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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Met with cute little red scarf boy Michel, who is going to assist Tim Blue and i for the Klubszene project at Hebbel on Saturday and Sunday. Later i met with Tara, who use to do my make-up whenever i performed in Chicago. We haven´t seen each other in a coon´s age, so it was nice to catch up with her and meet her silver Fox beau who is a successful real estate tycoon. We had drinks and snacks in the bar of the Ritz Carleton Hotel in Potsdamer Platz--- very snazzy. When i was leaving i ran into Hollywood film star and on the downlow homo, Will Smith who is in Berlin for the opening of some horrible new movie of his. I wonder if he brought his lesbiana wife Jada Pinkett? Probably not as he probably will turn his suite into a bordello filled with luscious young bubble butt Tuetonic blondine boys. Hurray for him!
On the S-Bahn it was hard to escape from the football hysterics raging through the city. Ran into the Ramani Twins from Super Seven Hundred, their Albanian father and the handsome German/American beau of one of the girls. They recommended i check out a Deutch singer named Ton Steine Scherben.
The next morning i met with Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim and his boyfriend Piero. Daniel helped me choose a Deutch language school, and later i signed up for my courses which i am excited about. I´ve been coming to Germany for a quarter of a century, and have never learned the language, even though i have a German father who is of the nobility class. Perhaps by the time the Arsenal Experimental/Forum Expanded Sunscreens Festival of experimental film and video hits Berlin i will be sprouting out witty bon mits in perferct Hanover style Deutsch.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tim Blue and i had a long day filled with excitement as we hit the pavement literally walking all over Berlin to see some more youth groups in their natural habitats. At the Schaubühne Theatre we met with gorgeous and spirited Uta and her group Die Zwiefachen who were in the middle of intense rehearsals for their piece Weg, that will travel to Liverpool England soon. What they are developing is personal stories of healing and redemption, where graceful and powerful physical movement and sound work as an interlinker for utopian possibilities. Beauty, Beauty, Beauty is all i can say as i was swept up in all the exhuberance and lovesexy emoting. As we were leaving and walking down the K-Damn a lightening and thunderstorm gave us a nice baptismal cleansing, which felt prophetic.
We walked through the Tiergarten to Mitte and stopped at a lovely Argentine Cafe for much needed nourishment. At the Deutschestheater we saw the Junges DT production of Gepäack Ohne Aufsicht which knocked us out with its sensory overload and zest. Their highly original and stylized take on all forms of terrorism and plunder was fast paced and ambitious, with dazzling imagery and evocative moods that would put adult thespians to shame. My favorite scenes involved a pitch tent of girls, that morph into the witches of MacBeth so effortlessly to chilling result, and a short vignette where one boy is told to repeat his action but make it more sexy, which he does in a coo-ing sex kitten and titty show histrionic that was very more is more.
Its really exhilerating to find young people who are committing themselves to daring forms of expression and are willing to take the risk to escape the clutches of middleclassicism. Perhaps there is hope for the future, and Tim Blue and i are sure looking forward to working with such a diverse group of talented Berliners.