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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Had a wonderful time being interviewed byManuel Schubert of FilmHighlights Magazine at the Cheese Endique Trifecta which I decided to rename Brilliant Corners in honor of Thelonius Monk and the film Thelonius Monk:Straight No Chaser that I will screen as part of Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music Sunday Aug 25th 8pm at Kino 2 at Arsenal Inst fur film und Video Kunst. Later Manuel and I went to see the preposterous sci-fi blockbuster Elysium which is the ultimate white flight film with Jodie Foster looking stiff and uncomfortable. She was such a great actress as a child and teenager. What happened? Matt Damon her co-star was serving hunkyness mixed with middle age realness at the same time. Poor Alica Braga and long on the tooth Diego Luna didn’t have much to do in supporting roles. The other day my guilty pleasure movie was The Bling Ring at this cute neighbourhood theatre on he Haupt Strasse called Odeon. This flicker directed by Sofia Coppolla featured already dated teen slang and style but I adored Emma Watson who does a ripe Valley Girl imitation. Not bad for a Brit. The only other actor to do it this well is Tracy Ullman. My new obsession is the chubby male ingĂ©nue Israel Broussard who has the most heavenly pillow lips and should have twerked in one scene with him cutting up on the computer. Glad to see in the credits that myold pal Roz Music was the make-up designer. Roz and I go way back b4 the flood. She is Hollywood royalty. Her father played Carleton the doorman on TV’s Rhoda back in the 1970s and they live in a swanky villa near Larchmont Village. With Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim I went to the Anti-Racism Festival in the Hallesches Tor Park near the American Biblioteka. Cute event that was organized by Senol Senturk, the lovesexy production,stage art and set designer. Saw a book presentation for Wer MACHT Demo_kratie? Kritische Beitraege zu Migration und Machtverhaeltnissen by young upcoming academe and theorist Zuelfukar Cetin. On one of the panels was a youngish olde school Turkish leftist who looked like a dull Evangelische tax accountant or bookkeeper. The other evening was invited to dinner at Defne’ the upscale Turkish boite on the Canal in Kreuzberg by visiting scholar and artist Zach Blas and his cute young beau. A nice time was had by all that included Zach’s vivacious art partner Mischa and her pal Natalie who is my new neighbour. Mischa and Natalie use to work with Ricardo Dominguez of Electronic Distrubance Theatre. My former LA Weekly colleague Joshuah Bearman who is a beady eyed nerd with a pinchant for wearing Jesus style leather sandles I just found out is part of some organization that sells magazine articles to be optioned for film treatments. Joshuah wrote an article that later became the Oscar winning film Argo. See what I mean. Never trust a nerd. Joshuah and I had a longstanding flirtation when we worked with each other at the LA Weekly. Of course he never had the gumption to make a move on me and my hot tranny messyness.

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