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Friday, October 05, 2012

Listening to NPR Berlin’s This American Life with Ira Glass recently I was surprised to find that the correspondent on this nonsense story on Private Eye Mom’s is none other then my former colleague at the LA Weekly dimunitive Josh Bearman. Joshua was a cute nebishy Jewish boy with a huge passive aggressive streak who became known for his habit of wearing 70s style Jews for Jesus sandles that showcased his manly humpy dork feetsis. If Josh had climbed into bed with me I wouldn’t have kicked him out.
It seems like everyone I use to work with at the LA Weekly now does reporting for NPR --Ben Adair, Queena Kim. Are there any more that I don’t know about?

Little Annie and Baby Dee will be performing in Berlin soon at the Volksbuhner’s Grune Salon. If you’re in town looking for something to do go and see these tremendously talented ladies. I wish I could go but I have to focus on my first solo visual art exhibition that will be at Participant Inc. Gallery in New York.