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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Love Camel, aka: Andrea Novarin came through Berlin town for his birthday. Camel lives in central London where he works for the British Film Institute. The Camel is one of my oddest and most unique gal pals. We met in the 1990s when he volunteered to be my assistant for the events I put on in Milan, Turin, Bologna and Rome. Camel knew everything about LA punk rock and was well versed in my career in underground film, music,art and journalism. Funny I didn’t find out till recently that Camel has written several books on Italian cinema and the horror genre. It was these books that got him his position at BFI. Shows you how self absorbed I am.
I adore my Camel. He is very soft spoken and doesn’t toot his own horn and is completely devoted to his Vagimule doll. We’ve known each other now for almost 20 years and I can’t imagine life without the Camel. He bought me a bevy of presents that included many obscure film titles and two books: Queer Pollen-White Seduction, Black Male Homosexuality, and the Cinematic by David A. Gerstner on University of Illinois Press and The Twenties by Alan Jenkins an illustrated survey.
I came down with a bit of a cold and also had some Commie Biggie duties so I wasn’t able to hang out with the Camel as much as I wanted. Luckily Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim was able to take Camel to see his fellow Camels at Hasenheide Park in Neu Koelln but we had some lovely joyous meals together at Atlantic on the Mehringdamn Corridor, Toughstein Café in the Insel, Santa Maria the Mexican bistro in Kreuzberg, The Bilderbuch on Akazien Strasse and Azul where we met with film historian Marc Siegel for his belated birthday celebration. Earlier in the week along with Daniel Hendrickson, Susanne Sachsse and Mr. Siegel we went to the Arsenal for the Akira Kurasawa retrospectacle to see a screening of Rashomen with sexy Tishiro Mifune and has juicy nips. At Arsenal we ran into Little Alex of Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective and his hot Israeli modern dancer lover Assaf Hochman and Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who gave me a beautiful 1920s dress from Arsenal kasse girl Grit who is leaving the Arsenal now that she has finished school. Grit will be missed as she is one of the sweetest ladies in all of Germany. Marc Siegel also relayed to me a story about when he brought the Malaysian born Taiwanese film director Tsai Ming Liang(The Wayward Cloud) to Club Sucker at the Garage one Sunday in Silverlake and the famous director was treated to an impromptu performance live on stage of fellatio by the doll of a humpy well endowed indie rocker. Just my usual antics at the famed art/performance lounge and beer bust that I hosted for some five years which now seems like a lifetime ago.
Got an emug from one of my oldest and dearest sisters of the clothe Ron Athey whose new book project needs support. Here are the details below so please help the tatoo love god in this very important and worthwhile endeavor:

Another one of my famous lady friends Glennda Orgasm aka: Glenn Belverio will be in Berlin for a few days before venturing to the Vienna Fashion week. Can’t wait to spend some quality time with this geniuses genius.

Just received this note from my hot comrades in Slovenia:

Dear friends,
you are very welcome to this event at ISEA2011.
Hope to see you there,

Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša
Name Readymade
Thursday, 15 September, 2011 - 13:00 - 14:00
Sabanci Center Main Theater, Levent
ISEA2011 ISTANBUL - The 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art
Name Readymade is a project presentation dealing with a wide range of issues related to the “name changing” gesture perpetrated by three Slovenian artists who, in 2007, officially, and with all the papers and stamps required, changed their names and assumed the name of the Slovenian Prime Minister at the time, Janez Janša. Ever since, all their works, their private and public affairs – in a word, their whole life – have been conducted under this new name.

The presentation is a parcours through different stages and aspects of the act of name changing and its consequences, including public, relational and intimate ones; it is an investigation of how, in western society, the concept of personal name coincides with (or differs from) the question of personal identity.
---------Produced by Aksioma - Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana / www.aksioma.orgSupported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia and the Municipality of Ljubljana
-- Marcela Okretič Aksioma | Institute for Contemporary Art, LjubljanaNeubergerjeva 25, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija tel.: + 386 – (0)590 54360gsm: + 386 – (0)41 – 250830
I also received info from my NYU PhD student Josh Lubin-Levy who was part of my production team for my smash award winning New York City success last year Vaginal Davis is Speaking From the Diaphragm:

Petite Mort Recollections of a Queer Public
A project by Carlos Motta and Josh Lubin-Levy September 17–25, 2011 / Thursday-Sunday, 12–6pm
Curated by Ingrid Chu and Savannah Gorton
Commissioned and published by Forever & Today, Inc.
Book launch & performance: Saturday, September 17, 6–9pm
Performance series: September 18, 23, and 24 & 25 (details below)
Forever & Today, Inc.
141 Division Street
New York, NY 10002

Forever & Today, Inc. presents Petite Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public, a collaborative project by Carlos Motta and Joshua Lubin-Levy, including a book and a related series of performances, all taking place in and around Forever & Today, Inc.’s Lower East Side/Chinatown storefront—a gathering place and site for activity from September 17–25, 2011.
Motta and Lubin-Levy’s book, Petite Mort: Recollections of a Queer Public, on view and available at Forever & Today, Inc., assembles drawings from memory of spaces in New York City where a public sexual encounter occurred, and presents contributions from an intergenerational group of over 60 gay men.
Conceived as an atlas of queer affection, Petite Mort proposes a subjective blueprint of the city, one that values not simply the space “as is,” but how it has been performed and engaged, highlighting the fundamental connection between public space and queer life.
The collected drawings, depicting sites extending from a residential rooftop to The Rambles in Central Park, remind us that public sex is not exclusively about a personal pursuit of pleasure—they also contain the seeds of historical social and political action that have brought together communities of gay men.
Petite Mort asks questions challenging us to expand our vision for queer politics: What if our politics were rebuilt around a broader notion of intimacy rather than individuality?Can we foster, rather than police, the trust and affection inherent to desire and pleasure? Should equality be about difference, rather than assimilation?
The performance series includes: Sketchy Walk by Juan Betancurth and Todd Shalom, a self-guided late-night cruising walk in the Lower East Side/Chinatown; Last Call by J. Morrison, interactive performances lasting for the duration of one song; and TENS by Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff, participatory performances exploring how language and electricity operate in the body.
Printed in an edition of 500, proceeds from the Petite Mort book benefit Queers for Economic Justice (QEJ). Beginning September 17, 2011, a free PDF is available
Anonymous, Daniel Arango, Pablo León de la Barra, Jarrod Beck, Jean de Boysson, W. Chase, G J Climer, Ashton Anders Correa, Jonathan Crespo, TM & Liam Davy, David Deitcher, John Paul Detty, Rafael Perez Evans, Allen Frame, Jack Fritscher, Vincent W. Gagliostro, Terence Gower, Daniel Greenfield, Daniel Handal, Christopher Hollowell, Aram Jibilian, John Jurayj, Dave King, Doron Langberg, Michael Lehman, Trygve Luktvasslimo, Sebastiano Mauri, Matthias Vriens Mcgrath, Michael, Billy Miller, John Monteith, Matthew-Robin Nye, Eugenio Percossi, Matthu Placek, Eric Rhein, Manu Rodriguez, Samuel Roeck, Sergio Roger, Cyrus Saint, Patterson Scarlett, Christopher Schulz, Jacques Servin, Ethan Shoshan, Jean-Michel Sivry, Daniel Smith, John J. Spencer III, Max Steele, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, George Towne, Ultra-red, Jonathan VanDyke, Antoine Vigne, Jason Wee, Seth Joseph Weine, Eric Wolf, and Jake Yuzna.
Johan Andersson, Kate Bornstein, Jill H. Casid, Ingrid Chu and Savannah Gorton, Joel Czarlinsky, Tim Dean, Aiken Forrett, Katherine Franke, Gordon Brent Ingram, José Esteban Muñoz, Eileen Myles, Ann Pellegrini and Janet R. Jakobsen, and John Paul Ricco.
J. Morrison: Last Call, Sat. Sept. 17, 6–9pm & Sun. Sept. 18, 12–6pm at F&T, Inc.
Juan Betancurth and Todd Shalom: Sketchy Walk, Fri. Sept. 23, 10–11pm, outdoor location; very limited capacity, RSVP required (RSVP opens Mon. Sept. 12, 12pm,
Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff: TENS, Sat. Sept. 24, 6–9pm & Sun. Sept. 25, 3–5pm at F&T, Inc.
Carlos Motta is an artist and and Guggenheim Fellow (2008) whose work has been presented at MoMA PS1, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, X Biennale de Lyon, with upcoming projects at New Museum and Performa 11.
Joshua Lubin-Levy is a PhD candidate in Performance Studies, New York University who has directed and/or performed at Dance Theater Workshop, The Kitchen, and Performance Space 122.
Forever & Today, Inc., a non-profit founded in 2008, is a sponsored organization of the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), a 501(c)(3). Curating and commissioning projects in collaboration with a single artist, collective, or collaborative entity, the organization extends unique opportunities for artists to create new work and engage diverse audiences through exhibitions, performances, site-specific installations, publications, and educational and public programs.
Funding for Petite Mort was made possible in part by USA Projects, an online initiative of United States Artists, with donations by over 70 supporters.
I know so many talented artists from around the world and I love letting you my readers know about their work. Here is the latest from German queer beauty Paula Winkler:

Ihr Lieben,
hiermit lade ich Euch herzlich zu der Ausstellung "Trautes Heim, Glück allein" im Nassauischen Kunstverein in Wiesbaden ein, in der meine Arbeit "EXCEPTIONAL ENCOUNTERS" zu sehen sein wird.
Ich freue mich euch dort zu sehen.
Herzliche Grüße
Paula Winkler

Monday, September 05, 2011

A lot of visitors to Berlin have been asking me what is happening here that is fun and exciting. I hate to break the proverbial bubble but I am a working girl who hardly goes out on the town partying or making the scene. I rarely go dancing or clubbing unless it’s a party or event that I am hostessing, DJane-ing or have designed the visual allure for. Drag queens are thought of as creatures of the night. But I am not your usual dragon lady. I like to go to bed early and wake up early.
But if you are coming to Berlin in late summer or early Fall here are a few things of interest that might strike your fancy:

The Pergamon Museum on Museum Island(Kopfergraben)in Mitte. Their antiquities collection is supposed to be superb as well as their annexed Near Eastern Museum and Museum of Islamic Art. Open Mon-Sun 10-6pm Thur 10-10pm admission 8 euros Bus lines 100 and 200(which takes you to all the tourist spots).

One of my lovely and talented Weisensee Art Academy students Anne Duk Hee Jordan is part of a fascinating group show so please go and see it. Here are the details:

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

GIZ und Berlin Art Junction laden Sie herzlich
zur Vernissage der Ausstellung 4 der Berlin Art Junction
Donnerstag 8. September von 17 bis 22 Uhr
im 5. OG des GIZ-Hauses Berlin,
Reichpietschufer 20 ein.

Die Künstler der Ausstellung,
Anton Burdakov, Alexine Chanel, Georgina Criddle, Taro Furukata, Anne Duk Hee Jordan & Camilla Storgaard, Caroline Kryzecki, Pierre-Etienne Morelle und Jennifer Oellerich
werden anwesend sein.

18.30 Uhr
Performance "Double" von Pierre-etienne Morelle
Wir würden uns freuen, Sie begrüssen zu dürfen.
Für mehr Informationen:
Anfahrt: Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park
(U2), Postdamer Platz (U2, S1, S2, S25)
Berlin Art Junction
Fuldastr. 9
12043 Berlin
Tel: +49 (0)151 56842702

Chicks on Speed Cultural Workshop Now!r
Performances, Exhibition Workshops, Talks with the those good friends of mine Chicks on Speed and guests at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien Mariannne Platz 2 10997 Berlin
10.9-23.10.2011 daily 12-7pm

Pork at Ficken 3000 Urban Str 70 10967 Berlin U8 at Hermannplatz. Every Sunday night starting at 10pm. This lust laden dance club is the brainchild of Tennessee Claffin the former Mormen missionary and hustler ex lover to A-list directors Gus Van Sant and Bryan Singer. Their motto is "exploit yourself today, pay for it 2morrow.

And if you are a true cineaste. Go to the Arsenal the only film institution in the world run by a triumvirant of powerful feminist women-namely Milena Gregor of the Gregor German film dynasty, Birgit Kohler and Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus. And every month you can see yours truly at the Arsenal with my per formative silent film event Rising Stars, Falling Stars. See info below:

Rising Stars, Falling Stars presents
Swedish Realness Night Saturday September 24, 2011 8pm with a rare screening of Norrtullsligan(Webliche Jungesellen/The Norrtull Girl Gang) Directed by Per Lindberg 1923. With live musical accompanyment by the Mighty Blue Bros.-Tim&kJohnny. After the screening join hostess and series curator Vaginal Davis for an intimate angst-y wine reception in the world famous Rote Foyer.
Norrtullsligan 1923 8pm Kino2 Arsenal Institut For Film and Video Art
Potsdamer Strasse 2 Sony Filmhaus in historical Potsdamer Platz

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Went to the Heimat Hafan in Rix Dorf to see my ueber lovesexy baby diaper Joel Gibb and his band The Hidden Cameras perform. It was a hometown weekend celebration at this major Ms. Gorgeous theatre in Neu Koelln that is about the same size as the Lido in Kreuzberg but with oodles more charm and elegance.
Opening for the Hidden Cameras was Chinawoman who is a lovely saaphic sister whose crooning reminded me a bit of Chan Marshall of Cat Power. Early in her set she sang a ballad of forelorn longing with a hypnotic beat. The rest of her material drifted in that grey matter area between Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star and off kilter Joan Armatrading style rock outs.
Mr. Joel Gibb was brilliantly working it on stage showcasing a male Kay Thompson theatrical side that I had always known he was capable of. The great Thompson was also channeled in tosome new vocal and choral arrangements that echoed through the house. This European touring version of the Hidden Cameras is filled with gifted musical geniuses who also perfectly moonlight on stage as the singing/dancing Williams Brothers---filled with personality plus. Eloise would be proud.
Special guest baby dyke go-go girls El Cavajero and Katja from Silver Future added to the allure of the evening. Zero-ing in on all the festivities: fresh faced and bright eyed Felix Knoke of Tenderloin just back from holiday on Lake Constance looking very dreamy and chewable,happy-go-lucky Anna Muelter of HAU, novelist Travis Jeppeson who celebrates his 32nd birthday today and will be going back to school to get his Phd in London leaving for that town on Sept 20th. Can’t wait to hear about his two months spent in China working on an art project there. Accompanying Mr. Jeppeson was Jay Crisfar the young star of Judy LaBruce’s Otto: Up With Dead People. Chit chatted with a nicely subdued Tennessee Claffin of Pork at Ficken3000, graphic designer Mario of Slovakia, Joel Gibbs super muscular and sweet boyfriend Enrico Dallman,hunky bigg dicqued Vegard Vinge and Ida Mueller who directed the incredible version of Ibsen’s The Wilde Duck in the spring at Prater der Volksbuehne and caught a brief glimpse of artist Wolfgang Tillmans.