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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Menschliche Kritter
Didn’t have a working computer for ages so I wasn’t able to blogeet, which also prevented me from writing about my Cholita colleague Alice Bag’s second solo record Blueprint. 
Alice sent me the CD awhile back via her young cohort Seth Bogart of Hunx and his Punx fame. 
Alice has turned into a modern day Eydie Gorme’ with high caliber musical material like like her geniustrata songs “Sparkling Path”, “White Justice”, “Etched Deep”, and ”77” where she carries on with the likesis of the great Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Allison Wolfe of Bratmobile.  My favorite track is  “Se Cree Joven” and I am not the only one crazy for this tune.  The video features my drag daughter Michele “Hell” Carr and the legend that is Phranc the Jewish Lesbian Folk Singer and Cardboard Cobbler.
It delights me that my sweetie pie La Alicia is getting her due with critical acclaim and sold out tours.  Nobody deserves the unabashed love, attention and  hoopla more then my homegirl Sad Girl of Cholita!
Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome premiere was a sterling success at the Fichtenbunker in Kreuzberg.  The site specific location had everyone abuzz wondering what it looked like inside.  The convex wall that was our movie screen  that we dubbed The Convex Serviette was a big hit with the publicum who got to enjoy a double projection of Ulrike Ottinger’s Berlin Fieber as well as a surprise sneak scene from Ottinger’ famous Freak Orlando which was filmed on the top of the bunker.  The visionary directress was her usual gracious, soft spoken self, wowing everyone with her patrician grace and gentility. 
Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus opened the evening with remarks concerning the Arsenal membership drive.  Those who paid to become a member get all sorts of goodies including free entrance to our September and December CVS event, and entrance to Arsenal screenings for six months.  Now that’s a bargain.
The evening also included a double screening of two Terayama films in which we supplied the text with a range of literary material, Ela Troyano’s David Does Venus starring her hilarious sister Carmelita Tropicana and two different Bugs Bunny Cartoons. 
Scene and Herd mentality during the three days:  Fearless Leader of CHEAP Kollektiv Susanna Sachsse who provided the voice of CVS with Ashley Hans Scheirl who will be in Berlin for a year on a DAAD fellowship, Ulrike Ottinger’s beautiful girlfriend Nina with art photographer Annette Frick, Katherina Sykora, Michaela Wuench of bbooks Kollektiv, pretty ginger haired curator Anja Lueckenkemper, Florian Weghorn of Berlinale Talents, Razak Khan of the Center for Modern Indian Studies, Karo the new Arsenal Projectionist, Maria Klaus, Archive Project Publicist, Elena Baumeister, Archive Project intern, Milena Gregor of the Gregor  Klan the first family of German Cinema, Markus Ruff Head of Archive Project, handsome Toby Ashraf, sexy young UdK students Leonardo Lina, David Scholer and Zannick Spies, the gorgeous and stylish film curator Maria Morata, Sirkka Moeller of Berlinale’s Panorama Section. Dan Gunn of the Dan Gunn Gallery London and his big dick Dutch pal Robert who is the studio manager for artist Angela Bulloch, Susanna Huber and Christian Liclair of Asthetic des Begehrens, Shanti Ashtangi-Asgari, my German relation Clarisse Mehring, Mike Fenswick of Phile Magazine with statuesque best girlfriend Miss Erin, Stefania Daskalaki, DJane Bianca Kruk with Film Sound Designer Manuela Schinina, scholar Zülfukar Çetin and his international posse of EUROPACH: Emily Nicholls,from Goldsmith College London, Justyna Struzik from Jagellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and Finnish scholar Lina Bolde from Humboldt Universitaet.   Also glimpsed: Joel Gibb the baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras of Toronto, curator Natasha Ginwala, Piero Bellomo, our CVS crew of Gerrit  Woltemath, our trusty production coordinator, Daniel Hendrickson,the Jewish Muzlim, projectionists Bodo&Ina and bartender RoseLee.
Hollywood hunk of the 1950s Tab Hunter died.  So sad as he was one devilish piece of beefcake.  Back in the 50s he was lovers with Anthony Perkins but his most famous sex conquest was the entire water polo team of Pepperdine University circa 1957.  Way to Go Tab!
Just received this shocking news that Robert Summers died in Alabama visiting his lovely sister Ruth Ann.  Robert was a young fagademic who was actually quite brilliant at times.  I collaborated with him on several projects beginning with Bricktops at the Parlour Club where he helped organize a series of mini lecturinas in the early evening of the club that was quite a success.  He did a longer version of a lecturina on Judy Garland Modalities at my 2011 MoCa Happening Dejecta.  Robert grew up in Whittier to Mexican and Jewish parents. His  auntie was the well known Los Angeles political figure Gloria Molina.

Monday, June 18, 2018



John Harrison and his older brother David Thompson were the most beautiful boys at Hobart Blvd Elementary School.  I was in the fifth grade and my teacher was the elderly and kind Dorothy Stevenson.  She looked like the actress who played Auntie Em in the Judy Garland film The Wizard of Oz.  I was elected to student counsel and David Thompson was Student Body President.  Hobart Blvd Elementary was situated on Olympic Blvd in the  height of the area now known as Korea Town.  Back in 1972 the Koreans were just arriving in mass, and the area was mainly populated by Japanese people who owned the many garden nurseries in the area.  The Japanese were moving to West Los Angeles and Gardena, a South Bay suburb.  Most Blacks lived South of Pico which was the unofficial border to South Central.  My family lived in a dingbat apartment built in the 1950s just a bit north of Pico in the area known as Mid City.  My primary school was then part of Wilshire Center.  White flight had taken place mainly South of Pico with the majority of whites living North of Olympic Blvd working in the insurance companies that lined Wilshire Blvd.
David Thompson’ s very plump white mother worked at State Farm Insurance Company on Wilshire Blvd just west of the gated community Fremont Place that was part of Hancock Park.  David’ s stepfather was Black.  This black man was John Harrison’s father.  David didn’t get along very well with his Black step father.  David had a round pie face and a husky built.  At least that was the term department stores like Sears& Roebuck, Montgomery Ward and Zody’s used to describe chunky boys wear.  John Harrison his brother, like me would be defined as slim.  Both John and David had very pale skin, rosy cheeked peaches and cream complexions.  The only thing that gave John away that he was part racially mixed was his very corse hair.  John looked very much like the bi-racial actor Wentworth Miller. They even have a similar sounding voice.
David and John were both brilliant students.  I was jealous of both of them.  John’s best friend was a goofy looking lanky white boy named David Gilliland.  David lived in a court apartment unit next to Richard Cadabona and his family.  The Cadabonas were mixed with white and Filipino.  I had known Richard Cadabona since the 3rd Grade.  Richard was neighborhood friends with both David Thompson and John Harrison.  It was through Richard that I got to hear frequent updates on the objects of my obsession.  I never figured out if Richard understood my interest in the two brothers. 

My family had moved to Wilshire Center in 1966 from Boyle Heights Ramona Gardens Housing Project.  I was with my mother when she found our apartment which was located at 1239 South Hobart Blvd #3 area code 213 prefix Republic.  Our zip code was 90006.  Why I remember all that to this day is beyond me.  I guess I have always been a font of useless information.
The woman who owned our apartment building was named Miss Alain.  She was a black Creole from Louisiana.  The reason my mother was able to get the apartment was because I was with her.  Miss Alain’s elderly mother was struck by how well behaved I was.  I was the perfect child, never squirming fidgeting plus I was adoreably cute and cute.  Miss Alain was also completely charmed and besotted by my beautiful mother.
Went to Park am Gleisdreieck with Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras.  Saw my favorite skater boi who was wearing short shorts that revealed every inch of his cakes da killer.  He was also shirtless and even Baby Diaper was impressed with his flawless rack  and general young male loveliness.  Also at the park was one of the Pet Shop Bears and his lover.  Since it was one of the German religious holidays, the  park was packadermed with humpy man Fleisch.  We also checked out the beach volleyball players who were yummy.
Later that evening went to the going away dinner of my gallerist Dan Gunn who has moved his gallery to his hometown of London. Joining in the festivities La Sachsse and Marcuse Siegelstein.  Dan cooked an incredible Springtime in the Rockies Lambdulla, baked asperagus and tira misu huhu for a decadent desert.  So my Liza Minnelli diet went right out of the French doors into a poplar tree.
Spent a glorious time with the gifted young Los Angeles based artist Elliot Reed visiting Berlin from a whirlwind tour.  Elliot is a young, Black version of Jerry Lewis in his youthful prime of the 1950s.  They even have similar voices and body shape, and are love sexy in the same scintillating manner.
Everywhere we went together he was attracting oodles of new fans and admirers.
Daddy Ron Athey says that so many younger artists don’t have any references that stretch farther then Beyonce, and are obsessed with becoming embraced by the mainstream.
When that pipe dream curdles they wind up getting angry and lose themselves.
Elliot isn’t like that.  As Papa Athey says, “He croons, he patters, he teeters.  Yes that encapsulates him well.  Some of his pieces seem like they will fall apart, but they always work in the end in a very satisfactory way.  Plus he is very easy on the eyes as a great beauty boy.
Special thankx to Ruth Schonegger and Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson for hosting fabulous dinners and luncheons for Elliot.
Continued on tour with Original Sin as the weather spiked to hot and humid conditions.  Not the best friend to a woman already menopausel.  I didn’ t get much sleep in Cologne, though I loved staying at the Chelsea Hotel.  The hotel restaurant was divine.  We performed to a packed, eager audience at the Stadtpark which is one of the cities most famous venues.  The main curator  at the Akademie Der Kunste Der Welt is the glam and patrician Madhusree Dutta who was part of the Living Archive Festival in Berlin from a few years back.  She treated the CHEAPIES to snacks and drinks after the show as the kitchen closed early, and was a joy to be around along with Re-Phill Collins and his hot young students, Max Jorge Hindere Cruz who is back in Germany after years in Brazil looking very juicy and irresistible.  I also got to flirt with the wunderkind of the German speaking theater world Ersan Mondtag.
As the rest of the CHEAP gang head back to Berlin to rest from this leg of the tour the divine Jamie Stewart and I were on a train to Basel.  I had a solo booth with Dan Gun Gallery London in the Liste Art Fair called Juno Confiding Io to the Care of Argus where I mixed mythology with  gender pioneers from the Harlem Renaissance and early part of the 20th Century.  I clicked with something because during the VIP preview Dan sold 16 out of 30 paintings that were part of the installation.  I couldn’t believe it.  I also got press in The Financial Times as someone the collectors are demanding.  Well it was all a little too much for this olde lady to be sure.  My solo performance was a bit shaky, but I looked good in my Rick Owens twinset and dinosaur wedgies, and I don’t think I angered too many people making fun of the Bildungs Burgerlich.  Much thankx to Eva Birkenstock, Verena, Millina, Mr. Dan the Man and Mattias the big hands and feet photographer from Dusseldorf -They Call Me Rolf.
I did have a nice time with all the CHEAPies & Co.  Our concert installation at the Kaserne had a very strange energy, but Fearless Leader Susanne Sachsse and Jamie Stewart gave it their all with punk rockel panasche.  I find Basel a bit problematic.  Lots of eye candy though, but its not like anyone was interested in pounding the doll’s pud.
Next up for the doll is Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome, The Convex Serviette Edition which is our new performative film event replacing the long running Rising Stars, Falling Stars program.
The dates for CVS is June 27,28 & 29th 8pm at the site specific location of Fichtebunker ----Fichtestrasse 6, 10967 Berlin-Kreuzberg. 
The program is divided into two parts.  The first will serve as a tribute of sorts to the visionary Lesben Feministiche filmmaker Ulrike Ottinger showing her Happening Dokumentation film Berlinfieber Wolf Vostell.  The second part will be performative with a screening of Terayama Shuji’s Les chants de Maldoror and Ela Troyano’s David Does Venus starring the fabulous Carmelita Tropicana.  Of course there will be surprises every night so you will want to go all three nights just to see them.  The event also serves as a membership drive for the Arsenal.  Space is limited so remember first come, first served.
Had a delightful visit with the legendary Miss Ottinger at her huge tranquil compound.  She was so gracious and loving. We had a very sweet girlish get together.  I still can’t believe I had a one-on-one with such a legendary,visionary force of nature who keeps in shape by swimming every single day and is working on another hot film project.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018


Die FORMEL E elektrisiert Berlin

Very depressing Spring with the knowledge of the recent deaths of LA underground royals Henry Peck, Janet Cunningham, Tony Kinman and Charlie Quintana.

Of the four who passed, the Ms. Vagimule Davis doll was closest to Henry Peck. Henry was the mastermind behind the legendary indie import record store Vinyl Fetish, and the other half of the infamous gay “It” couple Joseph&Henry of the 1980's Melrose Avenue scene.

With Henry's then partner Joseph Brooks they brought the New Romantic and Blitz Kid scene of London to LA's trendiest with their famed nite spot The Veil that started at the Cathay De Grande and then moved to Club Lingerie where it was immortalized in the Kim Carnes video Bette Davis Eyes. 

My favorite club that Henry DJ'd was the short lived Monday night hotspot that was located at the former Cattle Barons Restaurant on LaCienega Blvd. I don't remember what he called the club, but the space was one of the best for an underground niteclub in terms of square footage and atmosphere. Henry and Joseph also used to great affect an old black owned theater on Washington Blvd near Crenshaw for their long running Fetisch Discoteca, which crisscrossed the city at various locations. Henry was one of LA's most underrated DJ's and his musical taste shaped Los Angeles in the 80s and well into the early 90s. Something he has not been properly credited for. 

Henry and I both share native American heritage, something that also linked us with Glen Meadmore whose Cree/Ojibwa mother grew up on a First Nations Reservation in Canada. My grandmother Mama Sarah is a Choctaw Indian and also grew up on a reservation.  Henry was also a hairdresser and was known for his wild crazy colored hairdo's and outlandish outfits.  Like Tomata du Plenty of The Screamers I considered Henry to be a mentor. LA has definately lost a valued treasure.

Janet Cunningham use to run the underground performance space C.A.S.H. (Contemporary Artist Space in Hollywood) Her security guard was a pre-Matrix fame Lawrence Fishbourne. She also ran a casting agency that specialized in providing freaks, punks and weirdos for Hollywood Films and TV. She cast me and my Afro Sisters in a film called Cold Dog Soup that starred Randy Quaid. Michele Buhler was the key make-up artist on that film. I never saw Cold Dog Soup. Maybe it went straight to video. Movies with dog in the title are usually never big box office hits. Janet was a very dear, sweet lady and a major contributor to making LA of the 1980s unforgettable with her take on art and performance.

Tony Kinman along with his brother Chip were in the first wave punk band The Dils and later the indie country group Rank & File.-my fav, and Blackbird. I thought that the brothers were sexy in a lanky asphalt cutie sort of way. I never knew them but I admired them from afar. Tony died age 63.

I also didn't know Charlie Quintana who was the drummer of Tito Larriva's band the Plugz and later Cruzados. In his youth I was very hot for Charlie and the guy he later joined forces with Mike Ness of Social Distortion. I remember at one of those famous art punk New Year's Eve party's shamelessly flirting with Charlie and Mike Ness to no avail. I couldn't compete with Sean DeLear who always carried strong marijuana with her to give to straight boys, who after toking on it would somehow wind up shagging her. I was forever jealous of Sean D for her ability to always get her sex needs met. RIP Sean D and Charlie Q.

Norman von Holtzendorf my German cousin on my fathers side who lives in New York City and works as a high powered international lawyer sent me the book Mexico by Duncan MacLeod. Duncan use to be a club kid in 1980s and in the early aughts was in the most excellent alt country folk band The Acres whom I championed.

Mexico is part of the Psychotic Break Series by Duncan that playfully delves into his youth and struggles with mental illness. I read the first book of the series 5150 A Transfer, with Mexico being the third book. Hopefully Duncan will send me the second.

Duncan has a nice relaxed style of writing that is breezy and intoxicating. His books are very hard to put down. You keep reading until you're finished. Mexico is also quite lovesexy in the description of his homo antics and situations. Below is a little interview I did with Duncan via smug:

VD:... I loved your first book and your band The Acres. Your are this centuries super post punk Sinclair Lewis.

DM: I'm so glad you loved 5150. When you and I first met way back in olden times, I had just recovered from all that nonsense. I was an avid reader of Fertile LaToyah Jackson Quarterly; I was star struck. You might not have guessed that I was successfully fighting off mental illness. I kept a tight lid on the crazy shit.

VD: All teen boys are mentally ill

DM: Some girls are bigger than others. It’s a matter of degree. Is he ill enough to get arrested and 5150’ed? Or perhaps he’s just down in the dumps.

VD: Where on the spectrum were your mental health issues at that time?

DM: I was officially diagnosed with 'Schizophreniform Disorder' which is roughly defined as a psychotic episode lasting between one and six months. It means "Looks like schizophrenia, but it's not". It looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker. Over the years, different doctors have given their own diagnosis - Atypical Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Acute Psychosis followed by Depression...the names are just helpful labels when they decide what pills to give a patient.

VD: A lot of your writing in the first book covers the period of your living in beautiful, but lets face it a little tired San Francisco. Could you ever see yourself living in that city again?

DM: I doubt I could afford it. The San Francisco I left twenty odd years ago has become the Manhattan I fled thirty years ago. I love the many friends I still have there, but I can't picture myself returning. Besides, I bought a house with a swimming pool here in LA. I know the Zuckerbergs might afford a house with a pool up there, but not me or anyone I know personally. And of course summer pool parties in San Francisco would have to take place indoors because of the freezing cold fog.

VD: The relationship with character Fritz and Ethan in your book Mexico seems ideal to me, being able to worship a juicy musclehunk. Why wasn't that enuf for the Ethan Character?

DM: Ethan didn’t totally dislike what was happening with Fritz. He needed somebody to pair up with. Fritz was using Ethan for his language skills, and Ethan was getting very fancy scraps in return. But they were still scraps. Ethan wanted a hand-holding kissy-poo sex boyfriend. Plus Fritz got really scary when he drank tequila.

VD: What's in store for Ethan in the series conclusion?

DM: Ethan goes down a new rabbit hole full of depression, needles and spoons. I wrote the first draft. Editing is taking a lot more time than I planned. It’s hard to know how much to keep in. I don’t want to make my readers ill with details, nor do I want to leave out the grit and grime. I’m trying to keep it sloppy and sleazy.

VD: Wish Ethan,Cory and the young Mexican character had engaged in a hot buttery threegy.

DM: An older, wiser Ethan might have allowed that to happen. He let his injured ego and broken heart get in the way.

VD: As someone who has never had a boyfriend let alone lived as part of male pattern lesbian domesticity I don't understand the world of coupledom.

DM: I’ve been in a lesbianesque couple for going on sixteen years now. I don’t know how it happened. I was at an age where being a bear looked really good on me, so I had a lot of suitors. Rafael stuck. I always trip up when I call him my “husband.” It just sounds so weird. My mother had husbands. What is really helpful about being married, besides the “I Love Yous” and the ways we take care of each other, is the sharing of money. We have shared money in a joint account, and separate money in our own private accounts. Shared money pays the bills and buys groceries. Separate money pays for whatever else we want. That’s coupledom in 250 words or less.

Be sure to visit Duncan’s author page:


My West Coast Gallerist Amy Adams of Adams & Ollman Gallery just sent me her schedule for the rest of Spring and into Summer 2018 with the illustrious artists she works with. Check it out:









































JUNE 29–JULY 27 

Had a deliriously lovely girlish birthday luncheon catching up with the great Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of Arsenal Institut fur Film und Video Kunst at Osteria No. 5 in Kreuzberg's Mehringdamm Corridor. The day was bright and bounteous, with a little chill in the shade, but oh so blue and clear in the glorious sunlight.  You are probably wondering if we were gossiping about you.  Well rest assured we were.  Hahahahaha

Thursday, May 03, 2018


Jenseits der Trampelpfade

This just in----Wilheim Hein the experimental film legend and art photographer extroidinaire Annette Frick are part of this hot Artbook Fair. More info below:

Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair brings together a wide selection of the most interesting artists/authors, artist periodicals and art publishers and is accompanied by a series of lectures, discussions, book launches and workshops exploring the boundaries of contemporary publishing and the possibilities of the book.

In conjunction, the annual Conceptual Poetics Day explores the imaginary border between visual art and literature.

Founded in 2009, MISS READ is Europe’s Art Book Festival, dedicated to community-building and creating a public meeting place for discourse around artists’ books, conceptual publications and publishing as practice. In 2018 MISS READ is gathering 263 exhibitors.

Since 2017, Miss Read: The Berlin Art Book Fair takes place at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.

Dear Ones

Dear friends and fans

you want us at MISS READ Artbook Fair

in Berlin .

We present our new and new issues of


From the 4th to the 6th of May 2018 we will be at the Miss Read with our stand
and present our new releases:
"Beyond the Tramping Paths" and satellites
in the House of World Cultures.

Saturday, April 28, 2018


The Basis of Spring

Hunty Molyneaux couldn't believer her lucka. “Exclaim, she said. Brandeis Lintelman is the best 90 minute man I have ever had.

He was diminutive, but was well proportioned with a sturdy rack, broad shoulders, a throat stretcher if ever there was one, with klick-klacky hangy downey mildew Baoding balls.

It had been many years since Hunty had a Spring romance. Winter had been harsh and dismal. Brandeis of the steel grey eyes made her feel desire under the elms, or rather Linden trees.

Hunty had felt so invisible before meeting him. He was old enough to be her godson. When he asked her exactly how old she was, she smiled and gave him her standard How old do you want me to be?

He took a moment to think about it, then mumbled, “Thirty-nine”.

So that became her age, just like comedian Jack Benny. All her points of reference dated Miss Hunty miserably. Brandeis doesn't know who Tom Cruise is let alone Jack Benny. 


Congrats to Ms. Vaginal Davis' former NYU student Beatrice Glow who is an official Smithsonian Artist Research Fellow. She will be researching with world class experts at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery and the National Numismatics Collection at the National Museum of American History. 

Another one of Ms. Davis' brilliantine students is Lydia Hamann. Miss Lydia was in Ms. Davis' Do or Die Performance Art Seminar way back in 2007 at Weissensee Art Akademy in Berlin. Now Lydia is involved in a myriad of fantastic, fascinating projects, the latest a book called Radical Admiration along with fellow artist Kaj Osteroth. Please consider contributing to their crowdfunding effort. You won't regret it, as it helps to finance young feminist art, and there is no more important cause I can think of supporting:

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Raum der Moeglichkeiten
Enjoyed a lovely Spring awakening with Fearless Leader of CHEAP kollektiv Susanne Sachsse and film historian Marcuse Siegelstein at the Schwules Museum to see Dynasty Handbag perform. Her performance was a longer version of what she did in Oslo recently.
Ms. Jibz Cameron the woman behind the designer purse is revitting on stage. There are no bounds to the Dynasty Handbag genius, plus she always knows where her light is, captivating the young queer audience.
Happy to report that on this particular day the musuem was delightfully void of the usual gay lizards that are their typical publicum.
The next day I breakfasted with the hot, sexy lesbian schtarina at a cute little boite on the Mehringdamm Corridor. I had no idea that she had first come to Los Angeles from New York to work on a project with the production company of mainstream comedy film star Jack Black, whose wife has a background in the underground scene.
Had a lovely girlish time bonding with Ms. Cameron as a coupla of hot chix sitting around shooting the shit.
Was able to do some site specific location scouting for Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of the Arsenal and Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson. We found a very cool space, but I don't want to talk about it as I feel that would jinx it. Keep posted to this very blogina for future developments.
Been painting like mad to make my deadline for the upcoming Art Basel. Was able to take a break from painting to hang out with one of my best girlfriends the famed make-up artiste Akira Knightly. Mz. Akira and I love to Barney Google cute boys and gossip gossip and more gossip.
So thrilled I got to listen to handsome Jamie Stewart of XiuXiu in town for an impromptu solo gig at the Volksbuhner's Rote Salon. Was sitting on a sofa with Senol Senturk and was able to just close my eyes and drift in Jamie's illustrious voice and sounds without physically seeing him as he was surrounded by throngs of attractive young admirers. With my swollen feet and bad knees I can't stand at a concert so I had to park it in one place and marinade in an aural swell of complete utter joy. Will be going back on tour with Jamie & Gang for the Original Sin concert/installation project soon.

Friday, April 13, 2018


The Pension Grillparzer
My first time in Oslo, Norway the home of my Pedro, Muriel & Esther bass player Dean Opseth.
Had a lovely time. The weather was a bit chilly but very sunny and bright.
Invited to Norway by Troll Krem and the Munch Museum/Munchmuseat on the Move.
Thank god I was able to bring Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin as my assistant. They put us in a comfy hotel across from the main train station.
Sweet and cuddly Tor Erik Boe of Troll Krem and his cute beau fetched us from the International Aeroport and took us to a swank dinner at a delicious boite where we were served a 9 course meal of local favourites.
Met the stylish and sophisticated Natalie Hope O'Donnell of the Munch Museum, event producer extroidinaire and pretty party girl Benedicte Bolling, Seth Bogart of Gravy Train and Hunx and His Punx fame. Seth brought with him a copy of Alice Bag's new CD Blueprint for me. Seth is also one of the stars of Alice's rock video that also features Kathleen Hanna and Shirley Manson. The video is a remake of the Lilly Tomlin/Jane Fonda/Dolly Pardon feminist treatise 9to5 set to Alice's song 77. Seth is a bonafide sex stud. With a bubble butt you can build a dream on and a rocket crotch of good n' plenty to match. When Seth was a teenager he use to write me fan letters that included his art work and zine writing. It wasn't till Oslo that we have finally met in the fleshy flesh. Now he is a super duper international music, art and sexyline schtarino of the highest order. During his performance he had the entire audience all wrapped up in the very house of his booty and titten politic. I love his hit song “Men Must Die”, a sentiment I greatly approve of. At the end of his set he had two roid raging Chippendale lite strippers who were ill-er then ill as his backup dancers. Geniustrata.
The other performer on the bill was the sensational Jibz Cameron as Dynasty Handbag. I've known Ms. Cameron for a long time as she was one of the many gifted children of the late Professor Jose E. Munoz of NYU's Performance Studies Department. If you have never seen her you owe it to yourself to check this amazing lady out. She is the performance art equivalent of writers Radcliffe Hall and Patricia Highsmith having fornicated and produced a lesbiana love child. Dynasty Handbag is alchemy of the highest order. The last time I saw her perform was at my installation talk show VD is Speaking From the Diaphragm at PS 122 in New York in 2010. Dynasty Handbag rocks like no one else on the planet!

For Oslo we performed in the site specific location of Ivars Kro(Ivars Inn) a dive discoteca in the Greenland city center district. This area is the last to be gentrified and is Oslo's Kreuzberg with lots of sexy immigrants on parade. The performance evening started with a Talk Show artsy fartsy version of The View with Tor Erik as Barbara Walters.
I wasn't expecting such a huge audience of people from all walks of life and ages. After a short intermission the publicum moved to another section of the large niteclub where I began the evening festivities singing my old major label release “My Pussy is a Cactus” where I sprinkled in some Adorno and George Bataille text. I also pulled out of my arsenal the Tom Cruise Loves Women video that I made with Billy Miller of Straight to Hell fame. I couldn't believe that such old material still can enchant an audience. Does any of the young people of today even know who Tom Cruise is? Thank god a lot of people my age and older came out to see me from all parts of Scandinavia. Got to see my brilliantine former Malmo Art Academy students Stine Omar and Ihra Lill who are now huge international stars. Stine is even a supermodel on the Paris runway. Her band Easter with Max Boss is on hiatus at the moment.
Also while in Norway I got to do a photo shoot with the famous Oslo based photographer Fin Serck-Hanssen. Mr. Serck-Hanssen lives in an elegant country compound surrounded by chickens and Bambi's frolicking in his backyard which is a giant forrest woodland.
Special thankx again to Bendicte, Tor Eric, Natalie, Frode, Christian, Kyrre, Kaeto, and Sanna for making my time in Oslo so swell.
Before going to Norway I did a workshop in Vienna at the famous Schule Friedl Kubelka fuer unabhaengigen Film. My students were smart, sexy and super talented and did things in the exercises that no other students have performed. Also managing not to get arrested or injured.
I didn't expect such a huge audience for my intro lecture. Afterward Phillip Fleischmann the schools very young, dreamy Dean of Students took me for a comfort meal at Wratschko Gastwirthschaft along with Salvatori who use to work with Ali and Tobias of Gelitin at the Kunst Akademie in Linz.
All my love and kissyz to Phillip, Magdelene, and my juicy hot students. Ms. Davis Loves you!!!!

Before going off to Vienna the BabyDiaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras invited me as his plus one to the Easter Fetisch Party SNAX at Lab/Berghain. This was my second year attending with Baby Diaper Joel. Once again there were giant peterfications on display. I even met a sweet blondine lad who I wound up hanging with, and his lovesexy gaysian pal. Like me they got a kick out of voyeuring the sex gods in attendance in various stages of debauchery.

Before we went to SNAX we went to a little shindig at the Kreuzberg home of the delightlfully sweet musician Colin Self. Colin was hosting some American pals which included a few Chicago natives who are very good friends with Mark “Ears” Frietas of HomoCore Chicago and Spectra-Sonic Record Label that produced my PME CD The White To Be Angry.