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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The weather has warmed up considerably and it is feeling like Spring, Spring, Spring. Considering I DJaned last night at Search&Destroy @Shwutz till 6am with Bruce “Judy” LaBruce I woke up somewhat early by 11am. I treated myself to a nice breakfast at a lil café on the Haupt Strasse and strolled to the Tiergarten to enjoy the climate temps. Saw an interesting in-bred looking young monster couple taking a walk through the park holding hands.They were like a brother/sister/husband/wife very angular with Frankenstein edges. Dying their hair black and sporting that horrid goth meets The Matrix look didn´t help matters.
Had a phun time behind the mighty wheels of steel last night. I started my set at around 11:15 and got to spin alone till about 12:30 or so. Judy took over around 1:30am and then at about 3am we tagged team. Judy has gotten much better. She uses a computer and that was always a bit problematic but since she DJ´s so much these days---at least 3x a week when in Berlin her skills have improved. Not to say that I am so amazing. I know my limitations.
Judy does date herself with her music choices of classic rock and bands like Steely Dan, and her new mixes of olde stuff don’t help things but it makes it more obvious. She should just play the record the original way and own it. We really did have a nice time together and she is looking much better now that she has stopped doing so many drugs. That Judy LaBruce is still the biggest party nigger I know. She is very Alicia Bridges I Love the Nightlife. I love to DJane, and if I am at a club holding court surrounded by beauties that is divine, but I am not one of those queens just happy to be anywhere. After Judy and I finished our set the Scream Club team of cutie pie, charming baby dykes took ever. I was happy to hightail it and finally get some sleep.
One of the evenings highlights was when I played the theme from the Brazilian Children´s TV show XuXa. That really got the crowd going, and I wasn´t sure it would work. How many of you out there in internet land remember Ms. XuXa Meneghel? She started her career at 16 as a softcore porn actress, hooked up with the famous soccer star Pele and then crossed over into the mainstream. Today she is the richest woman in Brazil with a fortune estimated in the billions. She even dated John F. Kennedy Jr.I would sometimes catch her kiddy TV show when I was in a hotel room and I loved how obvious it was that she hated children. She didn´t exactly try to hide it either which i loved.
Search&Destroy was packed to the rafters in the lounge where we spinned. The German matinee idol Moritz Bleibtreau requested I play Michael Jackson so I played his little known song “It’s the Falling in Love” which soothed him and the crowd. Gorgeous Deutsch blondine male ingénue Max Riemelt asked me to play Whitney Huston. I don´t have any Whitney records so I played her mother Sissy Huston´s disco hit from the 70s “Think it Over”. Thank god I didn’t get any requests for Lady Gaga, but one young girl did ask for Madonna which surprised me. As most young people don´t really know who she is anymore. A hot indie rock looking kid came up to the booth thanking me profusely for playing the Jonathan Fire*Eater song “No Love Like That” he asked me to pose with him and his boyfriend the male supermodel Sean O´pry. If it wasn´t Mr. O´pry it was his doppelganger. Also enjoying the evening: Daniel Hendrickson with my beautiful child of high art Jonathan Berger here in Berlin working on camp/anti-camp, Senol Senturk who is the co-production designer, bubbly Anna Muelter of HAU with her South Afrikan art curator posse, baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras with Ricardo of Shade Inc. formerly Berlin Hilton, artists Joana Coppi and Katja von Helldorf, Tobias Raucher of Sissy Magazine and his hot barefoot boi club, and my sweet Fight Club theater kids.
In the morning I had a Speaking From the Diaphragm meeting at the cemetery compound of delicious Nanna Heidenreich. Nanna along with handsome Uli Ziemons and my assistant Christian Weber got a lot of work done, and afterwards I was able to enjoy the Springlike weather which was such a treat. Thursday was my super meeting day starting with a Living Archive/Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music brainstorm with Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Markus Ruff and Daniel Hendrickson. Jeffrey Hilbert of the LA based design ad agency Kustom Creative has created a fab poster for my new re-launch of Rising Stars and believe me its out of this world. Jeffrey besides being super sexy and fine with a huge penis is one of the nicest and most talented men I know. He always comes through for his doll.
Then I was off to the HAU for camp/anti-camp meetings with Jonathan, Senol Senturk, Nazli & Yoryos the Greek, Christian Weber and Anna Mülter. One last evening meeting with Christian Weber where we tried to figuring things out for VD is Speaking From the Diaphragm my klatch/installation performance.
I unfortunately had to miss going to see Lydia Lunch at the KW Institute for Contemporay Art in Mitte. The first lady of Harsh, Ms. Lunch was reading from her novel Paradoxia, A Predator´s Diary as part of the exhibition: You Killed Me First:The Cinema of Transgression.
Jonathan Berger arrived in Berlin on Tuesday. Its his first time and I love seeing the city through his eyes. He told me that he had a star sighting on his plane from New York of the famed experimental musician Lamont Young "looking like a Karl Heinz Weinberger foto". Jonathan did the production design for several of my most recent hit projects and is now designing the entire set for camp/anti-camp at HAU 2 in April which will be explosive.
The first event that is part of Camp/Anti-Camp is the film program at the Arsenal Inst. Für film und Video Kunst with a screening of the 1946 Carmen Miranda film Copacabana Monday March 19th at 8pm. The film features 1940s hunk supreme Steve Cochran. Hope to see you all at the screening and you better be bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fans of this very blog in Italy. Below is a very important announcement of an art show with some of my delightfully talented Berlin children:

Dear friends & colleagues,
You are cordially invited to:
A group show with works by:
Amelia Bande
Annette Knol
Christo Wallers
Cristian Forte
Drawing Workshop
Francisca Villela
Irene Mattioli & Anna Schmidt
Katja von Helldorff
Mareike Lee
Quinten Dierick
Stefan Endewardt
Tim Greaves

curated by Annette Knol
Opening: Saturday 17th of March
19:00 - 23:00
Superfluo - Central Park - via Annibale da Bassano 1 - Padova - Italy
For further information:
Availabism means to make best use of what is and was available; to take what is closest at hand as both the inspiration for your work as well as the medium. It was coined as an artistic movement by Kembra Pfahler from the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and has a past going back as far as the Dada-ists.
I first heard the word Availabism during a workshop led by Vaginal Davis and something inside of me clicked: this is what I had been doing all along. I was delighted to find a word that described a way of working based on improvising, responding to a certain environment, creating from what is already there. Availabism is a sort of left-over dish approach to making art: the deliciousness comes from a simple idea combined with a strong sense of intuition. The result goes beyond the material bringing the artist closer to a spiritual relationship with the work. Art making becomes part of everyday life, coming down from the out of reach pedestal it often stands on.
When preparing for this exhibition, it became clear how extremely difficult it is to sum up what exactly Availabism is. Can anyone who uses lo-fi or found materials be a follower? Does your work have to be process-based?
AVAILABISM is a group show exploring the philosophy of Availabism, which simultaneously brings together a group of artists affiliated with the Kotti-Shop, an independent multi-faceted arts-space in Berlin.
Annette Knol, Berlin 2012.
And this announcement sent to me by Jan Klesse straight from the mouth of world famous Goddess Bunny

Lets see how long this lasts and if it puts a cramp in Goddess Bunny’s business venture of teaching a master class of singing, acting, dancing and comedy from the cramped environ of her nursing home in Inglewood, California.
Received two sweet missives to-day, that I shall call A Tale of Two Cities--- Los Angeles and London.

My Sweet Negra Apestosa,

I'm waiting for my Boo at the gym. The usual characters at 6am!

All the young Hotties are now working Cross Fit into their routines. The cool
thing about Cross Fit is that shorter Shorts are ideal for all the Squatting and jumping. Today, there was a new beauty at the gym doing his Cross Fit routine. He had a very short Buzz Cut with such a pretty face and a delicious Butt!
I had a busy weekend cooking both Sat and Sunday. My family has been circling
my Aunt Dora at the hospital, she is preparing for her exit at a nice ripe age of 89. My Aunt Dora was part of the Sleepy Lagoon Pachuca crew. Lots of drama at the hospital with her children, the boxing gloves came out and the Hospital decided to discharge my Aunt partly cuz of the family drama. They pissed off the Social Worker with their Drama.

I've not seen anyone these days. The weather has been Nice.

I miss my Sweet Doll.

Have u been in touch with Emi Fontana of West of Rome?
Oh Doll,
forget about Gaydar, Recon, Gay Romeo or Does Your Mom Know You're a, I am having a blast using the local Craigslist here, where you can find a fair number of bi or closeted people instead of the usual tired gay mummies, Nosferatus and Nosferitas. Here is what I have been doing in the last couple of weeks, when I was not doing job hunting.
On Sunday 26, I went to a small group orgy from 3pm to 1am. There has been a
number of people coming and going, for a total of 10 or so. It was obviously a mixed bag, so I skipped the older ones there and I have concentrated on a cute 23yo student that was there. We only did lesbiana because he was passive but not into anal and, as you know, I am very much like that old Maggie Thatcher's quote 'The lady's not for turning'. We chilled out a bit then and later around 8pm a gorgeous 24yo Polish guy came by. Scalpelled cheekbones, natural muscular body and all the trimmings... he really looked like a model and we all said that to him. Obviously, I went all over him like a vulture, just like you the Doll when you see any sort of food, and me and another guy ended up double penetrating him.
On Monday 27, I had a married with kids guy in his early 30s that came to my flat for some facefucking and some fingering.
On Wed 29, some other bi guy in his late 20s came along for some spanking.
On Saturday the 3rd a 32yo rugby built married guy came around in the afternoon for some electro and sucking, then later in the early evening I went to a hotel room to fist two flight attendants from Tennessee.
I had a couple of days off then on Tuesday the 6th another married 32yo guy visited my pad for servicing my schlongy organ of delightful pleasures and some OTK spanking.
On Thursday the 8th, another young bi guy for electro... they all seem to want electro these days!
On Friday the 9th, I have treated a 23yo bi again to some electro and fucking. He was a bit tight, probably his girlfriend doesn't like to play with his young firm butt... shame on her.
On Saturday the 10th, I went to my first ballbusting party and spent a happy couple of hours slapping, pulling, hitting etc the manly balls of the small number of people there.
On Sunday the 11th, I replied to an ad of someone very local, just a 20 min walk. He was a student, whose flatmate was blindfolded and naked on bed waiting for people to come around to fuck him, so I popped in and I was sucked a bit before fucking his bubble butt. He was a gorgeous 23yo young ginger and you know how much I like them. I attached a couple of pics of him - front and back - they were sent to me before the meeting, so that you can pleasure your penile cashew a bit.
I haven't anything planned this week, apart from a Clothed Male/Naked Male party on Saturday, but I am sure that something will come up.
I will keep you posted.
Went to the opening of feminist art gallery Alpha Nova Werkstaff & Galerie Futura at the new space at Kunst Fabrik am Flutgraben in Kruezberg with Katja von Helldorf and her hot gal posse. It was a full devil moon just perfect for Druid Wiccan sorcering and prancing about naked in the forest----blessed be. My former students at Weissensee Art Academy were all part of the exhibition including Sweet Annette Knol who was with her smoking hot South American girlfriend Amelie, Lydia Hamann, Katja and her Leiseylento bandmate Cristian Forte. The vivacious Anne Kuhl is one of the artistic directors of this new space, which was packed to and beyond the rafters. I loved the messy graduate student feel of the proceedings with everything shown in a haphazard like fashion. I would not have used standard gallery bright lighting and made things more moody and mysterious. Openings are not really for seeing the art work on display. Of course being a giantessa I was constantly bumping my head into one stretched nylon assemblage. Now that’s how your form a relationship to art. Katja’s colored drawings are so very expressive and beguiling as if stolen from an ancient cave or rescued from a book of monk etchings you’d find in a monastery like in that Sean Connery film In the Name of the Rose. Annette’s super post modernist and I might add brilliant feminist lineage plates were also a highlight. I was feeling a little claustrophobic as it was so crowded and there was no place to sit, so I had to take my swollen feet back home to the Insel missing the performance.
The next evening I went to Anna Muelter of Hebbel am Ufer’s 16th birthday party at Barbie Deinhoff. It was a joyous affair that included Senol Senturk, Katja from Piss Gottin, kJohnny Blue, Susanna Sachsse, Marc Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Olga Damnitz, Uli Ziemons and his beautiful girlfriend with appearances by Angela Melitoupolous, Nanna Heidenreich, Elsa the Portugeuse intermedia actress, Katrin Dod, Koen Clarehout, Meijke Hansen and DJane Bianca Kruk behind the mighty wheels of steel. Earlier in the eve I had a camp/anti-camp dinner meeting with Susi and Marcu that was fun filled with lots of laughter and gaiety, but also hard work and prep. In fact it was an entire day of meetings. My first was in the morning with my co-host for Vaginal Davis is Speaking From the Diaphragm Nanna Heidenreich, who prepared a delish breakfast as we made plans and basically had a girlish gaggle of a time. Met Nanna’s mom who is turning 88 years of age but doesn’t look a day over 60, she is so energetic and youthful. I can see where Nanna got her good genes from.
Sunday morning I met with Daniel Hendrickson and we worked on some Rising Stars, Falling Stars re-launch duties after a robust breakfast at a Neu Koelln Turkish boite. At 4pm I joined the Noisy Rooms rehearsal studio shenanigans with Tenderloin who seem to be gelling quite well. After rehearsal the boys and 19 year old lead singer Dagmar Hofpfisterei retreated for some non spicy Indian food in Friedrichshain. Landgraf Jan Klesse followed his doll back to the Cheese Endique Trifecta where he kept me up all night reading steamy passages from a new book about John Lennon’s love affair with his manager Brian Epstein where Lennon held Epstein in a chokehold and proceeded to ram up his arse mechanical fantastical. Talk about your hard days night.
In the morning Jan and I joined sweetie pie Manuel Schubert for a breakfast radio interview from Toughstein Cafe for Film Highlights Magazine. It was my day of press-O-matic as I also finished an e-interview with ExBerliner Magazine and was interviewed at the Trifecta by Ines Meier for the German edition of Art Info Magazine. I am also sadly behind in the essay that I am supposed to write for Art Forum on the late, great rock haunt Jabberjaw that thrived in LA’s Funkytown of South Central in the early 1990s.
Tomorrow Jonathan Berger arrives in Berlin. Jonathan will be doing the production design for camp/anti-camp, and I can’t wait to cover him in pithy kisses. During breakfast at Toughstein Café a song by Gwen Stefanie and her band No Doubt was played over the loud speaker. I was asked if I knew Ms. Stefanie which brought back memories of her and the band in the late 80s when they played the mod/ska/funk/soul circuit opening up for two better bands Momma Stud and Section Eight. If anyone knows whatever happened to the kids in these bands please holler at me with the details. Section Eight were a bunch of very cute kids who use to hang out at Retail Slut on Melrose with my Afro Sister Clitoris Turner aka: Mark Maxwell. Mark is a dinge queen and had a crush on one of the boys in the band who was somewhat of a nerdy Negro who wore wire frame glasses if I am remembering correctly. Momma Stud featured two girl back-up singers and one of them Laura E., was having a Lesbian affair with Fertile La Toyah Jackson photog Beulah Love. One time Laura joined the Afro Sisters in performance at UC Santa Barbara and beat the living excrement out of a drunken co-ed who threw a drink at her. Laura was a feisty fiery Latina with a shapelier buttocks then J-Lo. The last thing I heard about her was that she was being kept in elegant style by actor Eddie Murphy in the early to mid 90s between his conjugal visitations with various pre-op transsexuals who hung out at the Santa Monica Blvd club Some R,Some aRn’t at Peanuts Disco. Laura came clean to Eddie that she had herpes and he vamoosed taking back the credit cards, fancy car and Sunset Tower rendezvous pad.Shortly after that Laura wound up preggers by some dude, and was working as a receptionist for Jiffy Lube in the suburbs.