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Friday, August 31, 2007

So busy with my latest project, Cheap Blacky that i missed Julie Tolentino´s big performances in Berlin. I am so sad that i didnt get a chance to hang with her and Killer. I did tell a lot of important people to go and see her though.
Cheap Blacky is in the grueling process of workshopping the piece, and slicing all the elementals together. We even filmed some violent tableaux´s that will act as projections during the main action. In answer to all the emails sent to me wanting to know more info i will just give you this little tease:

Cheap Blacky, with Vaginal Davis
music the cookies of allah
costumes Rick Owens
directed by Judy LaBruce

a mysterious big fat tittied, well endowed hustler arrives on the scene, and fudgepacks a neurotic bourgeois family including their servants. Everyones true nature is revealed through hilarious hijinks, exorcism, heightened consciousness and saucy Ann Miller style production numbers. After dancing themselves to death, those who survive celebrate, and try to restore some sense of normalcy to shattered lives.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Met with lady Stefanie of the Arsenal at my studio, Cheese Endique Trifecta. She bought me a lovely lady flower, and a still from the experimental film Aus Der Ferne by Matthias Müller which appropriates the image of Kathyrn Grayson singing "There´s Beauty Everywhere" from MGM´s Ziegfeld Follies.
So nice having private time with Ms. Stefanie. We retired to the nearbye Tuff cafe where she took me to a scrumdilish luncheon, and decided on the final details for the new program I´ll be hosting at the Arsenal on Sunday October 21st called Falling Stars, Rising Stars which will feature a screening of the GW Pabst film Pandora´s Box starring Louise Brooks. So mark that day on your calendaria and come dressed in appropriate period garb.
Bruncheon with Joel Gibb who i erroneouly reported as being back in Canada. He did go to Stockholm for a performance, but won´t return to Canuckland till Sept 4th. Yes Agnetha, Ms. Davis sometimes makes mistakes on this here blog, but not often. Joining our artist table at Frida Kahlo Brasserie: The amazing Peaches, and her hunky beau of 5 years, Will Munro of Vaseline and Toronto´s The Beaver, his gal pal Alex with his nice architect gay dad. Peaches and homosexual fathers all on one sunday afternoon. Who could ask for anything more?