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Saturday, August 18, 2012


My handsome escort Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim was riding his bicycleta at 100 mph as I desperately tried to keep up with him in my despair of being in bad shape as we made our way to the Schwules Museum to see Hans Scheirl and Jakob Lena Knebl perform as part of the opening for the new exhibit Trans*Homo:von lesbischen Trans Schwulen und anderen Normalitaeten curated by my former Weissensee student Justin Time. The rainstorm seemed like it would abate several times but somehow the waters kept flowing. At the museum we were met by Piero Bellomo the lovesexxxy ItaloDeutsch lover of Mr. Hendrickson who was trying to get away from a randy American tourist who had his hairy eyeballs set on Mr. Bellomo as his juicy prize.

The performance wasn’t going to start for another 90 minutes so we escaped to the Eisenstein Coffee house around the corner before returning and meeting up with fearless leader of CHEAP collective Susanne Sachsse and film historian Marc Siegel and the Gaysien House of Perpetual Beauty that this evening was starring gorgeous visiting scholar Eng-Beng Lim from Brown University who specializes in theatre, high drama and performance studies with a focus on transnational Asian and queer issues.

Was in awe of the fab performance that was part Vienna Akshunist and meditative deconstruction of Performance Art archetypes. Scheirl and Knebl were aided and abetted by the gentle Ring giants Fasolt and Fafner aka: Andreas Riegler & Markus Harsleitner resulting in hilarious stage hijinks. Also seen about: video artist Liz Rosenfeld and her KreuzKoelln posse, curator Frank Wagner, art photog Annette Frick, transgender Love God Del Grace Volcano, Tavia Nyongo arriving fashionably late, and Sissy Magazines pretty boy editor Jan Kunemund expertly avoiding thine enemies.


Letter from Elly Clarke of the Clarke Gallery:

Birmingham, 2nd August 2012

Dear All,

This is to introduce a new development of Clarke Gallery. Clarke Griffiths Levine is the teaming up of Clarke Gallery with two Birmingham based arts practioners - artist/curator Caitlin Griffiths and independent curator Charlie Levine. This has been set up to enable the three of us to share skills, knowledge and ideas whilst maintaining our own identities (i.e. coming together without merging). Our first collaboratively organised exhibition, Joint Stock, opens in Birmingham on 12th September. (See below.)

The next solo Clarke Gallery project is FRAME. This follows on from the six month exhibition BERLIN / BIRMINGHAM / BEYOND / by providing a showcase for one work at a time, but installed this time in a variety of businesses across the city of Birmingham. With a planned launch of late October, the premise is about taking art to its audience rather than expecting the audience to come to it. As with the mac show, all work is for sale.

BEYOND / runs at mac birmingham until 9th September. So there's still a chance to see it, or to buy the current work - Sue Dodd's Lick Stix (Hot Bikini Bodies) - in person or remotely.

Finally, I'm about to launch a new selling project of my own pictures. Birmingham to Beyond will see the sale of 36 new 6"x4" Single Edition photographs via Ebay and announced via Twitter. So if you'd like to get your hands on one of these (starting bid of 15GBP), follow me @elly_clarke. Or, if Twitter isn't your thing, send me an email and I'll make sure you're kept up to date. Or keep an eye on my website.

Thanks for reading. I hope you're well and enjoying the summer and to see you at some event or other before too long.

Best wishes,


-- / / @ClarkeGallery / @elly_clarke / Clarke Gallery on Facebook

From Azteca Warrior in Los Angeles

Ms Dumb As Dog Shit Davis,
(I Love Daddy Athey for coming up with that)

I am set to take photos of a new hottie. He sent me a text asking if I would mind if he came in CD. I said, sure bring ur own CD and I can transfer the images to the Disk.He said, oh, I'm sorry, I meant Cross Dress. WTF. Ok, he's a Hustler and he CD's.He has a Smoking hot body and a big Thick Chorizo, pretty white boy face, along the lines of a McCauley Kulkin type.

We shall see in the name of Art! (Arturo Castaneda that is!)



Well, its all for the Sake of Arturo.

The Hustler/CD shows up at my door with a light Auntie knock. I open the door and I find a young High Yellow Black Boy.I looked at him and I was a bit confused. He said, If I would have said I was Black u may not have wanted to Photograph me.

I said, What, I may not want to photograph u cuz u lied.

He was sweating and not sure where to look. I told him, come in. Served him some water and said. What r u trying to do. He's a CD DJ and needs some prof photos. He also Hustles but has not had his first client yet. We chatted for a bit. I told him I was a little concerned with his approach and his story. I told him, put urself together, tell me what kind of images u want and I will take them.

He then asked me if I wanted to Fuck. I said, No, that would disrupt my vision of how I was going to capture his image. He bought that.

OK, he is a pretty Black boy with Vanessa Williams color and a Bootie for days on a Slim narrow waist.So there u have it. He wants to be a model as well.

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Been receiving several emugs about Tenderloin and our song titles. Well here are the titles to the new ditties we wrote for Antony’s Meltdown: “Das lied von der Glocke”, which is based on text by Schiller that I read in Otto Preminger’s autobiography and I Vaginalized after I had it translated into English from the original Deutsch. “The F*cking of Major Shtars” is from one of my 1980s spoken word poems and “Polyglot” I wrote after attending a conference at Berlin’s Haus of World Cultures listening to a lecture given by a cute young Iranian academic. “Redemption” is the only one of our new songs that I didn’t write. The music and lyrics are from Tenderloin guitar player Landgraf Jan Klesse and Joel Gibb sings the song and plays drums at the end accompanied by Jan on bass and Felix Knoke on keyboards with Dagmar Hopfisterei doing vocal soundscapes.

I was so afraid to be in London during the Olympics, but it actually turned out A-ok as all the sports stuff was in the east of the city and I was situated convienently in the city center where I could easily walk to the festival. Meltdown and Southbank Center took very good care of us. Our meals were catered by the same company that did Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee celebration and it was most delicious comfort food. Our last dinner was Asphalt Baked Salmon with Honey Neutered Chicken, Celestial Brocolli, Dirty Braun Rice and Silly Pudding for desert. There were so many gorgeous young boy pieces of eye candy floating around London that I was doing overtime lighthouse duty and turning myself into a drunken hairyeyeball Cornelius from Planet of the Apes.

Working with the lovely Antony Hegerty and his crew was a dream come true. Antony is so sweet gentle and beautiful in every way, with the most bewitching eyes in Christendom, and this Meltdown will certainly resonate for many years to come.

Our accomodations at the boutique Hotel Citizen M. at 20 Lavington Street was wonderous. The bed in my room was huge—large enough to accommodate a whorgy of water polo players, and the staff very professional and helpful. Special shoutout to Miss Ruth who was our favorite Citizen M. Guest Artist Ambassador. Ran into lots of old friends and acquaintances including one of the girls from the late 90s teenage rock band The Grown Ups who is now 30 years old. I first met her when she was 14 and performing at my club Sucker at the Garage in Silverlake. The lead singer of the Grown Ups looked like Belinda Carlisle from The GoGo’s and there was a sweet black girl in the band who played saxophone who came to my Getty/Pacific Standard Time event,and on guitar was the teenage son of Mark Hamil of StarWars. The younger Mr. Hamil is now a famous illustrator or something like that. Also chit chatted with some old New York pals who are now living in London so my time in merry old England was filled with lots of sudden reunions. The weather was picture perfect with no rain the entire time and temperatures in the high 70s farenheit. Tenderloin has already been asked to perform some more gigs and also to contribute a track to a Chicks on Speed Girl Monster #2 compilation.

Now I need to concentrate on my solo visual art exhibition that opens Nov 4th at Participant Inc. in New York. There is going to be a lot of work involved in making this happen so I have got to focus focus and focus some more.

Had gone to a screening months ago of the Aliens prequel Prometheus directed by Ridley Scott. The only thing that scored for me in the movie was the smokey come hither between Charlize Theron and Idris Alba, the humpy AfroBritish actor who harkened back a bit to Yaphet Kotto from the original Aliens. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when those two got together for fornications bliss.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


My blogging just took a computer glich tumble and only half of what I wrote got posted so I have to finish the rest by thanking the South Banky staff, so here goes the Academy Award list of gratitude: Event Managers: Judew Bowder aka Jude the Obscure, Gemma Broughton, Neil Mackinnon, Hattie Garrard, Alexia Higgs, Karen Petersen, Linzi Gibbs, Rachel Porter, Steve Thomas. Artist Liaison- Meergan Tovey Front, Transport Coordinator -Miss Mel Green, Production Managers: Mick Shenton, Adrian Rutter Jake Seaman, Konrad Watson, Simon Wingfield, Rick Eggleton. At the Citizen M. Hotel lots of kissy kissalia to Missy Ruth the lovely concierge who was most accommodating and hospitable in the grande British tradition.

So many celebs came to check the show out, here is just a partial list of everyone: artists Tracey Emin, Franko B aka: Franko Black with his child bride Thom, Kira O’Reilly, Ron Athey, Orthon Mataragas, Ernesto Tomasini, Oreet Oshery, Jason Graham, Manuel Vason and Marisa Carnesky whose new theater extravaganza Tarot Drome will debut at the Old Vic tunnels Sept 4-13th. With Ms. Carnesky was her lovesexxy rock god husband Raspe Thorne of The Briars who gave me a copy of his latest EP called Debutante Warnings that I can’t wait to add to my play list when I DJane. Also seen British “It Girls” Poppy Pelevingne, Jessica Brown Findlay, CoCo Sumner, Suki Waterhouse, Lykke Li and Annabelle Wallis, French actress Virginie Ledoyen with House of Carven designer Guillaume Henry, Glenn Martens the Flemish design star, Olympic swimmer Anthony Bandit Rubio with bon vivants Carlos Crespo, Manuel Lopez and Pietro Ditano escorting young Atlanta de Cadenet the supermodel daughter of Amanda de Cadenet and John Taylor of Duran Duran. The patrician record producer Ivor Guest aka: Viscount Wimbourne must be a dinge queen tranny chaser as he was all over the Vagimule doll, but isn’t he Grace Jones’ boyfriend? Getting into the Tenderloin/Karen Black mood was musician Patrick Wolfe, Pet Shop Boys 2Men Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe whose new album is called Elysium, tight bodied cutie pie Stuart Comer of Tate Modern with visiting American royal Steve Gizicki who is the right hand musical supervisor for George Lucas Productions in Marin County, portraiture artist John Lee Bird, junior art shtar Lewis Church with his gorgeous girlfriend and youthquaker posse, academic Dominic Johnson, David Waddington of Bistroteque, and legends legend Nicola Bowery the wife of the late great Leigh Bowery.

Went to see last night Kembra and Lilly of the Valley aka Claywoman the ancient extraterrestrial entity which was delightful. Ms. Kembra talked in stream of conscienceness fashion about availabism, anti-naturalism and future feminism and was hilarious in her demeanor and wonderous in voice and stage presence. The elderly black man who was the stage hand moved so slowly taking props off the stage it was as if he was in a Jack Smith performance transmogrified via Robert Wilson during his Berlin cocaine period.

In the morning I stuffed myself silly at breakfast chatting with the divine Lori E. Seid who is New York moxy perfection and a lesbian dream girl.