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Friday, December 23, 2011

Shared a delightful meal at the westside Delores Burrito Palace @ Wittenberg Platz with that ravishing beauty of all beauties the Baby Diaper of the Hidden Cameras Mr. Joel Gibb who just happens to also be one of the hottest studkins on this planet earth. Everyone wants Joel Gibb and he doesn´t even realize that he turns so many heads as he walks down the street.
Joel was with his Canuckian houseguest Gentleman Reg who was in Berlin on holiday, but also managed to sneak in a performance at Pork @ Ficken 3000. Accompanying them was another Canadian party boy who has been living in Berlin for a year and who use to be lovers with And Justice For All the plushy/furry Toronto sexual “It Boy” of several seasons past.
Superstar Mr. Gibb was feeling a little blue, so I was trying to bring him some good cheer. Why you ask would anyone so goodlooking and talented ever have a reason to be sad. Well Joel is a sensitive young lad, and a true romantic in the Lord Byron sense of the word. He recently separated from his longtime paramour the hunky East German physiotherapist Enrico Dallman.I thought they made a splendid couple, and I adore Enrico who is very sweet and genuine.
Rising Stars, Falling Stars last night was SRO with a screening of the Japanese classic from 1926 A Page of Madness. The divine Eunice Martin whose piano prowess electrified the audience that include RSFS first timer Max of Buenos Aires, who is the best pal of Christian Forte of the Berlin based punk band Leiseylento. Also seen: Monika Rinck(Das Love Thing) the most significant young poet working in Germany today, Henrike Grohs of the Goethe Institute Johanisberg, South Afrika who came to check out RSFS after being told about it by Darryl Els the young SouthAfrikan film programmer, Roman Lachs the personable professor of German Literature who is leaving Berlin for South Korea. Roman and Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus have been best friends since they were embryos. The audience at RSFS delighted in the knowledge that the Schulte Strathaus clan owns the Berlin suburb of Steglitz.Just another interesting tidbit.Also seen in the Rote Foyer afterscreening wine reception: Lovely Nadja Talmi of Haus of World Cultures, portugeuse intermedia actress Elsa, the voice of Communism in Commi Biggie Daniel Hendrickson, Manuel Schubert of FilmHighlights Internet Radio Magazine, Nicolas Tange Lange with the star of the Swedish film version of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, and sexbomb Uli Ziemons.
The Gregors, the first family of German Cinema were cleaning house and brought to the Arsenal some books they didn’t want from their famous prodigious library. I scored royally making off with a copy of The Revolt of the Masses by Jose Ortega y Gasset, American Murder Ballads & Other Stories by Olive Wooley Burt, An Anthology of New World Writing, Aphorismen zur Lebensweisheit by Arthur Schopenhauer and film books on Korean directors, Films of the DDR 1987-1990 and Modern Czech films.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Went to see the remake of Jane Eyre only because it features the British male ingénue Jamie Bell who is all grown up and looking quite fetching with his mutt n chop sideburns and dark ginger beauty.
Michael Fassbender was quite affective in the film as well as the girl who plays the lead and of course Dame Judy Dench, but as far as I am concerned its all about Mr. Bell who I have been told by reliable sources is quite the well hung young man.

O and this sweet note from a machaca:

My Sweet Negress,

I am sorry that I have been MIA for a few weeks. I have completed an almost 2 month project that had me all over the city at all times of the day with some hilarious and frightening stories while working a line of Sr Citizen Insurance.... I met a very frail and tough mouthed Black Grandma who was drilling me with the cost of prescription drugs and a specific list of medications. Feeling the Ghetto Grifter energy myself, I asked, Why are you asking about these specific medications. Grandma shot me an almost Shug Night Thug Look and then smiled, she said, With yo Insurance, the bottle cost $5.00 for a 30 day supply. Dat's pretty good, cuz I sell each pill for $10.bucks! (that's a very nice profit) I looked at her and with my genuine Poker face, I said, Girl you a Drug Dealer! She said, No sweetie, I'm helping my cumunity and getting one over on the Man. (I was happy that she did not say Da Man!) She then studied my face and said, You aint' an undercover Cop? I said, No, I'm not, but you are doing something that is not cool. She then tells me, I think this Business meeting is Over. So I take my stuff and made my exit. I understand her Grift, she should have just kept her mouth shut. That's your people!

This past weekend, We went to see Zachary Drucker's photography exhibit, with photographer Amos, I believe that was his name. It was a great showing with Zachary's beauty and Amos, an F to M, in all his sexyness.

We had dinner at Real Food Daily, so fucken good and expensive! After dinner we made our way to Jeffreyland's Christmas Toy Drive party. It was a double party between his shop and Esteban's shop a few doors down. I don't think you know Estaban, he's Drew's x-Boyfriends Best Buddy. He's very cool and was throwing down with some Hot Old Disco Music. We made our way back and forth between Jeff's and Esteban's party with lots of Libations. Your little Ghetto Child was there with his crew in tow. It was fun. Frank was man-ing the bar, Manila Ice was looking super Fashionable, the crowd had a great time.

I am home today with the rain. I'm a bit lost as I'm done with a project and need to occupy myself! I have been a bit out of control with my HornDoggyness!

I miss my Stinky Negra, I'm looking forward to your return to Compton. As for me re-arranging my schedule for you, Come CACA y No me Des! How are the shoes working for you? What do you need?


Monday, December 19, 2011

Saturday morn went to La Femme in Kreuzberg for a delightful belated birthday breakfast for Piero Bellomo of La Collezione with Senor Bellomo and his lover Communism aka: Daniel Hendrickson. A grand time was had by all. The next day I met la Hendrickson and Marcu Siegel at Volksbuhne/Praeter to see the Vegard Vinge/Ida Mueller production of Henrik Ibsen’s John Gabriel Borkman. On the way to the theatre I was caught in a downpour and wound up soaking wet. Later our party was joined by Nazli and her Greek beau Yorgos, Sexy Sasha his cute cuddly girlfriend Christina and Vietnemese artist Joang. This performance was SRO and featured Susanne Sachsse performing as a muse in various tableaux vivant including a striking moment where menstrual blood acts as live nourishment to a werewolf Borkman incarnate. Director Vinge was all over the place this evening---fighting with house technicians, attacking the audience, showboating, puppetry of the penis and turning himself into a golden shower fountain, not to mention a curtain ballet, debris tennis match, fisticuffs, and the great Volker Spengler in dishabille. Borkman is the perfect Ibsen piece for our troubled financial times. Corrupt banker mirroring psycho sexual histrionics-who could ask for anything more? After more then six hours without as much of pee break we grabbed some cheap sushi and drinks around the corner on Danziger Strasse afterwhich it was time to say goodbye to a most fulfilling evening of endurance theatre. Would have liked to stay till the end of the 12 hours but was feeling a little congested and decided that bedtime was imminently more practical.
I get so many emugs from readers asking me what is on my nightstand. Well the latest book I can’t get enough of is Catherine the Great-Portrait of a Woman by Robert K. Massie. I never knew that the Czarina was a German princess. I always thought she was Russian by birth, but in actuality she married into the dynasty.

The latest FilmHighlights Internet Radio interview with Manuel Schubert where we discuss amongst a myriad of subjects my love affair with the amazingly virile late dear leader of North Korea.

And the latest CHEAP newsletter from Marcu Siegel:

(english below)

Liebe CHEAP Freunde

erstmals danke für die tolle Unterstützung bei Communist Bigamist. Two Love Stories. Wir hatten vier ausverkaufte Häuser und spannendes Feedback. Nächste Vorstellungen finden 2/3 Februar im FFT Düsseldorf statt.

Weil "CHEAP doesn't sleep" bereiten wir uns gerade für ein anderes Night Out vor, nämlich der letzte Rising Stars, Falling Stars in 2011 mit Miss Davis! Es läuft der perfekter Film für die Holiday Zeit: Eine Seite des Wahnsinns (Teinosuke Kinugasa | Japan 1926). Musikalische Begleitung von Eunice Martins. und Wein und Wichsen im Roten Foyer danach. Komm und begrusst Miss Davis bevor sie für ein Monat nach Los Angeles für ihre Getty Performance verschwindet!

VD Rising Stars Falling Stars
mit: Eine Seite des Wahnsinns (1926) und Eunice Martins am Klavier
Donnerstag, dec 22 21:30 Uhr


Dear CHEAP Friends

thanks for your support with Communist Bigamist. Two Love Stories. We had 4 sold out shows with exciting audiences. Next shows are Feb 2/3 in FFT in Düsseldorf. tell you friends!

and don't forget to join Miss Davis for the last Rising Stars of the season. Come say hello before she takes off for LA and a monthlong gig with the Getty. And cut through the holiday horrors with the great Japanese silent classic A Page of Madness. Come down to the Arsenal and nurse your Hanukah angst away with hostess Ms. Vaginal Davis. After the screening share in a ribald wine reception toast in the intimate entrails of the Rote Foyer.

Rising Stars, Falling Stars
Dec 22nd 9:30pm
Arsenal Inst fur film und video kunst Kino 2
A Page of Madness 1926
live musical accompanyment by Eunice Martin
2 Potsdamer Strasse
Potsdamer Platz at the Sony Ctr Filmhaus Basement


Friday, December 16, 2011

To recover from the Berlin performances of Commie Biggi I treated myself to a 60 minute massage by a tiny Indonesian man who also performed some reflexology on me that rid the doll of her nasal congestion and aching weary bones. The mixture of eastern and western practice was a plus in stabilizing a very worn performance art wo-man.
Had a jam session with Tenderloin that included Baby Diaper Joel Gibb, Felix Knoke, Jan Klesse and Andreas Stoiber a sweet new pal of Felix & Jan who performs regularly as a musical robot and is also a Berlin DJ music producer and arranger. We all hopped into Andreas's compact car to the far reaches of the eastern block to rehearse at his tiny studio. It was a delightful evening of musical camaraderie and passion. After rehearsal we went to Santa Maria for some excellent Mexican grub and Margaritas---Perfection!
Thursday I had breakfast with my sweet Jan Klesse at More Café in Nollendorky Platz. We had a lovely time together and spent most of the morning and afternoon just chilling, and snacking at an Akazien Strasse café eating delicious carrot cake, drinking gallons of coffee and chittle chatting.Jan is in Berlin till the end of January as part of his duties as a tyro lawyer. He is renting a spacious room on Lebener Strasse just around the corner from the Cheese Endique Trifecta in the Rote Insel section of Schoneberg, so we are neighbors which is very pleasant and comforting.
For the Camp/Anti-Camp festival in April the Tenderloin boys may be backing up the legend that is Miss Jayne County who will make her triumphant return to Berlin where she lived in the early 80s. Talk about a coupe! Also Ms. Glen Meadmore is coming back to Europe for some performances in Germany and Austria sometime in February so I am looking forward to see that first lady of kuntry thrash.
Was listening to NPR Berlin the other day to the program Fresh Air with presenter Terry Gross and her guest was Josh Kun, the love sexy Jewish humpy dork who use to teach at UC Riverside as a collegue of Dr. Jennifer Doyle, but who is now working at USC. I have had a long lasting crush on this man for many, many moons. He has the most kissable lips and a very sexy voice. On the radio he sounds like a teenager. He is also one of those academics that doesn’t get enough attention from the academy so he moonlights as a music journalist, radio, club DJ,promoter and general bon vivante. I think he also comes from a very well off middle class family, so he has never lacked anything he should desire in life, and is use to getting his way with everything. He was a bit of a cultural tourist with his interest in Latino music, but seems to be these days mining the riches of his own community and
Terry Gross was interviewing him about his work with the Idolsen Society that promotes rare Jewish recordings,bringing them new life to a younger generation. Josh has also produced a stunning anthology called Songs of the Jewish American Jet Set-The Tifa Records Collection 1950-1973. I haven’t seen Josh in many years, so maybe he hasn’t aged well, but something tells me he has gotten better looking and I sure would love to perform some buttery fellatio upon his smoking hot Jewish penis.
Ms. Angie Anderson aka DJane Olga Damnitz saved the info on my crashed computer and brought it to me in the form of an external harddrive. Thank god for Angie. She is the lifesaver to us technically challenged divas. While I was waiting for Angie to arrive it snowed and rained all within the same time stretch. I took Angie to Papaya to eat some delicious Thai food and to catch up on her adventures she had a fews months back on the Isle of Man in Britain.
Then I had to run to Wedding to see the art exhibition Showtime of one of my British Phd students Allie Carr with Kerstin Honeit who has worked with Gob Squad. They were presenting video letters and documentation in the LoBe Gallery. I love the sense of utter joy and abandon in the video moments presented, and there were some prime guest stars like Master Patrick, the masked artist and gatekeeper at Pork Club at Ficken 3000 and the voice of young Maureen O’Hara from the 1940 Dorothy Arzner film Dance, Girl Dance. The exhibition continues till Jan 14th and the space is open Sat 12pm-6pm or by appointment. LoBe is located at Scherer Str 7 13347 Berlin +49 171 772 450 2
Another must see to check out is my other fab Scandanavian student Stine from Malmo Art Academy in Malmo, Sweden. She has a few performances this weekend in Berlin. Here is her agenda below:

dec 17th @Creamcake, Südblock Kreuzberg
dec 18th @Intersoup Prenzlauer Bergheres the music (youtube playlist)

Monday, December 12, 2011

The premiere week of Communist Bigamist-Two Love Stories has ended with a huge she-bang in Berlin with SRO enthusiastica crowds. Berliners are a notoriously hard audience to crack and our piece which is in English and German provided quite a challenge as it was more of a live installation piece and not a typical theater offering in the way that is expected in the German capital.
The opening night audience was very quiet so I thought they hated the piece, but they were just doing some very thoughtful Lesbian processing of the situation. Each evening of the four night run the audience was more boisterous and whooped it up more which is typical of the response for a lot of our CHEAP pieces beginning in 2001 with CHEAP Jewelry.
The opening night crowd of celebutants included: Tim Stutkin, Marga, Max Jorge Hinderer, the Bolivian/German scholar, curator and Tropi Camp specialist, stage designer Baerbe, Yorgos Sourmelis the handsome Greek/Ottoman painter, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus with Nanna Heidenreich and her galpal DJ Olga Damnitz aka: Angela Anderson, The Love Camel who surprised the doll by flying in from London to see the premiere and to give her Vagimule loving support and fellowship which was greatly appreciated. Camel took me to delicious brunch at Santa Maria the Mexican boite in Kreuzberg and we also had a nice breakfast at Toughstein Café on Camel’s last day in Berlin. Many thankx and kissy kissyz to that adoreable little Camel. The long list of CHEAP supporters on opening night included: Evie Ruesseler, the divine Alessio and Dragan Asler who were both in the first CHEAP production CHEAP Jewelry, Theadora, Senol Senturk who built the set, Cheetum and the bbooks gang, Uli of Forum Expanded, Trixie Schonherr who gave me some lovely earings from her personal jewelry collection and she also gave Susanna Sachsse my co-star and brilliant director a beautiful vintage top. My Tenderloin boys Felix Knoke, Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras who sadly just broke up with his boyfriend of three years Enrico Dallman who I really loved. Jan Klesse who was such a dear accompanying the doll back home on the subway, hot Israeli artist extroidinaire Yael Bartana and her lovesexxy girlfriend Saskia, Catherine Tiedeman the curator of FFT Duesseldorf where Commi Biggie will travel to early next year, la Sachsse’s lovely twins Salome and Richard and his girlfriend Miss Vicky,Katrin Dodd the beauty of HAU, Hebbel big boss Mattias Lienthal,Daniele Balice & Alexander Hertling of the hot Paris gallery Balice/Hertling. The after party was at WAU café with DJ Jimmy Trash who played an amazing set of 60s girl groups and garage rock. Mr. Trash is a regular DJ at Heiner’s Ping Pong Bar in Kreuzberg and he has become my new all time favorite DJ in Berlin. I danced the night away to songs like Funnel of Love by Wanda Jackson, GoGo Gorilla by The Gorillas, a garage version of Shortening Bread, Don’t You Just Know It by Lee Dorsey, Claudine Clark’s Party Lights and one of my favorite singers of the 1960s Annette Funicello doing Muscle Beach Party. Haven’t heard a DJ play Annette since Rodney Bingenheimer use to DJ regularly in the early 1980s at clubs like Seven Seas and Osco’s.
The performances Friday through Sunday were much better at least for me as I was suffering from opening night jitters and a coughing fit brought on by the fog machine that is used throughtout the piece to diffuse the elaborate lighting. Sighted on these days in the audience: Pauline Beaudry, Antonia Baehr aka: Werner Hirsch, Konstantin Achmed Berger, a real life Paris based Monk who is friends with Wilhelm Hein and is a big Susanne Sachsse fan and has written a film treatment especially for her, Katja Maya nee Hellsdorf and Cristian Forte of the band Leiseylento with his pal Max whose mother is a famous Argentine actress, Yony Leyser a young director who made a documentary on William Burroughs called A Man Within and is now working on some project about the Homocore scene, Aston Brooks the great grand niece of Louise Brooks with her german gal pal, artists Lydia Hymen,Annette Knol, Matthew Lutz Kinoy visiting from Brooklyn, the personable singer Francisca Villela from Chile who is the leader of the band Samanta, architecht Martin Murrenhoff, painter, performer and curator Kaj Osteroth, Laura Lauzemis, German TV producer, Canadian Antonija Livingston of Cat Calender, DJ Snax with beau, gorgeous scholar Juliana Rebentisch with culture writer Diedrich Diederichsen, Christoph Gurk, the music curator and former editor of Spex, Tom Holert the art critic and scholar, Heike Albrecht who use to run the Sofiensaler and who hated CHEAP Blacky in 2007 because it was too music oriented and not theater enough for her taste, the hot Palestinian cameraman from ZDF, Isabel McEwen the Canadian opera director and professor at the Hamburg University, tante Jurgen Bruning, filmmaker Renata Lorenz, Krisza Hanke Media Studies Professor at Potsdam University, Diana McCarty of herbst ReBoot Radio, Hannah Hurtzig of Black Market, artist Christophe Chemin, Yelena the Serbian Jazz singer,Ulrike Bergerman the cultural critic who wrote White Balance and other Unreliable Comparisons and teaches at Braunschweig School of the Arts, Tim the Parisian male model who walks for Rick Owens and Jean Paul Gaultier,beautiful, muscular and well endowed young Technical University student Martin Hadrys,Little Alex of Macedonia. Sexy Sascha and his girlfriend and their hot cliqa and I am sure I forgot someone but I am so tired and I need to clean my filthy apartment. I am sure I will be getting more reports from others as to who was there and what the gossip was.
Ron Athey makes a rare stateside appearance in New York City. This is a must see performance don't miss it:



7pm pre-show artist reception
8pm performance
9pm post-show reception, DJ Scott Ewalt

Allen Street Studios
88 Eldridge Street
(between Hester and Grand)
4th Floor
New York City

Tickets $20



Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Communist Bigamist-Two Love Stories is finally here. Get all the info below via Marc Siegel,the unofficial minister of information of kollective CHEAP and purchase your tickets to the event of the season.

(deutsch unten)

Dear CHEAP Friends,

In these times of crisis, CHEAP has decided to turn to the wise teachings and life experiences of some of the most interesting and glamorous women of this and the past century, namely Angela Davis, Ruth Fischer, Ida Lupino, Susanne Sachsse, Vaginal Davis…and a couple more! Yes, COMMUNIST BIGAMIST. TWO LOVE STORIES is coming! No dry hetero documentary theater here, but instead the danceable mix of banter, blabber and bother that you have to come to expect from CHEAP. Based very loosely on Ida Lupino's proto-feminist '50s film THE BIGAMIST, COMMUNIST BIGAMIST tells an internationalist tale of love, political betrayal and Black resistance. We in the CHEAP cosmos are all thrilled to be putting the final touches on this, our first new production in over five years! It is written and directed by SUSANNE SACHSSE and stars Sachsse as Ruth Fischer + VAGINAL DAVIS as Angela Davis. But, as in any good ol' CHEAP production there are many more of your favorite and familiar faces, voices, images, and sounds on stage + a few new ones. We hope to welcome you in the audience! It's in HAU 3 so it's for an intimate select group of voyeurs. Reserve your tickets today!

Opening Night: December 8, 2011, 8pm
Other performances: December 9/10/11, 2011, 8pm
HAU 3, Berlin
Tempelhofer Ufer 10
tel: 259 00427

CHEAP presents
Communist Bigamist. Two Love Stories
starring Vaginal Davis as Angela Davis and Susanne Sachsse as Ruth Fischer
with: Marc Siegel, the goofball, Daniel Hendrickson, of the sexy voice
Assistant: Nazli Kilerci, the indispensable smokey-voiced multi-talent
Light Design: Jackie Shemesh,the dark and handsome
Composition/Sound: John Blue, the unstoppable music backbone, along with Brother Tim, of many a CHEAP exploit
Stage Design: Nebosja Tabacki, the fine and quiet creative tornado of STOFFEL FLIEGT ÜBERS MEER fame
Costume Design: House of the Very Islands… in cooperation with Jakob Lena Knebl and Andreas Riegler, the inventive Viennese fashionistas
Make-Up: Tan Binh Nguyen, the seductive stylist stalwart who keeps us looking good despite our advanced ages
Production Management: Anna Mülter, the wise organizational wizard since at least CHEAP BLACKY
written and Directed by Susanne Sachsse, the East German dominatrix of stage and screen


Liebe CHEAP Freunde,

In Zeiten der Krise greifen wir auf die kühne Lehre und Lebenserfahrungen von einigen der spannendsten und glamorösten Frauen der letzten und diesen Jahrhundert zurück: Angela Davis, Ruth Fischer, Ida Lupino, Susanne Sachsse, Vaginal Davis…und viele mehr! Ja, COMMUNIST BIGAMIST. TWO LOVE STORIES kommt! Kein trockener Het Doku Theater, sondern "the danceable Mix" of blahblah, schmahschmah, und naja, die ihr von CHEAP erwartet. Leicht angelehnt an dem proto-feministischen Film von Ida Lupino THE BIGAMIST (1953) erzählt COMMUNIST BIGAMIST die internationale Geschichte von Liebe, politischer Verrat und Black Widerstand. Wir in CHEAPs Nähe freuen uns sehr die letzte Details zusammen zu bringen an diese –unsere–erste neue Produktion nach fast 5 Jahren! Geschrieben und Inszeniert von SUSANNE SACHSSE und mit Sachsse als Ruth Fischer und VAGINAL DAVIS als Angela Davis! Wie bei jeder CHEAP Produktion gibt es noch dazu viele bekannte Gesichter, Geräusche, Bilder und Stimme zu sehen und zu hören. Und einiges Neues. Wir freuen uns sehr Euch dabei zu haben. Da es intim und intern in HAU 3 wird, soll man schon die Karten bestellen! Siehe die Info oben.

danke und herzlich

**For all our fans in Düsseldorf, CHEAPs COMMUNIST BIGAMIST. Two Love Stories play FFT Düsseldorf on Feb 3/4/5**

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Saw my ultimate guilty pleasure in the the sword & sandles drama Immortals starring the beautiful dark haired, dimunitive British actor Henry Cavill who really can fill out his marching slippers. Poor unfortunate Mickey Rourke was also in the cast that includes beautiful Indian actress Frieda Pinto looking beguiling as a vestal virgin who slips, and Stephen Dorf who has become all hatchet faced and roid rage, our favourite modern day Keanu Reeves mannequin--Miss Kellan Lutz of the Twilight franchise whose mug and swollen chest cavity was beaten ala Way Bandy style to an inch of its very life. When will La Lutz remake Falcon Video Pac number 23? Brian Singer can direct and Zach Efron will be his co-star as insatiable Lil Donny.

Had a photo shoot this morning with Serbian art photog and filmmaker Miona Bogovic for the new film by Janez Jansa aka Davide Grassi the Italian artist and curator who is based in Lubianja, Slovenia. In this documentary film I was interviewed for last year I talked about my male personas Denning Taylor, Kayle Hilliard and Buster Beaute’. Before I had to run off to rehearsal, Ms. Bogovic came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta to photograph several of my old male personas that are part of my studio wall collages.
Yesterday before rehearsal Jan Klesse of Tenderloin and his lovely girlfriend Marie Dorow brought me a delicious breakfast and coffee. It was nice entertaining such charming and sweet young guests. The Doll is really blessed with so many wonderful German friends.
This week Rick Owens sent me a copy of his giant sized coffee table book published by Rizzolli. I have a short essay in the book that is in the form of a letter that talks about our old days hanging out with each other off of Hollywood Blvd in the 1980s where I wax nostalgiac about the infamous Spotlight Bar that is now sadly closed, and a lot of the other neighborhood haunts and personalities that crossed our path like the late drag film star Divine, Fertile La Toyah Jackson, Goddess Bunny, Wanda the Man who is also dead, Mistress Antoinette, incestuous mother and son couple Stephen& Gladys May and the architect of Rock n Roll Little Richard.
The One Institute in Los Angeles also sent me a copy of their new book Cruising The Archive that was published in conjunction with the Getty/Pacific Standard Time citywide eventa. My former Afro Sister Clitoris Turner aka Bud Thomas works at the One Institute. I have a long essay in the book that talks about my biological sister Gracie Taylor who just died in October of cancer. Gracie use to work for Hollywood golden era star Rock Hudson and she was also the main fag hag to Jimmy Morrison the famed black procurer of boy fleshpots back in the 60s and 70s.
Just received a cute emug from one of my Goldsmith College Phd students:

Hi Freakazoids, my shemail as given has been compromised by a large piece of luncheon meat wrapped round a fibreglass Pedalo somewhere under Doggerland hence the rupture... or is it rapture... a thin line between... anyway, thanks to Lewis for contacts and photos and Allie and Rebecca for info. I didn't get chance to say to everyone but Framing was the most warm, friendly, trusting, sharing, inspiring, creative, wonderful experience and I got to have my head in a tight hole again!!! More soon... or sore moon... again, there's a thin line between... iJason! xxxxx

My darling gorgeous, young drag daughter ZacKary Drucker is a part of the Art Fair Miami Basil:

Join Bas Fisher Invitational for the premiere/release of

Zackary Drucker + A.L. Steiner = Before/After

avail. Friday, Dec. 2 @ Miami NADA booth P17
Deauville, 6701 Collins Ave., Miami, FL 33141


This enote from my sister Teresa in LA. She just turned 60 years old. Two of my sisters are dead and now I only have Teresa Ray and Shirley Faye who is 69 left. Its quite a surprise to a lotof people that Vaginal Davis actually has a family. She wasn’t hatched.
Hello. I get so depressed when you say you're not coming here for 5 or 10 years! I hope you get some jobs here so I can see you. I had to take from one of my retirement accounts to pay bills and rent this month because the funeral for Gracie broke me. Brian's best friend is selling life insurance. So he bought final arrangement insurance for me and Terri Lynn in case something happens to us. We should have done that for Gracie.
Terri Lynn's son Darren Jr. turned 12 on Thanksgiving, 11/24, this year. We went to Chuckee Cheese Saturday. For the first time his grandmother and grandfather of his dad came. They never come to see their grandchildren unless it's a holiday and if they go to their house. They were trying to think of the last time they came to their grandson's birthday and they couldn't remember. But they felt they had to go this time because now Terri Lynn just lost her mom and already lost her dad. So I told them good they came. Darren Jr. got $50 dollars too. His dad will be released from prison this coming January. Terri Lynn really misses her husband.
Hope to see you in January! Love you!!!
A received this notice from Barcelona based artist Carles Congost:
"GNFR" (Guns 'N Fucking Roses) is probably the first exhibition to bring homage to one of the greatest hard rock bands of all times: Guns ‘N Roses. Curated by Jan Van Woensel, an international curator widely known for his itinerant group exhibition Bad Moon Rising (San Francisco, CA; New York City, NY; Saint Louis, MO; Brussels, Belgium; Oslo, Norway), and numerous projects in collaboration with artist, musician, writer, poet, and publisher Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), GNFR is a project in preparation of the curator’s upcoming, ambitious Axl Rose exhibition (TBA).

GNFR is not just another exhibition that illustrates the obvious relation between art and music. Instead, GNFR keeps the middle between an art exhibition and a gloomy teenager’s bedroom. Within this setting, GNFR exposes both the worldwide success and tragic breakdown of the band, and displays a selection of Guns ‘N Roses inspired contemporary artworks amidst an audiovisual chaos of documentary videos, interviews, fan videos, home made recordings of cover bands, amateur artworks, paraphernalia, artifacts and much more…

Akira The Don & Eddie Argos, Anna Postigo, Brian Woida, Brittany Powell Parich, Carles Congost, Daniëlle Luinge, David Matorin, Factory Pilot Collectiv (not established since 1995), Joris Van de Moortel, Katy Hamer, Matthew Hughes Boyko, Motoko Fukuyama, Nancy Vanwambeke & Stéphanie Yoshiwara, Peggy Wauters, Rachel Rampleman, Saskia de Coster, Stephan Balleux, The Congosound, Steven Sewell, Torreya Cummings.

Curator: Jan Van Woensel

Thursday, December 8th at 6PM
Monty ABN, Montigny St #3,
Antwerp 2018, Belgium

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Its always a delight to catch up with the latest project of Elly Clark the personable young artist and curator who is just an absolute joy and delight:
Birmingham, November 2011
Twelve months on from its last showing in New York and nearly a year now of my living in Birmingham (with pretty frequent trips back to Berlin!) I am very happy to be able to invite you to the opening of WUNDERKAMMER at the amazing venue that is TROVE in the Jewelry Quarter in Birmingham. Opening on Thursday 8th December, (with A Slide Show by.. Andy Field at 6.30pm) this is the first time this increasingly well-travelled exhibition has been shown in the UK.
More info follows. It would be truly brilliant to see you there.
With very best wishes,
Elly CLARKE GALLERY presents:

Private view: 6-8.30pm Thursday 8th December 2011 with A Slide Show by… Andy Field at 6.30pm
Exhibition then open on specific days & by appointment until 30th December
12 months on from its last presentation at Franklin Furnace in New York, Clarke Gallery is honoured to unpack the contents of WUNDERKAMMER once again, this time at TROVE in Birmingham, UK.
Translating as Cabinet of Curiosities, WUNDERKAMMER is a travelling show of sixteen small works by artists from Germany, the UK, Canada and the USA that grows and changes as it goes. Incorporating sculpture, photography, painting, (a new) ‘smart phone-dependent art’ (piece by Daniel Sailsbury) and a live presentation of “A Slide Show by… Andy Field” on the opening night, this is the forth stop WUNDERKAMMER has made. Starting out at Clarke Gallery in Berlin the exhibition then travelled to Eastern Edge in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada and Franklin Furnace in New York. For this presentation at TROVE, works by two additional artists are introduced: New York-based Columbian artist Juan Bethancurth (who I met during the last exhibition in NYC) and British Birmingham based artist Daniel Sailsbury.
Works were selected that not only would fit within the confines of a hand-luggage size Wunderkammer but which also referenced story telling, dealt with the idea of the archive or that were traces of or ephemera from an event or a larger piece. The text for the type-written labels was provided by each artist.
WUNDERKAMMER is the first Clarke Gallery exhibition to have travelled beyond the confines of my Berlin apartment, where Clarke Gallery started up. After two years of hosting exhibitions in my space (involving, at different times, sculpture in my bed, performance in my bathroom, video installation in the kitchen, slide shows in my living room; art objects nestling amongst my personal things) – it felt right to branch out and bring the mobility that we as individuals today enjoy, to the gallery. Now, having lived in Birmingham for a year and with plans to find a more permanent setting for Clarke Gallery in the West Midlands, it is a great honour to bring this suitcase of work to TROVE. And also, for the first time, for the exhibition to have so much space to breathe. As well as to be able to remain there for a few weeks.
Artists of WUNDERKAMMER in Birmingham are: Juan Bethancurth, Jessica Brouder, Elly Clarke, Julian Eicke, Liz Fletcher, Alexander Heaton, Sophia New and Dan Belasco / plan b, Terry Piercey, Daniel Sailsbury, Christian Sievers, Vajra Spook, Anna-Myga Kasten, E. Louise Wachler, Kym Ward and Andrea Winkler.
All work is for sale. Sales will make room for new work to be accommodated by artists from each place visited and, crucially, help fund its ongoing journey.
TROVE is an independent contemporary art gallery in Birmingham. For the past two years it has been located in a heritage site in Newhall Square. Its history includes being the original Science and Industry Museum of Birmingham and, prior to that, the Elkington Factory, where metal plating and Parkesine plastic were invented. Directed by Charlie Levine, TROVE works mainly with heritage sites and exciting artists at any stage of their careers. Over the past 12 months TROVE has been keen to offer opportunities to new partners in order to create a thriving and diverse arts venue. Partners include Birmingham Architects Association, Fierce Festival, mac birmingham, Birmingham Jazz Festival, Crowd6, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and Minnie Weisz Studio.
TROVE at The Old Science Museum, 144 Newhall Street, Birmingham, B3 1RZ // //
Next CLARKE GALLERY exhibition is The Mobility Project, which, with the generous support of Arts Council England, is, along with all her artists, travelling in January to The Meter Room in Coventry, opening on 19th with artist talks on Saturday 21st. // // --
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This little emug from one of the smartest, sexiest men alive, Jeffreyland Hilbert of Kustom Creative in Los Angeles:
Hola Querida Vegetable,
I’m very sorry to hear about your sister. I know she’d been battling cancer for quite some time. I hope wherever she is, she’s watching over her extended family, especially her little big baby sister.
Not much going on LA gossip-wise to my knowledge. More and more of the city, especially Silver Lake is becoming gentrified and gross on a weekly basis. You heard that LeBarcito closed on Halloween? The site of one of the world’s first protests against police brutality of gays (The Black Cat) is now turning into a “gastropub”. Ugh. I rarely go out so I haven’t run into anyone, really. Zachary Quinto was at my gym (Body Builders in Silver Lake) last week. Taller and queenier than I imagined, but seemed pleasant enough. The Gold Coast has now become the de facto haunt for all those displaced by the closure of the Spotlight. The Hip Flip and I popped in last weekend and it was lively, but not lovely.
Can’t wait to see you and hostess you for a meal or dwinks or both.
Ciao for now.
Barney Frank the openly gay congressman is retiring when his term is up in 2013. I met Mr. Frank back in the late 80s or early 90s in Boston when Lia Gangitano of Participant Inc Gallery on the Lower East Side was a curator at the ICA Boston and brought me to perform. Lia and Laura Nix and one of their cute young gay boyfriends took me to a Sunday brunch at a flat in Boston’s Back Bay and Mr. Frank was one of the attendees. As this was over 20 years ago I was much younger then I am now but still too long on the tooth to attract the attentions of Mr. Frank who was all over my youthful companion. I adore unbridled hornpigs with hairy eyeballs that can’t be contained. All the best Mr. Barney on your upcoming retirement .
One of my favorite British film directors of all time died age 84, Ken Russell. Women in Love, Tommy, Salome’s Last Dance, The Devils, The Music Lovers, The Boyfriend, Crimes of Passion, Lair of the White Worm, Altered States, Lisztomania are just a few of his films that I have seen and adore.

Katja von Hellendorf just sent me a link for the Piss Goettin trailer that she made. Please watch and spread the gospel of Piss. Here is the youtube link:

Hector Martinez emugged me from LA where he was hanging out with his younger brother Danny and friends at a Moz show. La Morrisey’s career sprang a renaissance thanks to the youthful worship of urban Latinos – mainly Chicanos in the US.The Mexican American’s that idolize Morrisey are known as Raza Billy’s because of their pinchant for the rockabilly style of dressing from the 1950s. The experimental filmmaker William T. Jones has even made a documentary about this phenomena. I have a history with Moz in that in the 80s my band The Afro Sisters opened up for the Smiths at their first American show at the Hollywood Palladium.

Had breakfast twice recently at More the Nollendorky Platz gay restaurant that I would have never considered eating at in years past, but I find quite pleasant and the food and service quite good for Berlin standards which are notoriously low. Its hard for me to find a good breakfast place as I wake up quite early and trying to get an American style warm breakfast is a bit difficult as the Germans tend to each a lot of bread and cold cuts. Plus when I eat alone I don’t like being someplace too crowded, as I get claustrophobic. For years I would go to the 60’s Café in Nollendorky Platz just because it was empty, but the food is horrible and the service non existent. Some of the waitresses at 60’s Cafe are just too bitchy even for me, and I have a high tolerance for bitchy behavior from wait staff as I realize it’s a very tough job, one that I couldn’t do. But at More Café the waitresses and waiters are very sweet and accommodating, and this is unusual for a gay establishment which are known to give histrionic attitude. More is a bit pricey, but not that expensive. I was surprised at how mixed it was one morning with a large amount of straight couples and single women eating alone at the tables. The décor is a bit dated, but Berlin is a little behind in that regard and I kind of like that. A few days later I visited More and it was more gay men and older sex lizard types but my waiter was young and very charming smiling at me with a fever pitch. I felt like this waiter and another one a slightly older blondine with a bubble butt were fighting over my attentions. I left some Commie Biggie flyers. And speaking of big communists Joseph Stalin’s daughter just died. She was living in rural Wisconsin of all places.
I was thinking about well meaning white liberals the other day and what came to my mind was an incident when I was four years old and playing with my nephew Mark Taylor near his apartment in the mid city LA area around Pico and Normandie. Mark Taylor died early this year, we were only nine months apart so I became an uncle while still an infant. For some strange reason my mother and my eldest sister were both having babies around the same time. When I was born up until around 5 years of age I was a blondine yes its true I had sandy blonde hair and grey eyes--my skin was very pale which was very shocking at the time as my mother had a darker complexion. She was maybe a few shades lighter then Oprah Winfrey in the film The Color Purple. My mother is a black Creole from Louisiana, her maiden name is DePlantier so its not extroidinary that she would give birth to a lighter skinned child, but my sisters are all at least four shades darker then I am, but strangely enough they all had long straight hair, and I got the kinky hair. But anyways getting back to my original story. My nephew and I were fighting on the street and an old white lady that looked like the actress Mildrid Natwick interrupts us and starts going into a speech about racial harmony and that we shouldn’t fight because my skin is white and his black. Of course it didn’t even occur to her that we were related and that I was as black. I appeared at first glance with my light colored hair and skin tone to be a white child. My nephew and I being very well behaved for the most part, and polite children listened to her with puzzled looks on our faces. When I told her that I didn’t know what she was talking about and that he was my nephew and that I was also colored---the term used at that time in the mid 1960s. She looked at me like I was criminally insane, and hobbled off thinking she had done her good deed for the day.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Rehearsals for Commie Biggie are moving along at a nice rapid pace. Production Coordinator Anna Muelter came by rehearsal the other day, and after we went to have dinner at Maria Bonita the delicious Mexican boite on Oranian Strasse in Kreuzberg. Looking forward to my day off on Sunday and getting a chance to see fearless leader Susanne Sachsse in the Volksbühne-Prater production of that big dick genius Vegard Vinge's new Ibsen piece John Gabriel Borkman about a corrupt banker. Vinge is the director and he performs as well, in close collaboration with Ida Müller who makes the painstakingly painted cardboard sets and Trond Reinholdtsen who creates and does the live mix of the complex and unusual sound collage. Vinge is working not only with his usual ensemble but also Sachsse and the great legend that isVolker Spengler and Sylvia Rieger.

My webmeister Larry Bob Roberts just sent me an emug about a young British musician who is performing in Berlin this Sunday name Ste McCabe who has collaborated with David Hoyle aka Divine David.Larry thinks he is extremely talented, and I trust Larry’s opinions without question.

Sunday 27th November
La Moustache @ Silverfuture, Berlin, Germany
A small queer bar gig in a venue designed for "kings and queens and
criminal queers", put on by the brilliant La Moustache crew in Berlin.

Ihr Lieben,

seid herzlich eingeladen zur "Jung Art Berlin" Ausstellung.

In der Ausstellung werden Arbeiten aus meiner Arbeit "Exceptional Encounters - as many guys as I could get" zu sehen sein.
Geöffnet ist vom 24.11. - 26.11.11, 14h-20h in der alten Münze, Molkenmarkt 2, Berlin.

Ich freue mich Euch zu sehen.

Viele Grüße
Paula Winkler

One of my dearest, oldest friends the production designer and art director Jose Montano sent me a lovely email a few weeks ago regarding the death of my oldest sister Gracie Taylor. Jose’s mother is a beautiful Swedish actress and his father is a famous Bolivian architect.

Dear Ms Davis,

I am very sorry to read of your Sisters passing.

The past two years as you know have been ‘Life’ for me, I am now officialy ‘West Coastal’, living and working in both Los Angeles and Seattle. Two years ago my Father, who you met, was diagnosed with lung cancer, he began radiation and chemotherapy treatments, after one year it spread to his spine and he had to have emergency spinal surgery. I came to Seattle in March and realized he may not be able to walk again. So I returned to Los Angeles and put everything in storage and flew back here to help my Mother with home care. On July 4 my Father was able to walk up the stairs he designed and built in 1969.

Today we learned the cancer has been spreading so now the Oncologists told us there is no more they can do / or will do. Just a bunch of 'losers', they will take you down a cul’ d’ sac then say ‘You’re on your own now’ after taking the money.
I will never forget some of the people here in Seattle who asked me if my Father spoke ‘English’. And I had to politely explain; 'yes' he studied English at the American School in La Paz, Bolivia, then Graduated from the University of Washington, he designed the first hanger for the Boieng 737, as well the Seattle Times printing facilty. My Father is Bolivian and is fluent in: 'Spanish' , 'Portugusse', 'Aymara', 'Italian', and yes 'English'.
The People who ask are always monolingual in English.

As you know George Kuchar passed, Sandi Romero ‘Mama’ of 'Mamas hot Tamales' in LA’s MacArthur Park has Breast Cancer, and both my Parents have cancer.

Ms. Davis You better be taking really good care of yourself, cause if you’re not, I’m going to come and Kiss You.

With Love,
Breaking Dawn the dullest in the Twilight franchise arrives in time for baby dyke Kirsten Stewart to get hitched and then become preggers by her sensitive vamp lover while Kellan Lutz’s titty cavity gets larger as his nostrils flare. Lets not forget pretty in pink Taylor Lautner deciding its high time he wore more mascara,base and lip liner with cherry smack gloss. I bet he even applies gloss on his pouty butt puckerhole, strawberry flavour or banana depending on what studio executive is digging down in his garden salad.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grabbed a bite to eat at the Nollendorky Platz restaurant Zsa Zsa Burger at Motzstrasse 28.Zsa Zsa Burger is owned by the same people that run the gay brunchateria More also on Motzstrasse.I love ordering their Silence of the Lamb burger with gorgonzola blue cheese and guacamole.Yummy!Plus the staff are something that is rare in Berlin----actually friendly and accommodating.
There is a wonderful interview in the latest issue of Sleek Magazine the German/English language arts & culture publication with the doll that features some fantastic photos taken at the Cheese Endique Trifecta-the studio of Vaginal Davis in Berlin. The British fashion and culture magazine Another Man has a great interview with designer Rick Owens that features a copy of a letter I wrote Rick that is published in the new Rick Owens book by Rizzoli.Also I have an essay on legendary Cynthia Plaster Caster in the new Participant inc. book Dead Flowers.
Scheitern, Impotenz und Freheit
Fracaso, impotencia y libertad
Cristian Forte & Cristian Loaiza
Performanceabend am 25. November, ab 20 Uhr
mit: Edmundo Bejarano - Kurzfilm, visuelle Poesie, Mirlo
Roberto Equisoain - 333 Rezitationen des Namens „Virgen María“
Alvernhe/Forte Humoprojekt eigene Lautgedichte, elektro experimentell Poesie
Katja von Helldorff - Experimente mit Musiksäge
Teatro sin Organos - Kurzfilm, visuelle Poesie, 4:67 segundos mit einer Interruption von Cristian Loaiza
Scheitern, Impotenz und Freiheit
Ein Gesamtkunstwerk von visueller Poesie, poetischen Objekten, einer temporären Buchhandlung und einem Performance-Abend.
Cristian Forte & Cristian Loaiza: Alcohol - Gedichtband-Objekt (spanisch)
Cristian Forte: Visuelle Poesie - Zeichnungen und Gravierungen - und poetische Objekte aus Holz, Haar, Papier und Zahnmodellen
Cristian Loaiza: Interaktive poetische Objekte
Die temporäre Buchhandlung ist zu den Öffnungszeiten der Ausstellung geöffnet.
Der Performance-Abend bietet rezitative, visuelle und musikalische Beiträge.
12.11., ab 19 Uhr
13., 19., 20., 26., 27. November, 14 - 18 Uhr
Scheitern, Ohnmacht und Freiheit. Visuelle Poesie und Objektpoesie / eine Ausstellung
Im zeitgenössischen Kunstbetrieb verliert die Poesie ihr Potential der Vermittlung eines Unsagbaren, nicht Rationalisierbaren. Es dominieren Begriffe des Erfolgs und des Wettbewerbs und der Künstler selbst wird von Gesetzen des Arbeitsmarkts und der kompetitiven Ordnung vereinnahmt.
Im ersten Nadaistischen Manifest (1958) ist zu lesen, dass „die ausgeübte Poesie ihre soziale und moralische Funktion verfehlt. So wurde die Poesie zu einem Akt, der sich in sich selbst erschöpft; zum unnützesten Akt des schöpferischen Geistes. Jean Paul Sarte definierte diese Reduktion der Poesie als Wahl des Scheiterns.“ Verfolgt die Poesie keine gemeinschaftlichen und wahrhaft vernünftigen – ausgegangen wird hier von einem Begriff der Vernunft, der irrationale Momente nicht verdrängt – Ziele, bewegt sie sich zwischen dem Teilsein und der Reproduktion der Paradigmen der herrschenden Ordnung. Es bleibt uns das NICHTS-SEIN als einzige Alternative, unseren Stolz des Scheiterns, der Ohnmacht und der Freiheit gegenüber der verzweifelten Leere des Systems aufrecht zu erhalten.


Für das Gedichtband-Objekt Alcohol sammelten Cristian Forte und Cristian Loaiza 45 weggeworfene kleine Alkoholflaschen in den Strassen Berlins. Die leeren Flaschen verwandelten sie in ein Buch, indem sie je eine Flasche mit einer Seite des Gedichtbands von Cristian Loaiza füllten. Alcohol ist ein Gedichtband, der in jeglicher Reihenfolge gelesen werden kann. Verlegt wurde es im Milena Berlin Verlag von Cristian Forte.
Cristian Forte (AR) Künstler
1977 in Buenos Aires geboren. Studium der Kunst, Poesie und Soziologie an der Universität Buenos Aires. Zusammenarbeit mit dem Künstlerkollektiv ETCETERA in Argentinien. Inspiriert durch den Surrealismus, die Pataphysik und durch Pellegrini arbeitet er seit 1998 als Poet, Aktivist und Musiker. 2007 Veröffentlichung des Magazins Archibaldo zusammen mit anderen Dichtern. 2010 gründete er den Verlag Milena Berlin für experimentelle Literatur und Bücher, die gleichzeitung Kunstobjekte sind. Derzeit stellt er seinen ersten Gedichtband Abr fertig, veröffentlicht von Copy Roboti.

Cristian Loaiza (GUA) Dichter und Künstler
1975 in Guatemala geboren. Studium der Anthropologie. Veröffentlichte diverse Gedichtbände (Londres, 2010, Poesia de Miciroondas, Guatemala). Sein Stück Matame wurde das erste Mal 2008 im Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin aufgeführt. Mitbegründer des The Black Book Nomad Theatre und von Teatro sin Órganos (T.s.O.). Schafft visuelle Poesie (PIG17 elcerdoesunsuicida, 4min.67sec und ENNIY, Budapest 2005). Teilnahme an verschiedenen kollektiven Ausstellungen (I’m Too Shy To touch You, Objektinstallation für die 1st Roaming Biennial of Tehran 2008, Electroshock Dream, Installation für 10.000m of Art, Budapest 2005).
Mitwirkende Gäste:
wortwedding - Laden für Poesieprojekte
Künstlerische Leitung: Nicola Caroli
Prinzenallee 59, 13359 Berlin (U8 - Pankstrasse )
Tel: 01703872906
In the states they are celebrating the holiday that is called Thanksgiving.
I received an emug from my older sister Teresa keeping me abreast of the goings on of my nephew, niece and their children and my oldest sister Gracie’s funeral in October. A lot of people think Vagimule Davis was hatched, but unfortunately I wasn’t and this is proof:

So good to hear from you! Terri Lynn was asking about you. I told her you might be coming to LA in January. Hope So. We're still having a hard time getting rid of Gracie's things. She had so many things. She and Gloria loved to shop. They even bought from the info-mercials. And Gracie and Mark used to bid on storages like on 'Storage Wars' on cable. And, they would pay for a spot in a swap meet and sell it until Marky got too sick to come down from Vallejo. So she always thought there was another yard sale in her future. To the end she still was having chemo. The doctor told her at this point some people stop. When she came from the doctor she said "Why stop my chemo? Why would he say that?" She was always so positive. The opposite of mommy. That's why I could stay with her. But that last day in the hospital she was in so much pain. I'm so glad she doesn't have to suffer anymore. Some of the neighbor boys from when she lived on Longwood Avenue came to her memorial. In that neighborhood the kids called her either mom or Ms. Taylor like Terri's husband. Brian's best friends came and gave us some money too. They all loved and respected Gracie. Everyone that knew her loved her. Her best friends from the Kingdom Hall, 2 pioneer sisters, moved to Texas. I think they moved because they couldn't take being here when she passed. I had to borrow from my 401K to pay for the mortuary and cemetery fees. But every card from the friends at the hall had money in it. We sure needed it. Terri Lyn got 3 payday loans for me. And she used her mother's bank account to get one for her! So Gracie helped pay for her own funeral after she died! Even her neighbors loved her. Now I'm broke though. And, all my credit cards are frozen. Just like you said would happen.
All the grandchildren really cried. Gracie loved her grandchildren. Marky’s daughter, Kelly came down to LA to stay with her grandma and go to a high school of performing arts. We got her into Hollywood High and she got a part in the play 'LARAMIE PROJECT'. You know all the actors have to play multiple roles. All the kids did very well. Kelly got a few small characters but she did well in them. She also got a lead role in her dance recital coming up in December. She's staying with Terri Lynn now. So Terri has 5 children to take care of. Her rehearsals are over at 6:00pm so Terri has to pick Kelly up from the bus stop because it's after dark. She's a little girl 4'11" looking like a 12 year old instead of 16. She does well in school. So Terri's daughter, who has anger issues and got into a fight at school and is failing most of her classes is really jealous of her, and doesn't get along with her cousin. So Terri can't have much peace among them. They don't speak to each other. Now they cut Terri's food stamps. So I have to buy her groceries until she can get her food stamps back.
Brian never has money because the mother of his children doesn't want to get a job. But she still cheats on him with men she meets from the internet. Terri caught her trolling on Facebook and told Brian. He still needs her to take care of the kids when he goes on National Guard duty. So even though he kicks her out of the house he always lets her back in. The water is turned off in his house. Jaimie takes the boys to the neighbor's house for baths. One time she did that the 6 year old got a rash and it became infected. Those neighbors aren't clean. I hope the boys will be ok.
Talk to you soon. Love You!!!
The Brown Army in Germany was the right wing version of the famous Red Army. The Brown Army was responsible for killing at least ten Auslanders(foreigners). The authorities are embarrassed that a terrorist organization that was robbing banks and committing murders existed for some 14 years right under their noses. The last surviving member of the group a woman, turned herself in but not before she bombed the apartment building she was living in to get rid of evidence. Her bomb didn’t do the job as she left lots of evidence including trophies of their murders committed over the years. The German authorities are very embarrassed by how inept they have been.
One of my brilliant students from when I taught at Wiessensee Art Academy in Berlin is having a closing of her most recent show. I am in rehearsals so I can’t go but I urge all my readers who are Berlin to check this out:
IF hope exists ... there is no wasted land
Künstlerin: Anne Duk Hee Jordan
Finissage: 12. November 2011 I 19 Uhr
Ausstellung: 24. September – 12. November 2011
Mi – Sa 14 – 19 Uhr und nach Vereinbarung
Pohlstraße 75 10785 Berlin
Inh.: Dipl.-Ing. Holger Marquardt Geschäftssitz: Pohlstraße 75 10785 Berlin
T. +49 (0) 30 81 49 46 90 F. +49 (0) 30 81 49 46 90
Berliner Volksbank Bankleitzahl 100 900 00 Kontonummer 7207028023
Steuernummer: 24 / 434 / 70606
Finissage mit Versteigerung zugunsten des Projektes „121Ethiopia“
Anlässlich der Finissage der Ausstellung „IF hope exists ... there is no wasted land“ der
Künstlerin Anne Duk Hee Jordan findet eine Versteigerung in der Galerie cubus-m statt. Der
Erlös kommt der Projektgruppe 121Ethiopia zugute, deren Ziel die Verbesserung der Lebensbedingungen
von Waisenkindern in Äthiopien ist. In ihrem aktuellen Projekt entwickelt
121Ethiopia in Zusammenarbeit mit einem lokalen Waisenhaus in Addis Abeba ein Ausbildungsprogramm
für Erzieherinnen. 121Ethiopia möchte das Bewusstsein für die
Bedeutung von Bezugspersonen und Bildung für Kinder erhöhen und zur Entwicklung eines
Mindeststandards an Kinderbetreuung in Äthiopien beitragen. 121Ethiopia ist ein Projekt der
Hekla Stiftung, die ihren Sitz in Berlin und Zürich hat.
In der Galerie cubus-m sind bis zum 12. November 2011 Installationen sowie Videoarbeiten
von Anne Duk Hee Jordan zu sehen. Die in Korea geborene und in Deutschland
aufgewachsene Künstlerin studiert an der Universität der Künste in der Fachklasse Olafur
Eliasson. In ihren Arbeiten lässt sie ortsfremde, organische Materialen eine ungewohnte
Liason mit der Umwelt oder mit inszenierten Situationen eingehen. Die Ergebnisse sind nicht
vollständig planbar, sondern eigenen Gesetzmäßigkeiten unterworfen. So können mittels der
von Anne Duk Hee Jordan konstruierten „Erdbeerkanone“ Erdbeeren verschossen werden,
die durch den Aufprall auf weiße Leinentücher explodieren und so den Stoff auf eigene
Weise einfärben.
Eine weitere, raumfüllende Installation der
Künstlerin mutet auf den ersten Blick wie ein labyrinthischer Garten an. Begibt sich der
Besucher in diesen, betritt er eine
beeindruckende Welt voller Kontraste und
Polaritäten: Natur und Stadt, Konstruktion und
Chaos, Leben und Tod treffen aufeinander.
Während der Finissage können die in dieser
Installation verwendeten Pflanzen einzeln
ersteigert werden. Der Erlös dieser
Versteigerung wird dem Projekt „121Ehiopia“

Monday, November 21, 2011

Riding the 106 bus line I sat next to a young shaved head Brazilian man with his wife and infant child. This man was a doppelganger for Damian of Godz,the Australian cyber punk gay sex cult leader of LA in the early 1980s. Damian was a masculine sexually stunning, muscular creature with the most penetrating eyes and inviting smile. Throughout the 80s and 90s I would routinely run into men who had been under Damian’s psycho sexual influence. He branded his boys with a Godz tattoo on the inside of their lower lip and even had an art gallery/salon in West Hollywood on San Vicente Ave North of Santa Monica Blvd.
That’s where I first met Myracle, a ginger hippy dippy big thick dicqued rascal who I also had a major crush on. Damian was very sweet to me, but he realized instinctively that I was too self-possessed to become one of his mindless followers, which were mainly young white middleclass, alterna-gay types, weak in mind and spirit---but getting back to Myracle. He drove an old fashion surfer van, and was obsessed with teenage boys and only teenage.
At the time when we met I was 19 but told Myracle I was 15. I even lied about my age when i was young. Myracle was around 29 or 30 years old. He worked on me for a whole week or longer trying to lower my resistance to his sex charms so he could plow me with Vaseline of all things. I knew that if I gave him the puddy I would just be another notch on his psychedelic belt, and he would move on so I teased him along just to see how far i could work him. Myrakle realized that I was a major cock tease and stopped pursueing me.
About a few years later I ran into him at The old Limbo Lounge at The Four Star Saloon on Santa Monica Blvd. I was in drag wearing just a bra, panties and high heels. Billy Limbo gave me a bunch of drink tickets and I chugged down too many tequila sunrises and got into a fight with Buck the sexy telephone repair man and he ripped off my skanties and I was butt nekkid and ran out of the club on Santa Monica Blvd click clacking in my Candy mules. I was only a block away from the bar when Myrakel approaches me in his van and AKS if I want a ride. I accept and he drives me home to my flat on Sunset Blvd on the famous Sunset Strip at the Villa Rosa where I had my Hag Gallery. Myrakel followed me into the gallery and immediately tried to take advantage of my inebriated state to ficken me. Out came his trusty jar of petroleum jelly. Luckily I threw up all over him thus quelching his passions. A year later Myrakel came to one of my Hag Gallery opening parties and picked up a beautiful blondine teenage boy from the South Bay who was a friend of my ginger surfer pal Valerian. A month later I ran into the kid on Santa Monica Blvd at Alternative Mondays at Rage and he asked me if I had seen Myrakel. The kid told me the skinny that Myrakel had been fucking him for several weeks got him preggers with several std's then just disappeared. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he’d never hear from him again and that Myrakel was the ultimate player. Over the years I would run into Myrakel at the Sunset Junction Street Fair. He looked the same only a bit older and more haggard. He still was wearing his hair short but with one of those long braided tails that went all the way down his back and the same tie dyed t-shirts and indian moccasin I’d seen him sport when we first met in the early 80s. When I first moved to Berlin I asked Glen Meadmore if he knew what ever became of Myrakel and he calmly stated that photographer Beulah Love had told him that Myrakel had been sent to prison for child molestation and was killed in the big house.
By the way Damian of Godz died of Mrs. AIDS in the late 1980s.
Rising Stars Falling Stars Carte Blanche Evening started a bit on the late side and was plagued with some technical difficulties.You know the old saying tunte und teknique. The Blue Bros. Tim & kJohnny preservered with splendid results along with projectionist and sound tech Anselm Heller who is such a delight to work with. Anselm received able assist from Bodo one of the senior projection papa´s at Arsenal.
Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was away on a family leave so handsome Uli Ziemons was large and in charge.
The celebutants partaking in the the feast of short films: Ali Jenka of Gelitin art kollective of Vienna, Austria with his lovesexxy husband Baby Papi aka: Gunther Gerdes and friends that included Parisian based songstress and fashion designer Sayoko Papillion and her sound engineer lover Steffan. Miss Sayoko has a new album called Dosage-Fondant a la lune and a clothing line of delicious crochet items called Torso that takes special orders from the website
Miss Sayoka use to live n New York City where you could purchase her designs at Body Worship on Ludlow Street on the lower east side, but you can still get her clothes at If SoHo in lower Man!hattan.
Ali Jenka will be celebrating his 40th birthday on Nov 26th in Vienna at a top secret location that i will disclose now---Cafe Co-op. It was the first time that Ali and his Papi attended RSFS and they fell in love with the evenings films and the music of the Blue Bros. Ali had just been involved with a symposium at TBA 21 that is run by Francesca Thyssen Bornemisza, the Arianna Huffington doppelganger who is married into the Hapsburg Royal Dynasty. Her Thyssen Bornemisza Art Contemporary authority of Vienna is a premiere habitat for wayoutwest artist types like Gelitin and Chicks on Speed. Ali also spent some time in Lupod, Croatia on an island artist retreat in front of Dubrovnic.

Seen doing the RSFS schmooze--- visiting New York impressario Earl Dax who works with Justin Bond, Penny Arcade and Joey Arias, Mattias the famed coroner and pathologist of Vivantes Hospital who is a spirited and vivacious German Arsenal regular and one of the most fascinating men in Berlin, Jan Klesse of the band Tenderloin and his beautiful young girlfriend Marie Dorow visiting from Bremen, Annette Kohl and her lover Amelie who will be returning to Santiago Chili to escape the European winter, Katja Maja aka Katja von Helllensdorf and Cristian Forte of the dynamic queer punk band Leiseylento, super sweet Zach Blas and his posse that included Jacob Gaboury a Brooklynite doctoral candidate at NYU in media, culture and communications and love sexy Prince of Judea Sam who will be in Berlin on a fellowship till 2013. Its always a pleasure seeing Eunice Martin who will leave Berlin for a big silent film spectacular in Shangai, Turkish curator Aykan Safoglu, Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim with friend Miriam Buhl the personable young Upper West Side lawyer who coordinates pro bono cases in the Tri-State area. The Arsenal also has some new new kasse girls who are delightful---- Miriam & Hanna.
Sunday morning Ali and his Baby Papi invited me to his Louise Victoria Platz flat for a fruehstueck bei Tiffany. We were joined later by Sayoko and Steffan and Miss Sayoka gave me a copy of her 2008 CD which I can’t wait to listen to. I had to leave early for a massage to get all my Commie Biggie stress kneeded away, and later I met up with Daniel Hendrickson at Lebanese fast food joint ARiez Chicken for gossip, humus and chuckles.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

After Commie Biggie rehearsal went to dinner with Muslim Daniel Hendrickson and Zack Blas, the sweet West Virginia Appalachian Mountains phd student from Duke University. We decided to check out a KreuzKoelln Indian restaurant that was inexpensive and quite tasty. Zach is in Berlin to participate in a Cyber Feminist workshop that is part of the Transmedial Festival. Young Zachary delighted us with talltales and misadventures including a stint in Chiapas, Mexico performing with some indigenious artists and having a roughhouse affair with a well hungariac Zapatista—ole!
Berlin is experiencing at the moment an early Arctic chill. If its this cold in Autumn what can we expect in the dead of winter, which makes me excited that I will be returning to Los Angeles in January for my West of Rome/Getty/Pacific Standard Time Commission piece that unfortunately won’t be happening at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library in the West Adams District. I am now setting my sights on the Historic Bullocks Wilshire Building near LaFayette Park, hoping that I can use their Coco Chanel Room or legendary tea parlour. The Building is now owned by the Southwest Law School and is used as their Law Library. Please keep your fingers, toes and legs crossed for me that Bullocks Wilshire becomes my new site specific location.
Just before I started rehearsing with Commie Biggie I had breakfast at Café Berio’s in Nollendorky Platz with one of my lovely young Southern California co-eds Connor Flanagan, who collaborated with me early in the year in Los Angeles at MoCa with my performance piece Dejecta. Connor just turned 21 and is as fresh as a Nebraska cornfield, even though he originally hails from suburban Minneapolis. He is doing a study abroad program in London, and had come to see me perform at the Tate Modern. Connor took a study break for a Berlin getaway and wound up having so much fun in the German capital that he missed his plane back to England. That’s what happens when you wind up in the clutches of Frauelein Chantal of the infamous Chantals’s House of Shame. I’m happy to report that with juicy lovesexxxy radiant youth like Connor in this forsaken world there is still a glimmer of hope for the future.
Just heard that Roy Rogers the singing cowboy star died age 99. He was quite handsome when he was young and a spiffy country&western style dresser. Also LouLou de la Falaise the muse of Yves Saint Laurent passed. She was born in 1948 making her a few years older then my sister Teresa. I always get LouLou and Inez de la Falaise mixed up.
Was looking at my appointment calendar and noticed that I never wrote anything on the blogette about the going away party of personable, young South Afrikan film programmer Darryl Els who was visiting Berlin on a fellowship during the late spring and summer. This evening took place several weeks ago between the short time of my trips to Los Angeles for the West of Rome Trespass Art Parade and Party and my leaving to the UK and Spain. Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was the gracious hostessa as the charming gathering was held at her lovely and spacious compound off of Gneisenauer Str in South Kreuzberg. Enjoying the festivities: Handsome Uli Ziemons of Forum Expanded with his gigantic penis Harry Bert Fassbinder---Uli’s genitals are so large they come with their own zip code, Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental who made some delicious homefries, DJane Olga Damnitz, Marietta Kesting of bbooks kollective, Stefan Pethke, k-Johnny & Tim Blue, Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim, the great musician and composer Eunice Martin, Markus Ruff & Tanja Horstmann of Living Archive Project, Dietmar Hochmuth, Oksana Bulgakowa and Tobias Hering.
I also forgot to mention that I had a romantic sex date with my Saarbrucken scientist which involved a secret rendezvous at a Mitte Hotel and then he took me out for a fabu dinner at Inside Thai Restaurant on Dirckenstrasse 37. I always love to eat after a voracious bout of hot primal sex.
On the way to rehearsal on the U-bahn Thursday morning I ran into Cecile the Scandinavian co-curator of the X-Schulen project from two summers ago. She is either rehearsing a project at the Ufer Studios where we are rehearsing Commie Biggie or she has an artist studio—I don’t remember exactly what she said, and it really doesn’t matter. We were pleasant and civil to each other, but she is one of those careerist types that I really don’t trust. After rehearsals Susie, Nazli and I had luncheon at the rehearsal studio café which is nice and atmospheric with delicious in-expensive food. I had a bean & guacamole soup with rucula risotto and Susi had the carrot & garnelan soup. We were joined by kJohnny Blue, and later bumped into Felix the young lighting designer from the old CHEAP club at Podeville.
Friday morning had a very productive rehearsal with kJohnny Blue at his studio in KreuzKoelln where we worked on re-adapting one of my old Afro Sister songs from the 1980s for Commie Biggie. I loved kJohnny’s spare backing track that he has come up with and he may add some bass lines to it just to oomph the ante. Poor kJohnny had to deal with some icky musician types who rehearse below his flat at this trendy bar that use to be a crusty Kneipe.
Just re-watched a copy of The Chicken Chronicles from 1977 that Love Camel made me. This teen sex comedy stars a very young Steven Guttenberg at his most nubile, fresh faced and big fat tittied. In his youth he sure had a mighty fine rack and was a Jewish dreamboat and true Prince of Judea if ever there was one. I remember seeing him on the campus of UCLA back in the mid to late 70s when I was part of the Upward Bound program. He would be shirtless wearing Dolphin shorts which leave nothing to the imagination. Seeing him on campus nearly naked I would just about pass out from lust of his ripe, muscular, hairy bod. Yes he was just that divine. The film The Chicken Chronicles also stars comedian Phil Silvers, black ingénue Kutee who was a star on the PBS children’s series The Righteous Apples along with E.G. Daily (Pee Wee’s Big Adventure)and Branscombe Richmond a very humpy dork, thick dark haired euroasian actor who never really went anywhere but should have.
Mr. Guttenberg is a middle aged man these days, but still has a muscled physique though he has the face of an elderly nebbish. Last time I ran into Steven Guttenberg at the airport he was acting all mack daddy. I remember back in the late 70s and early 80s he was quite the womanizer, but because of his big dick arrogance and humungous ego he also liked to tease men, and was quite friendly with Merv Griffin and several other big power moguls of the era. I’m sure these old gents got to chow down royally on his pretty wank and scarf at his bubble butt garden salad.
Just heard that the Natalie Wood murder,--- I mean accidental death of 1981 is being re-opened because of some new evidence. Hopefully the truth about Christopher Walken and Natalie’s husband Robert Wagner will finally emerge. I can’t believe its been 30 years since she drowned. Like the late Ms. Wood I don’t know how to swim, so you’ll never see me hanging around any yachts.
Alexander Payne has a new movie coming out called The Descendents starring George Clooney. Mr. Payne lived near Larchmont Village off of Western Avenue and Saint Andrews Place when I lived in Korea Town in the 1990s. His next door neighbor was Michael Monk of the Monk Bros and Monk Magazine fame who told me stories of how the director turned all Hollywood with a different blonde bimbo on his arm every week once he became a major hot property after the success of his films Election and Sideways. Mike Monk even told me that the guy wanted my telephone number to take me as his date to the Academy Awards ceremony when he was nominated and won. He wanted to use me as the ultimate publicity stunt. His new film is set in Hawaii which is the worse place on the planet. I have only been there once when I was on tour with Margaret Cho on her Notorious C.H.O. Tour in 2001, but we did all the islands and the place is beautiful, but I hate island resort hotels. If you don’t play golf or like to snorkel its really quite dull. Thankfully I will never have the opportunity to see Hawaii again.
Went around the corner to my local little cinema house Xenon to see the British sensitive gay flicker Weekend directed by Andrew Haigh that features a very good looking dark haired bearded lad with expressive eyes named Tom Cullen and another young man Chris New not so expressive. I was more interested in the relationship of the gay and his straight best friend then the romantic coupling, but everything always sounds a lot better with an English accent. The tiny theatre was packed so I guess this film is resonating with someone.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My interview with Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Internet Radio Magazine is now up and running and if this works the right way it should appear magically on this page.

My good friend and comrade in arms Billy Miller of STH Magazine is curating a shorts program for the MIX Festival at Anthology Film Archives. Go see it now!

HOW THE WEST WAS WON - A Bob Mizer Film Sampler
An evening of rare short films by legendary photographer-filmmaker-publisher BOB MIZER

Friday, November 18, 8pm
MIX Factory 45 Bleeker Street @ Lafayette NYC

Programmed by Billy Miller, in conjunction with the Mizer Foundation

Additional INFO:

Free collectible full-color poster-minizine available at screening.

My Beautiful young visionary son, Jonathan Berger has an exhibition up in New York. Jonathan is one of the most divine beauties of Manhattan and is the most talented artist in New York so this will be one hot event you can´t miss. Info below:


The House of Thought is one version of an autobiography, rooted in part in the work that I do, and largely in the impact of that which I have encountered and remains on my mind. This is a personal history, which begins in 1980 and is read through the lens of the past year.

The House of Thought includes 100 subjects; an assembly of things that I have been thinking about, researching, collecting, working with, reading, making, looking at, listening to, revisiting, and supporting.

These 100 subjects exist as a complete collection, in a certain sense evolving from an interest in the 16th and 17th century formats of the Wunderkammer and Kunstkammer, with which I have been preoccupied for some time. I hope that this group of materials as a whole will offer my notion of what significance can be, and a prismatic and non-hierarchical way of thinking.

While I am the author of the collection, each subject remains it’s own author.

Many of these materials presented are related in some way to various future projects, which are planned for 2013-2015 and presently under construction. This is the first time that I am sharing any aspect of my process. It is an experiment; an exercise in trust and vulnerability; in making the transitional and fragile process of thought public.

My most sincere gratitude to each of the people attached to the materials I have included and the artists who have made them. Thank you for your generosity, for being who you are and doing what you do.

New York City

Reza Abdoh 47 date unknown The Shrines of Tut-Ankh-Amon 20 Manolis Andronicos 28 Vergina 1984 Ron Athey 1999 Alvin Baltrop 40 The Tabernacle: Its Structure and Utensils 1930’s 73 Tom Knox 57 Julian Bittiner 6 Stuart Sherman 1961 Exhibition Design 72 End Commercial 38 Carol Bove 82 Piankoff Alexandre 1943 Andrea Branzi 91 date unknown No-Stop City: Archizoom Association 45 Marcel Brion 1943 Deborah Bull 27 Ellen Cantor 43 Hatje Cantz 81 Bodys Isek Kingelez 100 Edmund Capon 1996 Erberto Carboni 2003 Exhibitions and Displays 35 Timothy Carey 2006 Wolfgang Clasen 92 Richard A. Cloward 30 Poor People’s Movements 1964 Unknown 2004 Ira Cohen 87 Historical Treasures 2 Jack Smith 1977 Paula Court 61 Vaginal Davis 5 Bob Dodd 2008 Hellen Dorey A Miscellany of Objects from Sir John Soane’s Museum 1969 Martin Duberman 1962 Unknown 1990 Black Mountain: An Exploration in Community 48 Brendan Dugan 23 Tim Knox 1978 Charles & Ray Eames 1965 Kiosk 66 date unknown Joost Elffers 80 Exuma 71 Stosh Fila 1979 Emanuel Fonseca 1973 Gerard Franceschi 2009 Folk Art In Greenland 58 2009 Gérard Franceschi 2009 Die Goldenen Bilder Des Nordens 1893 End Commercial 78 Larry Frank 88 Indian Silver Jewelry of the Southwest 1868-1930 Misha Black 4 Lia Gangitano Basin 2010 Dead Flowers 16 Joscelyn Godwin 1972 Athanasius Kircher’s Theatre of the World 34 Palazzo Grassi 2002 Emilio Ambasz 1975 Poul Grinder-Hansen 1997 Die Goldenen Bilder Des Nordens 55 Matthew Brannon 94 James Hampton 1999 Charles Harlan 79 Quotations from a Ruined City 2007 J. Hoberman 29 2003 Florian Böhm 2000 Wait for me at the bottom of the pool: the writings of Jack Smith 21 1980 Italy: The New Domestic Landscape 69 Holbrook Millard 2001 J. Holbrook II 1994 Asger Jorn 2001 Die Goldenen Bilder Des Nordens 89 Asger Jorn 18 Folk Art In Greenland 2007 Stuart Sherman 99 date unknown Fritz Kahn 2001 Main in structure and function 39 Dennis Kane 2000 Andy Kaufman 60 Bodys Isek Kingelez 2011 Alisa Grifo 1999 Athanasius Kircher 2011 Sir John Soane’s Museum London 9 Christian Kracht 54 Unknown 1973 Gerald Kurian 46 Peter Lang Superstudio: Life Without Objects 49 Edward Leffingwell 11 Zoe Leonard 32 Moshe Levine 19 Rome The Barbarians: The Birth of a New World 1979 Bodys Isek Kingelez Jane Livingston Black Folk Art in America, 1930-1980 Mike Miller 1967 Andreas Lommel 84 Jonathan Berger 14 Shamanism: The Beginnings of Art Donald Lorimer 1989 Up the Nile 77 Pompeii & Herculaneum 86 Lynne Margulies 42 William Menking 97 Billy Miller 1971 Tinna Mobjerg 50 Folk Art In Greenland 52 Desmond & Ramona Morris 1989 Men & Snakes 1976 Eva Munz 67 The Ministry of Truth: Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea 2010 Lynn Nakamura 1950-64 David Nelson 2011 Marilyn & John Neuhart 65 Lukas Nikol 1994/2005 John Ollman 31 Pier Paolo Pasolini 7 Tina Chow 1971 Bob Zmuda 2011 Eames Case Study House 26 date unknown A Future Life 1994/97 Tom Philips 83 African Goldweights: Minature Sculpture from Ghana 1400-1900 Frances Fox Piven 62 Poor People’s Movements 12 Luca Pizzaroni 2009 Straight to Hell 93 Simon Popper 36 Ulysses 59 Jens Rosing 1982 Folk Art In Greenland 68 Unknown 95 Bernard Rudofksy 1990 Unknown 76 Architecture Without Architects: A Short Introduction to Non-Pedigreed 41 Architecture 1 Wolfgang Scheppe 1970’s End Commercial date unknown Peter Schumann 90 The Gates of Hell Mady Schutzman 44 Michael Schuyt 64 Beginningless Thought/Endless Seeing: The Works of Stuart Sherman 8 Jack Smith 53 Albert Speer 3 Barbara E. & Eugene D. Sternberg Community Centers and Student Unions Princes of Jade 70 Michael Stipe 74 Superstudio 1974 Peter Thornton 13 A Miscellany of Objects from Sir John Soane’s Museum 22 Julie Tolentino 2007 Amy Adams Vladimir Tolstikov The Gold of Troy: Searching for Homer’s Fabled City 24 Cherie Tredanari 10 Jasmin Tsou 33 Eiji Tsuburaya Master of Monsters Kyoichi Tsuzuki Cruising Kingdom 56 Tut-Ankh-Amon 15 Eugene Von Bruenchenhein 1959-1984 John Beardsley 51 Philadelphia Wireman 2006 Andy Kaufman Revealed! Best Friend Tells All 37 The Ministry of Truth: Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea 98 Unknown 1990’s Pyramides De Bequilles Dans La Basilique, Ste. Anne De Beupre Sir John Soanes’s Museum Unknown 75 Indian Silver Jewelry of the Southwest 1868-1930 85 1950’s Unknown 17 Grant Davis 63 King Dad 96 Elka Schumann Salvor N. Rudofksy date unknown 25 Philip Smith Sound Recordings Ross Menuez



Monday, November 14, 2011

Had a nice interview with Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Internet Radio this morning at the Cheese Endique Trifecta, then we went for an early luncheon at the Thai restaurant Papaya on the Haupstrasse before i run to Commie Biggie rehearsal.
Just got an emug from the great UK performance legend Franko b. who needs help with his ver important new work. Just because Franko is a big name in performance doesn't mean he has any money so we should all support him with sending money. Every little bit helps and Franko is certainly deserving as he is one of the sweetest, purest and most dearest of my art shtar friends. Read the info below and re-act:

dear all please support this project in any way you can / want . thanking you from the bottom of my heart x x x x franko

please support my campaign to raise money for new project

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Still suffering from a bit of the flu caught on the plane ride back to Berlin. Very sorry my blog posts have been so fractured, but with Commie Biggie rehearsals I am running on empty. Film Historian Marc Siegel sent me a lovely little email which i have reposted below. I forgot some names of people who were at our events in Barcelona. Once again I apologize to all and when i start feeling better hopefully i can get my poor self together.

Just thought of some people for you to mention in your blog:

In Barcelona: Carles Congost,(who gifted Marc and I copies of his delicious art book Say I'm Your Number One), the nice lesbianas who wanted your autograph, Anna Diaz and Maria Mallol, former CHEAP gossip studio collaborators who are now video makers (anna) and working with hip Spanish queer star, writer, curator, theorist Beatriz Preciado (maria) also Alaska, the famous transsexual who starred in early Almodovar films, and the sexy Israeli lookalike of Aasof Hochman who was with Carles, some hot mysterious Galician couple who run an 8mm film festival in an abandoned prison.

I also forgot to mention that Marc and I on our last day in Barcelona saw the sound exhibition at the Museu D'Arte Contemporani of Berlin artist Natascha Sadr Haghighian who is the roommate of Senol Senturk and Olga Damnitz.

While in London i was taken to a bunch of charming eateries like the Mexican Margarita hut Cafe Pacifico and the Mexy all-you-can-eat buffet Mestizo by angel of light The Love Camel who never lets his doll down. Camel also created a sophisticate and unusual exotic collage of music for my Tate Modern performance. I had some nice greasy spoon breakfasts at The Cat & The Cucumber on Tower Bridge Road where the most delicate male waiter in the world served me. Also enjoyed scrumpteous fish &chips on the east end at Poppies which is also a tequila bar and drank the best capucino at Bar Italia in SoHo. Special thanks to gorgeous Stuart Comer the film curator at Tate Modern who took us to a New Zealand hamburger joint where i feasted royally on a lamb cheeseburger with bedazzling onion rings. And here's a royal shout out to Tate Modern staffers the beautiful Cappucine who is one highly organized production coordinator, and humpy techies Dan & Rowan. Next time I am in London i have to suck the big white penis of Dan who is one tall robust drink of UK spring water.
And thanks to all the celebutants who came to my performance: Handsome Craig of Flash Art, Lee Adams of Club Kaos& crew,the divine Franko b and his boyfriend Tom, Ernesto Tomasini, big papa Ron Athey, Nando Messias, white British rapper Professor Green, Annie Oakley of Sex Workers Art Show with Beth Dito and members of the hot band Gossip, NYU professor Tavia Nyongo, Anna Muelter of HAU,Gavin Butt, Lois Keidan, Adrian Heathfield, Cally Spooner, Lewis Church,scholar Jack Halberstam, enigmatic artist Oreet Ashery who conducted an intense workshopwith students in the grunewald, videographer Joe E. Jeffries and literary figurine Bruce Benderson. I hope i havent forgotten anyone else. Trashing Performance was the second year of Performance Matters a collaboration between Live Art Development Agency, Goldsmith University of London and University of Roehampton.
My first week in London i had the flying patooties(diarhea) so i missed seeing Dr. Jennifer Doyle's presentation and several other highlights of the Performance Matters Art Festival. I also didnt get a chance to see my lesbiana girlfriend Carmelita Tropicana and her Fem Museum piece as I was doing my dress rehearsal on the same day and time. I was happy i got the chance to hear that genius genius Bruce Benderson in conversation with bratty Dominic Johnson. I can't blame Dominic for turning into a monster. Ron Athey and I were the ones who encouraged him. Thankfully Franko b doesn't feed the beast and keeps him in his place as a talented writer and academic.

And for all you visitors to Berlin my sweet friend Katja sent me this note of a major event happening soon that you may enoy:

on the 24th nov. in SO36 : CLUB BURLESQUE BRUTAL
they come from vienna, they will perform for the first time in berlin an extremely sexy show about queer/femme/lesbian desires & fantasies...
we were too late to send the advertising on print media, so we need help with the online annoucement! so if you like it
it would be awsome if youuld co send some "empfehlungen" around!
24. November um 20.00Uhr im SO36
abendkasse oder koka: 15 eur.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Back in cold bleak and dreary Berlin. Caught a nasty flu on the plane ride from Barcelona so its making rehearsals for Commie Biggie a bit difficult for the doll. Our rehearsal studio is in Wedding at the Ufer Studios on Ofer Strasse and is a glorious old spacious location sitting right smack on the canal.Its so lovely working with Fearless Leader of CHEAP Susi Su, kJohnny Blue and Nazli.
Barcelona was delightful. Xperimenta '11 was a major success and all the programs that i witnessed as part of Xentric Festival at the Centre of Cultural Contemporania De Barcelona (CCCB)were very engaging. I liked Matthias Mueller's talk Thieves Like Me. Herr Mueller is really pussy whipped by the art world though, the poor dear.
I was still majorly exhausted from London so i didnt get a chance to seeMatthias Mueller's film program as i had to retire to the comforts of the Hotel Jazz and catch up on some missed sleep. I also didn't see the program Projecting Projection by American filmmaker's Sandra Gibson and Luis Recorder though Marc Siegel and I ran into them at breakfast at the hotel and had a pleasant chittle chattle with the two artists who i thought were in their twenties but they are both in their early 40s. Ms. Gibson use to be a model which is very apparent. The couple are the Misshapes of the experimental film world. I did catch a bit of their final film program (Over)Exposure:Archeology of Light which is very old school experimental film.
I was majorly crushing on gorgeous Venezuelan Cristobal, who is a young student who was working for the festival. The beautiful Lara, a sexy Brazilian bombshell beat the perfect face for the doll and also styled my hair. I also thought the Elm the tech supervisor was a bit of a hungthrob.
My Memory Island performance went much butter at Xperimenta then at the Tate Modern, but Marc Siegel and his George Kuchar screening at Tate and Carte Blanche screening at Xperimenta were huge delights for both the UK and Spanish audiences who couldnt get enough of the Marcu curatorial touch. It was so nice meeting Carolina Lopez the director of film programming for Xentric, Miguel Fernandez La Bayen and Antoni Pinent the co-curators and the hardest working woman of the festival Gloria Vilches who heads the department of audiovisuals and multimedia. La Gloria is a dream to work with and is good friends with Dr. Jennifer Doyle's hot Spanish surfer pal Adria who came to see not only my program but Marc Siegel's and Adria is just as sexxy as i remember him from when we went to Malibu together back in September of 2010. I was surprised to see Viggo Mortenssen at my performance. He was in town doing a play and brought with him the Bollywood actor Saif Ali Kahn. Viggo's son Henry by Exene Cervenka of the punk band X is now in college. I remember him when he was just a baby and i use to rock him to sleep when Exene and I use to do spoken word performances together. When i first met Viggo Mortenssen he was just a struggling actor and his wife Exene was the huge star.
I promise to write more about being in London,and let you know all about the celebs who came to my performance, but my nose is stopped up so i must end here for now and head to the apotheke for some nasal medicine.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

The poor Vagimule doll is still exhausted from olde London town and my workshops with the phd students of Goldsmith College. Left England in the morning and arrived in Barcelona where i was whisked from the aeroport by lovely Lara Navarro, the assistant of Gloria Vilches of Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona. They put me in the beautiful Jazz Hotel and fed me and my CHEAP collegue Marc Siegel. I could barely keep awake during the lecture by Matthias Mueller--thats how tired I am with so little sleep from all my responsibilities in London. After dinner i had to skip the Mueller screening and jump into my California King sized bed. In the morning i had the delicious free breakfast and will write all about being in London and my Tate Modern performance as soon as I get an adapter for my lap top which is running on empty. So sorry for going so long without regular updates but it just couldn't be helped.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Vagimule doll is exhausted beyond belief after an intense Framing the Freakazoid workshop process with a spirited, gifted group of young sexy tyro artists here in London that was part of the Performance Matters Arts Festival and Live Art Development Agency. The workshop took place at the Toynbee Studios Court Room which is a beautiful Victorian Hall that use to be a children's courtroom that prosecuted street urchins and artful dodger types. After 7 hour days of rumination with my co-facilitators Jonathan Berger the visionary young New York based artist & curator and juicy Lewis Church the 23 year old dark ginger Jewish hungthrob, the efforts paid off royally in a wild installation/performance called The Lesbian Seperatist Junior League of Freak Nations Summit. We presented some historicals that we felt would inspire and did just that. You can't go wrong with Kembra Pfahler, Nina Simone, William Blake, Exuma, Andy Kaufman, Reza Abdul, Peter Schumann, Superstudio, Dolemite, sculptural outsiders: Annie Hooper, James Hampton and the likesis of The Tired Danielle and Goddess Bunny.

The participants in the workshop: Allie Carr, Beth Leticia Savage, Fatima Serghini, Jason Graham, Jian Yi, Laura Adamson, Owen Parry, Pavlos Kountouriotis, Rebecca Weeks and Sara Zaltash are destined to become the next generation of Rising Art Shtars.
Now the performance/installation part of it was beyond wicked. Featuring walks of high shame, show girl theory, conjuring of voice, alien anal sex fiending, Put the Blame on Mame from Gilda, and endurance masturbating----what could go wrong?
After the piece the entire company along with big daddy Ron Athey, Lois Keiden, Gavin Butt and Adrian Heathfield retired to to a Kurdish boite for drinks and feasting. The restaurant was picked by Laura Adamson as she had quite a dramatic encounter earlier in the week with the places chef when she was doing field research surveillance as part of my art stalking exercise. Art stalking always produces inspirational results.
The other evening Tara aka: Annie Oakley of the Sex Workers Art Show who is also the manager of pop punk sensations Gossip and her love sexy beau treated the doll to a fancy dinner at Hawksmoor, the British steakhouse and cocktail bar. I felt like i was at the Pacific Dining Car in downtown LA slurping down vodka gimlets, flawless pieces of sweat meats, divine mash potatoes, and cream spinach. Ms. Oakley was looking supermodel fresh and she and the band have been living in England off and on for months. They started working on a new album with pretty boy Mark Ronson producing but he had to be fired as his love entanglements with two girlfriends and a wife became too much to put up with. On a similar note i was a bit shocked that Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth left Kim Gordon for a chunky but funky version of Hope Sandevol of Mazzy Starr. I always expected him to leave Kim for a gay stripper or Chelsea gymbot. Wonders never disease.