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Friday, April 13, 2018


The Pension Grillparzer
My first time in Oslo, Norway the home of my Pedro, Muriel & Esther bass player Dean Opseth.
Had a lovely time. The weather was a bit chilly but very sunny and bright.
Invited to Norway by Troll Krem and the Munch Museum/Munchmuseat on the Move.
Thank god I was able to bring Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin as my assistant. They put us in a comfy hotel across from the main train station.
Sweet and cuddly Tor Erik Boe of Troll Krem and his cute beau fetched us from the International Aeroport and took us to a swank dinner at a delicious boite where we were served a 9 course meal of local favourites.
Met the stylish and sophisticated Natalie Hope O'Donnell of the Munch Museum, event producer extroidinaire and pretty party girl Benedicte Bolling, Seth Bogart of Gravy Train and Hunx and His Punx fame. Seth brought with him a copy of Alice Bag's new CD Blueprint for me. Seth is also one of the stars of Alice's rock video that also features Kathleen Hanna and Shirley Manson. The video is a remake of the Lilly Tomlin/Jane Fonda/Dolly Pardon feminist treatise 9to5 set to Alice's song 77. Seth is a bonafide sex stud. With a bubble butt you can build a dream on and a rocket crotch of good n' plenty to match. When Seth was a teenager he use to write me fan letters that included his art work and zine writing. It wasn't till Oslo that we have finally met in the fleshy flesh. Now he is a super duper international music, art and sexyline schtarino of the highest order. During his performance he had the entire audience all wrapped up in the very house of his booty and titten politic. I love his hit song “Men Must Die”, a sentiment I greatly approve of. At the end of his set he had two roid raging Chippendale lite strippers who were ill-er then ill as his backup dancers. Geniustrata.
The other performer on the bill was the sensational Jibz Cameron as Dynasty Handbag. I've known Ms. Cameron for a long time as she was one of the many gifted children of the late Professor Jose E. Munoz of NYU's Performance Studies Department. If you have never seen her you owe it to yourself to check this amazing lady out. She is the performance art equivalent of writers Radcliffe Hall and Patricia Highsmith having fornicated and produced a lesbiana love child. Dynasty Handbag is alchemy of the highest order. The last time I saw her perform was at my installation talk show VD is Speaking From the Diaphragm at PS 122 in New York in 2010. Dynasty Handbag rocks like no one else on the planet!

For Oslo we performed in the site specific location of Ivars Kro(Ivars Inn) a dive discoteca in the Greenland city center district. This area is the last to be gentrified and is Oslo's Kreuzberg with lots of sexy immigrants on parade. The performance evening started with a Talk Show artsy fartsy version of The View with Tor Erik as Barbara Walters.
I wasn't expecting such a huge audience of people from all walks of life and ages. After a short intermission the publicum moved to another section of the large niteclub where I began the evening festivities singing my old major label release “My Pussy is a Cactus” where I sprinkled in some Adorno and George Bataille text. I also pulled out of my arsenal the Tom Cruise Loves Women video that I made with Billy Miller of Straight to Hell fame. I couldn't believe that such old material still can enchant an audience. Does any of the young people of today even know who Tom Cruise is? Thank god a lot of people my age and older came out to see me from all parts of Scandinavia. Got to see my brilliantine former Malmo Art Academy students Stine Omar and Ihra Lill who are now huge international stars. Stine is even a supermodel on the Paris runway. Her band Easter with Max Boss is on hiatus at the moment.
Also while in Norway I got to do a photo shoot with the famous Oslo based photographer Fin Serck-Hanssen. Mr. Serck-Hanssen lives in an elegant country compound surrounded by chickens and Bambi's frolicking in his backyard which is a giant forrest woodland.
Special thankx again to Bendicte, Tor Eric, Natalie, Frode, Christian, Kyrre, Kaeto, and Sanna for making my time in Oslo so swell.
Before going to Norway I did a workshop in Vienna at the famous Schule Friedl Kubelka fuer unabhaengigen Film. My students were smart, sexy and super talented and did things in the exercises that no other students have performed. Also managing not to get arrested or injured.
I didn't expect such a huge audience for my intro lecture. Afterward Phillip Fleischmann the schools very young, dreamy Dean of Students took me for a comfort meal at Wratschko Gastwirthschaft along with Salvatori who use to work with Ali and Tobias of Gelitin at the Kunst Akademie in Linz.
All my love and kissyz to Phillip, Magdelene, and my juicy hot students. Ms. Davis Loves you!!!!

Before going off to Vienna the BabyDiaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras invited me as his plus one to the Easter Fetisch Party SNAX at Lab/Berghain. This was my second year attending with Baby Diaper Joel. Once again there were giant peterfications on display. I even met a sweet blondine lad who I wound up hanging with, and his lovesexy gaysian pal. Like me they got a kick out of voyeuring the sex gods in attendance in various stages of debauchery.

Before we went to SNAX we went to a little shindig at the Kreuzberg home of the delightlfully sweet musician Colin Self. Colin was hosting some American pals which included a few Chicago natives who are very good friends with Mark “Ears” Frietas of HomoCore Chicago and Spectra-Sonic Record Label that produced my PME CD The White To Be Angry.