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Monday, June 09, 2003

When i was in England doing Visions, Bruce LaBruce and i got into the subject of actor Barry Brown. He was a young actor from the early 1970s who appeared in a lot of TV shows of that era like Marcus Welby MD, Rhoda, Gunsmoke and also some movies like Robert Benton's amazing ironic western "Bad Company" that also starred Jeff Bridges and the Peter Bogdanovich bomb of Henry James' "Daisy Miller" starring Cybil Shephard. Of course La Bruce and i both loved Daisy Miller.
But getting back to Barry Brown. I was vaguely connected to him via the punk scene of the late 1970s. He was a friend and sometime fuck buddy of my Brazilian pal Wagner Vieira who is now dead from Mrs. AIDS. I remember in 1978 that Wagner was very distraught when Barry Brown killed himself in the bar/restaurant The Frog Pond on Hyperion in Silverlake. From what i remember he shot himself, but Bruce La Bruce seemed to be under the impression that he hung himself from the rafters, and when his boyfriend the owner opened the place up discovered his gruesome remains. La Bruce says that he killed himself because his homo relationship was souring or some such nonsense. Its been over 20 years, so i can't remember why he took his life. I'm sure Wagner told me, but since i didn't know him that well it didn't resonate. He was very cute though, in that late 70s speed freak sort of way. I didn't see any of his movies until a year or so before he died when they came on late night on TV. That same year my sister Teresa's best friend Luigi died in a tragic accident at the Ambassador Hotel. That place sure is haunted. Poor little Luigi was this shy skinny blonde girl from Manhattan Beach who lived at New Hampshire and Olympic and worked on Wilshire Blvd at Farmers Insurance. In those days Wilshire Blvd was the Insurance Capital of the West. Luigi was only about 25 two years younger then Barry Brown when he killed himself. Every morning before work. Luigi would swim at the giant Olympic sized pool at the Ambassador Hotel Health Club. There were these lights above the pool and i guess one of them fell into the water and electrocuted her. Someone else was in the pool, but on the other end, so they were not affected. I had even applied for a summer job at the Ambassador working for the health club in the Tennis Dept. Luckily i never got a call back.
A few years later in the early 80s the owner of the Melrose Avenue store Fire hung himself in the window. People just thought it was a twisted window display. The store had very new wave clothes and was just a block up from Retail Slut where i worked. It wasn't into late in the afternoon that someone realized it was the actual body of the owner, who ended his life because he found out he had the Mrs. AIDS. Those kinds of suicides were the norm during that period of time.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

I had some time to kill and although i was wanting to see another movie, I wound up seeing the Matrix Re-Loaded if that's what its called. These computer generated films look like they are the bad cartoon equivalent to the Roadrunner series. I guess co-director Larry Wachowski is so pussy whipped by Mistress Ilsa Strix that his concentration got blown away or maybe its all the female hormones he's taking. Mistress Ilsa aka: Dizney aka: Karen Winslow is the sexy dom that
I use to work with in her private dungeon in Los Feliz, sandwiched between Lily Tomlin and the Danny DeVito/Rhea Pearlman compounds. I loved working with Mistress Ilsa, she's one sharp tack. A lot of dom's these days seem more like ho's with a whip, but Mistress IL was the real deal and a very credible lady. I remember Ms. Wachowski as a highbrow client, but it would have never dawned on me that their relationship would have progressed into something beyond the professional. Also since Mistress IL was in a committed relationship with her FTM husband Master Jake Miller. Who I've known for umpteenth years, even during the days he was a successful Olympic athlete and model named Laura. Well i guess he decided to sell the story of their breakup to the National Enquirer. I guess I'd be pissed too, if the one i loved left me for a uber wealthy, but kinky film director.

But getting back to reviewing the Matrix film. The only good scene was when Keanu Reeves heart fisted his butch top girlfriend Carrie Moss. And what with poor Lawrence Fishbourne. Besides his
gigantic pores that look like meteor craters on the big ToddAO screen he has 88 chins and a brontosaurus neck. I remember when he use to be doorman of Contemporary Space in Hollywood, Janet Cunningham's after hours art gallery, back in the early 80s.

Took Hector to Big Fat D. . . Mario Lopez' thursday nite party at Fubar. Hector wanted to celebrate closing a big deal with his new company.Honestly i wanted to go to Chico's of Montebello and see the hot latin male strippers, but they don't do their stuff on thursday nights so Fubar became plan 2. BFD has a slightly older crowd then Mario's Saturday party Hot Dog at the Parlour Club. Mario was looking hunky and fit as ever with those amazing gleaming nuclear white teeth of his. The boy is a mega beauty in every sense of the imagination. No wonder Jackie Beat is so enamored of him. I'd give him my last paycheck and go hungry just to be able to stick my nose up his cootchie.

Caught a glimmer of Alexis Arquette. He must be preparing for a new movie role, because he was un-recognizeable as he was fluffing boys for their big plow the melon contest that was taking place later in the evening. We didn't stay for the hijinks that would undoubtedly ensue, even though there were some very handsome men afloat. Hector's white boy meter was on overload. He
could barely contain his busty lusty. Ran into hot couple St'Eve Hall and Glen, Brian Rabin looking very sleek and figure skater trim, sporting a summer blonde doo. Also it was great seeing Richard Velasco, who looks amazing. I've known Ms. Velasco since the late 70s. She use to do the windows at Maxfields and is one hell of a creative lady and LA legendina. I've seen pictures of her in the late 60s and early 70s and she was one of the most amazing beauties that ever existed during her flaming youth.
I don't know why, but we then went to the Wet Undewear Contest at the Gauntlet II. Let me just say that was a big mistake. A somewhat muscular Asian or Latin looking man starting flirting with me, but he was such a mess---either drugs, drinking, low self esteem damage-----or a combination thereof-----that i had to run away from him. Yowza!