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Thursday, May 02, 2019


Meditation in Bewegung zur Steigerung des Körpergefühls

Just received this cute little missive from art photographer Annette Frick and experimental film legend Wilhelm Hein: 

 Ihr Lieben hier ein paar Neuigkeiten und Termine herzlichst Wilhelm


vom 3.5-5.5.2019

im Haus der Kulturen der Welt

hier noch der Rückblick von Miss Read 2018

60 Seiten SW

20 Seiten, SW

Menschen am Sonntag
20 Seiten, SW

50 Seiten, Incl. DVD

und alle noch nicht vergriffenen Ausgaben


Was invited to a fab luncheon at Gropius Bau by their wonderful artistic direct Stefanie Rosenthal.  Got to meet their lovely guest curator Daisy Desrosiers a ravishingly beautiful young Black French Canadian woman.  The lunch was for the new exhibit Black Image Corporation by Theaster Gates.  I will be doing an intervention at the museum in early July so stay tuned for more information.  After the luncheon or brunch Clara Meister gave Daniel Hendrickson, the Jewish Muzlim and I a sneak preview of the exhibition which was opening that evening.  In another wing the amazing Isabel Lewis of the famed Lewis Clan was rehearsing for a presentation she would be doing at the opening.
Too bad I had to miss the opening proceedings as I was rehearsing with Ashley Hans Schierl and Tina Jacob Lena Knebl for their performance at KW.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Ausser Takt

Auf der Suche nach dem Rhythmus des Lebens.

Contemporary Vinegar Syndrom was explosive at b_books in Kreuzberg April 8th. The Vagimule doll did a little performance recitation listing famed independent Afro American bookstores followed by the docu on Martin Sostre. Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim read a wonderful text he wrote about kollektiv’s over the Argentinian short subject Ollas Populares, 1968. Because of popular demand below is Daniel’s performance script:

In October of 1968, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover wrote a memo to COINTELPRO, the not exactly legal counter-intelligence program set up in 1956. He wanted to warn his fellow anti-communists of a dangerous new menace: black independent booksellers.

Tonight we’re bringing one collective into another to show films made by yet others. So there’s a lot of collectivity buzzing in the air tonight here at b–books.

In fact though, it seems to me that collectivity has been buzzing a lot lately, in politics, and also in the arts. Especially in the arts, collectives seem to be popping up everywhere. Our theaters, galleries, and museums are full of them. Even the grand institution of the documenta has been given over to a collective this time. Only music and film seem to be out of the loop. Generally, when there’s a collective making music, we still just call it a band. And what can it even mean to talk about collectives making film? After all, virtually every film, with only rare exceptions, is always already a collective product, whether anyone admits it or not.

So the question we’re asking tonight is: what is a collective? How are they different from any other grouping? Are they really a way to resist bourgeois individualism, structurally insisting on our interconnectedness? Do they muddy the neoliberal waters? And what about these so-called individuals that make up these collectives? When describing their collective work, Deleuze and Guattari wrote: “The two of us wrote Anti-Oedipus together. Since each of us was several, there was already quite a crowd.” But maybe it’s not all as glamorous as it sounds. No one who’s ever been in a collective, who’s sat through hours of tedious discussion, who’s suffered through the interpersonal dynamics and mini power struggles, can indulge in an overly romantic view of what it means to ‘work together.’ On the other hand, perhaps these struggles, learning how to work together, how to live together, are exactly the point. Isn’t the difficulty of the collective the very proof that it’s working? That we’re getting somewhere? Or am I over-romanticizing again?

These are of course questions that can never be answered, since there are probably as many ways of doing a collective as there are collectives. Collectives range from established groups with fixed roles down to fleeting and temporary alliances, coming together only for a particular purpose, sometimes only for a single moment, even sometimes even without the express consent or even awareness of the members. Perhaps we’ve formed a kind of collective here tonight to watch these films.

Tonight we’re looking at some older films made by collectives, such as this one: Ollas populares, made in 1968 by the Grupo Cine Liberación in Argentina. Both of the other collective films we’re seeing tonight were made in the mid ‘70s in the US, and ostensibly, both focus on individuals. But both of these individuals are deeply embedded in larger groups, those of the bookstore, the political movement, the family, the school, the neighborhood, the circle of friends. In fact it’s hard to make any sense of either Martin Sostre or Winnie Wright without placing them in the context of the groups that surround them. Groups that live as much from the similarities that hold them together as they do from the differences that keep them alive. Maybe something like a collective?

The packed house included the well endowed film scholar Marcuse Siegelstein,young super lovesexy Columbian neophyte scholar Camilo del Valle Latanzio with gal pal Tiago Pohl, Egyptial filmmaker Mohammed Shawky Hassan and his juicy new love interest, CVS regular and former prima ballerina Trixie Schonherr aka: Beatrice Cordua, Piero Bellomo, a radiant Michaela Wünsch, along with the other b_books officialle rock steady crew of: Stephan Geene, Karolin Meunier, Ariane Mueller, Astrid Schmidt, Cornelia Durka, Daniel Delhaes, Katja Diefenbach, Monika Baer, Kim Feser, Marietta Kesting, Mirja Reuter, Mirjam Thomann, Nicolas Siepen, Simone Schardt, Teodora Tabachi, Tommie Merkle and Zuebeyde Alvers.

Also seen set designer Şenol Şentürk and his friend Çiğdem, who is so famous she doesn’t need a surname.

Cinema Sweetie Pie Little Stephan Ahrens (formerly of Zeughaus Kino), everyone’s favorite girl Monday Nanna “Ninotchka” Heidenreich who brought Ms. D a new knitted scarf from her wonderful mother Theresa Heidenreich, Nanna was there with film scholar de rigeur, Natalie Lettenewitsch, who works on underwater films, and wrote beautiful pieces on cinema's beaches (and contributed to this year's Berlinale Retrospective Program-feminist /women's cinema. Kanchi Wichmann, queer filmmaker & series director, Yusi Etiman of Basso Kollektiv who these days spends most of his time living half of the year in São Paulo Brazil running with his hunky boyfriend Luís a growing community space in Centro, the rundown but now upcoming old center. Yusi would love Ms. Davis to come to Brazil for a residency, and there is nothing she likes better then South American dostado.

Also at the event was Tyler Oyer of Los Angeles who I’ve been told by several Angelinos that the youngish Mr. Oyer does natty 22 cent homages to living idols Kembra of Voluptuous Horror and Ron Athey among other things. I love messy performance art that skiddles about like a jalopy car backfire.

Tyler sent me a video of his collaboration with Max Boss of Easter fame that had a splendiferous vox bop pop sound. Its always a delight to see the gorgeous beauty of Monilola of SAAVY Contemporary, personable young stylish American artist/filmmaker Amelia Seymour, Arsenal projectionist Anselm, Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who just celebrated her birthday recently with a terrace bbq at her sumptuous Wrangler Kiez compound.

The Empresses bbq guests included: Monika Rinck (writer, poet), Florian Zeyfang (artist, filmmaker), Kerstin Schroedinger (artist) Angela Melitopoulos, Nanna Heidenreich, Daniel Hendrickson, Sandra Schäfer (artist, filmmaker), Marc Siegel, Piero Bellomo, Trixie Schonherr, Anne Quirynen (artist, filmmaker) and Shawky Hassan.

Also seen and heard as they squeezed into the b_books space for CVS: Nora Molitor(Literarische Colloquium Berlin LCB, Grenzgaenger), Anja Lückenkemper curator, and great - secret ceramics artist, Ilker Abay, Petra Schierke(Intendanz Berlinale) with Johanna her kollegin, Lorin DeCarli(Emergency), Giovanni Lazzeri a super hottie trolley dolly, taunt titten Canadian film ingénue Beau Mirchoff with German/Arab movie star Elyas M’Barek and Gerrit Woltemath our expert Contemporary Vinegar Syndrom production manager.

Friday, March 29, 2019


Die Widerhallende Glocke

Gesund Leben Klassiche Kurven–Kunde

DJ Snax aka Paul Bonomo who I have known since he was a teenage Robert Smith/Prince fanatic living in the DC area sending me mix tapes of his low fi recorded original music. After stints in San Francisco with the amazing Queercore band Fagbash with Davey Jones and New York City he was part of the third wave of Americans in Berlin in the late 1990s that included Peaches. Snax sent me this note about a special project that he has in the works. I will let him tell you about it in his own words:

DJ Snax here. It’s been a gazillion years since we’ve seen each other. I hope that can change when you attend this event I’m co-hosting over Easter with none other than Dave Jones (ex-Fagbash) from LA.

He now goes under the name Jonesy and he recently completed an experimental documentary about the fisting club in SF of the 70’s called The Catacombs. It mostly consists of an interview with Dr. Gayle Rubin who was one of the only women who went to the place. We hope this docu can be an alternative to all the male dominated fetish events going on that weekend; especially open to women, trans people, all queers….

Really hope you can make it. Dave and I would be thrilled!

Love of love,



Please join me and my dear friend Jonesy for a very special screening and erotic event this Easter weekend, April 18th at the legendary Ficken 3000 Club.

Artists Jonesy, Kiernan Cobarrubia and the musician Snax are thrilled to present a screening of The Figa, an experimental documentary by Jonesy and Jaime C Knight. The film features Dr. Gayle Rubin being interviewed about the history of the San Francisco Catacombs sex club. The screening and event opens Berlin Easter Fetish Weekend on Thursday, April 18th, 2019 at Ficken 3000.

The Figa will be part of a program which includes Berlin filmmaker Liz Rosenfeld’s (Untitled) Dyketactics Revisited. The screening will also be accompanied by a sale of artist created objects relating to the history of the Catacombs. Featured artists include Theodor Johansson, Dean Sameshima, Kiernan Cobarrubia, and Beth Cita & Lex Vaughn and Jonesy & Jaime C Knight. There will be a door fee of 5 euros to help cover expenses for the filmmakers, DJ’s and artists presenting.

In keeping with the spirit of the screening of The Figa in Berlin, Snax and DJ and producer Dickey Doo will perform a set reminiscent of the Catacombs playlist. Dr. Rubin wrote about this playlist in her work around the Catacombs, and speaks extensively of the music in the film. The music will highlight the atmosphere in the legendary nightspot/ sex club Ficken 3000, providing the mood for queer party-goers of all genders, races and orientations to express themselves erotically, recalling the mood of Catacombs era San Francisco.

Please come…and join THE FIGA!


La Susanne Sachsse and Marcuse Siegelstein treated the Vagimule doll to a wonderful Italian birthday dinner at the East German boite Brot und Rosen across the street from Friedrickshain Park. We were joined by handsome and hunky Richard Gabriel and had a delightful evening gossiping and klatching into the willy wee hours.

Was back at Work Master HEAD in Geneva with my Framing the Freakazoid / Perverse Assemblages labzone. Had a great time with my wonderous students Louise, Valentina, Julie and Lorraine working on make-up looks for the eyes as mirror to the soul via Otto Preminger’s film version of the Francoise Sagan novel Bonjour Tristesse starring the immortal Jean Seberg. We also got some inspiration from the Lamount Johnson horror thriller You’ll Like My Mother starring Patty Duke, Richard Thomas, Rosemary Murphy and Sian Barbara Allen.

The weather warmed up quite a bit in the sun so we did some preliminary Art Stalking which will devolve into a much wider project for the students.

My big boss at Work Master HEAD Art University Charlotte Laubard invited me and Laurent Schultz the main administrator at Work Master to dinner at her new high rise apartment that is located somewhere in the suburbs of Geneva. Charlotte reminds me of a young Isabelle Hupert with a bit of Danielle Darrieux on the side. A lovely time was had by all with delicious food that also included Charlotte’s handsome, charming Italian art critic/curator husband Andrea Bellini and their adoreable children.

Before heading off to Geneva I had a splendid evening of drinks and snacks with Markus Ruff of Arsenal Experimental at Café Berio in Nollendorky Platz. Markus is the smartest most delightful young man in all of Berlin. He had me laughing and doing sommersaults with his right on insightful pronouncements into the human spirit. 

Was so glad I was able to have lunch again with the famous novelist Travis Jeppeson at Milagro before he blasted off to teach in Shanghai at a University which is similar to my situation at Work Master HEAD in Switzerland.

Don´t forget the next Contemporary Vinegar Syndrom is Montag 08.04.19 20.00(8pm) The theme is
what is a Kollektiv? We will be screening the timely short subjects:

*Winnie Wright, Age 11 by Suzanne Davenport, Greg Grieco, Betsy Martins, Gordon Quinn, Teena Webb USA 1974 16mm/engl. OF/25 min and *Frame-up! The Imprisonment of Martin Sostre Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher, Howard Blatt USA 1974 16mm/engl. OF/ 30 min

und special surpises!

bei b_books, Lübbenerstr. 14., Berlin-Kreuzberg

Freier Eintritt

Saturday, March 16, 2019



Der Schaum der Tage

Met the handsomest man in Deutschland Ulrich Ziemons of Forum Expanded at Mexican boite Maria Bonita in East Berlin for good food and even better gossip. Of course we were talking about you. That’s why your ears are sizzling.

Hey all my literary admirers out there please send me a copy of Marlon James’ latest fantasy tome Black Leopard, Red Wolf. While you’re at it I’d also appreciate reading his award winning A Brief History of Seven Killings which won the Man Booker Prize.

The book that I am currently gobbling up and can’t seem to put down is by my juicy young pal Travis
Jeppesen who took me to lunch at Papaya for scrumptious Thai food. I haven’t seen Travis in a few years since his very successful solo exhibition at Exile Gallery in Berlin. I have known Travis since he was 16. In those days he would send me his homemade chapbooks of poetry and prose. Before moving to Berlin he lived for years in Prague. I´ve known Travis since the 1990s but our relationship was only via post. We didn’t meet in the fleshy flesh until I came to Berlin in 2005

Travis recently completed his PhD and was hired for a full time tenure track teaching position at a major Chinese University where he will commute back and forth from Berlin to Asia.

Travis gifted the doll a signed copy of his latest sensational release See You Again in Pyongyang-A Journey into Kim Jong Un’s North Korea. Travis has been getting incredible reviews for this book and believe you me its utterly amazing! The only book I can compare it to is Bruce Benderson`s The Romanian. Travis was mentored by Bruce Benderson.Its hard to believe that Travis is almost 40 years of age. He still looks like a weenager. We had a delightful time catching up on every little thing, including hot gossip. I wasn’t aware that big peniled NYC based musician and visual artist Gio Black Peter recently broke up with his long time sugar son Neal who worked for Calvin Klein. Travis told me a million other things but they are way too scandalous to repeat in mixed company. Run out and buy a copy of Travis’ book its just now being released in paperback.

I was so lucky to get a chance to see Jamie Stewart of XiuXiu perform at the Berghain Cantina. Jamie`s gorgeous and talented wife Angela, who works for high powered LA politico Mark Ridley Thomas writing policy, isn’t able to travel with XiuXiu anymore, so on this particular outing with the band he was accompanied by two members of The Swans. Jamie was utterly sublime on stage and the music sounded majestic. I´ve never seen anyone play a pair of scissors like they were marimbas and when it comes to choreography, well lets just say Jamie was channeling his inner Freddie Herko with his swivel hips and lips. Going crazy for all things Jamie and XiuXiu was lovely Pamela Schlewisnki the latest edition to the CHEAP kollektiv, and young gorgeous male ingénue Jake Cannavale the son of actor Bobby Cannavale and screenwriter Jenny Lumet. Beauty boy Jake is a big fanatic when it comes to all things Jamie Stewart and XiuXiu. Jake is also the great grandson of the late legend Miss Lena Horne, and grandson of film director Sidney Lumet(Dog Day Afternoon,Network).

The night before I was lucky enough to be taken out for a divine Italian feast by Jamie Stewart. Joining us was film historian Marcuse Siegelstein.

Earlier in the afternoon my old Tenderloin bandmate Felix Knoke who writes for Der Spiegel took me to luncheon at the Imren Grill in Neu Kölln. Felix is the proud papa of a two year old bouncing baby boy, so I don´t get much of a chance to see him now that he is a smoking hot dad. It was nice to catch up.

On Saturday March 9th Kollektiv CHEAP performed as part of the Palast Der Republik event at the Haus der Berliner Festpiele. We were commissioned to bring back our punk art band Ruth Fischer which we did incorporating a program of expanded cinema/installation/klatch that we called ungleich 1+1 Ein ausgeleiertes Konzert that featured gorgeous short subjects by the late Dusan Makawejew, Thomas Brasch and Susann Maria Hempel who appeared live on stage along with the wonderful and vivacious Teodora Tabacki. Via Skype was Jasmina Tumbas and actress Silvia Rieger who we gave a CHEAPy Underground Uber Alles Award to along with Vegard Vinge & Ida Müller.

On display as part of the installation was sexy muscle hunks Richard Gabriel and Hermann of Wedding kick boxing plus our living sculptures and a special hilarious performance by Mad Maxmillian Brauer.

Our happening also featured the juicy Pola Sieverding doing live akshunist video, Senol Senturk, Maurice De Martin, Pamela Schlewinski, Marcuse Siegelstein, kJohnny Blue, Martin “PowerhouseSemen” Siemann, Akira Knightly who expertly wove our Liz Taylor in Ash Wednesday plastic surgery look and of course fearless leader Susanne Sachsse whose new song Blame the Woman sez the New York Times is the mantra everyone will be chanting.

Some of the audience wasn’t featuring us but we did have a lot of Ruth Fischer diehards in the SRO crowd like Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, George Ezra, Deutsch Welle  and Bloomberg News journalista Michael Scaturro, Jonas Dassler, football thick for baseball dick actor Jannis Niewöhner, humpy Broadway star Jonno Davies, Ruth Schönegger, Instagram influencer Hasand Piker with his uncle Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks podcast, Katja Sander, art schtar Yael Bartana, Dorothea Wenner and Mickey,  Gina D'Orio of Cobra Killer, art historian Tom Holert of the Harum Farochi Institüt, Nebosja Tabacki,  Piero Bellomo with Shawky Hassan, Felix Knoke, Christian Fitzenwanker, Adham Hafez of HaRaKa Dance Development who brought with him the beautiful young Egyptian pop and film star Donia Massoud. Ms. Massoud is an intermedia performer who documents the disappearing songs from the Egyptian villages and mountains and turns them into popular concert sensations. She has been living in Paris for five years and looks like the reincarnation of Nefertiti.


Andre Previn the composer and conductor died recently at age 89. He was born here in Berlin. One of the scores he conducted that I absolutely adore was to the 1953 film version of the Broadway musical Kiss Me, Kate directed by George Sidney starring Kathryn Grayson, Howard Keel, Ann Miller, Bob Fosse, Keenan Wynn, James Whitmore, Bobby Van and Tommy Rall. Previn`s handling of Cole Porter music was dazzling. I also loved his ex-wife and former collaborator Dory Previn who he dumped for Mia Farrow.

Thursday, February 28, 2019



Richtig vorsorgen mit eigenheim & co

Sending condolences to Mark Donen who lost his father the great golden era Hollywood director Stanley Donen. Mark is just a little bit younger then Ms. Davis, and functioned on the periphery of the punk scene back in the early 1980s.

Mark’s mother was an English aristocrat who before marrying Stanley Donen was hitched to an Earl which made her a Countess.

Stanley Donen first came to Hollywood through his connection with his older lover and mentor the dance legend Gene Kelly, Like a lot of men of his era Stanley had some sugar in his tank and though mostly straight he did bump pussy with Van Johnson, Tom Drake, Ray McDonald, Richard Quine, Cary Grant, Michael Kidd and Bob Fosse just to name a couple of hundreds of bedchamber partners. He also was married to several women including Jeanne Coyne who was wed to Gene Kelly after divorcing Donen. His producer son Joshua Donen is the child from Donen’s marriage to actress Marion Marshall. Donen also had a short fling with Elizabeth Taylor when she starred in his film Love is Better then Ever. At the time of his death Donen had been the companion of femme top and talented director in her own right Elaine May.

The Vaginal Davis doll’s fav Donen films: Royal Wedding, Give a Girl a Break, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Indiscreet, Funny Face, Charade, The Little Prince, Movie-Movie, Lucky Lady and Two for the Road.

The lovely Dr. Vaginal Davis experienced some mild winter weather in Geneva Switzerland teaching at Work Master HEAD. Some of the other well known guests teaching at the school are Canadian high tech artist Jon Rafman and Greek/Swiss choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis.

For those of you who wanted to know more about what Ms. Davis saw during the Berlinale this is for you:

So Pretty Directed by Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli. Set in New York City this lovely meditative film based on a West German novel of the 1980s really delights with a point of view and cast which fully employs our dancing daughters in terms of modern youth quaking. Dunn Rovinelli is an extroidinary young talent I am keeping my eye on.

Kimi no tori wa utaeru / And Your Bird Can Sing Directed by Sho Miyake. Humpy alpha male director Miyake casts his cute skateboarding dopelganger in this Jules et Jim lyrical stomp.

Variety directed by Bette Gordon
The restored feminist thriller features the involvement of a lot of New York royals like Kathy Acker, Cookie Meuhler, Luiz Guzman, CoCo Fusco, John Lurie, Christine Vashon, Nan Goldin, Will Patton, and Tom DiCillo. Geniustrata

Jessica Forever Directed by Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel. Jessica is my kind of gal. She is queen bee to a bevy of young muscle studs in a spotty dystopian bell jar. There is not much going on here, but the beauty of the boys in question, and I guess if its enough for Jessica its should be enough for us.

A Rosa Azul De Novalis Directed by Gustavo Vinagre and Rodrigo Carneiro
All films should begin and end in poetic closeup of asshole with karbunckle.

Maso et Miso vont en bateau/SCUM Manifesto Delphine et Carole, Insoumuses/ Sois belle et tais-toi
Its Delphine Seyrig all the time! Boy do we need her now. With all these films you can rejoice in her splendour, verve and activist spirit. With Carole Roussopoulos, Ioana Wieder, Nadja Ringart, Center Audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir, Jane Fonda, Jill Clayburgh, Louise Fletcher, Shirley MacClaine, Ellen Burstyn, Patti D’Arbanville, Candy Clark, Cindy Williams, Jenny Aguter, Marie Schneider, Juliet Berto, Marie Dubois, Millie Perkins, Luce Guilbeault, Barbara Steele, Susan Tyrrell, Viva, Rita Renoir, and Anne Wiazemsky.

Forum Expanded Programs 3-12
Brazil’s hideous swing to the right courtesy of that tired Bolsonaro means we need more films like Tamar Guimarães The Rehearsal. Was delighted to see the lovely CoCo Fusco’s Vivir en junio conla lengua afuera/ To Live in June with Your Tongue Hanging Out, Muhammed Salah’s hilarious Un An-Aired Interview/Liqa’lm yadhae, Jeremy Leatinu’u’s From the Back of the Canoe to the Front of the Canoe, Susana de Sousa Dias’ Fordlandia Malaise, the Karrabing Film Collective’s The Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland and the extroidinary SHAYNE by Stephan Geene of bbooks kollektiv featuring Ricky Shane and his lookalike sons.  Extra kudos for the fetching sound design of Manuela Schanina.

Of course it wouldn’t be the Berlinale without Think Film Congress No. 7 which this year featured the most gorgeous of gorgeous in the divine form of Lynhan Balatbat of SAAVY Contemporary who is a radiant breath of fresh intoxicating airolene.  Seen in the audience at the silent green kupahalle: Daniel Immerwahr whose new tome How to Hide an Empire-A History of the Greater United States is now the most talked about book of the winter season, Jonas Dassler the 23 year boy toy star of the film The Golden Glove, actor Tom Sturridge and Scotish singer George Ezra.


If you are in the New York area please make haste to see a screening of the latest from Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle. All of New York is wrapped up in the house of the EccoSexuals and why shouldn`t they?

View the trailer:

We and our film will also be at:

Roxy Cinema, Tribeca, February 27-March 3, Live Q & A with Beth & Annie on Feb. 27.

NY Feminist Film Week, March 9. Anthology Film Archives, Live Q & A with Beth & Annie.

Real Art Ways, Hartford, Connecticut, March 1. Live Q & A with Beth & Annie,


Don`t forget March 9th at Berliner Festspeile 10:30pm the return of Ruth Fischer.


Monday, February 18, 2019



Und Datenanalyst bei fraunhofer

If you are Dieter Kosslick a man from a good Germany family you have no choice but to become the director of an international film festival for 18 years. Next year the Berlinale will have a new leader from the Locarno Festival, and a new starting date Feb 20th which is my birthdate. Lets hope that every year the festival will get closer to returning to its summer roots.

The Vaginal Davis doll was in a flirtatious mood at the opening of Forum Expanded AntiKino The Siren’s Echo Chamber at the new silent green kultur quartier’s majestic Betonhalle. Ms. Davis didn’t know that the handsome man who was chatting her up was Benjamin Domenech the producer and co-founder of indie production company Rei Cine who recently partnered with Pedro and Agustin Almodovar’s El Deseo production house as well as Canana founded by Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal. Mr. Domenech thought Ms. Davis was someone else but not before introducing her to his two young companions the easy on the eye French actors Francois Civil and Guillaume Gouix. The installation that the malenfucken hemen were giddy about was Ala Younis’ Drachmas. This year the exhibit will be open until March 9th. Multiple viewings highly encouraged.

Before Berlinale Ms. D along with the great scholar Julianne Rebentisch traveled beyond the valley of the iron curtain to Marzahn’s Orwo Haus to see the return of the band Girls, who haven’t performed since 1971. It was an SRO crowd that included some members of Gob Squad, prima ballerina Trixie Schonherr, British visual artist “Re” Phil Collins, Constantine Berger and a slew of younger degenerates thriving to the multi media musical hodgepodge that is the brilliant Girls cosmos. Girls are resplendid! They are the now sound blending of The Shaggs, Captain Beefheart, Wanda Jackson, Sparks and Cardi B. Lets hope they don’t wait another 45 plus years to come out of hiding.

Say it isn’t so. Ruth Fischer the art band of the CHEAP kollektiv are returning to the stage after a hiatus of over 10 years. CHEAP Palast is the name of the performance that will take place at the Berliner Festspiele March 9th at 10:30pm. Besides olde members of Ruth Fischer Susanne Sachsse, Marcuse Siegelstein, kJohnny Blue and Vaginal Davis this new incarnation will feature Maurice de Martin, Akira Knightly, Senor Senturk, Martin Siemens and Richard Gabriel and will take in the form of Expanded Concert Cinema Installation piece, so Mark your calenderias.

This year at the Berlinale Lady Ms. Davis made a concerted effort to be more social and made an appearance at several shindigs including The Norweigan,Polish Film Soirees, the official Premier party at Quasimodo of the Greek Cinema /Greek Film Center Celebration for Syllas Tzoumerkas’ The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea, A Tale of Three Sisters and When Tomatoes Met Wagner.

The Diva also beelined to the Saltzgeber Reception hosted by hunky Christian Weber of Sissy Magazine where she got down and funky with Wilhelm Hein, pretty Michelle Mangan with The Fringe Festivals PR unit and Outsider Liverpool Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, and the great Berlin lesben icon Mahide Lein and everyones fav Canadian Peaches.

This year Ms. D stuck to seeing Forum and Forum Expanded Films with the only exceptions being the Panorama documentary What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael by Rob Carver. What She Said is a pretty straight forward talking head doc with lots of great  footage of the famous New
Yorker Magazine film critic.

Stay tuned to this very blogina for the remainder of what Vaginal Davis saw during the ten days of the Berlinale Film Festival.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Becoming Meine Geschichte

Theorien der Gegenwartskunst zur Einführung

The end of 2018 right after the Christmas holiday and before Silvester the Vagimule doll was invited to a lovely dinner party at the Wrangel Kiez flat of Ulrich Ziemons of Forum Expanded and his gorgeous ginger haired lady love Anja. The food was exquisite and so was the company that included Azin Feizabadi the art filmmaker and his vivacious girlfriend Neda Saeedi, along with artist Nicolas Cilins and his beautiful young gaysian lover Dustin Duong who is a graduate student/male model from Australia.

She Who Must Be Obeyed received a sweet invite from Lucas Reiner the son of legendary comic film director and writer Carl Reiner who turns 97. Lucas is Reiner’s youngest son who use to be a punker back in the olde days in Los Ang but is now a visual artist. The eldest Reiner son is director/actor Rob Reiner who played Meathead in the TV series All in the Family in the 1970s and directed the hit film When Harry Met Sally.

Lucas Reiner has a new painting exhibition that just opened January 18 to February 23 at Galerie Nordenhake in Berlin. Check it out!

Ms. D was interviewed over the phone by ARTnews Magazine’s Maxim Duron for a panel discussion with Jonathan Weinberg co-curator of Art After Stonewall Exhibition, and the prolific art legends that are Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt and Michela Griffo. The klatch was progressing quite nicely but Ms. Davis had to drop out 30 minutes into it as she had to rehearse for the Original Sin concert installation for the Munchner Kammerspiele.

It was Lady Davis’ first time in Bavaria and she was quite impressed by the food of the city. Our tiny woman of mystery loves to eat.

The Kammerspeile cantina has the best chef in Christendom. Our divina was housed at the Relexa Hotel in a gargantuan suite that featured an amazing comp breakfast.

Ms. Davis didn’t see Mattias Lienthal the Kammerspeile’s attendant who use to run Hebbel am Ufer but got to hang out with Katrin Dodd the beauty of HAU who works with Mattias at Kammerspeile, Christoph Gurk who heads the music program and that philosopher king-queen the ravishing Juliane Rebentisch. Also reconnected with dear Evelyn Rüsseler the artist/filmmaker who gave Ms. D a copy of her latest special edition art book HybridTiere. Evie treated Ms. D to dinner and champagne and enjoyed a joyous reunion with the starina. With Evie was Jelena Kuljić, the hot Serbian jazz singer, from Berlin who is a member of the Kammerspeile ensemble. Looking very handsome was the youthful Ersan Mondtag (stage director and former Vegard Venga/Ida Muhler assistant) Goethe Institute VIP´s, plus Jasmina Tumbas (Yugoslavian scholar supreme) Albrecht Sachsse the brother of CHEAP´s Susanne Sachsse with his two kids and their friends, royal sighting in the form of Prinz Albert von Thurn und Taxis with Jake Hooker the grandson of Judy Garland with the sparkling famous hair colorist to the stars.  Jake`s mother is Judy`s daughter singer/actress Lorna Luft. Also spotted was Anne Schulz, luscious Pola Sieverding with her lovesexy class of super smart art students, Susanne Sachsse´s cousin whose mother was featured in some of the Original Sin super 8 footage from the GDR, Katharina Bischoff the OS production coordinators sister came for the third time and was moved to tears, and Miss Lillian (Richard Gabriel’s pretty gal pal).


Be sure to mark in your calendaria the return of GIRLS Saturday January 26 8pm at ORWO HAUS in Berlin https://

GIRLS 2019 is the reincarnation of the forgotten female proto-Krautrock showband from upper Bavaria 1967-1971 that includes Stella Mars bass/vocals, Ida van Selbst guitar/vocals, Vally Cloud trombone/trumpet/vocals and Moon de Marzahn.

Check out these two songs by GIRLS


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Tickets available at the door or you can get them in advance here:

How to get to ORWO HAUS: drums and vocals.

You can buy your tickets in advance or at the door.

Healthcare Updata:

Vaginal Davis had to wear a blood pressure machine from her cardiologist for 18 hours. The contraption made her look like I a suicide bomber. Thank goodness the weather is so cold now that she was all layered up or a policeman or concerned citizen would have surely reported her to the authorities.

Ms. V. Davis loves listening to NPR Berlin which recently got re-christened KCRW Berlin. The rebranding has brought the station a few more local Berlin items of interest, but the bad side is that after 9pm the station plays that horrible KCRW style music. Ms. D would rather hear more music in the lines of Hot Jazz Saturday Nite then Chris Douridas like faire. The music section goes from 9pm to 6am so it is easy to avoid. Recently the diva was listening to the radio and heard her former LA Weekly colleague Howard Bloom. Bloom now covers the education beat for the LA Times. Ms. Davis adores Bloom and his wry wit that encompasses a little sugar in his tank.

She also heard on the radio an interview with Tyler Brûlé. The Canuck Mr. Brûlé created Wallpaper Magazine and Monocle Media which encompasses retail and publishing. Tyler also heads a design house called Winkreative. Ms. Davis met Tyler back in the late 80s in LA during the heyday of her zine period. Tyler was a young beauty pie then who resembled Montgomery Cliff in his youthful prime with a little Cora Pearl on the side.  If my memory serves me correctly at that time Tyler had an older wealthy billionaire boyfriend.

Also heard on the radio a conversation about the boring Academy Award Oscar presentation.  The Ms. Davis prickly ears got hairy when the name of Morgan Neville was mentioned.  Morgan is the patrician super WASPY and beautiful documentary film director of the Mr. Rogers docu Will You Be My Neighbor that was snubbed at the Oscars this year.  Morgan already won an Oscar for his music doc Twenty Feet From Stardom.  Morgan is married to Nettie Acre of the alt/country folk group The Acres who use to perform regularly at my Club Sucker at the Garage and Bricktops at the Parlourclub as well as Plantinum Oasis.  Morgan at that time went by the name of Morgan Acre.  I only recently found out that he was a filmmaker.  He is extremely handsome and gives out big dick realness but in a humble soft spoken manner.

Lia Gangitano and Viva Ruiz two of the most beloved New York originals come together for a sensational new exhibition, Viva Ruiz ProAbortion Shakira: A Thank God for Abortion Introspective Feb 3-March 10 with reception Sunday Feb 3 7-9pm

Participant Inc

253 E. Houston Street

NYC 10002

If you are in the Tri-state area you owe it to yourself to make it to this very important occurance.