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Friday, May 25, 2007

I am an ill dinner party queen. Went to Bruce La Bruce´s cinematographer James Carman´s soiree at a posh Charlottenberg apt. Met Andrew Horn, the director of the incredible Klaus Nomi film. Mr. Horn is an American who has been living in Berlina for 17 years.
I also flirted with the Italienischer exportschlager Titziano Ferro who is beyond lovely.
The next day i hung out with diaper baby Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras. We had a blast at a street festival making fun of the Nollendorky gaysits.
My sweet editor Ruth Schonegger had a tiny dinner party the following evening. On the way to her flat a virile big footed young man asked me if i knew of an internet cafe nearby. I guess that is Berlinese for would you like to suck my giant penis? From one of Ruths´s friends i found out about the Wolfsburg Autostadt where automakers Volkswagon, Audi, Bentley, Lamburghini and Skourda have a disneyland style theme park. I have to pay the place a visit.
Uber heat warming the interior snuggle of the homo cancer shelf in Heisenheide Volkspark. Nothing but the fathers of trolls frolicking, so i went to visit the son of the Blood of Abraham, Assoff Hochman at his Stadmitte hightower apt with the gorgeous view. I adore handsome Assoff, who is a dancer with the Catherine Sullivan Company. Later in the balmy evening we recreated the central park dance scene between Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse from The Bandwagon.
Had a nightcapp at the Prinzekonnect, and in the starkroom, a salty dog couple chewed on my breastage, to a mighty tubular blue movie visual soundtrack of the lengendary Francois Faggot, i mean Sagat.
Max und Moritz performances have been especially winning. Everyone was on with a capital T, at the last one where none other then Ibadette and Mickey One of The Super700 band came to check us out. Afterwards fearless leader Suzi Su took me for a lesbian luncheon at Delores, the Burrito joint in Mitte,where we talked about our next Cheap project which now has the working title of "Blacky".
14 year old writing wunderkind Travis Jeppeson invited me to attend a screening of Fassbinders Fox and his Friends along with his beautiful 12 year old beau Mario, and DJ Jazzy Snax at Basso, the brain child of Yusi Etiman, who i finally met, after a million people have told me i should know him. He was very personable and gave me a copy of his sweet art magazine.
Ran into lovesexy artist and DJ Dennis Wang who has been living in Berlin for years. I originally met him in Chicago in the early 90s when he was part of the Thing magazine house music all night long kollective.
After the movie we drank and stank at Barbie Deinhoff, ate at Oregano and more liquoring at Rosa´s. The perfect Berlin evening.
Thanks again to little Travis for forcing me to be more social. I can´t wait to read Travis latest tome, which he gave me a preview copy of.