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Thursday, July 18, 2019


Dreh dich nicht um!
Das blaue, blaue Meer

Yes that elderly woman known as Vaginal Davis had to have a major operation on her lady kibbles and bits. Luckily for the divina it was a laser surgery which is not as invasive as a traditional surgery. Still a surgery is a surgery and our womanly weeble woobles as she falls down is still suffering the effects of healing, and will be for quite some time.

The Vagimule Doll is forever indebted to Fearless Leader of CHEAP, Susanne Sachsse who took charge dealing with the doctors, nurses, and patient management bureaucracy that is very weighty in Germany. Ms. Davis’ operation took place at the Charite Hospital in Steiglitz. Her nurses were charming, including a diligent nurse Betty who was playfully mumbling to herself, and a beautiful young male blondine nurse with a muscular body and no nonsense rigid demeanor.

The wonderful La Sachsse organized that there would be someone bringing Ms. Davis breakfast, lunch and dinner as the hospital food is ungainly.

Thankx so much to Susi, Marcuse Siegelstein, Muslim Daniel Haji Hendrickson & his handsome husband Piero Bellomo, Koen Jozef Afons van Claerhout & Adham Hafez, kJohnny Blue and his beautiful wife Emilia, Wu Tsang and Boychild.

The latest Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome was pure delight with a huge crowd of intergenerational lovelies. Because of the threat of rain, the open air cinema plan had to be shelved. The silent green Kulturquartier Mars Bar garten was to be the area for the event but everything was moved into the actual Arsenal Archive which made things very sexy and intimate. Everyone was hooting and hollering over the goings on in the 1968 caper Skidoo directed by Otto Preminger on LSD. Carol Channing and Donyale Luna looked divine in Rudi Geinrich’s futuristic couture. Frankie Avalon and John Phillip Law were giving high hat sexbardos and poor Jackie Gleason only 51 at the time of filming looked over 70 along with veteranos Peter Lawford, Cesar Romero, Burgess Meredith, Mickey Rooney, George Raft and Groucho Marx as “God”.

Having a hell of a time watching the zany movie: Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Lorin Decarli, Antonio, Nora Molitor, Christian, Ilker Abbey, Nora Haak, Werner Kantor (von Nomandenkino) ,Gaia Novati (from pornfilm festival back in the day), Anselm, Nathalie Knoll, Markus Ruff, and Charlotte Peters of The Arsenal, Arootin Mirzkhani of Offenbach Universitaet, Leah and girlfriend of Geissen, Michaela Wünsch (bbooks), Daniel Hendrickson with husband Piero Bellomo and hot young doctor Mario, Gerrit Woltemath, Adham Hafez and his gorgeous Syrian crew and new hunky beau, plus British actor Alex Pettyfer (Magic Mike) and Jonathan Bailey of Broadchurch.

Vaginal Davis’ intervention with the Black Image Corporation Exhibition of Theaster Gates at Gropius Bau was a sensation. The doll read from her late mother Mary Magdelene’s copy of a 1956 issue of Jet Magazine. Ms. Davis almost fainted twice as she was pushing herself a bit too hard after just having had a major surgery. She looked resplendid in her Rick Owens gown with makeup and hair styling by the great Akira Knightly. The celebutants in attendance included curator Daisy DeRosiers, Theaster Gates who came all the way from Detroit expressly to see Ms. Davis perform, having missed his own opening back in April.

Gropius artistic director Stephanie Rosenthal glowed like summer magic, Clare Molloy, the brilliant Production Coordinator from Gropius working directly with Ms. Davis taking care of all her needs is the ultimate Stella by Starlight, Super fit British news presenter from the ABC network James Longman a fitting name to describe his genitaliac prowess came with Michael Scaturno of Deutche Welle and Joe Hutchenson, a former corporate attorney from New York who was working in finance in London and met a lovely German boy on the Berghain dance floor, married him, and recently moved to Berlin! He has started doing stand-up comedy under the pseudonym “Joe von Hutch” and is so funny that in just a year’s time, he has shared the stage with a talented writer from Saturday Night Live. Getting everyone excited that beautiful young art photographer and filmmaker Matt Lambert of Dazed and Confused Magazine who will be working soon on a new video with Mykki Blanco that features Tilda Swinton and Anohni.

Looking really mouth and crotchwatering at Gropius: Yusuf Etiman of Basso Kollektiv, Clarissa Mehring, Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Tom Holert the art critic, Nanna Heidenreich, Michaela Wünsch, Mac Folkes of Germany’s Next Top Model, Michel PP who Ms. Davis first met when he was a law student at Forum Expanded Gossip Bar in 2006, Daniel Hendrickson, Piero Bellomo, and a plethora of very attractive cosmopolitan young people having a great time at the post performance Cremont reception in front of Ms. Davis’ Ladies on Paper exhibition at Gropius which closed Sunday July 21.

Here is the updated list (As of July 23rd courtesy of Ms. Molloy) of who was there: The stunning writer and Krass journal founder Sanja Grozdanic in a long, silken white dress. Strictly domina, choreographer and coach Caritia Abell. Dan Gunn from the eponymously titled London gallery. Sporting the best ecru jacket, the choreographer and dancer extraordinaire, Ligia Lewis. Daniel Neugebauer, the king of kommunikation and kultural edukation at the HKW. Everyone’s favourite film aficionado, Gerrit Woltemath of the Arsenal and Berlinale's Panorama Section. Chair of American Studies at the University of Tübingen, Dr. Kathy-Ann Tan. Performance lover, Teena Lange of Grüntaler 9.Two artists who were present were the choreographers Monica Duncan and Romuald Krężel.Gorgeous architect Andreas Lechthaler and his practically-named beau also Andreas.

Gropius Bau beauties Clara Meister in a great jumpsuit, associate curator, who worked so hard to bring The Black Image Corporation to Berlin, estimable chief curator Julienne Lorz in a powder blue number, queen of communications Annie-Claire Geisinger was a flurry of Dalmatian-style spots. Not to mention Kaiserin of exhibition production, Simone Schmaus, who took such good care of the Ladies on Paper hanging. Sarah Crowe and Torben Hanhart took quick breaks from preparing the exhibition Garden of Earthly Delights to adoringly listen to Ms. Davis. Babes in Arms: Natalie Schültze, Nora Bergbreiter, Anna Neubauer, Anne Biegler, Luis Kürschner and Ellen Clemens. The Immersion team’s bronzed dramaturg Adrian Waschmann graced the place with his High School Sweetheart charm, along with blonde bombshell project manager Anja Predeick and assistant the shiny-brunette Simay Yasar, not to forget master of monies, Marc Pohl, in a very fetching new jacket from Japan. Was so delightful to see scholar Karen Tongson in the publicum. Karen is one of the late great Jose Munoz's dearest colleagues. She is in Europe on tour with her fascinating new tome Why Karen Carpenter Matters!

The wonderfully talented and lovesexy Amos Mac’s new book Original Plumbing: the best of 10 years of trans male culture – is available on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Please rate the book NOW as this is important for its visibility.

The Original Plumbing East Coast Book Tour:

Monday, July 22 - 7-8pm
NYC @ The Strand with Scout Rose, D'hana Perry, Harvey Katz, Rocco Kayiatos, Amos Mac
link to tix
Thursday, July 25 - 6:30-8pm
PHILLY @ Penn Book Center with Amos Mac, Rocco Kayiatos and Scout Rose
event page
Friday, July 26 - all day
PHILLY @ Trans-Wellness Conference - PA Convention Center, look for us at the Feminist Press table!
event site
Sunday, July 28 - 2-4pm
BROOKLYN @ Brooklyn Museum
A talk: “The Future of Transmasculinity” with artist Texas Isaiah, activist Tiq Milan, actor Marquise Vilson, and OP editors Rocco Kayiatos and Amos Mac.
USE DISCOUNT CODE BK19 for $10 tickets:

Received this cute note from the amazing artist Damian Davis who was part of my award winning team with The Magic Flute, An Opera in Six Steps in NYC 2015: 

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that I will be joining Purchase College this fall as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art+Design in their sculpture department for the 2019-20 academic year. It is with mixed emotions that I will be leaving my position in the Department of Art and Art Professions at NYU on July 16th.

I appreciate everyone’s love and support during my time at NYU, and I take with me the valuable experiences I have gained over the last thirteen years. I am grateful for my time there, and will carry the many lessons I have learned into my future professional and artistic career. This new position will allow me the time and space to focus on my studio practice, as well as a much desired opportunity to develop myself further as an academic and educator.

This marks the beginning of a new, exciting stage of my life. One that I hope many of you will continue to be a part of.

I also have a new solo show opening at the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling next Thursday, July 18th. This is the culminating exhibition from my time there as the current artist in residence. I very much hope that you will join me that evening from 6:00pm to 8:00 to celebrate. For Demetrius

(Solo Exhibition)

Opening Reception: July 18th from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

On View: July 18, 2019 - September 8, 2019
Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling
898 Saint Nicholas Avenue
New York, NY 10032 

Another one of my beyond brilliantine ex students from Yale University is the incredible Aliza Shvarts. Ms. Shvarts was my divine Princess in The Magic Flute, An Opera in Six Steps 2015, and there is nothing in this mega world that stands outside of her angelic reach and goddess grasp.

She has her first international solo exhibition in Prague, Purported curated by Laurel Ptak that runs from July 16-September 15th at Center for Contemporary Art FUTURA

Holeckova 49

150 00 Prague 5

Czech Republic