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Monday, June 01, 2009

The Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras is back in Berlin after six weeks working on a new album in Toronto. Had a spirited brunch with Mr. Gibb, his super hot beau Enrico and Laila, the sweet, pretty Iranian academe from Montreal´s McGill University who came through town for a few days before heading off to the middle east where she will be traveling for several months. Laila brought me out to McGill in 2007 for a wonderful visiting artist gig.
Had breakfast Sunday with Ron Athey and his lovely Argentine husband Alfredo. Ron isn´t returning to Los Angeles. He will be living in London with Alfredo as an expat, and going through a Phd program. Congrats to Papa Athey on his new life in merry old Queen Lizland. Ron is directing me in this piece called Daddy that premieres June 17th at HAU 3, but before that we both go to Naples for the performance event A History of Ecstasy at the Museo Madre, Contemporary Art Museum of Donna Regina on June 6th.
Later Sunday Charity Hope Valentine, one of my favorite Bricktop girls and her gorgeous eurasian lover Tashi came by my studio The Cheese Endique Trifecta. I haven´t seen Charity since 2004 when she moved from LA to go to school in San Francisco. Her boyfriend is half Japanese and Belgium, completely stunning looking with dark hair, soulful eyes and a masculine ardour that is a bit bewitching. I also loved his soft spoken manner, he is a perfect, young patrician gentleman. And i am so jealous that Charity has robbed the proverbial cradle, going out with a much younger man----GET IT GIRL!!!!!!
We never talked about her ex-husband Andrew Gould, who was my partner with Bricktops, though while Ms. Charity was in the bathroom Tashi did mention to me that Andrew´s dull long term companion Lenny Young actually took my advice, and is working on a movie about his Gypsy background. Lenny was always infuriated when i would tell him that the only thing interesting about him was that he was a Gypsy.
I miss Andrew Gould, he will always have a piece of my black golden retreiver heart