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Saturday, July 13, 2013


Tonight at 9pm at Berghain Cantina Joel Gibb the baby diaper of the musical collective The Hidden Cameras returns to Berlin for a rare must see concert. Mr. Gibb and his explosive rack of chewy nips is looking high, wide and handsome these days strutting his dinosaur golden bone to full advantage. Slurp.

Had a wonderful picnic in the Tiergarten oogling hot TU boys on a bench across from the SiggySaule with visiting NYU scholar Tavia Nyongo who is related to President Barack Obama. Didn’t know that Tavia is pals of the boys of the music combo Matmos who now live in Baltimore MD land of John Waters as one of the dual is a junior academe,but when he is in Berlin he loves to haunt the faded hustler bars of Nollendorky Platz in all their broken down splendour. Another one of La Nyongo’s best girlfriends is super gorgeous severe dimpled Deutche Welle correspondent Michael Scaturno who has been getting quite cozy with a Ugandan/German fashion designer making a name for himself during the recent Berlin Fashion week. Mr. Scaturno is quite a muscular and talented asphalt cutie who also works for Voice of America and is one of the most desired young men in Berlin.

Went to the Freida Grafe series at Arsenal again to see a strange little film The Honey Pot 1967 by Joseph L. Mankiewitz that I loved starring Rex Harrison, Susan Hayward, Capucine, Edie Adams and a long on the tooth Cliff Robertson and Little Shop of Horrors directed by Roger Corman 1960 with a very very young Jack Nicholsen which was a laugh riot. Also saw one of my fav colleagues Nanna Heidenreich of Forum Expanded hilariously introduce the W.C Fields helmer It’s A Gift.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


 Met with Manuel Schubert of FilmHighlights Magazine for an interview session at the wonderous St. Matthew Cemetary Flower Shop Café owned by a famous Schöneberg queen.  Our celebutante guest star was the beautiful and studly New York writer and performer extroidinaire Max Steele with his friends the British cabaret ingénue Ms. Alexander Geist and mega talented Chicago artiste Stevie Hanley aka:  The Dainty Satanista.  Mr. Hanley was one of my Chicago Art Institute students who I did a studio visit with back in the Spring so it was wonderous seeing him again along with Max Steele who is my favorite jungen with very large feet a hefty piece of boy meat and bubblicious cup cakes.  During our interview I told the radio listeners that Max comes from a wealthy American family who still own black slaves.  Mr. Steele is actually a seven sisters product having graduated from Sarah Lawrence that also produced Dr. Jose Munoz and Gwen Turner.  Max will be performing at Chantal´s House of Shame tonight and Pork at Frankenstein 5000 in KreuzKölln.  Go and see him and you will not be disappointed as he plans on singing some Laura Nyro songs.  I hope he does a cover of “Stoney End”. I love me some perfection that is Max Steele!!!!!
Later I attended the Freida Grafe film series at Arsenal Inst für Film und Video Kunst.  The first film was John Ford´s Rio Grande with John Wayne is big leggy, Maureen O´Hara, Andy Devine and Victor McClagen.  I am not a John Wayne fan but of course I am all about the striking black & white compositions of Herr Ford and I have to admit Mr. Wayne is quite affective, but its Ms. O´Hara who really shines.  The second feature was Ernst Lubitsch´s The Merry Widow which was hilariously introduced by author Klaus Theweleit quoting the all too gay lyrics of Lorenz Hart.  The homo delish was very apparent in this film with both Edward Everett Horton and Sterling Holloway.  I could barely stand the muggings of a long on the tooth Maurice Chevalier.  Jeanette McDonald is sublime however.  A perfect double bill would be the 1952 version of The Merry Widow starring Lana Turner and Fernando Lamas.  After the Living Archive monthlong festival at Arsenal I still can´t get enough and have been attending regularly the series The Real 80´s-Neo Noir by the macho film curating collective Canine Condition that also has one token fagula in their group.  So nice to see Kino 1 filled with a crosssection of youthful faces for screenings of films like No Way Out starring a brilliant Sean Young with Gene Hackman who is always good and Kevin Costner who I hate.  No Way Out is a remake of the 1948 film The Big Clock directed by Mia´s dad John Farrow.  I also saw To Live and Die in LA 1985 starring a big dicque arrogant William L. Petersen and Willem Dafoe featuring the young John Turturro and my favorite Mike´s Murder 1983 directed by James Bridges starring a luminous Debra Winger and the radiant young, tight asstrovar of Mark Keyloun.  So wonderful seeing my former punk rock pals in Mike´s Murder including Spazz Attack who was boyfriends with Toni Basil of “Oh Mickey Your´re So Fine” fame and Marisol who use to perform with The Tubes.  The back story of Mikes Murder also hits close to home as its based on a true drug related murder involving a hot young hustler I use to know from my punk and dance club dayz at places like The Oddyssee, The Other Side, The Sugar Shack and The Mirror-Go-Round. 
Was invited to a scrumptious dinner party at the famous table of La Susanne Sachße at her eastside compound.  The menu included a fab cauliflower pasta with ewok noodles, mustard, chalots, balsamic butter with teragon and a most refreshing watermelon, mint and feta cheese salad.  Lecher Smecker!!!!  It was so sweet spending quality time with the great Susi the fearless leader of CHEAP collective and her film historian frau Marc Siegel who accompanied me to the Proctologist where I got the diagnosis that my prostrate is super gigantasaurus rexus and is pushing against my bladder causing me to have to pee constantly.  I hope the natural medication he gave me helps solve the problem.  Getting old is not for sissy´s.