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Thursday, December 04, 2014


Rising Stars, Falling Stars Sunday was filled with ribald tango loverkins of all shapes and strypes as we screened the 1983 concert documentary El Tango es una Historia by Humberto Rios. Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was back from her South American travels and had lots of smoldering stories to tell and international gossip too steamy to relay here.  Trying to overhear Miss Stefanie’s conversation with Forum Expanded’s Nanna Heidenreich and DJane Bianca Kruk was the controvertial film director Mosab Hassan Yousef, just back to Berlin from giving his first lecture in English at a Belgium congress-  in demand scholar Zulfukar Cetin, famed queer activist Rufus Sona, Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson who was in Istanbul for a month taking a Turkish for Amflanger class.  Next month for RSFS-WMHM post Christmas celebration we will screen a classic Hollywood musical starring Fred Astaire and Gingers Rogers with Follow the Fleet from 1936. 
Was reunited with my Institute for Applied Theatre Sciences Julius Leibig Universitaet Giessen student assistant Christoph Bovermann one of the sweetest and handsomest young men in all of Europa.  Christoph was in Berlin with his former high school posse and stopped by the Cheese Endique Trifecta for tea&dainties before he had to head off to the Volksbuhne to see Andrea Fraser’s SRO performance.  I went to the Arsenal for Pre-Code Plus screenings of Taxi starring sexy pud James Cagney and a very young ravishing Loretta Young before she became the Catholic reactionary we all love to hate and the quite effective One Way Passage with lisping actress Kay Francis and sauve William Powell.
Got to hang out with that super smart, super sexy and well endowed film scholar Christian F. Weber who also has  a divine ass you could build a dream on.  December 16th Christian’s book on A list Hollywood queer director Gus Van Sant will be dropped with a party and screening of his early film Mala Noche at Sputnik Kino on Hasenheide in Kreuzberg.
Lewis Clark one of my sweetie as humble pie students from Queen Mary College in London came through town to interview me as he is writing his Phd on me.  Well I can’t help it if I am a fascinating woman.  When I did tag team teaching in England back in 2011 with Jonathan Berger Lewis was our trusty student assistant and was just magnificent in handling all of our technical needs and just being a general Jackson of all trade.  I am excited that Mr. Church has been making quite the name for himself in the performance art and academic arenas as well. 
Received this emug from one of my old pals:
Mamita Chula,
I am working in my hotel room.  Last night I went to the downstairs lobby bar for a beer and sandwich.  It was raining outside so the bar was packed.  Sitting next to me was a guy in a suit, shaved head and glasses with dark eyebrows, he looked Italian.   He saw me looking at the flight update on my phone, I nodded my head.  He said, u've been stood up.  I said, no, the flight is delayed for the second time.  He said, u should have a beer.  At that moment the waitress delivered my beer.  So he lifted his beer and said cheers.  He then turned to continue looking out the window.  I ate my food and finished my beer.  We didn't talk any more throughout my meal.  He turned and said, I've been stood up, how about another beer.  I said, I just had an IPA,[I don’t know what that is] it was strong, i'm good.  He was clearly in need of conversation.  I asked, u from here or out of town?  He was here for work from Boston with his wife, but she had to stay for a dinner with a client.  that left him on his own.  I said, i'm going upstairs to get my jacket and then go out for some coffee, u can join me if u want.  He said, ur room is upstairs, Yes.  He picks up his jacket and says, I can go.  He then said, I can also suck ur cock.  Cock is such a straight man word.  I looked at him and gave him my funky look.  I said, i'm cool, i'm good with a young man wanting to suck my dick.  He replies, I'm 32.  So he followed me up to my room and wasted no time and started to suck my dick.  He got pig crazy and wanted to rim me.  I said, it's been a travel day and u are on your own if you want to rim me.  He did.  He rimmed me and sucked me.  While rimming me I pulled his white underwear down and his pants to see his rock hard curved to the belly Chorizo.  At the 69 angle, his dick slid right down my throat as he rimmed me.  He said, dude, fuck!!  why can't my wife do that and he busted a huge HUGE load.  I let him finish but ran to spit it out in the bathroom.  He wanted me to cum, but it was over for me.  Getting rimmed is not one of my top 10 things to do.  But I will go along with the process.
He washed up and suggested we have our second beer.  I said, I was good and he left.  He had a thick chorizo. 
So that was that