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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Die Hitze hat die beiden eingelullt

Rising Stars,Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was simply divoon Sunday evening despite a heat wave. Was surprised that a crowd showed up to Kino 2 instead of patronizing the many lakes around Berlin for the last warm weekend of summer. The short subject program consisted of one Polish animation film and two Georgian delights plus the 1960s electronic offering of the music variety review Shindig. The latter featured a handsome and lithe Sam Cooke singing The Tennessee Waltz - a political statement if ever there was one. It also showed a very young Bobby Sherman in his first incarnation of a pop singer, before he had his long-on-the-tooth shag hair cut in the early and mid 1970s trying to steal the thunder from David Cassidy. The celebutantes in the audience enjoying white wine spritzer during the after screening reception: Ali Jenka the handsome big peniled Vienna art shtar with kollectiv Gelatin and his sexy Baby Papilein Gunther Gerdes, filmmaker Angela Christlieb who directed a nutty documentary called Naked Opera that I actually saw at the Berlinale in the Panorama Section about this ill fugly opera queen with a degenerative disease obsessed with Don Giovanni and the bland porn starlet Jordain Fox. Miss Angela and her Greek active beau Chris are now making a documentary about Gelatin called Where is Gelatin? Also scene & herdy-Berlin’s best DJane Jimmy Trash, film editor Martha Enderlein, Petra of the Filmmuseum Frankfurt’s GoEast Festival, humpy choreographer Tao Ye of Tao Dance Theatre, Gus Wenner the cutesy 25-year-old shaggy-haired son of Jann Wenner and Scion to the Rolling Stone publishing empire with his juicy significant other OShea Jackson Jr. who asked to take a pic with la diva Ms. Davis. My former student Acme Singt told me after the fact that the young robust Mr. Jackson is the son of rap star Ice Cube or is it Ice T? I always get them mixed up---shows you how much I know about hippity hop. Looking quite fetching the ItalioGerman designer of La Colleczione Piero Bellomo with his husband Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandinavian Muzlim who was in fine form accompanying me on klavier, Marcuse Siegelstein who was substituting for the divine Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who was on important Arsenal business in Venice Italy, socialite Martyn LeNoble, tyro actor Miles Teller with Hamburg based junior painting sensation Leon Loewentraut who is obsessed with the make-up drawings and sculpture of Ms. Davis. My other former student from when I taught in 2007 at Weissensee Art Akademy Christophe DeRohan Chabot tells me that Mr. Loewentraut is only 17 years old the poor blondine child. Special thanks and shout outs to those girls of perfection Salome Gersch and Kathrine who are part of the Arsenal administrative and hospitality crew.  Salome and Kathrine are so on top of everything and super organized and just downright amazing.  Special kudos to Arsenal expert projectionist Axel Lambretta for saving the day and retrieving Shindig from the vaults for us at the last minute.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wenn man auseinander geht

Deliriously fun and sumptuous bruncheon at the stately Victoria Louise Platz compound of Baby Papilein Gunter Gerdes the sexy lover of Ali Jenka of the Vienna based art kollectiv Gelitin.  Ali is now Dr. Professor Jenka and is head of the sculpture and transmedia department of the Kunst Universitaet Linz. Congragulations darling Ali.  So happy that Ali wants me to be a guest professor in Linz, Austria for the Spring 2016 semester.  For those of you looking to rent out a nice studio space here in Berlin, Ali’s 35 square meter studio in Wedding at Wiesen Str 62 at the famous Gerichtshoefe atelier will be ready for sublet between October 2015 to August 2016 for the dynamically cheap price of 310 euros a month that includes heating and internet.  The space is not for living in though and you have access to toilet, shared kitchen facilities and large windows.  Please contact my assistant Glee Brevard at if you are interested and he will put you in contact with Ali of Gelitin.

Had a glorious din din at Fearless leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse’s eastside manor along with Marcuse Siegelstein, Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and his juicy ItalioGerman lover Piero Bellomo of La Collezione.  After dinner Susi screened the first three episodes on her beamer of the new British series Vicious starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi.  This olde school style sitcom is lovely in its British bitterness.  Mr. McKellen and Mr. Jacobi are perfect as two sniping battleaxes, but I love the supporting players even more. 

Forgot to mention that I had been invited to a preview of the Amy Schumer starring comic film several months back.  I’m not familiar with Ms. Schumer but I like big boned haus frau looking girls who are so underrepresented in the mainstream film world.  This Judd Apetow directed movie was renamed in Germany with the odd title “Dating Queen” but in the states it is known as Trainwreck.  Ms. Schumer allows the cinematographer to light her in the most horrid manner.  Is this part of what makes it a comedy?  This maudlin klunky vehicle did manage to bring forth at least one revelation----- that most straight men secretly only want to have sex with each other.

If you get the chance purchase a copy of this academic  journal out of Duke University called Radical History Review edited by NYU assistant professor Zeb Tortorici and others. The latest issue is called Queering Archives- Intimate Tracings.  There is an essay from Robert Summers called Queer Archives, Queer Movements:  The Visual and Bodily Archives of Vaginal Davis.  There is also an article about the underrated Chicano artist Mundo Meza who is a little known art world figure who died of AIDS in 1985.  Mundo also use to create the incredible window displays at the fashion forward store in Hollywood Maxfield Blue and it was because of Mundo that Simon Doonon the well regarded fashionista and former window dresser of Barneys New York even has  a career and is so well known.  Doonon and Mundo worked together at Maxfields in the late 70s and early 80s and i believe were even involved in a relationship.

Received a signed copy of the new book by Australian expat writer Stuart Braun, City of Exiles-Berlin From the Outside In which I’m quoted along with Marcuse Siegelstein, Zazie De Paris, Romy Haag and about a zillion others.  Added the book to my nightstand along with the bitchy memoir about Marlene Dietrich by her daughter Maria Riva.  I saw the legendary star perform in 1975 at LA’s Music Center.  At that time I hadn’t seen any of her films and only knew her as an old movie star.  What I remember most was that she was placed on stage by a group of male stagehands, and you could see this happening through the sheer curtain.  When she finished performing the curtain closed and the same men came and carried her away.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


My womanly gout attack finally subsided during this blasted Berlin heat wave and I was able to meet with oldpal Nurse Pain aka Lauren Pine who I last saw for a hot minute when she came to my solo exhibition at Participant Inc. back in 2012 during Hurricane Sandy Duncan. Lauren who is originally from San Diego is one of those divine creatures who can do anything with style and panasche. She has lived in New York City for over 20 years having been a right hand gal to fashion designer Patricia Field, a piercing expertin, make-up artiste extroidinaire and became a well respected registered nurse around ten years ago. Lauren came to Berlina on holiday with her longtime German beau, and is looking damn hot and super voluptuous. We had a giggling girlish Gertie of a time reuniting and it feels sooooo good.Love you Miss Lady woman.

Seeing Miss Lauren reminded me of Zaldy who I knew in Los Angeles back in the 1980s when she had graduated from Otis Parsons and use to hang with a group of kids that included a girl who named herself after Edie Sedgewick, a gorgeous sweet boy named Alan who was an amazing dancer and his boyfriend Robbie who was a cruel beauty. Alan and Robbie are both dead now from Mrs. AIDS and I don’t know what ever became of the Edie Sedgewick doppleganger.  Zaldy is a top costume designer for mainstream pop stars like Britney Spears. 

Have to get ready to go back to Cork, Ireland for the second part of my Framing the Freakazoid workshop and I also have some pitstops at art congresses in Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Latvia and Poland. What a schedule what a life the Vagimule doll leads.  Just heard from the people of Document Journal Magazine and I will be their cover girl when the mag hits the stands in October.  My portrait was taken by sexy Wolfgang Tilmans.


Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Rossini zurueck ins Repertoire

Was with that Scandinavian Muslim Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson recently who is the ultimate opera queen’s queen who was giving me the royal T about Erwin Schrott the Uruguayian baritone who is obviously a bisquit but is on the down beat low as he is now amicably divorced from his super famous soprano ex-wife. Openly Dorothy is Polish baritone Mariusz Kwiecien who is known for taking off his shirt during performances. Someone who is handsome and hetero but should definitely keep his clothes on is the German tenor Jonas Kaufmann who is tall but a bit doughy in that patriarchal Teutonic way that is quite prevalent in The Fatherland.

Had a great day with my old LA art pal Alex Donis who was visiting Berlina via Venice, Italy. He told me that Marcus Kuilland Nazario of the old Highways-Santa Monica Army Game Grift is now teaching art to children in Mexico.

Was invited to a scrumptious dinner party given by handsome studkin Uli Ziemons at his new super large Skalitzer Strasse compound. A joyous time was had by all including his hot girlfriend the art curator Anja Lueckenkemper and Omar Shariff Jr. the out and proud grandson of the legendary international film star Omar Shariff who recently passed from Alzheimer’s Disease. A tragedy that is closer to home here in Berlin is the unexpected death of Bert Neumann the celebrated East German stage designer who designed the set of my first big Berlin hit CHEAP Jewelry in 2001 that was part of the Volksbuhner’s Rich & Famous Festival. Bert was a lovely man and came from a dynasty of designer’s as his father designed my favorite East Berlin building in the form of the mid century restaurant The Schoenbrunn in Friedrichshain Park. His sister Aenna Quionnes is second in command at the current administration at Hebel am Ufer (HAU). Aenna was the co-director of the Rich & Famous Festival of 2001.

I’ve been having some lovely little adventures lately on the streets of the city which is very unusual here in this town of people keeping a very healthy distance from each other. Met a patrician tall and very handsome Turkish boy on holiday from Istanbul and a tall and very nicely built Chinese boy with huge feet named Ziyan Liu who is an exchange student studying in Darmstadt. Mr. Liu regularly attends the University of Singapore where he has a material engineering scholarship.

New ill Berlin hair don’t! Spotted a light skinned black man on the street with what can only be described as an Afro dreadlock jheri curled shag. The city of bad hair never falters in coiffured amazement.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ich hab Watt aufm Kasten

Rising Stars, Falling Stars- We Must Have Music was beyond SRO Sunday evening for Yiddish Nite with a super rare screening of the 1937 Polish musical Jewish mysticism film The Dybbuk which featured BFF male bonding of the homosexyfaygulla kind and an array of arresting images. The einlass musik for the evening was provided by the fabulous, all-talking, all-singing, all-kevetching Barry Sisters. In the audience was a pert and stylish Jewish scholarina doing research on the dulcimet resounding Sisters Barry---gotta love that! The audience for this film was completely intergenerational which has long been a staple with RSFS since it started in 2007.
Seen cavorting up a tempest, the juicy Austrian video artiste Kornelia Kugler and posse including her cute blondine younger brother Johannes, Hotsy and super fit Israeli choreographer and Catherine Sullivan collaborateur Assaf Hochman with his bubble butt longtime companion the Greek passiv filmmaker Lil Alex Tielemachos Alexiou who drives men wilde with his tight body and muscular dimunitive frame, Scandinavian Jewish Muslim Jihadist Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson in fine form on the clavier breaking hearts left and right along with his gorgeous GermanItalio hubby Piero Bellomo just back from Rimini and I don’t mean Protokol. Filling in for Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who is off to the four corners of the world on urgent Arsenal business was that lanky drink of spring water Ulrich Ziemons and his sizzling girlfriend the curator Anja Lueckenkemper, Israeli actress Mili Avital who did Ms. Davis’ hair and make-up was fellating the possessed Dybbuk from the penisaurus of a few of the well endowed present, like  art dealer Thor Shannon.  Taking in the scene: British live artist Richard Hancock, Documenta 10 Artistic Director Catherine David, critic Sam Avidar, artist Cyprien Gaillard, "IT boy" Richard Gersch, Emaline the lovely older daughter of American scholar Heather Love and wifette Mara with a rock steady smart set crew of young,fresh, self described humpy dorks and dorkettes and that ultimate Nerds Nerd Alexis Taylor of the London music kollectiv Hot Chip.  Oy!!!!