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Wednesday, July 01, 2015


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was stellar by starlight Sunday evening post Gay Bottom Feeder Shame Parade and Festival with a screening of the 1934 Mexican rarity Redes.  The best comment about the film came from gorgeous Israeli baby dyke Noam who said it was proletariat labor porn!  Enjoying the pornocupia and post screening fiesta complete with tequila body shots was a group of legendary West Berliners from the 1980s Super 8 filmmaking scene including Barbara Kasper, Lothar Schuster the photographer and documentary cineaste, Universitaet Bochum Professor of Media & Gender Studies Astrid Deuber Mankowsky with Cilly Kugelman the director of the Jewish Museum, film editor and Laurie Anderson co-hort  Ruth Schoenegge, that dashing piece of virile masculinity Vegard Venge the genius stage and film director with buddy Max of the Volksbuhner ensemble, film historian Marcuse Siegelstein looking like he is 32 though he just turned 50 with his lady love Susanne Sachsse, Atlanta of the University of Oldenberg and her hot gal posse that included Sudanese super model Alek Wek, Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson, that sexy Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus back from the middle-east where she has been brokering peace initiatives, dorkaholic film director Colin Trevorrow who has a mad unrequited crush on Vaginal Davis, incogNegro writer Mat Johnson (Loving Day),academic IT GIRL Nanna Heidenreich whose new book V/Erkennungsdienst, das Kino und die Perspektive der Migration just dropped and is already getting tons of international acclaim.  Congrats Nannoothka-----we love you!!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Just read in The Daily News that Downtown LA Central Library will feature an exhibition called “To Live and Dine in LA that displays a collection of historic and visually arresting restaurant menus.  USC communications professor Josh Kun facilitated and selected some of the best items.  Josh use to work at UC Riverside along with Dr. Professor Jennifer Doyle.  Josh is one hot piece of hava nagila and I have had a longstanding crush on him.  Haven’t seen him in years but I am sure he has aged well like Manneshevitz wine.
Had a delightfully zany time being photographed by Wolfgang Tilmans at his fancy Prinzessinnen Strasse studio rooftop garden on top of the FSK Kino for Fall issue of Document Journal Magazine.  I was outfitted by Miu Miu in a Lana Turner They Won’t Forget Sweater and dripping in Prada jewelry.  The delightful fashion assistant was Katherina Korbjuhn and Servullo Mendez who was my make-up artiste last year for a Dazed&Confused portrait beat a face of sheer perfection this time as well.  Special thanks to Miss Evelyn (Wolfgang’s no nonsense right hand gal) and all the other cute and cuddly staff at the Tilman studios. The Vagimule doll had a blast!
Did a telephone interview with Bruno Horta from Time Out Lisbon that was a lot of fun as I chittle chatted with him at twice the Camille Paglia speed of light. I will be in Lisbon in July  for the Are You For Real Art & Film Congress that explores Blaxploitation cinema and afrofuturism at the Portuguese Cinematheque.  I hope a bunch of young big peniled boys named Joao will pull a train on me in my hotel room.
Attended the 50th birthday party of Marcuse Siegelstein the other evening.  It was a small intimate affair with just a few visiting fag&dykademic royals that included Heather Love and her wife Mara and daughter Juliet, New Zealand via Ozzie scholarinas Anna Marie Jagose and Lee Wallace, fashion plate Sianne Ngai and hubby Mark McGurl, New York’s lovesexiest gay “IT” couple Damon&Michael,Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim, beautiful Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and her glam sister Bettina, The Gersh Twins Richard& Salome with Juicy Roman and his pet puppy, art shtar Yael Bartana and artiste wifette Saskia, UCLA academe Gil Hochberg, Steffi whose boyfriend is in the UK band Travis, Norweigan genius theatre hunksis Vegard Venge and his ravishing costume& stage designer Ida Muller, intermedia actress & director Susanne Sachsse and Canadian/Ukranian dance academica Chris.
I was feeling a little sickly the other day so i missed the lecture at the ICI Berlin that Heather Love gave on the work of Samuel Delany, but I am sure it was as fabtastular as the handsome Heather who is one of the brightest stars in the heavenly academy firmament

Thursday, June 11, 2015


CFile, a global community for clay and ceramic creatives have featured the Vaginal Davis doll and Rod Bianco at the NADA fair in their weekly blog
Was coming back from the post office and ran into a pair of bubblebutt bobsytwin looking blondine boys wearing matching hippy style harum pants on the Hauptstrasse. O and they were also barefoot. I love me some of these dirty white German boys. In Berlin there are also a lot of straight men who have very femme features and a lot of straight women who have masculine features including broad shoulders and are very tall. Several times i found myself cruising on the street what I thought was a college age boy and it turned out to be young woman, and several times I pointed out a hot looking babydyke and in reality it was a genetic man or teenage boy of the early Justin Bieber modus. One look that is quite prevalent with middle age men in Berlina is that of the adult baby. Resembling an infant or toddler when you are 50 years old is never a good thing.

Monday, June 08, 2015


The weather in Berlin warmed up to heat wave levels which was actually nice because it forced the boys and men to wear skimpy clothing providing some nice eye candy for The Doll's hairy eyeballs.  Gone are those god awful hiphop influenced board shorts that are now being replaced by "who wears short shorts" and "Daisy Dukes".  I wouldnt mind if thongs became the new male trend in Berlina proper as men in my adopted hometown tend to have rather voluptuous asstrovars.  The only thing that is missing is broad shoulders.  Berlin can't hold a candle to the men in Hollywood who have surfer boy shoulders that taper down to a tiny waist.  The only problema is that men in Southern California---especially ACTORS are way too short. Berlin herren have the height but i can do without those narrow shoulders, pigeon chests and way too skinny ankles in stove pipe pants and complicated jeans.
Attended a scrumpteous dinner party at the compound of Fearless Leader Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP kollective where she cooked some spring awakening asparagus and field salat that was way too divoon for wordlings. Delightful visiting scholars from New Yorika  headed by the handsome Heather Love and her gorgeous wifette Mara and personable daughter Juliet along with vibrant lesbian fagademics Ann Marie and Lee of New Zealand via Australia.  Lots of booze was consumed  as assorted expensive Kentucky pussy galore Bourbon, vodka body shots, gin martinis, and fractured fairytales spilled into the wee hours  as Marcuse Siegelstein the hilarious juicy jewsy film historian who teaches at the Goethe Universitaet in Frankfurt am Main did his best Zero Mostel/Shecky Green impersonations.
I had a nice meeting at the Romeo und Romeo Cafe in Nollendorky Platz with young junior curator  Mahret Kupka who will be putting on a drag congress and art & film festival at the Museum Angewandte Kunst (Museum for Applied Arts) in Frankfurt in the Fall of 2016.  I hope to do an installation with Susanne Sachsse of our Communist Bigamist(Two Love Stories) piece. 
Frau Kupka is very lovely and tall like a supermodel.  There aren't many curators in Germany who are people of color as Teutania is still very anglo-patriarchalsific.
Received this sweet missive from that sexpot and intellectual power top Alex Jovanovich who also is the best reviewer that Art Forum Magazine has on staff:
"Love your post on man-buns and Christian commune cult-leader beards. All foul. I
intend to chignon the hairs growing from my back wart and grow to rabbinical
fullness m'southern region pubes. I'll be sure to leave a little Thousand Island
dressing in there at all times." 

Those of you in the New York area must check out dear Alex's latest events----

Dear All:

I'm happy to announce I have a few exhibitions/events happening this month:

" The Nothing That Is - a drawing show in 5 parts" at the CAM Raleigh--a huge group belt-buster curated by Bill Thelen (see attached the beautiful invite he created for the show):
" Making a Scene: Objects for Performance" at the MAD, curated by Jake Yuzna (I'll be performing " New Day," commissioned especially for the series, on June 12 + 13):

" Inside the Episode" at Launch F18, a summer show curated by Jack Pierson (attached is the marvelous invite Jack made for this show):

Hope all of you are far better than well--see you soon!

Friday, June 05, 2015


My German cousin Norman von Holtzendorf who lives and works in Washington DC as a high powered international sollicitor mailed me a copy of the book by Duncan MacLeod with the intriguing numerical title 5150.
I was completely unaware that Duncan was a writer having known him primarily as a musician in the beyond brilliant LA based heritage country outfit The Acres.  Just started reading the book and I am savoring every page hoping to make the experience last longer as i tend to read very quickly. This tome is a quasi memoir of Duncan's period of living in San Francisco in the mid 1980s which is the time I first met Mr. MacLeod when he was a fragile young androgynous gothish deluze adaised Bay Area scenester.Throughout the 1980s when I was in the performance group The Afro Sisters I would venture up to pretty San Francisco for gigs and in the early 1990s when I put the Sisters on hiatus I would do solo performances at Stephen Parr's series of underground evenings at his South of Market loft space.San Fran is a small town so its possible to become acquainted with everyone within a certain scene especially when a lot of LA emigres had moved up North to become big fishes in a small pond. Duncan MacLeod and his band The Acres use to perform regularly at my club Bricktops at the Parlour Club and my endurance art festival Platinum Oasis at the Coral Sands Fist Fuck Motel. Check out more info on Duncan at
Was riding my bike toward the Kudamm from Schoneberg and noticed that they have almost completed renovation on a large building from 1970s early 1980s that hosts a Conroy/Conrad? store on such and such street. The building was ugly before but now that they have fixed it up it looks even more ungainly liked they wrapped it in a giant black duck tape bandaid.
So much for Berlina design schemes.
ATTENTION MEN OF BERLIN-A Prince Valiant hair cut is never a good idea when it comes to coiffure identity. Also hair buns are icky, but when you have very little hair and you desperately try to shape it to conform to the hair bun style that is also a major NO NO.  Also a hairbun and a bushy Grizzly Adams beard more major NONOs.  Something tellS me that soon Donald Trump will try to fashion his comb over into a hair bun. 
Ambrosia this plant not native to Germany from North America is causing havoc with my allergies this spring.  According to Viki Baum I am not the only person suffering this season as its become an epidemic.

Friday, May 29, 2015


That power top of all power tops Daniel "Haji Romana" Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim
jihadist translator to the academic shtars is on a working trip to Sicily to translate film scholarina
Gertrude Koch's book and to participate with some pals from Gorizia at the Queer Sicilia
Festivale. He's only going to be gone for three weeks but it alreadys feels like three years.
The dashing BFF of Comrade Hendrickson-Daryl Els the director of the fabled Bioscope
Independent Cinema in South Africa is in Berlin for Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus'
Visionary Archive Festival which opened May 21st with a big shebang. I was fortunate to
attend most of the programs featuring the handsome Mr. Els who is quite commanding on
stage when he uses his most posh South African accent which is so charming. The guest
curator Tobias Herring seemed to always end the programs featuring Mr. Els who is
an excellent moderator early just when the conversations were getting juicy, which was
a shame. So glad I was able to catch the screening of the South African blaxploitation
film Joe Bullit featuring a ruggedly lovesexy lead and a snaggle tooth villain.
Empress Stefanie at the opening gave a wonderful introduction. I wanted more Empress and
Daryl Els as both have great charisma and personality on stage in front of an audience. Empress
Stefanie and her incredible hard working expertin team of Markus Ruff, Uli Ziemons, Miss Tanya
Horstmann &Company have put together a most excellent program of workshops, discussions, panels and exhibitions. The festival even includes representation by an African Refugee Group which other
institutions in Berlin never even consider. The festival continues until May 31st with an
open air screening. Those of you visiting Berlin please catch the final weekend events.
I wasn't able to attend as many Visionary Archives events as I wanted because I am running
around like a chicken with its head cut off working on my new visual art exhibition "Come
On Daughter Save Me" which will debut in November in New York City at the Invisible Exports
Gallery on the Lower East Side. This will be my most difficult solo show to date and I have
to focus on it now during the Spring and Summer if I am to make my deadlines in the fall.
Don't want to say too much about it as to not jinx it.
Had a lovely meeting with the very young and sweet curator Pedro Marum of Queer Lisbon Art
& Film Festival along with the delightful Ricke Merighi who is a direct descendent of
Caravaggio. They are bringing me to Lisbon for an art congress on the African diaspora
which should be very exciting as it will be my first time in Portugal.
Also met with the beautiful Baseera Khan who collaborated with me back in 2012 in New
York City at Participant Inc Gallery on my first solo exhibition Hag-small,contemporary,
haggard. Ms. Khan was on a fellowship to Israel and Southern Italy and took a pitstop to
Berlina to visit with the doll. We had a delightful time having cake and coffee at
the Nollendorky Platz cafe Romeo und Romeo. Wish I could have spent more time hanging
out with Baseera who is smart and personable and recommended to me a book by the
young Nigerian writer Teju Cole called Every Day Is For a Thief. Cole is known for another
novel called "Open City" which i also have to read ASAP.
I have been so remiss in writing that I am late in reporting of the deaths of two
performance art greats Chris Burden and Rachel Rosenthal. When I was working at UCLA in
the 1990s I was on a hiring committee headed by Chris Burden where we had many hilarious
lunch meetings pigging out at the faculty center. Also on the committee was Mrs. Michael Glass who in those days was so full of humour and hot scandalous gossip. Rachel Rosenthal is a
performance art legend whose technique of Doing By Doing is something that I use when
teaching students all over the world with my performance art seminars and workshops.One
fun fact about Ms. Rosenthal is that she was married in the 1950s to the original
Ronald McDonald clown spokesman for the fast food empire. Chris Burden and Rachel Rosenthal
will be greatly missed.


Was going through some of my notes and because of being so busy with all this traveling I forgot to write about several motion pictures, television films and cable miniseries that were sent to me ages ago for review. The HBO mini series Looking that is a product of the British film director Andrew Haight who many fagulas see as their new filmic savior. I wasn't so impressed by his film Weekend. This TV series is a soap opera with three unsympathetic leads. The best thing I can recommend about the program is the supporting players that include the incredible Lauren Weedman as a feisty faghag, the handsome Raul Castillo and a wonderfully delightful Latina actress whose name i don't know who played the opinionated cousin of the character portrayed by Mr. Castillo. An Honorable Woman starring the exceptional talents of Ms. Maggie Gyllenhaul. Wonderful ensemble cast of British actors but the dress you up in my love geo politikal rigamorale is too much jizz for me to swallow in one 7-11 big gulp. Banana and Cucumber from the creator of the original British version of Queer as Folk has a nice glossy sheen to it but seemed forced. Wouldn't mind seeing more of male ingenue Dino Fetscher without clothes though.


Received this little missive from the wonderous art team of the great Beth Stephens and
the icon known as Annie Sprinkle:

Dear Friends and Colleagues Extraordinaire,

Greetings from the redwood forest. We are writing to, 1.) say ‘hello’, 2.) inform you of our new projects, 3.) and extend an invitation to join us.

WATER MAKES US WET! We are launching several projects about the pleasures, politics, and importance of WATER! Perhaps you are up for doing something fun? Perhaps you, like us, love and take pleasure with water, and are concerned with the drought and the way water is being exploited and polluted? Join us in expressing your thoughts and feelings about water.

NEW FILM! After the success of our first documentary film, we are, GULP, starting another film! Goodbye Gauley Mountain—An Ecosexual Love Story (2013) played some great festivals, won some awards, and was picked up by Kino Lorber, a great distributor. Best part was that the film raised awareness about the destruction of mountain top removal coal mining in West Virginia and introduced all kinds of audiences to ecosexuality and the idea of Earth as lover. We want to extend this idea into a new film about water. This is where YOU come in! We’d like to invite you, and your friends, to create some performance pieces with us, and be in our new film.

PARADE PERFORMANCES! We’re doing two Pride parade contingents in June, officially adding the E (for Ecosexual) to GLBTQI, in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. These events will kick off with ribbon cutting ceremonies, water toasts, and some special short performances by special guests. Then we make our way along the parade routes. We’ll be dressed in black with blue accents as fierce, punk-rock-ish, sexy water warriors. La Pocha Nostra’s co-director Saul Garcia Lopez will direct us. Guillermo Gomez Pena and his beloved Balitronica are the godparents of this SF piece. Artist Sandy Stone is our Santa Cruz project angel.

CALL FOR COLLABORATORS! We seek performers, flag bearers, safety monitors, marchers, makers, make-up artists, hair artists, production assistants and more. We welcome humans of all body types, ages, genders, sexual preferences, colors, nationalities, mobilities and eco-proclivities. Find all the juicy details here:

Santa Cruz’s Ecosex Contingent Performance for June 7th:

San Francisco’s Ecosexual Contingent performance for June 28th:

ECOSEX WALKING TOURS--We are also performing Here Come the Ecosexuals!Walking Tour of Bernal Hill, directed by Joy Brooke Fairfield. June 21st we will film the 10:30 a.m. walk and would love to have you in our audience. (Free!) There’s also a tour at 5. Come get your ecosexual gaze on! Tour info here:

OUR SF HOUSE & BOULDER CREEK CABIN FOR RENT: In July, we will take off on a road trip around Northern California, exploring more about water with our film crew. To help fund our film crew and travels we are looking to rent out our houses for bits of July through September. If you or anyone is interested, contact us for more information.

A Ph.D. & A NEW BOOK! Beth is scheduled to defend her Ph.D. dissertation in October. Then at the end of this year, we have a book about our work due. Its called Assuming the Ecosexual Position, and it will be published by the great University of Minnesota Press. We expect photos of the above projects (perhaps with you in them) to be in the book.

We are busy bees here at Pollination Productions. Our greatest joy would be to have some quality time with YOU, soaking in the hot tub, hanging out at the beach… going swimming… Water makes us wet!

With sunshine and daffodils,

Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle