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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

O Zittre Nicht, Mein Leiber Biatch

My first summer diagnosed with late onset type one diabetes has been more than interesting. I´ve always wondered why I hated hot weather, especially humidity. Well it turns out that temperatures more than 80 degrees fahrenheit along with humidity are not good for you when you have type one diabetes. Your insulin doesn´t respond well to high temps along with an assortment of other ills. This summer the weather has been a rollercoaster of high 90 temps and mild weather in the low 70´s which is my favourite type of weather. Unfortunately the ups and downs in temps caused me to catch a summer cold. At first I thought that Covid 19´s heinous Omnicrom BA5 variant had finally caught ahold of me, but after several home tests and two PCR tests that miraculously wasn´t the case. I hadn´t had a common cold since around 2017. When I became a guest professor teaching a performance art seminar at the Kunst University at Geneva I started to OD on hand sanitizer because I was traveling from Berlin to Switzerland every month. Along with getting a flu shot every year since moving to Berlin I noticed that I hardly ever get colds. When i lived in the USA i was always very sickly. I guess not having health insurance in the States had something to do with it.

My doctor at the diabetes zentrum cut my insulin down again which is a good thing. It seems like i am maintaining quite well so far. I´m not going to get excited because in the book Think Like a Pancreas it says that a diabetes honeymoon period can last days, weeks, months or years. Then the crash commeth.

I stopped speaking to the musician Vowl Hemp of the Ecuadorian art rock band The Recliners. Its a long story but he just became insufferable. I hear that I am not the only one who has cut ties with him. He´s burned quite a few bridges over the years. Since I cut him from my orbit I have not run into him once, even though we live in the same city. Well I don´t go anyplace with the pandemic still raging and he does live in a different part of our small town. I am not proud of myself that I can be so unforgiving. I get it from my mother who could erase people from her life with a Madame Mao expediency. Also like Madame Mao my mother would always make people pay for slights, no matter how small even if it would take her 50 years to enact the revenge.

Jiang Qing(Madame Mao)