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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Jauch Fuert 50-cent-Frage Ein

The Vagimule doll is overwhelmed with sadness. I don’t know exactlyhow to write about the recent passing of Mrs. Michael Glass in Los Angeles. Jeffreyland Hilbert his good friend and guardian angel has taken great care of him in the last decade. Mrs. Glass had been in bad health for a very long time having suffered several strokes and heart attacks even though he was quite young being only middle aged in his mid 50s. His death is one of those Los Angeles tragedies that could have easily befallen me had I stayed in the southland.

How or why I started calling Michael Glass Mrs Glass is unclear to me now. It just seemed to fit his personality, and he didn’t mind and somehow the nickname of Mrs. Glass just stuck and everyone started calling him that which is the usual case that tends to happen when I re-name a person. My relationship with Mrs. Glass is unusual in that I had been aware of him for many years in the peripherals of the punk and post punk scene but we didn’t become close friends until the late 1980s during the explosion of the queer zine movement when he was working at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Being that there are few African Americans in the punk and post punk scene we had of course noticed each other, but I believe we were both suspicious and gave each other a bit of shade like saying , “who does she think she is” . . . I first was aware of Mrs. Glass in the early 1980s as a figure around Exene Cervenka of the punk band X. At that time I figured that Mrs. Glass was most likely a snow queen and wouldnt appreciate seeing another black person around who could possibly snatch the white dick out of her mouth. Through mutual friends Mrs. Glass actually got a hold of my telephone number when I was running my home art space the Hag Gallery on the Sunset Strip and called me and made an appointment to view the artwork on display. It was very sweet of her to use that as an excuse to get to know me better, and we wound up spending hours chatting away about innumerable subjects. Mrs. Glass had a great fashion sense and dressed very much like a member of a black soul group from the early 1960s with her hammer shaped curvatis haircut, Vneck sweater shirts and peg leg gabardine pants. Mrs. Glass was also an impressive DJ with great taste in music and was the ultimate black intellectual with a mind as sharp as James Baldwin. Mrs. Glass was a major force in the success of Amok Books and their Dispatch series as well as editor of some of their most inspiring and influential books galvanizing the apocalypse culture movement. Not only that but Mrs. Glass was a genius contemporary artist who collaborated on several art photography projects with his Cal Ats colleague Nancy Barton. Because Mrs. Glass wasn’t a careerist he didn’t become an art star but he should have been one in a more just world. Mrs. Glass grew up in the same part of Watts that my family lived in when they first came to Los Angeles during the great migration, so we had oodles in common. His father was a Baptiste preacher and I believe Mrs. Glass is survived by an estranged brother. He told me more about his family but those facts have somehow vanished in my memory banks. Now of course I wish I had written some of it down as he was a fascinating character. Mrs. Glass remains an enigma and a bit of a mysterious figure to many. Like many blacks with roots in the American south he was deep down a very private figurine. I will always remember seeing him dance along with Nancy Barton and some other scenesters in a Robert Alton style production number at one of Jack Zinder’s tiki style underground nightclubs in the mid 1980s. He really had some mad terpsichorean skills. When he was the manager of the Amok Bookstore location on Vermont Avenue in Los Feliz Village he would grandly hold court with a myriad of visitors seeking audience with him. Included in this informal salon was writer Dennis Cooper who lived around the corner and a teenage Leonardo DiCaprio who lived on the same street as Mr. Cooper. Mrs. Glass was also a fantastic country comfort food chef and would make the most divoon Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkey I’ve ever eaten with exquisite mashed potatoes, dressing and stuffing, (African American Style)and his sweet potato pie was religious in its ecstatic delight. When I produced the 3rd Annual Judy Garland Parade & Festival on the one block street in WeHo Melrose Place Mrs. Glass created an incredible float featuring Uppers and Downers medication bottles prescribed to Miss Garland aka Bruce “Judy” LaBruce by her doctors Samuel Goldwyn and Louis B. Mayer. What a hoot that was.

Went to Haus Der Kulturen der Welt or the Pregnant Oyster in the Tiergarten to see fearless leader of CHEAP kollectiv Susanne Sachsse perform in the lecture performance by Judith Raum, Am of the Opinion Strike is Useful for the festival 100 Years of Now. I found the material concerning Deutsches Bank and the Anatolian Railway timely, but I felt it would have come across with a little more oomph if there had been a soundscape accompanying the nice reading of the text material especially if you are utilizing the supreme talents of someone with such perfect diction as La Sachsse---she isn’t a classically trained actress for nothing. With a sound carpet functioning as another character it would have enhanced things but of course the artiste Frau Raum who has a background in philosophy, art history and psychoanalysis choose the typical tuetonic approach where kunst with music is felt to diminish the seriousness of the text.

The opening lecture called Europe, Racialization, Coloniality: The Problem of the Present for Future Scenarios by the Slovinian philosopher Marina Grzinic was quite brilliant. Ms. Grzinic has a wonderful throaty voice that made her sound like Medea crossed with a lesbian vampire of Sodom. I am all wrapped up in her terms and pronouncements :

the necropolitical injunction of neoliberal global capitalism is “Still too human”,

One is the category which I will name biopolitical citizenship (the EU “natural” nation-State citizens)

Deading life is a procedure employed to supress, reduce,diminish,impoverish, ruin life, but it is not death.

Its so funny whenever I go to any big art event in Berlin things here always feel a bit forced and even when the ideas behind the festival are important and pivitol the people attending all seem to be going through the motions and are somehow still disconnected and joyless. Maybe its because there isn’t a real audience here but just middle class industry professionals as spectator mixed with academics and students.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Auf Mutti Folgt Gutti

Rising Stars, Falling Stars last Sunday evening was very sex majikal as we screened the Jonathan Demme concert film Stop Making Sense that features The Talking Heads. Lots of internationally celebrated celebutants in the audience including UC Riverside scholar extroidinaire Dr. Jennifer Doyle with gorgeous surfer bodied Catalan multimedia artist and experimental filmmaker Adria’ Julia’ who is in Berlin till the end of the year on a prestigious residency at the American Academy in Wannsee. Adria’ use to live in Berlin in the 1990s but now calls my old hometown of Los Angeles his numero uno. Chatting vigorously with the tight bodied Senor Julia’ the divine Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus back from her world travels building artistic bridges,graphic designer Christophe Holzky, German TV star with the popular crime drama Tatort, and living legend Zazi de Paris looking fabulously young and slinky, supermodel Karli Kloss without her BFF Taylor Swift,  my former students now turned junior art schtars Acme Singt, Christophe DeRohan Chabot, Scandinavian Muzlim jihadist Daniel Hendrickson playing an experimental version of “Take Me To the River” on klavier,Uli Ziemons and his lady faire the ginger haired curator Anja Lueckenkemper, projectionist Anselm Heller, Forum Expanded lesbiana Israeli crew leader Noam Gorbat and her exceptional gal posse that includes Cat Barich noted cat & dog whisperer, with music genius girlfriend Liane Hall,the noted songstress Fine Freiberg and Dalia Neis filmmaker, artist and musicologist.

Was treated to a hearty breakfast Sunday morning at the Schwartzer Café on Kant Strasse by the wonderful Anna Muelter formerly of Hebbel am Ufer now a senior curator at Sophiensaaler. Got a chance to see some world class big leggy and muscle thighed runners after breaky doing their thing at the Berlin Marathon and it was the perfect day for a jaunt with clear blue Bing Crosby Irving Berlin skies.

Along with fearless leader Susanne Sachsse and Marcuse Siegelstein the lady Vagimule ventured to the pretty East German city of Leipzig to catch a performance by Jamie Stewart and his band Xiu Xiu doing their take on the Twin Peaks score of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. Susi borrowed the luxurious automobile of Yael Bartana and off we went for a day and night trip. Thank goodness Leipzig is only about 2 hours away from Berlin as I don’t like being in a car for a long period of time. The music venue called the Nato was perfect for the sublime and masterfull sounds of Mr. Stewart and his deliciously sexy and talented female musical comrades. Jamie is a true genius freakazoid so of course we are naturally born to an alliance.

I missed Jamie’s last performance in Berlin as it was at the same time I was doing Rising Stars, Falling Stars. Jamie is collaborating with Susi and I on our performative installation of the Magic Flute in New York City this Fall creating the musical score. It was divoon to get to see Jamie perform again as the last time was when he was quite young on the Sunday afternoon stage of my punk rock beer bust Club Sucker at the Garage in Silverlake when he was in the bands Ibopa and Ten the Swear Jar.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Der Mann der sich Nicht Traut

For those of you in Berlin visiting for the summer and are looking for something thats interesting and much more underground then the normative Art Week inanities do yourself a favour and rush over to the big re-launch of Casabaubou in Berlin Wedding. Casabaubou is the salon and performance space of art photographer extroidinaire Annette Frick and her life partner the mad genius of international experimental film Wilhelm Hein. Wilhelm & Annette have been chronicling underground and queer life in all its many facets for over 30 years so you should make it your duty to pilgrimage to their cosmology off the beaten sweeten path in multiculti Wedding this Sunday Sept 20th at 6pm. Their events are always multigenerational with the most fascinating mixture of young and elderstateswomyn which is rare in and of itself in a Berlin that is becoming more myopic.



E N D L I C H ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!


SONNTAG 20.9.2015 AB 18 UHR




letzte Gelegenheit die werke zu bewundern, zu interpretieren

oder zu kaufen.

die Künstler nehmen sie am Abend mit.


herzlichst Annette und Wilhelm


Berlin Wedding

Seestrasse 107

U 6 Seestrasse


I have some of the most talented,sexiest smartest ex-students of any Dr. Professor who has ever taught in a University, college or art school. When you become one of my students you are branded for life. Rushed to the opening the other evening of a group show by my former student Christophe DeRohan Chabot. I had Christophe in my class in 2007 when I taught at Weissensee Art Akademy in Berlin. I never know what delights will emerge from this exquisite young Frenchman. Was so thrilled to see his lovely site and time specific installation at Exile Gallery’s At Night the Creatures Come up from the Bottom of our Oceans. Exile is one of the most engaging of the commercial art spaces that has been on the Berlin scene in the past few years. Its owner Christian Siekmeier is quite inventive with loopy taste that I appreciate and his latest space which is not far from my kiez at Kurfuerstenstrasse 19 off of the Potsdamer Strasse Ho Stroll is his best location yet. Kudos to Christian who is a real sweetie Peetie and congrats to Christophe DeRohan Chabot who has already peeked the interest of a lot of big spendor patrician collectors who I saw sniffing around at his opening along with art schtars like Discoteca Flaming Star’s gorgeous glamazon Cristina G’omez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer looking fresh and boyish with a blondine cesar haircut, Whitney curatorial klepnik Scott Rothkopf, AA Bronson doppelganger Hermann Nitsch or maybe it was Mr. Bronson?!?, and cute neophyte out- of- drag baby dyke Parker Posey Pansey. hours Thur-Sat 1-6pm and by appointment


Had a nice reunion at East London-God Save Brit Food with my longtime gal pal from Los Angeles’ 1980s punk rock poetry and spoken word scene Lisa Derrick. Lisa is a true great Angelina and is looking very stone fox. Lisa is not only a fabu artist and curator but is also a well respected journalista and gossipeuse whose most famous column the Velvet Rope was the scorn of all Hollywood and gave her the rep of being a modern day Sheila Graham. Lisa like the Vagimule doll is also a very powerful Druid Wiccan Sorceress and has been traveling throughout Europa with her young tyro enchantress Dark Dahlia Jane who I found to be most charming. Lisa use to be married to a famous film and TV star but she ditched him and now has three hot young studly lovers that she rotates----that’s the way to go girl. Love you Miss Lisa!  Thanks for treating the doll to a scrumpteous breakfast.

Lately Ms. Davis has beenreally feeling the affects of her menopause, but during my time with Lisa the hot flashes and unpredictable mood swings vanished.


Spent some time with baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras who has been making a Berlin pitstop before running back to Los Angeles. We dropped by what we thought was the Folsom Europa in Schoeneberg, but of course I got it all mixed up and missed the street festival not knowing that its on a Saturday not Sunday. There were a few leftover sez lizards on parade and salty dogs. I think the world needs to create some new fetishes. The existing ones have been worked to death and are as dry as melba toast.  Been hearing reports from the front lines of the refugee zone in Greece via  my former student Acme Singt and  DJanes Olga Damnitz and Angela Anderson.  Angie & Olga have been doing their best trying to help people they come in contact with, and while its impossible for individuals to solve this mess its better then just sitting back and doing absolutely nil.  Fearless leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse has also been volunteering her time to refugee and migrant causes.  No matter what problems you might be facing there are others out there worse off then you.  Do some lesbian processing of that.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Die Hitze hat die beiden eingelullt

Rising Stars,Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was simply divoon Sunday evening despite a heat wave. Was surprised that a crowd showed up to Kino 2 instead of patronizing the many lakes around Berlin for the last warm weekend of summer. The short subject program consisted of one Polish animation film and two Georgian delights plus the 1960s electronic offering of the music variety review Shindig. The latter featured a handsome and lithe Sam Cooke singing The Tennessee Waltz - a political statement if ever there was one. It also showed a very young Bobby Sherman in his first incarnation of a pop singer, before he had his long-on-the-tooth shag hair cut in the early and mid 1970s trying to steal the thunder from David Cassidy. The celebutantes in the audience enjoying white wine spritzer during the after screening reception: Ali Jenka the handsome big peniled Vienna art shtar with kollectiv Gelatin and his sexy Baby Papilein Gunther Gerdes, filmmaker Angela Christlieb who directed a nutty documentary called Naked Opera that I actually saw at the Berlinale in the Panorama Section about this ill fugly opera queen with a degenerative disease obsessed with Don Giovanni and the bland porn starlet Jordain Fox. Miss Angela and her Greek active beau Chris are now making a documentary about Gelatin called Where is Gelatin? Also scene & herdy-Berlin’s best DJane Jimmy Trash, film editor Martha Enderlein, Petra of the Filmmuseum Frankfurt’s GoEast Festival, humpy choreographer Tao Ye of Tao Dance Theatre, Gus Wenner the cutesy 25-year-old shaggy-haired son of Jann Wenner and Scion to the Rolling Stone publishing empire with his juicy significant other OShea Jackson Jr. who asked to take a pic with la diva Ms. Davis. My former student Acme Singt told me after the fact that the young robust Mr. Jackson is the son of rap star Ice Cube or is it Ice T? I always get them mixed up---shows you how much I know about hippity hop. Looking quite fetching the ItalioGerman designer of La Colleczione Piero Bellomo with his husband Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandinavian Muzlim who was in fine form accompanying me on klavier, Marcuse Siegelstein who was substituting for the divine Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who was on important Arsenal business in Venice Italy, socialite Martyn LeNoble, tyro actor Miles Teller with Hamburg based junior painting sensation Leon Loewentraut who is obsessed with the make-up drawings and sculpture of Ms. Davis. My other former student from when I taught in 2007 at Weissensee Art Akademy Christophe DeRohan Chabot tells me that Mr. Loewentraut is only 17 years old the poor blondine child. Special thanks and shout outs to those girls of perfection Salome Gersch and Kathrine who are part of the Arsenal administrative and hospitality crew.  Salome and Kathrine are so on top of everything and super organized and just downright amazing.  Special kudos to Arsenal expert projectionist Axel Lambretta for saving the day and retrieving Shindig from the vaults for us at the last minute.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wenn man auseinander geht

Deliriously fun and sumptuous bruncheon at the stately Victoria Louise Platz compound of Baby Papilein Gunter Gerdes the sexy lover of Ali Jenka of the Vienna based art kollectiv Gelitin.  Ali is now Dr. Professor Jenka and is head of the sculpture and transmedia department of the Kunst Universitaet Linz. Congragulations darling Ali.  So happy that Ali wants me to be a guest professor in Linz, Austria for the Spring 2016 semester.  For those of you looking to rent out a nice studio space here in Berlin, Ali’s 35 square meter studio in Wedding at Wiesen Str 62 at the famous Gerichtshoefe atelier will be ready for sublet between October 2015 to August 2016 for the dynamically cheap price of 310 euros a month that includes heating and internet.  The space is not for living in though and you have access to toilet, shared kitchen facilities and large windows.  Please contact my assistant Glee Brevard at if you are interested and he will put you in contact with Ali of Gelitin.

Had a glorious din din at Fearless leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse’s eastside manor along with Marcuse Siegelstein, Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and his juicy ItalioGerman lover Piero Bellomo of La Collezione.  After dinner Susi screened the first three episodes on her beamer of the new British series Vicious starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi.  This olde school style sitcom is lovely in its British bitterness.  Mr. McKellen and Mr. Jacobi are perfect as two sniping battleaxes, but I love the supporting players even more. 

Forgot to mention that I had been invited to a preview of the Amy Schumer starring comic film several months back.  I’m not familiar with Ms. Schumer but I like big boned haus frau looking girls who are so underrepresented in the mainstream film world.  This Judd Apetow directed movie was renamed in Germany with the odd title “Dating Queen” but in the states it is known as Trainwreck.  Ms. Schumer allows the cinematographer to light her in the most horrid manner.  Is this part of what makes it a comedy?  This maudlin klunky vehicle did manage to bring forth at least one revelation----- that most straight men secretly only want to have sex with each other.

If you get the chance purchase a copy of this academic  journal out of Duke University called Radical History Review edited by NYU assistant professor Zeb Tortorici and others. The latest issue is called Queering Archives- Intimate Tracings.  There is an essay from Robert Summers called Queer Archives, Queer Movements:  The Visual and Bodily Archives of Vaginal Davis.  There is also an article about the underrated Chicano artist Mundo Meza who is a little known art world figure who died of AIDS in 1985.  Mundo also use to create the incredible window displays at the fashion forward store in Hollywood Maxfield Blue and it was because of Mundo that Simon Doonon the well regarded fashionista and former window dresser of Barneys New York even has  a career and is so well known.  Doonon and Mundo worked together at Maxfields in the late 70s and early 80s and i believe were even involved in a relationship.

Received a signed copy of the new book by Australian expat writer Stuart Braun, City of Exiles-Berlin From the Outside In which I’m quoted along with Marcuse Siegelstein, Zazie De Paris, Romy Haag and about a zillion others.  Added the book to my nightstand along with the bitchy memoir about Marlene Dietrich by her daughter Maria Riva.  I saw the legendary star perform in 1975 at LA’s Music Center.  At that time I hadn’t seen any of her films and only knew her as an old movie star.  What I remember most was that she was placed on stage by a group of male stagehands, and you could see this happening through the sheer curtain.  When she finished performing the curtain closed and the same men came and carried her away.