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Friday, October 20, 2023

Nicht falten, spindeln oder verstümmeln

Mennellaiv was an ambidexterous super schtar with his lean musculature and cocker spaniel like eyes. What he lacked in length and girth he made up for with rigidity and an earnestness that couldn´t be beat on the brat with a baseball bat. Anne de Lavney couldn´t resist his single standard and unbound freedom of exhale. Anne gave of herself to Mennellaiv with nary a worry or doubt. She just new it was the right right and left of left.


Evie Rüsseler the Bear Boy is one of Europe´s favourite artists of note. Everything she does is goldenen. Her latest tone poem Katzenmusik/cacophony is no exception. You will delight in the florid poetry and delightful verbiage of the texts and will covet the drawings and photos by Honigtoast.

Order your copy at:

Stampa Bear Boy

Benderstraße 140

40625 Düsseldorf,