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Monday, February 06, 2017


Hollwood Fisting
Damien Chazelle has a very glamorous name that is in keeping with the moniker of directors Max Ophuls and Joseph Losey. I saw his film Whiplash when riding from Berlin to the States on a KLM aeroplane flight and I liked it. I feel that Whiplash was also a musical. I wanted in all sincerity to endorse LaLa Land as I am a great lover of the musical film genre. I didn't expect Mr. Chazelle the Hollywood company man to be on the same level of Vincente Minnelli, Rouben Mamoulian, Stanley Donen or Gene Kelly, but I thought that perhaps he had in him the careerist abilities of a George Sidney, Chuck Walters or at the very least Richard Quine. He seems to be borrowing heavily from the Woody Allen Everyone Says I Love You playbook. Instead of badly copying The Bandwagon he should have looked at a movie musical like Godspell or Hair for pointers.
Despite the valiant effort of likeable stars and troopers Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone the film falters. I was puzzled by the musical score of Justin Hurwitz and choreography of Mandy Moore. There were momentary flashes where the music and dancing seemed like they were going someplace interesting, and I'd get excited, then it would fizzle out. In tone LaLa Land can't decide whether its working anti-naturalism or the Threepenny Opera kitchen sink.
Noticed in the credits of LaLa that one of my Club Sucker at the Garage kids Steve Gizicki was the musical supervisor. Steve was always a methodically ambitious lad. Last time I saw him in 2003 in London he was working for George Lukas.
Now that musicals are back on the Hollywood radar, perhaps someone will crank out one that really sizzles.
Got to re-connect with my niecy the gifted novelist Lisa Teasley while she was in Berlin visiting her hot German lover. Lisa has been in Shanghai for several months on a writers residency. Miss Lisa is one sexy black mama who radiates divine charm and splendour. That quality comes through in her writing. Please go out and get her short story collection Glow in the Dark and her two novels Dive and Heat Signature. I felt very fortunate to have Lisa as a special guest on CHEAP Funk ReBoot FM's public radio program that kollektiv CHEAP hosts occasionally. I was feeling under the weather and tried to cancel, but had waited too late so the show went on. Marcuse Siegelstein and Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP were out of town so it was up to Daniel Hendrickson and I take up the reigns. I called the program Carte Blanche and besides Lisa featured Manuel Schubert aka Vicki Baum of the Go check out the podcast here:
also the CHEAP Funk podcast from the end of last year:
and come-from-the-future-2kottifm/
At this time I would like to introduce to my dear readettes the sultry Miss Hokey Knickerbocker of the famous Knickerbocker gossip dynasty. Hokey's great uncle was Cholly Knickerbocker and her aunt was Suzi Knickerbocker so she comes to us at VD is SFTD with a royal pedigree:

Thank you Vagimule, and I do mean mule but in the nicest way possible sweets. Just want to start off by telling you of some delightfully scandalous picadillos of some of my favorite Hollywood couples. Ava Mendes and Oscar nominated Ryan Gosling are the perfect pair. So are Anna Faris and Chris Pratt. What their legions of devoted fans don't know is that these lovely Hollywoodites are just mad about the game of basketball. Well not so much the sport but the players that come with it. Both Anna and Eva arrange for their husbands to have group sex with some of basketballs finest players. Thats right the ladies love seeing their men making it with the likes of Jeremy Lin, Tyson Chandler, Jason Smith, JJ. Redick, Derrick Rose and Rick Rubio. Its a little strange but stars have appetites that are different from you and I.
Joshua Kushner the handsome brother-in-law to Princess Ivanka of Trump has been spending a little too much time lately with Queen Melania, but Ivanka hasn't told her father the King about it and won't as long as they remain discreet. Daddy Dearest is way too busy running the country to notice what his wife does behind his back so please don't tell him. Josh is too cute to be killed.