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Saturday, May 01, 2004


Was shopping for birthday gifts for Andrew of Gould, and I notice that Academy Award winning actor Adrian Brody is stalking me AGAIN. Doesn’t he ever get tired of being a pest? My word, the man is cute, but he’s way too skinny and fragile for big boned lady me. Plus he has thin lips, and I only can kiss someone with full pouty lips like that young ingenue Michael Pitt from the Bertolucci film "The Dreamers"

Adrian even followed me into the tired Bank of America off of LaBrea and Melrose. I swear I’m getting a restraining order. I finally lost him when I ducked into the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd to see that teen flick "Mean Girls" I was a mean girl in high school, even though I was a freak, I was very popular, but by default, because I didn’t care that I was popular, and I made a point of befriending the most outcast of outcasts and re-making them into prized, guilded swans.

The movie Mean Girls wasn’t really mean enough. Lindsay Lohan is a likeable young lass, like me she has a full bosum. That poor Chabert girl, one of the co-stars, on certain angles she looks 45. All the boy actors were non-descript, though one caught my eye in a scene where he displayed lots of potatoey white breaded flesh.


My little jazz age party Bricktops, was effervecent. The theme was "Theda Bara" and one of my olde school girlfriends Europa performed her belly dancing majique. Miss Bricky also sang a song about Kobe Bryant and his Laker Medallion plus "No Thank You Please", from her twisted archive.
· I was really surprised to see Thom York of Radiohead. I guess he’s in town to play the Coachella Music Festival. He didn’t look like he was well, but sure drank a lot. He was with that brooding Brit actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers(Velvet Goldmine) Maybe they’re gay lovers? Eek thats repugnant.
It was great seeing dycon Gwen Turner with her handsome new date, plus the gorgeous documentary filmmaker Augusta, who is always fetching. Miss Excotic World, the Regina of burlesque, Kitten DeVille put in a little appearance--she is vaudville royalty at its best plus that adorable gamine of a designing clotheshorse, Shauna Leone, and Joel Peter Witkin muse, The Goddess Bunny.

Thom actually came up to me in the DJ booth and said he loved my new Technova single "I Could Have Sex" that I collaborated on with Dave Harrow. I’ve been getting lots of emails from England, I guess the song is being played heavily on the mainstream radio stations there. The Album, "Electrosexual" doesn’t drops in a few weeks. I wonder how the single will be received in this country. Oh I’m sure it will be ignored like all my other musical projects. Lets face it, I wasn’t meant to be a pop star, certainly not at this ripe old age.

Sunday, April 25, 2004


Heat wave, heat wave----the mortal enemy of all drag queens. The unseasonably cool spring has given way to summer death valley rays. Not good.
Bricktops was still a smash, with the warm temperatures. Anna Bells of the Fishnet Floozy's did a solo turn that was deliriously lovesexy. So many cute new kids at the club. Met a sweet black sister girlfriend visiting from Seattle---lovely lady with a vivacious and warm personality. Also saw a handsome brotherman, dancing the Charleston and This Mess-around---yummy.

An odd assortment of celebs came by ranging from supermodel Jenny Shimizu, cute boi writer Dave Eggers, British literary heavyweight Martin Amis, punkette Brody Dalle of the Distillers, plus Stella Schnabel with Paz de la Huerta. I just can't explain it so i wont. Regulars and semi-regulars included the delightful creative couple Don Spiro and filmaker Augusta!, juicy Shauna Leone, Dapper Dan, DJ Prickle, Ming Ma with cute new beau, singer Devendra Banhrt and Ed Simons of the Chemica Bros. (Are they a couple now? Sure were acting like one.