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Friday, November 17, 2006

Ran into hunkasaurus G.S. the Tom of Finland peterbuilt Nicklelodean director of Britney Spear’s kid sister show, who told me about his battle with ampheta-vegi-vitamins. I’d love to be addicted to Crystal Ann Methamfeta-cheese or Sextacy, GBHPTQL, keta-alpine or woofies. Can you imagine someone as naturally insane as I am on illegal drugs? The only drug I’ve actually tried has been rogaine. Which I adored. I also would love to experiment with being the heroine of my own romance novel, and Whitney From Huston’s Whack. Mr. GS was good friends with John Boskovitch, the Boskovitch Farms heir who died of an overdose recently. John was best known as the director of Sandra Bernhard’s Without You I’m Nothing, and for his 80s artwork. John also taught at Otis Parsons and Art Center, and I was a regular visiting artist to his classes. He was a dear man, who sincerely supported my work, but was also troubled. Thank god I wasn’t born into wealth and priveledge. Its tough being poor and living in the gutter, but having money actually makes things harder for you not easier.
I also spied recently Mr. Eric Dane, who plays Dr. McSteamy on the hit ABC TV show Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve seen the show a few times when I’m staying in hotels. I'm one of those creatures without TV, so I don’t get to keep up on the latest boobic tube phenomenas. It seems to me that Grey’s is a remake of the ABC-TV show Gideon’s Crossing which starred Andre’ Brauwer(?spelling). Mr. Dane was a regular on that series as well, and I guested on that program back in 2000 playing a tranny nurse during a Christmas episode. The humpy Mr. Dane was really flirtatious with me. I’m always surprised when mainstream stars even know who I am. Eric Dane in person is even sexier then he appears on the small screen. Eric Dane is married to former Sassy Magazine perenial cover girl Rebecca Gayheart, which is a little disturbing since Ms. Gayheart ran over and killed a little Mexican boy off of Franklin Avenue a few years ago. When I appeared on Gideon’s Crossing I’ll never forget that the series stars Mr. Breauwer, Ruben Blades, Timothy Bottoms and a cute east Asian actor were very sweet and welcoming. But some of the female co-stars weren’t exactly featuring me. They took issue that the hair, make-up and behind the scenes folk treated the doll like a huge star, primping and fussing over her.
Saw the latest 007 movie Casino Royale starring blonde bubble butt Daniel Craig and luscious Eva Green. All I can say is that I’ve never been interested in this high profile film series until now. I hate action films, but this one was intelligently paced and beautifully executed, and the torture scene with Mr. Craig is beyond homosexy.
This item just reported to me from hot singer Brian Grillo of Extra Fancy fame, Mike Webber the legend behind the infamous South Bay punk band The Nip Drivers just died. Mike was a complete sweetheart, who’ve I’ve known forever. He was a regular at Club Sucker and the Nip Drivers even re-united for one glorious raucaus Sunday at my former punk rock beer bust.
Mr. Mike will be missed by one and all as a queer punk pioneer and a lovely man.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This sweet little note from my good friend and NYC guru, Billy Miller of the Manhattan Journal of Unnatural Acts:
U R THE Crenshaw Rose (or the Sunset Rose, or the....),
maybe i'm some kind of Detroit or Jersey City weed?
am still in ye olde Projects with an ongoing mice(s) infestation (have made a glue-trap Berlin Wall around certain areas). been in a couple group shows lately and working on a new STH and an arts publication.
planning a trip soon to Toronto too as the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives there turns out to have the largest collection of early STHs i've found yet, and they are gonna let me scan all of the issues that i don't have so we can include 'em on the website (which is still proceeding at a snail's pace, but nearing completion...more about that later).have gone on a couple car trips lately. it's an ART overkill lately in the NYC area...this whole art thing is so out of control here now that there is some opening or event or whatever EVERY freaking day of the the freaking week and it's TIRING me the FREAK OUT...i want to support my friends and peeps i admire, but this is just TOO MUCH. NYC is turning into a mall for rich people and upscale shopping and all these rich kid artists are providing them with luxury products for thier fancy abodes. am running out now to meet my new friend Justin Yockel (orginally of Orange County CA)..we're going to a -what else- art event and then a fancy party at a fancy arty rich person's loft space with a fancy arty DJ and performers. here's a url for Justin's website/mag: will write more later.
Toronto I adore you. Its been a while since our last time together, but you are still a shiny Norma Shearer of the North. Invited by TAAFI(Toronto Alternative Art Fair International) which took place at the Drake and Gladstone Hotels. I was put up at the Gladstone on the appropriately named West Queen Street. The Gladstone was built in 1889 and my lovely Easy Rider room was designed by artist Andrew Harwood who along with Will Munro of Vaseline fame created this event that features 25 exhibitors and 35 invitational artists. TAAFI is the more underground fun version of the larger Toronto International Art Fair that goes on at the same time, but is too poovah. The world gentrification movement has really taken hold in Toronto. Its not the same city I remember coming to in the 80s during the old punk period of boozecans and what not. There are still some crusty looking people on the streets, and the great thing I love about Canadians is that they are completely CRAZY. Less arrogant then Americans with a great self-depricating sense of humour.
I performed at the Melody Bar inside the Gladstone Hotel along with local queens Keith Cole and Donnarama with DJ’s Luis Jacob and Will Munro. I decided to do a tiny excerpt from my larger piece Orifice Descending, and although it came out very sloppy,--- I didn’t get a proper sound check as the bar was always packed with people in it. Toronto is such a good time Charlie town, that professionalism really didn’t matter. Everyone was drunk and just happy to be anyplace, and I’m not the biggest proponent of slick work, so all was fine and dandy. The young kids who turned out were jubilant, and also there were some academics who have been studying my work who grilled me with a million questions. Ms. Margot Keith the make-up artist to the stars beat me an incredible face, so I looked juicy, wearing my tight fitting Rick Owens ensemble. I played hostess afterwards at Will Munro’s Beaver Café, holding court and drinking so many Vodka Gimlets that I’m surprised I didn’t black out.
The next day I was kidnapped by wonderful Paddy Aldrich of A Walk on the Wild Side, the specialty boutique and art center that has hosted everyone from Willem Dafoe to the Lady John Travolta who is in Toronto chowing down on young Portuegese pinga while filming the movie version of the broadway musical Hairspray. Paddy is a delight and we had a riotious time together laughing and carrying on. One of Miss Paddy’s top roster of drag stars Gartina, cooked a scrumpteous down home meal of ribs and honey garlic chicken which really warms this girls hungry heart. Can’t wait till Miss Gartina opens up her own café----it will be amazing! Paddy also loaded me down with items from her boutique, a cute bob wig, some 1920s style tap shoes, cuban heel and fishnet stockings, oh and some new double D ba-knockers.
I was opperating under such a whirlwind, that I didn’t get to check out much of the art, but I did spend some time in Allyson Mitchell’s fantastic Vagina Dentata in Late Capitalism installation where I also hung with the incredible Druid Wiccan Sorceress collective of M.L.A.(Montecore Liberation Army)
Also had dinner with Judy LaBruce and his cute young bear chasing pal who works on the Canadian TV show Restaurant Make-Over. Was flown to Toronto on US Airways who lost my luggage. Only the second time this has happened to me. Thank god they found my bag with outfit in time for the show. Thanks and kissy kisses to cuddly Ms. Andrew Hardwood, Sholem Krishtalka, Will Munro, soundman Chipper GoLightly, beefcake "And Justice For All", and the gracious, welcoming staff of the Gladstone Hotel, especially all the young kids who work the front desk who took such great loving care of this diva suprema.