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Wednesday, July 05, 2023

Interracial Dreier liebt Sexyness

Our Fearless Leader of Kollektiv CHEAP la Susanne Sachsse has opening Friday July 7th at the Kestner Museum in Hanover of the exhibition History of the Future On Your Lap. If you´re in the capital city of hoch Deutsche you owe it to yourself to pay a visit as the exhibition runs until October1st.

All Los Angeles and Left Coaster Toasters of the High Road and Folly be sure to see my gorgeous and super talented ex student Maria Norrman as she brings her youthful zest and genius to a much needed Southland.


8 - 30 July
Opening Reception: Saturday July 8th, 7 -10pm
Performance lecture+seance (15 min): 7:30 pm and 9 pm

Artists: Emm Berring, Arngrimur Borgthorsson, Maja Gade, Johan Lundin, Bahareh Mirhadinezhadfard, Ina Nian, and Maria Norrman

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles
5th Floor, 1206 Maple Ave #523,
Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

Maria Norrman Contribution:

The Altar of Camp - Mae West
One textile + objects, performance lecture + seance (15 min) and headdress worn by Norrman while lecturing

Performance lecture+seance: 7:30 pm and 9 pm

The Altar of Camp - Mae West is a series of works in tribute to Maria Norrman’s long time favorite Hollywood star Mae West (1893-1980.)
At the opening of the exhibition Växa, Norrman will give a lecture performance and seance in which she will request the presence of the star herself by using her textile artwork and wearing a headdress which is devoted to Mae West. Norrman will speak about Mae West, her legacy and on Norrmans relation to West.

Press release:

Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles is pleased to present Växa, a group exhibition of work by artists from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Iran. Växa is the Swedish word for growth. It can be biological growth, like when plants grow or how an artificial intelligence expands on the internet. It can also be personal growth, or how a person can grow; possibly beyond the limits of this realm.

Each of the artists approaches growth individually as a subject or concept which translates across mediums such as video, performance, sand drawings, painting and sculpture. This creates new exchanges between the works, which with common threads reach out to each other, forming new connections.

The exhibition includes the artists Emm Berring, Arngrimur Borgthorsson, Maja Gade, Johan Lundin, Bahareh Mirhadinezhadfard, Ina Nian, andMaria Norrman. They are members of Galleri CC, a non-commercial, artist-run gallery located in Malmö, Sweden.

The exhibition is part of the ScandiLA exchange program between Swedish run project spaces and Los Angeles run art spaces. Earlier this summer artists from Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles have exhibited in Galleri CC in Sweden.


The documentary Jane Avril - The Life of a Moulin Rouge Dancer on YouTube

29 April – 10 September
Nyförvärv – New AcquisitionsHomografiska Museet, Fengersfors, Sweden

16 June – 24 September
Jane Avril presentation, in connection to Barbro and Holger Bäckströms grantMalmö Art Museum

Residency at Zaratan, Lisbon, Portugal