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Friday, September 17, 2021

Freihändiges Prostatatraining in einer gut betuchten Umgebung.

Freihändiges Prostatatraining in einer gut betuchten Umgebung.

MGM star Jane Powell one of the last of Golden era Hollywood has died at age 92. I simply adore Jane Powell. Her high note Susie singing, and winning personality on the screen in such films as Young, Rich and Pretty, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Hit the Deck, Nancy Goes to Rio, A Date With Judy, Deep in My Heart, Royal Wedding, the adorable Small Town Girl, with scene stealers Bobby Van and Ann Miller, and the odd health cult film Athena (1954) which features a young Mr. Universe Steve Reeves and if I remember correctly an appearance by health guru Gypsy Boots. The last time i saw Athena was as a child in the early 1970s when I couldn't sleep and caught it on TV at 4am, so my memory of the film is a little hazy. In the 1970's my older sister Teresita had a best friend a girl named Luigi who was a vegetarian and they use to go to Gypsy Boots celebrity health food restaurant that was on Third Street near Normandie Avenue in the area that is now part of Korea Town. Poor Luigi use to live off of Olympic Blvd and Vermont and worked at one of those big insurance companies on Wilshire Blvd. She would swim every morning before work in the pool of the Ambassador Hotel Fitness Center and was killed in that pool by a freak accident of a light fixture falling into the pool and electrocuting her. I was in a hotel in the States a few years ago and caught an episode of Law & Order featuring Jane Powell, and she was certainly a very underrated actress, RIP


If you are in the Pacific Northwest please go to Adams & Ollman for their latest exhibition.


This just in from my former London gallerist Dan Gunn:

A sound installation for a solar boat

As part of
Curated by Delfim Sardo and Sílvia Gomes

BoCA - Biennial of Contemporary Arts, Faro
Various sessions, 19 September 2021
Ria Formosa, Faro, Portugal


And the latest from that incredible art star Cassils:

Cassils's first solo exhibition in the UK, a 10-year survey of their screen and print-based work, titled Human Measure, curated by Bren O’Callaghan forHOME (Manchester, UK). Opening night is October 1 and runs till Sat 2 Oct 2021 – Sun 12 Dec 2021. The work in this exhibition goes beyond the logic of identity politics, beyond the meat of ones own body. Cassils has been working towards the revolutionary project of anti-patriarchal, anti-racist and social transformation. Everyone is welcome with open arms- with special love and mindfulness towards our tran/ GNC/ Non binary folks.


Junior art star the lovely and talented Elly Clarke:

Proxy Bodies opening this Friday
at Hamilton MAS in Felixstowe
This is the first newsletter I have sent out in nearly a year. I hope it finds you as well and as ok as possible in these ever uncertain times. I have been focussing my energy mostly on my PhD, along with a Climate Justice Group I helped set up with a few other PhD researchers. For the last three months, however, I have been working at a start up art space, Hamilton MAS in Felixstowe, Suffolk as part of CHASE DTP supported PhD Placement. Proxy Bodies is a collaborative exhibition I have put together at the end of this, exploring ideas and lived realities of having and keeping a body going in an uber-connected, politically & ecologically unstable world - among many other drags, pressures and pleasures.

With work by:

Bryony Graham
Clareese Hill
Dominique Savitri Bonarjee
Elly Clarke
Galina Shevchenko
Loula Yorke

18th - 27th September
Open 11- 4 and by appointment

Private View:
Friday 17th September, 6-8pm

Artist talk (in person & on Zoom):
Thursday 23rd September, 6-8pm

Live Performance by Loula Yorke:
Friday 24th September 7.30pm

Collapse by Savitri (on the beach nearest Hamilton MAS):
Saturday 25th September at 5pm

Hamilton MAS
Bent Hill, Felixstowe IP11 7DG
Instagram: @hamilt0nmas

Supported by CHASE Doctoral Training Programme

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Drei brasilianische männliche Huren werden hart an ein sprichwörtliches Kreuz genagelt

Drei brasilianische männliche Huren werden hart an ein sprichwörtliches Kreuz genagelt

My super gorgeous genius of a genius daughter Wu Tsang's has brought her monumental installation Anthem to Berlin as Lovesong showing at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi until October 31st. Wu believes in collaboration and only works with the most gifted of the gifted. This work is no exception. Here she spotlights the brilliant singer/songwriter, composer and trans activist Beverly Glenn-Copeland. The results are magical, with assist from Glenn-Copeland's lady love the beautiful Elizabeth, Kelsey Lu, Tosh Basco, Asma Maroof, Daniel Pineda, with superlative costumes and stayling by Peter Do, Kyle Luu, and makeup and hair by Charlotte Gavaris, Malory Glenn and photography by Paul McCurdy. Multiple viewings are definitely required as you will see something different each time.

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to announce


16 – 18 September 2021


Extended opening hours:
Thursday, 16 Sep – Saturday, 18 Sep
11 – 7 pm

Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Major Ms. Gorgeous Wu Tsang

Thursday, September 09, 2021

Schmutzige Jungs bonk für kaltes Geld

Schmutzige Jungs bonk für kaltes Geld

When the great Lia Gangitano of Participant Inc. sends you a message you immediately take notice as she is one who must be obeyed. Her daughter Jordan Strafer, is having an exhibition in Berlin so make haste to run not walk to see it:

Hello friends in Berlin,

I would love to see you at the opening of this exhibition Illiberal Arts curated by Kerstin Stakemeier and Anselm Franke at the HKW on September 10th. Two of my video works will be installed in the show, PEP (Process Entanglement Procedure) (2019) and SOS(2021). My writing ...---... SH**T DIARY (2021) will also be published in the accompanying catalogue. If you're not in Germany, please share with friends in Berlin. More information below!

We would like to cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition Illiberal Arts on September 10, 2021.
Please note that the visit of the opening is only possible with a Tested-Vaccinated-Recovered proof for invited and registered guests. Masks are required in the entire building.
6 pm
7 pm
Welcoming by Bernd Scherer
Introduction by Anselm Franke and Kerstin Stakemeier
8 pm
Performance by Mikołaj Sobczak and Nicholas Grafia, Peasants, ca. 40 min
The exhibition and publication project Illiberal Arts is a search for forms concerning an artistic “Lebensarbeit” (“life’s work”, Lu Märten (1879-1970)) initiated with international artists, poets and authors. In the cracks of the decaying forms of market accumulation, anti-identitarian, communal horizons burst open, as do collective forms of perception and political spontaneities. The project subjects these to a practical test. For Lu Märten, “a person’s whole life’s work” was considered artistic; what was artistic didn’t always have to become art. Perhaps what became art doesn’t necessarily have to remain art either.
With contributions by Ho Rui An, Raven Chacon, Cut away, with effects (2021), Övül Durmuşoğlu, Bill Dietz, Stephan Dillemuth, Thomas Eggerer, Frank Engster, Ciarán Finlayson, keyon gaskin, Melanie Gilligan, Larne Abse Gogarty, Nicholas Grafia, Tamar Guimarães, Danny Hayward, Johanna Hedva, Anne Imhof, Pauline Curnier Jardin mit Feel Good Cooperative (Andrea, Giuliana, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Alexandra Lopez, Alexandra Mapuchina, Serena Olcuire, Gilda Star), Lisa Jeschke, Karrabing Film Collective, Aristilde Paz Justine Kirby, Anja Kirschner, Dani Leder, Rosalind C. Morris, MYSTI, Jota Mombaça, Jenny Nachtigall, Henrike Naumann, Fumi Okiji, Casandra Press, Steve Reinke, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Mikołaj Sobczak, Juliana Spahr, Jordan Strafer, Sunset Open Call (Kasi Althaus, Andrea Victoria Paradiso, Elena Peters Arnolds, Denise Pinnell, Christin Rothe, Suzie Sullivan, Kathy Seitzinger Hepburn, Amy Sutryn, Rosana Van Horn, Laura L. LePere, Aude Lèvere), Orakel, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Marina Vishmidt, Philip Wiegard, Kandis Williams, Simone White, Constantina Zavitsanos
A comprehensive book will be published accompanying the exhibition. It will be available on the evening of the opening.
We would be delighted if you could celebrate the opening of the exhibition with us.
With kind regards,
Bernd Scherer
Anselm Franke and Kerstin Stakemeier

Important information regarding the visit of the opening on September 10, 2021
Please inform yourself on the day of the event about the valid Covid 19 hygiene regulations on
Limited visitor* numbers apply in the exhibition rooms and at the event. The event is for invited guests only.
Please contact Anke Ulrich ( until September, 2, 2021 to sign up to attend the preview.
The kiosk on the roof terrace will provide food and drink for visitors, and the restaurant Weltwirtschaft will also be open.

Kulturveranstaltungen des Bundes in Berlin GmbH | Schöneberger Str. 15 | 10963 Berlin
Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRG Nr. 96 HRB 29357
Geschäftsführung: Prof. Dr. Bernd M. Scherer (Intendant Haus der Kulturen der Welt),
Dr. Thomas Oberender (Intendant Berliner Festspiele), Mariette Rissenbeek (Intendant Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin),
Charlotte Sieben (Kaufmännische Geschäftsführerin)
Vorsitzende des Aufsichtsrates: Staatsministerin Prof. Monika Grütters MdB

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Ultra monströser riesiger Knopf, der sich im zierlichen Arsch tummelt

Ultra monströser riesiger Knopf, der sich im zierlichen Arsch tummel

Ben & Gala of New Discretions Gallery in NYC have a new exhibition that will go up soon. Here is the info:


September 9 - 12, 2021

Future Fair
The Starrett-Lehigh Building, 600 W 27th Street, New York NY 10001

New Discretions is thrilled to be participating in the inaugural in-person Future Fair, to be held September 9-12 at the Starret-Lehigh Building in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, with a two-person presentation of new works by Cary Leibowitz and Jacopo Pagin.


VIP Previews By Invitation
Thursday, September 9, 2021: 12 - 8 pm
Friday, September 10, 2021: 12 - 2 pm

Public Days
Friday, September 10, 2021: 2 - 8 pm
Saturday, September 11, 2021: 12 - 8 pm
Sunday, September 12, 2021: 12 - 5 pm


Amy Adams of Adams & Ollman is now in New York with this art fair:


This from our good friends at Discoteca Flaming Star:

On Illness, Resistance and Modes of Collective (Health) Care

5 September till 14 November 2021

Event series with Alive (Hospital(y)tis), intimate talks and walks, workshops, Tear Bar& exhibition with growing archive

with contributions by Johanna Ackva, Nuray Demir, Discoteca Flaming Star (CGB, Sofia Lomba, WM und Sara Pereira), Karin Michalski & Ann Cvetkovich, Kallia Kefala, Ferdiansyah Thajib, Sophie Utikal, Inga Zimprich (Feminist Health Care Research Group), a. o.

The current global crises are crises of care - from the care for nature(s) to health care to the care for children, the elderly and the more vulnerable. These crises are the result of decades of neoliberal, extractivist policies that prioritise profit over people.
These collective and very multifaceted experiences of crisis inscribed in our bodies, in the present and the past. They demand an exchange experiences about health / illness and the political potential of "negative" feelings from an intersectional perspective, to learn from each other and to make knowledge about alternative, self-organised and solidary practices and networks in the field of healthcare more visible. To this end, we are devoting this research project to four central themes, #1Bad Feelings, #2 Collective Kinship and Care, #3 Solidary Health Care, #4 Memory and Care Activism, and bring together artistic and activist positions from the fields of art, theory, and practice to challenge the status quo with resistant models of collective care.

Team: Nuray Demir (Curator Nuray's Tear Bar), Johanna Ekenhorst (Communication / Concept / Co-curator Collective Kinship and Care), Nino Halka (Concept / Production / Co-curator Intimate Talks), Lydia Karagiannaki (Project Assistance), Andrea Caroline Keppler (Concept / Artistic Director / Production), Noël Labridy (Graphics / Project Assistance), Anneli Schütz (Finances), Ferdiansyah Thajib (Curator Memory and Care Activism).
With the kind support of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe. More information here.


This photo of humpy Jean Paul Belmondo looking so contemporary like a Berlin beardo! RIP

Hunky matinee idol Glenn Ford when he was a young contract star at Columbia Pictures.

Happy Birthday to Andrea Novarin known all over the world as the infamous Love Camel who breeds young ginger boys like they were terriers. Below is his latest one and only highland fling now that he has permanently left London, England for he heady confines of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Harte Medizin

Harte Medizin

klobiger rave reißt einen Davidischen arsch auf

Television star Ed Asner died at age 91. I had a huge crush on Asner and his fellow TV comrade William Conrad of Cannon fame. I don’t know what it was about Mr. Asner but he radiated a certain kind of olde school masculine appeal. 

I won a scholarship to Pepperdine University because of Mr. Asner and his dramatic TV persona Lou Grant the spinoff which he starred in after the Mary Tyler Moore show. Asner was the featured speaker at Pepperdine during the statewide high school journalism competition. I was the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper and won first place despite the odds of competing with all these wealthy students from schools all over California. I guess my one year attending a fancy prep school in Connecticut, namely Choate/Rosemary may have boasted my confidence levels. But I won and sat next to Mr. Asner during the luncheon, and flirted with him, and made him laugh out loud several times. He was quite the charming bear daddy.


My ex student from Weissensee Art Academy in Berlin Anne Duk Hee Jordan is on a roll with some fascinating projects. Here is her latest:


Anne Duk Hee Jordan

making kin 3.0

11.09 - 28.11

NL | KIOSK is verheugd om u vanaf zaterdag 11 september om 14u opnieuw te verwelkomen. We luiden het nieuwe seizoen in met Making Kin 3.0 van Anne Duk Hee Jordan in de hoofdruimte van KIOSK.

Met Making Kin 3.0 brengt KIOSK de eerste solotentoonstelling in België van Anne Duk Hee Jordan (°1978): een fluïde en (eco-)utopische installatie. In haar performances, installaties, gemotoriseerde sculpturen en eetbare landschappen verkent Jordan het gebied tussen kunst, wetenschap en mythologie. Op humoristische wijze opent ze deuren naar een artistiek universum dat geïnspireerd is door het zeeleven, biologie, seksualiteit en voortplanting, voeding en ecologie. Zo creëert ze romantische machines die biologische processen kopiëren of transformeren tussen levende organismen en dood materiaal. De titel van de tentoonstelling is een referentie naar het boek van biologe en filosofe Donna Haraway uit 2016: Staying with the Trouble. Making Kin in the Chthulucene.

Wees welkom op de opening op zaterdag 11 september vanaf 14u. Nadien zal de tentoonstelling nog iedere dag (ma-zo, 12-18u) te bezoeken zijn tot en met zondag 28 november 2021.

EN |

KIOSK is delighted to welcome you again from Saturday September 11th onwards. We kick off the new season with the exhibition Making Kin 3.0 by Anne Duk Hee Jordan in the main space of KIOSK.

KIOSK presents Making Kin 3.0: a fluid, eco-utopian installation and the first solo exhibition by Anne Duk Hee Jordan (°1978) to take place in Belgium. In her performances, installations, motorized sculptures and edible landscapes, Jordan explores the crossroads of art, science and mythology. In a humoristic manner, she opens doors to an artistic universe inspired by sealife, biology, sexuality and procreation, nurturing and ecology. This way she creates romantic machines that copy or transform biological processes and chemical reactions between living organisms and inanimate material. The title of the exhibition references the book by biologist and philosopher Donna Haraway from 2016 called Staying with the Trouble. Making Kin in the Chthulucene.

Welcome at the opening on Saturday September 11th from 2PM onwards. The exhibition will be accessible everyday (Mon-Sun, 12-6PM) until Sunday November 28th, 2021.


Received this sweet missive from Philipp Fleischmann who brought me to teach a workshop at the Leitung Filmklasse at Schule Friedl Kubelka Akademie der bildendenden Künste Wien:

Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope this email finds you well and that you had a nice summer break.

I am very pleased to share with you that I had the honor to be invited to produce a new work for the 34th Bienal de São Paulo.

The 35mm film 'Untitled(34bsp)' will be part of the Bienal group show 'Faz escuro mas eu canto’ (Though it’s dark, still I sing), which is opening on September 4, wish you were here!

Untitled (34bsp)

35mm Color Film

Silent, 5 min 10 sec

Commissioned by Fundação Bienal de São Paulo, co-produced by Phileas - a Fund for Contemporary Art, supported by the Austrian Ministry of Culture

34th Bienal de São Paulo

Film shooting documentation


This is the latest from The Lobster Lady Rebecca Goyette:


September 8-13, 2021

Atlantic Production Center, 625 Madison Avenue, NY, NY 10022

BOOTH #1149

Timed Ticket Entry: SPRING/BREAK Art Show

Qinza Najm’s Multimedia Installation:


Curated by Rebecca Goyette

Pakistani-American artist Qinza Najm’s #PleasureReClaimed deconstructs the hearsay/public shaming that sex-positive women and LGBTQ+ people endure publicly on Twitter and within domestic spaces. Recreating her quarantine bedroom, a canopy of hijabs (Muslim women’s head coverings) and naras (drawstrings considered profane to expose) surround her bed and self-pleasuring soundscape. Erotically-painted postcolonial Medieval tapestries line walls, with a floor littered by Twitter heresy.

Qinza muses, "before the internet, so-called deviant behavior like a woman’s open flirting, masturbation, sex before marriage, multiple partners could be met by shaming the woman through gossip and rumors (hearsay). In older medieval times, much harsher punishments like the pillory, flogging and public shaming were dished out not just inside the home but also in public forums. Social media, particularly Twitter has become the modern day town square." To me, Qinza Najm’s #PleasureReClaimed immersive installation bears the question, “how do we reconcile sensuality and shame?” And what does this repression mean to us from our different perspectives globally?

For Spring Break, Qinza recreates her quarantine bedroom with an array of sacred and profane objects on display; a canopy of naras and hijabs will surround her single bed activated by whimsical homespun adult toys and a self-pleasuring sound sculpture. The walls will be adorned with eroticised paintings and painted tapestries collected from her grandmother's house while the floor will be littered with her collection of printed Twitter heresy.

During the isolation of Covid-19 quarantine lock down, Qinza explored self-pleasure by creating self-care rituals to transcend boundaries imposed on her since childhood in Pakistan, where she was raised in a strict Muslim household. In a move which would be considered heretical, and most probably make her the subject of shame and ridicule from her community and immediate family in Pakistan, Qinza created a sound piece recording her breaths while pleasuring herself. The private act of masturbation is considered a sin and haram (forbidden) in Islam and also in many religions - thus any unconventional form of pleasure outside of traditional matrimony is considered a taboo and sin.

In Pakistan and NY, Qinza has been collecting naras (traditional trouser drawstring symbolic of sexuality) and hijabs (traditional Muslim head cover for women symbolic of Spirtuality) as symbols of orthodox Muslim society. Qinza collected these ‘naras’ and ‘hijabs’ from friends of various sexual orientations including LGBTQ, family members, including her religious mother and domestic workers. Qinza audio-recorded and photo-documented their stories of shame and pleasure tied with these traditional textiles. In #PleasureReClaimed, Qinza openly displays these forbidden naras. Hung floor to ceiling, the naras create curtains around her single bed. Customarily, a nara is always white in color so as to draw minimal attention. However, Qinza has dyed them bright bodily colors.

In an attempt to show the complexity of the nature of society’s control over a woman’s sexuality, Qinza has chosen medieval tapestries to decorate the walls. Collected from her grandmother and other family member’s houses, these tapestries (introduced into her culture through the process of British colonization), are typically used as decor in upper middle class and elite households in Pakistan. She sees these tapestries as remnants of a postcolonial hangover. Many nations including the USA, supposedly free societies, are still controlled by the ruling elite that remain through the process of decolonisation. Qinza’s work asks us to analyze the wealthy class’s pervasive influence over our collective domestic and corporeal space.

If, in medieval times, tapestries were hung in castles and churches to record important historical events and stories, then Qinza has re-contextualized these medieval tapestries by adding her own juxtaposing sexualized narratives. Painted in a rough-hewn pop art style - Qinza challenges the polite and suffocating mannerisms she was taught while growing up in Pakistan. To each tapestry, she has added a blue bird (twitter trademark) to draw attention to tools used in modern society to control and shame deviant behaviors.

For many societies, shame associated with sexuality is unavoidable and so deeply rooted that it disrupts the most fundamental human experience i.e. sexual pleasure. Shame is the ideal tool used to regulate sexuality as it is a private experience for most people. Including the audience in her process, Qinza invites us to participate in interactive sacred/profane rituals within the domestic space of her installation, including touching the forbidden naras as a vehicle to release our own shame.

#PleasureReClaimed is a call to action to create a pleasure revolution. By sharing our stories and empathy, we confront shame. We induce pleasure as an act of solidarity, sexual or otherwise.






Wednesday, September 8 // 11am - 5pm


Wednesday, September 8 // 11am - 5pm


Thursday, September 9 // 11am - 5pm


Wednesday, September 8 // 5pm - 9pm

Thursday, September 9 // 5pm - 9pm


September 10 - 13 // 11am - 8pm


Rebecca Goyette is a multimedia artist, curator and arts educator. Maker's Magic, her ongoing series of public workshops, focuses on a convergence of art making, magic and healing. She has curated exhibitions and public arts programming from an intersectional womanist perspective, centering voices from sex positive and spiritual communities and neuro-diverse artists. Goyette curated exhibitions, public programming and film screenings for the Museum of Modern Art’s Cullman Education Center Gallery, Museum of Sex, Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall, The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, School of Visual Art’s Flatiron Gallery and Museum of the Moving Image/Kaufman Studios. In spring 2021, Rebecca Goyette and Jenny Mushkin-Goldman co-curated an exhibition entitled “Everyday Magic: Artistic and Gnostic Impulses'' at the National Arts Club (NYC), featuring works by 21 international artists with ritual-based practices including seminal works by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Jaishri Abichandani, Clarity Haynes and Qinza Najm amongst others. The exhibition was activated by a Magic Hour series of interactive rituals, live performances and happenings that served to break isolation and bring people together creatively, virtually and in small gatherings at the exhibition. Rebecca Goyette’s curatorial work has been featured on the Museum of Modern Art’s website and in Art Forum, Huffington Post and Elephant Magazine.

To kickoff the fall art season and celebrate the spirit of Qinza Najm'a #PleasureReClaimed, Goyette is hosting Maker's Magic God/ess Circle, a free virtual gathering on Tuesday August 31st at 8 PM. To register go to:

Rebecca Goyette created new work for "Shake the Pattern" opening at Shelter Gallery, NYC on September 2nd. For more information:

For future updates go to:

And this from La Famiglia Bortolozzi:

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to announce

Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda

4 September – 31 October 2021
Opening: Saturday, 4 September, 6–9pm

Bülowstraße 74, 10783 Berlin


Our fearless leader of Kollektiv CHEAP the great Susanne Sachsse has her first exhibition in New York City, USA.  If you are in the trigg-state area you owe it to yourself to go and run in a sprint mode to see this installation.

Susanne Sachsse with Xiu Xiu
Sep 10 – October 17, 2021

Susanne Sachsse with Xiu Xiu
Based on the libretto antioper (1970) by Kurt W. Streubel
September 10 – October 17, 2021
Opening reception, Friday, September 10, noon - 7pm
Make an appointment here

I WAS A FORMALIST PENSIONER. AN ANTIOPERA is an installation with 27 horn loudspeakers, video, 40 miniature slide viewers, photos, objects and paper, made in collaboration with: Şenol Şentürk | Martin Siemann, Jonathan Berger, Maximilian Brauer, Glen Fogel, Richard Gabriel Gersch, Ruth Schönegge, Angela Seo, Marc Siegel, Jamie Stewart.

A true story. Formalist! Forbidden! GDR in the 1950s! East German painter and printmaker Kurt W. Streubel (1921-2002) was one of the last members of the Bauhaus. His formalist-abstract images put him in conflict with the cultural politics of his time, which heralded socialist realism as an artistic, civic, and national duty. His formalist art gets labeled cosmopolitan, against the German cultural heritage and in violation of the national consciousness. Because of a work ban, Streubel demands that the state provide him a formalist pension, a tongue-in-cheek term he coined. The state surprisingly gives in and pays him 200 marks a month for two years. He was only 31. 1970: Kurt W. Streubel plans an opera. antioper. A libretto. Streubel's libretto is a graphic work that turns rhythmically arranged texts into ciphers. His texts, some of which are presented as a kind of concrete poetry, are politically encoded, ambiguously charged sentiments that put pressure on the constriction of thought by absolutist ideologies. „Look here, I am Lenin.“ (Kurt W. Streubel)

Sachsse has written: “I met Kurt W. Streubel in 1981. I was only 16 at the time, and a close and long friendship developed between us. He asked me to become his assistant. I decided to become an actress. Decades later, I took his libretto of the antiopera as the starting point for a reflection on formalism, politics, and friendship.”

Donning clothes based on a fabric design by Streubel, Susanne Sachsse and Xiu Xiu engage in formalist frolics in a forest outside of Berlin, against the backdrop of a desolate industrial landscape in Los Angeles, and in the midst of the urban chaos of New York in a concurrent web takeover on

young Ed Asner

La Susanne Sachsse

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Achtung! Krytonit dringt in die üppigen Beuteinnenräume empfänglicher Männerkinder des Gelobten Landes ein

Achtung! Kryptonit dringt in die üppigen Beuteinnenräume empfänglicher Männerkinder des Gelobten Landes ein

That little tiny piece of juicy lovesexy muscled perfection Michael Scaturro has an exhibition that opens this week in Berlin.  Michael is better known as the internationally revered young journalista with the New York Times, BBC, Deutche Welle and Bloomberg.  Info below:

Hallo Freunde,

wir freuen uns sehr, Euch zur Vernissage von

“Delicatessen” von Michael Scaturro in die Retramp Gallery einzuladen.

Vernissage: 18.08.2021 - 18.00 - 21.00 Uhr
Opening Hours: Donnerstag bis Sonntag 15.00 - 19.00 Uhr
Die überwiegend analogen Fotos des amerikanischen Fotografen und Journalisten Michael Scaturros erzählen uns vom Leben in Städten.
Mit der Perspektive des Flaneurs streifen wir durch Straßen und Passagen der Großstädte und ihre Menschenmassen. Von 2007 bis 2019 durch New York, Berlin, London und Miami. Mittlerweile sind es auch Zeitdokumente, die an eine längst vergangene Zeit vor der Pandemie erinnern.
Besonders eindrücklich geschieht dies bei den Fotos des Pre-Brexit Pendleralltages in London.
Hier wird uns bewusst, wie schnell die Zeiten sich ändern.

Außerdem erfahren wir einen zärtlichen Einblick in das Leben seiner Großeltern durch die Dokumentation des Krankenhausaufenthaltes seines Großvaters, der eine universelle und doch intime Geschichte erzählt und die Fragilität und Flüchtigkeit des Lebens festhält.
Flüchtige Zwischenmomente und poetische Details, Bilder wie Kurzgeschichten, welche die Betrachter dazu inspirieren, die Geschichten selbst weiterzuerzählen. 


Thursday, August 12, 2021

böse engstirnige Intimitäten

böse engstirnige Intimitäten

Just heard the shocking news that the talented artist and writer Diviana Ingravallo has died. I don’t have much information about her death but it is piercing me deeply. I’m losing a lot of people of my generation.

I’d fallen out of touch with Diviana since way before moving to Berlin in 2005. The last time I saw her was in the very early aughts at my performance space/speakeasy Bricktops at the Parlour Club. Diviana and her ex girlfriend Tracy had a volatile relationship and they got into a bit of a heated tussle which made the local gossip columns at the time. Like most very talented people Diviana was quite complicated, but we always got along quite well and even collaborated on some projects along with Ron Athey.

I reached out to Michele Mills aka Meesh of the Hollywood girl art gang The Epiladies who is now an Emmy Award winning TV producer and she hadn’t heard about Diviana’s death.

Meesh, Selena Luna, Divi and Scratch were part the Epiladies o a girl art gang in the 90’s that was rivals to two other girl gangs, Hells Belle’s and The Homewreckers.

These girls use to strike terror in the heart of mean street Hollywoodland with their sexy hard partying and raucous antics. Los Angeles is a hard knock town.

CHEAP Kollektiv which began in Berlin in 2001 had an art gang rival called Hangover who no longer exist as an entity, but the girl art gang phenomena of Los Angeles in the 1990s first started the trend.

Meesh was going to contact a girl of another rival art girl gang named Firepie to see if she had more current info on Diviana over the last decade. When I hear back from Meesh I’ll do an update.


More news from Adams & Ollman Gallery in the Pacific Northwest:

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

frischer neuer Schwanz von der Blondine

frischer neuer Schwanz von der Blondine

Paar verschlingt, Rimming und Slamming.

Whatever happened to this guy named Echo a Silverlake 40 character who use to come to Club Sucker at the Garage in the 1990s. I don’t know if Echo was his real name or not. He seemed to be someone who had aspirations to be part of mainstream Hollywood because when Gus Van Sant, the A-list film director came to Club Sucker with Judy LaBruce one Sunday afternoon, Echo swooped down on Gus the way only an Eve Harrington or a Phoebe can. Gus’ young paramour at the time named Ben Alexander who I’ve come to learn is no longer with us RIP was not having any of it and got into it with him. No violence just some barbs were exchanged. Echo wanted Gus to read his screenplay. The altercation took place in the quiet confines of The Mitzi Gaynor Lounge which was the name I gave the tiki style little quiet area of the club that was only used when we expected a huge crowd because of a big name band doing a surprise showcase. I remember at the time Glenn Belverio wrote to me asking who Mitzi Gaynor was. Well Mitzi was a dancer/actress who was in a lot of Hollywood musicals in the 1950s but when the parts dried up in LaLalandiakins she switched over to Vegas and TV and was a variety special fav during my childhood in the 1960s and 1970s.

Miss Gaynor was also known for her shapely gams and prominent apple cheeks. I remember once seeing her being interviewed live on stage during a special screening at the Academy Awards Building on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills and she was surprisingly quite randy in person mentally undressing her male interviewer and making very racy and suggestive comments.  She looked amazing with a Palms Springs tan and wearing a dress exposing a lot of Beverly cleavage.


If you are in the Pacific Northwest be sure to pay a visit to the wonderful people of  Adams & Ollman gallery in Portland.

Adams and Ollman, in collaboration with New Discretions (New York), is pleased to present the first West Coast solo exhibition of Dutch artist Kinke Kooi (b. 1961, The Netherlands). The show will bring together a selection of recent works that explore crucial ideas that the artist has long explored: gender, equality, and notions of the “other.” In her intricate, inventive paintings and drawings–which can take up to a year to complete–multi-faceted feminism is woven together with a seductive, sinewy line that blurs and merges inside to outside, convex to concave, surface to depth, ornament to function, emotional to verbal, high to low, flora to fauna.

Here is some exciting news and offerings from your busy ecosexual dream team the super famous Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle!

You can stream our film Water Makes Us Wet—An Ecosexual Adventure FOR FREE! But only until the last day of August. Head to our new website to access the link on our homepage. Please do share this good news! After August 31st the film will stream on Kanopy and you have to access it through your public library or university.

Our book is now in print. You can find info Assuming the Ecosexual Position—The Earth as Lover on our new website. We just hit the road for a 7-week cross-country road trip extravaganza. Watch our website and social media for information on all our upcoming events like book launches and walking tours … we just might be coming to YOUR CITY, and we’d love to see you! In the meantime, enjoy the story of two artists in love with each other, their community, and the whole ecosexy Universe. You can purchase our book from the fabulous University of Minnesota Press, or wherever you buy your books.

Our main book launch event will be on Sept. 1st at Franconia Sculpture Park. Complete with a US film premiere, book hunt, and an ecosex walk in the sculpture park.

We have another exciting announcement much closer to home. The UCSC E.A.R.T.H. Lab had a baby!

It’s E.A.R.T.H. Lab SF, and it has just been approved for non-profit status. We can’t wait to hit the ground running, developing innovative environmental art in collaboration with local creatives, artists, educators, students, activists, and as always, the Earth itself. Follow E.A.R.T.H. Lab SF on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on our doings and learn how to get involved.


One of my former students from the Goethe Universitaet the lovely Clare Molloy who also works at Gropius Bau is guest curating an exhibition.

small wares

Katie Schwab

Gastcurator: Clare Molloy
Opening: 25.09.2021, 17:00-20:00

Save the date! Op zaterdag 25 september opent onze nieuwe tentoonstelling small wares van Katie Schwab, gastcurator: Clare Molloy.

Linten, weefgetouwen en 18e-eeuwse merklappen vormen de uitgangspunten voor small wares, de eerste Europese solotentoonstelling van Katie Schwab (* 1985). In de handel wordt de term 'small wares' (‘kleingoed’) gebruikt voor smalle repen textiel die bedoeld zijn om naden te verstevigen en te voorkomen dat stoffen ontrafelen. Voor deze tentoonstelling maakt Schwab nieuwe werken, waarin zij de noties reparatie en restauratie onderzoekt in relatie tot textiel-tradities en burgerarchitectuur.

AGENDA (roteer scherm voor mobiele versie)








Rooms of Now #6: Skeleton of a Floating Frog, Arvo Leo

Dear, met Ayesha Tan Jones, Vivien Sansour & Alice Notley

The Vleeshal Opera, Dorothy Iannone & Juliette Blightman

Publieksprogramma met Juliette Blightman

Opening: small wares

small wares, Katie Schwab

Publieksprogramma small wares

sexy genius Beth Stephens

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

feuchte Freunde nackte Züchter pflügen neblige Augen Booties

feuchte Freunde
nackte Züchter pflügen neblige Augen Booties
Großer Schwanz Neuling

My favourite skater boy at the Gleisdreieck Park skater anlagen is back looking hunkier than ever. Haven’t seen him since the pandemic started so i figured he had outgrown the skater rat scene. What I didn’t take into account was that he let his hair grow long so I didn’t recognise him.


Hannah Hurtzig of Mobile Academy and Black Market fame had a lovely little dinner party at her Mitte compound the other day. Incredible company and wonderful food & drink.


Finally was able to have a birthday luncheon with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus at our favourite Mehringdamm boîte. We feasted and drank wine and just had an overall grand girlfriend time.


My atelier is under construction so the owners of the building have put me up at a sweet little boutique hotel. I haven’t been in a hotel in almost 2 years. I adore hotels, so this is quite a treat. Of course its not a holiday as i have to work on my new painting series for the Wicked Pavilion installation that will open at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi and Eden Eden November 20th.


Congrats to my darling daughter Wu Tsang who was just profiled in the New York Times for her installation at the Guggenheim.


Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde

Sehr gehrte Damen und Herren

liebe Zwischenwesen

Langeweile bringt nix!!!

…auf in die nächste S-Bahn und

in die Galerie Etage des Museum Reinickendorf

mit S1 : Haltestelle Hermsdorf

oder Bus 220 Almutstr.

Unsere Ausstellungen wurden bis zum 8.8.2021 verlängert

und sind täglich außer Samstags geöffnet.

Es ist das erste Mal das ich in einem Museum Arbeiten, aus 3 völlig verschiedenen Komplexen und Epochen, zeige….

es funktioniert !!!!

Dazu erschienen zwei kleine Risoprint Hefte .

Unabhängig davon ist das Museum in jedem Fall eine echte Entdeckung und lohnt immer einen Besuch.

Es gibt dort einige Überraschungen z.B. einen ganzen Raum mit Arbeiten und Infos zu Hannah Höch

und ein ganzes Zimmer des Zwischenwesens, Arztes, Schriftstellers und Malers :

Wladimir Lindenberg zu sehen;

vielleicht würde man ihn heute queer nennen, vielleicht auch nicht...

herzlichst Annette Frick

Hauptausstellung im Museum Reinickendorf

Neue Mysterien: Luiza Prado und Annette Frick


28.05.2021 bis 08.08.2021

Im Mai 2021 wird der Dieter-Ruckhaberle-Förderpreis zum ersten Mal in Form einer Ausstellung der Preisträgerinnen von 2019 und 2020 der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Der Fachbereich Kunst und Geschichte Reinickendorf präsentiert in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Künstlerhof Frohnau e.V. die Schau „Neue Mysterien: Annette Frick und Luiza Prado. Dieter-Ruckhaberle-Förderpreis“ in der GalerieETAGE des Museum Reinickendorf. In drei Räumen werden Multimediainstallationen und Fotografien der vergangenen Preisträgerinnen mit einer Gegenüberstellung von Werken des verstorbenen Preisnamensgebers Dieter Ruckhaberle gezeigt. Zeitgleich mit Beginn der Ausstellung wird der oder die Preisträgerin des Förderpreises 2021 ernannt.

Seit 2019 wird der Dieter-Ruckhaberle-Förderpreis an Künstler und Künstlerinnen vergeben, die sich in ihren Arbeiten mit politischen und sozialen Themen kritisch befassen und eine innovative Formensprache finden. Der Preis erinnert an das Leben und Wirken des Künstlers, Kurators und Kulturpolitikers Dieter Ruckhaberle. Der Titel „Neue Mysterien“ geht zurück auf Ruckhaberles Serie von Lithografien von 1967/68 mit dem gleichen Namen, in der er tagespolitische Ereignisse aufgreift und deren „neue, mystische“ Wirkkräfte zu entbergen sucht. Ruckhaberle gründete die BBK Druck- und Bildhauerwerkstatt, beteiligte sich an der Gründung des NgbK und initiierte die Künstlersozialkasse mit.

Luiza Prado, Gewinnerin des Jahres 2019, arbeitet mit multimediale und farbintensive Installationen mit Videos, Objekten und Text. Die Künstlerin wurde 1988 in Brasilien geboren und studierte an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Bremen. 2017 promovierte Prado an der Universität der Künste in Berlin. In ihren Arbeiten untersucht sie, inwiefern verschiedene Techniken der Geburtenkontrolle einen Einfluss auf die durch die Kolonialzeit definierten Hierarchien von Gender, Ethnizität, sozialer Klasse und nationalstaatlicher Zugehörigkeit haben.

Annette Frick, 1957 in Bonn geboren, ist seit Jahrzehnten fotografische Chronistin der queeren Szene in Deutschland und arbeitet mit großformatigen Schwarzweiß-Fotografien, Experimentalfilmen und selbstherausgegebenen Zines. Sie überzeugt 2020 die Jury mit ihren Arbeiten, in denen sie sich mit Geschlechterverhältnissen und –politiken zwischen den Spannungspolen alternativer Möglichkeitsräume und dem globalen Vormarsch neoliberaler Ideologien beschäftigt.

Hier geht´s zum Virtuellen Rundgang:

Neue Mysterien: Annette Frick und Luiza Prado. Dieter-Ruckhaberle-Förderpreis (Virtueller Rundgang) - YouTube

Der Dieter-Ruckhaberle-Förderpreis ist ein Projekt des Künstlerhofs Frohnau und des Fachbereichs Kunst und Geschichte des Bezirksamtes Reinickendorf.

Projektleitung: Dr. Cornelia Gerner

Kurator der Ausstellung: Kaya Behkalam


Congrats to Jakob Lena Knebl and Ashley Hans Scheirl who will be representing Austria in the Venice Biennale.


For those of you in my olde hometown of Los Angeles that quirky chanteuse Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys will be performing live in a show called Shaking the Blues Away, Friday August 27th 8pm with cocktails at 7pm so get there early to Studio 1401 at 1401 EAST 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA 90033.


Please rush out now and $buy Daddy Ron Athey products and support our dear heavenly father so that he can continue doing his great performance work. Please put your penis where your mouth is and stand behind Papa Athey. Show your true committment to art and artists.

Number one Bloody Disgrace tee is restocked in every size on

For those not in the know, this t-shirt design is a clip from a ‘95 Glasgow newspaper, the photo altered by some lame photographer who shot for his book and needed to sell me out to tabloids, they even removed my hair!

Not arsed about it, owning it and selling it

ships worldwide

Check webshop for other tees, artworks and the last few signed Queer Communion books.

Jakob Lena Knebl and Ashley Hans Scheirl. Photo: Christian Benesch.

Jakob Lena Knebl and Ashley Hans Scheirl
Invitation of the Soft Machine and Her Angry Body Parts
April 23–November 27, 2022

Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale
Giardini della Biennale

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Monster und Größenköniginnen

Monster und Größenköniginnen
Spielzeug in Freudengröße

Kembra Pfahler, On the Record / Off the Record  
Wed, Aug 4, 7pm EST
Live-stream Performance on
ASL interpretation by Interpret This!
Kembra Pfahler, On the Record / Off the Record is a new interdisciplinary artwork for Participant After Dark.
With The Girls of Karen Black (GOKB) a.k.a.:
Caroline Mills
Alice Moy
Jackie Rivera
Kembra Pfahler
And new music from The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black (TVHKB) band:
Samoa Moriki, guitar
Joe Darkside, drums
Gyda Gash, bass
Benjamin Seacrest, trumpet
Cornelious Loy, theramin
Live Performance by: Kembra Pfahler and GOKB
Live Music by: Samoa Moriki, Joe Darkside
Live-stream/Video Director: Glen Fogel
Production Manager: Jordan Strafer 
Camera Operators: Isaiah Davis, John Brattin
Audio & Video Engineer: Collin Leitch 
Production Assistants: Harry KleemanCaroline Mills
Special thanks to Lia Gangitano, Emalin London, Christopher Cole, Anohni, Cole and Dom, Amy Gunther, Hope Moriki, Miles Pflanz, Ron Athey, Zenichi Moriki, Patrick Moriki, Sarah Jean Ball, Judith Ball, Larry Ball, Adam Pfahler, Jack Waters, Peter Cramer, Carl George, Rick Owens, Owens Fam, Michele Lamy, Johnny Stiff, Jerry Lopez, Mimi Pfahler, Stella Pfahler, Fred Pfahler 3rd, Colin de Land, Johanna Constantine, GOKB, Leopold Thun, Angelina Volk, Brandon Micah Rowe, Orlando Estrada, M Lamar, T de Long, Archie Pfahler, David Orama, Mudguts aka Mark Cole, Steven Harwick, Blair Broll, Russell Tovey & Robert Diament, Michael Imperioli, Victoria Imperioli, Jessie Malin, Howie Pyro, Melahn Frierson, Ashley Meade, Alcone Company, Baby Sousa, Hal Wilner, Kathy Grayson, MFTA, Walt Cassidy, and Owens Corp.
Kembra Pfahler formed The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black with Samoa in New York in 1990, a theatrical rock group that links a monster aesthetic to a dark feminine archetype. Named in honor of cult horror film heroine Karen Black, Pfahler's band performs amid elaborate hand-constructed sets, in which she acts out transgressive physical feats. Her stage persona destroys conventional notions of beauty — wearing a number of teased black wigs with blacked-out teeth, black stiletto boots, her body painted blue, pink, red, or yellow, Pfahler heads a team of "The Girls of Karen Black," similarly styled. The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black records include: A National Healthcare, Triple X Records, 1990; The Anti-Naturalist, Cleopatra Records, 1995; Black Date, Cleopatra Records, 1998; and the forthcoming limited edition vinyl LP, Fuck Island and the upcoming Slippery When Dead
Kembra Pfahler lives and works in New York City. Recent solo exhibitions include: Condo NY, Chapter NY hosting Emalin, 2019; Rebel without a Cock, Emalin, London, 2016; Capital Improvements, Emalin, 2015; Kembra Pfahler: The Manual of Action, Bowman Gallery, Los Angeles, 2012; Kembra Pfahler: Fuck Island, Participant Inc, NY, 2012; Giverny: E.V. Day & Kembra Pfahler in Monet’s Garden, The Hole, NY, 2012; Heaven & Hell, Deitch Projects at Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami, 2007; File Under ‘V’, Rove Gallery, London, 2005; and Availabism and Anti-naturalism: A Feminine Experiment, American Fine Arts Company, NY, 2002. Selected group exhibitions include: Love Sign, Galerie Noah Klink, Berlin, 2020; All of them witches, curated by Dan Nadel and Laurie Simmons, Deitch Projects, LA, 2020; Hollywood Babylon: A Re-Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, Spago on the Sunset Strip, LA, 2020; Hybrids, Simone Subal Gallery, NY, 2020; YOU X ART X CENTRE POMPIDOU, Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2019; Familiar Machines, Backlit, Nottingham, UK, 2019; Nightfall, curated by Erika Verzutti, Fernanda Brenner, Milovan Farronato, Mendes Wood DM, Brussels, 2018; The Conditions of Being Art: Pat Hearn Gallery & American Fine Arts, Co. (1983-2004), Hessel Museum of Art, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY; LUST LAUGHTER LIQUOR, PLUS-ONE Gallery, Antwerp, 2017; FUTURE FEMINISM, 0 Space on occasion of European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017, Aarhus, DK, 2017; Grande, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City, 2016; Subject to Capital, Abrons Arts Center, New York, NY, 2016; All Together, Ernest Rubenstein and Jewish Communal Galleries at Manny Cantor Center, NY, 2015; Future Feminism, The Hole Gallery, NY, 2014; ALL HAIL GWAR! Dave Brockie Memorial Art Show, MF Gallery, NY, 2014; Masterpieces: A Fact-Filled Coloring Book, ABC NO RIO, NY, 2012; Creepers, SUPERCHIEF GALLERY, NY, 2012; YOU KILLED ME FIRST The Cinema of Transgression, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, 2012;The Unseen, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA, 2011; New York Minute, Garage Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow and MACRO Museum, Rome, 2011; Dead Flowers, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA and Participant Inc, New York, NY, 2010; 2008 Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY, 2008; It's Not Only Rock 'N' Roll, Baby! Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, 2008; Georg Gatsas: The Process VI, Swiss Institute, New York, 2007; Womanizer, Deitch Projects, New York, NY, 2007 (also curated by the artist); and The Extremism Show, ABC NoRio, New York, NY, 1983 (also curated by the artist). Pfhaler’s work has appeared in publications such as Dead Flowers (Vox Populi and Participant Press, 2010); Disinformation: The Interviews (New York: The Disinformation Company, 2002); Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967 (Chicago: Museum of Contemporary Art, 2007); and Deathtripping: An Illustrated History of the Cinema of Transgression (CreationCinema Collection, Washington D.C., Creation Books, 1999). 
PARTICIPANT AFTER DARK is a virtual performance, screening, and exhibition space launched by PARTICIPANT INC in 2020. PARTICIPANT invited artist Glen Fogel to design and develop AFTER DARK, working with artists to inhabit the site and modify it for their projects' specific needs.
PARTICIPANT AFTER DARK is a virtual performance, screening, and exhibition space launched by PARTICIPANT INC in 2020. PARTICIPANT invited artist Glen Fogel to design and develop AFTER DARK, working with artists to inhabit the site and modify it for their projects' specific needs.

Image: Image: Kembra Pfahler, On the Record / Off the Record, photo: Rosalie Knox. [A close-cropped color image of the artist laying on a tile red floor, holding a black Sharpie and a sign that says “KAREN BLACK” and “Kimbra” written in cursive underneath. She wears yellow body paint and a black glittery wig, her teeth are blacked out, and her eyes are painted black, red, and white.]

Sunday, July 18, 2021

hungrige Blende

hungrige Blende
sieben neun und sehnen sich nach einem dunklen Schläger

Congrats to Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin. The sexy big dicque thickerous Camel of legend and yore will be leaving his home of over 20+ years in London for new adventures in Scotland.

Edinburgh to be exact. Yes our great Camel-O who has worked for The BFI and Internet Movie Database will seek greener Louie pastures elsewhere.

Love Camel is single and free to mingle and is a great catch as he is super gorgeous, with one of the largest penises in Christendom, plus he is independently wealthy as his grandmother and great aunt both left him a multi million dollar fortune. His grandmother and auntie had a penchot for marrying well (a few Visconti’s plus

other members of the Italian nobility) and somehow due to unforeseen circumstance, these husbands wound up dying inexplicably.

If you are in the market for a well off sugar daddy then Love Camel is your meal ticket, but be forewarned he is very prickly about who he likes to fornicate with so muscle headed ginger twunky pies between the ages of 18 and 24 will certainly rear his hairy eyeball. Good pluck!


The great and glorious genius named Julie Tolentino has an upcoming event you should rush to:

QUEER|ART|FILM CLUB: Julie Tolentino Presents


Monday, July 19th, 8pm — Zoom


Dear Friends,

Join us for the first discussion of our fourth "stay-at-home season" of Queer|Art|Film. Organized by curators Adam Baran and Jeanne Vaccaro, this summer at Queer|Art|Film Club, we're making a bold assertion: Queers Are Just Better! What, you disagree? You won't after watching our in-depth discussions with our punk AF lineup, including queer punk and glam rock legend Kid Congo Powers, acclaimed author Torrey Peters, experimental filmmaker Aimee Goguen and NYC icon and recent winner of the Queer|Art|Prize Award for Sustained Achievement, Julie Tolentino. Check out the queer classics that inspired them, then join us for compelling conversations about murderous drag performance artists, Swedish trans vampire children, lusty French sailors and oxygen-huffing sadists. There's a whole weird, queer world just under the surface, and we're going to bring its simmering stink into your homes this summer! Log in and queer out! This month, performance artist Julie Tolentino presents Claire Denis' 1999 film, BEAU TRAVAIL.

WHAT: Julie Tolentino Presents BEAU TRAVAIL
WHEN: Monday, July 19th @ 8PM EST
My lovely daughter of high art Wu Tsang will be having a super sexy exhibition at the Guggenheim soon.

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to announce

Wu Tsang


23 July – 6 September 2021

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

1071 Fifth Avenue,

New York, USA


Dear friends,

Next week Tuesday the so-called Humboldt Forum opens its doors with a ceremonial act, but also the longstanding and manyfold protests against the neocolonial and neoimperial fake palace intensify. While offices and homes of the Peng! Collective were raided by state prosecutors yesterday because of a map of colonial monuments that Peng! released last year together with ISD (, so while the state anxiously resorts to intimidation tactics in order to hold the ceremony without incidents, the loud and manyfold resistance is also gaining momentum with a range of activities and actions. A campaign video by the Coalition of Cultural Workers and Barazani Berlin was released yesterday (, a poster campaign spreads „ I don’t participate because…"around the city and a „Defund the Humboldt Forum“ Demonstration will take place in Lustgarten on Tuesday July 20 at 1pm.

Join us in showing that the so-called Humboldt Forum is not welcome in Berlin!

Vaginal Davis's talented and subime daughter Wu Tsang

The Powerful sex demi god Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin

Thursday, July 15, 2021

erstaunliche dreifache Penetration

erstaunliche dreifache Penetration

hübsches Gift hat noch nie so gut gerochen

That lovesexy pop star Lil Nas X and Ms. Davis have been working remotely in an exciting secret exchange lately for an upcoming music laden project. Mr. Nas X also wants to come to Berlin to get a whiff of how the lady works in her own turf and bounce off of her eclectic and very unique cray cray synergies. Ms. Davis has suggested that they also bring in the actors Joel Kinnaman and Antony Starr into the brainstorming sessions as eye candied throwing muses.


The latest from that vivacious Berlin based art schtar Natascha Sadr Haghighian:

July 29 2021
relearning bearing witness
book launch
n.b.k. Berlin

„This book compiles a number of Natascha Sadr Haghighian’s many essays and interviews, and threads them through constellations of images that range from Sadr Haghighian’s own artworks to broader documentation and research that inform the works and writing. Though the collection is not comprehensive—there are important writings and works that are not included—it somewhat exhaustively presents certain lines of continuous inquiry central to her work and thinking. However, this book—especially its visual language—can only make strong assertions about Sadr Haghighian’s work by engaging with a central paradox, which is that much of her work is not actually very visual in the first place. Most often, the subject of the work is not even seen as such, even when it is materially present, or even omnipresent. In many cases it cannot be seen at all, due to laws of the state or laws of physics. This makes the modes of visual disclosure or multisensory mapping extremely important components of Sadr Haghighian’s work, which this book’s visual language and design—thanks especially to Zoff Kollektiv—try to extend. Each of its four sections identifies a line of inquiry common to its grouping of essays and images. However, the illustrations may appear to point elsewhere or misdirect the reader, or exert unusual gravitational pulls on neighboring text and image. Hopefully, they reflect our decision in this book to indulge in the perverse power of visuality in overdetermining otherwise abstract or nonrepresentational lines of inquiry.“ (From „A Signal From a Hole“ by Brian Kuan Wood)

Long in the making, I am excited to announce the launch of the publication relearning bearing witness on the occasion of the Hannah Höch Advancement Award 2020. In a wonderful collaboration with editor Brian Kuan Wood, coeditors Anna Lena Seiser and Michaela Richter, designers Zoff Kollectiv and precious eyes Pola Sieverding we managed to compile a dazzling 374-page book holding a number of essays written in the past ten years threaded with constellations of images from various works and related research. relearning bearing witness is part of the n.b.k. Discourse series, published by Marius Babias and Anna Lena Seiser, who also wrote an afterword for it, the introduction is by Brian Kuan Wood. The book will be presented on July 29 at n.b.k. Berlin. It would be lovely to see some familiar faces there!

Ms. Davis has some of the most talented and fascinating current and ex students. One of her holy best is certainly Anne Duk Hee Jordan who was in Ms. D’s seminar at Weissensee Art Academy in Berlin back in 2008. Here is what she is churning out lately:


A solo-exhibition by

Anne Duk Hee Jordan




Urania e.V.

An der Urania 17

10787 Berlin

Entrance through courtyard:

Kleiststraße 13

Tickets Online

7€ • reduced price 4€

The exhibition The Worm: Terrestrial, Fantastic and Wet is conceived as a sensory room installation, whereby the viewer gets a fascinating insight into the world of worms. Anne Duk Hee Jordan explores the biological, physiological and sexual facets of worms and creates a completely new work that consists of soft sculptures, printed textiles, video projections and sound performances.

At the entrance of the exhibition space, a tubular tunnel, consisting of extra-tactile material, invites the visitor to the inside of the worm’s body. In the middle room the artist creates a magical world where numerous neon-colored sculptures appear out of the darkness. One hears a subliminal sound composition that continues up to the third and last room where a newly created video work with close-ups and macro views of the worms’ realm makes visible to us what one otherwise cannot perceive.

Limited spaces for the opening on July 16 2021, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM with livemusic by DJ Female Macho. Please register here and come with a negative COVID test or proof of your completed vaccination.

joel kinnaman

antony starr

Vaginal Davis 1999 photo by Max Morales at her annual birthday party with her Sucker at the Garage partner Frank Rodriguez at Chico's of Montebello.  Hair styled by E. Norma Tamale.  Makeup by Glen Meadmore.  Dress by Rick Owens

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Die Alm

Promischweiss & Edelweiss. Den Luxus könnt ihr euch abschminken

Oh I was wondering the other day what ever became of Kelli Lovelace. Kelli was a gorgeous young black girl who floated on the periphery of the punk and fashion scene in the early to mid 1980s in Los Angeles and New York. She had amazing style and was an incredible dancer. I loved watching her command the dance floor at clubs. One of her girlfriends was a wild child named Patty who moved to New York with Kelli. The two of them together and their posse always kept heads turning. At one point in the late 1980s and early 1990s I believe Kelli was dancing back up for a junior pop star whose name I can't remember. I do recall seeing Miss Kelli on Byron Allen's talk show one night with said pop singer when I was in a hotel in Vansterdam. Kelli completely outshined the main performer dancing and doing backup singing. In the 1990s i think she moved back to Los Angeles and I would occasionally run into Kelli, her sister and extremely young looking mother in Hollywood always off of Melrose Avenue and LaBrea, so maybe they lived around there. The last time I hung out with Kelli was at a fab Hollywood party thrown by the late Cliff Diller of Club F*ck shortly before he died of Mrs. AIDS.


Just received this from Olga Rozenblum & Co. in Paris, France:

Claude Pélieu : Blue Kid
9-30 juillet 2021

A fine warm rain falls on this shapeless mass, feverish & carved w/boredom, misery, stupidity, those flat images are reproduced by the magnetoscopes — on the screen old images wave, crisscross, mix, explode softly — a bloody theatrical eddy, infallible signs of grass vanishing
Claude Pélieu, 'Europig Mumbo Jumbo', NOLA Express, 22/01/1971, pp. 8-9.
Claude Pélieu : Blue Kid est une exposition d’éditions, collages et archives de l’artiste poète écrivain et traducteur Claude Pélieu (1934-2002).
Artiste poète écrivain et traducteur, Claude Pélieu naît à Pontoise en 1934. Ado, il traine à Paris, rive gauche, dessine, écrit, et boit. En 1956 il se fait arrêter pour une histoire de drogue. Il est alors enrôlé de force dans l’armée française et envoyé en Algérie. Une fois dégagé des drapeaux – il s’est empoisonné avec de l’eau croupie pour se faire reformer – il décide de quitter la France. De 1963 à 1971, il vit entre San Francisco et Manhattan.
En commençant par Automatic Pilot, paru en 1964, il produit une vaste quantité de textes obscurs, écrits dans un langage privé, souvent impénétrable, et marqués par le lettrisme, la poésie sonore, concrète, et beat, ou encore les procédés cut-up ou la bande-dessinée. Pendant des décennies et de façon quotidienne, Pélieu fait des collages à partir d’images (publicitaires, pornographiques, politiques) qu’il envoie ensuite par la poste à ses ami.e.s, Certains de ces collages sont publiés dans la presse alternative américaine et française, ou transformés en papier-peint pour les divers meublés qu’il occupe au fil des années. Ses images poétiques comme visuelles s’entassent, se contredisent, et se désagrègent. Elles s’immiscent aussi dans les traductions-adaptations de textes d’écrivains undergrounds devenus célèbres (William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg) ou restés marginaux (Bob Kaufman), qu’il réalise avec sa compagne Mary Beach.
Dans un registre pastoral acide, où bribes de science-fiction se mélangent à des saynètes de roman noir et des slogans de la contre-culture, il cherche à raconter le malaise de « toute la Génération Grise Et Invisible sous l'averse télépathique », à diffuser les nouvelles d’une révolution imminente tout en brouillant les fréquences. Ses textes et ses collages constituent un champ mouvant de figures et d’images récurrentes qui laissent entrevoir une vision trouble des États-unis – ses villes, ses banlieues et ses paysages réels ou imaginés – et des courants contre-culturels, dont ils expriment autant les affects négatifs, les psychoses et les écueils que les espoirs utopiques.

ouverte de 14h à 20h :
- samedi 10 au dimanche 11 juillet
- mercredi 14 au dimanche 18 juillet
- mercredi 21 au dimanche 25 juillet
et sur rendez-vous (écrivez à
Conception : James Horton
Accrochage : Marion Abeille
Nous remercions : Daniel Azoulay, Benoît Delaune, Jan Herman ; Peggy Pacini, Frank Rynne, Pam Plymell, Jeffery Beach, Lu Nash ; Treize (Pascaline, Olga, James, Emmanuel, Gallien, Léna, Julien, Kevin, Fanny) et ses ami.e.s (Marion, Mathilde, Thomas, Juliette, Ethan, Fanny, Adrien, Lionel)


Treize est soutenu par la Mairie de Paris et la DRAC Île-de-France


Just received this from the great Aliza Shvarts one of my sacred young children of New York high art:

Dear friends,

Please join me next Friday July 16th from 7-9pm for the opening reception of OMNISCIENT at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, curated by Avram Finkelstein and on view through January 2, 2022.

Participating artists: Justin Allen, Stephen Andrews, Sarah E. Brook, Wells Chandler with Brandi Twilley and Jennifer Coates, Liz Collins, Kerry Downey, Angela Dufresne, Joy Episalla, Yevgeniy Fiks, Chitra Ganesh, Camilo Godoy, Nicki Green, Erik Hanson, Roey Victoria Heifetz, Edith Isaac-Rose, Tahir Carl Karmali, Deborah Kass, Esvin Alarcón Lam, Kang Seung Lee, Izidora L. LETHE, Glenn Ligon, Loring McAlpin, Omar Mismar, Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe, em north, Russell Perkins, José Rafael Perozo, LJ Roberts, Catalina Schliebener, Anna Sew Hoy, Aliza Shvarts, Pacifico Silano, Pamela Sneed, Jonny Sopotiuk, Thomas Tomczak, Jason Villegas, Frederick Weston, and Paul Wong.

I'll also be celebrating two other things: an interview just published in October, wherein Emily Apter and I discuss a wide range of topics relevant to contemporary feminist practice and thought, such as the genealogy of citation, the uses of theory, speech action, rape kits, nonconsensual collaboration, queer kinship, and memes. And my new position as the Director of Artist Initiatives at Creative Capital, where I'll lead the annual Creative Capital Awards cycles, oversee the development of educational programs and artist services, and advocate for the arts and arts funding.

If you're around and able, I hope you can raise a glass with me on the 16th :)

Stay well,


Be on the lookout for these upcoming CHEAP Kollektiv events:

And don't forget to check out CHEAP Funk, our monthly radio show on and archived at Our last show CHEAP PALESTINE is still fresh and relevant on the airwaves and available for your listening pleasure:

Hope to see at least some of you again soon!
Marcuse Siegelstein
Minister of Insubordination for CHEAP Kollektiv

PS: Opening on July 22:
Concept and Installation: Susanne Sachsse, Şenol Şentürk, Martin Siemann
Music: Xiu Xiu
Lyrics: Susanne Sachsse
Voice: Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse, Angela Seo, Marc Siegel, Jamie Stewart

in the context of Derek Jarman's The Garden: Cinematics of the Soil, silent green, Berlin, 23. July - 21. August


And this from the Black Jerry Lewis of performance art, sexy young Elliott Reed.

Wish brings together works by Reza Abdoh, Jean Genet, Nash Glynn, Torbjørn Rødland, Elliot Reed, Heji Shin, and Nora Turato. In his seminal book The Interpretation of Dreams (1900), Freud asserts that every dream is the expression of a wish. However, in dreams these repressed wishes often manifest themselves in distorted form in order to be tolerable to the dreamer. The works in the exhibition can be viewed as dream-images that represent desires considered too uncomfortable, taboo or salacious to the conscious mind. Wish is intended to unfold like a dream, with the wish exemplified by each artwork made available to viewers for interpretation. click here


So happy i got a chance to be social this past weekend, taking a mini break from my exhibition work schedule. Yes Judy LaBruce that wild and wooly Canuckian was in town and I am sure your ears are burning because we indeed did gossip about you and YOU! Such fellowship, frivolity and fun was had by all at a scrumpteous dinner by the great La Susi Sachsse, the fearless leader of CHEAP at her eastside compound. It was my first dinner party in a coons age. The next night was a mega CHEAP event at the Klosterruine in Mitte that was conceived and performed by Susi Su with assist by Martin Siemann, Marcuse Siegelstein and Daniel Haji Hendrickson. The outdoor venue was packed with a glorious crowd happy to be near other humanoids after lockdown and a brutal Winter/Spring. One of my ex students from Giessen, Christopher Weickenmeier is hte curator. So many juicy celebutants I can't even begin to name them all marking this the Summer of Sachsse.