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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Rossini zurueck ins Repertoire

Was with that Scandinavian Muslim Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson recently who is the ultimate opera queen’s queen who was giving me the royal T about Erwin Schrott the Uruguayian baritone who is obviously a bisquit but is on the down beat low as he is now amicably divorced from his super famous soprano ex-wife. Openly Dorothy is Polish baritone Mariusz Kwiecien who is known for taking off his shirt during performances. Someone who is handsome and hetero but should definitely keep his clothes on is the German tenor Jonas Kaufmann who is tall but a bit doughy in that patriarchal Teutonic way that is quite prevalent in The Fatherland.

Had a great day with my old LA art pal Alex Donis who was visiting Berlina via Venice, Italy. He told me that Marcus Kuilland Nazario of the old Highways-Santa Monica Army Game Grift is now teaching art to children in Mexico.

Was invited to a scrumptious dinner party given by handsome studkin Uli Ziemons at his new super large Skalitzer Strasse compound. A joyous time was had by all including his hot girlfriend the art curator Anja Lueckenkemper and Omar Shariff Jr. the out and proud grandson of the legendary international film star Omar Shariff who recently passed from Alzheimer’s Disease. A tragedy that is closer to home here in Berlin is the unexpected death of Bert Neumann the celebrated East German stage designer who designed the set of my first big Berlin hit CHEAP Jewelry in 2001 that was part of the Volksbuhner’s Rich & Famous Festival. Bert was a lovely man and came from a dynasty of designer’s as his father designed my favorite East Berlin building in the form of the mid century restaurant The Schoenbrunn in Friedrichshain Park. His sister Aenna Quionnes is second in command at the current administration at Hebel am Ufer (HAU). Aenna was the co-director of the Rich & Famous Festival of 2001.

I’ve been having some lovely little adventures lately on the streets of the city which is very unusual here in this town of people keeping a very healthy distance from each other. Met a patrician tall and very handsome Turkish boy on holiday from Istanbul and a tall and very nicely built Chinese boy with huge feet named Ziyan Liu who is an exchange student studying in Darmstadt. Mr. Liu regularly attends the University of Singapore where he has a material engineering scholarship.

New ill Berlin hair don’t! Spotted a light skinned black man on the street with what can only be described as an Afro dreadlock jheri curled shag. The city of bad hair never falters in coiffured amazement.