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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Oh my gawd! Speaking From the Diaphrahm always is stirring up excrement! I made a mention of Lenny Young awhile back and boy did I get a bunch of emugs sent to me. Lenny owned the Parlour Club, the bar I did Bricktops out of from 2002-2005. I had ran into a former collegue of Lenny´s in Copenhagen who worked with him under the film producer Jake Eberts. I was deluged with people wanting to know the dirt, all the dirt and nothing but the dirt. I sometimes forget how many people read and subscribe to this very blog---it is like I´ve become the low rent Huffington Post or something. I forget that the internet can be like a cat or bird lady---you know those lonely ladies who fill their homes with 20 kitties or the elderly woman who sits in the park and feeds pigeons or flying rats for hours, not noticing that they are dropping their pellets over everything. Well I just want to say that I never post gossip on my blog unless it is confirmed by at least two diverse sources. It may not seem like it, but i do possess some journalistic integrity though my spelling and syntax are crapola.
It would be easy for me to just lambast Lenny Young--- but I am not that wantonly cruel--- but almost! This tiny lady is a complete bitch with a tinge of Serpentina Madame Mao/DeFarge in my blut.
Honestly I really have to take responsibility for my share of what went wrong with the breakup of my relationship with Andrew Gould my partner with Bricktops. Andrew was a dear sweet boy, who worked really hard in making Bricktops a success. Andrew went way beyond the call of duty in trying to please me, a woman who is really impossible to please. I demand so much from friendships. Can you imagine being lovers with someone as impossible as I am? Poor Andrew he really got the short shrift in the bargain. Our oldefashioned romantic friendship was doomed from the very start, and Andrew´s serious at the same time, „I think my boyfriend is in love with you!“
Andrew and I both fell in love with each others creativity and spark. My friend Hector Martinez things I also lusted after Andrew physically because he has a huge penis, maybe there is a part of me that was sexually attracted to him as well--I've always been a major anglophile and English boys have always sent me howling to the moon. I will have to go through years of Woody Allen style therapy to explore that issue.
It is a wonder things didn´t turn sour sooner with Andrew. Of course its all my fault, and I can see that now that I am away from tired LA living here in Germany. We did have three gloriously productive years as a top notch team with Bricktops, and I am proud of the results.
Getting back to Lenny Young. Looking back with some distance. Lenny wasn´t as much of a horror as I´ve made him out to be. I should have went with my first instinct which was not to become involved in a business relationship with him in the first place. I realized from the very beginning that Lenny wasn´t all there, he wasn´t a complete human being at all, just a tiny bit of one unnaturally developed like an organ kept in a lab bottle. In fairness Lenny was something completely modern and up-to-date that only this ghastly age could produce. So he was more in step with the world then I am.
So I am not going to post a big tell all about Lenny the Hollywood businessman. Sorry to all of you looking for spilled wine from the DeFarge wineshop, and I appologize also for my inept rambling text.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Had a glorious film shoot with Little Beauty Alex of Macedonia, Juicy Julian aka: Rad Minet, baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and expert cinematographer Manlische Tim filming my new short Memory Island for the Jack Smith Live Film event. I was so nervous that I couldn’t get any sleep the night before, which made it difficult to concentrate and direct, but with the help of a dedicated and talented cast and crew I was able to smile through.
Later I went to the Sylvia’s Promise salute to George and Mike Kuchar curated by handsome Uli Ziemons at the Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst. Forget about the Cohen Brothers or any of the other so called indie filmmaking Bros it forever will be all about the mighty Kuchars of Bronxville. I was dead tired from a day of shooting my movie, but I couldn’t stay away from seeing some rare Kuchar treats from their lovesexy teen years, like The Naked and the Nude 1957. The Kuchars and Jack Smith were the only underground filmmakers to feature minorities in their productions. TNATN stars a gaggle of Filipinos and blacks who were the neighbors of the Bros in the Bronx. And the luscious Donna Kerness is such a superstarina in Born of the Wind 1962 where she plays a sexhopped mummy prinzessin. My favourite of their early flickers is Anita Needs Me 1963. That Anita---what a far-reaching pepperpot with that sizzling rockabilly beau of hers, who is wrapped up in the House of Anita.
Speaking of being wrapped up, you should all get wrapped up in Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras. His new album Origin:Orphan drops very soon so buy it and go see him when he comes to your local town or village eatery. Below is the North Amerikan tour schedule so committ it to memorina.

The Hidden Cameras have just announced a massive North American tour in support of their fourth full-length, Origin:Orphan, kicking off October 21 in Peterborough, ON and wrapping December 3 in Chicago, IL.
Beginning today (August 24), fans will have the opportunity to purchase tickets for all of the newly announced shows except in Brooklyn and San Francisco, before they go on sale to the general public, exclusively at As a bonus and in anticipation of the new album and tour, fans will immediately receive a free digital download of the newly released 5-track EP In The NA with any The Hidden Cameras pre-sale ticket purchase.
10/21/09 – Peterborough, ON @ Montreal House#
10/22/09 – London, ON @ Call The Office#
10/23/09 – Guelph, ON @ Dublin Street United Church#
10/29/09 – Ottawa, ON @ Babylon#
10/30/09 – Kingston, ON @ Grad Club#
10/31/09 – Montreal, PQ @ Il Motore#
11/01/09 – Cambridge, MA @ Brattle Theater
11/02/09 – Northampton, MA @ Iron Horse
11/04/09 – New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge
11/05/09 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
11/06/09 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall#
11/08/09 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506
11/10/09 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl
11/12/09 – New Orleans, LA @ The Parish
11/13/09 – Denton, TX @ Hailey’s
11/14/09 – Austin, TX @ Emo’s
11/17/09 – San Diego, CA @ Casbah
11/18/09 – Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
11/19/09 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill#
11/21/09 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
11/23/09 – Seattle, WA @ Triple Door
11/24/09 – Victoria, BC @ Alix Golden Hall
11/25/09 – Vancouver, BC @ The Biltmore Cabaret
11/27/09 – Edmonton, AB @ Avenue Theatre
11/28/09 – Calgary, AB @ Broken City
11/29/09 – Saskatoon, SK @ Amigo’s
11/30/09 – Winnipeg, MB @ Royal Albert Hall
12/02/09 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St. Entry
12/03/09 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle
* all dates with Gentleman Reg
#pre-sale has ended or not available

Monday, August 31, 2009

Performed as part of the successful Arsenal Institüt für Film und Videokunst Summer Curator school. Showed the short film I made with Evi Rusler called Hippo Narcissus then performed a brief cantata of Adorno text with little powerhouse Alex of Macedonia set to the music of Eric Satie brilliantly executed on piano by Daniel Hendrickson. Danny and Alex looked gorgeous in early 1960s tuxedos while I wore my yellow couture gown designed by the young French couturier Aude. Seen at the after performance reception drinking and socializing: Free University academic Hermann Kappelhoff who wrote the book Realismus: das Kino und die Politik des Asthetischen, Arsenal founder Ulrich Gregor with daughter Milena Gregor, Birgit Kohler, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich and Uli Ziemons.
Director Spike Lee has made a film version of the Broadway musical Passing Strange by Stu of the Silverlake rock band The Negro Problem. Stu like myself grew up in South Cenral LA and became involved in punk rock and also lived here in Berlin. The Negro Problem was one of the hot bands that performed at my infamous Club Sucker back in the flaming 90s. Right before leaving LA for good I performed with Stu and The Negro Problem at Downtown LA’s Flower Street Pavillion in a salute to the LA Music Scene where I sang a tin pan alley version of the GoGo’s “This Town”
Ran into sexy bubblebutt Dav-id of the Schaubuhner Theatre Jungen Group while i was sipping a Capucine at a cafe off of Yorkstrasse. Hadn´t seen hunky Dav-id since he performed in The Arrogance of Youth, the piece I directed with Tim Blue for the Klub Scene Youth Project which featured over 100 young people from all the youth theater groups in Berlin. David cut his wild looking jewfro so I didn’t recognize him at first. He is such a smoldering beauty boy. It was nice spending time with a juicy piece of fleshy eye candy. Later I met up with Anna Muelter of the HAU and baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras for some drinks and fellowship. I fine time was had by one and all.
Now I am off to luncheon at City Chicken in Neu Kölln with Daniel Hendrickson and visiting famed experimental art film couple Sherri & Ernie of New York City. I adore Sherri & Ernie. Its just a pleasure being in their royal presence listening to stories of the 1970s underground performance and film life in Manhattan, San Francisco and New York.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Was taken to a wonderment dinner by the patrician visiting NYU performance studies professor Tavia Nyongo. Mr. Nyongo was born and raised in Kenja. His father is African and his mother is from the American Midwest. Just like the President of the USA. The bistro he took me to is called Rosa Caleta with Jamaican European fusion cuisine. The chef is the legendary Troy Lopez who I met through my CHEAP collegue Tim Blue. Troy has lived in Berlin for over 20 years, and I had heard that Troy opened up a restaurant in Kreuzberg with one of his Jamaican gal pals, and I had longed to go to it, but had no idea that this was Troy´s place till I arrived last Thursday with Mr. Nyongo who received a recommendation to check the restaurant out by British live art star Richard Hancock. It’s a very charming boite located on a cute street in Kreuzberg off of Görlitzer. Since it was a warm evening we sat outside to enjoy the hunky ambiance of young men strolling by with very little clothing on. The food was delicious. We both had the foil wrapped Cod fish that came with some scrumptious vegetables and rice, plus some pickled concoction out of a giant preserve jar. Our waiter was a cute, very sweet full faced tall German boy who was giving out big dique arrogance---lecher!(yummy) The mango cake for desert was definitely the highlight. I´ve tasted Troy´s cakes before and they are divine. He created a chocolate cake called Chocolate Genocide for Tim Blue’s birthday party a few years ago that was completely and utterly riche and scandalous. Next time I go to Rosa Caleta I will have to try a pork or chicken jerk dish, as the cod fish had too many tiny bones in it. I´m trying to eat healthy these days but sometimes its best to just go for whats super comforting. Rosa Caleta has a nice laid back vibe, definitely a great addition to the Berlina food scene, and I give it my Ms. Davis prinzessin seal of approval.
Rosa Caleta - Muskauer Strasse 9 10997 Berlin Tues-Sunday 11-1 U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof
Received this text from Mario Dzurila and DJ Snax for their brilliant installation in the darkroom of Slum at Ficken 3000 in KreuzKölln. Its really amazing and I am glad someone got the idea to do it. Slum is the latest club project by writer Travis Jeppeson and sexy performance artist Tennessee Clafin who use to be the concubine beau of directors Gus Van Sant and Bryan Singer. They also do the Sunday night club Pork. So now all you visitors to Berlin have two new options for your weekday and weekend pleasure factor.
An exhibition by Mario Dzurila and Snax in the dark room of Slum
What if every sperm supposedly “wasted” in a basement dark room actually had the potential to fertilize and produce human life? Mario Dzurila and Snax would like to introduce you to overlooked offspring, the Children Of The Dark Room, where there Ain’t No Sunshine.
In the morning hours, the floor of a typical dark room can almost amount to what science calls “primordial soup.” Special conditions, such as high humidity, low temperature and lack of light fuse with the chemicals used in lubricants and amyl nitrate, thus prolonging a sperm’s life span from several minutes to several days. The pairing and matching of said sperm results in a cell called the zygote, which replicates half the DNA of each of two or more fathers.
After the birth, children remain in the dark room their entire life. Adaptation to their surroundings comes in a myriad of forms. Retinas expand to catch any small amount of light. In other instances, children emit their own light with bioluminescence - disguising their silhouette. They stay hidden in their underground dark dens through busy barroom hours, never allowing their innocence to disturb wandering patrons and future parents. Socializing only with each other, they are timid and panic easily. Their playground is video and their laughter is digitized.

Mario Dzurila and Snax shed light on these forgotten souls and allow the world to witness this phenomenon for the first time. At last, the children will rule the roost downstairs and the visitors are the ones who will have to be their unseen guests.
The lovely British art photographer Elly Clarke is in this group show Home Grown
New art from Los Angeles and Berlin. A group exhibition organized by Short House

22 August–12 September 2009
Other viewings by appointment:

Short House has teamed up with artillerie to present Home Grown, a group exhibition featuring new work from emerging Los Angeles- and Berlin-based artists. Acknowledging the nomadic nature of today’s art practitioners, Short House’s Berlin debut gives artists from these two sister cities a platform to meet, mix and exchange.
Home Grown takes up themes of mobility, transience and translation. Varying from video,
photography and sound to sculpture and drawing, the works presented in the show examine the urban landscape, geographical identity and characteristics of interpretation.

Exhibiting artists include Kelly Akashi, Jacob Borges, Helen Cahng, Michelle Chong,
Elly Clarke, Drew Dunlap, Ian Henderson, Nathan Hess, Terra Kuroda and Robert O’Connor.

Short House is a transient art space and project that focuses on building opportunities for its
community. Started in L.A. in 2007 by Michelle Chong and Ian Henderson, the artists utilized
their home and organised artist workshops, exhibited artists’ work and produced a concert of
original works by up-and-coming composers and sound artists. In 2009 Short House joined
Berlin’s Kolonie Wedding, a non-profit organization aimed at presenting experimental work from emerging and international artists. artillerie is an interdisciplinary arts venue committed to experimentation in visual arts, performance, film, literature and music. Located in Berlin’s gritty yet vibrant Wedding district, artillerie is a project run by a non-profit group of art activists and volunteers.

My beautiful German male escort to Rising Stars, Falling Stars every month Uli Ziemons who everyone agrees is one of the most attractive men in Europe is curating a special program at Arsenal Institute für Film und Videokunst called Sylvia´s Promise which is a lovesexy salute to the Kuchar Brothers George and Mike. The program will start on Wednesday Sept 2nd with the title Teenage Tremors from the Bronx, featuring the brothers early work from the late 50s and early 60s including the luscious titles The Naked and the Nude 1957, Anita Needs Me 1963, and A Town Called Tempest 1993. The event concludes on Thursday Sept 3rd with George´s Western Whims the highlight of which is The Devil´s Cleavage 1973. If you love Vaginal Davis you will certainly attend this major event of the late summer season.