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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tan Bihn Nyguyen the amazing Vietnemese make-up artist for Cheap Blacky was actually surprised at his surprise birthday shindig the other evening in Neu Köln. Leaving the soiree i had to look at fugly football crusties on the S-Bahn. Sure will be glad when all this Euro-cup hoopla is over with. All the nationalism surrounding the love of soccer is more then a little scary in fascist prone Europa with all the zealots walking around wearing flags and what not.
Friday i attended Nicholas Weist´s art show The Dulcet Clime of the Bedchamber at Goff Rosenthal Gallery in Mitte. My companion was the delightful Marc Arthur, who i absolutely adore hanging out with. Its so nice being around smart young people, who also have large penises and tight bodies. Lots of luminaries like experimental film legendina Birgit Hein were in attendance as well as Otto stars Susanne Sachße and Christophe Chemin, artist Christian Siekmeier, my blondine Weißensee student Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Arsenal intern Christian F., Marcu Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson and of course a host of art fags. Why is it that these Berlin faggots all seem like the only sex they have is rubbing their butts together hoping that the friction will cause some sort of spontaneous orgasmic combustion.
I usually never attend these kind of events, but this show was so well curated by Mr. Weist, and featured such a delicious roster of international artists like Nayland Blake, that i couldnt resist. I really like the Basso Menstruel Tree in the courtyard, and William E. Jones´mash-up of blue movies from the late 60´s to mid 80s---William Higgens forever! I don´t remember the name of the artist who created the sculpture of pink books and magazines, but that really sleighed me as well.
As part of the Klubszene project that Tim Blue and i are working on we saw a production by the youth theatre group Banda Agita at the Grips Theatre that is adjacent to the Schiller Teatre in the old west sector. The piece was called Letzter Aufruf Paradise, and was set in a cyber future filled with scavengers desperate for everything. Basically it was a preview of the future of planet earth. It was wonderful to be surrounded by such youthful energy and sexy abandon on stage. I really felt like i was watching some future stars about to explode. I especially loved a ginger headed boy who reminded me of Fassbinder, a statuesque girl with a lip ring who played the personification of pure evil, and a dred locked mulatto boy who was both masculine and feminine at the same time. One of the boys in the piece, a spectacularly gorgeous Turkish boy had been a member of the company last year, and begged to be in the piece doing a cameo. I can´t wait to work with all them next week when we mount our performance piece "The Arrogance of Youth" which will feature 150 kids from these groups from all over Berlin. It should be the ultimate solstice hoot.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Berlin is in the midst of mass hysteria. I didnt exactly know what was going on until i ran into Daniel Hendrickson´s boyfriend Piero on the street, who told me that there is some soccer championship game that Germany won against Poland which mitigated some old WW II scars and testosty fueled homo panic set in.
The sight of the clamoring whordes filling restaurants and cafes parked in front of flat screen TV´s is just too sick to be believed.
I hate sports, but i wouldn´t mind bagging me a football player or two.
Met lovely Nick Weist, the visiting young New York artist who is curating a show that opens this Friday at the Goff´s Rosenthal Gallery. We hung out at Silver Future dwinking and stinking with his sexy French pal Guillaume, who is also good friends with Bob Nickas who was in Berlin in January. The Future was jam packed with Drag Kings and Queens. The weekend was part of a major drag festival. Who knew?
Some fans who saw my shows at Peres Projects and at the West Germany Club came up to me to introduce themselves, and Kjohnny Blue, who lives around the corner also popped in for a brewski. The next evening was Rising Stars, Falling Stars at Kino Arsenal. Seen watching Mabel Normand, the great Marie Dressler and Charlie Chaplin in Tillie´s Punctured Romance was Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, the sweet and pretty directrix of the Friends of the Deutsch Cinema, bubble butt hottie Nanna Heidenreich with juicy gal pal Angie, matinee idol Uli with his perky Polish girlfriend, visiting New York art royal Nick Weist with Funny Games star Brady Corbet,British performance darling Keira O´Reilly looking ravishing, experimental film guru Wilhelm Hein, Scandanavian Muslim Daniel Hendrickson, boy about town, Marc Arthur, red scarf fetish cutee Michel Pee Pee, and German artist Christian Siekmeier with his American ginger lover. Was starved after all the festivities so had a late supper at an Indian restaurant in Kreuzeberg and drinks at Barbie Dienhoff, where the great Alessio was the mistress behind the bar.
The next day i guest starred with the Kitchens, Tim Blue´s live music and film projection band for the closing night installation of the HAU´s Apartments of Neu Köln Project. Had a great time playing experimental music with Tim, his brother Kjohnny and upstairs neighbor Baaker. Tim´s other neighbor Monika also engaged me in some solemn woman-to-woman talk about relationships at her beautiful atelier. Let it be known that the doll is ready to take any and all advice to her tender trap heart.