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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dinner with photog Mary Ellen Mark, artist Barbara Ess, director Darren Aronofsky(The Fountain) and his beyond gorgeous and sweet Oscar winnng wife Rachel Weiss, who told me about her meeting with "McDonna", who now wants to graduate from pop-star/actress to directrix. During her courting of Ms. Weiss, the material matron subjected the British beauty to her Kaballah cult plugging. Something tells me that Lady Rachel will be running as far away from Ciccone faded youth as heavenly possible.
Performed at Slurpy at the Cock in the East Village. Slurpy is Linda Simpson(of My Comrade fame), mid week party night. Linda was off in Manilla on a sex tourista juant. Had a great time with all the new Man!hattan children, and voluptuous Rican gogo boys whose garden salads I munched. Pretty, sassy Miss Becky, who edited Glenn Belverio’s Confessions From the Velvet Ropes at St. Martins Press came by the club, and told me she quit St. Martins and is now working for the teen website My Made a hot date with lovesexy Asian ballet stud Chartchai Ngamsan for the next evening, but Kembra and Julie took me out to dinner at Lucky Strikes, and I got back to the hotel too late, and missed my sizzling young trick---dammit!!