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Thursday, December 20, 2018


Wie Man Richtig Delegiert

und Ihre Mitarbeiter befördern

Hannukah came early this year and so was the Jewish Muzlim’s yearly soiree one of the highlights of Berlin’s winter society. Lots of singing, laughing and frivolity on hand with glamour girls Fearless Leader of CHEAP Kollektiv Susanne Sachsse, Her Royal Highness Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of the Arsenal Institüt für Film und Videokunst, and everyone’s favourite sexy scholar Nanna Heidenreich. Of course one can’t have a Jewish celebration with only one Jewish Muzlim in attendance so Marcuse Siegelstein aka: Marc Siegel and Noam Gorbat were the resident delici Dreidel spinners. The food was resplendid and likewise the company that included kJohnny Blue and his Gina Lollabridgida doppelganger wife Amelia, Piero Bellomo, and Senol Senturk. Pass the Halla bread please!

The European book launch of Spector Books Film Culture 80: The Legend of Barbara Rubin at silent green Kultur Quartier was majestic. Included was an encore screening of Rubin’s subversive feministiche classic 16mm double penetration projection Christmas on Earth, with live radio score performed by La Susanne Sachsse, and a reading of Rubin’s letters by Ale Bachlechner of Cologne.

Ms. Vaginal Davis got to sit next to the charming Spector Books publisher Anne Konig during the fabu dinner before the event in the Mars boite. Afterwards at the Mars bar there was a sizzling reception with more food and alcoholica galore. Ms. D. was in quite a festive mood and got to meet lots of juicy young people including the sweet and adoreable Ms. Sarai Meyron who did copyediting and proofreading of the Rubin book. One of the books NYC based editors was Charity Coleman who use to be married to Audre Beardsley aka: Andrew Gould the manager of Bricktops at the Parlour Club in Hollywood. Miss Charity Hope Valentine as she was christened at the time was one of the regulars of the performance space and speakeasy known as a Bricktop Voluptuous Panic Girl.

Of course Ms. Lady Davis had to leave Berlin soon after the book launch to return to Geneva to teach at Work Master HEAD. She had some lovely studio visits or as they call them in the French part of Switzerland --Rendevous with Louise Bonpaix, who showed the diva a video document of her drag king performance as The Great Luigi, sex champion and former boyband lead singer now going solo.

No nonsence young artiste Constance Brosse gave Ms. Davis a preview of her new film Un Velo Sol which may be finished by summer 2019. The film promises to be a visual treasure of French feminist bicycle kitchen realness and the reclaiming of the streets by bicyclists ala America’s Critical Mass movement. One of my students who hails from Iran, I won´t post her real name but will give her the nomme de plume of Sativa Colaswara as she could be in grave danger next time she goes home for a visit. She has already been put in prison once because of her controversial art work.

Sativa’s latest project revolves around a lampshade moj. Any western film shown in Iran with a woman, she gets replaced with a lampshade if what she is wearing is deemed inappropriate or risqué. Sativa also introduced Ms. Davis to the Persian feminist poet Frough Farrokhzad and the white hijab movement that is taking hold in Iran.

Of course Ms. Davis always enjoys her conversations with the stylish and glam Juliet Lakhdan, and marvels at the creative mind inherant of Jacopo Belloni and his one man disco affair that he calls Little Tragedy Party. All these students do very beautiful work.

With the rest of her labzone Ms. Davis continued with the work she started last month utilizing the Robert Z. Leonard 1941 MGM film Ziegfeld Girl which is ripe for emulation and deconstruction.

Returning back to Berlin Ms. Davis didn’t have much time to get back in the Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome mode for the big spectacular collaboration with the Gropius Bau and that gorgeous talent that is Wu Tsang.

The audience who came to this edition of CVS was literally transported by the Late Night Fermentation Salon. Wu and Liz Rosenfeld outdid themselves with capable assist from Boychild and a cast of thousands that included intermedia saxophonist Bendik Giske and his cute partner plus the lovely Clare Molloy Gropius Bau curatorial fellow. The ambiance, lighting, flowers, food, drink and magic that permeated the Gropius Bau restaurant kept everyone in an utter flutter.

Earlier the screening of the two White Christmas movies, Harun Farochi’s bombastic 1968 anti Vietnam War short and the highly militaryized schmaltzy musical from 1954 directed by Michael Curtiz may have baffled the audience.  I wasn't so affective in explaining why I decided to screen the two films about war and the commercial laded danger capitalism consumerist holiday.  I wanted to point out that war and its kissing cousin arms sales are what prop up these global economies that turn most of the world into not only indentured servants but all in out slaves.  I am really not a fan of White Christmas star the hambone singer and actor Bing Crosby.  From the LA punk scene I knew Crosby's troubled gay grandson Dennis Crosby and granddaughter Denise Crosby who went to Hollywood High School with my friends Alicia Plake and Wagner Vieira and was one of the stars of the first Star Trek TV franchise The Next Generation playing the character Tasha Yar.

Ganymead comic actor Danny Kaye I find almost as irritating as Mickey Rooney with his constant mugging.  Donald O'Conner the original choice for this role in White Christmas would have been much better and he is actually a great dancer.  In 1953 he was paired with Vera-Ellen in the Ethel Merman starrer Call Me Madam which also featured an Irving Berlin score.  Also one of my main reasons for showing White Christmas is the illustrious Rosemary Clooney, a most excellent jazz stylist and the tiny waisted Vera-Ellen who I don't believe was anorexic which is the popular modern gossip about the dancer/actress who died relatively young in the early 1980s.
The cast of celebutants in attendance was mindboggling including Arsenal Institüt für Film und Video Kunst Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, who gave the evening a very nice and informative introduction along with Stephanie Rosenthal the vivaciously spirited new Director of Gropius Bau.  Arsenal and Gropius Bau use to collaborate together frequently over 30 years ago and perhaps now they will continue in that vein.  So wonderous seeing in the audience Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons, Richard Gabriel with Miss Lillian, Bruce Budding and sizzling bootypie New Yorker Magazine scribe and The Voice contestant Ben Taub, the glorious Isabell Ertl the queen of the communications department at the Gropius Bau, humpy photographer and videomaker Matt Lambert and his big foot husband Jannis Birsner, Jane Fonda's grandson Malcolm Vadim, Bo Burnham the former You Tube sensation and director of the indie hit film 8th Grade, the sleek and sultry artist Paula Sieverding, visionary cineaste/genius Shu Lea Cheang who has been invited to the 2019 Venice Biennale to create a video installation, choreographer and dancer formerly with Sasha Waltz Company Laurie Young, The amazing Golden Brown Girls stars of the dynamic web series of the same name--Shannon Lewis, Indrani Ashe and Sara Umar, Transhuman musician Born in Flamez aka: James with her galpal Lisanne a neuroscientist whose research is beyond, Peter Cant, Theatre Director and performance maker, Kirsten Weiss Gallerist of Weiss Berlin, Elena Montini Project Manager at Gropius Bau, Sabine Holburg Gropius Bau original gangster who has been working at the museum since 1981!, Mac Folkes, fashionista, Olivia Hyunsin Kim the internationally beloved choreographer, photog Josephine from Halle and Iris Dankemeyer, philosopher at Burg Biebichenstein Art School in Halle, film editor Ruth Schönegge with legendary musician Maurice de Martin, Fine Freiberg aka: Elke Echo the musician and East German Dia projector specialist who works in the Kunst in Context Tech Lab at Udk who is about to launch a new music project, our favorite artist Angela Anderson on a break from her Austrian residency with DJane Olga Damnitz, Susanne Sachsse, Marcuse Siegelstein of CHEAP Kollektiv, Piero Bellomo with Roman macho Mario, Shiaz Legz Berlin Drag Artiste, performance schtars Josephine Brinkmann and Richard Hancock, Rodrigo Garcia Alves the Brazilian performance artist/choreographer, Pedra Costa the Brazilian performance artist and anthropologist, Simone Paetau the German/Columbian artist and filmmaker, Neda Sanai Iranian/Swedish artist of hybrid mediums, Aisha Butt, Sara Mathiasson the Berlin Braider, serene performance studies scholar Hypatia Vourloumis of Athens, and her handsome landscape photographer partner Yiannis Hadjiaslanis, Vinita Gatne, Dramaturg Joshua Wicke, fashion designer Nhu Dhuong, Vice Magazine writer Nina Byttebier, Music artist Pan Daijing, American Footballer Josh Johnson, fashion darling Andra Dumitrascu, skateboarder Andrew Cannon, Film artist Ivalo Frank, Korean/Danish music producer and DJ Tobias Lee, Dan DeNorch of the Berlin based Janus night club and record label, Marc Adelman visual artist living in San Francisco of the famed Faygeleh series with Hollywood male ingenue Lukas Hedges. The virile, young Mr. Adelman use to live in Berlin and regularly attended Rising Stars, Falling Stars, Torben Hanhart, kuratorische volantär extroidinär and curatorial fellow for the upcoming Garden exhibition in summer 2019.

Also seen looking stylishly engaging: Josephine Brinkmann, Christina Demetriou, Mads Dinesen, Eirini Fountedaki, Berin Golonu who use to be a curator at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Museum and Art Center who brought Ms. Davis to the Bay Area in 2008 for The Way That We Rhyme exhibition.  The sultry Ms. Golonu went back to school for her Phd working with the divine Douglas Criimp and now teaches at the University of Rochester. Berin came to Berlin on holiday with handsome artist beau Richard Barlow known for his chalk interventions at museums and galleries.

Other notables included James Grabsch, Merle Groneweg of the Xposed Queer Film Festival, costume designer Leila Hekmat, Frank Hiller, Susanne Huber, Kristina Keinemann,
Cultural producer and curator Leon Kruijswijk, Ricardo Matos, Cristina Gomez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer of discoteca flaming star, costume design student Michelle Bondulich, Anna Mohrdiek, Jan Muehlig, Marietta L. von Piekenbrock, E. Rutishauser, Petra Elisabeth Sailer, Aline Schwibbe, artist composer and choreographer Colin Self, Constance Tenvik, Anne Tilkorn, Maurice Van de Mosselaar, Emma Williams the South African architect, Willem de Roij, artist and professor at Frankfurt's Steadeschule, Sebastian Kaiser dramaturgy with Vegard Venge, Oliver Hardt the documentary filmmaker,  Rachel O’Reilly the Australian fracking expert, writer and current phd student in research architecture program at Goldsmith, luscious artist Lydia Hamann, prima ballerina Trixie Schönherr aka Beatrice Cordua, Ms. Davis’ partner in grime Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muzlim and Michaela Wünsch of bbooks publishing kollektiv where the next Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome will be held in Spring 2019.

Monday, November 26, 2018


Die Schlägerei

Was Für Süperbe Jungens hier

Congragulations are in order to art photographer Annette Frick who won the Ellen-Auerbach Stipendium für internationale Fotografie in 2018. Annette`s photographic chronicling of the Berlin underground scene and gentrifications affects on the cityscape are being lauded and recognized. The award ceremony took place at the Akademie Der Künste. I predicted years ago that Annette would be receiving lots of awards and acknowledgements and my predictions have all come to fruition.

This missive from Marcuse Siegelstein the town cryer of Kollektiv CHEAP:

Dear CHEAP Friends

I've got a lot of information to share with you but I don't have the time to provide bitter or entertaining tidbits to help you get through this mess of stuff you'd probably rather ignore. Sorry! We're just too busy for me to sprinkle in some juicy gossip to brighten up your day. So bear with me as I list some important CHEAP information. Hope to see you soon!



1. We'd like to thank you for your support. Felix Kubin's Radio play "Die Maschine steht still" starring Susanne Sachsse won the ARD Audience Award! You can still listen to the lovely piece here (also enjoyable for those who don't know a word of German):,sendung782380.html

2. Susanne Sachsse is performing in Ligia Lewis' dance piece Water Will (In Melody), 29. Nov - 2. Dezember 2018, HAU (Premiere is already sold out)

Water Will (In Melody) will also be at the Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf from 6.-8. Dez:

3. at 7pm on Dec. 9 in silent green there will be a book presentation of Film Culture 80: The Legend of Barbara Rubin with a screening of the fantastic expanded cinema film Christmas on Earth (Barbara Rubin, 1963-65) + Live Radio accompaniment from Susanne Sachsse. Reading by Ale Bachlechner. Presentation by Christian Hiller, Anne König & Marc Siegel. FREE event!

4. at 6pm on Dec 16 Vaginal Davis and Daniel Hendrickson present the latest installment of their series Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome in collaboration with the Late Night Fermentation Salon by Wu Tsang and Liz Rosenfeld in the Martin Gropius Bau. They will show White Christmas twice: once by Harun Farocki and the second time by Michael Curtiz.

5. CHEAP congratulates Natascha Süder Happelmann and her speaker Helene Duldung! Natascha is representing Germany in the German Pavillon at the Art Biennale in Venice 2019. Check out the press conference and another great video at:

6. Munich Friends: CHEAP presents Susanne Sachsse and Xiu Xiu: Original Sin. A Concert at the Münchner Kammerspiele, 16 & 17 Januar 2019.

7. on Januay 26 2019 in the ORWOhaus on Frank-Zappa-Strasse 19, 12681 Berlin (Exact time to be announced) you have the rare opportunity of experiencing the first public performance of GIRLS, the new band with Susanne Sachsse as vocalist, bassist and lyricist. not to be missed! For more information:

8. Get ready for the return of CHEAPs Pop Punque Concept Band RUTH FISCHER! Details coming soon.

9. Get ready for the Berlin return of Original Sin. A Concert von Susanne Sachsse und Xiu Xiu in a new performance-installation version! Coming in June 2019. Details coming soon!

10. Don't forget to tune in to CHEAP Funk every now and then. CHEAP Funk is our regular radio show at

The cute but a little goofy LA wrapper known as Tyler the Creator contacted the Vagimule Davis doll recently and wants her to sing or wrap on his new recording.  The enchantress was a bit vague with him as to whether or not she would participate so he is coming to Berlin and is going to wine and dine her to get a positive answer from the diva.  If he has a big penis he also needs to fornicate with her.  We shall see what comes of it as Ms. D is in Geneva a lot teaching at the art school there.

Saturday, November 17, 2018


Hier Passieren Schlimme Dinge

Nur Einer Weiß, Warum

At Work Master HEAD in Geneva the Vagimule doll did studio visits with her wonderous students. They all seem to be working in ways that are invigorating and quite novel in both form and content. I seem to be learning as much from them as what I get to impart.

During our labzone the spectre of Metro Goldwyn Mayer loomed large as they watched a section of Ziegfeld Girl 1941, directed by Norman Z. Leonard. I´ve been using this film for many years with teaching workshops and seminars and each time the young artist take to it differently. In working on the "You Stepped Out of Dream" exercise the costuming of Adrian was nicely deconstructed by the young artists. Having them flank down the grand staircases of the Art Department Compound was majestic as Tony Martin´s vocals blasted throughout the foyer engaging everyone in the building whether they wanted to be a part of the proceedings or not. Later the students joined me at the Biennale de Image en Mouvement Centre dàrt Contemporain Geneve where the Grütli Theatre presented Ligia Lewis´movement piece Water Will (in Melody)/Preview. 

SRO audience for the premiere performance, was happy that the festival director had some extra tickets on hand that he dispursed to my students for free who are all on fixed incomes. Switzerland is a notoriously expensive money pit.

Water Will uses melodrama as a fitting departure point and the expressive and dazzling performers that include Ms. Lewis, Fearless Leader of CHEAP kollektiv Susanne Sachsse, Titilayo Adebayo and Dani Brown are spellbinding to behold. The soundscapes of Madrigal singing and other textural soundclips aligned with the gorgeous costuming of sowrong studio, light, sound and effect design of S. McKenna, Jassem Hindi, Ariel Efraim Ashbel and Catalina Fernandez are exemplarary. Can´t wait to see it again when it comes to Berlin in late November.
One of the nutty things I notice when in Berlin is the predilection of oompa pa entertainment surrounding horses. There are these unusual Equus pageants that give off a creepy vibe of beastiality. One advert I noticed on the way to the aeroport was called Cavaluna – A Passion For Horses, which features a photo of a young woman and horse looking like a bride and groom.
The enigmatic and serenely beautiful transgressive gallerist Lia Gangitano of Participant Inc. Gallery the only not-for-profit gallery space in the boutique city of New York needs your help. Participant Inc is the only place of its kind that stands completely behind outsider art. If Participant vanishes New Yorks´s culture “capita” will sink along with it.

So its once again an imperative that we all must give Participant $moula to help keep them afloat for another season. You would think with the all the super wealthy types in Manhattan someone would just kick in a few filthy millions to make sure that Participant can continue doing the work that no one else does. Of course the super rich aren´t very generous these days though giving some lucre is like pocket change to most of these gazillionaires. So please support Participant Inc. and Miss Lia´s latest fundraiser Breaking Waves, a benefit exhibition and Paddle 8 Auction. Or simply just go to INC. and give give give. Remember one day coming very soon your money will be worthless and will be used as wallpaper and you´ll be running for your life up steep hills as mobs of the poor and hungry come chasing after you with tin cans like Cousin Sebastian in the finale of Tennessee Williams Suddenly Last Summer.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Alpes Maritimes


“I am gutted!” as Ron Athey would say in hearing of the death of the incredible black feminist writer Ntozoke Shange at age 70. She was an author, poet and playwright. She was best known for the Obie award winning play for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf.

Ms. Shange also wrote the novels Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo (1982) and Betsey Brown (1885)

Her sister Ifa Bayeza is also a well known writer.

I first saw a production of for colored girls in the 1970s and it literally was one of the major influences to my forming the performance group The Afro Sisters in 1978.

I always wished I had seen a production of Shange’s adaptation of Brecht’s Mother Courage.


There are more women in the world then men. Women have the power when they unite to devastate politically, socially and culturally. So with the American mid terms coming up its up to us to make some radical changes. It would be the first step in eradicating patriarchy in a series of tumultuous fell swoops. Take your passion and make it happen!!!!


The Vagimule doll has had some health tissues of late, and she is trying to get a handle on them with appointments with a stomach specialist, a cardiologist and other medical practitioners. The Vagiliac woman has also stopped eating bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. More updates as things progress. Wish her pluck.

My heavenly father figure the love god Ron Athey Jr. will be engaged with the world premiere of his new performance piece Acephalous Monster in New York City

· November 14-17 | 7pm

A Post-show talk on Friday, November 16th is with the great writer and performance art chronicler Cynthia Carr.

Best known for his boundary-pushing body mutilations, Ron Athey has been pursuing the transcendent and sublime for more than three decades. After the Death of God (famously proclaimed by the philosopher Nietzsche who anticipated the end of religion in Western society), Athey considers it one of the artist’s roles to invent new forms of ritual and celebration, to conjure the sacred as an antidote to the empty individualism of contemporary life. For his new work, Acephalous Monster, Athey turns to the Acéphale, the figure of the headless man, which inspired George Bataille’s secret society of the same name to combat nihilism and fascism before the Second World War in France. The headless or beheaded man is a powerful symbol of radical transformation, the driving force of all of Athey’s performances pushing towards the merging of humans and gods.

Don´t delay in getting tickets or they will be sold out. Athey´s performances are always SRO.

Performance Space New York

150 First Ave, New York, NY 10009

Sunday, October 28, 2018


Eine Effiziente Stadt

Nimm mich mit!

Shrouded in secrecy the Vagimule Doll was invited to a press conference in the morning hours at the Zeughauskino on Unter der Linden.

There is nothing the doll loves more then a mystery, so she was well in her element. Upon entering the auditorium there was no clues as to what would be taking place. Then suddenly without warning or gumption four women entered the hall. One of the women seemed to be suffering from elephantiasis as her head seemed rather large and boulderish like the Rock of Gibralter. Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Was this beguiling woman missing a face?

Everything became apparent immediately as one of the women, Franciska Zolyom the art critic and curator announced with great flourish the Artistic Position for the German Pavilion 2019 of La Biennale di Venezia as being none other then Natascha Süder Happelmann.

Ms. Happelmann indeed does not possess a functioning mouth so her artist speaker Helene Duldung gave a well prepared and succinct statement for her.

The ravishing Ms. Duldung spoke in a manner that was very comforting like Ulrike Meinhoff. It didn’t seem like anyone in the room had ever heard of Natascha Süder Happelmann, or maybe it was just me. Gazing upon her visage she seems quite intriguing, and one might venture to say that this clearly celebrated entity will bring something to the famed art event that has never been fully realized before.


Ted Cruz has rank ears.
As the mid term elections approach In the US of A I want to urge all my fellow Americans and expats to vote Democratic like your life depends upon it and it just may. The Democratic Party needs to take back the Senate and the House. If this doesn’t occur things will be more dire in the world then they already are.

In September when I was back in Los Angeles visiting with relatives I was shocked to hear some of them talking political nonsence, and since I am the only one in my family gainfully employed and they depend on my largesse I made it quite clear that I would not be supporting anyone financially anymore who doesn´t make the correct decisions at the ballot box. As Judge Judy would say, “Dumb is Forever” but not with my $moula in the hands of said X-offender.

My cousin Condoleezza Rice was in town staying at the Adlon Hotel along with Tony Blair, Henry Kissinger and other international big wigs. She emailed asking me to tea, but I shined her.

Went with Jewish Muslim Daniel Hendrickson to the opening of the Arsenal’s latest film series Family Affairs – Cinematic Relationships Between Georgia and the Arsenal. Buy the book of the same title its fantastic.

The film being screened was Natwris che directed by Tengis Abuladze from 1977. The Arsenal has the biggest collection of Georgian films outside of Georgia and Moscow. The movie featured a beautiful young woman who is in love with a poor peasant boy with a really sexy flat stomach and freckles. Her mother has pimped her out to a rich boy who is a very hunky macho young man with rousing big dicque arrogance. The kid with freckles was cute, but not as desireable as the pretty girls betrothed. If she had just given it a little time I think the girl would have been quite satisfied with the more dazzling slightly older young man. But alas she is caught by her mother-in-law with the younger hottie and gets paraded backwards on a donkey through town as an adulterer and left in the mud to die.

Very strange that the towns misfits, an anarchist, a nationalist, a soothe sayer and a bawdy buxom good time Sally are the only ones who try to come to the poor disgraced girls rescue.

Jewish Muzlim Daniel has spent a lot of time in Georgia and Armenia and has become well versed in the cultures, food and fabulous wine industries. If Georgia has men in their country that look like the two main young leads in Natwris che sign me up for an indefinite stay.

The other evening I was transferring from the U7 ubahn line at Yorkstrasse when on the end of the platform toward the escalator was this black busker dude with sunglasses, cornrow beaded braids and a giant keyboard. This man is American and looks a little bit like a cross between Sly Stone, Brandy the R&B singer and star of the 90s TV sitcom Moeshe, and late in life Sun Ra. I hadn’t seen him at this station in ages. It was quite late for buskering as it was close to midnight. Every time I have seen this poor man he seems a bit more unhinged. I have witnessed him in the past having explosive tantrums as people have walked passed him without dropping some coins in his keyboard case.

Berlin use to be a city where the low cost of living made it much easier to get by on very little. Of course with gentrification rearing its fugly head those days are over, and you see more and more people looking as ragged as they do in Berlin’s sleek sister city of Los Angeles.

When I first moved here you hardly saw homeless people or anyone begging on the subway. Berlin has always had crusties but they were just loveable good natured alcoholics and drug addicts who seemed very mild mannered in their out -of -it -state. Nowadays the crusties are getting more aggressive and manic, and with the housing shortage it seems like things are becoming much more desperate.

This black American busker has the worse singing voice I have ever heard. He belts out his bad choice of pop songs like Ethel Merman or Kate Smith. He gives me a run for the money in the horrid singing arena. Even though I have performed in bands since I was quite young, that doesn´t mean I can sing, stay on pitch or carry a tune. I don´t know this man´s story of how he wound up in Berlin. A lot of Americans come to Germany thinking its an easier market to crack in having a mainstream career in the entertainment industry.

Back in the 1990s a very nice talent manager in Hamburg had seen me perform the piece Intimacy & Tomorrow / Stupidity, Today as part of the Six Sex Weeks Festival, and said that If I could put together a band she could get me booked all throughout Germany doing popular American pop songs. I can barely sing the songs I write for myself, so the prospect of being in a cheesy cover band wasn´t exactly appealing. She looked at me like I was crazy when I told her thank you, but I wasn’t interested.

Its very true that a lot of people become performance artists because within the genre no one expects polished singing or dancing skills. With performance art its about being spontaneous and improvisational. The mainstream entertainment industrial complex may try to co-op elements of performance art but capitalist production demands more stringently rehearsed commercial fare.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Der Gelb-Fieber-Schrank

The unpleasant middle aged developmentally disabled man who lives on the ground floor of Ms. Davis’ flat listens non stop to hard core techno music. The man must have a job of some kind these days as one never sees him that much, but when he is home he seems to be soothed by his techno fix when he is not playing video games until the wee hours. Before this man moved in there was a young college student named Jonathan who was a dreamboat with a nice singing voice, who had a lot of adoreable young friends. Across the hall from the doll is a deaf girl, who use to have the most beautiful boyfriend with a rack on him that couldn’t be contained by a sports bra. This young juicy also had the bubble of all bubble butts and major ms. gorgeous face that was a cross between a young Richard “John Boy” Thomas and Keanu Reeves in Bill &Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The deaf girl chucked the beauty for some bald headed older dude who is very salty dog. She took the flat after a gay deaf boy moved out so he must have recommended her to the apartment manager Herr Koch. Two apartments that use to be used solely as work spaces were refurbished cheaply and quickly and are miniscule. An Irish gay couple use to own the building but they have just sold it so lets hope that doesn´t lead to some gentrification pains.

The Vagimule Doll went to the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart Art Book Fair to see an intriguing filmic performance by Discoteca Flaming Star. The performance was called Ingrid (2003-So Far) and is a non linear tela novella freaky styly salute to the deceased B-movie actress Ingrid Rabel(Maria Teresa Gomez Gutierrez, 1945-2002. I am all wrapped up in the house of Ingrid, whether its Bush Hogs in Love, Zombie Closet or Zombie Catwalk and Birth I feel that Ingrid will be on everyones lips as this year ends and moves into the next decade.

Congrats to lovesexy Cristina Gomez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer of Discoteca Flaming Star & their fab co-horts. Also special kudos for their stylish and highly inspiring Ingrid zine with biographical notes and a poetic diary entries.

Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson hosted a sweet little cocktail soiree for new Berliner Monilola Ilupeju who moved to Berlin from New York City and was one of artist Jonathan Berger’s number one students at New York University. Monilola works for SAVVY Contemporary at the silent green Kulturquartier and is just a lovely and enchanting young artiste.

My former student at Malmö Art Akademy in Sweden is the brilliant genius feminist artist C. Maria Norrman, and she has a new performance called The Goddess that will take place on October 27, 6pm. The work will be visible as an installation from October 19-November 11, 2018. If you will be in Scandanavia you owe it to yourself to see her fabu work Weekly Mass at Skanes Konstförening Malmö. For more info go to

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Nussbaum furniert oder echter Schieferstein

The Vagimule doll officially began her 2 year seminar/labzone at work master HEAD  Geneva Haute e’cole d’art et design, the very open art university in Switzerland.

The young French curator Olga Rozenblum who was in New York City in 2015 and saw the CHEAP production of The Magic Flute an Opera in Six Steps felt that having Ms. Davis in Switzerland working with their students in a similar vein that she worked along with Susanne Sachsse at New York University and The New School would be utterly divine.

Ms. Davis was still quite knackered from her appearances in Copenhagen workshopping at the Royal Danish Academy of Art & Design and her teaching, performances and exhibitions back in the States.

The French section of Switzerland which includes Geneva is quite cutesy. Ms. Davis didn`t know what to expect as she heard a lot of different things from people. Our heroines accomodations provided by Hotel Adriatica in the Quartier Champel were quite luxe. The hotel manager who looks like Adolphe Menjou was very nice and accommodating to the Vagimule doll. There is also a young man who works at the hotel who is quite fetching. This man is usually floating about between the breakfast room and front desk in the morning hours.

Ms. Davis´ students were all sweet and are working in interesting modes of production.
She was met at the aeroport by Work Master HEAD Coordinator, Jonas Hermenjat who is young, handsome and very masculine. Ms. Davis didn’t expect such an interest by the students for her lab zone.  Jonas was very helpful making her transition at the school complete.

The art school is part of a larger University which has moved to new digs in the suburbs near the airport. The art school will also move in two years time. The current location features some grand imposing structures that give the place the air of an old Swiss Finishing School. The Lady Ms. Davis finds that very appropriate as some of her exercises were inspired from the 1941 Robert Z. Leonard film Ziegfeld Girl that feature etiquette, poise and comportment. Leave it to Mme Arman de Caillavet to properly Lana Turner a new crop of art students on the rise.


The other day Ms Davis ran into baby diaper Joel Gibb’s ex boyfriend Enrico Dallman. She hasn´t seen Enrico in years and he looked really good with his lean, tight muscular body. He still works as a physical therapist in a Nollendorfplatz doctor`s office. Ms. D. had just been eating dinner at the Zza Zza Gabor Burger Palast when she bumped into Enrico and his sweet colleague Dieter. Enrico seems to have put his acting career plans on hold, which is a shame as he has the perfect movie marquee face and matinee idol moniker.

A grand meeting with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of the Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst, Gerrit Woltemarth, and Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson took placed at the Empress’ Wrangle Kiez compound. The group were tackling some long range planning for their new site specific performative film series Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome which has become the talk of the town.

A lot of wonderous ideas came plopping out of all that lovesexy collective brainage. Later in the evening they were joined by prima ballerina Trixie Cordua Schönherr and Uli Ziemons who all toasted the Vagimule Doll's winning that most talked about Queer/Art Prize.

When Ms. Davis was emailed that she won the award she ignored them thinking it was some kind of new fangled Nigerian internet scam. The award is quite new. 2018 is only the second year, last year’s winner was Catherine Opie.

Those of you who will be in the Pacific Northwest you only have till Saturday October 20th to see the Vaginal Davis exhibition An Invitation to the Dance at Adams& Ollman Gallery in Portland Oregon. If you can´t go tell all your PNW friends to buy the limited edition etchings on mirrored glass before they are all gone.  Most of the paintings on exhibit have sold out.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018



Was invited almost two years ago to come and give a lecture and workshop at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen. So with absolutely no time for recovery from being on the Theft Coast I was off to Denmark.

The curator Cecilie Schmidt is a Phd fellow in Theater and Performance Studies. My trip was also hosted by Curriculum an independent public school of performance art, which presents lectures of important figures of international performance art. Invited are researchers and practitioners: physically involved co-authors of the herstory of the performance art genre, which is based on the crisis of the subject; a genre that oscillate between performing and visual arts, unfolds in the grey zone between the black box and the white cube. Public lectures are held at various institutions: in the art gallery, at the university, at the academy and in the theatre. Curriculum is supported by the Danish Arts Council, Goethe Institut Kopenhagen in collaboration with Tarnby Tory 7.

My accomodations were provided by Guldsmeden Axel Hotel near the central train station in the red light district. The hotel breakfast was most excellent and the staff were congenial and helpful. On the day that a photographer came to take my picture for the Danish daily Dagbladet Information a Taz like newspaper the entire hotel staff seemed to jump into buzz mode to make sure that the international celebrity was being properly taken care of.

At my artist talk it was SRO with my former Malmo Art Academy student C. Maria Norman in attendance with her entourage that included photographers Rasmus Raphaelle and Johan Lundin, the young beautiful journalist Pauline Bendsen who interviewed me after the talk told me there were a lot of Danish celebs in the audience including film director Lars von Trier, actors Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Coster-Waldov from Game of Thrones, singer Lukas Graham, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. I had gotten an email from my old pal Viggo Mortensen who is Danish that he would be in Copenhagen and would attend, but I didn’t see him. You’re probably wondering how a Lord of the Rings movie star is connected to Vaginal Davis. Well Viggo use to be married to my dear friend Exene Cervenka of the LA punk band X, and they have a child together named Henry who is grown up now.

The Framing the Freakazoid Workshop I conducted was held in the suburbs at this very interesting mid century space called Tarnby Torv. One of the participants in my workshop the young curator and former fashion model Lotte would come every morning to my hotel and fetch me and take me to the space. Thank god for Lotte, without her I would never have found the place. Lotte is an independent curator who got her start working with Berlin’s SAVVY Contemporary before it moved to its current location as part of the silent green Kulturquartier compound.

I am also in debt to Andreas Liebmann who runs the Tarnby Torv space. Somehow my needs for the workshop weren’t communicated in advance but Andreas valiantly came to my rescue.

Taking part in the workshop was a very interesting and brilliant group of students and working artists that included Daniel Molholt, Meleat Fredickson, Ida Bogedal Jorgensen, Jurgen Calesen aka: Miss Fish, David Winfield Norman, Mulia Cecachal, Manon Siv, and Eira Frojdl.

Special thankx to my London gallerist Dan Gunn, The Love Camel aka Andrea Novarin, Cecilie, Amalia Kasakove for getting me from the aeroport to the hotel and to the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and the gorgeous and personable Miss Lotte.

Here is more information on upcoming events at Tarnby Torv:

Tarnby Torv Festival Program 2018

Wednesday November 14th

Opening Ritual – Andreas Liebmann

InElipses – DuquesnayLavrennikov and Crew

Wish You Were Here – Jon Hoff

Thursday Novemember 15th

Debate – Wouter Hillaert and guests

Friday November 16th

E.E. in Tarnby – Boaz Barkan, Nicolai Dahl-Hamilton, Andreas Liebmann, Dorthea Boyi and Tarnby citizens

Saturday November 17th

Teenage panel – Tarnby Teenagers

Philosophy for Kids – Rudi Gomez de Mello, Manon Siv Duquesnay and Tarnby kids

Children performance

Flying Tarnby – Pneuma Szov

Party Volumes – Karin Bergman, June Lysjo and Lukas Racky

Sunday November 18th

Tarnby Spiser – Refugees Invite for Lunch


When I was still in Los Angeles I received a sweet emug message from the great ECO Sexual team of Annie Sprinkles and Beth Stephens. Annie and Beth are two of my most favourite people in the world.  Besides being sexy and charming they are really committed to making permanent change to our planet for the better. Their latest project is a film called Water Makes Us Wet which is an Eco Sexual Adventure. The film screened in Los Angeles right after I left town, but it will be going on the road so make sure to see it when it comes to your town and support Annie and Beth who are the hardest working artists in the cosmos. For more information when the film is in your area go to these web sites: and juno which is the film’s distributor.

Saturday, September 29, 2018


Schritt für Schritt

After glorious successes in the Pacific Northwest the Vagimule Doll had to go back to her hometown to deal with the recent tragic death of her nephew Brian Keith Taylor.  Being in Los Angeles was very much butterscotch bittersweet for the diva.

Her oldest sister Gracie Lee Taylor named the nephew after the Hollywood actor Brian Keith who was mainly known for the 1961 Disney film The Parent Trap that starred Hayley Mills, and the TV sitcom Family Affair (1966-1971) about a confirmed bachelor forced to take care of his nephew and nieces after the death of their parents.  The series also featured drug overdose victim Anissa Jones as Buffy, and British actor Sebastian Cabot as the uncle characters bear daddy lover pretending to be his valet/butler.

Spending time with her la familia was beyond baroque depressing for our fragile starina.  I know its difficult for anyone to imagine that Ms. Davis even has a family.  Sometimes she feels like a hatched egg from the primordial ooze of the La Brea Tar Pits.

Being back in Los Angeleeze was at times very difficult for our Alexandre Dumas Lady of the Camilias as everyone in the city is either rich and clueless living in a guilded bubble foam, or poor and ragged.  Ms. Davis’ sister Teresa Ray is so stressed out from her job at the County of Los Angeles’s Housing Authority that large clumps of her hair are falling out.  She resembles a sad little rescue doggie with the mange. 

No one in the USA can afford to retire and so that is the case with Ms. Davis’ sister who turns 67 in December.  Being handicapped Ms. Davis' sister is just content that she has a job, and a rent controlled apartment in Hollywood where she has lived for over 40 years.  Ms. Davis’ niece Terri Lynn Johnson, her husband and five children were gentrified out of the LA basin and live in the icky high desert town of Victorville which made national news lately because of a machette weilding robber.  Terri Lynn works the gig economy as an Über driver along with a myriad of other very low wage paying jobs.  The homeless problem in El Lay is out of control with tented encampments dotted all over the landscape.  They keep building cheaply made fugxury apartments all over the city which exasperates the situation.

Hector Martinez surprised his beloved doll with an impromptu soiree featuring a whose who of Los Angeles high society that included beautiful Michele “Meesh” Mills who just won an Emmy Award for her work on the reality TV series RuPaul's Drag Race.  Meesh and Ms. Davis go way back with each other having collaborated on many important projects.  In the early aughts Meesh was the guardian of the gate flapper dapper at Ms. Davis’ heritage performance space/speakeasy Bricktops at the Parlourclub.  Also at the gathering was former LA Weekly managing editor Miss Kateri Butler, Jamie Stewart &Angela Seo of XiuXiu, young lovesexy black artist Elliot Reed who is part of the new breed of Los Angeles performance artists making an international David Hockney Splash, gifted novelist and painter Lisa Teasley, tattooed love god Ron Athey, Skot Armstrong and his hot lover James Tallon of Science Holiday Kollektiv and the Museum of Fun, Andrew Gould aka: Audre Beardsley the former manager of the Parlour Club now working with the One Institute Archive at USC, who dragged his spiritual wifette to In&Out Burgers in Hollywood for lunch and late night snack of taco’s Verdi at the famous Mexican food stand next to the Santa Monica &Vermont Avenue Subway Station, enchanting Kimberly Kim Nisgore who use to be the head bartender at the Parlour Club who nows hosts LA’s hottest new club Day Goth, inter media opera schtar Julianna Snapper, gorgeous sculptress Karen Lofgren aka Debra Kara Hunger with muscular and handsome beau Colby, Alice Bag and her big dicked husband Jailbait Greg Velasquez, Glen Meadmore, one of Ms. Davis' dearest and oldest girlfriends. Hector’s adoreable spouse Ericla Pierce and their next door neighbor Charlie Carver who appeared in the Broadway revival of Boys in the Band as the Hustler Cowboy.  

With family commitments Ms. Davis wasn’t able to spend time with any olde friends, but her Papa Athey who get’s up at the crack of dawn like Ms. Davis managed to kidnapped her at gunpoint and make one of his famous cuntry breakfasts of champion misfits that included Lisa Teasley and young visiting artist from Greece Hermes Pittakos.   Big Daddy Ron also treated his living doll to one of his sublime bodyworks, which helped Ms. Davis with her post performance/jet lag stress and menapausa.

This trip to LA was the first time since moving to Berlin in 2005 that Ms. Davis came to Los Ang without performing and only to visit.  She was flown to the Pacific Northwest by her amazing gallerist Amy Adams of Adams&Ollman along with PICA and PNAC so they arranged her return trip back to Europe through LA proper so she could properly attend to her grieving and forlorn family members.

The Vaginale Davista would like to Thank Ms. Amy Adams and the staff, friends and supporters of Adams&Ollman Gallery, Hector & Ericla for their generosity in allowing her to stay at their spacious guest cottage at Plato del Lago in the Edendale section of hillside Silverlake.  Hector also took Ms. D. to the “Bu” as  in Malibu, where she was able to cool down from the awful hot weather in the Los Angeles basin and be at the beach to give the amazing broadshouldered, big footed surfer boys her unconditional John Wayne Gacy style hairy eyeball. 

Also thugular thanx and big sloppy wet kissyz  to Hector for taking his living dollpart to the Farmers Market on Fairfax for fresh out of the oven cinnamon rolls, Hector’s amazing parents the San Martine’s of Southgate who cooked her a fab and authentic from scratch Mexican dinner,  MarLou DeLuna and her husband Hal Marinus who took her for breakfast at the Pacific Dining Car her favorite LA eatery and Kimberly Kim of North Korea and her mother for the lovely flowers and home made split pea soup.

Next stop for Lady Hyacinth:  A performative lecture at The Danish Royal Akademy of Art and workshop in Copenhagen.

Sunday, September 23, 2018



The Vagimule Doll was feeling very Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in the mighty Pacific Northwest taking part in the Time Based Art Festival (TBA) at the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art in conjunction with my west coast gallerist Amy Adams of Adams & Ollman solo show of my new painting series An Invitation to the Dance which runs until October 20th.   As part of the exhibition at Adams & Ollman I created a mural and an etched mirror piece called Marge & Gower Champion which is an abstracted portrait of the famed classic Hollywood dance duo in a limited edition of 20.

Also sponsoring my visit:  Pacific Northwest College of Art’s MFA in Visual Studies Visiting Artist Lecture Series, and the Portland Museum of Art where I am part of the group show Between – We Construct Marvels curated by the vivacious Libby Werbel.

Hector Martinez flew in from Los Angeles to assist his living doll.  Hector was in white boy heaven spending a lot of time at the gym oogling the humpy lumbersexuals.  Accomodations were provided by the cute and stylish AC Hotel in Downtown Portland which has a very good breakfast.  With the Vagimule its all about the food and Amy & Company took her out to some very exciting eateries. 

Helping Ms. Davis with her mural was the gifted young artists Allynn Carpenter (PNCA Alumnus) Lauren Prado (PNCA 2nd year) and Payton Barronian (PNCA 1st year). The mural assistants were organized by Peter Simensky.

Ms. Davis performative lecture at PICA was SRO with over 500 people in attendance.  The list of whose who is endless but included:  Matt Groening, Carrie Brownstein, Sam Elliott, k.d. lang, Rainn Wilson, Claire Coffee, Chris Thile,  Kristan Kennedy, PICA Artistic Director, Roya Amirsoleymani, Curator of Visual Art, Libby Werbel of the Portland Museum of Modern Art, Spencer Byrne-Seres the PICA Exhibitions Director, Victoria Frey PICA Executive Director, Sara Krajewski the contemporary art curator at Portland Museum of Art, Courtney Dailey PICA board member, famed photographer and curator Paige Powell who took Ms. Davis to luncheon at the marvelous Maurice Café that is around the corner from Adams& Ollman.  Ms. Powell and Ms. Davis have many shared acquaintances and she took photos of the diva for Gusher Magazine.
Also seen:  Lisa Jarrett professor at Portland State University, Amy Adams, Rose Dickson, Andrea Lounibos, Tim Blue with his fabulous and famous sister Robin, Kitty Diggens and her hot beau Slayer, actors Jannis Niewohner, Richie Merrit of the new film White Boy Rick, Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols and comic Matt Rife.

At the opening at Adams&Ollman:  Denise Mullen the former President of Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) who gave Ms. Davis a beautiful gold necklace, Tim Blue and sister Robin with Slayer, Peter Simensky PNCA Chair of MFA Visual Studies, Victor Platt who bought a piece from the exhibit, Jeffry Mitchell artist, Mack McFarland PNCA Curator and Director of the Center for Contemporary Art & Culture, Paige Powell with Thomas Lauderdale of Pink Martini, Joanna Bloom the artist and co-founder of Ash Street Project, Thomas Orr of Ash Street Project, Portland art schtars Ivan Carmona, Ellen Lesperance, Jacqueline Bebb, Pepper Pepper, Libby Werbel, Jessica Jackson-Hutchins, Storm Tharp, Gary Robbins owner of Container Corps Publishing and Printing Press, Manu Torres, florist and life partner of Mr. Robbins.  Ms Davis also met David Arrow the famed lighting designer, producer of opera and ballet who brought with him Albert Shepard who had worked on more then 50 TV and films including Mandingo, the movie I showed a clip from during my lecture, and the 1976 film Norman, Is That You? Starring Redd Fox, Pearl Bailey, Michael Warren and Tamara Dobson.  Mr. Shepard is now retired but worked in film from 1961-1988 as was one of the few black members of the Directors Guild of America.  He and Mr. Arrow were very charming older gentlemen.

Also at the opening were a bunch of students of PNCA including Matt Perez, Brittany Winsor and Payton Barronian who Ms. Davis had studio visits with.

Ms. Davis was interviewed in Portland by Mathias Rosenzweig of V Magazine and the delightful  Emily Prado who besides being a young journalista also is the creator of the wonderful zine Women of Color in Punk Rock.

Sunday, September 09, 2018



Did I forget to tell you that I saw a screening of the Jon M. Cho film Crazy Hung Asians that stars rapper/comic Awkwafina, the heiress apparent to Margaret Cho?
The film would have been more interesting if the sexy male actors were shown dry humping and doing the puppy chow on each other.  There is certainly a need for all-Asian starring Hollywood films.   While this programmer was colourful and fast paced, it was also a bit twee.  Hearing Grace Chang on the soundtrack was certainly a high point along with a very attractive cast.

A little excerpt from Mary Magdelene a novel by Vaginal Davis:

Nellent Forbrush, “Nelly” for short was all up in Dinah Shore arms about the French Lieutenant’s wo-Man chomping on her bit n apple.  He was 34 years old and very tall breathing life back into her with his CPR style suck phace.  The only thing she didn’t like about him was that he vaped.  She wanted to taste the natural Frenchy flavours and Gallic odours and not  his nicotine confectory.
Nelly also happened upon a giant North Eastern Italiano.  A competitive swimmer with a perfect streamlined moderne body beautiful and peterfication like a filled Cream soda bottle.  He was all mushroom headed wonder with massive gonads floating to the surface Run Silent, Run Deep freaky styly.  Nelly won him over with her detached throat nodgules, that were bringing him to the point of whoregasm before she decreased pressure and deflated him with one soulful slurry.  Miss Nelly wasn’t fully aware of her hidden talents or skillz.  All her life she took scant notice of hearthy charms and wool worth on the open marketa. 
The Italian hare could have easily impregnated any other girl, but fortunately for our heroine nothing could ever be planted in her barren womba.
The next day Ms. Forbrush traipsed in passions plurry with a thyroid eyed Ugandan hunchback with Plessy vs Ferguson liver lips.  He was passing through Prussia on his way to a wedding in Brussels Belgium.  He was fun and fancy free making her feel desired, but it was a  pillowlipped Columbian Cartel solicitor with a receding hairline who really gave her the girlish gnut she was craving.  He dragged her around the bedroom lifting her up high in the air and thumping her hard onto the floor.
His crotch was in her face, his feet were stomping on her.  She was wrapped around his torso, he was strumming her with Eddie Van Halen licks.  One of her legs he put over the dresser and the other down by the kitchen sink.  His kisses were carnivorous chomps drawing blood. 
He looked so harmless. She didn’t expect a man of his dimunitive stature to be so strong and tank like.
Between the biceps on his toes, and the rest of his ironclad musculature she fared pretty much like an Ostrich feather lost in his Mighty Joe Young arms.
Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome’s Borscht Belt Modalities evening at the Prinzessinnengarten am Moritzplatz was a sterling success.  The screening of Jumping Nite at the Garden of Eden by Michal Goldman 1988 and Granpa Sam 2001 left the publicum in a joyous summer nite mood. 

Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson was the overseer of our Nebesh Off, and made the delish pickles that everyone was munching on.  In the audience were some very beautiful Nebeshy boys which bolstered our musical soundtrack provided by The Glorious Barry Sisters. 

Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus welcomed everyone with open arms, and the Arsenal membership drive was certainly increased a thousand fold. 

Our guardian at the gate the lovely Salome Gersch was the perfect first person that everyone sees at the kasse.  Salome will be leaving Arsenal at the end of the month to continue her studies in France and write her Masters thesis. 

So happy we have the Red Baron Gerrit Woltemath Gottfried von Cramm as our sexy patrician Production Coordinator.  Gerrit takes care of every little thing for us brilliantly with his wonderful attention to detail.

The Prinzessinen Garten staff of Werner & Dennis, Mixologists Vivi & Ine at the bar also contributed greatly to the standout evening. Arsenal’s senior projectionist Bodo Pagels did a marvelous job with the 16mm projecting of Jumpin’ Night, a print that hasn´t been screened in over 26 years.

The celebutants in attendance:
teen star Aaron Hilmer (Das schönste Mädchen der Welt), Michaela (Ela) Wünsch of BBooks Kollektiv, Markus Ruff of Arsenal Leiter Archive außer sich, Uli Ziemons of Forum Expanded, Mariam Frick of Panorama Section of the Berlinale, Anke Hahn of Deutche Kinemathek, Natalie Knoll of Berlinale Forum, Popo Fan the juicy and stylish Chinese filmmaker, activist and critic with DJane Bianca Kruk  and sound designer Manuela  Schinina, tall,  hunky Luca Jacob Borkowsky head of Piranha Film/Womex Films, Monilola Ilupeju the beautiful Nigerian recent NYU grad who was the top student of my ex student artist Jonathan Berger, Kreuzberg local Senol Senturk, makeup and hair god Christian Fritzenwanker, Katharina Bischoff the Original Sin Production Coordinator, Discoteca Flaming Star’s Cristina & Wolfgang with their hot Madrid posse including Cristina’s radiant Biology professor best friend, hot young queer student Charlotte Peters of FU, Piero Bellomo, Claire Molloy Assistant Curator at Martin Gropius Bau, and former Goethe Universitaet curatorial studies student, sweet Verena Kittel of Liste Art Fair Basel, art schtars Wu Tsang &  Boychild, installation artist Raphaela Vogel, Deutsche Welle  and Bloomberg News journalista Michael Scaturro, Joel Gibb the baby diaper of Canada’s Hidden Cameras, Fearless Leader of CHEAP  Susanne Sachsse with film historian Marc Siegel aka: Marcuse Siegelstein, who is also in the film Granpa Sam which is a loving tribute to his famed photographer grandfather Sam Siegel, Linda Winkler of silent green, artists Clarissa Thieme and Nicolas Pittarides visiting from London, Magda Magdy, Stephan Ahrens of Zeughauskino, Michelle Ty and Johanna Rothe, Clarisse Mehring, David Schöler and actress Diane Kruger.

The Day before I was the DJane for the Christeene Concert at Berghain.  Christeene has become a huge superschtar in a very short time.  Her Cajun party rap mix performance style blends nicely with moments of timely introspection.  My mothers family are from Louisiana so I am quite familiar with the nuance of the Christeene persona, and its brilliantine!  She is both slick and polished, and not slick or polished, and that’s what makes things flow so effortlessly on stage.  Christeene is a post modern teene idol and has been collaborating with photographer and video artist Matt Lambert and the very cute Simon Kaiser.   
I also adore her Bob Fosse/Twyla Tharp back up dancers who are extroidinarily sexxxxy with boundless psychic TV energy. 

Opening up for Christeene was the divine Michele Lamy the muse and lifepartner of designer Rick Owens.  Michele has been making new music with her daughter Scarlette Rouge and will be performing at the next Frieze Art Fair in London.  Michele’s performance at Berghain was spellbinding.  Joining her on stage was Boychild and the two played off of each other to perfection.  Michele is in her 70s but is so youthful, so vibrant that she is the epitome of the ageless wonder.  Michele reminded me that I’ve known her since 1979 when she had the West Hollywood store Too Soon To Know on Santa Monica Blvd. 
Wasn’t expecting to see Rick  Owens at Berghain, but he came from Paris and it was quite joyous to reunite with him and the high fashion comrades he brought with him.  I haven’t seen Rick since last year in Paris when I modeled for his new collection, the photos of which became part of his big retrospective Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman at the Triennale di Milano.
In the audience at Berghain was actor Neil Patrick Harris dancing wildly, Shaggy haired artist Jonathan Meese, International DJane Honey Dijon, Richard Gabriel and girlfriend Lillian, with muscular medical student roommate Hermann, Daniel Hendrickson & Piero Bellomo, makeup artiste Akira Knightly with French fashion pals, and super model Max, scholar Marcuse Siegelstein with gorgeous diva Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP, Zeitkratzer percussionist Maurice De Martin, artist Tanja Schwarz, Wolfgang from Discoteca Flaming Star and sizzling Madrid gang of 4our, Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel, Liz Rosenfeld & Sam Icklow,  beauty artists Wu Tsang and Elly Clarke, and sexy young Frankfurt curator Jose’ Segebre.

Special thanks to Berghains amazing chef who created the most scrumptious dinner for us and Krischan Makswitat & Grinni Stangner who were so lovely in accommodating the Vagimule doll.

Literary Figurine:  To whoever is out there in the world wide web firmament.  Ms. Davis would love to get her hands on a copy of the book One Drop:  A True Story of Family, Race, and Secrets by Bliss Broyard.