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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Last rehearsal before performance, and we solidified set, and i hope our unique Ruth Fischer sound. Later in evening went to HAU 1 to check out Re-Education installations. Loved the videoloop 100 Years of the Hebbel by Daniela Comani, and US Go Home! by Annette Weisser.
Went to the Francisco Vizzoli bickerbache. I had met the lovely Italian princepessa years ago, before she fully launched herself upon the global marketa. She is one pleasant arts grifter extroidinaire, very easy on the hairy eyeball, with lots of big dique arrogance to spare. I like her. I´d love to see her do a video where she porkpie´s Ricky Martin, and as she removes her cockula from lady Martin´s asstrovar, Ricky has a nuclear projectile mudslide, thats like that scene from Tommy where Ann-Margret throws a bottle of champagne into a TV screen and baked beans come flooding out.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Cheap Gossip Studio/Berlinale meeting at WAU Cafe with Empress Stefanie and Nanna Heidenreich of Kino Arsenal. Got to meet the new cute, and intellectual looking intern Christian, plus get a preview of Isabella Rossellini´s installation for the Gossip Studio called "Green Porn" which is simply hysterical and beyond brilliant. I also like New York legend John Heys short subject film. Returning to the Berlinale´s Forum Expanded is Jerry Tartaglia with some more restored Jack Smith gems, French gamine Marie Losier, Guy Maddin´s "My Winnipeg 79" and Canadian art czarina Wayne Baerwaldt, floating about with all his hearty prairie blonditude.
A few nights later went to artist buffet at WAU for the You Too Can Be Like Us, Re-Education show. Ran into the Big Fat Art Group who are in town doing a show at HAU 1 with special guest stars, New York royalty Justin Bond of Kiki & Herb, Theo of the Lunachicks, lanky drink of water Shaun of the Toilet Boys and telenovella girl, and one hot latina mama--Viva Ruiz. Had a great time exchanging gossip with my old Manhattan comrades, and stuffing my lady face with food alongside Daniel "Modesto" Henrickson of Cheap, kJohnny Blue, delightful Anna Muelter, Miss Stefanie of HAU and Turkish hunkster Senol.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ruth Fischer songs started to come back to us at rehearsal, its a slow process though, as we haven't performed in over a year. All my rock music projects go in and out of hiatus---black fag, Cholita the female Menudo and Pedro Muriel & Esther(PME)
I always forget how much fun it is to be in a band. Being a loner, its nice to occasionally experience the cammraderie of the rock band. After rehearsals at the HAU studio space we ate din din at this lovely little Greek restaurant across the street.
For two days in a row the weather has been sunny and bright, which is almost unheard of this time of year in Berlin, which resembles more Seattle with the constant rain and or general dreariness. Before rehearsal yesterday i took a long walk all the way to the Tiergarten and back. So many hot humpy joggers out and about that i was pulling major lighthouse action on the street.
Our Ruth Fischer performance will be Saturday January 19th, 11pm at HAU 2. For those of you who are not in the know, Ruth Fischer is my little art band with kollective Cheap, that features the teenage Albanian supermodel and singer Ibadette and her cute boyfriend Michael Halves, who are also in the extremely popular German indie pop sensation Super 700.
For our konzert on Saturday, Ruth Fischer will open for Super 700 as part of the HAU Theatres thematic weekend conference "Re-Education---you can be like us!" curated and organized by Stefanie Wenner. This event is part of the 100 anniversary of Berlin's Hebbel Theatre. The participants of the conference feature a variety of international names in art, theatre, music, academia and film, which includes: Francesco Vezzoli, AES&F, Rosa Casado, Daniela Comani, Hasan Elahi, Harun Farocki, Hassan Khan, Wonder Koch, Fre'deric Moser, Philippe Schwinger, Rabih Mroue', Evil Knievel, Richard Schechner, Tirdad Zolghadr and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion amoung others.
Tonight kollective Cheap gets together for brainstorming at my art studio, the Cheese Endique Trifecta in Rote Insel. We have to iron out details for this year's Berlinale where we will once again, due to popular demanda mount The Cheap Gossip installation as part of Forum Expanded experimental wing of the Berlin Film Festival.
This year Isabella Rossellini is back, and will premiere some of her experimental films, and will participate with Cheap in our Cheapy Awards ceremonies, which should be a hoot. The festival runs from Feb 7-17th and the Cheap Gossip Studio will be housed at the Kino Arsenal foyer at Potsdamer Platz' Sony Center.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Birthday celebrat for Cheap´s Dan Hendrickson aka: Modesto in Neü Koln. Miss Danny is quite the gourmand chefster and produced an enormous sampling of Turkish delicacies, items he ate on his last trip to Istanbul with lover Piero of la Collezione. Piero couldnt be at the party as he was off to Ethiopia brokering that countries political conflicts--such a humanitarian is the haute Mr. "P".
Enjoying the festive environ: fearless leader Susanne Sachße of Cheap with film historian Marcu Siegel,Tim Blue, butt girl Nanna Heindenreich with DJ gal pal Angie Baby, the empress of Kino Arsenal, and Germany´s hardest working woman--Miss Stefanie, who just put together the program for Forum and Forum Expanded for the Berlinale in February, and cute, cuddly Anna of the HAU.
You´ll never know who will be at a Cheap gathering, and this was no exception--we rubbed thighs with cine ingenue Danny Huston, the nephew of Angelika Huston, and grandson of legendary director John Huston, who was with his football star lover from Paraguay Roque Santa Cruz--between the two of them thats a lot of seminal emissions.
First day of location shooting at the Berlin Zoo for the short subject on philosopher Theodore Adorno called "Teddy´s Beastiary---Letters From the Parents" by the young visionary filmmaker Evelyn "Evi" Rüsseler. Her cinematographer is the strict professional Isabelle Spengler with assist by youngster Emri, the green eyed Israeli scenester who works as a bartender at the Barbi Deinhoff. Its a small crew, but a focused one. I havent been to the zoo since i was 8 years old. I´m not really an animal person. We filmed in the Hippo House, and i was fascinated by these prehistoric looking creatures, who have such large and expressively sad eyes. Its almost as if they know they are beautiful big pieces of jewelry trapped in a guilded glass cage. It made me want to become an animals rights activist, and release them immediately back into the wild. Zoo´s seem so archaic.
In the Monkey compound it was even worse, imagine a giant patrician gorilla, so powerful and majestic, made restless, bored and inert by captivity. Those poor creatures seemed like they were being driven out of their holy minds.
After a long day of shooting Evi took us to the Rooter Sand fish restaurant in Wittenberg Platz where we feasted.
Worked a bit on ICA London proposal at the Kunst Libray. Distracted by all the tall hunky blondine boys, though it was a full lipped, bubble butt ginger beauty in particular who sent me into high orbitinery --Wowzin!!!!
Cooked a post birthday din din for Tim Blue, and discussed our upcoming meetings for the performance workshops that we will be conducting with 100 hormonal teenagers. That Tim is such a delight to brainstorm with.
Second formal day of shooting on "Teddy´s Bestiary" this time the location filming begins in Kreutzberg with a friendly Turkish cabdriver, who i think is a tranny chaser, as he was very much interested in la diva-the Vagimule doll. If i didnt have to concentrate so much i would have been more flirtatious with him. Our home base for the shoot was a small cafe, where i ran into Javier Peres of Peres Projects Gallery and his bearded Muslim assistant John. Javier said he would be off soon to The Sundance Film Festival for the world premiere of Bruce la Bruce´s new film "Otto-Up With Dead People". Seeing Javier in the fleshy flesh seem to make it clear that the so called fued, that people have been talking about between Javi and his star artist Terence Koh was just a pranksterish publicity stunt---those devilish cardy tricksters.
Our second location for the day was a lovely apartment on Sanderstr, the home of a nice middleaged academic named Birgitte. In these scenes i played Adorno, his mother and opera singing Aunty. It was fun, but a long grueling day, that didnt end until 3am. I never lend my image to other filmmakers unless i really believe in them, and their project. I had seen another film of Evi´s that was filled with joy and whimsy, so i felt we were kindered spirits, plus she is so adorable, genuine,
and filled with love and a gracious spirit, that you really want to see her vision through to completion. Evi had seen one of my Porno Adorno pieces, and knew that i fit in with her ideas, so it was a perfect collaboration.
Cooked a humble proletariat meal for Dan Hendrickson of Cheap at my studio the Cheese Endique Trifecta. Was nice having some quiet time with Daniel, who is known for his power plowing style of penetration that always sends his lovers to the hospital for immediate repairs on their anus and sphincter muscles. Along with the rest of Cheap and Ibadette and Mickey of Super 700 we will begin rehearsals for our first Ruth Fischer art band performance in over a year---more on that later.