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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Went to Rick Owens soiree in the patio of the Bowery Hotel on 3rd Avenue. He and his honey lamb Ms. Michele Lamy are in town for his furniture opening at Salon 94. Michele’s daughter Scarlette Rouge Newton is also here. I cant believe Scarlette is 28 years old now. I use to babysit her when she was a little girl. She was a bit of a brat until she turned 5 or 6, and then was the perfect angel. Scarlette is also a very talented artist, even when she was a child she was in the art rock band The Visiting Kids with Nancye Furgeson and her hussband Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo. Scarlette attended Cal Arts and was one of my students at a block seminar I taught there. Also at the party was costume designer Michael Kaplan who just bought a home in New York. Mr. Kaplan just worked on the new film Burlesque starring Christina Aguilera and Cher. There was no hot gossip on the set as the two divas got along. Mr. Kaplan has also done the costumes for the new Star Trek film, Blade Runner and Flashdance just to name a few.
The other evening I passed by The infamous Cock pub, and who was doing the door but Mona Foote who goes by her real name of Nashon. I didn’t know Mona stopped doing drag over 10 years ago. We had a great time gabbing. Mona is a magnificient guardian at the door of the club multi tasking with a vengeance. Some beautiful Teddy Pendergrass looking manchild of the promiseland was constantly hitting on her and chowing down on her big muscular titty cavity. Nashon is also in the elektro pop group The Ones, and is one hot sultry and sophisticated new yorker.
The fall of advanced capitalism has really hit the city hard. There are homeless people everywhere, but they hardly ask for money, some just ask you if they can finish your food when you are eating alfresco style in a restaurant. That tells you that this is just the beginning of a total financial collapse that will make the Great Depression look like cottage cheese. Soon the poor will rise up and destoy the r ich and powerful. I can feel it in my bones. Lets face it somethings got to give.
Busy in the preparation of my piece Speaking From the Diaphragm. Young French stud DeRohan Chabot has followed me to New York and I will most likely place him in a live sex scene with this very cute young Cooper Union student. DeRohan is straight, but very open. We went to my favorite New York spot for contemplation, the Madison Square Park across from the Flat Iron building. We met up with pretty Jonathan Berger and just chittle chatted for hours. Jonathan told me that the Flat Iron building is made completely of Terra Cota.
So many people have been emailing me to be on my show Speaking From the Diaphragm. One of the more famous being Mr. Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day who turned their concept album American Idiot into a Broadway style rock opera. NPR even wants to do an interview with the doll. Met sexy Ethan Peck the grandson of classic Hollywood star Gregory Peck. I sure would love to have and affair with this yummy boy.
More meetings with Jonathan and Jean Kim, the wonderful video artist who is handling all the electronic chores with Speaking From the Diaphragm. We met at Veselka on 2nd Avenue. There is this short little lap top hunky Russian boy that works there who drives me mad with desire. Later Jonathan and I went to an end of the semester soiree at the Dean’s Conference Room at the Tisch Building of NYU for the performance studies department. Dept Administrator and Dr. Jose Munoz’s lovely right hand girl Lauren decorated to the hilt, and the food was Batista Nouvelle Cuban Cuisine. Had a wonderful time hanging out with all the kids and legends like Richard Move a ka: Pookie from the Jackie 60 Mother family. On my way back to the hotel I received a call from former student Scotland Zief, who is now 30 and teaches highschool in the South Bronx. We met up for a snack and caught up. The last time I saw Scotland he was with two teenage friends, one of whom was a hot muscle twink who had an elderly sugar daddy in tow. The boys performed a hilarious sexual piece at Bricktops back in 2003. Before that Scotland participated in the first Platinum Oasis at the Coral Sands, and even performed at my legendary Punk Rock Beer Bust Club Sucker. Back in 2001 Scotland was interning with Princess Superstar, now he is a selfless public servant giving back to the community.
On a sad note, Callie Angel of the Whitney Museum died. I had known Callie since 2006 when I was part of the CHEAP Gossip studio installation at the Berlinale International Film Festival and she was an invited dignitary as part of Forum Expanded, the Experimental Section of the film festival. Ms. Angel also took part in Jack Smith!Live Film! What a wonderful woman with a dignified and intelligent presence. She will certainly be missed by all who came in contact with her.
Made my last move before going into strident rehearsal s for Speaking From the Diaphragm. I am now situated in a quaint little flat just around the corner from the performance space and i am loving it.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Early hot humid New York summer/summer. Really wasn’t expecting it to be this boiling in the Spring, but that is the luck of an Irish drag prinzessin from the ghetto wonderlands of Watts.
Sorry dearest readersas that I haven’t kept the blogina up, but I have been working in power bitch style overdrive here in New Yorika and frantically spinning like a Linda Blair style chicken with its head cut off.
The night before leaving Berlina, my monthly curatorial performative silent film event Rising Stars, Falling Stars at Arsenal Institut fur Film und Video Kunst was SRO as the talented and lovely Ms. Eunice Martin accompanied the Lon Chaney horror classic The Phantom of the Opera, 1925. Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was off in Canada & America on important experimental film business so taking her place was juicy Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental. During the post screening reception in the Rote Foyer the celebutant factor was high. Seen dwinking and schmoozing: Brazillian club kingpin Ricardo Domeneck of Berlin Hilton at NBI, Yusi Ettiman the guru of Basso, Downtown New York legend John Edward Heys with starina Zazie de Paris, Dickey Doo of Canadian TV’s House of Venus, with booty pie artist Jeremy Shaw who is also a member of the indie rock band Circle Square, Mickey One & Ibadette of the Berlin based pop group Super 700, film historian Marc Siegel, adorable Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel Online with muscular Jan Klesse. Felix cooked the doll a fab fish dinner a few nights before at his charming Neu Kolln pad. Pretty new mamma Michaela of bbooks, DJane Olga Damnitz, photographer Olivier Marcillac, pretty-pretty Nadja Talmi with studkin Uli Ziemons, also known as the handsomest man in Europa, The Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective of Little Alex, Juicy Julian and Mourning Becomes Elektra, gorgeous Tatiana, prima ballerina Trixie Cordua with her husband the famed experimental filmmaker Ludvig Shonherr, and humpy Israeli Catherine Sullivan dancer Assaf Hochman who was celebrating his 31st birthday.
The next morning early I was off for the US. Flew from Berlin to Paris where I transferred to an Airbus 300. My first time on one of these brand new giant planes that are split level in design. I love big aeroplanes, but they need to speed up the boarding process cuz it takes forever before the stupid jet takes off and flies. No eye candy on the plane just hordes of dull business people and crying brats.
My ravishing first child of New York high art Jonathan Berger whisked me to dinner, stuffing my gullet with lots of love, and then we went to the Eagle leather bar to meet up with my former Club Sucker partner Frank Rodriguez whose significant other the beautiful ginger prize Patrick Lee is now the official toast of the New York art world with his sold-out show of drawings. Also on hand fellow Angelinos in the form of voracious thrombone Steve Hall who is the gifted production designer on Bruce La Bruce’s LA Zombie with his mega well endowed lover Glen Stiegelman and their hot posse of pals. The hornpigs and salty doggs at the Eagle were having a hoot of a time, and I was able to down many whiskey sours. My first week lodgings being a spacious upper east side flat on Lexington at 63rd Street with a balcony no less. Mucho thanks to pretty Scotish lass Lauren at PS 122 for the hallowed digs. Being that this trip is no vacation I was immediately working with Jonathan Berger 27/7 which included meetings with our beautiful video expert Jean and soundscape artist Jason. Plus wonderful brainstorming with my co-host Jennifer Miller the bearded lady of Circus Amok. Did have a lovely breakfast with Billy Miller of STH Magazine and we cruised together through central park. Billy is one of my all time favorite New York personalities, plus Dr. Jose Munoz of NYU’s Performance Studies Dept treated me to an incredible din din at La Palapa in the Village a Mexican restaurant with courage and conviction. Also dining with us the big peniled academe Ricardo Montez, Sweet Johnny and student love sensations Leon Hilton and Nikko who signed on for the task of making a gown for the doll.
The generous Dr. Jose Munoz conspired with his fellow academes Dr. Jennifer Doyle and Dr. Ricardo to get the lady Ms. D a much needed lap top computer. My wonderful scholarly friends sure know how to take care of this poor pathetic woman. In fact I am at NYU at Dr. Munoz 6th floor corner office with the fine views writing this very blogette.
After supper we had one last dwink at Pieces a dive bar of epic porportions which was having a bingo night that featured Randy Jones the Cowpoke from the Village People. The next afternoon it was a power bitch klatch at CafĂ© Orlin with Jonathan and his expert team of Joshua Levy-Lubin Courtney Lovestein Hewitt, and the energetic and vivacious dynamo Ms. Sarah Michelle Geller Jessica Parker who really knows how to crack my whip and keep me organized. We later met up with the divine Lia G. of Participant Inc. and had dwinks at this French bistro Lucian on First Avenue with handsome French god Michel Auder, where we were later joined by the amazing feminist artist Kathy Burkhart. At Lucien’s we spied junior art stars Dan Colen and lanky Nate Lowman. Does anyone really believe any of those Fleetwood Macian rumours that purport that Mr. Lowman was once involved in a threegy with the dullard Olsen Twins. Nay pa-pa nay!
Friday nite Sarah, Jonathan & I shuttled to Terminal 5 on 56th Street to see Gossip perform. Ms. Uber talented Beth Ditto showed New York how its properly done, while looking stunning, ravishing and downright delectable. Ms. Ditto has a new hot girlfriend as well. Gossip manager Tara aka: Annie Oakley of SexWorkersArtShow was also looking like a supershtar spokesmodel. Delighted to announce that Beth &Co will be special guests on my chat show installation Speaking From the Diaphragm. Even Courtney Love has contacted me in hopes of having the new version of her band Hole be guests on my little performance piece at PS 122 which runs from May 15-27th with different guests each night. Check the PS 122 website to see who has confirmed. Backstage at Terminal 5 it was celebrity central with MC Murray Hill, actress and Imitation of Christ designer Tara Subkoff, artist Terence Koh, Waris the towelhead Indian socialite, jewelry designer,model & actor in Wes Anderson films, and dorky director Darin Aronofsky who went to school at Harvard with my talented artist galpal and former LA Weekly colleguen Marina Rosenfeld.
Saturday is when the weather turned turgidly humid and I had to change digs to my old stomping quarter at Off SoHo Suites. Just in time for a May Day Dinner party hosted by the elegant Glenn Belverio with cooking assist from Cory and French knitwear design sensation Pierrot. The menu included Bourride, dragons breath and sect. Mr. Belverio and Pierrot will both be on Speaking From the Diaphragm, with Pierrot presenting a fashion show. At dinner I was enchanted by the gracious and beguiling beauty of writer and Bataillian librarian Nancy Stout. And of course M. Pierrot is my kind of Frenchman—sexy and wild.
In the morning I found out on CNN that there was a foiled terror plot in midtown Manhattan. Yikes.
Last night at Participant I hosted the book launch for the Stuart Sherman Nothing Up My Sleeve Exhibit, curated by Jonathan Berger. The gallery looked gorgeous bathed in gold lame wallpaper, and I had everyone in gush over my exquisite puce gown designed by Mr. Nikko Lencek-Inagaki a new design force to reckon with who is a happa mixed with Japanese and Slovenian parentage which gives him that adorable shot of exotica. So nice seeing Sean Carrillo, & his wife Bibbe Hansen, the youngest of the Warhol Stars looking literally teenage. I cant believe that Bibbe’s pop star son Beck is turning 40 this year and his brother Channing’s son is 16. I use to babysit Beck and Channing back in the old punk rock days in LA. Also on hand The Bergers, the handsome young parents of Jonathan, Jason Martin, Sarah, Sweet Johnny, Tavia Nyongo, Marc Arthur & beau, Leon Hilton, Billy Miller & Jeff, Carlo McCormick of Paper Magazine (who will be on Speaking From the Diaphragm) Spencer from Santos Party House, photog Conrad Venture and a host of other notables that I don’t have time to relay as I have several meetings today including one with my co-host Carmelita Tropicana. Sunday evening ended beautifully at NoHo Star restaurant with Dr. Munoz & as we were served by a little lap top of a boy waiter with plenty of attitude to spare.