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Friday, March 31, 2017


One of my fave former NYU students is prolific Beatrice Glow. The lovely Ms. Glow really knows how to shake n bake the whorishs remains of the international art gagadada-world. Here is a description of her latest project:

Beatrice Glow returns from Rhun, a volcanic Indonesian island in the Banda Sea, to present her final public program as the A/P/A Institute Artist-in-Residence. During her residency, Glow investigated the social history of plants via spice routes and botanical expeditions, focusing on the historical relationship between two islands on opposite sites of the world: Mannahatta and Rhun. The islands, which were traded by the British and Dutch during the 17th century spice wars, are connected by both a botanical and colonial legacy. Glow shares her findings and the immersive tech experiences she is creating in collaboration with Highway 101, ETC as part of her ongoing, multiplatform project Rhunhattan.

Congrats to German feminist art photographer extroidinaire Annette Frick who is having so many fab successes this year. I travel the international circuit and everywhere I go I hear people talking about Annette Frick. 
Friday, March 31st she will screen her films as part of Masks of Identity in Paris 8pm at Bar Pombol 175 rue de Charonne. Annette has a residency at the Cite’ des Arts de Paris. The Gallic populace are lucky to have her. If you are in Paris don’t hesitate to acquaint yourself with this very important work from one of the true greats.

Jeffrey Hilbert is going Flagrant. Mr. Jeffreyland as I like to call him is the super sexy, sophisticated and supremely talented LA nitelife guru from the late 1980s and 1990s. He took a break from nitelife at the turn of the last century to start Kustom Creative an Alt Ad Agency with business partner Frank Rodriguez who use to do Club Sucker at the Garage in Silverlake with the Vagimule doll hatchetface.
Everything that Jeffreyland touches goes Platinum with an asterick so I am sure Flagrant will be the most anticipated new release that the world wide webstackle has ever Adrian Garniered. For the inaugural issue I interviewed Canadian auteur Judy LaBruce about her new film The Misandrists.
Went to a screening of Hollywood SciFi pepperpot boiler of a film inventively titled Life. Which incidentally is anything but, starring a glum Jake Gyllenhaul and a CGI monSTAR that looks like plankton crossed with David Geffen’s anal fissures. Where is HR Giger when you need him? The only thing that I can recommend about this qwacker qaper is that Ryan Reynolds gets killed early on sparing us his relentless mugging and tiresome shtick. If only the filmmakers had conceived of a way to dispose of him earlier and naked.

Received so many emugs about my new gossipeuse Miss Hokey Knickerbocker of the famous gossip Knickerbocker dynasty so here is more from the lavenderia lady of loosey goosey lipsnonsuch:

Seems like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spending qualitative time with each other again, and their celebrated Rainbow Brood. Ms. Jolie had retreated briefly back into the harms of on/off again paramour former Calvin Klein model and car mechanic Jenny Shimizu. During their estrangement Mr. Pitt was discreetly rubbing shinbows with his ex from the 1980s Robin Givens who gave him his start on her TV show Head of the Class.

So delighted to report that our new Chintz Rose House occupante is all for legalizing drugs and narcotics even if they are the socalled Class “A” variete’. Mr. Glorious Orange Ruffey is proud of his personal recreational use of cocaine, GHB, Special K, Molly, Dookie, Crystal Carrington “Tina” Meth and other mind faltering and enlightenment substances. He readily realizes that he’s taking a controvertial stand, but is brave enough to accept responsibility for his actions.
Likewise his transparency Prinzessin Ivanka and her ganymead narrow shouldered hubby Jared share such a great love that its really a non issue that their beautiful children are fathered by another man. Mr. Kushner has always preferred the company of older stately gentlemen, salty dog granddaddy types with gruff exteriors and tortoise shell bellies. 
Ivanka and Jared--- you can’t get more Thoroughly Modern Millie then them thar Washingtonian Hills.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Forgot to mention that when I was in Paris backstage at the Rick Owens fashion show Michele Lamy introduced me to fashion queenpin Vera Wang who is super sexy and stylish. With her was a patricianly humpy dark haired man with a cruel mouth that looked like one of those big dick arrogance types you read about in New Wave magazines. 
I chit chatted before the show started with a sweet and personable French/Finnish fashion writer dressed in an outrageously cartoony manner. So great to see someone not wearing the obligatory black uniform. There was quite a lot of commotion stirred when the pop rapper Nicki Minaj and her body guards and retinue arrived on the scene, but Michele Lamy knows how to handle errant celebrities. She got a lot of practise with it dealing for many years with Courtney Love at Les Deux Cafe in Hollywood during the height of Courtney’s rocknroll fame. Alicia Keys also came to the show with a contingent but was a lot more graceful then the Minaj gang. I know songs by Ms. Keys but I couldn’t name one song by Ms. Minaj.
The hotel I stayed at in Paris had the most charming staff who were very attentive to our needs. I loved the spiral staircase and the fact that they brought you breakfast in bed. I also got a kick out of the no-nonsence maid who roused you out of the room when she wanted to clean.
Adored the restaurant Au Petit Fer a Cheval that curator of the Editathon in Paris Flora Katz took me too for the artist dinner. The food and atmosphere was top notch lecker smeckerini.
Can’t get over how everyone in Paris now speaks English EVERYWHERE. I find that a bit daunting to say the least.
Before rushing off to Paris my hot young former student from Geissen Christoph Bovermann invited me over to a scrumpdelicious dinner party at his new flat in Friedrichshain. He and his juicy lover JP just moved to Berlin from Offenbach. JP attends the film school in Potsdam and Christoph has a great job with some film distribution company. At the dindin was another former Geissen student Lia and her cute and hilarious Turkish/German high school BFF.
Lately I have been getting a lot of offers from various directors, producers and curators. Its a little bit overwhelming to be in such demand. I usually go in and out of vogue every 7-8 years before I get rediscovered. One strange offer came from Brad Pitt’s production company that is doing a remake of the 1955 Jose Ferrer film The Shrike. For some reason Brad thinks I could play the role that was taken on by June Allyson. Good luck with that Bradley
Received some disturbing news from Los Angeles. My dear friend and collaborateur Ron Athey the celebrated performance artist is getting kicked out of his Silverlake duplex after he has lived there for over 25 years. I still can’t fathom this as Ron has lived on Maltman in Edendale for so long. When he was married he lived in London for six years but kept his flat subletting it to ZacKary Drucker before she received mainstream recognition and fame through the Transparent TV series. Ron’s landlady Suzanne died and since she didn’t have any relatives left this property which consists of four duplexes to her accountant who promptly sold them to the highest bidder some carpetbaggers trying to cash in on the popularity of the Silverlake neighborhood. I can remember at time in the late 80s and early 90s when no one wanted to live in Silverlake as it was considered way too dangerous because of all the gang activity. Living next door to Ron is Shari Frilot who is the director of the New Frontiers section of the Sundance Film Festival. Shari works for an institution so I don’t have to worry about her, but Ron’s only form of income is working as a massage therapist so he couldn’t possibly afford the outrageous rents that are being grifted in Los Angeles and the USA at the moment.
I saw the writing on the wall back in 2002 thats why I chucked it all and left for Berlin. Poor hot Papa Ron. I hope he fights it bare knuckle style with the new owners. Los Angeles has gotten so gentrified in the last years that so many people I know including my relatives have either moved to the high desert or the mountains as even South Central LA is way too expensive.
Tillman a young scholar working on a disertation on the LA hiphop scene who is good friends with one of my former students Christophe DeRohan Chabot has been having a hoot of a time in my former city. Through my good friend Hector Martinez, Tillman has met all these hot jubas jubilee young black men and he is getting all his holes filled properly to the brim. I wonder if he will find time between servicing juicy mufas to work on his scholarship which is quite interesting investigating the early LA hiphop scenes connection to post punk with clubs like Radio, 48 Crash, Fake Club, Rhythm Lounge, Power Tools, Dirt Box and Nairobi Room. Tillman squirrel you climb up that tree and get your girlish gnut. Tilman has sent DeRohan some pics of his new rock steady crew and they are all dinge queen delights.
If there are any fans out there who want to do the Vagimule a big favour, please send her these book titles:
Zadie Smith’s Swing Time, Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Become Air anything by Hilary Mantel or Gita Mehta and The Price of Illusion a memoir by Juliet Buck.
RocknRoll pioneer Chuck Berry died age 90. I met Mr. Berry when he came to the Cathay DeGrande Club back in the 1980s. Those old timer rock stars were sure hornpigs. Upon meeting the star he quickly pounced on me stucking his tongue so far down my throat I thought he was performing a gallbladder operation on me. Being a true freak he proceeded to DeFrench kiss almost every man and woman at the club, leaving them in a state of what just happened here?
Was on the radio again doing ReBoot FM CHEAP Funk with special guest Angela Anderson with Djane Olga Damnitz and Vicki Baum. If you want to listen to the episode go here:

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fetish Baroque

Been getting a lot of spotlighted international press for my collaboration with Jamie Stewart of XiuXiu reciting one of his poems on the album Forget.  I did this recording back in 2015 when we were working on The Magic Flute Part One-An Opera in Six Steps in New York City.
 A very sexy, handsome K-Pop Producer who is a big XiuXiu fan has been shuttling me to a secret villa location somewhere between Brandenberg Commons and Potsdamng  for field recordings and what not.  The producer and his crew are all mega fine, tall and muscular.  Like most young people they are a little too stoner hesher chick for my taste, but the experience has been delightful plus they came with a private chef making the most tasty Korean dishes that remind me of K-Town in Los Ang. Its all very mysterious and hush hush, and I hope the Vagimule doll doesn't wind up kidnapped and shipped off to North Korea as the race horse arsed concubine of big dicked dearest leader darling Kim Jong-un.  I'm supposed to be going to China and Korea soon courtesy of the Goethe Institut for site specific location scouting for my latest project on Anna May Wong.
Myrecent time in Paris was beyond devoon.  Got to reconnect with my dearest olde pals the great Michele Lamy and genius genius genius Rick Owens.  Rick invited me as his special guest to see his Fall collection during Fashion Week at Palais du Tokyo.  I was picked up by the most beautiful young curly haired rosy cheeked French boy at my lovely Hotel du Vieux Marais on 8 rue de Platre and rushed over to the Palais to hangout backstage with Michele who was looking radiant in the way that is synonomous with all that has been the Michele Lamy I have known for over 35 years.  Seeing all the fashionistas and peronistas upclose and personal was a little bit overwhelming.  Rick was being interviewed by countless journalists so i took my first row seat in the family section.  Ricks wonderous Mexican mamita Connie was also at the show.  She comes all the way from Porterville for every one of her famous sons spectaculars, driven to the airport by non other then Glen Meadmore.

What can i say about a Rick Owens fashion extravaganza other then Rick is the ultimate operatic showman.  He is this centuries great Florenz Ziegfeld at his gamey game best.  The fashion show reminded me of a deconstructed version of the 1941 film Ziegfeld Girl that starred Judy Garland, Lana Turner and Hedy Lamarr.  Here like in the movie the ladies descend a staircase, but instead of books on their head its sex magic pageantry.  Ziegfeld Girls designer was Gilbert Adrian and Rick salutes him sortof, with an utterly sublime army of Lesbian lovers and General Jinjur's armada of revolt taking seige upon the Emerald City of Oz to remove the Scarecrow (That orange creature in the White House) from his throne.
What about the clothes? Aleister Crowley tiara's adorned with hoody sleeves, Sigmund and the Seamonster tendrils, Puff  the Magic Dragon blankets, hajibs and grandma wore the bustle spicy beefcurtains and pampas rosettes, while Kenneth Anger is invocating his younger, smarter demon brother.

After the show I had to do major saaphic processing by taking a long walk in the Parisian night air.  I walked for over two hours arriving fashionably late to Rick & Michele's dinner party in my honor.   I still can't believe after putting on such a miraculous event that Rick & Michele still wanted to have a dinner party for me in their 7 story palais that use to be the offices of Francois Mitterand.
The supper was sumpteous created by their personal chef the young hunky African Malonga.  I've never eaten so well.  My Paris crew included artist Wu Tsang and her girlfriend the performer Boychild, Norweigan experimental musician Bendik Giske, Editathon Art&Feminisms curator Flora Katz and Francois Quintin the director of Lafayette Anticipations the institution that brought me to France. Didn't get to talk to Rick very much at dinner as his charming photog pal Danielle Levitt and her boyfriend who are LA natives, and Rick's other friends wanted to know all about me and my relationship to Rick and Michele.  Michele's daughter Scarlette Rouge was in New York where she had a visual art opening.  Scarlette's murals are the center piece of the Owens/Lamy drawing room.
The next morning i was back at the Owenscorp Officina for a photo shoot supervised by Rick and shot by his creative director Luke.  I can't believe I was photographed without a wig and absolutely no makeup, modeling the Crowleyesque headdresses.  Since Rick and I are both workaholics, its the only time we are relaxed and able to seriously talk.  His mom Connie made her famous persimmon cookies for me and we both discussed our bi-racial identity.  Rick's late father was a white intellectual who infused in Rick a love for classical music and high art.  The music for the fashion show as a Beethovan piano sonata remixed and edited by Jeff Judd/aka Jolet a mutual friend of ours who has done the music for all of Rick's show.  Rick seemed to agree with my assessment  that the cold, harsh,  anglo side of his personality from his father, mixed with his mothers Mexican warmth and generosity give his talent the edge that has made him such a sparkling success.  I told Rick that my father was born in Mexico and my grandfather was a mean old cranky Prussian born in Berlin, and I doubt that as we both age there is certainly no chance of us turning into mean old bitter white dudes
For my performance at the Editathon with Wu Tsang at the beautiful Archives nationales I was fortunate to have a gorgeous young Morrocan assistant Tarek Lakhrissi who was devoted to the doll. Tarek who is a poet, is tall and strikingly gorgeous and knows all the juciest youthquakers in Paris.
I didn't expect such a large crowd to come to my performative talk with Wu on the late great NYU Professor Jose Esteban Munoz.  One of the themes of the Editathon was Disidentifications which is the name of the famed academic treatise written by Jose that continues to inspire young people the world over.  I am the books cover girl and Jose writes a chapter in the book about my work.
The Editathon is in its third year in Paris and is devoted to two days  of editing workshops to reduce the gender gap on Wikipedia platforms.  The young pretty and smart curator Flora Katz worked in partnership with Wikimedia at the Sorbonne University.  When working with a young curator I was a little worried that she would expect in my staged conversation with Wu that we should explain things. One of my biggest peeves with the art and theatre world with dramaturgy is this constant need for further explaination  and the pull to present in a linear fashion.  Of course  I have fought against this way of thinking for over 30 years, yet it sometimes still rears its head.  I was positive that once Wu and I began talking it would all come together organically and the audience would appreciate my more abstract style of performance and they did eagerly with few walkouts.
The audiences for the two day congress were a lovely cross generational/cross racial mix, Something you hardly see in Germany.  I was interviewed by a lot of young feminist writers, activists, bloggers,  and journalists who give me a lot of hope for the female future.
In the audience for my perrformance with Wu was the great writer Dennis Cooper who now lives in Paris.  He came with film director Christophe Honore and actors Romain Duris, Gaspard Ulliel, Gre'goire LePrince-Ringuet, Clotilde Hesme and Simon Porte Jacquemus.
I really enjoyed the lecture of art critic and art historian Elvan Zabunyan and the dramatic interpretive dance by Boychild with assist on saxophone by Bendik.  Wu's ejaculating sculpture was the perfect addition to the  proceedings spritzing every 40 minutes or so.
On the second day Wikipedia editing chief Kvardek du  did a nice subtle performance slyly transforming from a Dauphine into a Chavalier and then a Renaissance Prinzessin.  The congress closed brilliantly with an informatively sublime lecture by dulcimet voiced performance studies specialist Hypatia Vourloumis, the beautiful and enchanting Greek/Indonesian former student of Dr. Jose.  Hypatia who looks like a mixture of famed Greek actress Irene Pappas and bond girl Barbara Carerra is carrying the Disidentification torch with grace, intelligence, dignity and aplomb.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Richtig blassen!

Richtig rammeln!

My mother Mary Magdelene Duplantier use to say, “I don't like little men, with little hands and little feet.” 

During my spoken word days I added to her phrase, How would you like something little crawling all over you?

Lately all I have been seeing in Berlina are men with the tinest of feet and hands. Feet that are like the hooves of the Teufel-SatanLuciferBeelzebub.
Please tell me what is going on?
Damien Davis, the gifted Black New York artist is one hellzopplin dynamo mufioso. I've been meaning to update you on his prolific career, but my sad PC lap top has been on its scrounging last legs lately. I never know if its even going to turn on or permanently go off. Mr. Davis is not related to the doll, but I like to humorously say that he is either my nephew or the grandson of Sammy Davis Jr. and wife Altovise. Well lovesexxxy Damien has an upcoming solo show:

June 16th - August 5th
Method Gallery
106 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104

Currently on view:

Oneness (Curated by Jonathan Patton) LAST CHANCE!
On View:  February 9th - February 28th
Harlem School of the Arts
645 St. Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10030
jux·ta·po·si·tion (Curated by Lonnie Woods III)
On View:  February 15th - March 4th
New York University, Rosenberg Gallery
34 Stuyvesant Street
New York, NY 10003

Upcoming discussions:


In March...

Structure (Curated by Will Heinrich)The NYC Creative Salon is a series of discussions that take place bi-weekly. Each discussion is approximately an hour and a half long and takes place on a weekday evening. Each series is six discussions under one topic and each discussion has a different group of participants speaking on the topic. I will be a participant in the March 7th conversation. Check out the NYC Creative Salon website to listen to the conversation once it is up.

Recent Releases:

Love For Love / Hate For Hate: A Glossary Of Our Time

This 76 page zine includes work by 75 contributors (visual artists, writers, designers, and educators) responding to 73 words surrounding the 2016 presidential election season.

50% of all proceeds go to Planned Parenthood
All my Gallic fanatics please note that on Saturday March 4th as part of Art&Feminism Edithon an art congress curated by Flora Katz
I will stage a performative conversation with juicy artist Wu Tsang one off my most celebrated high art children.  The event will be  called No one Leaves Delilah – A (W)rap on Dr. Jose E. Munoz. Its sort of a riff on the last performance that I did with the late great Dr. Jose back in 2012 that was part of the hoopla surrounding my first visual art exhibition at Participant Inc. Gallery. 
This art and academic fest will also include lectures, interventions and a performance by Boychild with Djanes and a myriad of other earthly delights. 
My section starts early at 3:30pm at the Archive Nationales and includes high tea. The last time I performed in Paris was back in 2010 for the Fuck My Brain series curated by Marie-Helene Bourcier at Le Palais de Tokyo.

I am also looking forward to connecting with my old pal the Paris based fashion guru Rick Owens and his wife Michele Lamy.
I completely forget to tell you about my time last month in Athens for the first Gender Fest held at Booze Cooperativa. The wonderful Maria Cyber the director of Outview, the Gay and Lesbian Film festival of Athens created Genderfest in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Office in Greece. Genderfest isn't just a satellite of Outview but takes it one step further presenting artists whose medium isn't just film, but also photograpy, music, performance, akshun and spoken word. I had a marvelous time with Maria and her fab, hard working crew that includes girlfriend Henrietta, Miss Melitta(hostess with the mostess on her balls who use to sing and perform in Texas), Jason Antigone, Frossini, Alex Demetriou and the wonderous Raleia. The invited guests included legends like Del LaGrace Volcano, handsome and talented Amos Mac, Vanessa Lopez & Company, the brilliantine Feminist/academic art duo Samania(Samira Mahboub &Ania Catherine, Djane team The Beatches,lokal drag ingenue Zackie Oh! Activist Marina Galanou, and the incredible musical sensation Tami T of Sweden. Maria and her gang aren't only the best event organizers and planners but are the most generous hosts feeding us all every evening some of the healthiest most delicious food I've ever eaten. They even took us on a field trip to the Temple of Poseidon which is an hour out of Athens with breathtaking scenery and a sunset to end all Hellenic sunsets.
There is something new, extroidinary and politically charged in the Athenian air that I hope innoculates the rest of Europe. 
Another New York Miracle of beauty and sterling ability is the young artist Baseera Khan. Baseera collaborated with me on my award winning solo show Hag,small, contemporary, haggard back in 2012 and now she has her first solo “iamuslima” at Participant Inc. which is now up and running till uptil April 2nd. If you are in the tri-state area it is a must destination point.
I promise to include some more rumour and salacious innuendo from my new gossipeuse Miss Hokey Knickerbocker of the famous gossip Knickerbocker dynasty.  Hokey has the perfect set of lavenderia lady loose lipps Inc of anyone I know so when I get back from Paris and before I romp of to China expect a Knickerbocker dipthong. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Galaktishch geil

Echte Kerle
Just received this from the famed German experimental film guru Wilhelm Hein and his partner the art photog Annette Frick.  If you are in Paris you don't want to miss this rare treat from this legends legend.

Dear friends and enemies!!
Please join me live or in your mind!
You see,im still alive!
yours forever wilhelm


VENDREDI 24.2.2017 8:30 PM



75010 PARIS 

Gefaehrlich sexy

Eine saubere Sache!
The 67th Berlinale just ended and of course I caught a cold because being the fool that I am I didn't change into my street clothes after Djaning the Forum party at AdK. Instead soaking wet in my lovely Rick Owens gown I went out in the night air. Lucky for me Djane Olga Damnitz gave me, Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Diane McCarthy of FM Reboot a ride home in her trusty babydyke stationwagon. Obviously I am not use to coming home at 5am.
Had a great time Djaning the Forum Party this year with assist from a real Djane in the form of the mega talented Olga Damnitz. Empress Stefanie had the brilliant idea of having the drag queens from the Forum Film Casa Roshell directed by Camila Jose' Donoso do an impromptu performance singing traditional Mexican songs. It really got things going and brought a bit of a sexymexy flavour to cold bleak Berlin. There were so many films this year I wanted to see, but my gouty knees and feet kept me limited. In the Forum section I missed Joshua Z. Weinstein's Menashe about a portly Hasidic man and his young son, I did see Alex Ross Perry's Golden Exits which I could have easily skipped as it wasn't intriguing accept for nice performances from Adam Horowitz of The Beastie Boys, Chloe Sivigny and a stellar Mary Louise Parker. The theme for the Forum Expanded exhibition this year was The Stars Down to Earth which as usual was lovingly designed and installed by Angela Anderson and her top flight crew that includes Mascha Nehls, Richard Gabriel Gersch, Cat Barich, Alexia Apolinario, Catalina Fernandez, Josephine Breiberg, Laura Gamberg, Coral Short, Mark Andre Pennock & Company. My favorite pieces this year Constructed Futures: Haret Hreik by Sandra Schaefer,Purple Bodies in Translation by Joe Namy, The Karrabing Film Collective piece and Izadora (listening to versions of herself) which should have been in a room all to itself as the sounds from other installations interfered with its tranquil nature.
So glad I got to see both versions of Susanne Sachsse the fearless leader of kollektiv CHEAP's Confessions of an Actress at AdK and at Kino Arsenal along with Judy LaBruce hilarious Ulrike's Brain. This year could have also been subtitled Sachssenale as she was featured in 5 films. La Sachsse is the epitome of great beauty, profound talent and super smarts. 
The other big buzz item of the festival starrying Miss Susi Su was LaBruce's The Misandrists a loose remake of Don Siegels 1971 classic The Beguilded starring Clint Eastwood and Geraldine Page. Kembra Phafler one of the other stars was giving excellent Geraldine Page realness in the film, but its Ms. Sachsse and breakout young star Kita Updike who shine the most though the entire cast is quite stunning. Because of the criticism I received for favouring only Forum Expanded and Forum films I branched out a bit by seeing more Panorama offerings. Loved  the delicious Call Me By Your Name by Luca Guadagnino starring WASPY jew Armie Hammer and young Timothee Chalamet whose chemistry on camera continues off, if you believe the rumours, and I certainly do. God's Own Country directed by bearded Yorkshire brownbear dadster Francis Lee was also quite powerful starring juicy dark ginger skally lad Josh O'Connor. With freezing temps in Berlin it felt great to see the summer lovers film Bing Lang Xue by Hu Jia featuring two sizzling Chinese youth, one who flaunts his stuff in hustler white pants. I could have done without the films florays into violence, the main storyline was more then enough. Of the Competition films I only saw Viceroy House by Gurinda Chadha. I am a sucker for a costume drama and this one has Gillian Anderson in it. I wish Ms. Chadha had told her families true story set during the period of partition instead of the lame love story inacted, but at least I got a chance to druel over hunky Indian star Mannish Dayal.
This year Rising Stars, Falling Stars was part of the 12th Forum Expanded Think Film Congress No 5-Archival Constellations. The panels and talks started at 10am at silent green Kulturequartier and ended at 10pm. Some hardcore archivists told me that they loved the endurance aspect of this year's congress, but I like coming to see programs every day for short time bursts. I wisely chose the 1957 Bugs Bunny Warner Brothers cartoon Hare-way to the Stars directed by Chuck Jones with vocalizations by Mel Blanc to close the day, and everyone seemed to agree with me including: celebs like Chino Darin, Guillaume Canet, Ellar Coltrane and Jai Courtney. Rising Stars regulars Daniel Hendrickson, the Jewish Muzlim, Trixie Schonherr, Stephan Ahrans, Uli &Anke, Nanna Heidenreich, Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, and Clarisse Mehring were all having a hoot of a time. My former Malmo Art Akademie student Maria Normann took a ten hour bus ride from Sweden to attend Rising Stars and Forum Expanded screenings and exhibit while glamorously dressed taboot! It was also a delight to see one of my old LA pals now a top notch Hollywood producer Mr. Bryan Rabin. Bryan use to do the club Cherry in WeHO and also was the mastermind behind many big corporate industry parties and events. Bryan started his career as a professional Olympics style ice skater and still maintains his championship youthful physique. His movie Freakshow based on the novel by clubkid James St. James was in the Generations section of the Berlinale.
One of my more recent students Brenda Lien from Offenbach Kunst Universitaet was representing with a film in Berlinale Shorts called Call of Cuteness that was part of the Utopia Unplugged theme. Her film was a 4 min long animated meditation on unbridled capitalismos. Pretty Brenda is certainly a talent to watch and also within her segment the Argentine film Centaura by Nicolas Suarez, Helen Yanovsky's The Boy from H2 featuring a most expressive Palistinian child. I walked out on David O'Reilly's video game Everything-yuck!
Did not do very much partying this year but did go to the Panorama reception(Thankx Gerit!) and ran into my old Silverlake pal the Lars Von Trier darling Udo Kier who was my scrumpteous cover model for when I was guest editor with Ron Athey of the LA Weekly Style Issue back in 2000.

Monday, February 06, 2017


Hollwood Fisting
Damien Chazelle has a very glamorous name that is in keeping with the moniker of directors Max Ophuls and Joseph Losey. I saw his film Whiplash when riding from Berlin to the States on a KLM aeroplane flight and I liked it. I feel that Whiplash was also a musical. I wanted in all sincerity to endorse LaLa Land as I am a great lover of the musical film genre. I didn't expect Mr. Chazelle the Hollywood company man to be on the same level of Vincente Minnelli, Rouben Mamoulian, Stanley Donen or Gene Kelly, but I thought that perhaps he had in him the careerist abilities of a George Sidney, Chuck Walters or at the very least Richard Quine. He seems to be borrowing heavily from the Woody Allen Everyone Says I Love You playbook. Instead of badly copying The Bandwagon he should have looked at a movie musical like Godspell or Hair for pointers.
Despite the valiant effort of likeable stars and troopers Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone the film falters. I was puzzled by the musical score of Justin Hurwitz and choreography of Mandy Moore. There were momentary flashes where the music and dancing seemed like they were going someplace interesting, and I'd get excited, then it would fizzle out. In tone LaLa Land can't decide whether its working anti-naturalism or the Threepenny Opera kitchen sink.
Noticed in the credits of LaLa that one of my Club Sucker at the Garage kids Steve Gizicki was the musical supervisor. Steve was always a methodically ambitious lad. Last time I saw him in 2003 in London he was working for George Lukas.
Now that musicals are back on the Hollywood radar, perhaps someone will crank out one that really sizzles.
Got to re-connect with my niecy the gifted novelist Lisa Teasley while she was in Berlin visiting her hot German lover. Lisa has been in Shanghai for several months on a writers residency. Miss Lisa is one sexy black mama who radiates divine charm and splendour. That quality comes through in her writing. Please go out and get her short story collection Glow in the Dark and her two novels Dive and Heat Signature. I felt very fortunate to have Lisa as a special guest on CHEAP Funk ReBoot FM's public radio program that kollektiv CHEAP hosts occasionally. I was feeling under the weather and tried to cancel, but had waited too late so the show went on. Marcuse Siegelstein and Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP were out of town so it was up to Daniel Hendrickson and I take up the reigns. I called the program Carte Blanche and besides Lisa featured Manuel Schubert aka Vicki Baum of the Go check out the podcast here:
also the CHEAP Funk podcast from the end of last year:
and come-from-the-future-2kottifm/
At this time I would like to introduce to my dear readettes the sultry Miss Hokey Knickerbocker of the famous Knickerbocker gossip dynasty. Hokey's great uncle was Cholly Knickerbocker and her aunt was Suzi Knickerbocker so she comes to us at VD is SFTD with a royal pedigree:

Thank you Vagimule, and I do mean mule but in the nicest way possible sweets. Just want to start off by telling you of some delightfully scandalous picadillos of some of my favorite Hollywood couples. Ava Mendes and Oscar nominated Ryan Gosling are the perfect pair. So are Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. What their legions of devoted fans don't know is that these lovely Hollywoodites are just mad about the game of basketball. Well not so much the sport but the players that come with it. Both Anna and Eva arrange for their husbands to have group sex with some of basketballs finest players. Thats right the ladies love seeing their men making it with the likes of Jeremy Lin, Tyson Chandler, Jason Smith, JJ. Redick, Derrick Rose and Rick Rubio. Its a little strange but stars have appetites that are different from you and I.
Joshua Kushner the handsome brother-in-law to Princess Ivanka of Trump has been spending a little too much time lately with Queen Melania, but Ivanka hasn't told her father the King about it and won't as long as they remain discreet. Daddy Dearest is way too busy running the country to notice what his wife does behind his back so please don't tell him. Josh is too cute to be killed.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Geil und gesellig

Feeling very Blue Mondo Connie ala Turk because my therapist has been on holiday. My 20 something hetero mixed martial arts pal Melchior decides to treat the doll to dinner and a movie to cheer her up. We don't have the same cinema taste so it takes 45 minutes after supper for us to finally agree upon seeing the Sci-Fi clunker Passengers starring the lovely Hollywood ingenue Jennifer Lawrence, who is one of the rare modern day stars that I actually like even though I have only seen a few of her films traveling on a plane.
The male lead in Passengers is humpy, big foot jughead Chris Pratt. I'm hoping that Chris will be barefoot and shirtless at least once during the film.
At the kino kasse we find out Passengers is in 3-D which I abhor, so my companion forces me at gunpoint into a screening of Nocturnal Animals. Animals tells the exciting and atmospheric true life story of successful LA gallerist Shaun Caley Regen of Regen Projects(Catatonic Amy Adams wearing a darkus lipstain and smokey eyeshadow)
Her gay brother played by an unseen Russell Tovey is having an affair with her husband the sleek Armie Hammer who is actually wildly in love with her ex Jake Gyllenhaul, a third rate writer who likes to take a lot of scalding hot showers, and over moisturizes.
The standard hilarious hijinks ensue when the films director Tom Ford appears halfway through the proceedings and forces his ravishing supporting player Aaron Taylor-Johnson to mount him KeyLime Pie style on a dirty back road in West Texas. Mr. Ford drinks a liter of Mr. Taylor-Johnsons sweet tasting semen, straight from the source in real time with no flashbacks, as a gold Miata convertible stationwagon driven by singer Beth Ditto pulls up and whisks the fashion designer/film auteur away as tumbleweeds flit into frame and the credits of Peter Bogdanovich's 1971 film The Last Picture Show rolls out.
Had cafe and kuchen with Nik Dragovic and his lovely beau at the end of last year. Nik is the cute and sweet young Serbian/CostaRican Research Library Fellow from Emory Universities Digital Library Program. I met Nik last year at the Goethe Institute in New York where he showed me his Vaginal Davis as Madame Bricktop devotion with a clever tattoo of my macktruck mug on his leg. I just adore this new breed of young guns who are going for it, if I may quote the late George Michael of Wham.
I don't remember reading anything about the passing of Hollywood golden era star Gloria DeHaven in the summer. Ms. DeHaven was known for playing the sister to Judy Garland in Summer Stock(1950), June Haver I'll Get Bye(1950) June Allyson Two Girls and a Sailor(1944) and Glenn Ford The Doctor and the Girl(1949) in films during her heyday of the 1940s and 1950s. She also gave Frank Sinatra his first screen kiss in the 1944 musical Step Lively. Ms. DeHaven was a fantastic singer. I love her version of “An Occasional Man” from Girl Rush(1955) and “Down Among the Sheltering Palms” from the 1953 film of the same title and her French version of “I Can't Give You Anything But Love”
from So This is Paris (1954)
I worshipped at the alter of glamorous Zsa Zsa Gabor and her sister Eva Gabor who was on the 1960s TV show Green Acres and later was the beard of TV mogul Merv Griffin. I went to college with his son Tony Griffin. Yes Mincy Merv actually fathered a child.
Many probably don't know that one of Zsa Zsa's many husbands was debonair actor George Sanders from All About Eve, who committed suicide because he was bored. Zsa Zsa's last husband was the no account Count Fredrick von Anhalt who while his wife was on deaths doorknob was running around West Hollywood adopting sexy gay boys at his Starbucks office on Santa Monica Blvd and Robertson.
Still can't believe that Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds are dead. My favorite Debbie film was Mary, Mary (1962) from the play by Jean Kerr. I also liked her in Hit the Deck (1955) and Athena (1954) both co-starring one off her oldest girlfriends the underrated Jane Powell.
Carrie Fisher in the 1970s was a wild child who I hung out with at clubs like The Mirror-Go-Round, The Odyssey, The Other Side,Ginos 2 and The Sugar Shack. Carrie, Tracy Granger(daughter of Stewart Granger and Jean Simmons) and Elektra Anderson whose father owned the Beverly Hills Hotel were three Hollywood teen girls who lived like no others sexing and drugging in ways that make Lindsey Lohan seem like a tea toddler. That was just the rauckus spirit that made the 1970s so incredible. I'd better clap my trap as I am publically dating myself as a fossil of antiquity.
Had a nice time hanging out at the end of last year with baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras. If you havent purchased his latest album Home on Native Land you must do so NOW! You will go crazy for his songs “Counting Stars” “Log Drivers Waltz” “Twilight of the Season” and “Dark End of the Street” which is this centuries homo ballad “Strangers in the Night”. Mr. Gibb gets some ample support on the record with guest appearances by Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys, Ron SexSmith,Rufus Wainwright, Feist and Mary Margaret Ohara.
Have to also mention that my old original gangster comrade in arms Alice Bag scored a hit debut solo album that has been also critically acclaimed as a modern classique. The self titled lp is on Don Giovanni Records and boasts some incredible songs like “Little Hypocrite” the Ronette style “He's So Sorry”, “Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice” and my fav “Incorporeal Life”.