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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sorry kids, but I have not been feeling like writing lately as the poor Vagimule doll has been suffering with gout for the last few days.  It’s a chronic condition that flares up with either stress or bad eating habits and can be quite painful and debilitating making it very hard for me to walk as it attacks the joints and causes swelling in the feet or knees.  This time its my left foot that is in agony.  Well I’m glad its happening now before I go back on tour with Communist Bigamist, and I am so happy it didn’t rear its ugly head during the Camp/Anti-Camp festival.That would have been a disaster.

The weather has been gorgeous in Berlin,and the tourist season is in full swing.  Before getting sick I spent some time rehearsing with Tenderloin and hanging out with the boys-Joel Gibb who is now back in Canada for a month, Felix Knoke, Landgraf Klesse and volatile Dagmar Hopfpfisterei. Also met with CHEAP fearless leader Susanne Sachsse and Marc Siegel to plan the tour for Camp/Anti-Camp in the fall/winter which is very exciting.  Susi made a delicious Spring Awakening luncheon with lentils, May salad and fish from the Baltic Sea.  My gout was raging but I was able to make it to the CHEAP compound by riding my bike which was easier to do then walk or navigate a bus or subway.  My only problem happened riding home when my bike chain popped off, and being tunten und technik I wasn’t able to fix it so I stopped off at the Arsenal and caught a screening of the Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall classic Dark Passage from 1947 that also features a fantastically hysterical Agnes Morehead and the stunning city of San Francisco as the best character in the film. 

Fortunately some nice Russian men helped me get the chain back on the bike so I could ride home in one piece. The next day wonderful Piero Bellomo and Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim brought me some Indian food and gave the doll some much needed nurturing. Thank god for Piero and Daniel.

One of my CHEAP collegues Tim Blue of the Blue Brothers fame went back to live in the US of A after almost a decade here in Berlin. It was quite sudden and unexpected his leaving and i didn't get a chance to bid him a proper farewell because of the haste in which he left.  Tim is quite an interesting figure, very talented and we had some really great times with each other over the years that included him and his younger brother kJohnny Blue performing live music to accompany the silent film screenings i curated at Arsenal Inst fuer film und video kunst as part of my Rising Stars, Falling Stars series.  I hear that Tim is taking care of an ill sibling in his hometown of Portland,Oregon and I think that him focusing his energies and attentions on someone in need is the best thing for him to engage in at this time of his life. Perhaps our paths will cross again and we will work on a project together in the future.  That would be nice. 

Just received this info from the good people at Hugs & Kisses Magazine:

QUEER CINEMA: Fotos von Christiane Stephan & Andrea Preysing

Ein subjektiver Blick auf die Filmgeschichte aus querer Sicht – illustriert mit einigen der besten Leinwandmomente

In der Reihenfolge sind zu sehen:
Didine van der Platenvlotbrug als Miss Marple
Sam und Zoe: „Bonnie und Clyde”
Dolly Cluster als Tippi Hedren in: „Die Vögel”
Jule als Marilyn Monroe in „Das verflixte 7. Jahr”
Miss Pünktchen als Marlene Dietrich: „Shanghai Express”
Hank Bobbit in James-Dean-Pose: „Giganten”
Hans Kellett, Sänger von Princessin Hans, à la Liza Minnelli: „Cabaret”
Tilly Creutzfeldt-Jakob like Audrey Hepburn: „Frühstück bei Tiffany”

Fotos: Christiane Stephan (
und Andrea Preysing (
Styling: Manu Wolf

And this from the La Moustache queer kids:

Hooray, we have two great shows coming up next week!
Have a listen now and mark the dates in your calendar!
See you hopefully there!

Riot Grrrl Berlin & La Moustache present:
Let's celebrate Fronleichnam (or how it's called)
Thursday, June 7 @ ://about blank
Markgrafendamm 24c, S Ostkreuz
doors open at 9, show starts at 10

l i v e

SHE SAID DESTROY (Noise Pop - Bologna, Italy)

TRANSLOLA (Post Punk - Krakow, Poland)

PONY PACK (Punk Pop New Wave - Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Facebook event:
Show poster:

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

and one day later...

Raumerweiterungshalle & La Moustache present:
Friday, June 8 @ Raumerweiterungshalle
Markgrafendamm 24c, S Ostkreuz

RAE SPOON (Indie Electronics - Montreal, Canada)

LIANNE HALL ("One of the great English voices" John Peel - Brighton, UK)

Facebook event:
Show poster:

u p c o m i n g
Paper & Iron Booking, La Moustache & Marie-Antoinette present:
ticket presale:


on the 2nd august billie ray martin releases her new dvd.

Billie Ray Martin releases this 8 panel deluxe DVD, featuring five movies inspired by Andy Warhol‘s Screen Tests and printed in colour and silver metallic. The song ‘On Borrowed Time’ deals with Andy’s fictional confession, in which he reflects on his existence and a life he always experienced as less than real. With music by electronic producer and soul singer Waterson, who is riding high on the airwaves with his single 'When You Tell Me That You Love Me'.
“Five Takes (A Song About Andy)“

Five Movie Deluxe DVD & digital release
Release date: 5 August 2012

Label: Disco Activisto Records
Distribution: Cargo

the launch takes place at tha art'otel (warhol hotel) berlin on the 2nd of august. the hotel offers a special 60 euro rate for the night's stay for brm fans and friends. live performance, dj, film showings and some special surprise goodies take place and we hope that waterson, the director and everyone involved in the project will be there and strutt their stuff. email us for hotel details and join billie on facebook for updates on more launch dates, updates on the berlin event etc.

launch events in other cities are planned.

please feel free to shout with any questions and ideas.

meanwhile to keep you happy here's a free download from the opiates:

finally, we've had a small shipment of 50 more copies of the opiates double cd. it's at the webshop.

billie ray martin

disco activisto records