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Sunday, September 09, 2018



Did I forget to tell you that I saw a screening of the Jon M. Cho film Crazy Hung Asians that stars rapper/comic Awkwafina, the heiress apparent to Margaret Cho?
The film would have been more interesting if the sexy male actors were shown dry humping and doing the puppy chow on each other.  There is certainly a need for all-Asian starring Hollywood films.   While this programmer was colourful and fast paced, it was also a bit twee.  Hearing Grace Chang on the soundtrack was certainly a high point along with a very attractive cast.

A little excerpt from Mary Magdelene a novel by Vaginal Davis:

Nellent Forbrush, “Nelly” for short was all up in Dinah Shore arms about the French Lieutenant’s wo-Man chomping on her bit n apple.  He was 34 years old and very tall breathing life back into her with his CPR style suck phace.  The only thing she didn’t like about him was that he vaped.  She wanted to taste the natural Frenchy flavours and Gallic odours and not  his nicotine confectory.
Nelly also happened upon a giant North Eastern Italiano.  A competitive swimmer with a perfect streamlined moderne body beautiful and peterfication like a filled Cream soda bottle.  He was all mushroom headed wonder with massive gonads floating to the surface Run Silent, Run Deep freaky styly.  Nelly won him over with her detached throat nodgules, that were bringing him to the point of whoregasm before she decreased pressure and deflated him with one soulful slurry.  Miss Nelly wasn’t fully aware of her hidden talents or skillz.  All her life she took scant notice of hearthy charms and wool worth on the open marketa. 
The Italian hare could have easily impregnated any other girl, but fortunately for our heroine nothing could ever be planted in her barren womba.
The next day Ms. Forbrush traipsed in passions plurry with a thyroid eyed Ugandan hunchback with Plessy vs Ferguson liver lips.  He was passing through Prussia on his way to a wedding in Brussels Belgium.  He was fun and fancy free making her feel desired, but it was a  pillowlipped Columbian Cartel solicitor with a receding hairline who really gave her the girlish gnut she was craving.  He dragged her around the bedroom lifting her up high in the air and thumping her hard onto the floor.
His crotch was in her face, his feet were stomping on her.  She was wrapped around his torso, he was strumming her with Eddie Van Halen licks.  One of her legs he put over the dresser and the other down by the kitchen sink.  His kisses were carnivorous chomps drawing blood. 
He looked so harmless. She didn’t expect a man of his dimunitive stature to be so strong and tank like.
Between the biceps on his toes, and the rest of his ironclad musculature she fared pretty much like an Ostrich feather lost in his Mighty Joe Young arms.
Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome’s Borscht Belt Modalities evening at the Prinzessinnengarten am Moritzplatz was a sterling success.  The screening of Jumping Nite at the Garden of Eden by Michal Goldman 1988 and Granpa Sam 2001 left the publicum in a joyous summer nite mood. 

Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson was the overseer of our Nebesh Off, and made the delish pickles that everyone was munching on.  In the audience were some very beautiful Nebeshy boys which bolstered our musical soundtrack provided by The Glorious Barry Sisters. 

Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus welcomed everyone with open arms, and the Arsenal membership drive was certainly increased a thousand fold. 

Our guardian at the gate the lovely Salome Gersch was the perfect first person that everyone sees at the kasse.  Salome will be leaving Arsenal at the end of the month to continue her studies in France and write her Masters thesis. 

So happy we have the Red Baron Gerrit Woltemath Gottfried von Cramm as our sexy patrician Production Coordinator.  Gerrit takes care of every little thing for us brilliantly with his wonderful attention to detail.

The Prinzessinen Garten staff of Werner & Dennis, Mixologists Vivi & Ine at the bar also contributed greatly to the standout evening. Arsenal’s senior projectionist Bodo Pagels did a marvelous job with the 16mm projecting of Jumpin’ Night, a print that hasn´t been screened in over 26 years.

The celebutants in attendance:
teen star Aaron Hilmer (Das schönste Mädchen der Welt), Michaela (Ela) Wünsch of BBooks Kollektiv, Markus Ruff of Arsenal Leiter Archive außer sich, Uli Ziemons of Forum Expanded, Mariam Frick of Panorama Section of the Berlinale, Anke Hahn of Deutche Kinemathek, Natalie Knoll of Berlinale Forum, Popo Fan the juicy and stylish Chinese filmmaker, activist and critic with DJane Bianca Kruk  and sound designer Manuela  Schinina, tall,  hunky Luca Jacob Borkowsky head of Piranha Film/Womex Films, Monilola Ilupeju the beautiful Nigerian recent NYU grad who was the top student of my ex student artist Jonathan Berger, Kreuzberg local Senol Senturk, makeup and hair god Christian Fritzenwanker, Katharina Bischoff the Original Sin Production Coordinator, Discoteca Flaming Star’s Cristina & Wolfgang with their hot Madrid posse including Cristina’s radiant Biology professor best friend, hot young queer student Charlotte Peters of FU, Piero Bellomo, Claire Molloy Assistant Curator at Martin Gropius Bau, and former Goethe Universitaet curatorial studies student, sweet Verena Kittel of Liste Art Fair Basel, art schtars Wu Tsang &  Boychild, installation artist Raphaela Vogel, Deutsche Welle  and Bloomberg News journalista Michael Scaturro, Joel Gibb the baby diaper of Canada’s Hidden Cameras, Fearless Leader of CHEAP  Susanne Sachsse with film historian Marc Siegel aka: Marcuse Siegelstein, who is also in the film Granpa Sam which is a loving tribute to his famed photographer grandfather Sam Siegel, Linda Winkler of silent green, artists Clarissa Thieme and Nicolas Pittarides visiting from London, Magda Magdy, Stephan Ahrens of Zeughauskino, Michelle Ty and Johanna Rothe, Clarisse Mehring, David Schöler and actress Diane Kruger.

The Day before I was the DJane for the Christeene Concert at Berghain.  Christeene has become a huge superschtar in a very short time.  Her Cajun party rap mix performance style blends nicely with moments of timely introspection.  My mothers family are from Louisiana so I am quite familiar with the nuance of the Christeene persona, and its brilliantine!  She is both slick and polished, and not slick or polished, and that’s what makes things flow so effortlessly on stage.  Christeene is a post modern teene idol and has been collaborating with photographer and video artist Matt Lambert and the very cute Simon Kaiser.   
I also adore her Bob Fosse/Twyla Tharp back up dancers who are extroidinarily sexxxxy with boundless psychic TV energy. 

Opening up for Christeene was the divine Michele Lamy the muse and lifepartner of designer Rick Owens.  Michele has been making new music with her daughter Scarlette Rouge and will be performing at the next Frieze Art Fair in London.  Michele’s performance at Berghain was spellbinding.  Joining her on stage was Boychild and the two played off of each other to perfection.  Michele is in her 70s but is so youthful, so vibrant that she is the epitome of the ageless wonder.  Michele reminded me that I’ve known her since 1979 when she had the West Hollywood store Too Soon To Know on Santa Monica Blvd. 
Wasn’t expecting to see Rick  Owens at Berghain, but he came from Paris and it was quite joyous to reunite with him and the high fashion comrades he brought with him.  I haven’t seen Rick since last year in Paris when I modeled for his new collection, the photos of which became part of his big retrospective Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman at the Triennale di Milano.
In the audience at Berghain was actor Neil Patrick Harris dancing wildly, Shaggy haired artist Jonathan Meese, International DJane Honey Dijon, Richard Gabriel and girlfriend Lillian, with muscular medical student roommate Hermann, Daniel Hendrickson & Piero Bellomo, makeup artiste Akira Knightly with French fashion pals, and super model Max, scholar Marcuse Siegelstein with gorgeous diva Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP, Zeitkratzer percussionist Maurice De Martin, artist Tanja Schwarz, Wolfgang from Discoteca Flaming Star and sizzling Madrid gang of 4our, Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel, Liz Rosenfeld & Sam Icklow,  beauty artists Wu Tsang and Elly Clarke, and sexy young Frankfurt curator Jose’ Segebre.

Special thanks to Berghains amazing chef who created the most scrumptious dinner for us and Krischan Makswitat & Grinni Stangner who were so lovely in accommodating the Vagimule doll.

Literary Figurine:  To whoever is out there in the world wide web firmament.  Ms. Davis would love to get her hands on a copy of the book One Drop:  A True Story of Family, Race, and Secrets by Bliss Broyard.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Klatsch & Tratsch

For those of you visiting Berlina Royale as summer comes to an end, there are a few must see eventas taking place that I highly recommend.
The first happens Saturday September 1st 7-10pm which is the opening and book launch of Elektro-Drucker at Kotti-Shop.  On hand will be Elektrik-Kaffee:  cake, tea & Plattenauflegen by the artists & DJ MFX of ReBoot FM.  Kotti-Shop is at Adalberstr 4 Berlin 10999

One of my brilliant Weissensee Art Akademy ex students Annette Knol, a feminist leader if ever there was one, has been part of the Kotti Shop Familia since 2008 despite forays to New York City and other parts known and unknown.  

Annette along with Ursula Doebereiner, Katharina Schmidt have created a fab new artist book AUTO BODIES #1 AT Extrapool with Knust Press.

Elektro-Drucker is a publication and exhibition of work made with the help of machines, guidelines, rules and tools with various levels of precision and definition applied by the five contributing artists: Doebereiner, Knol, Schmidt, Dirk Krecker, and Thomas Rehnert.
That ultimate teene idol to the world Christeene is performing in concert at the world famous Berghain Club in East Berlin.  If you are not familiar with Christeene just let me tell you that she is based in Texas and in a few short years has turned into a global phenom!  She is literally one of the kind of girls you read about in those damn high fallutin New Wave magazines.

Do  yourself a big favour and check her show out at Berghain September 5th starting early at 8pm.  It’s a music concert evening not a techno throbathon so those of you who don’t like going out on school nights can take delight in that.

I first became aware of Christeene through my good friend the Paris based fashion designing kingpin Rick Owens, who called me up almost a decade a go and told me that his pal needed someplace to perform in Berlin.  He sent me some videos and I immediately agreed that the place for her was Pork run by the late Tennessee Brian Claflin and writer Travis Jeppesson at Ficken 3000.  Well of course the Berliners loved her, and now she is being embraced by galaxinas near and far. 

Her opening act is none other then the legendary muse, life &work partner of Rick Owens and divinity known throughout the world as Michele Lamy or HUN Atila.  

I have known Michele since 1980, and she is a walking tenundra, and a to-tal original dreamcake.  She has always performed, but has been getting a lot of attention of late with her varied art and music collaborations.  Lamy is also a prizewinning boxer and oversees a multitude of projects under the banner Lamyland, which is the only theme park I would ever want to venture in. 

Under Owenscorp, Rick handles the tailored mens and womenswear while Michele purveys the luxe furniture and homewear.  What she will do at Berghain is anyone’s guess, but its guaranteed to be memorable.  The Vagimule doll will join in on the antics DJaning in her humble erratic style playing music no one wants to hear of course.

The next evening Thursday Sept 6th at the site specific location of the Prinzessinnengarten-Berlin Kreuzberg am Moritzplatz my performative film event Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome will take place with the theme Borscht Belt Modalities with a screening of the 16mm film A Jumpin Night in the Garden of Eden 1988 directed by Michal Goldman which is a zany and insightful musical docu on all things Klezmer.  

Also screening is a short video film Granpa Sam 2001 I directed with Marc Siegel about the famed celebrity photographer Sam Siegel who is the grandfather of CHEAP Kollektiv’s Marc Siegel aka: Marcuse Siegelstein.  The short subject features fotos from Sam Siegel’s ouvre as an award winning press agent and photographer of Hollywood, Broadway and the Catskills Circuit.  
Be prepared to have a Nebish-off so come ready to Kavetch and Schlepp through the nite with some spirited fun,  and humorous surprises.
That handsome hunk of a British sex god Andrew Gould came through Berlin awhile back and everywhere he went men were trying to kidnap him, and get him inside their boudoiric clutches.  An English accent coupled with a humoungous penis isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Was invited to a delicious midnight supper at the famous table of Susanne Sachsse that included Canadian film director Bruce “Judy” LaBruce, John David Washington the handsome bubble butt actor son of Denzel Washington and star of Spike Lee’s engaging new film Black Klansman, and his bromantic partner Henry Golding the hunky hunk British TV presenter and breakout matinee idol of the new movie Crazy Rich Asians.  Word has it on the streets of SoHo that the very photogenic Euroasian Mr. Golding will be featured in LaBruce’s next film Twincest.  I am not one to gossip so you know you didn't hear it from me.

The guest of honor at the din din was the gorgeous and stylish New York diva Viva Ruiz of Thank God For Abortion project who along with La Sachsse stars in Judy’s hit film The Missandrists.  A glorious time was had by all up into the wee morning hours.

With the recent death of superstar Aretha Franklin I started musing that she should have  had a major film career after her appearance in 1980s Blues Brothers movie.  I remember at the time there was talk that she was going to star in a Bessie Smith biopic.  Lame ass Hollywood.

Barbara Harris who also died was one of my favorite character actresses.  I adored her in Alfred Hitchcock’s Family Plot, the original Freaky Friday with Jodie Foster, Stanley Donen’s MovieMovie and singing “It Don’t Worry Me in Robert Altman’s Nashville.

I am in a very sad state of affairs as my nephew Brian Keith Taylor also died age 49 last week.  Brian had a massive heart attack.  He and his older brother Mark Denning Taylor inherited a heart abnormality from their deadbeat dad.  Both of my nephews died the same age, ten years apart.  Brian was strange as a baby, and toddler.  He always had a worried expression on his face looking sad and forelorn.  Maybe that’s why he wound up joining the military.  That and there are few options for work in the USA for working class black men.

My happiest memories with him was taking him on long excursions through the city discovering new parks and playgrounds in different areas of town.  I would also take him to the observation decks of the tallest skyscrapers in Downtown Los Angeles and I would spend hours reading to him Frank L. Baum's Oz books in the childrens section of the beautiful Downtown Library.  I pretty much raised him from the time I was in Primary School to High School.  I will never forget running into some of my classmates in middle school,and they asked me why my nephew called me Mommy.  I explained that  whoever was taking care of him at the moment became Mommy as my oldest sister Gracie Lee Taylor was always working three or four low wage jobs and was never around much as he was growing up.  During summer and holiday breaks I was Mommy #1.
My nephew married young to a woman who was a good time Sally named Dion and had a son named Jonathan and a daughter named Jazmin.  All of his children took after me and were quite studius doing well in school.  Jonathan followed me to University and is now working as a Chemical Engineer.  Jazmin graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and teaches Music Theory at a prestigious music academy. 

Brian Keith’s two youngest children from his second wife Jamie are 16 and 13 and are A students on the Dean’s List of their prep school in Lancaster.   The childrens mother Jamie grew up in Washington State to a racist family who disowned her after she married my nephew.
Jamie was hoping my nephew would be more fun and spontaneous like the Black rappers she idolized.  My nephew was very rigid, controlling and conservative.  He loved housework and did the majority of the cooking, cleaning and childcare.   Brian was also a bit of a fussbudget and neatnick.  Even as an adolescent his room was spotless, and he made his bed with military procision.  In the Army he was a beloved cook. 

Both my nephew and niece had to move out of LA County as they couldn´t afford it anymore. The cost of living in Southern California is astronomical!  My niece who I can’t believe is 40 years old now, lives in the high desert with her husband and five children.

Luckily my nephew didn’t have any more children with his last wife Annabella.  Poor Annabella he married just a few years ago in Manilla is the younger sister of his Filipina Step Grandmother.  Now that my nephew is dead she is left without a social security number, greencard, official papers or documents to stay in the country.

My immediate family is drastically shrinking, and pangs of mortality is making me very depressed.  Thank goddess for therapy.

Sunday, July 29, 2018


Reisetipps de luxe
Uncle Fishhook Jonas Mekas got the fullblown celebratory treatment with the recent culture festival Edit Film Culture at silent green Kulturquartier and Arsenal Institut fur film und video kunst.
Film Culture and After Dark Magazine were the mainstays I first discovered in the 1970s at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Biblioteca in Beverly Hills. 
Well actually, After Dark Magazine you could get at the newsstand or supermarket checkout as it was officially known as an arts/entertainment periodical, but one along with Dance Magazine that you could see full frontal male nudity in. 
Film Culture and After Dark were my models for queercore zine Fertile La Toyah Jackson.
The curatorial team for EFC: Christian Hiller of the deep manly vocal chords, Daniela Kinateder, Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Marcuse Siegelstein, Bettina Ellerkamp & Joerg Heitmann of silent green.
The excellent film program was at Kino Arsenal while the exhibition was at SAVVY Contemporary until July 22. 
 I was laughing hysterically at the Letters of Louise Brooks to Uncle Fishhook where she kept reminding him to send back her publicity stills. The opening of the festival featured a brash, loud and compelling concert by CHEAP’s Susanne Sachsse and Gina D’Orio of Cobra Killer with asphalt cuties Anton Garber and Robin Behling of Puff.
Wish I could have seen the documentary film about Barbara Rubin.  She was like the Sadie Benning of the early 1960s.
Thrilled at any chance I get to gaze upon that beautiful hot sex stud Abi Nilamber of SAAVY. He is one juicy piece of male joy.
Since my deadline for my next solo exhibition on the west coast at Adams&Ollman is pressing I couldn’t attend everything in the festival program.

Was able to witness the Saturday morning program which started off bright and early with the brilliant Juan Suarez. 
Was really impressed with Kalani Michell who gave a spot on dissection of Film Culture in a Box.  Pure geniustrata.  Miss Kalani is the young, gifted star scholar that everyone has been talking about. Kalani is very glamorous like my fav underated late 70s early 80s  actress Veronica Cartwright.  Veronica is best pals with actor Dennis Christopher of Breaking Away and Chariots of Fire fame.  I had such a crush on him when I was a teenager and later became his friend as he lived in Silverlake and has come to many of my events like Platinum Oasis where he introduced me to Miss Cartwright who is the younger sister of the child actress Angela Cartwright from the 1960s TV series Lost in Space and the movie The Sound of Music.  Sixty Six Degrees of Seperation with the Vagimule Doll.
There was a bit of intrigue in the presentation by Suliman Mohamed Ibrahim Elnour of Khartoum with his young lovesexy filmmaker translator.  Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus as moderator expertly kept the peace.  Didn’t get  to see the Thurston Moore concert, but heard fab things about it.  Thurston is a neighbor of The Love Camel, Andrea Novarin in London.

Crushed to find out that my neighbor Elga Sorbas, the Fassbinder star passed recently.  I ran into her life partner Eddie of  Australian punk band The Busby Berkeley’s who relayed the sad news.  Miss Elga was quite a striking presence in my kiez, and also acted as the social conscience of the neighbourhood, putting a stop to the loud unruly Sylvester Fireworks of a bunch of men in defference to the Syrian refugees who could be further traumatized by the earsplitting display.  It was always a joy to see her sitting in front of her storefront atelier holding court in a regal and majestic manner.  As an early Fassbinder star she was there with him in his theater days but didn’t allow him to abuse her.  She was in the Fassbinder films Katzelmacher, 1969, The American Soldier 1970, and The Merchant of Four Seasons, 1971.  I will miss Miss Elga.  She was a great lady, loving and very very generous.  She gave me some of her old real hair wigs and gorgeous fabrics that I used to decorate the piano at the last Rising Stars, Falling Stars.

Marcuse Siegelstein and I had a delightful time in conversation at the Friei Universitaet with the fourth in the No One Leaves Delilah Series.  The klatch this time was a (W)rap on Desire.  I started off with a poem I wrote using films with desire in the title.  Then I screened the “Take Off With Us” erotic musical number from Bob Fosse’s 1980 film All That Jazz featuring Sandahl Bergman, followed by Marcuse reading a poem by Frank O’Hara, then showing our art-punk band Ruth Fischer,  the experimental short My Levitating Arse, then our talking and riffing off of each other, and other hijinks when our nutter minds collide.
 I showed a scene from the 1961 Slovenian film Dancing in the Rain, Marc pulled out of his ass the incredible video short subject Lezzie Flick, more riffing and chittle chatting, questions and comments from the audience and then the big production number “You Stepped Out of a Dream” from Ziegfeld Girl 1941 directed by Robert Z. Leonard.  We had a very large audience that included my blood of Abraham son Assaf Hochman, glam girl Akira Knightly, fearless leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse, ultra fit British Chav actor Harris Dickenson with fellow English thespian Sam Claflin, Richard Gabriel, Trixie Schoenherr, Uli Ziemons and Spex journalista Franzika who had interviewed Marc and I a few days earlier.  Afterwards the wonderful curators of the event Susanna Huber and Christian Liclair of Asthetic des Begehrens and their crew took us to a nice fancy dinner at a cute Italian boite in Dahlem.

The next morning I was still groggy and exhausted but had be ON to meet the Norweigan journalista Bjorn Hatterud for an interview at the Schwartzer Café on Kant Strasse.  We had a divine time chittle chatting.  The next day I met with the very sweet American writer Robert Karron who is a friend of writer and artist Lisa Teasley.

More sad news via my old dance pal, the lovely  Marilyn Welch who was a member of the VooDoo Williamson Inner City Dance Theater of Lynwood.
Marilyn also studied under Miss Denise who taught classical ballet at the Stanley Holden Dance Center in West Los Angeles.  I also took ballet with Miss Denise with the delusion that I could become a prima ballerina.
Miss Denise aka:  Patricia Denise Galion died age 96.  She was quite a powerful woman, loving and serene.  I was definitely in awe of Miss Denise when I took classes along with Miss Denise's younger relations Michelle Karlich and Dina, two Hollywood Punkrock “It” girls that I ran around with in my wild youth.
Miss Denise also had quite a career assisting the greats in Hollywood like film choreographer Eugene Loring and Gene Kelly, whose son Tim Kelly was the mastermind along with the late Matt Dike of the famed LA clubs Nairobi Room and Power Tools.
Miss Denise was born in Canada and became a naturalized US citizen in 1997.  I will miss her.

Now I have to go off to an artist retreat where I will have use of a secluded studio in the Finnish Countryside to finish my new solo painting series Invitation to the Dance that features abstractions of famous female dancers.  This exhibit will open Sept 13th at Adams & Ollman Gallery in Portland Oregon.  I also have ten paintings in a group show that opened at the Portland Museum of Art.  PICA the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art will welcome my artist talk on Sept 12th.

Before running off to my retreat I had drinks with journalist Michael Scaturro who use to work for Bloomberg News and before that Deutsche Welle and NPR.  Now cute little Michael who looks like a teenager even though he is 36 is working for an Australian activist and politician as her speech  writer and main public operative.

Special thanx to my dearest angelis Skot Armstrong and his hot lover James Tallon of Science Holiday and The Museum of Fun for sending me this fascinating new book Between Friends-The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy 1949-1975.  Skot and James can literally read my mind, and are always sending me the most scintillating tomes for my nightstand book review.

Just heard the shocking news that Jonathan Gold died of cancer at age 57.  Jonathan was one of my colleagues at The LA Weekly back in the 1980s, 1990’s up until the early aughts.  We also were the same class at UCLA along with Heather Locklear.  When I first met Jonathan he was this cute, nerdy ginger haired Jewish kid who was in a couple of arty punkish bands.  He was super competitive and snarky when it came to my art band The Afro Sisters and poked some mild fun at us.  My Afro Sister “Pop that Cherry” Jefferson aka: Priscilla Hazelwood who worked in the art department at the Weekly wasn’t exactly featuring his constant teasing. 

Like a lot of nerds I thought Jonathan wanted the attentions of a rock star.  He achieved this in sorts as a Foodie guru and restaurant reviewer par excellance.

Back in the 80s Jonathan was my editor of one of the most exciting Best of LA editions I ever participated in, and asked me to write about Funkytown aka:  South Central LA.  Which was a first at the time as no one was interested in the Darktown Strutters area of Los Angeles before.

The LA Weekly publisher Jay Levin had blacklisted me for some reason I don’t remember now.
It was Jonathan who got around Jay as Mr. Levin didn’t know my legal name so I just wrote my articles with that byline, and Jay Levin was never the wiser. Jonathan definitely had a streak for defying authority.

I also was on hand to witness the courtship of Jonathan and cutiepie Laurie Ochoa at eateries like Millie’s Diner in Silverlake, Gorky’s Downtown, and that amazing little Japanese restaurant on Beverly Blvd next to the Beverly Cavern.  Later Laurie became editor of the Weekly before I moved to Berlin.

Jonathan’s Foodiegeist writing was most compelling, but I felt his music journalism was even better.  I’ll never forget arriving to the original LA Hip Hop club Radio at MacArthur Park one Friday eve with my Afro Sisters and regular club crew in tow wearing our Buffalo Gal look.  Jonathan saw us enter together as a group and proclaimed out loud, “Oh my god look at them, they are doing Two Mules for Sister Sarah!”