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Saturday, November 22, 2003

Bricktops how you always keep me surprised and amused. Friday was our salute to Ramon Novarro the silent screen faggot who got killed by two hustlers in 1968 that stuffed a marble dildo statue up his bungholia.

Lots of visiting dignataries paying their respects, including Bob Nickas, the founding editor of NYC’s Index Magazine and now a senior editor at ArtForum. It was great seeing Bob----he is the ultimate campus cut-up and looked wonderful. Also from NYC the legendary bearded lady Jennifer Miller, came with juicy mulatto Malik Gaines(son of artist Charles Gaines) and his boyfriend Alex of My Barbarian.

Turning every homo’s head was the humpy Brazilian sit-up champion Edmar Freitas whose ab-normal 16-pack could easily be seen through his heavy carbolt knit sweater. Well you’d look that good too if you could do 133,986 crunches in 30 hours. Why he came to Bricktops was a mystery, though he looked like he was still having a good time. Oh welp

Cutesy Cubano/Judean art gallery owner Javiar Peres of the edgy hedgy Chinatown Peres Projects brought a bevy of artists in tow. Javiar represents Bruce La Bruce, Asian PunkBoy and others in Los Angeles, and was surrounded by LA art tots Jeff Ono and Dean Shashima. Looking radiant was Abby Travis of Elastica fame with the members of the Jewish rap/polka group Gefelte Fuck!

Director Darren Stein came with a glamour posse while chit chatting with jewelry designer Europa, everyone’s favorite flapper Shauna Leone who I predict is going to become the breakthrough star of the Bricktops scene. Bibbe Hansen was with film editing hubby Sean Carrillo. Bibbe will be performing for our "Love Me or Leave Me, Ruth Etting Night" on January 30th which is also her birthday. So mark it in your calenderia—this is going to be a rare opportunity to see the woman who gave birth to Beck performing.

And was that Stephan Wathne of the famous Wathne’s of Reykjavik, Iceland at the bar humping Louis Garris, the incredibly beautiful young french boy who stars in Bernardo Bertolucci’s new film about a kinky pair of twins called The Dreamers.

Mr. Uncertains’s jazz punk combo Uncertain which features two very lovely young men,
Kenneth Thunder and Cid Arthur, performed to riotous affect. And Mr. Uncertain did a great job accompanying me as we sang a little sick tribute to Michael Jackson that went something like this:

Michael Jacko / Jacko Mike-O Now, child--- what have you done? Tell Miss Bricktops what have you done?
I still believe in you----but tell me what have you done?

Well you get the gist. On a sad note, Gene Anthony Ray who played the bootylicious LeRoy in the 1979 movie Fame and also the 80s TV show died of complications of Mrs. AIDS. I remember Gene dancing the night away with his dancer pals at Rage on Mondays in the mid 80s.

Why is it that dancers have such an off style sense? They have great bodies, but always wear the ill-est outfits.

Oh I finally saw that Israeli movie Yossi and Jagger. I’ve always been a staunch admirer of Israeli soldiers, so this movie was a nice treat, though it needed to show more skin.

Friday, November 21, 2003

ran into Iris Parker of Madame X on Sunset Plaza. She was with the great Bernadette Cooper of Klymaxx fame. Hot hot hot.
Finally saw Gus' "Elephant" Geniustrata if i do say so myself. Those cute boys in the film, photographed with slavish love. The best movie to really get what its actually like in high school. 14 stars for Gus "Michael Jackson" Van Sant

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Another little note from my famous movie directrice friend Miss Judy LaBruce:

oh oh tell me more javier stories. i know he's been pulling threegies
with st'eve and glen. but twat else? Hollywood is so over. i go to
pottsdamer platypus here to see the unsubtitled english movies when i
get an afternoon off, so i went to see matrix 3 and the italian hand
job. they're both so very bad in different ways. talk about casually
fascist. godard said it about klute, but these movies make klute look
like king: from montgomery to memphis. i also feel myself slowly
withdrawing from everything, but it's okay. we'll know when to insert
ourselves when the time is right. xxx blab

had a meeting with cute mu-latto Malik of My Barbarian who is curating this LA City Colored People art show at the Luckman Gallery and Folk and Craft Museum on Wilshire across from LACMA. I guess i'm going to have some of my lost lady paintings in the show. Malik is so cute and tasty. He should become a movie actor. I bet his little tight ass would make a nice garden salad---hold the oil and vinegrette.
had a million errands to run. thank god the tired trains and busses are back running. Decided to treat myself to a movie. Saw charles Busche's "Die, Mommy Die" Very cute, though Charles is getting a little too long on the tooth to play an aging Susan Hayward, not that Susan & Co didn't look like a man in the 60s but Charles has a masculine face and some of those close-ups were not that flattering to him though he is a very good actor and that mainstream showbiz kind of way. I adored Natasha Lyonne and Jason Priestly who actually does have a very large penis. And that new kind who played the gay son, what a cute pale skinned body he possessed----yum and the two hunks who do a full frontal. The camera should have lingered. Also for the heck saw the last Matrixie flick. Dullardsville. The last one was bad, but at least there was the lesbian heart fisting scene, and in this one instead of the awful crusty rave they substituted a misguided salute to Club Fuck, wasting Monica Belluci and the movie goers time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

A little emug from my favorite sister of the clothe, the first lady of Canadian Canamultra, the divine Bruce La Bruce who is in Berlin finishing up her latest film opus:

Hi Mulina: indispensable, as usual. what's up with Castrato (Bruce's nemesis Ricky Castro) these days
anyhow? is he still living off his six figure settlement courtesy of the
city of Los An? Still practicing voodoo? still grifting? just curious
george. i had a nice dinner at a punk italian pizza restaurant here in
berlin the other night with susanne and mark and daniel. it was quite
civilized. just finishing up my movie here. we're reshooting the last
scene on saturday and enlisting a real live baby. i hope it's sunny. the
day, not the baby. berlin can be quite overbearing this time of year.
when she wants to be overcast and dour and brooding, she really does it
like no other. i'm currently being shuffled like the dailies between
friends' apartments, so it's a little tedious. i shouldn't complain
because they're all excellent hosts and i have my own room and what not,
which is about the size of my apartment in toronto. i think i may come
to LA for new years or shortly thereafter. is there a bricky around new
years? i have a photo exhib in dallas on around the 9th of jan, so i
thought i'd come down early. ron mentioned something about a party at
udoze in palm springs. i'm off to stockholm in a few weeks for an
ill-advised appearance at some festival called shame. don't really need
to see stockholm, but i do have a follwing there and i need the bread.
ok doll write when you have the time. xxx blab

Monday, November 17, 2003

Got this emug from the gorgeously hunky and talented stud of all studs Brian Grillo formerly of Extra Fancy and Lock-Up. His day job is house painter to the stars, and he has so many wonderful stories about his experiences that he must put them together in a book. I have to share his latest note:

I'll tell you ,sometimes I hate being a house painter but it does have it's classic Hollywad Glamour shot picture postcard moments!Like the Billionaire German CEO and his ex hustler/live in lover who could afford
to hire his own hustlers to fist him every time daddy left town.Quote:"being fisted keeps me sober".They had this old hard as nails German maid that would drive up from Lomita reeking of alcohol, and the day after she found a bag of dildos in thier closet, I caught her gulping down a bottle of thier vintage wine in the
laundry room.She didnt last long.The next maid was a quiet Swedish girl whom they left in charge of the house while they were out of town attending to thier N.Y suprized her by coming home early to a huge party with broken bottles,vomit,and a couple
going at it in their bed.The landscaper was this sexy studly cutie excpt they found out after giving him 2000 dollars to buy plants for thier carp pond,and him coming back with one scraggly moss like plant,that he had a crystal meth problem.My Boss was so mad that he
pushed him in the pond.And then the time that they let me watch the house for the weekend and I made the mistake of bringing Susan Tyrell over....If you spill beer on a vintage persian carpet you can never get the smell out...moving the chair over the spot didn't work
and I was let go soon after...LOVE IT!! I loved
when Janet Charleton (ex columnist with The Star Tabloid) would rent out her house for video shoots and the producers would keep her baracaded at the far end of her house where she was unable to talk to the
stars...that must have been tough
been a little down in the depths of the 90th floor with some congestion that hit me out of nowhere. Last week I was at Hector’s lovely little Day of the Dead gathering---a very sweet party indeed. Loved meeting Hector’s baby brother who is quite the scholar and his fiance and cuddly pals. My handsome manly escorts were Dan Peiera and Cesar Vega.

Didn’t get much work finished this week other then meeting the Alpert Award deadline. That was my number one priority. Did manage to catch the flick Shattered Glass with Star Wars hottie Hayden Christianson and Chloe Sevigny. Hayden doesn’t know it yet, but he’s my new husband. I’m already preggers with his mongoloid child. Ms. Shattered Glass is a petula of a movie. I give it the Vagimulic re-commend. Its about that writer with the New Republic Magazine that faked all his stories. Like that is something unusual. Please. All of journalism these days is just entertainment fiction.
An unusual storm came this week that dropped snow in Watts of all places. I was so out of it I missed a great vegan dinner party thrown by the talented and lovely Professor Jennifer Doyle.

Edgar Bronfman Jr. Has come back into my life. I’ve known him since the 1980s, and we’ve shared a curious dinge queen/hava nagila queen fascination with each other. Oh get your mind out of the gutterdam. We’ve never had sex---if thats what you’re thinking. Our relationship is more complicated then that. Bronf, as i call him, must be almost 50 years old now. The last time I saw him, he looked really young still. How he keeps from aging is the biggest secret in Christendom.

Bricktops Friday was extremely charming. Nice crowd of kids and the performance by Creekbird of Montreal was utterly panublial. Creekbird really went way out in utilizing the Charlie Chaplin, Little Tramp theme. He and his back up musicians were all done up as Mack Sennett’s Keystone Kops! Truelly brilliant, as the English say. I adore Creekbirds visual flair and performance art sensibilities. He is an underated treasure. Mr. Uncertain also shined with a nifty rendition of the standard "Lady Be Good" sung in a rapper’s bragaoccio style. Later Mr Uncertain accompanied me on the Bricktop theme song which was all about being insane and bipolar.
A lot of the audience could definitely relate to that. Every week i change the theme song a bit. Then I sang another one of my originals, "Small Whyte House" that I mixed with "Before the Parade Passes By"

The festive crowd included good time party artists Tulsa Kinny with Gordy Grundy, musicians musician Kid Congo Powers(Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) with Chloe Sevigny, Jeremy Sisto and pretend recluse and writer JT LeRoy. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little OVAH JT’s celebrity grifting.
The hottest couple of the night was high yeller male ingenue Wentworth Miller(Human Stain)
and his date,the pretty Julia Stiles. That Wentworth is one sexyline Octaroon----yummy!
Juicy movie costumer Crepe Suzette Mathelson(Honey) came with director Richard Kelly(Donnie Darko) and everyone’s favorite Tipsyist Gwen Turner (The L Word) was lip locked to gorgeous actress Tara Subkoff. I'm not one to gossip so you didn't hear that from me.