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Friday, May 12, 2006

I’m in the mood for movies. Saw Terry Zwigoff and Dan Clowes latest film, "Art School Confidential". Loved the sad eyes and bee-stung lips of Max Minghella, the young male ingenue who stars. Not as good as "Ghost World" but still a pleasure, and so much better then the dreck that is regular American cinema.
No I’m not going to see the remake of "The Poseidan Adventure", even though I find Josh Lucas awfully attractive, and poor little Mia,as in bullimia---Lindsey Lohan who I liked in Mean Girls, her latest just looks like an opus numb.
Asian cine just gets better and better, Chen Kaige’s "The Promise" is sublime, and Hou Hslao-hsien’ "Three Times" is a modern day romantic drama that reminded me of the Buster Keaton silent comedy "The Three Ages" Handsome Chang Chen is my new Taiwanese boyfriend---what cheekbones, what smoldering lovesexiness, he has matinee idol written all over him---yum yum and more yum. Mr. Chen is going to replace my former lover Leslie Chung, who killed himself a few years back. I needs me some hot sticky rice.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I’ve been getting a million emails from those who came to Bricktops Takes Man!hattan asking who was the tall, muscular six-pack ab’d ginger haired boy I performed a tongue bath on the stage at the club. Well I never got his name, but I sure enjoyed licking and sucking him all over that amazing body of his. If he’s reading this blog please send me an emug c/o my assistant Gleeson Brevard at Oh and for those who wanted a copy of the text I performed here is a bit of it in all its extemperaneous contemporary glory:

Bricky: (Intro)
I’m hungry, I want a felafel or some Popeye’s Fried Chicken
Can’t someone run and get me a bite to eat?
I ain’t no hoofer
I gots me 14 left feet, count em
one, two three. . .
I ain’t a songbird
nothing that comes from this here mouth is sweet
I’m just a barmaid and an old barkeep.

Bricky with Jennifer Miller on banjo:

you’re my lady, o bearded lady
you’re so nappy and well endowed, wow
you’re my lady, o bearded lady
you are the kitten and I am the cow, now

Monday, May 08, 2006

Should i go to the Rolling Stone Party or Callie Angell's Andy Warhol Screen Test Soiree 230 Fifth Avenue at 27th Street overlooking the Empire State Building? Easy choice, I'm sure the Rolling Stone fete will be duller then toast.
Chittle chatted with Ms. Callie, who was looking lovely and subdued, introduced her to my handsome escort Glenn Belverio the author of the new tome "Confessions From the Velvet Rope" Glenn was almost knocked down by author Anthony Haden Guest "The Last Party" to get at the open bar. I stuck to drinking vodka gimlets and held court as Warhol stars, Bridgit Berlin, Ultra Violet, Taylor Meed, Vera Cruz and Bibbe Hansen with handsome Chicano husband Sean Carrillo flitted and floated. Superstar academe Douglas Crimp was accompanied by handsome Japanese masseur and concubine Yoshi while Benjamin Liu fumed. The evening soundtrack was provided by Nico, The Velvet Underground and Bob Dylan. So wonderful to go to an intelligent adult party for a change.
Bricktops Takes Man!hattan at the Soviet/Leninist bar Club Siberia was a rousing success. The Future art stars of NYU contributed the glorious decor supervised by Obie Award winning art director Michael Casselli. The notables included Kembra Pfahler of the Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and her Karen Black Dancers, along with Bijou Phillips, Jimmy Fallon, writer C. Carr, Brock Enright, Linda Simpson with her My Comrade Mag in tow, Esther Kaplan, Scott Speedman, Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, photog Michael Wakefield, and Michelle Monaghan from Mission Impossible III. The dadaist performances by Julie Atlas Mus, Jennifer Miller, Garo from the New York Philharmonic, and Ms. Davis' creole nephew Kajohnnie Blue kept the audience intrigued. The amazing Justin Bond even did a surprise performance, and Anderson Cooper dropped by for a minute, though he wasn't able to do his Bobby Short tribute.
Special shout out to Nancy Barton, Jose Munoz and Jonathan Berger of NYU, Beatrice Glow and the NYU Bricktops kids, DJ Billy Miller, techie sexpert C.J. and Make-up Forever who co-sponsored and make-up artistes Katie Pelligrino and her bubble butt Rican assistant who beat on the flawless faces of Ms. Davis and the children.
The Final Event of the Where Art and Life Collide Symposium was an artist lecture/panel featuring Ron Athey and Ms. Davis facilitated by Jose Munoz. Ms. D set the tone by having the audience drink wine before and during which livened things up immensely(spellings?) Checking out the proceedings Julie Tolentino, Nurse "Lauren Pain" Pine, Marina Abramovic, RoseLee Goldberg and her handsome son, Patty Powers, Jeremy, the hot dancer/eve harrington boy, Tom Murrin aka: The Alien Comic, Adrian Heathfeld, curator and art theorist and the legendary Penny Arcade.