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Friday, January 31, 2014


The very exhausted Vagimule doll is back from her whirlic New York City misadventure.  I had a divine time but it was a lot of work and I was jetlagged throughout as I never was able to acclimate to the time zone as this trip to Man!hattan was very short.  Before telling you what happened let me do some catchup by reprinting my introduction text from Rising Stars, Falling Stars from Wednesday January 22nd as I received several requests to read it.  Here it is in its intirety followed by the regular list of VIP’s in attendance.
I’m going to reveal a sacred secret that very few people are aware of if at all,but the legendary Austrian Hollywood filmmaker Otto Preminger was a secret admirer of the Arsenal.  Yes its true and as such he would sneak into the vaults at the old location in Schoeneberg and hide 16 mm prints of his films and other cinema treasures.  Why 16mm you ask?  Well it was too heavy to carry cans of 35mm prints.  That is one of the reasons why The Arsenal has a copy of Preminger’s 1959 musical Porgy & Bess and his spirit of 68 youth in revolt/caper/comedy with the strange name of Skidoo.  This film features strange performances from Jackie Gleason, Carol Channing,Mickey Rooney, Frankie Avalon trying to do outdo his fellow Beach Party co-star Annette Funicello who starred the same year in the Bob Rafelson film Head with the pop group The Monkey’s. Skidoo also stars Groucho Marx as God and the first black supermodel/Warhol superstar Donyale Luna who was also the lead in  Carmelo Bene’s Salome and featured in Fellini’s Satyricon as the Witch.  Here in Skidoo Luna is none other then God’s Girlfriend.  Well did you think that God would be single?

Omnipotent power is its own aphrodisiac.I was going to give every member of the audience some LSD and crystal meth to enhance your viewing of this film, but instead we have some colored gels taped to the back of your seat that we encourage you to watch the film through.  Herr Preminger knew that the 16mm color on this Cinemascope print would fade so he provided a solution by providing these formidable cystic gels. This is going to be an interactive experience so get to know your neighbour exchange gels, fornicate and  talk back to the screen.  This print is deteriating so this may be the last chance you get to see this film EVER so make the most of it.  Let yourself go.

After the screening please stay for our mind altering Babbit/Bromide wine reception.   Danke sehr.

The Whose Who at Rising Stars,Falling Stars-We Must Have Music-Manuel Schubert, of FilmHighlights Magazine and taz-die tageszeitung, Olivier Nowitzki with his hot new date Gunnar Neumann, Zazie De Paris the star of Tatzort TV show, DJane Bianca Kruk, prima ballerina Trixie Schonherr with Dr. Tonya ,Travis Jeppesen with Baby Brian Tennesse Claflin of Pork at Ficken 3000, Travis game me a copy of his new book Suiciders on SemioText(e) imprint.  Travis is doing two projects for the Whitney Biennial, one is a collaboration with Bjarne Melgaard who is making a room installation based on Travis’s novel The Suiciders.  On May 9th he will do an all day reading of the novel in the installation.  It takes 8 hours.  The second project is called 16 Sculptures where he will be re-creating in the medium of language 16 sculptures by different artists throughout the history of art from the Venus of Willendorf up to Isa Genzken.  This will take the form of a book with texts, but also a sound installation with the aid of headphones, and a sleeping mask device you can hear Travis reading each text with his voice manipulated according to the physical properties of the sculpture.  There will only be 5 of the 16 in the Whitney Biennial with the full 16 shown in a solo exhibition this summer at the Wilkinson Gallery in London.  Prolific Mr. Jepperson is also teaching at the Royal College of Art.  At RSFS I was able to flirt with the incredibly beautiful and manlische Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz the Bolivian/Deutsch scholar and theorist whose posse included the major ms. Gorgeous Natasha Mendonca the celebrated Indian filmmaker and Fabiana Faleiros the sweet feline performance artist who wowed the audiences at Camp/Anti-Camp-The Queer Guide to Everyday Life back in 2012 at HAU 2, Noam Gorbat, filmmaker, artist with Forum Expanded, Julian Radlmaier who has a film at the Rotterdam film festival in The  with the very pretty Deutsch/Korean film historian Sulgi Li who has the shiniest hair in Germany and teaches at the Friei Universitaet. British/South African Architect Emma Williams who specializes in creating collective housing, Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons, and Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus in Berlinale overdrive,my partner in grime Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muslim and patrician Chilean filmdirector Sebastian LeLio.