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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Auf Mutti Folgt Gutti

Rising Stars, Falling Stars last Sunday evening was very sex majikal as we screened the Jonathan Demme concert film Stop Making Sense that features The Talking Heads. Lots of internationally celebrated celebutants in the audience including UC Riverside scholar extroidinaire Dr. Jennifer Doyle with gorgeous surfer bodied Catalan multimedia artist and experimental filmmaker Adria’ Julia’ who is in Berlin till the end of the year on a prestigious residency at the American Academy in Wannsee. Adria’ use to live in Berlin in the 1990s but now calls my old hometown of Los Angeles his numero uno. Chatting vigorously with the tight bodied Senor Julia’ the divine Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus back from her world travels building artistic bridges,graphic designer Christophe Holzky, German TV star with the popular crime drama Tatort, and living legend Zazi de Paris looking fabulously young and slinky, supermodel Karli Kloss without her BFF Taylor Swift,  my former students now turned junior art schtars Acme Singt, Christophe DeRohan Chabot, Scandinavian Muzlim jihadist Daniel Hendrickson playing an experimental version of “Take Me To the River” on klavier,Uli Ziemons and his lady faire the ginger haired curator Anja Lueckenkemper, projectionist Anselm Heller, Forum Expanded lesbiana Israeli crew leader Noam Gorbat and her exceptional gal posse that includes Cat Barich noted cat & dog whisperer, with music genius girlfriend Liane Hall,the noted songstress Fine Freiberg and Dalia Neis filmmaker, artist and musicologist.

Was treated to a hearty breakfast Sunday morning at the Schwartzer Café on Kant Strasse by the wonderful Anna Muelter formerly of Hebbel am Ufer now a senior curator at Sophiensaaler. Got a chance to see some world class big leggy and muscle thighed runners after breaky doing their thing at the Berlin Marathon and it was the perfect day for a jaunt with clear blue Bing Crosby Irving Berlin skies.

Along with fearless leader Susanne Sachsse and Marcuse Siegelstein the lady Vagimule ventured to the pretty East German city of Leipzig to catch a performance by Jamie Stewart and his band Xiu Xiu doing their take on the Twin Peaks score of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti. Susi borrowed the luxurious automobile of Yael Bartana and off we went for a day and night trip. Thank goodness Leipzig is only about 2 hours away from Berlin as I don’t like being in a car for a long period of time. The music venue called the Nato was perfect for the sublime and masterfull sounds of Mr. Stewart and his deliciously sexy and talented female musical comrades. Jamie is a true genius freakazoid so of course we are naturally born to an alliance.

I missed Jamie’s last performance in Berlin as it was at the same time I was doing Rising Stars, Falling Stars. Jamie is collaborating with Susi and I on our performative installation of the Magic Flute in New York City this Fall creating the musical score. It was divoon to get to see Jamie perform again as the last time was when he was quite young on the Sunday afternoon stage of my punk rock beer bust Club Sucker at the Garage in Silverlake when he was in the bands Ibopa and Ten the Swear Jar.