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Saturday, July 21, 2007

One of the peculiarities of living in Berlin is that since World War 2, the city has been in perpetual construction mode. That is why they are always unearthing old bombs that have never exploded, a timeless gift from the allied armies.
Just thought i´d let you know about a wee yet thrilling
hazard i never had to worry about in tired Los Angeles.


Decided to run around nude in the famous Tiergarten. It was hot and humid and that was the only way i could cool down. Turned a few tricks, and as i was about to leave i ran into the Blue Bros. Tim and Kjohnny who were riding through the park on their way home from din din. Decided to join them for a drink at the rent boy establishment Bascos. We plopped down al fresco to observe the fleshmarket. Lots of Lulus on parade showing quite the bounty of youthful genitalic splendour. Had a great time drinking with the bros and making fun of the prissy Nollendorky queens. We came back to my studio to drink yet some more, and make plans for Porno Adorno, the opera and our new film project Lingus.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Went to Berlin Hilton to see underground teen sensation Philippe perform along with special guest Snax, and friends. Youthquaker Philippe is an ethereal delight, whose musical verve was way too sophisticated for the crowd of children, who were happy to be anyplace they can find a nice bag of freshly wrapped dicks. That was a shame because they missed out on the nuance at work, both in musical delivery and in presentation. Aided and abetted by sloshed Slovakian hearthrob Mario, revving the crowd from the sidelines, and the precision of Travis Jeppeson´s cochise bass lines. By the time they got to the P/Snax duet "Lets Call The Whole Thing Off" everything had settled into the crisply sublime. Now thats how you close a hot summer evening.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

At Arsenal for the Swedish silent Norrtullsligan. Delightful flick, the conventions of the time displaced the more lesbianic/feminista source material in favor of standard melodrama, but some key components were able to remain and the compositions were downright lovell. Also great having Ms. Stefanie´s voice ringing through the auditorium translating the title cards from Swedish to German, and Daniel of Cheap from German to English.
Started working on Cheap Blacky. . .Sortof with entire gang Suzi, Tim, Kjohhnny, Dragan Yvonne, Daniela and our new production facilitator Anna. Later went to the Zeughaus Kino at DHM to see Grossstadtschmetterling, Ballade Einer Liebe starring luscious Anna May Wong and directed by Richard Eichberg. Got hit up on by faded tennis player Mark Philippoussis.
Back at Arsenal for a special program featuring a screening of Louis Malle´s 1957 classic Elevator to the Gallows, starring the enchanting Jeanne Moreau and a sexy male lead. Wow!
Went to opening of the Weinerstrasse 45 space with Travis, Mario and singer-ex supermodel Philippe. Nice soiree, everyone dressed like a secretary ala the Maggie Gylenhaal film. Got into a robust conversation with a good time sally of a pretty Irish academe lassie. No attractive men at this event, but lots of clever ladies. I should become a lesben.
Tim Blue taught me some new vocabulary words. Twink: a young clueless fag Twank-what a twink becomes once he hits his 30s. Twunk: What happens to a twink when he gets even older, but still demands the same kinds of attentions he was able to attract in his youth.
Glen Meadmore called me from holiday at Lake Constanze. Hopefully i will get to meet up with the lady in Berlina.
Greek shipping magnates son Vassily Bourikas had a greek actif dinner party where the main course was sheep testicles. They were yummy, and now i am all roid raging. Had a great time with Vass, Stefanie of the Arsenal, Tim and Kjohnny, Evie from bbooks, Cornell, and his hot Budapest stud puppy friend, and Vass´ pretty boy roomie and his sexy gamine girlfriend