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Monday, November 01, 2004

Had a little romantic misadventure with a 19 year old student from Whittier, California. What is it about Whittier eh? The boy was a beauty. Lovely peaches and cream complexion and ruby red lips. He looked just like Dino Dinco, the photographer of latin fanclub realness. At first i thought it was Dino because he was affecting a homeboy look. This kid had the sweetest mouth and breath. His kisses were so fresh and languid. And although he was a radiant youth, he wasn't all vanilla extract either. He wanted me to rough him up a bit, which i eagerly complied. I bitch clapped him silly and bit and gnawed all over his body leaving brutal welts and pittance marks. He loved it. I even slugged and kicked him just for good measurely measure. Fun fun fun.

Bricktops Halloween Mae West Sextette Braganza was really energetic. What a great crowd. A cute movie industry titan had his birthday party at the club, so they placed was filled to the rafter early in the evening. There are a lot more straight boys coming to Bricktops, and all the girls are benefiting from all the male action. The first Bricktops baby will be born next year, as a couple met at Bricky's and the girl is preggers.

Penny Starr Junior the ample busomed burlesque beauty put on a little devilish Pas-de-deux and bat dance with the help of the sexy and stacked Darcy Leonard, the hostess of Club Screwball and the imcomparable talents of Amy O'Neill and Nicole Burleson in what they deliciously called DER TANZ DER FLEIDERMAUS. All the men in the audience were aghast at the display of cleave and breastage.

Also St. Salicia Tate the itinerant preacher lady of the gospel and her junior Mormen Elders took to the stage to present "Fornication, No, Theocracy Yes" plus Kim Novak's naughty and gorgeous daugher Nikki Novak of the Fishnet Floozys added more busom to the boost.

Lots of celebs including Bibbe Hansen, Beck's mom, who is sadly leaving LA for New York, along with her husband Sean Carrillo. The Germ's Don Bolles, Augusta, Don Spiro, photographer Matt Lipps, art historian Robert Summers, Pleasant Gehman the princess of Hollywood with Dirty James, the vivacious beauty Jane Cantillon with her twins, movement artist Jean Spinosa, and this hunky unbelievably perfect boy TV actor named Jesse Metcalfe that someone said is in some show on the ABC Network about Desperate Housewifes or some such nonsense. Since i don't have a TV, i wasn't familiar with him, but i was bowled over by his visage.

This just in from my Australian journalist friend now living in Man-Hattan:

you know...I was in a meeting here at the Voice the other day with the Listings Department and I had to explain to them all what a sex-on-premesis venue was. They really didn't understand.

One of the gay boys who works with the team was horrified but then, standard Chelsea Boys are always loathe to admit anything that makes them appear less than squeaky normal.

So, now, I'm reviewing the saunas and bath houses in NYC for the Voice. I mean, I probably won't go to each but I will make sure they're all in the Listings section. They've put in a new box to tick "Click here to find sex on premesis venues in New York City".

And this from my Zoo Magazine editor Rebecca Voight:


I know what you mean about glasses. I wonder how far this will go. I can hardly appreciate nouvelle cuisine plate décor anymore!

We had a huge---HUGE profile of Wolfgang in the last Zoo in German. He is good.

I have a DVD player, but I don’t have any time, or I can’t stay awake. That must change.

Gweneviere Turner sounds divine. I really wanted to be a Sarah Lawrence girl, but they didn’t give me a scholarship so I ended up being a Mills girl thanks to a grant from the good old state of California---that was before the Republicans....I like the idea of a Betty Page portrayal. That sounds like a good one to me Vag. I don’t know if that’s exactly what Sandor is thinking about, but it suits me.

At Dutch we have done our way: Emmanuelle Seigner---and right after that she started getting big contracts from YSL and Marc Jacobs. We also did a cover with Vincent Gallo---but that’s understandable---he doesn’t have a publicist and he art directed the shoot himself anyway. It’s not that we want a look up their skirt, it’s just we want to choose the photographer and the stylist...

Viggo Mortensen---ou....That would be great. He has a publishing imprint I read somewhere. You know my personal knowledge of Exene stops at what’s his name---John Doe---her old, old boyfriend and X Co-star. Younger boyfriends always prevail. That’s so true.

Rick Owens made a big fashion statement at the last collections. He marched out with all of his models in a sort of modernist baton twirler formation lineup wearing very, very high stack heel boots and baggy shorts. I’m not sure Anna Wintour was amused. In fact, the room went dead silent. I wonder why?

Sundance. I know what you mean---the festival is where films find distributors. I’m not sure we really care although we’re interested in great films. I always think you can figure out what will get distribution when you see the film, but I’m probably naïve, right? All is Know is we’re late. Is it better to be really early or really late?