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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Du bist der Gauner

There isn´t anyone on the 13th moons who likes icky, grifty Sarastro. Wherever he goes doors are slammed shut to him, yet he can´t see that he has burned every bridge in Madison County as well as the bridges of Toko Ri. He will forever be joined at the drip to Werner Erhard and Buckminister Fuller in their Lifespring journey which started in Hawaii years ago and was made Dudley Do Right in the Aleutian Islands. Evelyn Venable is delighted to never have to see that thyroid eyed liver lipped foolio ever again. Evelyn is a very patient woman, just like Madame Mao. Miss Venable doesn´t care if it takes fifty years, she will meek out justice for every slight upon her person. No one holds a Mexican grudge longer or more deadly than Evelyn Venable.