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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sapphos Letzter Kanon

Ms. Davis in Rick Owens couture with Lesben artist
suprema Susan Silton at opening of silent green
Kulture Quartier foto by Kate Hers
Glorious reunion with Judy LaBruce at the Schonbrunn in am Friedrichshain Park.  Judy along with Susanne Sachsse of kollektiv CHEAP have started working on a hot new flicker called The Missandrists which is a quasi remake of the Clint Eastwood/Geraldine Page 1971 film The Beguiled.  The east German mid century building built by the architect father of the late stage designer Bart Neumann who created the famed set for CHEAP Jewelry in 2001 in the Volksbuhner Prater which was the first official CHEAP project saluting Jack Smith and Carmen Miranda.  The Gang was certainly all here including Glenn Belverio the talented fashion scribe, Marcuse Siegelstein, and Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart with wife Angela and bandmate Shayna.  Earlier I ventured to Acud to witness a conversation with the love god Mr. Stewart and a famed Wire Magazine journalist whose name escapes me at the moment.
Earlier in the week I was in lovely Hannover to meet with Kathleen Rahn of the Kunst Verein where I will be part of their world famous Tanz Congress.  Everyone at the Kunst Verein were so sweet and helpful giving la diva the art shtar treatment.  Miss Angela one of the curators gave me a tour of the town by bike and I was amazed at the cornfed, free range eye candy of super healthy looking boyganzas.  We even stopped at their Pregnant Oyester Swimming Bad to watch the most amazing bubble butted youths romp and stomp about in all their washboard ab big rabbit footed glory.  Under the Yum Yum Tree.  I love the Kunst Verein Hannover as it is simply the most divine building with sumpteous art in its environ.
After spending time in Hannover i was at the silent green kulture quartier in Wedding to see Xiu Xiu perform their salute to Twin Peaks along with Senor Belverio, Marcuse and La Sachsse.  Earlier in the week I had just come back to Berlin in time for the grand opening of the Arsenal’s archive at silent green kulture quartier where I was the DJane.  It was a mementous occasional with 500 plus luminaries in attendance including Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson,filmmakers Juliane Henrich, Philip Widmann, Stephan Geene of
b_books, Michael Thoss of Allianz Kulturstiftung, Nadine Voss, Hans-Joachim Fetzer, movie maker René Frölke with producer Ann-Carolin Renninger, cineaste power couple Anja Dornieden and Juan David Gonzales Monroy, Arsenal projectionists Anselm Heller and Alexander Boldt, Isabell Spengler, Angie Anderson, Angela Melitopoulos, the divine Antje
Ehmann, Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung of SAVVY Contemporary,
documenta legend Eva Heldmann, Markus Ruff, artist Juliane Zellwies, Hanna Keller,Anna Hoffmann of Berlinale Forum,film curator Tobias Hering, Melissa &Gustavo, Dorthee Wenner, Maggie Schneider, Uli Ziemons, Susanne Sachsse, Glenn Belverio, Susan Silton with Kate Hers, Eunice Martins performing brilliantly on klavier and Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus leading all the charges in a magnificent manner.
Was taken to a divine luncheon by Anna Muelter at Tacobron.  Next year Anna will have me do my Lesbian Seperatist Tea Party called „Twee & Sympathy“ at the Sophiensaler next year.  It was so fab getting together to gossip and catch up with Anna.  Didnt know that superstar Peaches now lives mostly in Los Angeles where she owns a house and is in a relationship with Berlin based transman poet and rapper Black Cracker.
The Ms. Davis doll has been teaching her seminal seminar Framing the Freakazoid at the Kunst Universitaet Linz which has the most fascinating students and art scholarship in all of Europe.  Ali Jenka and Tobias of Vienna based kollektiv Gelitin took over the Transmediale and Skulpture department from Eva Grubinger and doing wonders with it along with assist from Gabi Eldebauer and Salvatore Viviano.  My first round of teaching in Linz I was able to work with some very astute and talented undergrads and a few grad students.  I love them all and I’m excited to see how they grow as the years progress.   Ali gave me some lovejoy gifts including a book of poetry by James Merrill and a English translation by James Grieve of Marcel Proust’s In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower as well as a specialty publication by Gelitin of one of their most out there Austrian Unclassifiable artists pals with the tome Von einem Freund Gedichte zum Auswendiglernen.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


The last Rising Stars, Falling Stars at Kino Arsenal was sad but sweet.  After 8 years of curating and hosting la diva Vaginal Davis was garbed in Rick Owens with hair by Akira Knightly presenting the hilarious West Berlina classic Taxi Zum Klo which turned out to be the perfect film to show as her series moves over to the Silent Green Kulture Quartier in Wedding late Spring.  Mark in your personal calendaria April 12th as that is the opening of the Silent Green as the new house of the Arsenal Archives.  La Davis will DJane the festivities on the 12th with a lot of other juicy surprises. The first new RSFS will be Sunday, June 5th  Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was on hand to present Ms. Davis and her partner in grime Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Jewish Muzlim with ornate Easter flower arrangements.  Others basking in the glow: Michaela Wunsch - founding member of bbooks kollektiv, media studies scholar & sexpert psychoanalyst,Aleena Williams - our darling Nancy Holt specialist and professor at UC-San Diego, Fiona McTavish - art historian who just got a DAAD to go research in NYC, Daniel Berndt  of the Arab Image Foundation in Beirut (founded by Akram Zaatari) who is now doing his PhD at Braunschweig in photographic theory, manuela schinina  aka: DJane Bianka Kruk - our lovecrazy Sicilian sound-designer suprema,Margarita Tsomou – the hot journalista,(Missy Magazine) curator, playgirl and Greek aktiv activist, Noam Gorbat - Israeli sound expertin & budding filmmaker,Adam Kaplan -  israeli video artist, Nadja Krüger -  UdK student,Carolina Soares - Weisensee student, who helps run the Raumerweiterungshalle, Gerrit Woltemath of Berlinale Panorama Section and Arsenal´s best boy Dafne Navaez - polish jewish argentinian artist and co-organizer of the film series Sentimental Punk @ kottishop,Willem van de Hook - Forum Expanded master carpenter & co-organizer of the film series Sentimental Punk, Johanna Schaffer – Austrian visual communication theory professor at the Kunsthochschule in Kassel,  Brazillian bombshells Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn,who are the it couple of  filmmaking, style , and Labor Berlin luminatakins with their visiting cineaste pal from Mexico City, the infamous women behind the Pro qm2, Arsenal Experimental´s boy joy Markus Ruff, moviemaking baby dyke Angela Anderson with DJane Olga Damnitz, Piero Bellomo of La Colleczione, mega sexy ginger art director Gwenael Rattke, entrepreneur Clarisse Mehring, migration expertin Nanna Heidenreich, legends legend and TV star with Tat Ort Zazie de Paris, Dylan & Brandon Lee the frisky big peniled teenage sons of Pamela Anderson and rocker Tommy Lee with Jack Quaid the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, socialites Amanda Hearst with Stavros Niarchos and  Zac Goldsmith, actors Alden Ehrenreich & Brie Larson, with Cam Gigandet and Gigi Hadid, plus Nicholas Berggruen the homeless billionairewho is a major  collector of Vaginal Davis´ the make-up paintings.

Special thankx and shoutouts to all the Arsenal projectionists past and present, the kasse girls and special kissyz to Linda & Clara who co-hosted the final reception in the Rote Foyer & accompanying darkroom.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


The JL Hotel Nu 76 Jan Luijkenstraat is so cute and bodacious I don´t ever want to leave my ultra comfy homomoderne room with a giant deepdish bath tub.  Went to the Museum to look at the modern art and design exhibition which was lovely.

Cute dimunitive and delicate program producer Henri Sandrant of Belgium gave me a VIP guest pass for all the museums on the square.  The line for the Van Gogh Museum was too long but luckily there are some pristine Van Goghs in the Stedelijk.  The Stedelijk was filled with lots of humpster specimens floating about and low key security guards who don´t get in your way as you view the art on display.  After a few hours in the museum I stopped off at a little platz café and had a most delish lemon muffin and capucino served by a tall juicered Dutch youthquaker lad who was very flirty and that sent me into high orbit.

Back in my spacious hotel room I decided to just vegetate in front of the TV watching some MTV reality show called Catskills,Catnip or Catfisch starring a cutesy skinny Prince of Judea.  As I don’t have a TV and only watch  the telly when I am in hotels I had never seen this program before.  They were showing a marathon of episodes so I was able to catch up on the premise that solves the social media delimnas of 20something aged youngsters desperate for love at any cost.  I am so glad I reside far from the madding crowd of these tissues.  Also watched a teen comedy called Faking It starring a muscular boy with the most kissable pillow lips, and a makeover/under show with a black hostess who had questionable style herself.  Its funny how the poor guests looked better before she started to tweak them.

My new BFF Yumi Maes a gorgeous undergrad intern at the Stedelijk took such good care of me, and I feel like I´ve known Yumi for ages, though I am old enuf to be her great grandmother.

On my first day in Hamsterdam Yumi and Henri took me to the Stedelijk Museum Restaurant that is in the shape of a large bathtub Lusatania.  I gorged on drinks and snacks as we went over specifics for my lecturina/performance.  I am feeling unusually relaxed and not my normal flustery manic self.  Wasn´t expecting the curatorial team to all be so young and pretty.  I am certainly the elderstateswoman of intermedia arts & sciences of the 21st century.

Back in my hotel room where I´ve started growing roots I write letters while watching the news switching back and forth from dull BBC to even duller CNN. My big bed has the perfect hard mattress with a million pillows to get lost in.  I make the mistake of taking a long hot steam bath which puts me right to sleep.

Saturday was my free day to explore Hamsterdam which I did in earnest.  Lots of perfect people watching and oogling of young strapping men playing soccer in the park or just riding around on their bicycles commando style.  Got up the nerve to stalk a few fit lads keeping a respectable distance.
Sungay morning bright eyed and bushytailed ate a splendid comp breakfast in the hotel dining room.  Yumi came to fetch me at noon to escort the doll to the museum for prep and tech writer.  My technician is a young skater thrasher looking dude named Barry who is very fresh faced with a round fat bottom and big feet---just my type.  I think I freaked him out a bit with my John Wayne Gacy glare.

Barry sets the auditorium all awash in pink gels ala Josephine Baker that I requested  and looks amazing.  My performance begins at 3:30pm and I am shocked to see the Museum Auditorium packed to the brim----SRO with young and old a variety of races, and even infants and small kinder—talk about a diverse crowd I seem to attract.  This is my first time performing in a Netherlander Institution.  Back in the 1980s I did receive lots of orders for my zine Fertile La Toyah Jackson  but that was over 30 years ago so I wasn’t expecting to be on the radar in this country.

Henri finds for me a muscular, handsome German blondine named Florian to sit on the stage with me helping up and down from the podium and being my performative security detail/personal ninja warrior protetor.  Florian handles his duties with splendor and was a great eye candy treat for me and the audience.

I wound up being on stage for over two hours and afterwards engaged in a lively Q&A with no one showboating.  The celebutants in attendance included: Ingrid Jejina, an Amsterdam based artist, Demna Gvasalia the artistic director of the House of Balenciaga, Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd sitting right in the front row smiling lovingly at me with that beautiful gigantic nose of his, weenage pop starlet Charlie Puth with a posse of cute Glee club looking puppies, Bulgarian tennis champ Grigor Dimitrov with Count Nikolai von Bismarck the 28 year old socialite that is known for collecting the work of obscure artist types like me, Anne Syefer, Christian Friedrick, Ferry de Jong, head curator of Stedelijk Bart van de Heide, Phillip Gufler, Raphaela Vogel, Vivian Ziherl, Krist Gruijthuijsen the new Dutch director of Berlins KW Contemporary Art Museum, local dragster Snorella (Micha Schneijckerberg) and multidisciplinary artist and photog Maxime C. Duvall aka: Martin C. DeWaal who I originally thought was Caitlin Jenner as I wasn´t wearing my eyeglasses on stage.

I adored the food at Café Schiller, the olde fashion wood paneled brasserie where I was taken for my artist dinner.  I was starving so getting some comfort food in this lovely Edwardian boite from 1913 was perfect for me.  Wanted to hang out all evening with everyone but I was just too nackered so Yumi ushered me back to my hotel for some righteous boogie slumberland. Special shoutout thanx to Yumi, Henri, Lucy, Bart, Barry, The Spring Performance Fetival Crew, hot Florian, Love Camel, Vicky Baum and Uli Ziemons for all their help in getting me to Hamst.  Of course I didn’t want to leave the Netherlands but because I will be teaching in Linz Austria at the Kunst Universität I had to move on to the next project.

Before I left for Hammy the great Nanna Heidenreich and Marcus Ruff did a tag team dinner at Nannotchka´s Bergmann Str compound that was mindblowing with flavours and acted as my lil farewell to Berlin.

Earlier in the week I was having meetings with a slew of visiting curators including Olga Rozenblum the lovesexy personable young French curator of Treize Gallery.  We had a nice girlish time together at the Akademy de Kunst in the Tiergarten.

Those of you in my olde hometown of LA in Cali please check out the large scale solo exhibition of one of my art children the beautiful and talented Karen Lofgren aka Kara Hunger.  Her exhibit Other Relevant Experiences at Royal Projects Contemporary Art 432 Alameda Street in Downtown LA opens Saturday April 2nd from 4-7:30pm and runs through May 15th.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Die Notgeilen

So sorry my dear fruitful faithfull for not having written a thing in weeks but my old business style Hewlett Packard PC that the Love Camel of Merry ole London towneship donated to me years ago went kaput right before the Berlinale madness began to ensue.  I am still computerless writing this very text in the lounge of the wellness center where I am being graciously treated for my 455th birthday.  Thank you to Love Camel, Marcuse Siegelstein, Susanne Sachsse, Piero Bellomo, Daniel Hendrickson, Nora Molitor, my next door neighbor Sabine Ludke, Felix Knoke and my student assistant at the Universität Giessen Christoph Bovermann and his lover JP for all the birthday treats and well wishes.  I didnt grow up celebrating birthdays as my mother in the 1960s and early 1970s went through a Jehovah's Witness phase.  Long story. . .
If anyone out there in the known world has an extra lap top they are not using and want to send it my way It would greatly appreciated.

At the beginning of Feb I went to the Berliner Institüt fur Psychotherapie und Psychoanalyse and met for an hour with the kindly Frau Klingeberg.  Yes the little Ms. Davis doll is seeking help from a therapist to tackle her increasing mania tissues.  Even Ozma of Oz the all powerful ruler of the Fairyland of Oz has problemas of histrionic porportions.

The grand opening of the 11th Forum Expanded Exhibition Wed Feb 10th at Akademy de Kunste in the Tiergarten was joyous and triumphant.  Arsenal Empress and Forum Expanded founder Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and her curatorial team headed by dimunitive cutiepie Anselm Franke, Nanna Heidenreich, Bettina Steinbrügge and Ulrich Ziemons outdid themselves this year with their Lacanian themed spectacle Traversing the Phantasm.  The specific perspective of the selected films, installations, performances and lectures manifested in the geopolitik vareen.  With all thats going on in our troubled society how could it not?

I spent four days and up to four hours plus in the Forum Expanded exhibition space until my back went out.  I just couldn't get enough of the granada on display.  My personal highlights:  Girl Talk a single channel nugget by my LA homegirl and child of high art Wu Tsang that features poet and critical theorist Fred Moten in ecstatic rad fairy drag.  Hygiene/Swachh by Pushpamel N. where she is washing the right rev'rend brain out of the hairy headula of a highly cooperative vassel.  James T. Hong's Terra Nullius or:  How To Be a Nationalist which was downright upright motherfucking son of a preachers bitch perfection in addressing the East China Seas cunnundrum almost better then the Jean Harlow MGM classic from 1935.

Covering similar terrain in a unique fashion was the brilliantine The Refrain.  The best ever by Angela Melitopoulos and her dynamic collaborating posse headed by that genius Angela Anderson with Maurizio Lazzarato and Aya Hanabusal.  Ms. Anderson, besides her yearly ForEx duties as exhibition designer and technical coordinator also contributed to Natascha Sadr Haghighian's stellar soundscape phonetic survey denouncing Germany's top selling tank export as realized in Lego paillettes.  Yowza!

Seen hovering in the exhibition space incognito: David Gandy the hot holy dark haired British manq with the proud crotch and polar nips, Matthew Rushing of the Alvin Ailey Dance Company and Hollywood director Adam McKay of The Big Short which my old LA gal pal Crepe Suzette(Susan Mathelson) is the costume designer of, Thorsten Schumacher of HanWay Films, actor/lovers and other strangers Roman Kolinka and Dan Stevens.

Judy LaBruce was in town to walk the red carpet as an actor playing the Canadian Prime Minister in the Competition feature Boris sans Beatrice by Denis Cote.  Didnt see the flick but heard that La Judy was the best thing going for it.  I have always said that Judyline is a magnify whitetress.  Fearless Leader of kollektiv CHEAP Susanne Sachsse had Judy and I over for one of  her stylish dindins and you should have seen us ladies having a hoot of a time.

In the Forum Expanded Program Screenings and Think Film Congress #4 the archeologic river running through motif was present in Canadian ForEx veterano Mark Lewis' Invention, Ahmad Ghossein's lecture performance When the Ventriloquist Came and Spoke To Me and film The Fourth Stage, Joe Namy's Stones God People, the sublime As Birds Flying by Heba Y. Amin and Larissa Sansour's In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain.  The Think Film lecture starinas:  Ala Younis and her The Unbelievable Photos Taken by the Crazy Russians Who Illegally Climbed Egypts Great Pyramid, bigger then Cher and Beyonce together Edwin of Indonesia and his Rotting Away Behind Locked Doors Lab Laba Laba Initiative, reclaiming History, Unveiling Memory by off Nollywood filmmaker and critic Didi Cheeka, VHS Cypus:  A Lost History by the energetic Constantinos Tallotis and the new wave comedy team of Mariam Ghani and Engineer Latif Ahmadi in What We Left Unfinished which had the audience cracking up about the Afghan Film Industry where they don't use blanks but actual amunition, and all the actors perform the most dangerous stunts.  Because of using real amo its not unheard of that death will occur on set as they take realism further then any Hollywood production that likes to toss the word authentic around.

Because of my back problems I didnt see so many films this year.  Loved Austrian director Ruth Beckermann's Die Geträumten that featured the letters of Ingeborg Bachman and Paul Celan as read by cute Anja Plaschg of the bad haircut.  Couldnt stand the tiny actor Laurence Rupp reading for Celan with his small hands and feet that resembled satanic hooves.

For some strange reason i felt compelled to see the Sci Fi flicker Midnight Special by Jeff Nichols which isn't a great film but i did enjoy the earnest portrayals by Kirsten Dunst,young Jaeden Lieberher, Henry Fonda-ish Michael Shannon, Sam Shepard and humpy humpies Adam Driver and blondine beauty Joel Edgerton----who I can´t live without him digging in my sugar walls.

The Panorama Doc's Strike a Pose, Uncle Howard and Kiki were only good because of the subjects on hand.  I was expecting to hate Strike which profiles the boy dancers from Madonna's  1990 Blonde Ambition tour and Truth or Dare film.  It was lovely seeing Carleton who Judy LaBruce tricked with at the Detour during her first film tour in LA with No Skin Off My Ass and Kevin who modeled along with me for the Michele Lamy menswear line.  Uncle Howard is about the late handsome film director Howard Brookner.  It’s a family tribute by his sexy look-a-like nephew Aaron Brookner.  I kept thinking of the Danny Williams docu by his niece that was part of Forum Expanded in 2007.  I must say that Brad Gooch the 80s golden boy who was Howard Brookner's lover has aged well. 
I got to meet two of the delicious stars of KiKi at the Panorama reception and in the movie I was mesmerized by the beautiful and articulate Gia Marie Love who i predict will have a very bright future.

I wasn't expecting much from horn pig French directors Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau's Theo et Hugo which starts off with a very long explicit sex club scene with the young skinny, narrow shouldered and pigeon chested actors.  Once the boys had their clothes on they grew on me and when I saw them in person during the Q&A they looked downright adoreable.

Hate that I didn’t get to see everything on my viewing list like Kate Plays Christine, Le Fils de Joseph, Andre´Te’chines’ latest Quand on al 17 ans, the Berlinale Classics screenings of John Huston’s Fat City with my late dear friend Susan Tyrrell and James Whale´s The Road Back.
Glad to report that this year there weren´t so many ugly men at the festival.  Next year I will have to check out the Berlin Talent Campus as I´ve been told by multiple sources that its where the juicy boys reside.  You all know how the Doll needs her fill of eye candy.

This year the Forum Party was smaller and held at the AdK for the first time.  Usually the soiree takes place at the Volksbühne.  Since I live close to AdK in the Tiergarten I was overjoyed at the new location.  The AdK staff are a little precious, but the mid century building and furnishings are major Ms. Gorgeous so I can understand how prickly they can be.

My DJane set went really well and Frau Birgit and her crew did a great job in presenting my little station with a modernist sculpture flanking me with excellent flattering lighting.  Was lucky that DJane extroidinaire Olga Damnitz, the sexy popular Berlin baby dyke spinmistress gave me a pee break by taking over for an hour or so.  DJane Olga is a real DJ and knows how to properly mix and do all the things that I can´t do.  She was laying down some very wicked beats.

Thriving on the spacious carpeted dance floor:  Nick Jonas of the pop group The Jonas Brothers, who was starring in a Panorama film called Goat, was wildly dancing to The Misfits, “London Dungeon” with what must be his hunky beau.  Logan Lerman the male ingénue and star of the film Indignation was getting cozy with Swiss German weenager Joel Basman and mulatto hottie Kelynan Lonsdale while power press agent Stephen Huvane was giving the youngsters the old hairy eye ball.  Hidetoshi Nishijima(Creepy) was spending a lot of time slow dancing to fast songs with Benjamin Millepied.  Isn´t Ben married to Natalie Portman?  He wasn´t acting very married, but was all boymantic with a bunch of nubile male acting gorgons like Victor Ezenfils, Miles Teller, and Kacey Mottet Klein.  I´m not one to gossip so you know you didn´t hear this from me.

Who else was at the party you ask?  well here is just a partial list compiled by my Stassi Spies------

Raphel Grisey, Havarie team & cast: Rhim Ibrir and Abdallah Benhamou, Houari Bouchenak Khelladi,73 years young Ulrike Ottinger who this year made a 12 hour endurance film where she was camping in Siberia and hiking but still had energy to  dance with her beautiful girlfriend Katharina Sykora, the art historian deluxe, some Canuckians including Coral Short, sexpert filmmaker, Lauren Howes from CFMD, Steve Reinke and his lovely Chicago husband Brian.  Handsome manchild Uli Ziemons  and his lady love the feminist art supercurator Anja Lückenkemper. Video documentarian, artist and forex setup team captain Noam Gorbat, Bbooks Stephan Geene, gallant Markus Ruff who is the undisputed King of Archiving with Clarissa Thieme, the very smart video artist / filmmaker, Mediterranean hottie Angela Melitopoulos, Manuela aka djane Bianca kruk, who is also a great sound designer, Masha Nehls who was big heart and big brain of organizing Forex exhibition this year and is part of the Entzaubert Festival Collective, Fine Freiberg also from the Forex team and Entzaubert Collective and Berlinale projectionista, analog-inclined filmmaker and also dj/musician---whew!  Everyones fav party central “It” girl Diana McCarthy who is the brainy muscle of Reboot FM radio, Filipa Cesar, the beautiful Sisters Schulte Strathaus Stefanie & Bettina of the famous Schulte Strathaus clan.  Also shmoozing Anselm Franke, the wonderful Angelika Ramlow, Ousshi the Arsenal´s number one projectionist idol who retired last year.  So great seeing Ousshi as its not the Berlinale without an Oushi sighting. Volker Sattel, Marcuse Siegelstein and Fearless Leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse who led the crowd on the dancefloor, Forum crew: Sara, Caroline, Marie, Anna Hoffmann, Christoph Terhechte, the divine Dorothee Wenner who always looks like a billion dollars,Adina Pintille (director of Bucharest International Film Festival)Sonia Campanini, film scholar with her sexy lover from Naples Luciano, Gizem Bayiksel from Ankara Pink Fest,Philip Scheffner and Merle Kröger with their big Pong film team families, Colorado Velcu and his Roma family Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn the Brazilian filmmaking partners of the film Muito Romantico, Nicole Wolf, Tamer el Said, Marcin Malaczsak of the Caligari prize winning film In the Last Days of the City, Michel Belague and his ravishing girlfriend, Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau, the French directors of Théo et Hugo dans le même bateau - the film with the notorious 18-minutes-dark-room-sex-scene, which won the Audience Teddy Award on Saturday, Geoffrey Couët and François Nambot, their two sexy young actors, Ramon Zürcher, director of the Forum-hit from 2014, Das merkwürdige Kätzchen, and documentary veteran Volker Koepp.

Plus Katya Diefenbach, Daniel Haji Hendrickson, Karim Ainouz, Christian Weber of Salzgeber Editions with the directors of Theo et Hugo and the films young French stars who requested the doll play Madonna,the wonderous Theodora Tabacki, Nora Melitor, Florian Zeyfang who is the nice&very sweet Florian,Alyosha, Ela Wuensch,Ewa Szablowska and Ula Sniegowska from New Horizons Film Fest in Wroclaw Poland who brought CHEAP to Polski for the first time in 2002.
See u next year filmfilas!

Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-Briefe aus der Garderobe screening Sunday of Pina Bausch´s Die Klage der Kaiserin(Lament of an Empress,1989) was knockoutsluggo SRO with 30 people having to be turned away who didn’t reserve their ticket before hand.  Those not admitted included Israeli choreographer Assaf Hochman, make-up artiste and bon vivante Akira Knightly who creates the fab looks of the Boris Bidjan collection, actor Garrett Hedlund, Martin Cracium and Documenta director Adam Szymcyzk.

The lucky ones able to join Ms. Davis, wearing a regal Rick Owens gown, her partner in grime Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson the Scandinavian Jewish Muzlim extremist and Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus in the joyous celebration of climbing onto the shoulders of others while in a drunken state included cavorting  film scholar Marcuse Siegelstein with ladylove Susanne Sachsse the fearless leader of CHEAP kollektiv, artists Lydia Hamann and Kay Osteroth who are producing a new project and book called Radical Admiration Society, My German baby sis the Afro Deutsch entrepreneur Clarisse Mehring and her sweet pal Sonja, musicians Caroline Polachek & Patrick Wimberly with blondine German acting tyro Max von der Groeben, DJ Kygo from Norway, beautiful British hungthrob Edward Holcroft, Forum Expanded´s  Uli Ziemons the handsomest man in Europa, Nadine Voß with comrades Anna and Linda from Silent Green Kulture Quartier, junior art curators from the Goethe Universität and Frankfurt´s Staedeschule Clare, Marie, Marinka & Phillip, Markus Ruff of Arsenal Experimental, Trixie and Ludvig Schonherr, artist Maggie Schneider, Salome Gersch with her super sexy Columbian pal from the Friei Universität Camilo of the Valley.  
Inadvertently ran into a dingequeen delight with breath worse then Sean DeLear who uses his large Nubian phallus to dickmatize lonely heartsclub caucasion men with a sweet tooth for some kind of exotica love.  Hadn't seen this dubious persona for sometime on the Berlin city streets so I thought that people were on to his grifty ways, but obviously he is still able to “werk it” with impunity as he is still in Germany and hasn't been run out of town with a pitchfork up his ass.  I guess there is no such thing as being a victim only a volunteer.  And the people he dupes deserve what they get.  After talking to this character for ten minutes and hearing him rattle on nonsensically anyone with a working brain would flee in terror not withstanding breath that smells like a small animule died in his mouth.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Sunday January 31st at 8pm its Rising Stars, Falling Stars-Briefe aus der Garderobe at Arsenal Institut fur film und video kunst at Kino 2 in the basement of the Sony Center for a rare screening of the Pina Bausch directed film Lament of the Empress (Die Klage der Kaiserin).  Listen to the radio conversation with Tante Manuel “Vicki Baum” Schubert of die tageszeitung.


Jonathan Berger:  A Future Life
Feb 12-March 12, 2016
Adams and Ollman Gallery
Portland, Oregon
My most beautiful and lovesexy super talented young child of New York high art Jonathan Berger who was production designer and producer of  my recent revamp of Mozart in the Jungle Fever of The Magic Flute at the 80 WSE Gallery has a brilliant solo exhibition of his own that opens Feb 12 to March 12 at the renown Adams and Ollman Gallery at 209 SW 9th Street in Portland Oregon.  I have known Jonathan since he was a weenager and coed at California Institute of the Arts where I taught a performance art class with tattoo love god Ron Athey back at the end of the last century. 
I fell madly in love with Jonathan and his intoxicating architecturally pulsar body of sculpt specific work, and way of thinking that was light years ahead of his peers, or anyone else for that matter.  Jonathan stands alone in an art world filled with mawkish poseurs and insipid frauds.  The gifted Mr. Berger is one baby manchild Prince of Judea of not only the promised land but the Attavey Real Madrid-McCoy.  There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the alchemy Jonathan Berger is able to invoke.
So I implore all you bi & tri-sexual coastals to not hesistate in flying and or skipping to the  mighty Pacific Northwest to see Jonathan Bergers solo exhibit A Future Life.  Your life will depend upon it.  
I predict this show will be at the top of the critics lists come the end of 2016 and the name Jonathan Berger will be a household word.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spaete Einsichten

Large crowds at the Arsenal’s screwball comedy program with screening of You Can’t Take It With You the other evening directed by Frank Capra 1938, starring Miss Jean “I Only Photograph Good on My Right Side”Arthur  a skinny baby faced Jimmy Stewart, Lionel Barrymore, Spring Byington, Eddie Rochester Anderson mugging more then Mickey Rooney, Edwrd Arnold and 14 year old Ann Miller running around in a tutu on point.  All these depression era comedies seem like they were written for todays economic turmoil and come with lots of lessons that I think really resonate with a German audience.  Ran into my Blood of Abraham Israeli art son Assaf Hochman who got kicked off of an Easy Jet plane to Greece because of his ultra tight bubble butt, and Jozo Juric the Croatian publicist BFF of Jamaica Troy from the Rosa Caletta Café.
Went back to Dr. Weigel in the Mehringdamn kiez for my second appointment.  Was expecting just to have a filling but it turned out I needed a root canal.  With any other dentist this would have been a big problema, but not with Dr.Weigel who has such a lovely manner about her and is so comforting  with personality plus.  Dr. Weigel is also related to East German cinema royalty, as her father Kurt Maetzig was a very important film director in the GDR who directed some of the banned films of the 1960s along with the state endorsed bio pic of Ernst Thaelmann.  Herr Maetzig was also the first artistic director of the film school in Babelsberg and only died a few years ago at age 101.
I just got a signed copy of the booklette The Dynamics of the Queer Movement in Turkey before and during the Conservative AKP Government by the hot tiny muscular sexy Turkish/Arab scholar and stud Zuelfukar Cetin.  Zuelfukar is one of those new breed of young academics who is getting a lot of attention at the moment.  Zuelfukar is from the ancient city of Antioche and has been living and working in Berlin as a scholar, prolific writer and activist for several years.  You can read his booklet the first of his tomes translated into English by Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson here:
Over a decade ago I got upgraded  to business class on a flight from Europe to Amerikkka I sat next to an old gay white man who struck up a lively conversation with me.  He told me his name was Fred Koch and that he worked in art philanthropy.  I told him about my work as an artist and it seemed to peek his curiosity.  I didn’t think much about this encounter until a few years later when I was in a hotel in the States and I saw a news report about these conservative  industrialists brothers named Koch.  The news report showed a picture of the two brothers whose names I don’t remember now, but it also showed the eldest brother who was the man I met on the plane who is not part of his brothers business.  If I had known he was from a super duper billionaire clan I should have worked my feminine wiles on him and turned the rich geezer inito my sugar Opa.  He must be a dinge queen because he was certainly giving me the hairy eyeball on the plane.
I normally do not like crowd funding announcements as I feel crowdfunding takes the responsibility away from institutions to finance artists projects where it should be and turns artists into art panhandlers and beggars of life. I would never do a crowdfunding myself but I will on occasional recommend the funding of certain projects of people whose work I admire and respect.  This is indeed the case with the work of the young Israeli artist Miss Liad.  Read on and donate accordingly:

Hi there!

if you're getting this email, there's a chance that you've heard that I just started a kickstarter campaign to fundraise my upcoming short film “No Democracy Here”, or even seen the trailer.

In case you didn't here's a link. Watch it til the end! It's fun! 

the film deals with a left-leaning dominatrix who conducts 'political domination' with her right-leaning slaves and teaches them about democracy and free will through power-based bdsm techniques. It was shot live and on location in israel on election day, in and out of the voting poles and includes participation from the public at hand. It challenges notions of what electoral democracy is, and of all sides who partake in it.

The film was shot a few years ago, before the unfortunate degeneration of israel into a much tighter-controlled fascist-leaning state. We got detained by police – and we have great footage from it that we wanna use in the film. Today such actions would be impossible to commit, as they'd land us in jail or beaten in the street. So it's important that we get a chance to turn it into a film.

To finish the editing process - we need money. This money isn't simply a 'donation'. You're not just helping us complete this project, you're actually buying something, in most cases at least an ability to see the film or part thereof.

I really only try to send it to people that aren't dirt-ass broke. And 10 euros is really an affordable amount for many people I know. If you can give more (and perhaps you can), consider doing so. If you're totally broke, but you've got facebook or twitter, spread the word and the link.

If by chance you got this by both email and facebook – sorry for the spamming. I'm desperate here.

Thank you so so much!!!!