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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back in cold bleak and dreary Berlin. Caught a nasty flu on the plane ride from Barcelona so its making rehearsals for Commie Biggie a bit difficult for the doll. Our rehearsal studio is in Wedding at the Ufer Studios on Ofer Strasse and is a glorious old spacious location sitting right smack on the canal.Its so lovely working with Fearless Leader of CHEAP Susi Su, kJohnny Blue and Nazli.
Barcelona was delightful. Xperimenta '11 was a major success and all the programs that i witnessed as part of Xentric Festival at the Centre of Cultural Contemporania De Barcelona (CCCB)were very engaging. I liked Matthias Mueller's talk Thieves Like Me. Herr Mueller is really pussy whipped by the art world though, the poor dear.
I was still majorly exhausted from London so i didnt get a chance to seeMatthias Mueller's film program as i had to retire to the comforts of the Hotel Jazz and catch up on some missed sleep. I also didn't see the program Projecting Projection by American filmmaker's Sandra Gibson and Luis Recorder though Marc Siegel and I ran into them at breakfast at the hotel and had a pleasant chittle chattle with the two artists who i thought were in their twenties but they are both in their early 40s. Ms. Gibson use to be a model which is very apparent. The couple are the Misshapes of the experimental film world. I did catch a bit of their final film program (Over)Exposure:Archeology of Light which is very old school experimental film.
I was majorly crushing on gorgeous Venezuelan Cristobal, who is a young student who was working for the festival. The beautiful Lara, a sexy Brazilian bombshell beat the perfect face for the doll and also styled my hair. I also thought the Elm the tech supervisor was a bit of a hungthrob.
My Memory Island performance went much butter at Xperimenta then at the Tate Modern, but Marc Siegel and his George Kuchar screening at Tate and Carte Blanche screening at Xperimenta were huge delights for both the UK and Spanish audiences who couldnt get enough of the Marcu curatorial touch. It was so nice meeting Carolina Lopez the director of film programming for Xentric, Miguel Fernandez La Bayen and Antoni Pinent the co-curators and the hardest working woman of the festival Gloria Vilches who heads the department of audiovisuals and multimedia. La Gloria is a dream to work with and is good friends with Dr. Jennifer Doyle's hot Spanish surfer pal Adria who came to see not only my program but Marc Siegel's and Adria is just as sexxy as i remember him from when we went to Malibu together back in September of 2010. I was surprised to see Viggo Mortenssen at my performance. He was in town doing a play and brought with him the Bollywood actor Saif Ali Kahn. Viggo's son Henry by Exene Cervenka of the punk band X is now in college. I remember him when he was just a baby and i use to rock him to sleep when Exene and I use to do spoken word performances together. When i first met Viggo Mortenssen he was just a struggling actor and his wife Exene was the huge star.
I promise to write more about being in London,and let you know all about the celebs who came to my performance, but my nose is stopped up so i must end here for now and head to the apotheke for some nasal medicine.