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Monday, January 30, 2012

Completely exhausted from my West of Rome/Getty/Pacific Standard Time piece that was a super SRO hit at the site specific location of the Bullocks Wilshire Department Store. Have to leave this morning for Europe to get back in time to continue Communist Bigamist tour. Not looking forward to the 23 degree farenheit freezing winter weather. LA temps have been summerlike with clear blue skies and dreamy moonlit nights. Pure romantic and a nice homecoming. It only rained once and it was a brief downpour.
There was soooo much drama in dealing with this hideously fugly, tiny old queen who manages the Bullocks Wilshire for the Southwest Law School that owns the building. The creature in question is named John Kohner and he and his brittle back up singer/assistant were so glum and sourfaced and uncooperative with West of Rome as they were producing my piece using the Louis the 14th and Chanel Room on the 2nd floor. This John Kohner character really needs to be permanently retire. Luckily my longtime friend MarLou DeLuna who is a lawyer for the State of California has connections with the Southwest Law Schools board of directors and he was told by his bosses to stand down, but he didn't listen to them so now he will have to not only face my wrath but that of powerful parties in the mayor´s office as i will begin a letter writing campaign to not only the Southwestern Law School board of directors but also their donors and believe you me this will get notice and hopefully he will be removed from his tired person thiefdom.
Lots of celebrities at my performance like Warhol Superstar Ms. Holly Woodlawn looking completely fabulous with her art companion Niko. Ms. Woodlawn will be coming to Berlin as part of Camp/Anti-Camp and so Europe gets a royal treat from She Who Must Be Obyed. Other starinas at my performance was Jeffrey Deitch the director of MoCa, the hot Ukranian dancer Sergei Polunin who just shocked the ballet world by walking away from Britain's Royal Ballet. Many more celebutants that i will mention later in another post. But i have to finish packing so please check back with me soon and be patient as i need a little recoup time.
Back in Germany and now on my way to Dusseldorf for the Communist Bigamist tour. Received this email from Karen Lofgren that sensationally gifted LA artist Mike Kelly is dead. He was born in 1954 which makes him very young still. I can´t believe he is no longer with us. I just had dinner with him a few days ago at the home of West of Rome founder Emi Fontana. I knew he had been feeling depressed lately, but at dinner his spirits were lifted and we were all laughing and having a grand old hoot of a time. Now i am feeling very sad.