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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Autumn in New York gives me an existential charge. There is nothing like being in "The City" careening around the infinity sign of an Escherian beltway cloverleaf. I’m the guest of Performa 05, the first biennial of New Visual Art Performance, and brainchild of the mysterious Diane Von Furstenbergish RoseLee Goldberg.

Performa takes place throughout the isle at various galleries, spaces, and museos. The standouts being new work from Genesis P-Orridge, and Lady Jane, Coum Transmissions, Yoko Ono, Jesper Just, Michelle Handelman, Marina Abramovic, Christian Marclay, Gelatin, My Barbarian, Charles Atlas, Julie Tolentino, Ron Athey and Julianna Snapper presented by Eileen Myles, and yours so very truly.

Dreamy staying at the stately, infamous Chelsea Hotel, in a large room with marble floors and a fire place. So comfy and luxurious. Moved to a beautiful cacoon like lower east side flat of handsome matinee idol Tom Cole, which is closer to the Participant Inc. Gallery. Participant is run by hot teenage art czarina Lia Gang, the brightest, most formidable gallery director in the world, and et ella paisana who really knows how to take care of high maintenance divas like myself.

So many parties, receptions and events, so little time clock of the heart. Juicy Nancy Barton, sexy doctora Jose Munoz, and my favorite art child Jonathan Berger hosted a sumpteous gathering for me at the Art Department offices in the NYU Barney Building. NYU is bringing me back to New York in April/May where I’ll put on a Bricktops New York at Siberia and do workshops with the students. A hot gaggle of NYU students were my living sculptures in the Vanessa Beecroft piece that I presented. I just love me my NYU beauties. Thank you from the bottom of my black Beecroft heart.

Global editrix Glenn Belverio took me to a fancy dinner at this Francaise restaurant in the East Village. I ate lobster for the very first time---And I want more.

So glorious being able to hang out with Julie Tolentino, Killer, Conrad Ventur, John Sanchez, Patty Powers, Canadian supermodel Daria Werbowy, Steve LaFreniere, Marina Rosenfeld and husband Roz, darling Billy Miller of Straight to Hell, who is my east coast guru, Genesis P-Orridge and her lovely d-cup breastage, Kembra of VHKB, Miss Astrid, Coco Fusco, Catherine Gund Saalfield, Bibbe Hansen & Sean Carrillo who are now living in Harlem. O and lest I forget Ms. Mia Farrow with Rosemary’s 13 brittle babies.

Special thank you’s to Earl Dax for my resplendid Maritime after party, Dr. Munoz and his Martha Stewart delish Village Vangaurd bruncheon and pretty birthday gal, Linda "Les" Simpson for writing a hot article on little me in Time Out New York.