Boyfriend and Leave it to Jane that performed regularly at my performance space in Hollywood Bricktops at the Parlour Club. David was such a sweetie pie and when he performed on stage he really cleaned up nicely. The other evening CHEAP kollektive did a salute to David called CHEAP Mourning on our regular radio program CHEAP Funk on Reboot FM out of the Haus de Kulturen des Welt.

Grab a listen with this link:

Another death that happened recently that has brought a tear to my eye was that of icon Mother Flawless Sabrina of the 1968 documentary The Queen. Mother Flawless had worked on many projects with my daughter ZacKary Drucker and she was an inspiration to millions as a true freakazoid and bonafide kooky personality. Flawless starred along with Holly Woodlawn and myself in ZacKary’s award winning film She Gone Rogue. Flawless was born the same year as my late oldest sister Gracie Lee Taylor and reminded me a lot of my nutty sister, who in the 1960s and 1970s was a major fag hag and worked as the PBX operator for Rock Hudson. She even attended his infamous Beauty Parties at his home that featured some of the most handsome, well endowed men in Hollywood of the early 1970s. The only women at these parties being Nancy Walker, Elizabeth Taylor, Doris Day and Rock’s black housekeeper and cook.

So many deaths in 2017 and the year still has a month to go. Here is just a partial list:

Della Reece the singer and actress who starred on the TV series Chico and the Man and the long running TV drama Touched By An Angel. Whenever I was in a hotel in the States I would watch Angel and it never failed to move me even if it was a little corny with Della and Roma Downey Jr. as spirit creatures sent to earth to make supernatural intervention. The third angel was a man, but I didn’t find him very interesting. Ms. Reece is quite the natural acting talent. Her abilities also stem from being a fantastic interpreter of songs in the American canon. I got to see her once when my Afro Sister Clitoris Turner(Mark Maxwell) treated me for my birthday to her show at the Cinegrill at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. She was backed by a fine jazz trio. And I thought I sweated on stage. Ms. Reece was perspiring rivers and streams and had a cute system that I have tried to copy. She would place on the piano about 30 hankerchiefs to help her wipe the sweat away.

One little known tidbit about Della Reece is that she is the first African American woman to host her own TV show. I will always regret giving away my album of hers from the 1950s as a gift to Johnny Noxema and Rex Boy of Bimbox Magazine.

Other 2017 passings: Adam West of TV’s Batman, age 88, Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers, age 69, Roger Moore 89 the cheesiest of the actors who played James Bond. I much preferred him in TV’s The Saint. Michael Parks of Then Came Bronson, Chuck Berry, John Hurt who played Quentin Crisp in the Naked Civil Servant and also in the movie Alien, Harry Dean Stanton, 91 of Alien and Paris Texas, film director Jonathan Demme, 73 who came on to me at the premiere of his Talking Heads film Stop Making Sense, comedian Don Rickles, 90, Churck Barris of The Gong Show, Mary Tyler Moore who I adored in her long running TV sitcom named after her. Mary Tyler Moore was very much like my sister Gloria Jean. Miguel Ferrer who was the actor son of Jose Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney. Too bad he didn’t get his mothers looks. Country singer Mel Tillis the Coca Cola Cowboy, David Cassidy of The Partridge Family. When I was young I never liked The Partridge Family being more of a fan of The Brady Bunch and Nanny and the Professor but Love Camel gifted me a box set of the series and I rediscovered it and I adore the show and the songs. I didn’t remember that the show tackled some issues in that 70s liberal way, but one episode set in the hood was really good that featured Richard Pryor and I had completely forgotten about it though I am sure I watched it when it first aired as Friday in Los Angeles in the 1970s on ABC was devoted to Brady Bunch, Patridge Family, Nanny, Odd Couple, Room 222 and Love American Style. I’d better stop now as I am completely dating myself. Tom Petty, 66, Monty Hall 96 of Let’s Make a Deal TV Game Show, Grant Hart of the band Husker Du who I met a long time ago in LA in the 1980s when the band played at that Sunset Starlight Ballroom and Rollerink at Sunset and Western. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audio Slave who came to my Club Sucker at the Garage a few times in the 90s and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park who came to Bricktops at the Parlour Club. Linkin Park’s touring company was Bill Silva Productions during the same time when they worked with Margaret Cho and I was her opening act in the early Aughts. Both Cornell and Bennington committed suicide.

George Romero of Night of the Living Dead fame and my fav his vampire film Martin, sexy Nelson Ellis of the vampire TV show True Blood who was the best thing on that program, him and that cute little muscle puppyAustralian actor whose name escapes me now. Walter Becker of Steely Dan. I liked Steely Dan though the two leaders of the band I found insufferable. Glen Campbell, June Foray 99 the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel one of my fav cartoons as a child and Jerry Lewis 91 whose films I hated when I young, but now I have complete respect and appreciation for. Though I still think Dean Martin was the bigger talent of the two.


Had a nice reunion with my two lovely children of high art Wu Tsang and Boychild at the Schwartzer Cafe on Kant Str in Wilmersdorf. Wu will be the artist in residency at the Martin Gropius Bau Museum for a year which should be really exciting as she has some great ideals to shake that place up a bit now that they are under new leadership. Wu and I are both featured in the big group exhibition Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon at the New Museum.

Thank you so much my precious Wu for treating your mama to a fab breakfast and it was lovely catching up.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Komm hol das Lasso raus

So sorry my darling readendrums I beg your forgiveness that I have been so utterly remiss in writing, but ever since my recent New York City triumphs, my schedule has multiplied quadrakupliky with projects that have my head spinning Charlotte’s Web freaky stylus.

Not only do I have so many commitments that were signed, sealed and delivered over a year ago, but I have to fullfill all the new things on the porkyline litmus test. My neurosis has my poor therapist running on empty in Jackson Brownville.

Blick und Begehren(Gaze and Desire) the performance I did as part of the wonderful feministiche festival Making Waves at the beauteous deconsecreated St. Elizabeth Kirche in Mitte was messy and sloppy. So very much in keeping with the tenats of performance art.
Melissa Perales the founder of the festival had seen me do the piece at the New Museum in NYC, and thought it would compliment her event. I rarely accept a last minute gig, especially when I was already booked a year in advance teaching my Framing the Freakazoid performance art workshop through the Institut fuer Medien, Theater and Populaere Kultur Stiftung Universitaet Hildesheim. Melissa’s festival I felt was so important that I had to try and make it work so I rushed back to Berlin just in time to make soundcheck, which went well, but I was so exhausted from teaching that I felt completely excrement for brains on stage. Thank god for Melissa’s wonderful rocksteady crew that consisted of assistants Danielle, Melissa II, top notch coordinator suprema Bade Kaya, the fab Dugga, Nemo of Kenya, Vey and tech staff: Alpha male Vladimir, Frederic, Arne and Luka who handled the lighting. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast time at the hotel in Hildesheim. After soundcheck I could have had dinner at the hospitality canteen in the church rectory, but I didn’t want to have that bloated feeling on stage or as the fantastik theremin performer and singer Dorit Chrysler bluntly put it, “Have to take a shit”
Make Waves Festival started on Thursday Nov 9 till Saturday Nov 11 the day of my performance with such a diverse array of artists like Stella Chiweshe the Mbira Queen of Zimbabwe, Chicks on Speed, Meredith Graves, Juliana Barwick, Isabel Lewis, Kos_MicQAndi, Edna Martinez and so many others plus panels, discussions, workshops and roundtables.
The students I worked with at Hildesheim really rockt out! Led by my student assistant the lovely gamine Friederike Haensel who I couldn’t have done the workshop without. Friederike worked tirelessly babysitting the Vagimule Doll who is really very much like a helpless infant. Hildesheim is a pretty campus but its big and mazelike. Because of summer flooding the location of my workshop was changed
and so I was also put in a hotel that was a considerable distance from campus and with my bad sense of direction I wouldn’t have found anything without Friederike picking me up daily from the Hotel to class, and escorting me home afterwards. We all worked so hard that after class ended I didn’t even eat dinner I just collapsed on my bed into a deep boogie slumberland—hey!hey!
My students were very eager beaver. They expertly handled performance art bootcamp like saucy tigers moms. Don’t dream it! BE It! Was the mantra chanted forming their own super post, post punk rock art bands. Not only that but a Hustler White Petite Bougeous Brechtian Chorus, and choreographing a Look Ma, I’m So Pina Bausch Variete’ Review. Along the Road to Oz, killing it with every step taken on my standard exercises like: You Stepped Out of a Dream from the 1941 MGM film Ziegfeld Girl, and creating their own mini psycho dramas with You Gotta Pull Strings.
These young artists are definitely ones to reckon with so watch out world here they come!
I also want to give shout outs to the handsome and dynamic Eike Wittrock who invited me to campus and took me to an incredible welcome dinner at this olde school German restaurant housed in a building from 1540. The food and wine was breathtaking in its comfort. Just what I was in the mood for after doing an opening lecture for the entire school population. Also kissyz to gorgeous scholar Ekaterina Trachsel and Hildesheim secretaire Anke Lehrke for making me feel so welcome and for their top notch organization.
I have several new painting exhibitions coming up with my NYC gallerists at Invisible-Exports and my Berlin Gallerist Dan Gunn both at Miami’s Nada Art Fair and an upcoming exhibit in London and a few other European cities so there is no rest for the mercurially wicked.
I collaborated with Rick Owens to make some special limited edition T-shirt designs as a fundraiser for Lia Gangitano’s Participant Inc, which is the only not for profit gallery left in New York City. Lia does magnificent work and so you should all go to Participant After Dark and support her efforts.
Here is the info:

Participant After Dark (Vol. 3)
Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 7-10pm

A winter garden party
to celebrate
15th Anniversary

And to welcome new Board Members
Derrick Adams
Justin Vivian Bond
Jeffrey Gibson
April Hunt
Rose Lord
Sheri Pasquarella
Elisabeth Sussman

And Advisory Board Members
Pati Hertling
Amanda Hunt

Plus a preview of our latest edition
Vaginal Davis x Rick Owens for PARTICIPANT INC

for more info and to purchase tickets

Baseera Khan, "Psychedelic Prayer Rug (Purple Heart}," 2017, handcrafted silk rug

Friday, October 06, 2017


Handsome and stately Glenn Belverio the MoMa design expertin and lauded columnist with Diane Pernet’s A Shaded View on Fashion proclaimed in New York City the Vaginal Davis Autumnal WeekLaVa. 

On the last day before the diva returned to Germany, she spent quality time at Remedy Diner at 245 East Houston Street with her dear sister of the clothe Mr. Belverio and olde LA pal Nurse Lauren(Pain) Pine, who use to be the right hand gal of designer Patricia Field. Ms. Lauren who use to work with Frau Davis on Melrose Avenue at Retail Slut gave up all that high glamour to devote herself to medicine where she has ruled supreme for the last 20 years as a registered critical care nurse. Miss Lauren is wise beyond her years and is a stalwort voice on what is wrong with the US of A at the moment. 
Lobster Lady Rebecca Goyette whose day job is in MoMa’s Education Department is a fast rising leader in the new art movement of Crustacean Sensuality and is a new member to the cult of ancient black intititty that is and always will be surrounding the Whoracle et Delphi Vaginal Davis. 

At the two woman reception Chimera at Invisible-Exports featuring the BBC of the late great Louise Nevelson and the tiny make-up paintings of little Ms. Vagimule all was right in the world. Collectors and punters alike were foaming at the snarl for a chance to make off with one of the expressive make-up and perfume portraits.

La Davis’ study of unheralded notables like Ruby Dee, Tuesday Weld, Miyoshi Umeki, Tura Satana, Lupita Tovar and her daughter, the former actress Susan Kohner. Ms. Kohner is half Mexican and half Jewish and is the mother of film directors Chris and Paul Weitz. Kohner was quite effective portraying a light skinned black woman in the remake of Imitation of Lifedirected by Douglas Sirk, that featured Juanita Moore, Lana Turner and Sandra Dee in 1959.
The original Imitation of Life from 1934 starred an actual light skinned black actress Fredi Washington along with a riveting performance from Louise Beavers. In Chimera Ms. Washington is represented from her stage role of Mamba’s Daughter that also starred sweet mama stringbean Ethel Waters. 

In Chemira Louise Beavers joins Washington along with singer and actress Della Reece, the little known Diana Sands who is so incredible in the 1970 New York gentrification film The Landlord, featuring a young, hairy chested Beau Bridges getting down interracially speaking with the gorgeous Ms. Sands. 

The other actress portraits are of Brenda Sykes who in the Black community of the 1970s became notorious for needing repairs to her private parts after each sex session with dinosaur genitaled football and film star Jim Brown. Ms. Sykes was also in the TV situation comedy Ozzie’s Girls starring Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and had a tasty lovescene opposite humpy Elliot Gould in college protest drama Getting Straight (1970). Most people know Sykes from the 1975 sexploitation film Mandingo opposite Perry King and boxing champion Ken Norton, but she was also involved in a love affair with her TV co-star Leigh J. McClowsky in the primetime soap Executive Suite. 

Ms. Davis also includes early black soap star Ellen Holly from One Life to Live and Russ Meyer starlet Kitten Natividad who use to ride the same bus line on Wilshire Blvd as Ms. Davis back in the 1980s. Hard to believe, but Ms. Davis actually worked for over ten years as the assistant to the director of UCLA’s Placement and Career Planning Center Bill Locklear. Bill is the father of actress Heather Locklear. Heather and Ms. Davis were part of the same graduating class at UCLA. 

Russ Meyer and Natividad also lived together for years, and were regular attendees to many of Vaginal Davis and The Afro Sisters performances, as the couple were part of the LA orbit of Michele Lamy and then husband performance artist Richard Newton.
The wonderful Steven Michael Azo of NYU’s video art department put his dib in A$AP before the reception even started. Once the soiree on Eldridge Street began the small Lower East Side space was jammed with the likesis of mega attractive artists like: Jonathan Berger, Ian Chang, Michael Bilsborough,Alex Israel, Damien Davis, Argentina’s Lucas Michael, Jonah Groeneboer, Brad Hampton, Item Idem’s Cyril Duval with juicy juice mongerer Michael J. Bullock of Butt Magazine and Fantastic Man (no relation to JM J. Bullock of Too Close For Comfort fame) and sleek lovesexy blackamoor Telfar Clemens, the New York urban design guru who all the world seems to be wrapped up in the house of. Well why not? Mr. Clemens is not only young, gifted and black but is a bonafide studkin par excellance.

A lot of the monied fagarettes were swooning over humpy blondine actor Jonno Davies the star of off Broadways A Clockwork Orangewho only had eyes for Welsh dreamcake Taron Egerton and his older beau Milo Ventigiglia, also seen floating about I-E, Document Journal’s Justin Polera, the gorgeous power attorney and art collectress Erica Teasley-Linnick who is also the senior program officer with the Democracy Fund of the Open Society Foundations U.S. Programs, Cynthia “Social Lies” Powell President of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, Dale Soules one of the stars of Orange is The New Black, Casey Spooner, Cindy Greene and Lizzy Yoder of Fischer Spooner, Angela Di Carlo who use to do the makeup for Fischerspooner but now has her own singing career and is one of the stellar DJanes at the Mattachine party at Julius, Ms. Di Carlo is a dead ringer for 50’s actress/singer Dolores Gray, poet Thomas Dooley, Doug McClemont formerly the mortician to the shtars and editor of Honcho Magazine now the head Honcho at Marlborough Gallery, power kollectors with a capital “K” Phil Aarons and Shelley Fox, Scott Rothkopf, the dapper and dreamy chief curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, everybodies downtown favorite the ravishing and super smart Lia Gangitano of Participant Inc. and her main man the debonair Mr. “T”, Angela Monaco, jewelry designer with Concrete Polish, sizzling sexpot Thor Perplies and his beautiful lover, Jason Kemper, Amy Sadao, the director of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania, multi-hyphenate beauty boy and lovegod Alex Jovanovich of Art Forum International, Historian Todd Shepard, Billy Miller of STH, Jan Wandrag, Slava Mogutin who gifted Ms. D with a signed copy of his new macho/macha fotog book Bros & Brosephines, Joe Baptista from PACE Galleries responsible for the Nevelson in the show which is up for sale, Aaron Krach who made the Vaginal Davis buttons&bows, Chris Cole, Norman Ghoulsen von Holtzendorf, Charity Hope Valentine-Coleman, the writer and Bricktops at the Parlourclub firstborne daughter with her foxy new girlfriend Stacy Szymaszek poet and director of Poetry Project at Saint Marks Church, Jared Buckhiester the brilliant artiste,hungthrob and former Givenchy model, Sean Carrillo and his wife the youngest of the Warhol stars Bibbe Hansen, teenage looking Gala Verdugo, Glenn Belverio, NYU dance scholar Barbara Browning, filmmaker and curator with feet shod in gold Adam Baran who brought along performance artist David Serotte, thespian Thom Hilton, Riley Hooker and members of the House of Ladosha, Brooks Brody of Fierce Pussy, lensman Bill Jacobson, writer and performer Mike Albo, musician Geo Wyeth, Michel Auder, Jennie Livingston of Paris is Burning, Travis Chamberlain, Rhys Ernst of Transparent fame now shooting his first feature film called Adam in New York City, avant garde muscle hunk Calder Kusmierski Singer, DJ Chicklet, Punk Rock Dave, Ms. Davis’ Berlin gallerist Dan Gunn looking very matinee idol, and I-E’s cuddly proprietors Ben & Risa.

Thursday Sept 28th kicked off the public program of the New Museum with the Vaginal Davis performance piece – Blick und Begehren(Gaze & Desire) at the ground floor Museum Theater. It was SRO sold out with sight lines around the block and around the corner to see the zany miniscule black lady from Los Angeles via Berlin, Germany. 

Ms. Davis was wearing a blouse and skirt by designer Rick Owens that gave the illusion she was on the Liza Minnelli diet when in fact she was on the verge of breaking every scale created. 

Caught up in the crazed antics, Trigger exhibit director and curator of Education and Public Engagement at the New Museum Johanna Burton with her curatorial backup singers Sara O’Keeffe and Natalie Bell, also on hand the stylish Mr. Billy Miller of the Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts who looks like a fresh 21 year old thanks to his new sex regiment with a very young lover, delightful public programs coordinator Andrea Caldarise kept things orderly while Bibbe Hansen& Sean Carrillo, award winning writer Bruce Benderson and his 22 year old protege Ben Shields, Rebecca Goyette The Lobster Lady, male bombshell Dusty’s Treehouse Childers, Chris Cole, Glenn Belverio, Mark Morgan Perez, Bradford Nordeen the IV, Ethan & Grayson Dolan, basketball puppy Kristaps Porzingis, Jonathan Van Dyke, Patrick Staff, journalista Jessica Bennett, Sarah Johnson, Jessie Michael Nova, Sarah Johnson, Laurel Sparx, Jamie Shearn Coan,Ben & Risa of Invisible Exports, Dan Gunn of Berlin’s Dan Gunn Gallery, The Magic Flute an Opera in Six Steps Spoken Chorus, Amy Adams of the West Coast gallery that represents Vaginal Davis Adams & Ollman, Gala Verdugo, Ellen Lesperance, Jackie Elempay,Wu Tsang, Holy Young Father Daniel Flores Estrella, the junior Catholica priest& Columbia University Phd student Juan Fernandez(who picked Ms. Davis up from La Guardia Airport stuffing her face with fish tacos, beauty products and toiletries), Mike Feswick of Phile Magazine, legends legends Ela Troyano & Carmelita Tropicana, and New School’s Ricardo Montez providing the WoW factor.
Special thanks to Derek Wright the big peniled tech wizard for making things appear effortless.
Mr. Montez earlier in the week treated the sisters Troyano, Ms.D and Hector Martinez to an enchanting Mexican feast at a new East Village cantina called Rosie’s at 29 East 2ndStreet. Rosie’s features inventive post modern Mexy dishes and the best pitchers of Margaritas in all of Christendom. 

The after party for Ms. Davis took place at Julius, the oldest gay bar in New York City which operated that evening as Club Mattachine hosted and DJ’d by film director John Cameron Mitchell, and vivacious cabaret stars Amber Martin and Angela DiCarlo. 
Mattachine dance parties began occurring monthly ten years ago. It was the brainchild of Cameron Mitchell and hunky PJ DeBoy who collaborated together on the cult film Shortbus. So happy that a bar like Julius located in historic Greenwich Village has been revived to honor urban queer pioneers. 

Was thrilled to hear a lovely mix of songs including Davis requests like Little Eva and Laura Nyro. Besides the wonderful cocktails and olde school atmosphere at Julius the bar has a kitchen and serves the best cheese burgers and fries. Ms. Davis was given lots of gifts at the shindig including a colorful Tahrir Scarf from entrepreneur Johnathan Morpurgo and a luscious pendant by artist Damien Davis the grandson of Sammy Davis Jr. and Altovise. 
Go to: or check out the website at

On Ms. Davis’ first day in New York Ben of Invisible-Exports treated the lady and Dan Gunn to a vegan Mexicali brunch at Plantas JaJaJa on the Lower East Side. The place has only been around a short time, but has an eccletic vibe and loveable staff who fawned all over the shtarina. 
The youthquakers at the Standard Hotel East Village also gave the lady lots of celebutante attentions and one particular bellboy from Brooklyn’s avantgarde theater scene set her heart a flutter with his hypermasculine donkey dicked charms. The staff at the Standard Hotel in New York are way cuter then the kids at the Standard in Downtown LA. Ms. Davis’ hotel room on the 19th Floor featured a panorama view of Downtown fit for a dowager empress.

Hector Martinez aka Hector San Martine flew from LA to assist his diva prinzessin and add just a bit of poker face to the colorful proceedings in NewYorika. Poor Hector having to deal with a frazzled neurotic and super demanding shtar, after being at Burning Man and then returning home from vacation in Tokyo with his activist husband Erikla Fierce. 

Hector, and Ms. Davis had a lovely reunion brunch at Veselka with Mark Morgan Perez. Mr. Morgan Perez never ages, and looks exactly the same as he did when he was in Ms. Davis’ installation Topping From the Bottom at the endurance art festival she curated with Ron Athey Platinum Oasis at the Corral Sands way back in 2001. The Lady D and MMP got to spend quality time with each other at Madison Square Park oogling tightbodied businessmen and devouring corn muffins on their fav bench across from the Flat Iron Building.

New Museum opening of Trigger: Gender as a Tool and Weapon was explosive. So many artists and art stars in this giant group show. New York needs events like this and what made it so special is that you hardly see anything in the whitey white art world where people of color are celebrated and applauded. The energy at the opening reception was seismicgorrigle sistah! with a sea of hot steamy bodies in motion as the New York weather was beyond humid and drippy. 

The art collective really rules in Trigger with The House of Ladosha reigning supreme over the festivities. I talked to so many people and made lots of new friends thankx to the great Viva Ruiz who is the house mother to all the new generation of artists of color on the scene. 
Was thrilled to chittle chat with Sur Rodney and the serene majesty of Lorraine O’Grady who is in her 80s but doesn’t look a day over 40. I wasn’t familiar with the work of Ms. O’Grady but now I have to research her and get acquainted with every aspect of this artistic femme duval. Here is a list of the artist in the Trigger show:
Morgan Bassichis (b. 1983)
Sadie Benning (b. 1973)
Nayland Blake (b. 1960)
Justin Vivian Bond (b. 1963)
Gregg Bordowitz (b. 1964)
Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz (working together since 2007)
Nancy Brooks Brody (b. 1962)
A.K. Burns (b. 1975) and A.L. Steiner (b. 1967)
Leidy Churchman (b. 1979)
Liz Collins (b. 1968)
Harry Dodge (b. 1966)
The Dyke Division of the Two-Headed Calf (founded in 2008)
Josh Faught (b. 1979)
ektor garcia (b. 1985)
Mariah Garnett (b. 1980)
Reina Gossett (b. 1983) and Sasha Wortzel (b. 1983)
Sharon Hayes (b. 1970)
House of Ladosha (founded in 2007)
Stanya Kahn (b. 1968)
Carolyn Lazard (b. 1987)
Simone Leigh (b. 1967)
Ellen Lesperance (b. 1971)
Candice Lin (b. 1979)
Troy Michie (b. 1985)
Ulrike Müller (b. 1971)
Willa Nasatir (b. 1990)
Sondra Perry (b. 1986)
Christina Quarles (b. 1985)
Connie Samaras (b. 1950)
Curtis Talwst Santiago (b. 1979)
Tschabalala Self (b. 1990)
Paul Mpagi Sepuya (b. 1982)
Tuesday Smillie (b. 1981)
Sable Elyse Smith (b. 1986)
Patrick Staff (b. 1987)
Diamond Stingily (b. 1990)
Mickalene Thomas (b. 1971)
Wu Tsang (b. 1982)
Chris E. Vargas (b. 1978)
Geo Wyeth (b. 1984)
Anicka Yi (b. 1971)

Trigger runs until the end of January 2018 so if you are in the Tri-State area its an imperative to see it.