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Friday, May 08, 2009

Had first meeting for Daddy-you either got one or you is one. Daddy is the new piece I am starring in written by Travis Jeppeson and directed by Big Daddy Ron Athey, the tatoo love god for HAU 3. Daddy will feature an all-star cast headed by Susanne Sachsse, Artur Albrecht, Evelyn Rüssler and DJ Snax. The sets and costumes will be designed by Christophe Chemin with assist from Senol Sentürk, make-up by Tan Binh Nguyen, with production assistance from Anna Mülter and Friederike Pietsch. This production will be intense as its more of a regular linear play in structure. I wasn´t expecting a text driven piece, and normally I don´t find that very interesting. Of course with Ron Athey directing, I am sure it will become more fragmented. We are rehearsing six days a week and it is grueling. So far this has been one of the most difficult projects I´ve ever embarked on.
Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Nanna Heidenreich of the Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst put together a lovely picnic at the Landwehr canal. It was a birthday celebration for Lauren, one of Stefanie´s most devoted Canadian friends, so there were plenty of Canucks from Toronto & Ottawa including Kelly and Kapil visiting Berlin enjoying our gorgeous Spring weather.
On Wal Purgis Nacht which is the eve of May Day similar to Devil´s Night in the states i got caught out in the early evening during the beginning of the mayhem. Luckily i realized it was best to not be on the street. Ran into a youth who looked like the icky theorist Nicolas Luhmann. The kid was drunk but was still trying his best to explain how big super post modernist systems will save the world. Yuck.
Breakfast with Will-Em Rich aka Billy, who is an academy award nominated film editor. We met at TuffStein Cafe in Rote Insel around the corner from my studio the Cheese Endique Trifecta. Great seeing Billy who i have known since he was 16 years old and worked on Bruce La Bruce´s Hustler White. Billy still lives in Silverlake, but travels alot being a part of a high profile film editing team for A list Hollywood productions. I am glad someone i know is really successful and financially secure. I am doomed to a life of hand-to-mouth existence. Billy was taking a break from working on the new Russell Crowe/Cate Blanchette Robin Hood movie filming in London, and decided to spend his May Day holiday here in Berlina.
Billy use to be my handsome escort to Club Sucker every Sunday in the late 90s, chueffering me around in his 1960s muscle car. It was great spending time with one of my old Los Ang pals. I told Billy to go to Club Pork at Ficken 3000 and he had a great time there seeing Jake Spears and Baby Daddy from The Scissor Sisters DJ. The lovesexy Mr. Spears called me the other day and wants to get together for brunch.
A cute note sent to me from the baby diaper Joel Gibb who is working on his new album back home in Canada.

Vag, the live sex show was at a club called Goodhandy's. Judy is apparently
hosting and DJing a party there on June 21. Basically there was this sweet
tranny hosting the night and bringing up different guys and inspecting them.
Then the two guys came up on stage. One was a twinky blond guy, very tall and
gangly with a horrible angular haircut. The other guy was more normal looking,
shorter and a little hairy. Anyways after some chit chat with the tranny they
got down to business. The twink started sucking the other guy in a very feminine
and contrived way. Then the twink started FUCKING the other guy and it was very
mechanical and loveless, it just seemed wrong.
SOmeone was videotaping it and the live feed was being projected on the balcony
where we were hanging out. After a few minutes they came all over the blue mat
and he took off the shit stained condom and tossed it to the side. Interesting
but kind of creepy.