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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Les Nobel Genevois a l’honneur

Entarteurs, allez voter!

That train set go getter Ms. Vaginal Davis Jr. is now back in Geneva at Work Master HEAD teaching her Perverse Assemblages labzone/seminar with Olga Rozenblum.

Our Autumnal Rohypnol lady has had quite a season with giving an artist talk and screening as part of the Fringe Queer Film and Art Festival in London. The multigenerational audiences seemed to adore her 1990 short subject Dot where the diva impersonates with a bad mid Atlantic accent the famed wit Dorothy Parker co-starring with her is a former crush Alfredo Botello playing Robert Benchley.  Mr. Botello is now a married man with two teenage sons and fluctuates from being a bar owner in Oakland and screenwriter.

The other films screened were VooDoo Williamson the Dona of Dance and The White to be Angry. All these films made their UK premiere decades after being made in Hollywoodland back in the1990s. La Davis’ screening and artist talk were surprisingly sold out. The lady also had a private viewing at the Stoke Newington Library Gallery of her new painting series In Search of Gnost Time.

The celebutant quotient was high with appearances by Narcisister, Bishop Black - the handsome blue movie star of Bruce La Bruce’s last omnibus flicker with the galpals of Erica Lust, gorgeous artiste Elly Clarke, and partner Roux Malherbe, Helen de Witt (Programme Advisor for the Experimenta strand. She is also a curator and lecturer in Film Studies at Birkbeck and University of the Arts London. Helen was previously Head of Cinemas at the BFI) and Bart McDonagh (Senior Project Manager at Domino Records), juicy artist and scholar Lewis Church, Jen Smethurst (performance producer), Alex Eisenberg from Live Art Development Agency, Phoebe Patey-Ferguson and Nichol (arts producers), Christa Holka (an awesome photographer) and Adriana Disman (artist), Hunky ginger English cricketer Ben Stokes, actor and renowned art collector Russell Tovey, Canadian filmmaker Kevin Hegge, young artiste Chris Cole who works with Kembra Pfahler and Billy Miller of STH, Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin, and soap opera male ingénue Parry Glasspool. Ms. Davis sends special thankx to everyone at Fringe Festival including Muffin, Alek and Marta, Dan Gunn Gallery London, plus the Goethe Institute who paid for the lovely stylish boutique suite Ms. Davis enjoyed at Kip Hotel in Hackney Central.

After London Tante Vaginal Davis was off to Frankfurt am Main to host and DJane the closing party of REMAKE. Frankfurter Frauen Film Tage at the Goethe Universitaet. This amazing feministiche Film Festival is the brainchild of the great and glorious team of Heide Schluepmann & Karola Gramann of KinoThek Asta Nielsen.

Ms. Davis was housed at the glamorous Hotel Villa Orange on Hebbelstrasse which has the most delicious Bio breakfast in Christendom and a gracious staff.

Ms. Davis was so excited to be engulfed in the incredible atmosphere of the screenings and being around so many accomplished women. La Ms. Davis felt so fortunate that she got to meet one of her feministiche heroines in the form of the badass B. Ruby Rich who lives in the Bay Area now after years in New York City. Ms. Rich was regaling Ms. Davis of how she can’t stand the San Francisco Yoga culture and has traded in her mat for boxing which keeps her looking youthful and fit. If you get into any hassle B. Ruby Rich has got your back girls. 

 Lots of laughs during luncheon with Ms. Rich, Heide Schluepmann, Karola Gramann, and the beautiful and talented Hindle Wakes. Ms. Davis enjoyed the screening of the films of Ella Bergmann-Michel introduced by a teenage looking Bettina Schulte Strathaus. During the closing night party Ms. Davis Djaned along with locals Han of the Safe & Sound who spins vinyl with cassette tapes and Djane Karaj who spun Afro Beats and Grime. Ms. Davis loved seeing former students from Geissen, Offenback, Mainz, The Steadeschule and Goethe Universitaet and would love to send heartfelt thanks and give shout outs to Heide& Karola, Gaby Babic, Esra Kartal and her marvelous rock steady crew.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019



One of my brilliant former students C. Maria Norrman from Malmo Art Akademy is doing a performance very soon. If you are in Sweden you owe yourself to see this fabulous artist in her element. Check out the info below:

Performance: Time Travel Entertainment: Millennium Star Lip Syncs For

Their Life* 2-3 November, 1-4 pm
Lorensborgsgatan 8, Malmö


*The performance takes place in and around an empty former hair salon in

Lorensborgs shopping center (look for the ICA Nära Stadionköp grocery

store, enter the shopping center, location is opposite the ICA)*

Fictional travel agency Time Travel opens the new temporary beauty salon

Beauty with a performance by Millennium Star. The beauty salon offers free

make-over and a relaxing trip in Virtual Reality.

Millennium Star is the artist Maria Norrman's drag character. At the

beauty salon Beauty, Millennium Star will perform selected songs in

different languages such as Farsi, Portuguese, German and English.

Millennium Star dresses in different styles for each song.

Time Travel and the beauty salon Beauty are part of the fictional

corporate group Worldtrotters ™, which is the world's best fictional VR

travel company group. Since 2018, they have offered fictional travel

experiences to hundreds of people in both Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark

and the Czech Republic.

The project is run by Gallery Extra with support from Bästa Biennalen, MKB

Fastighets AB and BoostHBG.

Maria Norrman works with video and photography, in combination with

performance and costume. The works explore the meeting between her and

other people's fantasies and conceptions on topics such as gender, war

history and sexuality. Norrman was born in 1987 and graduated from the

Malmö School of Art in 2013.
Also if you are in the Tri State NYC region you have to go to the opening of my dear colleague and collaborator the genius woman of talent, hot sexuality and mystery Baseera Khan for her solo exhibition. Miss Baseera is a major gift and divine treasure. See below for info:

Please join us on next Sunday for the opening of:

Baseera Khan

snake skin

November 3 – December 22, 2019

Opening: Sunday, November 3rd: 7 – 9pm, After Party tbd.

Please join me for this super important moment in my practice. I haven't had a solo since iamuslima at Participant Inc in 2017. This will be the first solo I have with Simone Subal Gallery who is now working with me and has taken on the task to represent me and my brown ass. Def don't miss this, I need your support and want to witness the night with you. Bring your dancing shoes, tbd joint afterparty with Participant Inc.
Simone Subal Gallery 131 Bowery, 2nd floor // New York, NY 10002 //
917-409 0612

One of my delightful new students at Work Master HEAD in Geneva is involved in a very interesting project that riffs on the daytime chat show as performative art installation.  If you are in Berlin I recommend you check it out for yourself:

Dear friends,
I’m delighted to invite you to the new video installation “The Morning Show of Celine and Renana”.
Presented in the frame of “OPEN SPACES” festival at Tanzfabrik Berlin, this is a new season of the successful morning show, where Celine and Renana deal with daring and enthralling matters of art. In their show, the famous hosts from the showbiz industry invite choreographers, artists and cultural workers to give a glimpse into their working processess in order to understand the hidden meaning behind the sublime practice of art. 

When and where: 1st-10th November 2019 at Uferstudios, Badstr. 41a, Studio 13 
Viewing the installation is free of charge.
Episodes 3+4 of the new season will be shown in February 2020.

Although as their agent my part in the production is minimal, I hope to see you there, I'm sure you will enjoy!
For detailed hours and the full program of the festival:

All the best,



Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Die besten Methoden aus dem Profisport

Another one of Ms. Vaginal Davis´excerpts from her upcoming novel Mary Magdalene:

Mountain Greenery

Nagel was a muscular piece of burnt ember from the Islands. Don’t ask me which Island. All I know is that when Coen and I reached the cruise bar on a Saturday night sometime after midnight Nagel and Leander were locked in conversation. Actually Nagel was doing all the talking and Leander was just nodding his head. I didn’t know Nagel that well, but Leander and I have been friends for over 25 years, though we hadn’t been getting along very well of late.

It wasn’t difficult to notice that Leander was besotted. Well yeah on the surface Nagel was dishy. He was tall, broad shouldered, fit and quite a spectacular Nubian specimen in his early fifties. Leander was an olde school dinger from before the Rains of Ranchipur. Part of me wanted to spare Leander the heartbreak of psoriasis, but I wasn’t sure if it was my place to intercede. You see Nagel had gone out with my colleague Frit for almost two years. Frit didn’t like to be thought of as a purveyor of the nitty gritty even though all his past beaus were of the dark hued variete´.

When Frit first met Nagel I thought oooh what a good match. Nagel was very grand, from an upper middle class background. I thought Nagel could shake Frit from his crusty trappings and maybe get him to bathe a little more often and perhaps brush his teeth. Frit’s slogan for avoiding soap and water being that we are all animals and need to accept our animal scents and odours. That kind of rant was lame when I first heard it back in my twenties from street punks in San Francisco. You can somewhat get away with being stank and slatterny when you’re young and cute, but not when you’re a grizzly salty dog in your late forties.

Frit was talented and not without charm, but I didn’t want to be stuck down wind of him, and because he was also a chain smoker his breath reeked like a rodent had died lodged somewhere between tongue and tonsil.

Nagel was very controlling with Frit and tried desperately to mold him into the model white boyfriend. Nagel had lived in Berlin for many years but had never been able to connect with the precious pieces of “high snow” that were part of his regular social orbit. I imagined his haughtiness kept them at a distance. Before meeting Frit, Nagel had a longterm fuckbud in the form of a macho middle aged working class Turkish man. They shared nothing in common other then the Turk`s love of penetrating Nagels sinewy obsidian asstrovar.

Nagel saw potential in Frit and decided he would be his fixer upper. I am really surprised they lasted as long as they did. One time Frit uncharacteristically screamed at me thinking I was giving him shady lady bird over whether he could do something without Nagel’s explicit approval. It was actually one of the few times I wasn’t dropping the Venetian blinds as I have a habit of accidentally on purpose doing. I was very shockedheaded Peter to see Frit nix his casual cool guy persona, as it was something he cultivated with peptic rigour. It was soon after the incident where Frit yelled at me that he broke up with Nagel. Frit often confided in me that he felt Nagel forced him into the role of nuptial breadwinner. Frit also bragged that Nagel possessed the penis of a dinosaur, but exclusively enjoyed only a passive role. Nagel was horrified if any lover or trick even suggested that he be active. With Frit Nagel would just quietly lay on his back holding his legs behind his ears signaling to Frit he was ready to be forcefully mounted. Frit considered himself sexually versatile so his sex life with Nagel was beyond frustrating. He had never wanted to become anyone`s ideal husband. When Nagel insisted on cutting his toenails for him that signalled the end.

Of course I couldn’t spill any of this to Leander at the bar. When Nagel was in gestural monologue mode it was impossible for anyone else to cut in. Coen and I left them after about fifteen minutes to meet some friends at another pub. Two days later I got filled in by Leander that he had to sit through Nagel´s verbosity till 5am before they retired to Nagel´s flat, only to realize that they were both Elizabeth Regina´s in dire need of a robust Prince Phillip.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Susanne Sachsse's radio play version of Original Sin this Wednesday Oct 16th 8pm.

Original Sin on NDR - German national radio and the latest CHEAP Funk at Rebooty FM.

Dear CHEAP Friends

It's been a while and I'll keep it brief. Please take 90 minutes this Wednesday, October 16 at 8pm (20 Uhr) to listen to Susanne Sachsse's first radio play, ORIGINAL SIN. DER GANG DER FRAU IM SOZIALISMUS on NDR. This is the radio play based on the story that inspired the concert Original Sin with Xiu Xiu which CHEAP has performed throughout the land. Many of the songs from the concert are incorporated into the radio play. But the radio play not only has additional music by Jamie Stewart/Xiu Xiu but also the fantastic actors:

Silvia Rieger as Luise Brand

Kathrin Angerer as Susanne's Mother

Margarita Broich as The Dramaturg

Susanne Sachsse as the Narrator and Susanne

...and many more

You can listen to it on Wednesday, Oct 16 at 20 Uhr (Berlin time) here:

For a complete list of the great cast and crew and for more information.,sendung959728.html

...And, as always, don't forget that CHEAP contributes a live monthly radio show, CHEAP Funk, to the great artist radio station Our latest show called CHEAP Rijun will be online on soundcloud and at You can also find some older shows there too. Check them out. Some are fun, some are dumb, some are goofy and some, as we Americans like to say, are interesting (which can go either way). No matter what, you won't regret it, I think.


Marcuse Siegelstein


The super hot and magnificently well endowed male concubine of the stars Scotty Bower died at age 95. The handsome sexually fluid former Marine and bona fide studkin helped art direct the sex life of many of the greatest stars of Hollywood’s golden era. Scotty was a good friend of Queer Cuntry singing star Glen Meadmore. Scotty will be very much missed as a Hollywood fixture and suprema
Boulevard royale.

Monday, October 07, 2019


Faisons de on reve une realite! 

Rester connecte au reseau

Brand new semester at Work Master HEAD Ecole de Art et Design in Geneva where my Perverse Assemblages/Framing the Freakazoid Labzone joins with the seminar of Olga Rozenblum of Trieze Art Space in Paris for a big year long project. It seems that the art school and students are very excited with the prospects. I don´t want to give away too much here at this point in time.

More news from art photographer Annette Frick and Wilhelm Hein who have an exhibition in Brussels. I didn’t get the information in time to post for the opening but I think things will last for a while see below:

Thursday 3 october 2019

opening of Annette Frick’s exhibition (free)

Film screenings by Wilhelm Hein and Annette Frick + live music by moro sphinx and D’incise (5€)

3.10.2019 - 13.10.2019
Open on sunday 6 and 13 october, 2-6pm Or by appointment : 04 87 47 51 54

Brasseries Atlas
Rue du Libre Examen 15, 1070 Anderlecht


Two stars of my childhood both died recently at the same age of 84-the gorgeous Miss Diahann Carroll and loopy comedian Rip Taylor.

Diahann Carroll starred in films like Carmen Jones 1954, Porgy and Bess 1959, Paris Blues, 1960, Hurry Sundown, 1967, and Claudine, 1974, where she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. She starred in her own TV series that broke ground in that she played a nurse and not a servant called Julia from 1968-1971 co-starring cute child actor Marc Copage.  Ms. Carroll played a glamorous bitchy villainess on the 80s primetime soap Dynasty. The singer/actress also was the first African American to win a Tony Award for best actress on Broadway in the Richard Rodgers musical No Strings, 1962.

Rip Taylor was known as the wacky confetti tossing rambunctuos queen on TV game and variety shows during the 1970s. I will never forget having a close encounter with the TV starina when I was with singer/songwriter Glen Meadmore waiting to be sat at the French Market Place Diner in West Hollywood. Mr.Taylor was dressed in his usual flamboyant manner and was in front of us and Mr. Meadmore said to him, “I love your rings”.  Mr. Taylor was bedecked in an array of turquise jewelry covering his entire contenance.  Mr. Taylor with that famed handlebar mustache of his turned around slowly looking Mr. Meadmore and I up and down and casually  replied without missing a beat, “Thank you, so do I”.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


Brennt’s beim Pinkeln?
Las dich auf sexuell uebertragbare

So delighted that I was able to see the work of two of my genius Geneva Work Master HEAD students Constance Brosse and Jacopo Belloni along with their vivacious colleagues Johana Blanc, Sylvain Gewelski, Vicente Leser, Henrique Loja, Sara Ravelli, Niels Trannois and Paulo Wirz that was part of this year’s Berlin Art Week. Their gorgeous installation was a collective exhibition in Archivio Conz under the title Fridges are not Frigid. The Conz Archive is quite unique as Francesco Conz was not only a collector but worked and lived closely with artists of the main avant-garde movements of his time: Fluxus, Viennese Actionism, ZAJ, Lettrisme, Concrete Poetry, Sound Poetry and Gorgona.

The Arsenal’s retrospective on homo-romantik Hollywood golden era director Frank Borzage has been utterly divine. Loved seeing a youthful Spencer Tracy and radiant Loretta Young in Man’s Castle 1933, and Tracy and Joan Crawford in Mannequin very hardhitting in terms of the take on poverty and inequities.

Charles Farrell with his bubble butt faggy whoop de loop shined in the highly stylized Liliom 1930. The play Liliom is based on is the source material for the Rogers and Hammerstein musical Carousel. The great Lee Tracy was in high invert form as the mincing grifty villain. In Three Comrades 1938, Margaret Sullavan and a pre Father Knows Best Robert Young sacrifice themselves so that humpy beauty boy Robert Taylor can find true happiness and passionate love with hungry holed Franchot Tone in South America as fascism looms in the Germany of 1920. It could easily be the Germany of today. In A Farewell to Arms 1933, svelte matronly looking Helen Hayes not only miscarriages but also dies so that lean Ganymede Gary Cooper(substituting for closet case Ernest Hemmingway) can finally submit to the leering advances of kinky hedonista Adolphe Menjou. Really who can blame Mr. Hairyeyeball Menjou as Cooper is literally bursting out of his slacks in almost every scene in the picture. In History is Made at Night 1937, suave Charles Boyer is the object of affection of Leo Carrillo as the way too possessive plump pepperpot best friend, while poor "I only photograph good on one side" Jean Arthur is saddled to an obsessive homo-cidal Miss Priss played by brittle Colin Clive who looks like Mitch McConnell when he was young. I take that back Mitch McConnell was never young. He was born a granpa.

I’ve Always Loved You 1946, a color entry in the Borzage canon is set in the milieu of classical music where a concert pianist Catherine McLeod, (a low rent Gene Tierney doppleganger) must chose between her rather comely gay husband Bill Carter or gay maestro Philip Dorn. Well the choice should be easy for her as the hysterical maestro already has a high maintenance live-in lover in the form of Fritz Feld. Madame Maria Ouspenskaya steals the film like she always does. I adored her in Dorothy Arzner’s Dance, Girl Dance. Madame Maria gives a great explanation of modern piano telekinesis and telepathy that is out of this ca-world. My film sister of the clothe the patrician Landgraf Stephan Ahrens, late of Zeughaus Kino gave a masterful introduction of the film in decidedly masculine ardour.

Cant wait to see The Mortal Storm 1940, Moonrise 1948 and Strange Cargo 1940 with Clark Gable and Joan Crawford.
Was listening to NPR Berlin and it annoys me to no end that the engorge media refuses to report on the Orange Roughy Tetrarch of what was formerly the United States of America’s drug addiction.  Even us punters in Berlin are aware of President Weebles Wooble But They Don't Fall Down addiction to snorting  and tooting Demerol. It’s the super elefantes in the room, and no one mentions it----so bizarre.
This just in from the art photographer Annette Frick:
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren
liebe Freundinnen und Freunde
zu meiner Ausstellung:
Abriss, Trümmertunten und Internationale Individuen - 1991 - 2010
gibt's am 26.9.2019 die grosse Trümmer Tunten Show (statt Vernissage)
unten im grossen Saal des Märkischen Museums
mit Zeremonienmeistern Patsy L'amour laLove und
Melitta Poppe, Tima die Göttliche, Juwelia Soraya, Betty Bückse, Daisy u.a.
Einlass 18 Uhr -Start 19 Uhr
Das Fotografische Kabinett zeigt im ersten Stock, erstmals Bilder meiner Serie:
Nix … meta … meta … schwupp… weg is et
oder Fortschritt und Rückbau und Auszüge aus Fuck Gender
Ich freue mich wenn Ihr kommt
Herzlichst Annette Frick
siehe auch:


One of my former NYU students the prolific Beatrice Glow has a new solo exhibition:
Happy Equinox friends and colleagues!
I am traveling to Taiwan to open my solo exhibition Forts amd Flowers on October 19th at Taipei Contemporary Art Center. This will be my first time exhibiting in my parents' homeland so this is a very significant endeavor. Please follow me on Instagram for more timely updates or come by the exhibtion!

And my dearest friend and best girlfriend Glenn Belverio formerly known as the artiste Glennda Orgasm has an exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York:  Urban Indian:  Native New York Now   that runs from September 27, 2019 - February 15, 2019.  If you are in the Tri-Sexual State area you owe it to your self to run and see it.  Glenn Belverio is geniustrata in everything he does!

Saturday, September 14, 2019


Neue Zeilen und Tage
Leben und Philosophie

Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome was quite explosive Tuesday September 10th at the Vollguter Gemeinschaftsgarten on the grounds of the Kindl brewery in Neukoelln with an all Brazilian salute to Cinema Novo movement and screening of Patio 1959 by Glauber Rocha which has music but no dialogue.

Lehenga Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and Ms. Davis read from text by humpy Brazilian queer politico David Miranda (the trophy husband of journalist Glenn Greenwald) and the late, great activist leader Marielle Franco who the evening was in tribute to. MARIELLE FRANCO PRESENCHE!

The other shorts included Amazonas, Amazonas 1966, Maranhao 66 and an unexpected film by Tata Amaral that featured John Cage and Merce Cunningham that wound up in the film canister that was marked for Viver a Vida. Sometimes the archive takes demonic possession over what is screened leaving you as a helpless curatorial victim. Our planned translation of the Amaral film subtitles we found ourselves reciting without the film, certainly a performative first!

At the end of the robust evening everyone stuck around to celebrate the 29th birthday of sexy scholar Nanna Heidenreich which continued on till 3am at a frolicsome local pub around the corner on Flughafen Strasse called Trude Ruth und Goldammer.

Seen & heard on this festive evening with a full moon: Elena Bomastae (studied Film in Frankfurt, she was at the arsenal summer school),Lorin Decarli (emergency activist, member disruption network lab), Annette Lingg and Gary Vanisian (both for the first time at CVS who are Arsenal program assistants) Charlotte Peters (intern arsenal), Sara Busnaro (architect, who was the first contact in the community garden, but is not part of the collective any longer),Mojisola Adebayo, performer, playwright, actress, teacher/lecturer - see She is active in Black Lives Matter movement and her wonderschoen academic gal pal the incredible Nicole Wolf, curator at Stoffwechsel a project of Archive Ausser Sich, researcher, writer, curator in Visual Cultures at Goldsmith University of London. Both ladies have been doing a series of workshops recently, on permaculture and theater of the oppressed (which fits of course the Brazil connection of the decrepit patina with vinegar syndrome. Other notables included Nuray Demir, one of the curators of District, this amazing queer/ feminist art space, with posse, Uli Ziemons of Forum Expanded, the delightful and utterly charming Jim Hubbard a NYC based experimental filmmaker, archivist at Anthology Film Archive, founder and president of MIX-The New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film/Video Festival and AIDS activist suprema. His most recent film United in Anger: A History of ACT UP is beyond brilliantine.

Was surprised and thrilled to see super hunk and the WORLDS favourite golden child Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, who is now the director of Museo Nacional de Arte in La Paz, Bolivia, always great to see vivacious Sabeth Buchmann a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She co-wrote a book on Hélio Oiticica with Max Jorge, Vinegar Syndrome regular Prima Ballerina Trixie von Schonherr aka: Beatrice Cordua who at age 79 still gives off radiant youth, Todd Sekuler, the Humboldt Universitat fagademic who is part of the Europach Research Team and was one of the organizers of the Living Politics: Remembering HIV/AIDS Activism Tomorrow Congress, the amazing Margarita Tsomou, founder of Missy Magazine currently running Hebbel am Ufer's discourse / theory program - but also a performer/ curator, author, dramaturg and all around stunning creature, Manuela Schinina, aka DJane Bianca Kruk, sound designer and feminist film Specialist, Michaela Wünsch of bbooks kollektiv, Martin Grennberger (film curator from Sweden), Brazilian film couple Gustavo Jahn & Melissa Dullius, Michael Scaturro the Deutche Welle, NPR and Bloomberg News journalista who has been making inroads into television lately via his work with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. Michael Scaturro's companion for the evening comic Joseph Hutchenson who goes by Joe von Hutch on MyFace. You can find him on

Ms. Davis’ old LA palsy walsy the bubbly Michael Wilde was at the eventa. Michael just moved to Germany and is getting a second masters at the Universitaet Weimar, Piero Belomo of La Collezione who is also the husband of Daniel Hendrickson for almost 20 years now, the personable Yusuf ‘Yusi’ Etiman of Basso Kollektive who spends half the year in San Paulo, Brazil where he does work with Trans youth at risk. Yusi is also the graphics designer for the famed Berlin Techno club Berghain, he brought with him the hungthrob Argentine actor Rodrigo De La Serna plus Spains’s resident male ingénue and uber muscular pintsize hottiekin Miguel Herran and languidly patrician Jose’ Pablo Minar of HBO’s Los Espookys, Landgraf Stefan Ahrens late of ZeughausKino im Deutschen Historischen Museum who was the mastermind behind their recent Hedy LaMarr retrospectacular, Adham Hafez Artistic Director HaRaKa Dance Development and Research and Adham Hafez Dance Company with his divinely beautiful BFF Sara Soumaya Abed who is a belly dancer artiste who also writes a regular column on sex and sexuality from the Egyptian woman perspective

Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was looking quite scintillating being the hardest working woman in all of Europa. I can never keep up with La Schulte Strathaus’ schedulina which has her circling the globe in triplicate. The next morning she was off to Toronto to give one of her amazing talks on archives.

Special thankx to Stefanie, Gerrit Woltemath, projectionist Bodo, Nadja the guardian of the kasse, Werner of Nomad Kino who provided the portable screen, Olivia, Fabian, Inga & Tracy from Volguter Gemeinschaftgarten Collective who took care of technic and bar with the most delish popcorn. Our next Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome will most likely be in December after Christmas and before Silvester back at our old stomping Grounds of Arsenal Institut fur film und video kunst kino 2 with a screening of Jean-Jacques Beineix’s Diva


Congragulations are in order to art photographer Annette Frick whose career has been all over the place with accolade after accolade. She will be glorified in a new museum show in Berlin soon. Here are the details so you won’t miss out on all the fun and action:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren
liebe Freundinnen und Freunde
ab 17.9.2019 zeigt das Märkische Museum im Fotografischen Kabinett
Fotos meiner nie gezeigten Serie: Nix … meta….meta…schwupp…weg is et
oder Fortschritt und Rückbau und Auszüge aus Funk Gender
unter dem Titel: Abriss, Trümmertunten und Internationale Individuen - 1991 - 2010
Eröffnung gibt es nicht.
aber am 26.9.2019 gibt's eine live Show mit Trümmertunten
und Zeremonienmeistern Patsy LamourlaLove
Einlass ab 17 Uhr -Start 19 Uhr
Ich freue mich wenn Ihr kommt
herzlichst Annette
genaueres siehe link

Speaking of fabu artists having exhibitions, thine cup spilleth over this season with juicy news from another one of oue favourite out there feminist women, Miss Rebecca Goyette the celebrated Lobster Lady: Fortuna’s Wheel: Rebecca Goyette’s Solo Exhibition at Shelter Gallery

179 East Broadway, NYC
September 25 - November 15, 2019
Opening Wednesday, September 25th, 6-8pm
Gallery hours, Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6 PM, Website:
For inquiries contact Rachel Cohen, Email:, Phone: 646-822-2999
Shelter Gallery is proud to present Fortuna’s Wheel, a solo exhibition of drawings, sculpture and video by multimedia artist Rebecca Goyette, that considers the artist’s specific use of what she calls “maker’s magic.”

Embracing a fruitful multiplicity of sexual desire, Rebecca Goyette’s artwork delves into complex characters based partially in the real (scientific fact, Puritan history, the annals of witchcraft, Goddess worship and the paranormal) and partially in fiction. Goyette recounts the psychosexual dramas of her direct ancestor, Rebecca Nurse, who was hanged as a Salem witch in her “Ghost Bitch” films, while embodying the mating rituals of lobster in her extensive series of costumed “Lobsta Porns.” 

Through researching her colonial American accused witch ancestry, Goyette deepened her understanding of magic and rediscovered ritual as an artist and object maker. Goyette’s latest body of work is created through a process of sigil magic drawing. Sigils are created through a process of condensing written statements of the maker’s greatest desires, formed into charged graphic symbols. Goyette has developed her own sigil/symbol drawing technique through combining multiple sigils in intricate pictorial representations that feature eroticism, and co-mingling of human and animal realms. 

Sigils have a long history of use in magical practices, originally thought of as pictorial signatures of otherworldly entities, and later sigils reinvented as symbols created to manifest one’s desired outcomes. Surrealist artist Austin Osman Spare further developed the technique creating intricate pictorial representations. In 1936, Hitler asked Spare to paint his portrait. Spare refused Hitler, stating, “if you are what is considered superhuman, let me be forever animal.” For Goyette, Spare’s statement of resistance resonated, feeling the necessity to face current political turmoil in the United States with a measure of intuition andmagical protection, finding liberation in her erotic expressions.

Fortuna’s Wheel Event Schedule:
Thursday, October 3rd, 6-8 PM
“Crustacean Temptation” Screening/Artist and Curator Talk, Rebecca Goyette and Marie Beckmann, Berlin’s EVBG feminist video art curator/co-producer of the film.
Weekend of October 11th
“Glamour Magic Workshop in honor of Fortuna,” featuring special guest: the author of “Glamour Magic, The Witchcraft Revolution to Get What You Want” Deborah Castellano.
Wednesday, October 30th, 6-8 PM
"Sigil Magic Drink and Draw" with the artist. 

One the masculine side of things, Matt Lipps is one artist who has a lot in and out of his platinum salver. Besides being electrically handsome and devilingusly charismatic he has one of the largest pingas in Christendom. Here is the latest happening with him:
upcoming exhibitions and public engagements kicking off in Los Angeles & taking place over the next few months in San Francisco & Melbourne. All details are listed below with links. If you find yourself in one of these cities, please stop in & say 'hi!' Thanks! xoxo Matt (

Where Figure Becomes Ground
September 12 - October 19, 2019
Opening reception: Thursday, September 12, 6-8pm
Matt Lipps in conversation with Drew Sawyer - Thursday, October 10, 6pm
Jessica Silverman Gallery (
488 Ellis Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

Instagram: @jessicasilvermangallery (

September 6 - November 15, 2019
Opening reception: Friday, September 6th, 5-7pm
Matt Lipps in conversation with Catherine Opie, Thursday, November 7th, 6-7pm
Euclid Gallery at HGA Architects, Los Angeles (
1301 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Instagram: @euclidgallery (

Ballarat International Foto Biennale (

August 24 - October 20, 2019

To The Moon and Back (

Curators Rebecca Najdowski & Dr. Colleen Boyle
Ballarat Municipal Observatory & Museum
439 Cobden Street

Mount Pleasant, VIC 3350 Australia
Participating artists Vincent Fournier & Matt Lipps in conversation with exhibition curators, Saturday, October 19, 2-3pm


Artist Lecture: Matt Lipps
Wednesday, October 16, 6-7pm
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)
Bowen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia


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