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Friday, March 29, 2019


Die Widerhallende Glocke

Gesund Leben Klassiche Kurven–Kunde

DJ Snax aka Paul Bonomo who I have known since he was a teenage Robert Smith/Prince fanatic living in the DC area sending me mix tapes of his low fi recorded original music. After stints in San Francisco with the amazing Queercore band Fagbash with Davey Jones and New York City he was part of the third wave of Americans in Berlin in the late 1990s that included Peaches. Snax sent me this note about a special project that he has in the works. I will let him tell you about it in his own words:

DJ Snax here. It’s been a gazillion years since we’ve seen each other. I hope that can change when you attend this event I’m co-hosting over Easter with none other than Dave Jones (ex-Fagbash) from LA.

He now goes under the name Jonesy and he recently completed an experimental documentary about the fisting club in SF of the 70’s called The Catacombs. It mostly consists of an interview with Dr. Gayle Rubin who was one of the only women who went to the place. We hope this docu can be an alternative to all the male dominated fetish events going on that weekend; especially open to women, trans people, all queers….

Really hope you can make it. Dave and I would be thrilled!

Love of love,



Please join me and my dear friend Jonesy for a very special screening and erotic event this Easter weekend, April 18th at the legendary Ficken 3000 Club.

Artists Jonesy, Kiernan Cobarrubia and the musician Snax are thrilled to present a screening of The Figa, an experimental documentary by Jonesy and Jaime C Knight. The film features Dr. Gayle Rubin being interviewed about the history of the San Francisco Catacombs sex club. The screening and event opens Berlin Easter Fetish Weekend on Thursday, April 18th, 2019 at Ficken 3000.

The Figa will be part of a program which includes Berlin filmmaker Liz Rosenfeld’s (Untitled) Dyketactics Revisited. The screening will also be accompanied by a sale of artist created objects relating to the history of the Catacombs. Featured artists include Theodor Johansson, Dean Sameshima, Kiernan Cobarrubia, and Beth Cita & Lex Vaughn and Jonesy & Jaime C Knight. There will be a door fee of 5 euros to help cover expenses for the filmmakers, DJ’s and artists presenting.

In keeping with the spirit of the screening of The Figa in Berlin, Snax and DJ and producer Dickey Doo will perform a set reminiscent of the Catacombs playlist. Dr. Rubin wrote about this playlist in her work around the Catacombs, and speaks extensively of the music in the film. The music will highlight the atmosphere in the legendary nightspot/ sex club Ficken 3000, providing the mood for queer party-goers of all genders, races and orientations to express themselves erotically, recalling the mood of Catacombs era San Francisco.

Please come…and join THE FIGA!


La Susanne Sachsse and Marcuse Siegelstein treated the Vagimule doll to a wonderful Italian birthday dinner at the East German boite Brot und Rosen across the street from Friedrickshain Park. We were joined by handsome and hunky Richard Gabriel and had a delightful evening gossiping and klatching into the willy wee hours.

Was back at Work Master HEAD in Geneva with my Framing the Freakazoid / Perverse Assemblages labzone. Had a great time with my wonderous students Louise, Valentina, Julie and Lorraine working on make-up looks for the eyes as mirror to the soul via Otto Preminger’s film version of the Francoise Sagan novel Bonjour Tristesse starring the immortal Jean Seberg. We also got some inspiration from the Lamount Johnson horror thriller You’ll Like My Mother starring Patty Duke, Richard Thomas, Rosemary Murphy and Sian Barbara Allen.

The weather warmed up quite a bit in the sun so we did some preliminary Art Stalking which will devolve into a much wider project for the students.

My big boss at Work Master HEAD Art University Charlotte Laubard invited me and Laurent Schultz the main administrator at Work Master to dinner at her new high rise apartment that is located somewhere in the suburbs of Geneva. Charlotte reminds me of a young Isabelle Hupert with a bit of Danielle Darrieux on the side. A lovely time was had by all with delicious food that also included Charlotte’s handsome, charming Italian art critic/curator husband Andrea Bellini and their adoreable children.

Before heading off to Geneva I had a splendid evening of drinks and snacks with Markus Ruff of Arsenal Experimental at Café Berio in Nollendorky Platz. Markus is the smartest most delightful young man in all of Berlin. He had me laughing and doing sommersaults with his right on insightful pronouncements into the human spirit. 

Was so glad I was able to have lunch again with the famous novelist Travis Jeppeson at Milagro before he blasted off to teach in Shanghai at a University which is similar to my situation at Work Master HEAD in Switzerland.

Don´t forget the next Contemporary Vinegar Syndrom is Montag 08.04.19 20.00(8pm) The theme is
what is a Kollektiv? We will be screening the timely short subjects:

*Winnie Wright, Age 11 by Suzanne Davenport, Greg Grieco, Betsy Martins, Gordon Quinn, Teena Webb USA 1974 16mm/engl. OF/25 min and *Frame-up! The Imprisonment of Martin Sostre Steven Fischler, Joel Sucher, Howard Blatt USA 1974 16mm/engl. OF/ 30 min

und special surpises!

bei b_books, Lübbenerstr. 14., Berlin-Kreuzberg

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