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Thursday, July 10, 2003

Larry Bob and Lord Andrew and I went to dinner at that fancy vegan restaurant on La Cienega that is called Our Daily Planet or Daily Bread or something like that. The place was chock filled with celebs ranging from the tired Hilton Sisters to Anthony and Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Rick Rubin. Flea caught a glimpse of me and gave me a dirty look. He doesn't like me ever since i wrote in Fertile La Toyah Jackson magazine about his male hustler past when he was kept by new wave R&B Singer Gary Allen back in the early 80s. He's never forgiven me, and always gives me shade, which i promptly give right back. i've never been a big fan of their group. Always thought they were overrated, but i did like the title of one of their more recent CD's called Californication. That was clever. I'll give them that. And John Fruciante is extremely talented, he use to be really cute when he first joined the band.
After dinner we went by tired Amoeba Records. I hate that store. Its too big, though there are a lot of cute boys roaming the isles----i'll give it that. Ran into Tyrone the Baptiste aka Dave Cunningham. He is so cute and adorable. I've known him since he was 15, and i still have a mild crush on him. He's in the band the Sugerplastics that use to be on Geffen Records.
After the record store we went to Peanuts to see the tranny show starring Viva Sex. Ms. Viva i've known since 1975. She is one of the original Cosmetics, and is also one of the premiere Madonna impersonators as well as Gloria Estevan impersonator. She even toured with Gloria. I love how Viva is giving Madonna realness the way Madonna should properly visualized with a rough hewn cunty edge. One of the girls in Viva's drag review is named Delta Work and she is a hot hoot. She came on doing Anna Nicole and was pure geniustrata. I love the scene at Peanuts on Monday nights. All the tranny in their full regalia and the t ranny chasers who love them. Its one of the best and illest scenes in LA and a must to any newcomer to los ang trying to figure the town out.
The next day Larry and i ate breakfast at Swingers. Which has a large vegetarian menu. The food is actually really good there, but i can't stand the rock n roll vibe of the place and some of the people who go there and work there. But early in the morning its not bad.
Larry wanted to see the Christian Marclay exhibit at the MC Hammer Museum in Westwood. I loved the video art the best. It was so Ann Miller. We hung around UCLA so i could troll the cute frat boys. The westside is so boring---nothing ever changes. I've always wanted to give it some credit but since the 70's there is still that stale vibe. At least the weather was a lot cooler. We came back to the MC Hammer later in the evening to catch Dennis Cooper and Christopher Russell read.
I met Christopher when he brought me out to Art Center for a visiting artist last year. He's a sweet young kid and read an explosive short story. I love people who are damaged in all the right ways. I also love Christopher's hesitant persona.
He provided a nice companion to Dennis Cooper's excerpt from his new novel The Crowd Pleaser, which is definately that, and a great new direction for Mr. Cooper. He's actually writing about adults, and its so exciting and invigorating, plus funny as all hell. Dennis' reading style is also magnifique. Steady and deliberate and never shrill, he hits all the right notes and makes all the moves. I'm so glad that i was able to attend, it really was inspiring.
Larry left for San Fran on Wednesday. I sort of hijacked him to stay a few days extra since i just love his companionship. It was almost like being married. I'm very bossy, but Larry loves it. Had lunch with beautiful Ceasar Vega, who use to be a Club Sucker regular. He took me to Musso and Frank on Hollywood Blvd. Its my favorite old school eatery. The place has class class and more class. I ordered the Cesar salad with grilled chicken. Yumsickle!
Mr. Vega was looking very good. He is one hot Papi and has such a delicious casual vibe about him that makes you feel real comfortable in his presence. If i ever had a boyfriend, which i never will it would be someone like Ceasar. He has such great energy surrounding him.
He and another Club Sucker regular Dan Perreira have written a script that they want me to participate in. I'm flattered. The action takes places around me and my shenanigans at the club. I can't wait to read it. My Vaginal enfluence resonates in ways i never expect.
Before Larry Bob came down to visit i met a handsome young scandanavian man. I don't want to say too much about him, because i don't want to jinx the relationship, its all so fresh and new. I'm glad i had Larry as a distraction so i didn't get all caught up in this new person in my life and ruin it with my demanda ways. Its best to play it too cool for drool. But of course that is always very difficult for a girl like me. Stay tuned as things develop.

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Was talking to my New York guru of all things, Glenn Belverio aka: Glennda Orgasm and he relayed to me that Jay Blotcher a former Man!hattan activist queen who now lives in upstate NY was livid about my gay marriage piece in the weekly. He said, "How dare she evoke Genet! In her snide essay. Genet was the most sexually selfish person that ever existed."
I guess I pushed a button someplace.

Been getting a lot of emails and calls about my Style piece on Super Post Ghetto Fab.

Larry Bob or as I like to call him Larry HobGoblin came down from San Fran to visit me. Its wonderful having him in Los Ang taking care of the doll. I am such a needy lady. We ran down La Jolla way to get some free editing time from yet another acquaintance who has promised to help me finish my Berlin movie project of two years ago. Got back in time for Larry to go catch the tail end of a Bar B Q at Dave White and Alfonso Duralde’s and also to go to Scutterfest. I had to get ready for Bricktops in awful 90 degree weather. Nothing puts me in a funk like summer heat. I was surprised that people had energy after Bar B Q-ing and fireworks displays to do the Bricky thing, but it was a cute crowd. Ebony Jett one of the sweetest queens of the new York scene who lives here now came by. I adore her. She was in the touring company of the broadway musical Rent, and let me tell you this soul sister can saaaang. Also Tommy Gear of the Screamers came by with artist Doug Gorden. Tommy is art directing a book that will have photos by his ex-lover Lyle Ashton Harris with text by Anne Deveare-Smith. Anything that Tommy touches is incredible. Tommy is one of the main reasons that Lyle is doing well in the art world.
Also met this documentary filmmaker girlie who is related to that hunky Joseph Fiennes. She told me she has a movie about South Central Los Angeles and that she did a docu on dancer Michael Clark and that he has finally kicked his heroin problem. She hinted that she wanted to do a documentarty on me, but not before i do my own. Hahaha.
LarryBob and i got togther with his friend Trebor the writer. Trebor is hilarious. I like his new all grey hair look. Its very distinguished in that Richard Gere-ish way. We all had a delish luncheon at the Krishna Temple in West LA. We had a hard time finding the damn place. I hadn't been there in ages. the food is really tasty and some of those Hari Krish boys running around in sandles are mighty yummy on the eye. Yahoo!
We also went by Beyond Baroque in Venice. Hadn't been there since the early 90s when i did a reading with Reza Abdul. The place kind of lost its cache. I think they still put on stuff, but it just had this new agey Bohdi Tree feeling about it that was kind of icky. I'm glad we left. Larry went off to Scutterfest at the Knitting Factory and of course that left me time to troll. It wasn't my night for getting nookie so i went to Miss Spotlight to have a dozen drinks to wash out my sorrows and meet up with LarryBob. We ran into the divine Richard Velasco at the spotlight and i knew he and Larry would hit it off talking about the old days of LA and San Fran underground. Not only did Richard do the windows of the famed Maxfield's store but also Fiarucci's in Beverly Hills which i think is now a bank. I remember when that building was a second run movie theatre. I've gotta stop dating myself.