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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I´ve been hearing rumblings that the US of A is looking to The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money by John Maynard Keynes in a feeble attempt at fixing this global financial Irwin Allen complex. Mr. Keynes who went to Cambridge´s Kings College was a big nutty fagula and anti-semite, so boning on his principles won´t alleviate this ga-mess. Those of you who follow my blog religiously know that I predicted the pattymeltdown waaay back in 2002 when i got ceremoniously kicked out of my huge Koreatown flat in Los Angeles. As an early blogger, before the term was even coined i was telling the gospel truths that the mainsteam media wouldn´t dare touch. I also heralded the kingdom news back in the 1980s in print form with my Fertile LaToyah Magazine. Now of course newspapers and magazines the world over are hurting because they have been made obsolete—well its their own damnacus fault. Those who live by the status quo die by it. Of course none of that matters now that i am living in beautiful, but bleak Berlin. What does matter is that there is finally a whiff of spring in the air.
Saturday March 14th the monthly event i curate Rising Stars, Falling Stars salute to the Japanese silent classic A Page of Madness (Karuta Ipege) directed by Kenogasa Tanoske was a huge hit with the Berliners. There were lots of first timers to my program at Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst. Eunice Martin on piano played majestically putting the audience in a well fortified trance that went nicely with the equally transcedent images on the screen. The after screening reception hosted a bevy of shiny shineys including the lovesexy young Brazilian filmmaking duo Melissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn whose luscious short subject Triangulum played at Forum Expanded in the Sensory Spaces #1 program, handsome and well hung Japanese American artist Dean Sameshima was being charming and vivacious as he flitted about and flirted with Scandanavian beauty, photographer and multi-media artist Benjamin Alexander Huseby who is part of the group exhibit Psychometry at Exile Gallery. The stunning Mr. Sameshima and Mr. Huseby sure can turn heads. Also representing Forum Expanded the powerful filmmaker and UDK professor Isabelle Spengler whose short LINT LENT LAND – Does that mean “Dust has temporarily given this land its form”? which was a big hit at the Berlinale Film Festival chatted with New York artist Alina and Turkish set designing hunkatia Senol Senturk. US Scholar Devin Fiore rubbed shoulders with Joel Gibb of Torontos The Hidden Camera just back from a well deserved three day holiday in Cuba with his physical therapist to the shtars boyfriend Enrico. Waif like raw foods celebrity chef Boris Lauser was telling everyone about his holiday in Cambodia while downtown New York legendina John Heys regaled partygoers about Hounen Matsuri,the Japanese Penis Day where the people of the town of Komaki, about 250 miles south of Tokyo celebrate a fertility festival each year on March 15th. The festivities include a mile-long processional route to the shinto shrine of Tagata Jinja that echoes with the sounds of bamboo flutes and the chant “Hoh-sho, hoh-sho” while a group of half naked men carry this giant erect penis carved from a single cypress tree trunk. The spirit of penii day was certainly alive in the Rote Foyer with Berlin “It boy” Gunnar Neumann, British live art star Richard Hancock , Alexander the Great of Macedonia aka: Tilemachos-Alexios Alexiou, Sasha of bbooks with husband Jannas and a sweet visiting McGill University of Montreal academic. It was lovely seeing that red scarf boy Michel P. , Piero Bellomo of La Collezionne with lover Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson, inter media actress Susanne Sachsse with film historian beau Marc Siegel, Anna Muelter, Israeli juicy Lior Shamreiz, Italian auteur Nanni Moretti, Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental, DJ Olga Damnitz, and socialites Colette Van den Thillart with sleek Ali Spencer-Churchill.
Joel Gibb the baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras and Anna Muelter surprised me by taking me to lunch at this cute little cafe not far from my Rote Insel studio The Cheese Endique Trifecta. Joel gave me the complete skinny on his trip to Cuba and relayed hilarious stories about some German and Canadian sex tourists on the island scooping up mounds of Afro Cuban endowments.
After a photo session with Vanity Fair, who have joined the ranks of doing yet another Berlin ex-patriot story i was feeling frisky with a second windstrill and decided to go to Pork at Ficken 3000 which is also known as Frankenstein 5000. Porky host Tennessee Clafin (aka: Baby Brian), the famed ex-Mormen concubine to A-list directors Gus Van Sant and Bryan Singer was back in the United States so the supurb guest DJ tag team of teenage writing sensation Travis Jeppeson and his super hottie Slovakian lover Mario Dzurila took over. The place was packed with uninhibited nubile teenagers who really take to the clubs motto of drink, dance, strip and f*ck. The chicken hawks were in a feeding frenzy not able to focus with so much Jack Smithian over stimulation.
Later in the evening was a special set of super mixing by a punky Scandanavian DJ who also fronts a local band. I had a long lovely conversation with a cute young Italian artist named Pietro from Florence who just moved to Berlin, and a humpy Russian named Deemeetree whose card says “performance, video, music, schizophrenia, electricity”. The Russian youth had seen my performance at the Politics of Ecstasy Festival and loved how i handled the religious theme. In all Marilyn was getting moist being around such an eclectic assortment of children happy to be someplace with a raunchy spirit and raucaus vibe. I give an A+ to hooded Master Patrick as the guardian at the gate.