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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Got a nutty email from the musician Pete Yorn the other day. I haven´t heard from him since we had our extremely brief fling years ago. At the time he said I made him feel too sexually ambiguous so he opted for a more sensible temporary contemporary pairing with Winona Ryder. Of course that didn´t work either as she is the most self-absorbed person on the planet, but with perky large breasts. I can only gather that Mr. Yorn wants me to write something positive in this very blog about some new album he´s recorded with the Hollywood starlet Scarlette Johansen. I know i havent been living in the states for years now, but when did Scarlette Harlot become a singer? All i can say is that they must be coughing up some scary hairy eyeballs------i like lil Ms. Johansen, she is quite the sweet top heavy ingenue.
The black artist Kalup Linzy Lohan breezed through town as part of Art Forum Berlin, doing a performance at the KW. I was busy in the editing studio working on my film Memory Island for the Jack Smith Live Film event so i wasn´t able to go see the show. But the brilliant and lovely art photog Annette Frick was there and here are her comments:
We were visiting the performance of Kalup Linzy at KW but I tell you, it is no real concurrence as some people tell.You have much more filling Aura and stage presence,but he is not bad,(better than most of the bullshit we see) he is this kind of postpopmainstream gender-art performance which is hip now,and he is o.k. But you are another dimension and to stay this dimension you have to concentrate always on your specifics-dirty and sweet, elegant and punky,but always with content in your voices, and also this gospelig chanting which you are able to do and the whispering strange thing too a queen, and stays unique MISS DAVIS REMEMBER THAT ALWAYS and by the way You were the first performing queen at the KW and I think they wanted to repeat this a bit, but just more arty more proper than our crazy evening. stay shining and disturbing,crying and singing.
Annette will also be part of a program of women video artists this Sunday October 4th at Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst.Seit 10 Jahren präsentieren wir die Ergebnisse des Bereichs Film des
Künstlerinnenprogramms der Berliner Kulturverwaltung. Wie jedes Jahr
bietet das Ergebnis Experimentelles, Strukturelles, Narratives und
Dokumentarisches -- vor allem fallen die Grenzbereiche ins Auge, die
Unerwartetes hervorbringen.
VATER, MUTTER, WAS SOLL ICH HEUTE FILMEN? heißt eine neue konzeptionelle
Arbeit von Isabell Spengler, EINE FLEXIBLE FRAU ein Filmprojekt von
Dokumentarfilm von Annette Frick. Die drei Titel kennzeichnen einen
Diskurs: Innovationszwang und die Forderung nach Flexibilität verdrängen
den Raum für Utopie. Mediale und ökonomische Bedingungen lassen die Rolle
der Künstlerin und der Kuratorin immer mehr verschmelzen. Daher fördert
das Künstlerinnenprogramm nicht nur die Produktion, sondern auch ihre
Präsentation im Kino, in der Ausstellung, als DVD oder als Buch.
*Attched das kommentierte Filmprogramm zum Künstlerinnenprogramm 2009 *
*Für weitere Informationen:*
Christine Sievers | Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
030 269 55 143 oder **
Kino Arsenal 1 & 2 | Potsdamer Straße 2 | 10785 Berlin |
One of these days i have to check out Mz. Linzy Lohan as I have been hearing many people say that she is Baby Vaginal Davis. From what I have seen of her, we look nothing alike.
I am so glad the German elections are over. I was so sick of looking at those giant fugly political posters everytime i went cruising through the Tiergarten. The Vivacious Angie Merkel gets her dream of dreams, and the pro business Free Democrats will be the junior party in Germany´s federal coalition. Mrs. Merkel wins another term, and frees herself from the constraints of a partnership with the center left. It also looks as if the Green Party has made some political gains. I like the Greens, but they seem just a little too hippy dippy for this lady.
Editing Memory Island with my gorgeous Chocolate Grinder boys little Alex and Julian was a lot of work, but filled with joy. When we took a lunch break Sunday we ran into actor Daniel Brühl(Inglorious Basterds) who is a lot cuter in person. He must have some major sugar in his tank, as he really heavily cruised my two youthful companions. I couldn´t tell if the guy Herr Brühl was with is just a friend or paramour. Our editing facility was in the Kolwitzplatz area of Prenzlaurberg so there were lots of spessig heteronormativs floating about with their giant SUV baby strollers.
Congrats to my pal, actress Zooey Deschanel who just got hitched to lovesexy singer Ben Gibbard of dull indie rock band Death Cab for Cutie. I wonder if their marriage is going to be a post modern one, where Mr. Gibbard´s super hot boyfriend will be part of their nuptial bliss.