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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Was filming a movie out of town that I can’t really talk about as I had to sign a confidentiality agreement because the project involves a major international celebrity.Boring!
Was also filmed for a documentary on the Canadian all girl band Fifth Column, which was led by the great GB Jones, Caroline Azar and Beverly Breckinridge with guests like Anita Smith, Donna Dresch of Team Dresch and Don Pyle from ShadowyMen,Shadowy Planet, Greek Buck and Phono Comb.
Fifth Column was the influential band that is responsible for the Riot Grrl Movement and Homocore/Queercore scenes. There has never been a band quite like Fifth Column whose ferocious musical output was completely unique in the punk and post punk era. Their music was thrashy with a vox pop edge to it that melded experimental vim into its hitchcock sound.
The director of the documentary is a young Canuck named Kevin Hegge who is a small boned gay man with a lively personality. I had a good time with him, and his perky Canadian/Bulgarian assistant Karen and their crew that consisted of former Arsenal projectionist Guillaume Cailleau taking the place of Mark Andre Pennock as director of photography and a tall sweet German sound tech.
Congragulations to Jewish Muslim Daniel Hendrickson and his sexy ItalioGerman lover Piero Bellomo who are celebrating their 10 year anniversary as a couple which in straight years is like they have been together for 40 moons. The other day I had a nice time hanging with them and a visiting Greek lady pal enjoying the Spring weather at a café al fresco style.
Went to see Little Alex aka: Tielemachos Alexiou of Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective at Arsenal Inst for Film und Video Kunst. Nice crowd of luminaries that included Judy LaBruce producer Jurgen Brunning, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Tim Blue, Uli Ziemons, fagademic Damong Young with his Vidal Sassoon executive hairhopper husband Michael, HAU's Anna Muelter and a gaggle of pretty young things. It was wonderful seeing Alex's films projected on the big screen of Kino 1.
Little Alex’s mega hot cinematographer Tasty Tim Schenkl is quite a sensational talent and I predict he will be going places in the film world as he knows how to create images of sumpteous beautiful and refinement. Tim isn't exactly hard on the eyes either. I really have a huge crush on him as he is the kind of man that really gets my juices flowing. If I had a last paycheck, he would get it.
Marc Siegel in the short subject mocumentary Interview With an Artist was
simply brilliant and looked every bit the shtar in Panavision. Marc could certainly be a full-time actor if he so desired--- he has that much of a screen presence almost like a combination Keenan Wynn and Ernie Kovacs.
In Little Alex’s first feature film Logic of the Cat the humpy Greek star is mesmerizing with a body that just can’t be believed. This flick has a nice meditative quality to it utilizing the explosive backdrop of the Greek student protests of 2009 in a natural manner that isn’t exploitative.
Venus in the Garden, with its lovely young cast and perfect photography would be better as a short subject, and not a five reeler though this version was much better then the one Alex showed me a few months earlier. The Dream of Norma which screened last year as part of Forum Expanded has me dancing a duet with Little Alex as my dimunitive shadow should be trimmed down quite a bit in length,and I think would work better as a three channel video installation instead of being projected into three parts on one big screen.
Little Alex is still a neophyte film director but shows great promise, and I’m anxious to see him develop with future projects.
Hey darling blogina readers. Here is my Elizabeth Taylor tribute interview with the divine Manuel Schubert of Filmhighlights Internet Radio. Enjoy.

Filmhighlights - 2011-03-31 - Elizabeth Taylor Tribute - with Vaginal Davis by filmanzeiger